Brian couldn't sleep that night. He couldn't concentrate the next day at school. He even screwed up so bad in PE class that the coach yelled at him. He couldn't get Sgt. Conner out of his mind; and what he had done to him. Thinking about it, he wasn't sure the sergeant should have given him the physical, or that he was even qualified to, but it didn't matter. He had caused him to have the most incredible climax he'd ever experienced, and he couldn't shake it.

The papers that Sgt. Conner had sent home with him were still tucked away in his dresser drawer, under his shorts and T-shirts. It was dumb to hide them but he didn't want his dad to know he'd visited the recruiter. It was more that he didn't want him to know what'd happened. He got a real surprise when his dad brought it up at dinner one night.

'When were you going to tell me you went to see the Marine recruiter?' he asked out of the blue.

Brian nearly dropped his fork. His dad smiled.

'A friend of mine told me he saw you going into the recruiter's office,' the man said with a knowing smile.

'I was going to tell you; but I needed to think about it first,' Brian said with a sheepish look.

'Have you thought about it?' his dad asked.

'Yes, sir. It's all I've thought about,' Brian said.


'I don't know....I haven't made up my mind. I brought home some papers the sergeant said you should look at.'

'All right.'

'I'll get them,' Brian said, getting up from the table.

They had finished eating and when Brian came back downstairs with the papers, his dad had cleared the table and poured two cups of coffee. Brian laid the papers in front of him then sat down to his own cup of coffee.

'Not much here except the usual recruiting propaganda, so far as I can see,' his dad said as he laid the papers aside one by one. 'Nothing I have to sign; you're eighteen.'

'Yes, sir, Sgt. Conner just wanted you to look them over, I think more to create a chance for us to talk. He said they don't like for it to look like the military is trying steal kids away from their parents. That's the reason they like to get the parents involved. He invited me to bring you along when I go back to talk to him.'

'All right, but it is your decision, Son. Just know that I'm here for you. I'll support any decision you make. Just keep in mind, they do offer a pretty nice pot of money for college. And I would be damned proud to call my son a Marine,' he added for good measure.

'Yes, sir, I know you would,' Brian said. 'I guess I need to talk to you more about it... the training and stuff... since you were in the Marines, and your dad.'

His father looked down at his plate.

'I'm sorry, maybe I....shouldn't have mentioned grandpa,' Brian said quietly.

'No, it's okay. You should talk about him. The problem is mine; I have a tough time hearing me and my dad mentioned in the same breath. He did so much more than I ever did; he was a real Marine.'

'I don't think what he did takes anything away from you, Dad. In my mind, Dan Mitchell and Dan Mitchell, Jr. stand side by side,' Brian said. 'You trained the guys they ended up sending to Kuwait and Iraq and Afghanistan. The way I see it, you're responsible for keeping a lot of those guys alive. I just wish you could've trained me.'

'Don't worry, there are plenty of instructors who will be dead set on keeping you alive. Just keep your head up and listen to what they're telling you. You're gonna think you've died and gone to hell. You're going to think they hate your guts and don't give a dam whether you live to see the next day, but trust me, they do. They care. It's their job, and how well they do their job is gauged by how many of you guys come back alive.' he said. 'I've sat and drank with tough instructors who cried when they heard a certain man they remembered was killed. It tears their guts out. Its like they failed.'

'I don't think I would ever blame an instructor,' Brian said. 'Once I'm a Marine, I see it as my responsibility to stay alive.'

'And to keep the guy next to you alive,' his dad said. 'They'll teach you that.' Then he added, 'You know what I wish? I wish I could go in with you.'

'That would be really neat,' Brian said excitedly.

'Well, I'm over the age limit. I envy you, you know.' Then he held up his hands. 'Hey, I'm not trying to influence your decision, son,' he said.

'I know. You're just telling me how you feel.'

'Yes. And... something's bothering you... holding you back. I know its not fear. Hell, you've never been afraid of anything.'

'In a way, it is,' Brian said.

He cocked his brow with a frown. 'Do you wanta tell me about it?'

'Well, I, uh... I had sort of a problem at the recruiter's office,' Brian began.

'What kind of problem?' his dad asked.

'When the sergeant gave me a preliminary physical.'

'The sergeant gave you a preliminary physical? I didn't know they gave physicals at the recruiting station,' the older man said.

