He was one of the most over the top gay men I had ever met. His name is Roger and he is the owner of the best wine cellar, and cigar store in our town. He always seemed to have the most sought after vintages, and best cigars in the store. He is around 45 he is 5'10" and weighs around 160 lbs, he is in great shape, a yoga fanatic. He has a mane of thick blonde hair that is very stylishly maintained, thin mustache, always impeccably dressed in a dare I say it, gay sort of way. He has flirted with me since the first time I met him. It was at a wine tasting at his store, and I was there with my wife. Yet that did not stop him. I know it gave him a thrill to make me uncomfortable. I also guessed that he was serious about the flirting. I am 30 years old, an attorney in town mainly in real estate matters, but successful. I am 6'3" tall and weigh 170 lbs. I run, I work out, and if I may be honest I am good looking, so it was not a stretch to think he was serious with his flirting.

Being civically responsible, both Roger and I were sponsors of the local 5k run. We are fitness buffs and we are joggers, so it was a no brainer. I had seen Roger out running on many occasions and had always waved or said hello. I thought he was a harmless if somewhat eccentric member of the community. There were always rumors of him having affairs with some of the married men in town. I never thought that could be true till one of the rumored husbands divorced his wife and moved away, leaving his wife and 2 kids behind. At that point Roger became a bit more dangerous to everyone, but he was still well liked.

The race was on July 1st a Saturday, it was followed by a picnic at the local park. The day had a carnival type feel to it. There were around 300 entrants for the race so it was a big deal in town. Roger was dressed in a very revealing ensemble for the race he was wearing a form fitting outfit that was not your typical jogging outfit. It was spandex so you could see everything about his physique. Now there is nothing wrong with his physique, like I said he is in great shape. But you could also see his cock and balls very clearly through the thin fabric and there was a lot to see. Roger was evidently hung like a horse, and he had the balls of one as well. He was immediately the talk of the town. People were whispering left and right about him. I knew he loved it and did not care one bit. He came over to me before the start of the race and  we talked about race related issues. I looked over Roger's outfit and was stunned at the size of his cock and balls. Both were very visible in his outfit. I had sunglasses on and tried to be discreet but I know Roger saw me. He actually looked like he turned towards me to give me a better look. I told him I would see him later and went off to find my wife who was also running that day.

The race went off without a hitch. The weather was perfect and the picnic started shortly after the race. My firm sponsored the beer tent. Roger donated  cases of wine and it was a great party. Fortunately after the race Roger had changed into something more modest, but he was still the talk of the town and now people would be forever trying to get a glimpse of him, and his package. 

 I was enjoying a beer when Roger made his way over to me. I was feeling a good about the race and picnic. He congratulated me on a great event and I told him congratulations as well. I told him he had created quite a scandal with his outfit that morning. He laughed and said mission accomplished then. I  said he was digging his own grave,  he said he would be busier in the shop then ever. A small town needs a scandalous figure to add some color. Besides he needed to have some fun, he then confessed that he liked the fact that "straight" guys had spent the morning trying to get a look at him and his cock, just like you were. Did you like what you saw? Do you want to see more? I stopped laughing at that point, so I had been caught. I tried to brush him off with a joke but he he did not laugh. 

He asked me if I had heard any rumors about him having affairs with the men in town. I said that I  had but had no faith in rumors. He said in fact that they were true. He had had several affairs with the married men in town and was actually having 1 as we spoke. I was stunned. I then asked him if it was true that he had caused the divorce I had mentioned. He said that he had an affair with the man, but he did not cause the divorce. The guy decided he was gay afterwards, they had not seen each other in months. Roger told me he always had guys sniffing around him. They come in for a wine tasting with their wives, then come back for some cigars or other reason and see him again.  He flirted with everyone but some guys wanted to take it to the next level. Who was he to say no to that. I told Roger I thought he was dangerous, and he said you have no idea with a wink. 

