Greg was a fine Marine recruit. His class was just a couple of weeks away from boot camp graduation at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. Throughout the past 10 weeks the Recruit Depot had transformed the recruits from skinny young boys into big, strapping Marines. Greg could have been a poster boy for the Marine Corps. With very blond hair in a typical Marine buzz cut, he was 6 feet 4 inches tall, blue eyed, chiseled good looking face and a solidly muscled body molded and perfected by the MCRD. Greg was rock solid over his entire body, every inch was chiseled muscle. He had six-pack abs that looked like they were cut from marble and the roundest, firmest butt cheeks that all the running drills and climbing exercises repeatedly drilled into the recruits could have created. He also sported an incredibly generous set of genitals. His cut cock was 8 inches long soft and an impressive 11 inches by 3 inches when hard. His balls were a perfect companion to his cock size, as the ball sack was noticeably bigger than an average recruit's and hung low. The sack was lightly covered in blond hair and nestled in a dense bush of blond pubic hair. He was the quintessential image of a Norse god as well as the classic image of a Marine.

Several weeks earlier his boot camp company had received training in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) warfare, so Greg thought it odd one night when his drill instructor told him he needed to re-qualify for Gas Chamber training. He was certain he had already qualified, but the DI had told four others the same thing. All five of them closely fit the image of typically trim, muscular Marines. They were ordered to the testing facility. Orders were orders, so he joined the other four and they all headed over to the testing center.

A sergeant they had never seen before was waiting for them at the door. He issued the men gas masks and joined them in the gas filled room for training. Shortly after entering the room, all five of the men got lightheaded and quickly passed out. The sergeant did not. He had issued each recruit a leaky gas mask; the room had been filled with a special knockout gas instead of the gas that was supposed to be used for training. They would be unconscious for quite a long time.

This sergeant had made a substantial amount of money running a side business selling human semen to several local research laboratories. The labs did medical research in genetics, inherited diseases, birth defects and fertility by analyzing semen extracted from human males. They required particularly healthy and fit young men for their studies. The sergeant had an arrangement with several of the Recruit Depot's drill instructors. When the sergeant was in need of more subjects he would let the DI's know how many to deliver and the DI's would select 2 to 5 of their recruits. These recruits had to meet three important criteria: 1) they had to have a history of good health; 2) they had to be physically fit and well muscled; 3) and most important of all, they had to have big balls. The sergeant would come to the Recruit Depot to collect them and the recruits would vanish from the Depot overnight. Their DI would explain it away by claiming they had washed out and been sent home.

Actually, all of the selected recruits had been kidnapped and were being forced into slavery at a human sperm milking farm the sergeant secretly ran out of an abandoned and boarded up 2-story barracks building at nearby Camp Pendleton. The building had room enough for up to 100 muscular young Marines occupying milking stations arranged so there were 50 tables on each floor. The tables were custom made to the sergeant's specifications and each was fully equipped and operated under the control of a central computer network. All tables were 7 feet long and 4 feet wide. This was enough room to accommodate a tall, broad shouldered Marine, leaving about a foot of space on either side of his shoulders. The tables had a 1 inch wide by 2 inch high ledge completely surrounding the table top.

Every table top was comfortably cushioned and had restraint cables bolted to the table top about a foot in from the side ledges; 2 at the foot of the table and 2 more about half way up the length of the table. Each of the 6 inch long restraint cables was wired for e-stim as well as electrical current and was connected to a detachable soft leather e-stim cuff. All tables were plugged into the computer network. This computer controlled each table's self contained e-stim generators and an out of sight fucking machine. The fucking machine had an assortment of large dildos, all of them wired for e-stim and electrical current. The computer also operated a very sophisticated alarm system. The ledge surrounding each table sprouted with e-stim connecting wires which could be pulled out for attachment to various e-stim devices. In addition, all of the e-stim generators could deliver partial or full electric power to each connection whenever additional muscle stimulation or punishment was needed.

Every table was equipped with a self contained vacuum system to suck up semen from ejaculations and deposit it in a container underneath. A thin, clear vacuum hose attached to a clear plastic ball was accessible at an opening on the ledge at the side about where the Marine's genitals would be. The tables were placed against one another with the sides of the tables touching, creating the image of one long table with individual sunken compartments.