'Well, it was more or less a courtesy. I mean, he offered, and I said okay.'

'So, what was the problem? You don't have flat feet or anything, do you? You're a perfect specimen.'

'Yeah, that's what he said. He said I had a big head start on the physical part of the training. But I... I don't know if I should even tell you,' Brian said, looking down to avoid his dad's eyes.

'Brian, when was the last time you couldn't talk to me, about anything?'


'Then this isn't a good time to start,' his dad said.

'Well, what happened was, he... he, uh... well, he gave me a prostate exam and I... I got so excited... turned on... that I... I shot a load all over the side of his desk,' he stammered, his face warm red from embarrassment.

Dan Mitchell looked at his son with confused concern. 'I'm not sure he should even be giving you a prostate exam,' he said.

'He said it wasn't an official physical or anything. I don't want you saying anything to him about it,' Brian said anxiously. 'I don't want to get him in trouble. He's a super nice guy.'

'All right, I won't. But you've got me wondering if this guy is on the up and up,' Dan said.

'Just go with me when I go back to talk to him,' Brian said.

The next morning, Brian and his dad drove to the recruiter's office. There was a truck stop on the way and Dan pulled in. Brian looked at his watch.

'We've got a nine-thirty appointment,' he said.

'There's plenty of time; and he'll wait,' Dan said as he pulled into a parking space alongside a big rig. 'I need a cup of coffee.'

Brian knew it was about more than a cup of coffee. When they were seated in a far corner booth with two cups of steaming coffee, Dan wrapped his hand around his cup and gazed into the amber liquid, holding his chin out over the steam wafting up from the cup.

'Are you having second thoughts about me going in, because of your dad?' Brian asked.

'That's always there, in the back of my mind,' Dan admitted, without much emotion. 'I don't want to have to go read your name on some wall to remember you....but that was another war. No, it's not that, although considering the world situation, that's always going to be in the back of my mind.'

'What, then?' Brian asked.

'I'm going to tell you something I've never told anyone,' Dan began, gazing into his coffee. 'I've carried it around all these years, never thought I would ever speak of it, but you're old enough to handle it.'

'It sounds serious,' Brian said with some concern.

'Oh, no, not all that serious, in retrospect; just something that needs to be brought out....I wouldn't be doing it now it if I didn't think it would serve a purpose.'

'All right,' Brian said, waiting. When his dad didn't say anything for a couple of long moments, he said, 'You don't have to tell me, Dad.'

'Our unit was on board a Navy ship, out to sea for training maneuvers. It lasted two months, which is a long time for a bunch of Marines not to have boots on the ground, if you know what I mean. I was new to the unit, and got to be buddies with a guy who teamed up with me. His name was Gage; odd name, but it fit him for some reason. He was a couple of years older than me; a big guy, rugged, the kind of guy you knew couldn't be anything else but a Marine. After maneuvers we came back into San Diego and the first night in we were given liberty. It was assumed that Gage and I would be going ashore together. Not by me, but Gage made it pretty clear that I was going with him; he wanted to show me around San Diego. I didn't argue with him; I was glad to go. He was that type of guy; a guy you wanted to be around.'

'We tried a couple of bars, and that's when I found out he was older than me, because he could get served but I couldn't. He said screw it; if I couldn't get served, he wouldn't drink either. We wandered around for a while till we found ourselves in front of a place that offered 'total relaxation for weary service men.' That's how the sign out front read. They had private rooms, steam room, massage, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, the works. Gage asked me if I wanted to give the place a try, get some of that sea salt out of our pores, he said. I told him, sure, I was game. Well, we went inside and rented a room. I figured it would be something like a hotel room, but it wasn't much more than a little cubicle with a built-in bunk. It was just a room to change out of your clothes and maybe take a nap.'

'Coming through the place, I saw that everyone was running around in nothing but a towel, so I didn't think anything about stripping down to a towel around my waist, and neither did Gage. We tried the sauna but I couldn't stand the heat so we went into the steam room. I lasted about a minute in there, it was so hot and I couldn't breathe from all the steam. Gage suggested we get a massage. We went to the desk to sign up but the clerk said it would be at least an hour, so we went back to our room. There was a TV in the room so we figured we would watch TV while we waited.'

