I always wanted to join the Marines. I had that desire and drive to be a part of something bigger than myself but I also wanted the experience and to be able to have muscles like those beautiful men that I always envied at the pool. I not only joined the Marines to build self enurance and to become more patriotic but I also wanted joined for the men. I used to always have fantastic dreams about naked muscular men in hot steamy locker rooms, their giant cocks hanging between their legs. To me joining the Marines meant these dreams would become a reality. Now I know what you're thinking but I didn't expect to have some orgy with these guys but I was very thrilled about being able to see some nice ass during shower time.

My name is Jebb, I'm about 6 foot tall and I weigh a decent amount, most of it being muscle weight. I have dark blue eyes with blonde hair. My face is well preportioned with a short jaw bone and my body is fit from all the training. The day was a Thursday, I don't remember the date.

"Wake up! Wake up!" a voice yelled, I could also feel my body being moved back and forth violently as the unknown was trying to awake me. "Alright, alright!" I groaned, "I'm up, asshole!" I opened my eyes and after a flash of light I came to realize the face, it was Jake, one of my squad members who had become one of my closest friends durring my time as a Marine. He was a good guy, more kind and caring than most of the people I've ever met and I could swear sometimes I thought I was falling for him. You see, Jake's not only one of the kindest people on Earth but he's also one of the most beautiful. Sometimes I would almost get lost in looking at his sky blue eyes and he also had a well defined jaw line and of course an awesome body. I glared at Jake as he was still laughing at me. "What do you want??" I asked him, angered by his laughter. "Come on you fucking idiot! Look at the clock, it's 6:45! You're going to be late for drills again!" "FUCK!" I yelled, "I'M ALWAYS LATE GOD DAMMIT!" I quickly through on my uniform and ran out the door without any time to thank Jake for waking me or even fix my slight bed head. I felt like an idiot during the drills, my scalp itched profusely from the heat and lack of shampoo. After drills we headed out for a quick lunch before more drills. Jake and I always ate with each other and talked about things like family and the people we found attractive. Jake knew I was gay and I at times have wondered if he was bisexual but never cared to ask him.

In the middle of one of our chats one of our friends, Kyle walked up to our table. He was about the same size as me with hazel eyes, dark brown hair, and tan skin. "Hey, you two going to that party tonight? It's going to be insane!" I had not yet heard of this party but there was a huge abandoned barn a few miles outside of the base where the occasional party would be held. "I'm in. What about you, Jebb?" "Huh? Sure, I'm in." I've never really been the party type but I didn't want to stay alone at base either. After talking a while we went back for more drills before we showered up, changed, and headed out to the barn. Jake and I rode there with a bunch of other people on the back of an old pickup. There were more people than usual at the barn and after a few minutes I had a couple of shots and loosened up from my party hating disposition. The music was loud and I took full advantage of the disorientation of the other guys by jokingly girating on them. They thought nothing of it...or, that's what I thought. The party was packed with people but it didn't take long for people to clear out because tomorrow was a week day and by 2 am it was really just me and the group of guys I arrived with who had become extremely drunk. We were all sitting in a circle telling stories when randomly I heard a voice. "Hey faggot, why don't you suck our dicks!" He cackled, "I remember you dancing on us so why don't you suck our dicks!?" and before I knew it this guy had stood up, pulled out his cock and flailed it at me. People began standing up and flailing their cocks at me and before I knew it I had five guys who were drunk out of their ass standing around me with their cocks out. I looked around and noticed one of the guys standing around me to be Jake and I felt my crotch grow, I had always fantasized about sucking Jake's cock and now I had a chance! "Ok." I said, assuming they'd all forget in the morning anyway. The boys let out a roar of victory and I quickly began sucking on Jake's cock. It was thick and about 9 inches of pure heaven, I wrapped my hand around his cock and began to jerk it while sucking on the head of the dick. After a few seconds I removed my hands to jerk off the men beside me while I deepthroated Jake's monster cock. I let out a light gagging noise and Jake tilted his head back and moaned, "Oh, fuck yes." I continued doing this to each one of the guys for 30 minutes before one of the guys had a terrible idea. "Hey! Let's fuck him!" he yelled, while jerking off his dick. "No!" I exclaimed but it was too late, two of them had already forced my face to the ground and my ass was sticking up to the moon. I felt my pants drop and the night air kissed my ass cheeks. "No!" I yelled again and tried to break free but it was no use, the two of them were too strong for me. I felt someone's dick on my ass, he was teasing me but suddenly he jammed his cock into my anus and with no pitty he moved his cock back in forth in my tight asshole as fast as he could, moaning while doing so. The pain was unbearable, my ass was on fire! I had never been fucked before and this wasn't how I wanted to lose my virginity. Iet out a cry while he continued fucking but it was quickly interruptedwhen someone stuffed a pair of underwear in my mouth. And then I felt it. Cum splashed into my anus as he released into my hole. I heard him moan with satisfaction before feeling his cock be removed and another replacing it. This went on for hours as some men took longer to cum than others and soon they no longer had to hold me down. Being fucked felt so good expecially with the huge dicks I was practically begging for more whenever they were all finished. They laughed at me but the humiliation only made me hornier. After the last fuck I collapsed into a deep sleep but neither of us forgot that night.




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