The Sea Witch commissioned by the Queen herself set sail at the

Morning tide from Portsmouth in the year of our Lord one thousand

Six-hundred-thirteen under Captain Sir Michael Landsdown with

Thirty seamen and me, Master Billy Thompson.

It was a happy coincidence that me seventeenth birthday fell on

Sailing day though no one knew and no one celebrated except me

with my ration of grog. I got the same wooden cupful as the

grown man. They were used to it but it caused me to act loony,

singing and swaying around the boat. The men fussed over drunken

me, pinching me arse and patting me blond curly head. Some said

that it was bad luck to have a 'girl' on board referring to my

lanky body, white skin and prominent arse cheeks. They would

have taken further liberties except captain intervened and

trotted me off to his cabin to sleep it off. I awoke the next

morning with a sick head, full of banging and a sore arsehole,

dripping with the captain's spunk.

It hardly seems three weeks since I escaped from my brutish

father and mean home in Central London. Me mum died two years

ago. Afore you died, on her death bed she told me that I was

uncommon pretty and that my graceful form and curly blond hair

would do me in good stead as I made my way in the world. When

mum died, the guv became a drunken monster and beat me daily. He

once told me that he beat me so he wouldn't rape me.

As cabin boy my job was to keep the captain's quarters clean, his

bed made, his uniforms brushed, his food served and to act as his

bumboy. I knew this was my fate when I enlisted. This position

or berth on this ship was my only way of finding eats and a bed.

I had no papers and no skills but me mum's words came true as the

captain saw me in the sign up line and plucked me out to be his

lad. I was a virgin to all sex but as the days and weeks went by

I began to look forward to the captain's ways.

He never undressed me. For that I was grateful. I had never

done so at home even to wash. I would keep as much on as I

rubbed a soapy rag over me. The Captain would merely lower my

canvas trousers to expose my white bum. Immediately he would

begin to huff and puff in sexual excitement. As luck would have

it, he was of small prong size and of poor ability to last. The

nightly ritual was not painful and of very short duration. In

gratitude the captain gave me good food from his plate.

The crew lusted after me. It was very obvious as I walked among

them to the galley or the head. Their muttered remarks were

muted for fear of the captain's lash and their hands reached out

but never made contact. They were in a sex starved frenzy. I

could only smile to meself on how lucky I was to have my


The captain a sturdy man of about forty years. His court

connections produced his commission. I found out later that he

was not a regular man. He had no wife but many male friends at


We were now over one month at sea. Our destination was the

unexplored islands below the peninsular reaching south from

China. There was, as we found out, thousands of islands. We made

landfall at one, a large one, well peopled. The inhabitants

flocked to the shore and swam out to the boat. They were of good

looking stock, tan in color and robust and healthy. Their faces,

though dark, contained features much the same as we Europeans.

The men cheered the good looking fellows and some opened their

flies and waved their cocks at the boys in the canoes. This in

turn produced gales of laughter from the canoe paddlers. Whether

this was amusement at the antics or a mocking of small pricks I

am not sure. Had I followed their lead, there would have been no

laughter, only admiring glances as my captain well knew that my

prong formed a large handle for him as he thrust behind me.

Often he would rub it and I would spunk out. This was the best

part of what I had to endure.

We disembarked later. We made gifts of beads and blankets and

the locals showered us with delicious fruit, many strange to us

and taught us to drink the sweet coconut milk.

There was also a form of fermented liquor of which we partook.

By nightfall the captain and crew were unconscious and snoring on

the beach. I hardly tasted it for I wished to be in good health

to pursue my plans.

At the water I found a small native boat with oars. I silently

coaxed it into the water, jumped in and began rowing toward a

small island I had seen in the daylight. I perhaps romantically

believed I would be king of my island and live on the food it

produced in abundance. It was too to far and within an hour I

was pulling my little boat up to the shore. The sand of this

island was golden. I wondered if it was real gold. The moon was

very bright this night and illuminated the lush palms and other

growth. The night was mild. I lay down and fell asleep by my


I awoke the next morning. It was still early and the moon was

sharing the sky with the early sun. The rays shown on a figure

standing about ten feet away, regarding me with a smile.

I sat up and stared back. This was the most perfect human I had

ever seen. He was a inch or two taller than me making him about

six feet. He was wearing a loin cloth in red color, decorated

with symbols. His body was like those statues in my school books

from ancient Rome. The symmetry of his shoulders, strong chest,

muscled belly, small waist and perfect legs combined to make me


He was still smiling at me. His strong white teeth seemed to

glow in the rising sunlight. I spoke to him in English, of

course. He looked at me perplexed. Then he made a gesture that

he admired my hair. I answered back by signing that his chest

was nice. We were both falling in love with each other, even at

that early moment.

He advanced toward me. I shied a bit but he reached out a hand

and stroked my shoulder, calming me the way you might a skittish

horse. His hand was smooth and warm. It was all I could do not

to take it and kiss it.

He pointed to himself and spoke for the first time, 'Koai,' then

pointed at me, I replied 'Billy.' We both laughed and we

repeated our names to each other.

He then signed by holding his nose that I smelled. Yes it was

true that I hardly was able to clean myself on the ship. He in

turn smelled fresh and clean, his breath which fell across my

face was pure with hints of coconut. He pulled me toward the

ocean miming washing and bathing. We stood in the water up to

our knees, my canvas trousers quickly sopping up the brine. He

removed the band that tied around his backside and covered his

privates. His tan prick was exposed to me and I smiled and

signaled that it was large and that it pleased me. He began

tugging on my trousers and finally pulled them off, then my shirt

fell easily from my shoulders. Then my drawers. My drawers were

stained and smelly I must admit. He took all my stuff and placed

them on a rock at the shore then returned naked to stand next to

me and we silently compared ourselves, finally giving way to

curious hands verifying what we saw. Naturally our cocks rose

from the attention and we laughed in abandon.