'Back in the room, Gage whipped off his towel and crawled on the bunk. I did the same, crawled in beside him, and leaned back against the wall while he turned on the TV and started flipping channels. He went past several commercial channels, a football game, wrestling and, then stopped. It was like he stopped cold. The channel he stopped on was an X-rated video channel, and there were two guys in a sixty-nine, big as you please. I'm guessing you know what that is,' he said, looking up at his son.

'Yes, sir,' Brian said with an embarrassed grin.

'I thought you might,' Dan said, then continued. 'We both just laid there and gaped at the television. Gage said something like, he thought we'd landed in the wrong place, and flipped the channel. The next one was X-rated, too, and there was a guy screwing another guy in the butt. There were two more channels with the same stuff. Gage flipped back and forth on the four X-rated channels and asked me which one I wanted to watch. I sort of thought he was testing me so I told him the football game, or wrestling. I didn't want him to think I wanted to watch that stuff.'

'He put it on wrestling, and I was okay with that, but I still had those images of those guys in my head. Gage casually asked me if I'd ever tried any of that stuff. I told him no and that was it for a while. We watched wrestling and he asked me if I'd ever wrestled. I told him, yeah, in high school. He asked me, real cocky like, if I thought I could pin him. I told him I didn't know. Well, he punched me in the stomach and started playing grab ass and wrestling around and before long we were in a hard wrestling match all over that little cubicle; on the bunk, on the floor, standing up, till we were wet with sweat. Well, all of a sudden he got me in a hold from behind, his hand between my legs, clamped tight on my butt and I could feel his middle finger between my butt muscles. He had me in a headlock as well and I knew I was dead meat. I couldn't move, except to squirm around, and I was just waiting for him to release his hold. He had me pinned fair and square; the match was over. But instead, he started working his middle finger, rubbing his finger-tip against my asshole, then he started probing around and I was all sweaty and next thing I knew, he had his finger shoved up inside my ass, real deep. I was ready to panic till he touched something up in there and suddenly I froze. He kept rubbing his finger around on the spot and it was feeling good and I just laid there and let him do it.'

'When he saw that I was liking it made obvious by my big hardon---he worked another finger inside me and used both fingers. I about went nuts. He let go of my head and told me to stretch out on my stomach so he could give me a real massage. I did what he said; I stretched out with my arms flung up over my head and Gage got between my legs and went to work on me. I never felt anything like it.'

He paused and looked squarely into his son's eyes. 'I think you know where this is headed,' he said huskily.

'I....think I might,' Brian said.

'So I don't need to cut to the chase,' Dan said.

'Not if you don't want to finish it,' said Brian.

'Its not that I don't want to, I figured you could figure it our for yourself. I just wanted you to know....thought you should know....that you're not alone, in those feeling you had that made you mess up the recruiter's desk.'

Brian smiled. 'When you said you would be there for me, I never dreamed it would mean telling me something like this.' Behind his calm fa├žade, he was reeling. Was his dad actually telling him that he'd let the Marine fuck him? He couldn't imagine it, not in a million years. But there was no other conclusion that could be drawn from what he'd told him.

'I still don't think that recruiter should be, or is even qualified to be giving preliminary physicals, but what happened to you has probably happened to a lot of guys. I just don't want you to get all screwed up in the head over it. I don't want it to sway you from joining, if that's what you really want.' He looked at his watch. 'Okay, we'd better get going.'

'Thanks, Dad, for telling me,' Brian said.

'You spilled your guts to me first, it made it easy for me,' Dan said.

At the recruiter's office, Sgt. Conner greeted them warmly with firm handshakes and a knowing, maybe questioning, glance at Brian.

'Have you had a chance to look over the material I sent home with you, and talk about it?' he asked them.

'Yes, sir,' Brian said.

Sgt. Conner looked at Dan.

'I'm just along for the ride,' Dan said. 'The decision is his. He's eighteen.'

'Do you have any questions?' Sgt. Conner asked Brian, then looked at Dan. 'Either of you,' he said.

Dan looked at his son who only shrugged. 'If he doesn't have any right now, I do have one question,' Dan said.

'Shoot,' Sgt. Conner said.

'In the material you sent home, I didn't see anything pertaining to the results of my son's preliminary physical.'

Sgt. Conner flashed a fearful glance at Brian as he leaned over and pulled open a desk drawer. It was obvious that he was nervously trying to buy time to come up with a response.

