Part 1

'Hey Stan, what's goin' on?' I asked after getting off work and found my boyfriend Stanley on the treadmill in out humongous living room. Stanley's my big hairy Bear of a boyfriend, He stands at 6'4' bout a stocky 240 with a little bit of a beer belly which i loved most. Me on the other hand was bout 200 even standin' about 5'10' . Stanley and I had been together for nearly 3 years. He movedin with me not long after I got my new job as a Lawyer. The pay was good but I'm not gonna brag on that. Some people think that the Taller of the two is the Dominant and the shorter, submissive. Well In our case it kinda flip flops. I'm naturally Dominant and stanley's more submissive. We both have a kinky streak about as deep as the Grand Canyon.

'Heya Mace.' He hopped off the treadmill. 'Didn't hear ya come in. How long you been there?'

'I just got in.' I told him, sneering. I'm real good in the art of surprise. I surprise even myself at times. Even though I was just in the doorframe, I could smell Big Stan from where I was and my cock began to harden. Stanley sniffed himself, I tried not to laugh. He had long arms so when he streched it reminded me of a monkey for some bizarre reason.

'Man, I'm stinky. I need a shower.'

'What for? You haven't had one for two days and you walk around the house stinkin' up the joint, I oughta spank you.' I said, letting my Dominant streak show its face for the first time in nearly a month. I usually don't go Dom without my lether gear on, or least my Chaps or Vest. Usually I don't mind stinky, hairy guys, and I wasn't really mad, I just looking for an excuse for my kinky streak to kick in full steam and when Stanley goes days and at times weeks without a shower, the train gets going -- fast.

Stanley smirked. 'What's stoppin' ya?'

I snapped my fingers. 'Strip NOW!' I ordered. He stared at me a moment before he got butt naked before me. 'Now get up against the wall, and don't turn your head til I say so.' He leaned against the wall. I already knew what he was thinkin' 'What is this crazy bastard of a Master gonna do to me this time?' I went and changed to my Leather chaps and vest and got my handcuffs, ties and a pair of his dirty underwear and headed back downstairs. I opened the linen and got my bullwhip. I almost never use it but this was an exception. I was going to make sure Stanley would never get the lazy syndrome. I saw jacing his cock and I cracked the whip in the air just inches from his bare ass. He stopped abruptly and precum oozed out, a sign he started stroking when my back was turned. I cuffed his hands behind him and turned to me. I punched his beer stomach. 'Just what the hell were you doing when my back was turned?' I demanded. 'Huh boy?'

'I... was horny sir. I couldn't help it.' he replied, visibilly shaking. I snapped my fingers again and he got to his knees. 'Sniff my crotch.' I ordered. He just stared at me vacantly. 'Don't make me tell you again boy.' I narrowed my eyes impatiently. 'Sniff my crotch.' He leaned forward to sniff my crotch, I grabbed his head and grinded his face to my crotch. 'Good boy. Now clean my boots with your tongue.' He laid down on his stomach to lick my boots. 'I'm not feeling that tongue boy!' I complained. 'Do I need to gag you now?' Stanley shook his head. 'Ok boy try it again. I want to feel your tongue this time.' He licked and spit shined my boots, his tongue was black y the time he finished (I had him do the bottoms of my boots as well which had a thin coat of dust from where they'd been the cloest for a while) Then I tied his feet together and gagged him with his underwear. 'Good night, boy.' I snnered and went back upstairs to unwind from work. I left the door open to hear him moan and grunt through the gag. Which made me hornier, but I wasn't ready to let him suck me off just yet. When I looked at the clock again it read 9:36.

'Oh great.' I muttered, coming out of my Dominant oasis. I left Stanley restrained for at least four hours or so. It wouldn't be the first time I 'forgot' him. He never complained however. I went downstairs and let him loose. He begged to suck my cock and by this time, I couldn't hold out much longer either. It didn't take me long to blow my nuts dry. Good boy Stan, Take my load down your throat.' Not long after we showered together and hit the sack.