My wife walked over at that point and said we had to get going. Roger said he was having a party that night and invited us to stop by. It was a post race party for the sponsors. There would be 20-30 people there. Since it was race related I said we would be there. Once we got in the car my wife asked me what I had been talking to Roger about. I did not want to shock her so I told her it was about the race and some new wines he had gotten in. She did not like Roger, I think she was offended by him. I also think she had heard the rumors. Which I now knew were true. She said she would not be going to his party that night but she understood that I had to go.

We went back to our house. We had a swim, ate dinner with the kids and I got ready the party. I showered and put on a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and some flip flops. I said goodbye to everyone and rode my bike the half mile to Roger's house. I could hear the party in the back of the house as I put my bike by his fence. His yard was strung with Chinese lanterns and looked fantastic. He has a green thumb and his yard was immaculate. He greeted me at the gate to his yard and told me to help myself to whatever I wanted, at which point he gave me a wink. I smiled and made my way over to a cooler of beer. I knew most of the people at the party, and everyone was having a good time. As expected Roger had provided some good wine for the get together and at around 10 o'clock asked if anyone wanted a cigar. I said I would smoke one. I do not smoke them at home but do enjoy one every now and then. A few of us made our way over to a pergola Roger had in his yard. There were chairs and couches surrounding a small fish pond. Roger offered the choices to everyone, and after they had made their selections he passed a lighter around. I had chosen a small Cohiba, most of the group had opted for smaller more mellow smokes. I was surprised to see Roger lighting up a large cigar. He sat down next to me and blew a thick stream of fragrant smoke towards the beams of the pergola. I told him I did not know he smoked. He said he enjoyed a cigar every now and then, and that there were a lot of things about him I did not know. I was  not sure what he was talking about, and I told him so.

Roger asked me what I thought about him as he took a deep drag on his cigar. I repeated what I said earlier that he was dangerous. I said that him being with married men was out of line. There were plenty of guys out there who he could be with. Be with how? he asked. I said to have relationships with, sex. He then said I was right he could have sex with a lot of guys, but for whatever reason it had happened that he liked fucking married guys. Not always but if the occasion arose, and he liked the guy he would not say no. Roger told me that something in him loved to see someone you would never expect on their knees in front of him worshipping his huge cock and balls. He also said that once a guy got on his knees it was all over, most took to cock sucking like a baby to a bottle. I took a hit on my cigar....I was confused. I thought Roger would be the one sucking cock, not the other way around. He must have picked up on it. He told me, they come to me thinking I am going to be the bitch. But it doesn't take long till they are begging me to fuck them, and when I fuck them most come back if they can handle it, some can't. They all want to but it is big he said. He shifted his position a bit and even through his shorts I could make out his cock and balls straining the fabric. He deftly let his hand drop to rub the outline as he talked to me. I could not believe it. I was sitting in his backyard surrounded by people I knew and he was rubbing his cock right in front of me.  He then told me that he had fucked the guy who had gotten the divorced for 2 days straight on a weekend they had taken. The guy could not walk he had fucked him so hard. He also told me the name of his current affair. It was a guy who lived around the corner from me. He was a big macho guy who seemed every bit the stud. Roger said he had a cigar party at the store and the guy was all over him. He hinted that the guy had been no stranger to gay sex. I know my mouth was open at that point, I was completely stunned by what he was telling me.

I had to get out of there so I made up an excuse about having to get home. I decided it was not smart to be spending so much face time with Roger, he was definitely dangerous. Yet in the back of my mind I felt a spark of curiosity. Was there something so sexually potent about him that guys would risk everything to be with him. I knew it had already happened with the divorced guy. I said my good bye and Roger said he would walk me out. It took about ten minutes to get to the gate while saying good night to everyone. Roger was with me every step of the way. When I got to my bike Roger apologized if he had made me uncomfortable. I told him honestly that he had. He took a drag on his still large cigar and blew the smoke towards me. He told me he wanted to be my friend, and maybe more if I was up for it. I thanked him, and said I thought that was a bad idea. He laughed at me, as I pedaled off and he told me to have a good night.