'Maybe you just forgot to include it, but if he had a physical, I thought there ought to be some reference to it,' Dan went on.

'Well, it was more or less a courtesy, as I explained to Brian. Completely voluntary, and unofficial, that's the reason there's nothing in the material I gave him.'

'Brian said he had a little problem,' Dan said with his gaze fixed on the young sergeant.

'Oh, that was nothing to worry about,' Sgt. Conner said.

'Happens to a lot of guys, I'll bet,' Dan said.

'To more guys than want to admit it,' Conner said, sounding suddenly relieved at Dan's attitude. 'I'm surprised Brian told you,' he added.

'There's not much Brian and I don't talk about,' Dan said. 'Happened to me, in a round about way.'

'It did?' Sgt. Conner said with a surprised look.

'Yeah. Brian and I were talking and I, uh....well, I sort of thought there should've been more to the physical,' Dan said.

'More?' Sgt. Conner asked with a confused look.

'Yeah, but hey, you said it was unofficial. I know you told him he could probably ace the physical part, but you didn't test him on that, did you?' Dan asked.

'No, I can tell by looking at him,' Sgt. Conner said.

'I know he's strong as a bull, but I think you oughta put him through the Marine Corps PT test, just to make sure. It'll give him a chance to work on his weaknesses.'

Sgt. Conner laughed. 'Man, I didn't see any weaknesses, but......okay.' He looked at Brian. 'You ready to show me what you've got?'

'Sure,' Brian replied, standing up.

'Here, I'll take your clothes,' Dan told his son. Both Sgt. Conner and Brian looked at him funny. 'You don't do PT in your street clothes, do you?' Dan asked the sergeant.

', I guess we don't,' he said. He looked at Brian. 'Okay, strip.'

'Maybe you oughta lock up first,' Dan said.

'Yeah, good idea,' said Sgt. Conner. He got up from his desk and went to lock the front door. 'We can go in the back room, away from the front windows,' he said.

The three of them went into the back room and Conner closed that door. Brian proceeded to take off his clothes and hand them to his dad.

'I'm not seeing any flaws or weaknesses,' Sgt. Conner said as Brian pulled off his pants. 'Put your boots back on,' he told him.

Brian put his boots back on and stood in his briefs. 'This okay?' he asked.

'That'll do fine,' Sgt. Conner said. 'Okay, hit the deck and show me how many pushups you can do.'

Brian went down and began doing pushups.

'Hands pointed in,' Conner said.

He turned his hands inward. When they had counted off fifty, Sgt. Conner stopped him. 'Now show me some real Marine pushups. One-handed,' he said.

'Aw, I can do those, Coach showed us how,' Brain said, and began doing one-handed pushups. He switched from his left to right hand every other one, till he had done fourteen.

'Now switch back to regular pushups and give me fifty more,' Sgt. Conner said. He looked at Dan. 'Still not seeing any weaknesses,' he said.

'He'll have to do sit-ups, won't he?' Dan asked.

'Yes, but, hell, he's got abs like steel; sit-ups are not gonna be any problem for him,' said Sgt. Conner

When he was finished with the second fifty push-ups, Brian turned over and began doing sit-ups. Sgt. Conner went down to hold his feet.

'Don't come straight up, twist your upper body,' Conner told him.

They counted, and counted, till he had done over a hundred sit-ups.

'How many do you want?' Brian asked.

'Fuck, you can stop,' Sgt. Conner said, laughing as he stood up. He put his hand down to pull Brian to his feet. 'Now, stand facing the desk, hands behind your head and give me deep knee bends till you can't do any more.'

Brian took the position and began doing what he called squats. He wasn't sure how many he could do, free standing, he had always done them using the squat rack, with a barbell across his shoulders. He lost count at about forty-eight, but he could see that Sgt. Conner was counting to himself.

'You know something else I was wondering about?' Dan said

'What's that, sir?' Sgt. Conner said.

'You gave him a rectal, I was wondering why you didn't give him an oral.'

'An oral?' Sgt. Conner said, with a questioning look.

'Check his teeth, his throat, that sort of thing....his tonsils,' Dan said.

'Well, I.....yes, I could have, and I probably should have, but after his little, uh.....accident.....he seemed in a hurry to leave so I didn't want to keep him. But I can do that now, if you think I should,' he added quickly.

