Same Married Guy

Although the weather has finally turned nice, I had a couple of hours on my own and couldn't fight the urge to go inside and visit one of my favorite, local adult book store. Got there about 4pm and surprisingly within 10 minutes I was on my knees and a nice slab of married cock was coming through the hole. I wrapped my lips around it but before I could really start to suck the cock pulsated hard on my lips and a hot stream of cum squirted out and down my throat. It shot so hard and fast I didn't have any warning and I started to gag on it. I swallowed quickly, but some of the salty fluid came out the corner of my mouth. Then the cock slid out of my mouth and out of the hole.

As I expected the place was rather deserted due to the nice weather. There were only about 4 guys mulling around. I noticed one guy, tall, mid-50s, weekend stubble, blue t-shirt, jeans and best of all a wedding band.

As he walked by I made eye contact and went into one of the booths with a glory hole. A few seconds later I heard the door opening and closing as the guy went into the adjoining booth. He peeked through the hole, stood and I heard tokens being dropped in the slot. Then he unbuttoned his jeans.

Instantly I was on my knees with my mouth at the hole as he fed through his soft, uncut cock. I took it in my mouth and started sucking. He started growing in my mouth to an impressive size, not too big, not too small...just right for some intense sucking.

Minutes into sucking him, he pulls out, leaned down to the hole and asked, "You want to come over?"

When I entered his booth he was standing there with his jeans down around his ankles and his cock sticking straight out and his balls hanging down. It looked so fucking hot in the blue-hue from the monitor.

I get down on my knees, took him in my mouth and started devouring this straight guy's dick, giving him total deep throat with my trademark tongue action. He must have been on the edge because it didn't take him long to pull out, grab his cock and ask, 'Do you swallow?'

I eagerly nodded and gave a grin and his cock was back in my mouth. Grabbing the back of my head he started to thrust deep, fucking my mouth so hard his balls were bouncing off my chin. "Suck it faggot," he murmured so low I almost couldn't hear it. He didn't fuck me long but it was hot. And all too soon for me he was gasping, "Ugh, ugh, uugggghhhhhhh," as I feel his warm cum fill my mouth.

Unfortunately the guy was super sensitive and seconds after shooting his wad he pulls out and tightly grabs his cock - I can see some of his thick, creamy cum ooze between is thumb and forefinger and land on his wedding band as he pulled away.

Nonetheless, he did give me an impressive amount of hot gooey cum to swallow. He took a paper-towel from the dispenser and started to clean himself up, indicating it was over. I stood, thank him and head out.

About a half hour later, as I was sitting on one of the benches in the main hallway having a coke and a smoke when he walked up, bummed a cigarette and started making small talking. I'm sitting and he's standing with his crotch right in my face. We chit-chatted about the nice weather; where we were from; how often we come to this place and remarked about how quite the place was today. As he said that he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and casually pulled his cock out right in my face right out in the open, in the hallway. He was so close I could smell our previous encounter.

It uncomfortable sitting, so I slid off the bench down on my knees. I'd just engulfed his cock when one of the few other guy squeezes by. Naturally he stopped to watch, even putting his hand on the back of my head as I'm bobbing up and down. It didn't take the married guy long to grunt, "Ooooh yeah, suck it faggot (but this time loud enough I can hear) suck my cock," grabbed my head and to pulsed a second delicious load of warm cum into my mouth. !

He zipped and buckled up. As I get off my knees, he chuckled, "Damn you can suck."

I came back with, "That was hot. Thanks for your load."

"Look nothing personal about the name calling. When I get excited I get vocal," he said.

"No problem. When I've got a dick in my mouth it excites me to be called a faggot or a cocksucker...even a queer."

He grinned. I grinned back and he was gone.

Since the place was quiet and none of the other guys interest me, I got another coke and a Payday candy bar and went into a private booth to relax.

About 30 minutes later as I am exiting, I stumble upon my married feeder. He smiled and said, "Hey faggot, suck me one last time and then I've got to go."

No sooner said than done. Again I'm on my knees right there in the hallway with his tasty cock in my mouth, his hairy balls in my hand and his hands grabbing my head. I felt his throbbing cock growing in my mouth and knew he was getting ready to cum. I couldn't wait to have his cock spewing into my mouth again. I picked up the pace, bobbing my head faster and sucking deeper and harder. He thrust his hip against my face and then the first spasm hit and a gush of thick, steamy cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly as a second shot of cum filled my mouth.

Unlike the previous feedings, this time when he cummed he let me keep hold his pulsating cock in my mouth. Knowing how sensitive he was I just held it in my mouth, not moving an inch, feeling his warm cum flow over my tongue and fill my mouth, as I kneaded his balls, milking out every last drop of his cum.

As he was buckling and zipping up, I handed him a card with my cell phone number on it. "If you ever want to get together give me a call. I live alone so it's safe if I have company."

Looking at the card, he smiled. As he put it in his pocket, he said, "Depend on it."

The end...



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