He had been holding a cake of what I later learned was a type of

soap. He lathered his hands and rubbed it on his glossy, perfect

skin and then pointed to me. I nodded. He cleaned my body, my

hair and even my privates, finally inserted a finger in my bum

hole a short distance and cleaned that out.

He than took my clothes on the rock and washed them. He signaled

to me by holding his nose that the smell was gone.

Still both naked he waved to me to follow him. Close to the

beach was a small palm thatched cottage and in front were two

make shift benches and a repast lain out on a table. I was

staving hungry and forgot any manners as I dove into the food.

He laughed at me so hard that he fell on the grass in helpless

laugher. He looked so abandoned in mirth and so appealing that I

left off my eating and came to him. I lifted his laughing face

and pressed my lips against his warm ones. This was the first

kiss since me mum died but this was different. In a moment we

were both breathing with heavy sighs. He tore himself away and

pointed to the food. He was right. First we must eat and then

fortify ourselves against the demands our love making might make.

The food was delicious, many unfamiliar to me and one plant I had

to spit out, it was so hot and spicy. This produced more gales

of laughter on the part of Koai. He was such fun to be with.

His wonderful nature seemed equal to his good looks.

At last we finished our repast and still naked we entered the

dark interior, lit only but the chinks in the thatch. Koai sat

on the cot and waved me close. My cock sprang up as I stood in

front of him, his warm breath fanning the surface of my covered

organ. Soon the cover retreated and the strawberry colored head

was exposed. Koai leaned forward and his pretty tongue lashed at

the head. My cock jumped in passion and began leaking honey. He

licked the droplets away and then placed his full pink lips over

the head and sucked gently. I began to moan. He backed away and

looked up at me in consternation. I smiled down at him and

pushed his face back to it's task, which he resumed, apparently

satisfied that I was not in pain. I continued soft moans as he

brought me rapidly to a crashing pulsation of spunk shooting out

the head. He lapped it all up and rubbed his stomach to signify

that he liked it. He pointed to his own rampant cock. I took

his hands and lifted him off the cot and took his place. I put

my arms around his backside and pulled his prong to me. It was

larger even than mine, it's tender pink head contained a piss

slit which was large and now opening and pulsing. He was well

into his excitement, his chest puffing and his eyes rolling

upwards in pleasure. I was not experienced in this sort of love

making but I working manfully to bring about his crashing climax.

I think he fainted a moment as he emitted great quantities of

creamy fluid, sweetened by his clean diet.

We lay down together and embraced, trying all sorts of kisses, my

tongue becoming bold and aggressive then yielding to Koai's

equally vanquishing tongue until we were both panting in

excitement. Koai's hand found my cock which was hard and in full

display. He stroked in, making cooing sounds of love toward it.

I enjoyed it and felt a superiority that had been stiffled by my

inferior position on board. I rose and stood by the bed. He

looked at me questioningly. I lifted his slim hips and arranged

his body so that his arse was facing me and his head rested on

his warm tan forearms. I could see he was shaking. He felt

vulnerable and unprotected. There was a sheen of sweat on his

perfect back. His back called to me. I placed kisses all over

and he crooned in pleasure his body undulating in passion.

Finally I reached for his gorgeous rump and spread the cheeks.

There was his secret hole, ringed in soft dark hair. The opening

was puffing in and out in a kissing motion. He was begging for

my cock to penetrate him to subjugate him.

With a cry of the jungle I grabbed his hips and put my prong at

the soft opening. He cried out at the entry. 'Oh Billy, Billy.'

But I pushed on until the entire shaft of my cock was inside him.

Now his back was dripping in nervous sweat and fear. I paused

and waited then began a slow fucking motion. He seemed to relax

and he helped the motion slightly. By this time I couldn't see

or hear, I was being transported into a new world. Now I

understood why the captain was so driven to this activity. I

began heartlessly slamming in and out. I reached around his body

and grabbed his cock. It was soft from fear. I continued my

pounding and finally let out a series of involuntary loud grunts

as my cock spew into his hot insides.

I pulled out. I leaned in to kiss him. He was crying. I was

not sure what to do. I patted him and got up. I went out to the

beach and took a short swim to cool my hot body after the sex. I

lolled around, floating on my back for awhile and then the

picture of that hot boy reentered my mind. In an instant I was

erect and wanting. I walked back to the cabin and entered.

There was Koai, dressed in western clothes reading some documents

at a table.

I walked over. 'Koai look.' I pointed to my erection and made

fucking motions.

He looked at me sadly. 'No Billy, I don't want you to fuck me.

You are rough and do not show love. I thought you would be


We spoke a bit and I found out that he was assistant

administrator at the large island this was his personal retreat

place. He had learned English from a missionary who still

remained there. He had pretended no English thinking it would be

sex for me.

I had been so abused growing up that I didn't realize that I had

in my arms a person who had offered love and could have been a

life partner.

I left sadly, rowed back and rejoined the captain and crew. That

night the captain randy from a few days with no sex activity was

not so gentle. He banged me hard and I found a little blood when

I shit.

In my bed, on the floor, next to the captain's cot I found tears

springing to my eyes, tears of regret for a lost love and tears

for my own bleak future.



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