The sergeant had an impersonal interest in the enslaved Marines. Much like a dairy farmer, he considered all of them to be nothing more than a herd of milk cows. Just as dairy cows need their udders drained of milk 2 to 3 times a day, he felt these young, muscular and fit "cows" should have their udders (balls) drained many times each day as well. When slaves first arrive at the farm, each is capable of ejaculating about a cup of semen per day. The sergeant needed to increase that volume by more than 2 to 3 times to bring them to the same production level as the rest of his herd. Each slave should be able to produce between a pint and a quart of man milk every day. So he had to maintain their health, sexual fitness and physical stamina, doing everything he could to keep them healthy and increase their ability to ejaculate really large volumes of semen. That man milk was his money maker.

The sergeant regularly delivered large quantities of high quality semen to the labs. He had a standing agreement with the labs to never ask how or where he got all the semen.

Greg slowly came to and found himself in a curtained off medical examination area. He was completely naked and was firmly restrained, strapped to a medical examination table like those used at a gynecologist's office. Both arms were bound at the wrist, raised above his head and strapped to the head of the table. Another strap crossed his torso. His knees and feet were tied to the table's articulated leg supports and foot stirrups, which were raised and spread wide enough to expose his entire crotch at the foot of the table. He had been gagged with a silicone ball gag strapped around his head. His balls were sore and he raised his head to look down his body and could see two small metal devices, each about the size of a pencil eraser, clinging to his ball sack about 45 degrees to either side of the sack's center line.

The sergeant was in the room with him. He looked at Greg and said "Welcome back, son. While you were unconscious, I took the liberty of having a couple of e-stim electrodes implanted into your testicles. You probably can see the e-stim connector terminals on your ball sack. Any soreness will go away soon." Greg could only answer with a grunt. The sergeant continued with "A nurse will get you prepared to join your companions for your first session. I'll be back once he finishes."

As the sergeant left, the nurse came into the room. He was a giant of a man about Greg's height; ruggedly handsome with light brown hair and very heavily muscled like a competition body builder. As he walked toward Greg, the front of his scrubs displayed the full shape of an enormous cock swinging back and forth with each step and pressing very noticeably against the fabric. He brought a tray of assorted items with him. Greg could see some of the items and began to get nervous.

First, the nurse inspected Greg's entire crotch to verify the implants were OK and to evaluate the work he had to do. He then reached for a can of shaving cream. He slathered it all over the bush of blond pubic hair as well as Greg's cock and balls and all the way down the crack of his ass. The nurse's soapy fingers lingered for a bit on Greg's tight, virgin ass pucker. The fingers circled and tickled the hole a while, then gently pressed against it causing it to relax, flattening out any wrinkles to make shaving easier, then he stopped teasing the hole. Once Greg was soaped up, the nurse shaved all of the hair from Greg's pubic area, cock, balls, ass crack and hole. Bare skin allowed e-stim devices to make the best contact for what was to come.

Greg's generously sized cock and balls looked even bigger without all the hair. He started to get hard looking at them. This seemed to excite the nurse, as his cock outline also got bigger and pressed harder against his scrubs. Greg was very much the nurse's type, but the nurse knew better than to attempt anything with Greg. At the same time, Greg thought the nurse was one extremely hot man and was fascinated by the outline of his cock, thinking it looked to be fatter, but about the same length as his own. The nurse continued with his work. Next, the nurse took an electro-ejaculator butt plug from the tray. It was about 6 inches long, 2 inches wide with a metal contact strip on each side and a pencil thin shaft ending with an electrode plug in the center of a wide base. He rubbed a lot of lube on Greg's manhole and pressed the hole until he could get 3 fingers inside. Letting them linger a while to make sure the hole had relaxed and wouldn't snap shut when his fingers were taken out. He then inserted the electro-ejaculator right up to its base. Greg let out a loud screaming grunt when his virgin hole was spread wide for the first time and then snapped back to grab the narrow stem at the base of the electro-ejaculator. The nurse waited to make sure the plug was firmly in place and Greg wouldn't expel it. This was a new sensation for Greg; he had never had anything in his ass before.

Attention now turned to Greg's big genitals. Greg had gone soft when the electro-ejaculator was inserted. There were a number of cock rings of various sizes on the tray; the nurse selected a large one. It was an e-stim silicone cock ring with an electrode plug on its outer edge and a metal band on the inside where skin contact would be made. He worked each of Greg's large balls through the ring and then pushed the skin of the ball sack to the bottom of the ring as he took Greg's limp cock and pushed it through the cock ring until the ring was securely in place around the base of Greg's genitals with the electrode plug easy to access.

