I had been living as Master Blaster's slave for about two years and so far they had been the best years of my entire life.

Through him I had found a purpose and he had created meaning in my life.

One evening a few of Master's friends came over. Most owned slaves of their own. I obediently served them drinks and

party favourites as they watch some porn and smok some reefer. One of the masters is exceptionally hot. I try

to avert my eyes whenever I am near his massive crotch, but alas, my master catches me eyeing the bulge in his friend's

chap-covered jeans.

'Come over here BitchBoy,' Master commands me.

I walk over to my server with my head down and kneel beside him. He pulls out a riding crop and whips my ass

with more force than he has ever used before. I wince in pain and immediately get an erection. I only wear my yellow,

filthy jockstrap, thus, the others notice my hardon.

'That's impressive Blaster,' the hung man comments with enthusiasm. 'My slave gets soft whenever I whip him. He

must really like it.'

'Yes, I own a very filthy disgusting boy. There isn't very much he won't do.'

'Has he been gang-banged yet?' My admirer asked.

'Come to think of it, no hasn't been.'

'Are you guys horny?' Master Blaster asks with a grin on his face.

All three men nod yes and have a good laugh.

'Well then, you know where to go don't you BitchBoy?!' Master commands me.

I make my way to the basement where the dungeon is. Already I'm dripping pre-cum with the anticipation of the

way I am just about to be used and abused. This was a huge fantasy of mine. The thought of four men gang-banging me

and defiling me was almost too much.

I lock myself into the handcuffs hanging from the wall and await my four Masters to come down and do whatever

they want to me. Fear turns into sheer lust as I imagine the acts they might demand of me. Will I finally get to taste

another man's shit? I had eaten my own at Master Blaster's command. I had licked his ass when it was very dirty so I

suppose I had eaten his as well. I was suprised that I never got sick, however, we had shared each other's bodily

excretions many times over the past few years.

I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. Hard, pounding Daytons shake the house with each step. I expect to hear

more but it seems that only one person has entered the basement. It is the man I had been staring at.

'So you like the size of my cock, do you?' He asks in an almost mocking tone.

I nod my appreciation of his endowment. Staring at his crotch now I can see that this man was about to unleash

the largest cock I'd ever seen. And I had seem some big ones. Master Blaster was 11x9 after all.


The man undoes his fly and pulls out an absolute monster. It is no less than 14 inches in length and I can't even

guess at the width. It's fucking huge!

I go totally limp and can feel drool running down my chin. The man laughs.

'I'm going to rip your bitch hole apart boy. I'll make you scream for mercy and won't stop even if you start to bleed. Are

you ready for that?'

'Oh yes sir,' I pant in reply.

'Good. Now I'll get you out of those handcuffs so you can suck my dirty meat.'

My mystery Master unbinds me and I sink to my knees to get to work. He isn't kidding about his filthy cock. I peel

back the foreskin to find a literal treasure trove of smegma and what smells like shit. The smells are

overwhelming and I inhale deeply to enjoy the full value of this moment. Without hesitation, I engulf as much of

the enormous tool as I can. It tastes fantastic. The smegma has just the right amount of cheesy flavour to it. Mingled

with the poo, it's a wonderful feast.

The mystery man grows even larger as I slurp up and down on him. His piss hole is huge and I'm actually able to

get my tongue down his urethra. A mixture of cum and piss are prevelant. My head is grabbed on either side and

used like a fuck hole as the monsterous cock forces it's way roughly down my throat. After a while, I'm able to take

just about 10 inches of him down into my gullet. My throat is force-fucked for a good half hour at least. A few times I

gag and drool runs out the sides of my mouth. This only seems to encourage my top to drive his gigantic fuckrod even

deeper as he cackles at me and calls me nasty names.

I'm pulled to my feet by my collar and hooded. I can feel the leash being attached to my collar and the monster-

cocked man's BO is strong in my nostrils. I turns me on to no end.

More footsteps can be heard as the rest of my abusers make their way into the basement. Laughter can be heard and

Master Blaster says to his friend, 'I think we'll have to open him up a bit before he can take you Dan.'

'Yeah, he's a bit tight aint' he Dave?' The huge man replies as he fingers my asshole roughly with his thumb.

'Well he takes my 11'x9' without much of a problem. He's never had 14' though. I sure will like seeing that.'

Without any warning or lube, one of the men shoves his cock hard into my asshole. It isn't Master Blaster or the guy

with the monster dick., but this guy feels like he's at least 8'. He grunts like a beast as he drills my hole in a lustful,

animalistic manner. I love it even though it hurts like hell at first.