Brian legs were beginning to shake and his thighs were screaming for him to stop. He forced up one last rep and dropped his arms to lean against the desk, his chest heaving to get his breath.

'Damned impressive,' Sgt. Conner said as he walked around behind the desk again and jotted something down. 'Why don't you just lay across the desk till you catch your breath,' he told Brian, as he reached out and took hold of his elbows to buckle his arms toward him. Brian let his body collapse across the desk, his head laying to one side. 'Your dad thinks I need to give you an oral,' he said.

'Yeah, okay, whatever you guys say,' Brian said, between breaths.

Sgt. Conner looked across his desk at Dan as he reached for his belt. It was a tentative move, hesitating, as he searched the older man's face for some sign of understanding and approval, an okay. When Dan nodded, he undid his belt. Dan stood and took off his shirt and reached for his belt. Brian wasn't aware of any of it, till he felt his dad's hands on his butt and he half raised up to find Sgt. Conner's big, rubbery cock hanging right in his face.

'Have you caught your breath; are you up to an oral now?' Sgt. Conner asked him.

His eyes wide with surprise, Brian looked over his shoulder to see his dad naked except for his boots, casually stroking his cock.

'Geezusss!' he gasped.

' 'That story I was telling you.....I never finished it,' Dan said in a husky tone.

', y-you d-didn't,' Brian stammered hoarsely.

'Figured I would,' Dan said.

'Yeah, I....I g-guess I'd like to know h-how it came out,' Brian said.

'I'll show you,' Dan said.

Brian turned his head back around to face Sgt. Conner and found his big cock rubbing against his mouth, leaving warm, slick precome on his lips.

'Come on, open up, your dad said I need to check your tonsils.'

It was the most confusing moment of young Brian's life. He had never sucked a cock before, never even thought of doing it, and he knew what his dad was going to do to him and now Sgt. Conner's cock was suddenly looking more than interesting. As his dad pulled his shorts down and took them off of him and forced his feet wider apart, Brian found his mouth going slack against Sgt. Conner's hot cock, as if the heat of it was melting his lips.

'D-Dad.....y-you're gonnaa fuck me.....!' There were other words to come but Sgt. Conner's cock shut them off. It forced its way between his slack lips and he suddenly had his mouth full of hot, hard cock for the first time. He was frightfully surprised that he liked the feel of it, and the taste. There was something powerful about having another man's hard cock in his mouth, making him forget all about what he was going to say.

He felt his dad's big, rough hands kneading his butt muscles, pulling them apart, felt his thumbs digging into the muscle surrounding his asshole, stretching him wide open. He heard him spit and felt the warm slickness of his spit in the crack of his ass; then the heat of his cockhead spreading the spit around.

Ohh, Goddd, I'm gonna get my ass fucked! Just like his dad! He was scared out of his wits, but he kept telling himself, if his dad could take it from that Marine, he could take it from his dad. He couldn't be a wuss about it. Obviously, his dad expected him to take it, just like he expected him to suck the recruiter's cock; like it was a rite of passage, something he had to do to earn the right to even sign the papers. His dad's big hands clasped around his hips and he was pushing hard, stretching his asshole.....ohhhh.....ohhh, Godd.....ohhhh....he's gonna do it....he's gonna fuck me......he's goin' IN! 'AAWwwwhhhhhh!' he cried aloud.

'Here, get back on this,' Sgt. Conner hissed as he pulled his head back down to shove his cock back in his mouth.

Brian moaned loudly around Sgt. Conner's cock as his dad shoved deeper and deeper into his ass. Ooohh, Godd.....where's it all going!....fuck, how much more!.....Ohh, Geezusss!.....Ohhh, Geezusss!.....getting fucked!.....getting my ass fucked by my own dad!

'Ohhh, Godd......Ohhhh Daddd!'

'That ain't hurtin' is it?' Dan asked.

'I d-don', it's not's f-feeling.....Ohh

Godd, Ohhh, I don't know, it.....supposed to....feel like this?'

'I don't know; how's it feeling?' Dan asked.

'Good,' Brian gasped. 'Ohhh, it's feeling good.'

'Then I guess it's supposed to,' Dan said.

Sgt. Conner was waiting patiently, stroking his cock in Brian's face. 'Come on, your dad said I should check your tonsils,' he said, bringing his face back down to his cock.