Part 2

Know the old saying can't teach an old dog new tricks? Once again, slightly flip flopped. About three more months had passed and for the first time, Stan asked could he tie me up. At first I was completely against it cuz I'm Strictly Top, then I thought about it for a while and agreed. I'd never admit it to him but I wondered how it would be in the restraints. One Saturday afternoon I rumaged through my junk closet. I decided to give Stanley the basics; handcuffs rope maybe a ballgag and my set of armbinders and fist mitts I ordered three weeks back. I took the stuff to the living room. Stanley looked at me and I smiled back. It was now or never. I told him before since it was his first time, I insisted i'd keep my jeans on, but i'd be shirtless. He agreed that and began. Since I had the rope cut in 15 - 20ft incraments and 2 50ft or so perfect for hogties, He tried to tie my hands behind me three times because I kept getting loose. He would get my left hand tied real good, but my right hand i could still move my fingers to get loose. 'Hold still you bugger!' He snarled.

'I can't help it, I'm a natural Top and escape artist.' I laughed. He stared hard at me. 'come on Mace, cooperate with me.' I sighed. 'Ok ok Stan I'll cooperate.' Stan then handcuffed my hands together than used the rope to tie in some kind of funky hogtie position. I was laying on my side and the fact I was handcuffed, I couldn't even begin to find where the knots of the rope even started. Stan smiled at his handiwork. I struggled and grunted for abouthalf an hour and gave up. I knew I shouldn't have brung the handcuffs but oh well I was bound now. I felt like one of those cowboys from those old Westerns.

'How did I do?' Stan asked me.

I groaned. 'You did great, but don't get used to it. When I get out of this, I'll resume being the Top in this relationship, remember that.'

'Yeah sure.' Stanley replied. 'But can I put the gag in your mouth?'

'Yeah sure, gag and blindfold me if you want, leave me to struggle for another hour or so then relase me. I'm stiff from being hogtied for so long. I'm not used to this.' He ballgagged me and blindfolded with one of those ties I used to tie him up with. There I lay all tired and sweaty. Until these handcuffs ame off I was pretty much stuck. Idid manage to get the ball gag out of my mouth fairly easy since i didn't bring that mini padlock to prevent removal from the bound. Stanley came back and let me strech out on the couch, although he wouldn't let me take the blindfold off he put on me one of those jackets with the high collar i kept for the winter. 'What's up?' I asked when he restrained my hands again. It didn't bother me as much since this time I was standing.

:Plenty Mace.I'm goin' to get those things you stick up your nose to snort while you relax on the couch. Don't try to run, Mace. I tied your feet together.'

'Stanley, let me go! What the fuck-- mmmmmmmmmph!' I grunted as he put a bandana in my mouth and tied another one around it. 'I'll be back Mace, don't go nowhere!' I heard the front door slam shut. Strange as it sounds, my anger faded almost instantly, I felt all my tense muscles just go lax. Stanley was just try to milk this session as long as he could. So I figured I'd let him do his thing. I was nearly out cold when Stan came back in. He picked up my bound body and laid me down on the bed. He took off the blindfold and I stared at him and smiled, well the best I could with a bandana still in my mouth. He was dressed in leather as well his a rust color vest, pants, belt and Boots. He sat down beside me and stared into my eyes for a long moment. I was so relaxed it wasn't funny, Then I realized I was actually numb, my arms and legs were. I couldnt hardly feel them anymore. Stanley untied my feet and I could move them again. He played with my nips and sucked on them for a while,before he stuck the poppers in my nose. Everything for me went hazy and dark.

I woke the next day free of all my restraints. I had to give him credit, Stanley was a decent Top, I wondered should I let him be one again. I decided maybe every once in a while it wouldn't hurt. I looked to my left and there lay Stanley handcuffed with an underwear gag. I saw the handcuff keys just out his reach. I snatched him and sneered. 'That's the price for a sub trying to be a dom when he isn't.' He protested in the gag, but I was already out the door. Time for work.



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