It was around 11:00 when I got home. I was buzzed, and smelled of the cigar I had smoked. My wife was glad to see me though and asked how the party was. I told her who was there, and about some of the conversations I had. I left out all my conversations with Roger. We went to bed and I was as horny as I had been in a while. I rubbed up against my wife and she took the hint. It was one of the best love making sessions we had enjoyed in quite some time. I almost felt like I had something to prove that night yo myself.  As I lay down to sleep afterwards strangely enough, I found myself thinking about Roger. 

I awoke the next day feeling a little under the weather but no worse for wear. I went out for my morning jog. I went to the park down the street where I saw Roger and the macho guy he said he was fucking. I could see that Roger was not happy with something at the time so I did not go over to talk to them. It would have been remarkably uncomfortable anyway. The thought of that big muscle married man getting plowed by Roger and his huge cock would have made a civil conversation difficult. I returned home took a shower and spent some time with the kids. 

At around three o'clock the phone rang. My wife answered it and said it was Roger for me. She told me he had some final paperwork from the race and wondered if I could come by the shop after it closed at 6:00. I shrugged at her and she told him I would be there. I could her Roger's effeminate voice tell her ciao as she hung up.

I  rode my bike to his shop and got there a little after 6. The door was locked but Roger came as soon as I knocked. He asked me into the walk in humidor and said he was going to open a bottle of wine and have a cigar, would I join him. I said sure. He brought in an expensive Cabernet, and 2 cigars. They were the ones we had both smoked the night before. He poured me a glass of the dark red wine, it was amazing and I told him so. We were sitting in a couple of leather club chairs Roger had in his humidor right next to each other. He took my cigar and took off the end with a pair of cutters for me. He handed me the cigar and took out a lighter and lit my smoke for me. It was a very intimate moment, and I thought back to our talk from yesterday. Was he putting a move on me? He then lit his own substantial cigar. The smoke was thick and very fragrant. I asked him what type of cigar it was. He said it was a Montecristo Churchill. It was his favorite cigar, and the wine was a favorite as well. He asked if I wanted to try it. I said no thanks, but he insisted. He actually got up and stood in front of me with the cigar. I said fine, but when I reached for it he gently lowered it to my mouth for me. I was completely taken aback at this. He held the large cigar an inch from my mouth. I leaned forward and took it between my lips and got a great pull on it. I sat back and released the smoke over my shoulder away from Roger. He asked me what I thought. I told him it was a great cigar. He smiled at me as he still stood in front of me, he took a big hit on it an slid back into his chair. I was freaking out but did not want to seem rude so I asked him about the paperwork he had alluded to. He said that could wait, it was only going to take a couple of minutes anyway. He said let's just hang out for a couple of minutes and enjoy ourselves. I know I should have left at that point but again my curiosity got the better of me. I sat back and had another glass of wine, while I watched Roger smoke his cigar. 

We had not said anything for a couple of minutes when Roger mentioned that he had seen me jogging in the park that morning. I confessed that I had seen him as well. He asked why I did not cone over to say hello. I told him there were two reasons, the first was that he was with the macho guy he was having the affair with I said it would have been a very uncomfortable conversation with them knowing that. Second neither of them looked particularly happy at that point in time. Roger blew smoke up towards the ceiling and said he was fine. Macho man was not though, he had actually ended their get togethers that morning. I said, thats good. Yes it is Roger said, he then told me he was going to be much more discreet, and discerning about his indiscretions. I asked him why he felt I was a person he felt he could confess these things to. Was I that unappealing to him. Just the opposite he said.  I want you more then anyone else in the town. I want you on your knees in front of me. 