Next, the nurse had to work with an erect cock, but Greg was still limp from the electro-ejaculator's attack on his ass. The nurse tried to stroke the cock, but there was little response, so he resorted to sucking the head and a bit of the shaft, edging Greg until he got the desired hard on. From the tray, the nurse retrieved a fabric cock harness. It was made of a stretchy material that looked just like the leg strap of a jock strap, only this material was woven throughout with a fine copper wire mesh. The harness had 2 loops, one at each end with about 4 inches of material connecting them. There was an electrode plug attached to one of the loops. The nurse stretched the loops around Greg's cock shaft and slid the whole device down the shaft until the outer ring was gripping the shaft just behind Greg's corona; the loop with the electrode facing up and about 4 inches further along the shaft. The material joining the loops ran along the bottom of Greg's cock.

The nurse checked his work to make sure everything was satisfactorily complete, fondling Greg's genitals and crotch and smiling at Greg as he did so. He picked up the tray and left the room. A few minutes later, he returned with another nurse and a gurney. The second nurse was a huge black man and just as big and muscular as the first nurse. Greg began to struggle against the restraints, but was held down by the nurses. They unfastened his restraints and moved his struggling body over to the gurney where they strapped him down again.

Then they pulled back the curtains enclosing the examination area. Greg was amazed to see rows of muscular, naked Marines strapped to tables. All of them had been fitted with the same hardware items that were just installed on him. In addition, there was some sort of clear ball over the head of everyone's cock. As the gurney was wheeled along, he noticed that they all had enlarged balls, and a few of them had grossly enlarged balls. Among them he saw his four companions already strapped to the tables. He was wheeled to an empty table next to them and moved over from the gurney. The nurses attached the table's restraints to his wrists and ankles with his arms at his side and his legs slightly splayed. He could move his upper torso and his arms and legs a bit, but the short restraints wouldn't allow his limbs to move very far or allow him to touch his genitals. The nurses pulled wires from the table ledge and connected them to the electrodes on his balls, the electro-ejaculator, cock ring and the harness on his cock shaft. They also attached e-stim pads on his chest over each aureole and nipple.

Lastly, they reached for a clear plastic ball about as big as a tennis ball located at crotch level on the table ledge beside his hip. A long, thin, clear hose ran out of the hole in the table ledge to the ball. As they pulled the ball and attached hose out of the table ledge, Greg could see the clear ball had an opening about an inch and a half across. Around the opening was a metal bracket lined with a soft rubbery substance and a thumb screw to tighten the bracket. This was pushed over Greg's cock head until the bracket was covering the outer loop of the harness behind Greg's corona. The bracket was tightened until the clear ball was firmly fixed in place, completely surrounding the head of his cock. The ball would collect his ejaculations and the hose would suck all the semen out of the sphere. Finally, they flipped a switch on the table to add the table to the computer network, which would activate all the connections and operate the vacuum system.

The sergeant walked in and inspected his five new Marine slaves. He said to them "Welcome to my Marine Corps milking farm. You have joined a top notch herd of prime US Marine sperm cows; all of whom are milked daily and drained of their man milk. Each of you has a simple job to do; cum when milked and deliver lots of the high-quality semen I know you Marines can produce. For you to do this, I'll have you fed a quality diet along with vitamins and chemicals designed to increase the quality and the volume of your man juices. You will be very well taken care of." This statement did nothing to make the Marines feel better.

The sergeant continued "A standard work day is 12 hours long. Your semen will be milked every 90 minutes and you are required to cum 3 times at each milking. Your milking will last as long as it takes you to cum 3 times. That's 8 daily milking sessions, cumming 24 times every day, gentlemen. Expect to be sore and achy at day's end. Between milking sessions you will rest, be fed and your needs taken care of. After your first session, your gags will be removed. All the other Marines you see in this room are between sessions right now. You will be joining them for the next milking session which will start shortly." He turned and walked away.