Brian let his head be guided down, his mouth pulled around the man's hot, throbbing cock. He held him tight while he swiveled his hips back and forth, pile-driving his cock in and out of his mouth. His dad's cock driving in and out of his ass was causing his breath to come in gasps and he became so caught up in it that he wrapped his hands around Sgt. Conner's tight butt to pull him deeper into his mouth, and found himself thrusting back onto his dad's driving cock.

'Mann, he's taking it like a Marine already,' Sgt. Conner said.

'Yeah, like a real stud.....from both ends,' Dan agreed. 'Listen, Sergeant, when you're ready to're gonna give it to him, right?'

'If that's what you're telling me to do.....he's your boy,' Sgt. Conner said.

'That's what I'm telling you do to,' Dan said. He slapped Brian's butt. 'That what you want.....for him to give it to you?....and I'm gonna give it to you from this end.'

'Uuhmmm....Ummmm!' was all Brian could say as he nodded his head. He was telling them yes, but it didn't matter; they would do what they wanted to do with him. The sensations in his ass were getting stronger and stronger; he could hardly keep his eyes focused and when he closed them, he saw tiny stars on his eyelids. He never imagined that anything could feel so good; certainly not getting his ass fucked. He was scared of Sgt. Conner going off in his mouth; he had never imagined such a thing happening, and he was afraid he would choke, or get sick. He'd only tasted come a couple of times, and that was by accident, when he was jacking off, and he was able to wash his mouth out real quick before he got a real strong taste of the stuff. He wasn't going to be able to do that this time. And he was going to get more than a taste; he was going to get a mouthful of another guy's semen, and he just knew he was going to get sick. Ohh, Godd, what if he made him swallow it! He knew he would get sick for sure and then they were probably going to laugh at him. He couldn't get sick. He couldn't choke and he couldn't get sick. He had to take it like a man, and he would swallow it if Sgt. Conner told him to; every damned drop.

His dad hunkered up closer behind him to use longer and harder strokes. 'Damn, boy, you're gonna make one hell of a Marine, taking a big hard cock like you're doing.' he growled as he pounded the boy's ass.

Brian was proud to hear his dad say that, but confused that this, having sex from both ends, was any qualification for being a Marine. But if Sgt. Conner thought so; well he was the one who would be signing him up.

'Ohhh, Damn, Recruit,' Conner gasped suddenly. 'Ohh, fuck, you've got me about there, buddy......ohhhh, so close.....keep sucking, baby.....keep slurping with your tongue....Awwwhh, yeah......Ohhhh.....Ohhhhh.....Ohhhhh, fuck, here it comes, man! Wwhhhooaaaa!'

Brian braced himself. He could do nothing else. Sgt. Conner had his head in the vise like grip of his huge hands so he couldn't get away. He felt the man's cock bolt harder in his mouth, then quiver violently just before it exploded.

'UUUHhnnnnnnnnn!' Conner groaned loudly, tossing his head back as he raised up on his toes.

'UUUmmmpphhhhhhnnn!' Brian choked as his cock burst into his throat to deposit its first salvo of hot cum. The next one, he pulled back and blasted the roof of his mouth. Two more and his mouth was filled with warm semen, covering his tongue, the salty-acrid-sweet taste permeating his taste buds. More shot out the swollen head, swirling around in the deposit already made. Fuck, where was it all coming from? Shit, so much cum! Still shooting! Gonna drown me!

'Ooohh....ohhhh,' Sgt. Conner moaned softly as he settled back down on his feet, his legs shaking. 'Fuck, dude, you got it all,' he gasped. 'You fuckin' drained my tanks.' Then he slowly withdrew his cock from the cum-filled cavern of Brian's mouth, leaving him with the only decision he could make. He had to swallow the stuff. Somehow, he had to open up his throat and gulp down the thick, warm semen and show Sgt Conner and his father that he was the man they thought him to be. He was gulping it down when Conner offered him something, his shorts, to spit in.

'Here, you need this to.....ohhh, forget it.....fuck, you're swallowing it!' He laughed softly. 'He ain't letting it go to waste,' he told Brian's dad.