I was stunned by his admission. I had been hit on by guys in the past but not in several years, but not by anyone with the sexual magnetism of Roger. I decided to try to deflect the situation. I told him I was flattered but that was not going to happen. He leaned forward and put his hand on my knee. I had never noticed it before but he had huge hands for a guy his size.  He told me It was already happening. He told me he had seen me looking at him before the race, trying to get a glimpse of his cock and balls, he also asked me why I came to him when he called me. Roger told me to admit it to myself, I wanted to be with him. When I just sat there and stared at him he got up and handed me his cigar, standing directly in front of me his crotch was at eye level. Even in his loose fitting shorts I could make his cock out. I sat back in my chair, and Roger reached to undo his belt. I immediately went to get up from the chair, but he pushed me back down. Sit there and be quiet, he demanded. I sat back and put his cigar in the ashtray. He immediately picked it up and again put it gently into my mouth. Smoke that for me, he said, holding it to my lips, I did as directed and took it in my mouth. He undid his belt and rubbed the cock outline through the shorts. I continued to smoke his cigar as he undid his button and reached for the zipper. He dropped the zipper and I could see that he had no underwear on. He slowly lowered the shorts till I saw his cock. At that point i can honestly say I wanted to see it. The root alone was massive, he was shaved so there was no cover around. As he continued to lower his shorts I saw as big a cock as I had ever seen.  It was wide with a large blue vein running down the top of it, I  could tell it was still soft as he lifted it from the shorts. I was in awe. The head was a huge mushroom shaped apple the piss slit was big, and the head looked big even attached to the rest of it. Soon his massive balls were on view as well, the sack hanging low and his nuts the size of plums. He let his shorts drop to the ground and he stepped out of them, he took off his shirt as well. He was standing in front of me naked waiting for my reaction. I stared at him, furious at myself for letting things get this far, but not willing to stop them. He lifted the cock up and gently stroked it, his hand stretching around the girth. He took his cigar from my mouth and hit it hard and blew the smoke into my face. I looked him in the eye as he jerked himself softly, his cock growing with each stroke.

Just then my cell phone rang. It shook me out of my stupor, I could see that it was my wife. I answered as Roger moved closer to me, his cock now at least 10" long and hugely thick. I stared up at his face as I answered the call, she asked me when I would be home, she was making dinner. I was watching Roger as he inched forward running his hand up and down, till his cock was an inch from my mouth. I could smell it right under my nose,  I said I had a glass of wine and would be home in 10 minutes, just as Roger's cock tip brushed across my lips. We said goodbye as a thin string of  precum went from his cock to my lips. As soon as I hung up Roger pulled my face up toward his and kissed me. I tried to push him away, but I admit it, it was a half assed effort. His kiss ended, and he stood up straight in front of me again. His prodigious cock and balls right there. He put his cigar in his mouth and his hands on his hips and told me I should taste him. I told him no, so he put a hand behind my head and another one on his cock and held it in front of my mouth. I was in shock. Here I was basically being violated in this man's wine shop, but I did not stop him. I moved my face forward and took the tip of his cock into my mouth. He sighed with satisfaction when I did. I worked my tongue around the head a few times. Then he grabbed his cock and shoved roughly at my mouth a few times then pulled out and sat down in his chair. He stroked his cock which was now wet with my saliva and told me to go home. I went to the door and saw he was staring at me as he jerked his cock, the big cigar in his mouth.

I walked out of the humidor and towards front door of the shop. It was then that I noticed my cock was hard. Rock hard. I got on my bike and rode home. I was stunned at what had taken place. The fact that I had let things get as far as they had was most disturbing. Also that my wife's call had probably stopped things from going further. I was beside myself with guilt as I slowly peddled home.  Obviously I would make sure that I was never in a compromising situation like that again. I had entirely to much to lose. It was a fluke I Told myself. I could not accept  the possibility that I was gay or even bi. Yet 5 minutes earlier I had a cock being shoved into my mouth.

I got home and put the bike away. I walked in as dinner was being served. My wife was pissed at me. She could smell the cigar on me again, and I was a little blood shot from the wine. She asked me if Roger was my new buddy, there was suspicion in her voice. I told her to stop it, she was being an ass. That infuriated her, and she yelled that I had spent more time with Roger over the last couple days then with my own family. I told her she was right but it was all race related stuff. If it was just race stuff why do you keep smoking cigars and drinking when you are around him. I again raised my voice and told her is she would let me smoke a cigar in my own house I would not have to infringe on other people's good graces. The kids were looking at us and it was getting heated so I walked away to wash my hands. Dinner was a subdued affair, I spoke with the kids but there was a stony silence between my wife and I. It made me angry. Why was I feeling any guilt about anything when I get treated like this I thought. 