As the vacuum system activated, a soft hissing sound signaled the start of the milking session. Greg was wondering what to expect when his cock ring received a jolt. He let out a yell behind the gag as all of his genitals jumped in unison and his butthole clamped down on the electro-ejaculator. He could feel an exciting tingling in his balls as the electrodes there delivered a mild amount of current to his testicles. His ball sack was also flexing, tightening up and then relaxing; a feeling he had never experienced. Then the loops on his cock shaft began pulsing; a sensation that moved up and down the cock shaft like he was masturbating or fucking someone. These pulses were causing his cock to appear to dance, waving the plastic ball around as the muscles would spasm in reaction to every e-stim pulse. His nipples were being stimulated; his cock felt like it was being stroked and the cock ring was pulsing rhythmically. All of a sudden the electro-ejaculator gave a jolt of current to his prostate. Greg made a loud, muffled groan, every muscle in his body flexed, making his back arch while his first load of cum blasted all over the inside of the plastic ball. The loud groan continued all while he came; it was accompanied by a chorus of loud moans from all the other Marines. Greg's load was really large because he hadn't cum in a while. He could see his big, white mass of cum moving through the clear hose as the vacuum pump sucked away every last drop of semen from the sphere. There was a splattering noise as it was deposited in the container below the table.

The stimulation continued, keeping him hard in preparation for his second ejaculation. The cock ring increased its pulse rate and his balls started feeling an even greater amount of current. It was both sexually stimulating and yet getting painful at the same time. The loops on his cock and pads on his nipples pulsed more vigorously and soon he was hot and ready again. He joined the full chorus of moans and groans in the room which were growing more intense. Another jolt to the prostate and he moaned loudly as his second load pumped into the ball. Greg watched again as his load of cum got sucked through the vacuum hose. His cock started to go limp, but a slight jolt of current from the cock harness got it hard again. His balls were getting sore, but the e-stim spasms on his ball sack and the electric current running through his balls kept each testicle working in spite of any pain. The loops on his cock began strong pulses, alternating from one loop to the other. It felt like his cock was being masturbated by a very tight grip. His testicles received a big electric jolt that felt like someone had given them a crushing squeeze, making him yell behind the gag. Then the electro-ejaculator began to increase the amount of current it was delivering and he gave a long whining moan before being jolted into shooting his third load into the plastic ball. Every muscle in his body was tense from the effort. The roomful of loud moans reduced to a few scattered whimpers.

Greg was totally spent and glad he had 90 minutes to recover. Looking at the plastic ball, there was no indication he had cum at all. The vacuum had completely removed any trace of semen. Greg was getting to enjoy watching each load of his sperm disappear down the vacuum hose. He could feel the vacuum pressure steadily pulling against the skin of his cock head. A nurse was heading his way and Greg was really pleased to see it was the same big muscle guy who had prepped him. The nurse removed his gag and asked if he was all right. Greg told him "I am really spent and everything in my crotch aches." The nurse told him "I'll take care of all that." He started rubbing a soothing lotion into the skin of his cock, balls and the entire ass crack. It felt great. After the rub down, the nurse produced an energy drink saying "Here, drink this. It is special formula that will restore your energy close to what it was before your first milking. I'll have one for you after every session." Greg thanked him and drank it down. The nurse then said "My name is Adam and I will be your attending nurse all while you are here."

He asked the nurse "Where am I? There's no way out of here, is there?" Adam answered "You're at Camp Pendleton and you are right; no one has ever been able to leave without being released. Sorry."

He continued with "If you try to break free of the restraints, you will trigger the alarm system and receive an electric shock that will knock you out for quite a while. The alarm system is computer controlled and is very sophisticated, it has never been beaten." Adam continued "As far as I know, no one has ever escaped. A few have tried unsuccessfully. The alarm system shocked them unconscious. When they came to, they were fitted with special milking hardware and a cattle prod was shoved up their ass. They got milked continuously until their testicles wore out and couldn't produce any more semen. Then electric power was sent to the ball terminals, frying their testicles while the cattle prod in their ass pretty much destroyed their prostate. You wouldn't believe the screaming that filled the barracks as their entire reproductive system was turned into something like a raisin, making eunuchs out of them. Then they were released. All the milk slaves had to witness this. It was quite a lesson to the slaves and stopped any other thoughts of escape attempts. Believe me; you don't want to try escaping." Greg shuddered.

Then Greg asked "You said released a couple of times. Does that mean guys can just walk out of here?" Adam said "No. Milk slaves are released when they reach sexual burnout and aren't able to meet their daily cum requirements. They are hypnotized and every memory of this place is erased so that no one can ever find out about it. That's how the sergeant has kept this place so secret. Then they are dropped off in the general public with no idea what had happened to them. Four or five slaves are released every month. The five of you are the latest replacements."