Then the two less hung Masters begin to switch. While one is fucking me and pulling on my leash with extreme

force, the other is fucking my throat with his shit-caked meat. My own feces cover my lips and cheeks as I can

smell and taste my filth. My mouth waters as all the smells, tastes and sensations hit me like heaven. I revel in how

I am being used. This is my purpose and I welcomed it wholeheartedly.

For what seems like at least an hour, my holes are used abusively and my throat is fed 2 loads of cum , another

blast is shot up my ass, and then I'm made to drink and swallow piss loads from both men. It was during the drinking

of the urine that I blew the biggest load of cum I had ever ejaculated. And without even touching myself.

The moment of truth arrives as the two largest men move toward me. I can't see them but I know Master Blaster's

smell and I am now familiar with my new Master's body odours well.

I'm lead over to a yoak and locked in. By now my asshole is twitching for a serious exploration. After my feet are

locked in place, the familiar sensation of Master Blaster's fingers opening my anus hit me. As usual, my hips

begin to gyrate from the phenomenal sensations my Master knows how to bestow upon me. He probes my sphincter

deftly, slowly working in more fingers until his fist is buried up to his wrist.

My head is grabbed firmly as the harsh smells of a filthy hairy hole are shoved into my face.

'Eat it pig!!' The owner of the disgusting butthole orders.

I shove my tongue as far as I can into the filth covering his anus and begin to slurp the sticky brown dirt. His ass moves

back further into my face until I am completely surrounded by shit-covered buttock. He lets go a nasty fart and I am

forced to smell it. I gag a bit but hold my composure as all that is happening to me overwhelms my soul.

By now Master is working his familiar meat up into my anal canal. Even after 2 years of constantly getting pounded by

his enormous penis I can still feel it like it's the first time. Of course now it doesn't hurt in the least but only brings

about blissful euphoria.

He fucks me like he's never fucked me before. Putting on a show for his buddies so they know how well he's trained

my obedient slave hole. For an hour he explores me. Turning this way and that, pulling my hair so hard that my neck

hurts like a bad case of whiplash. His rythums are so familiar that I know exactly when he's going to cum. When he

pulls out and comes around to fill my mouth with his jizz, suddenly another cock is put in it's place. At first I swear it's

a whole arm going up into my gullet. Then it comes to me. It's that 14 inch monster! Holy fucking Christ it feels

amazing! Things are moving around up inside me in order to make room for this gigantic foreign object.

Master then blows his load all over the guy's ass I have been eating. Without being told, I continue eating his shit but

now it is mingled with my Master's quart-sized semen discharge. I eagerly swallow all that is being offered to me.

By now the guys are all cheering on the massively endowed beast who is ripping my bitch hole apart. He's driving me

faster and harder than any other man has before. His thrusts are like torpedoes as they devour what is left of my ass

muscles. Like an animal he yells and grunts and slaps my ass like I'm some kind of whore. And I. of course, love it all.

My cock is now so hard I almost believe it will explode into little pieces of flesh, blood and cum all over the floor.

For almost 2 hours my asshole gets plundered by the biggest cock one can ever imagine. During this using of my hole,

I cum no less than 6 times without ever touching my prick. Every once in a while, one of the men has to take a piss and

relieves himself down my throat. I am ordered to swallow it all and I do like a hungry pig.

Then, like a massive worldwide earthquake is shaking the globe on it's axis, the humongous monster in my ass begins

to let go a tidal wave of cum deep into my stomach. Wave after wave of man juice goes into me and just as fast

splatters back out of my hole. For the ejaculate is too much for my body to withstand and thus pours back out of me.

Suddenly my hole is empty. I can feel how wide it gapes. A breeze blows right up inside me as there is no longer

anything to plug the hole with.

The monster is shoved into my mouth. I am yelled at to clean it. I lick and suck and worship the beautiful instrument

which took me to places I could never have thought existed.

I am release from the yoak which had held me in place for use for the last 3 hours. Being led by my leash, I'm

commanded to shit out the cum in my ass and eat it. All of it. I squat down into the bathtub in the corner and push out

as much of the jizz as I can. It pours out of me like water from a faucet. With it comes remnants of my bowels. The

milky brownish-white substance can be smelled across the room as everyone laughs at the thought of my ingesting this

concoction. Finishing up, I get down on all fours and begin to drink like a dog from it's bowl. I grab my dick and

stroke it hard as I gobble up all the filth. The goo slides down my throat like a slippery oyster. I take a little bit and use

it as lube on my rod. I hear pictures being taken and cheers from my onlookers.

I had been used, abused, shit on, pissed on, fucked with a cock akin to a whole man's arm and I loved every damned

second of it. The reality had been even better than the fantasy.



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