Dinner finished and we got the kids to bed. I was so angry at her I went  out on our deck. As I sat there in an adirondack chair I was thinking about Roger, and what it could be like with him. I thought about his cock and balls and what he wanted to do to me with it.  I looked up and saw my wife standing in our bedroom window looking at me. She pulled down the shade and I heard the bedroom door slam shut.  I went in a little while later, into the spare bedroom and fell asleep.

 I had taken Monday off since it was July 3rd, but I decided  I would go in and do a little work considering how strained things were at home. I got in the car and drove to the office. I had given the staff the day off since we would not be busy. I stopped on the way and got a coffee, and arrived at around 8. I had not seen my wife but left a note telling her I would be a couple of hours. I had just gotten started when the office phone rang. I figured it was the wife and answered it. It was Roger. He said he had driven past the office and seen my car in the lot. I told him I was catching up on some paperwork. He said he had enjoyed our time together the night before. That he could not wait till we were together again. I told him to stop it. We would not be together again. Roger laughed at that, yes we will he said. I reiterated that we would not,  I would not risk everything I had to do something like that. He laughed again and said he was parked right out front if I believed what I was saying let him come in and get the papers we were supposed to authorize the day before signed. I told him to come in then. 

 I heard the front door open and then he was there. He was dressed in a pair of linen Capri pants and a T-shirt. I could see his cock and balls through the fabric of his pants. I felt the breath catch in my throat when I thought about it. Let's get the papers signed I said. He put the folder on the desk in front of me and reached into a bag from his shop and put a box of the Montecristos the desk. I thanked him but told him I would not accept them.  He looked hurt but said it was a peace offering to me. He opened the folder up and spun it around for me to see. There were 6 or 7 signature lines on each sheet so I asked him where I was supposed to sign. He came around the desk and leaned against my chair. He told me where to sign and he leaned over to put his finger on the line I felt his cock rest on my shoulder. He flipped the page and I felt him shift and the pressure increased. He smelled clean. I could make out a faint cologne he had on it was a feminine smell that belied his intentions. He told me just a couple more as I felt the heat he was giving off. I was breathing heavily as I leaned back into him. I signed the last page and looked up at him. He smiled at me and said, see I told you, as he bent over and kissed me full on the mouth I felt his mustache brush against my top lip. I turned and pushed my face into his crotch. He stepped away from me and in an instant had his cock and balls out. Tell me you want it he demanded. I hesitated, and he grabbed me by the hair and again told to tell him I wanted it. He was hurting me a bit and I liked it. So I told him I wanted it. Without letting go of my hair he pulled my face towards his cock. Open your mouth, I did. Wider he said. I stretched my mouth open and he put his cock head in. Lick the underside of the head he said as I tried to breath. My hands were holding on to the arm rests as he pushed his cock head into my mouth. He hissed like a cat when I did as he said and ran my tongue over his glans. His cock was growing bigger and bigger as he continued to work my mouth. He was even bigger then I thought from the day before.