Greg then asked "I noticed a number of the other Marines have really gigantic balls. What happened to them?" "It's a side effect of the milking activity." Adam said and continued "All guys experience a lot of swelling, but their balls return to normal when the milking stops. There are a few guys whose balls don't return to normal and wind up getting a permanent enlargement. I don't know why. Their balls sure look great, though." He continued "The vacuum in the plastic balls also affects some of the men, noticeably enlarging the head of their cock. It's rare, but it does happen. By the way, I've noticed your balls seem to be a bit bigger." He paused and then whispered "Look, man, I'm not supposed to be talking to you. I could get into a lot of trouble with the sergeant if I'm caught. I just wanted to tell you that you are 100% my type and I just wish there was some way we could get together. I'll personally take extra special care of you all while you're here." That pleased Greg because he felt Adam was totally his type, too.

Greg was given food heavy in proteins and healthy carbohydrates. The food also contained a good dose of testosterone and other chemicals needed to help the testicles do their work. Vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements were included every day to maintain sexual health and increase the volume of semen in each ejaculation. All of this really helped restore his energy and endurance for the next milking. The time came for the next session. Greg ejaculated the required three times, but was even more tired out afterward. Adam made sure his energy level was well maintained.

He also took advantage of the 90 minute breaks to bathe Greg and shave his pubes when necessary. Adam easily got a roaring hard on every time he shaved Greg's crotch and genitals. Adam's huge erection was hard to hide. He would notice Greg staring at his crotch and made sure Greg could easily see the head of his hard cock pushing out a big tented bulge in the front of his scrubs,. Adam loved teasing Greg because he had been teased so much watching Greg's hard 11 inch cock dance around at every milking. Adam had compared Greg's erect cock to his own hard on and thought they both were hung pretty much the same, only Greg's wasn't quite as wide as his. He also noticed Greg's balls were swelling bigger every day. Greg would need a larger cock ring soon.

At the end of the work day, the nurses removed the hardware from the men and put each item aside for cleaning and the next day's milking. A man came around with a cart to collect all the hardware and containers of sperm. The nurses replaced each man's collected semen container with an empty one. The lights were turned off and Greg fell asleep easily and woke rested for the next day. The food and vitamins must have done their work. Once Greg was fully awake, Adam installed all the clean hardware he had removed the night before and made sure Greg was well fed and had taken his meds. The day's milking sessions started in earnest.

No two milking sessions were ever the same. One time a session would include full body muscle and genital spasms, another time electrical stimulations and shocks and other times just sexual massage and stimulation. Sometimes they were all mixed together to vary the sexual stimulation. Adam told him this was to keep the sessions from getting too routine and that he should remember the milking was designed to collect lots of cum. Having sexual fun was not part of the milking, only sexual stimulation and shooting large loads.

One day Adam didn't insert the electro-ejaculator and leaned over Greg's face and said softly "Today is what we call hump day." Greg said "What do you mean?" Adam responded "Everyone gets fucked, big time. I sure hope that electro-ejaculator has made your manhole ready. Today they start to turn your man hole into a man pussy." Greg had never been fucked and got a little scared. As he watched, two cables dropped from the ceiling. Adam attached each one to one of Greg's ankle cuffs and detached the cuffs from the table restraints. The cables pulled his legs up and to each side until they were all the way up and out, creating a V-shape pointing directly at his man hole. A trap door opened in the table and a machine with a large dildo attached to the front end of a piston, rose to the level of his butthole. The dildo was long and fat with quarter inch high bumps all around its shaft. Greg got even more fearful as Adam slathered lube all over the dildo as well as in and around Greg's butthole then wished him luck. Greg looked around the room at all these butch Marines with their legs high in the air and a fucking machine waiting to attack their manhood.

The session started with the machine moving forward until the dildo head touched Greg's puckered hole. It sent mild tingling electrical pulses to his butthole and sphincter. Once the hole had relaxed a bit, the piston rapidly thrust the dildo in about half way. Greg screamed, as did a number of other Marines, some others just moaned loudly. Then the piston began steadily pushing the dildo in and pulling it almost out of Greg's tight asshole. The speed of the thrusts slowly increased.