He closed his eyes and opened his throat and swallowed. He was surprised how easily the thick juice went down, almost in one long rope, it was so thick. He almost regretted it; not having the stuff laying over his tongue and being able to taste the man-flavor of the Marine. All the while, his dad was fucking him, hard. He thrust in deep then twisted his hips around in wide circles, causing his cock to lob around inside him. Ohh, Godd, every time he did a circle, his cock rubbed up against that spot....Ohhh....Ohhhh.....Fuck, he didn't want to act like a pussy, like he was liking it so much.

'You getting close, boy?' his dad asked.

'I've been so close,' he whimpered.

'Don't hold it back, this ain't a marathon,' his dad said.

'I'm not...holding back...Dad,' he said. 'I wanta bad....but I c-can't,' Brian whimpered as he thrust his ass back hard onto his dad's cock, trying to bring it into contact with his prostate, and each time he did, he cried out.

'He's drilling himself a new asshole on your cock. Maybe I can help him out,' Sgt. Conner said, coming around the end of the desk. He got down and scooted in under Brian and took his cock in his mouth.

'OOOhhhhh,' Brian moaned loudly as he fucked Sgt. Conner's face, with his head pressed up against the side of the desk.

'That helping?' his dad asked as he fucked him.

'Awwwhhhh, Yesssss! Awww, FUCK,'re driving me crazy doing this!' he squealed. 'I'm gonna cum so hard!'

Dan held on tight to his son's hips and slammed his cock into him harder. Every half dozen strokes he held it in tight and twisted his hips around, causing his cock to lob around inside him. He knew it was playing havoc with the boy's prostate and it would force him to cum. All the while, Sgt. Conner was groaning and choking on Brian's cock that was being forced into his throat each time his dad thrust forward. Several times his head could be heard banging against the side of the desk.

'Shit, boy, let it go!!' Dan growled.

'I'm trying, Dad!' Brian whimpered. 'Ohh, fuck, I'm trying so hard!'

Suddenly, Dan pulled his cock out and shoved two long, thick fingers into the boy's gaping ass. He was able to get them in real deep and easily found his prostate. It was swollen and palpitating from the brutal attention it'd been getting. He curved both fingers around the spongy organ and began massaging it hard.

'AAAaawwwhhhh!' Brian cried out, tossing his head back with a grimace of pained lust. 'Awwwh, Dad! What're you doing?'

'Trying to get you off,' Dan said as he brutalized the boy's prostate with his fingers.

'Aaahhh.....Oohhhh.....Ohhhh, fuck......Ohhh, Dad......OOOOO, don't stop doin' that! Oohhhhh, it comes! Ohh, Fuck, Dad, you're making me cummmmm!'

Dan quickly pulled his fingers out and slammed his cock back into the boy's quivering ass. He fucked him like a pile driver, so hard that the desk moved, and Sgt. Conner was whimpering and choking. Brian fought to breathe, choking in ragged breaths of air as his climax overtook him. Toward the end, he felt his dad's big cock exploding inside him, his hot, thick cum washing over his prostate and back along the shaft of his cock. It was a stupendous cum that left the three of them panting and gasping for air. Dan collapsed on top of his son, keeping his cock buried to the hilt, while Brian kept Sgt. Conner's head lodged against the desk. After a moment, Sgt. Conner struggled to dislodge Brian's cock from his mouth and scoot out from under him. He was still panting as he got to his feet.

'Geezusss, you could populate your own fuckin' country with a load like that,' he said.

Brian remained sprawled across the desk till his dad finally raised up from him. His arms trembled as he tried to push himself up and he lay back down with a groaning sigh. Dan gently pulled his cock free and Sgt. Conner was on hand with paper towels from the bathroom.

'Here, if he takes after his old man, you flooded his insides,' he said.

Sure enough when Dan's cock fell free, his come started running out his son's open asshole. He caught it in the paper towel and wiped up the inside of is thigh. They together, they helped Brian straighten up and steadied him on his feet.

'Am I still gonna get to join,' Brian asked as he pulled up his shorts and jeans.

'You're as much as in,' Sgt. Conner said as he went around behind his desk for the papers he had prepared.

Dan was busy getting his clothes adjusted. 'Don't sign anything yet,' he told Brian.

Both Brian and Sgt. Conner looked at him, bewildered.

'He needs to think about it some more,' Dan said. 'We may have to come back and see you again.'

With that, they both understood, and Sgt. Conner slipped the papers back into his desk drawer.

The End.



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