Then he started talking. I told you, didn't I he asked. You want that cock don't you? Yes I want your cock! Then he told me to get up. I stood up and he told me to undress him. I knelt down and pulled of his shoes, then helped him step out of his Capri pants. His cock right in front of me, his huge balls hanging low in the back round. Stand up, take off my shirt. As I did he pushed my face onto his nipple and told me to suck it. He was pushing my face against his chest which led me to believe he wanted more so I bit his nipples. He moaned loudly at that, and I dropped my hands onto his cock. I felt his hands in my hair which was pulled back as he kissed me again, harder then before, smashing his mouth onto mine, his tongue well inside my mouth. I let out a loud groan when he did that. I still had my clothes on. So he sat in my chair and told me to undress for him. I took off my T-shirt, and then went to take off my pants. I had never been ashamed of my manhood before but now I was. I tried to turn away as I dropped my pants to the floor but Roger told me to turn around, even as fucked up as the situation was my cock was so hard it hurt. Roger was softly tugging on his cock as I undressed. When I was finished he pointed to the ground in front of himself and told me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I did as instructed, I got on my knees I front of Roger as he opened his legs up for me. I made my way between his legs. His cock was huge, and his balls were actually resting on the chair. Suck it bitch he said. I put my mouth over it and tried to get it into my mouth. He told me to look at him as I tried to get more then just his cock head in my mouth. Roger told me, of all the guys in town I was the one he had always wanted. I was the one he imagined it would be great with. He took a hold of his cock and slapped it softly on my outstretched tongue. I was in heat, I was on my knees sucking the massive cock of one of the gayest guys you could ever meet. The repercussions meant nothing to me. All I wanted to do was please him. He pulled his cock away from my mouth and told me to suck on his balls. I pushed my nose into them, again surprised at how clean he smelled. I ran my tongue all over them, I was literally drooling on them. He was softly jerking his cock as I took each one of his nuts into my mouth one at a time and rolled them around on my tongue. 

He said he was going to fuck me. I was still licking his balls, loving it.

He told me to get up, and when I did he grabbed my cock and started sucking on it. I almost passed out, to say he was good would be an understatement. I was stunned at the ease that he took my whole cock own his throat. He was pulling on my balls with one hand as he felt my ass cheeks with the other. Roger was literally going up and down the length of my cock. I had never had a blow job like that. I told him I was ready to cum. He pulled off and told me no, not yet. He spun me around and started kissing my ass. He had me grab my ankles right in front of him. The minute I did he ran his tongue from my balls all the way up my ass crack. It was the first time anyone had ever done that to me and I got chills it felt so good. He did a few more long tongue lashes before he really started going at my asshole. I was moaning like his bitch as his tongue tried to work it's way into my virgin ass. I could feel his spit as it leaked down my ass and onto my balls. Roger reached around and slowly started jerking my cock as he went at my ass. I turned my head to look at him, and saw his cock completely engorged. It was a monster, that was literally standing straight up in front of him it was so hard. 

I felt his mouth ease off my ass long enough for him to start using his fingers on me. His mouth had done a great job showing how my ass being worked could make me feel.  Roger was working his finger around the outside of my asshole. He then put his tongue back on it. I actually leaned back at that point to try to get his tongue further up my ass. He pushed a finger into my ass. It felt weird but the way I was feeling it was also great. Roger worked my ass with his finger and his tongue at the same time. The combination was working though because when Roger put the second and third finger in I was ready for them. Roger reached up on my desk and got the bag he brought the Montecristos in. He pulled out a tube of lubricant and squirted a good amount on my ass. His mouth was gone but he was up to four fingers now. It hurt, and was definitely not comfortable but I knew what was coming, and I wanted it. I knew it was going to be agonizing but this was going to happen. I heard Roger squirt the lube on his cock, and I turned to watch him wet the entire length of it.

 Lay on the desk he said. I pushed everything off the desk and sat down on it. He stood between my legs and pushed me back onto the desk. He leaned over me and kissed me deeply, passionately. I had never felt any sort of physical stimulation like he was providing. He stood up and had me hold my legs up in the air. I could see his cock as it made it's way to my ass. Roger started to  finger my ass again. He squirt lube on  them as he quickly got four of his fingers in my ass. I was moaning from a combination of discomfort, and enjoyment. He pulled his fingers out. He used that hand to slowly jerk my cock, as he leaned over and started kissing me. He told me he was going to fuck me now.  He said it was going to hurt and he was going to go slow, but he was going to fuck me.  I felt him at my ass. He was pushing in and the pressure was insane. I tried to shimmy away from him but that did not work. The pressure increased until he shoved his way in. I was in tears it hurt so bad. I asked him to stop, I had never felt anything so uncomfortable in my life. Roger sat there for a couple of minutes not doing anything. His cock head still in my ass even as I begged him to stop. After the pause I felt him starting to hump me more. I was watching him as his cock slowly started to slide in and out of my ass. I threw my head back, it hurt so bad. I looked again and he was still going a little bit more was in me. It was terrifying the amount of cock he had yet to push into me. He grabbed the lube and squirted more on his cock. The cool lube felt good for a moment till Roger took a very forceful push and slammed a good 3" into me. He was now about halfway in. I was in tears,  sweating, and moaning. He started to fuck me then. He was using the half of his cock he had in to start to pick up his tempo. I was watching as my asshole was stretched completely out as he fucked me. He again kissed me and put his hands on my legs to force them further back. The he really started going. It was still hurting a lot but his kisses were somehow relaxing me. The pressure of his mouth on mine was working. He stood straight up again and I could see he was just about all the way in. He was dripping with sweat and looked like he was in heaven. Then unbelievably I felt his balls hit my ass. He groaned and shoved the last it of his cock into me. Holy Fuck he said, not many guys can take me, but you did it. Then he started to fuck me for real, he  started building up the tempo. I looked down as he pulled out and pushed in with gusto. I was still not enjoying it yet but I was starting to. Maybe it was his huge ball sack bouncing off my ass, or the look of complete euphoria on his face as he slammed into me but I was starting to get into it. I thought he had to be getting close, I was dizzy he was fucking me so hard. He then pulled out completely a couple of times before shoving the whole thing back in me. 

All of a sudden he stopped. He took his cock in his hand. He told me to get off the desk. When I did he laid down and held his cock straight up. Sit on my cock he told me. There was no way I was saying no to anything at that point. I got on the desk and straddled him. I grabbed his cock and put it against my ass and lowered myself onto it. I felt him pass my ass ring all at once and I had to stop. Roger reached up and started pinching my nipples, hard. He was twisting them between his fingers. I started to lower myself further onto his cock as he raised his hips to get more into me. I started to get lower and lower as I got more into me. He was moaning loudly, telling me to fuck him. I got to the point where I did not think I could get him in any further. I laid down on his chest and kissed him on the neck as he started to thrust up at me. The angle he had felt almost good, and I sat up again  and started to bounce on his joint.

Roger reached out and started to jerk my cock which had leaked a puddle of pre- cum onto his belly. I was now used to the fucking, and I begged him to fuck me. He was slamming into me at that point, his huge cock slamming in and out of me.  I told him I was going to cum. He moaned and started pounding me deeper and harder till I started shooting my load all over him. Then he gave one huge thrust, his cock buried in my bowels when I felt him cum. I could feel his cock spasming in my ass as he shot his load in my ass. He was groaning and pulled me down on top of him for an amazing kiss. I felt so tired. I looked up at the clock and it had been over 3 hours since he arrived. He continued to kiss me and embrace me when I felt his cock flop out of my ass. Followed by a stream of his cum dripping out of my ass and onto him. Roger told me to get up, and kneel on the ground again so I could clean him up. I licked every drop of our cum off of him as he ran his fingers through my hair. Finally he stopped me. I decided I loved his cock like that, semi hard. I could get it into my mouth so much easier, and the taste of his cum was tart. 

Roger got dressed. He told me what he had said earlier was true. I was the one person in town he had always wanted. I was who he still wanted. I had not gotten dressed yet, I was still on my knees covered in sweat and cum. Look at you he said. I just walked into your office and fucked you. Your first time ever and you took my whole cock in your ass. You are mine now. You can pretend this was a one time thing, but I guarantee you are mine. I looked him over as he was saying that. It was so matter of fact, and so confident. He told me he was not going to see any of his other regulars, he had what he wanted with me. Roger then told me I should leave my wife and family and start a life with him. His cock was again tucked away but I could not wait to experience it again. He took one of the cigars out of the box, and asked me if I had a lighter. I told yes top drawer and got it for him. I struck the lighter and held it under the cigar as he drew in.....victory smoke he said.

 My wife took the kids and left me a month later. I moved in with Roger a week after that. Needless to say Roger and I were the talk of the town.



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