Initially painful, the bumps felt like they were tearing at his hole and yet were oddly sexually exciting. The bumps also were rubbing against his prostate. As Greg became accustomed to the thrusting action his hole finally relaxed enough to make it somewhat tolerable and remain sexually stimulating. At this time, the looped harness on his cock shaft began to pulse and his balls began tingling. His cock got rock hard and leaked a lot of pre-cum fluid. The intensity of the dildo thrusts increased as did the cock pulses and shortly the dildo gave his prostate a direct hit and Greg arched his back and groaned as he shot a big load. The cock harness stopped pulsing and the dildo stopped inside his ass until he finished ejaculating. Then the dildo began to move again. This time it not only moved in and out, but began to spin slowly, moving the bumps around inside and rubbing them against his prostate, getting Greg hotly excited; he began to sweat. His balls felt like they were being manhandled and his cock was having muscle seizures and heavy convulsions. These grew more intense as he yelled out and had his second orgasm. His third orgasm was even more intense. The piston retracted, his butthole making a considerable sucking noise as the dildo was pulled out of it. The machine went idle until the next session. Greg lost his virginity to the machine that day and was fucked solidly for all 24 or his orgasms. He began to realize that his butthole could also be a sex organ.

Adam inspected Greg's asshole before lowering his legs. No injury, but being roughly fucked 8 times in 12 hours had left the ass lips swollen up about a half inch with the hole still open about an inch; the red rose interior clearly visible. He knew it would close up over night and would eventually develop into the much wrinkled pucker of a well used butthole. Adam reached out and affectionately rubbed his fingers over the ass lips and rosebud; Greg moaned softly at the touch. He thought to himself as he lowered Greg's legs "Oh, how I would love to put my face between these legs and rim that rosebud." He knew there would be dire consequences if he did. He said to Greg "That was the smallest dildo. As you get more used to being fucked by the machine, bigger and bigger dildos will be attached. Eventually, you will get a fully developed man pussy and will easily take the biggest dildo. So maybe someday you'll be able to easily take my fat 11 inch cock up your ass." Greg was glad to hear that and smiled at Adam. In spite of all the milking and being fucked, he still wanted Adam's cock.

Repeated use of the fuck machines had given a number of the other Marines rosebud holes that were large around and took a long time to close up. The heavy pounding of the big dildos had made their ass lips about a half inch thick all around; protruding about an inch out from their hole. A guy on the table across from him was able to push out his rose, creating a 4 inch wide prolapsed rosebud up to 6 inches in length. He would push it out and pull it in a few times whenever he noticed Greg looking at his hole. When the Marine's manhole finally closed up his puckered ass lips were almost obscene. Greg caught himself fantasizing about playing with those ass lips and shoving his cock into the warm and soft goodness of the hole at the center. Fantasies like that kept reminding him of things he wanted to do to Adam and how badly he wanted to celebrate Adam's naked body.

Day after day the milking sessions continued; 8 sessions and 24 orgasms every day. Greg found that all the orgasms, accompanying muscle flexing and body spasms helped keep his body as tight and trim as the day he first got there. The same was true for the other Marines on the milking tables; their muscles tight and firm. Greg enjoyed looking down the rows of hard bodied Marines and seeing 50 turgid cocks, all standing at attention and waving those clear plastic balls around in unison to the e-stim pulses.

To prevent muscle atrophy, physical exercise was provided each week. All slaves were exercised several times each week in small groups. Greg and a number of other Marines would be unshackled and fitted with leather e-stim collars placed around their necks. Each collar was attached to a long wired leash with a hand held taser gun built into the hand grip. Greg and the others would be led to an area furnished with exercise machines and for about 45 minutes allowed to run on a treadmill, exercise with weights, do squats and sit-ups until their bodies had enough of a workout to maintain muscle size and tone. Then they would again be shackled to the table and fitted with all the hardware, ready for the next milking.

Fuck machine days did exactly what Adam had predicted. Eventually, Greg could easily take the largest dildo and enjoyed it enough that he had little trouble producing the 24 daily loads that were expected of him. What developed was a nice well used man pussy with large ass lips that were quite wrinkled, furrowed and puckered. Greg had noticed that the butthole on the guy across from him tended to reopen when he got very relaxed or was sleeping. He was determined that wouldn't happen to him, so every day he exercised and strengthened the muscles of his hole by flexing the hole as often as he could; holding it tightly shut and relaxing it repeatedly. His hole always stayed closed whenever he got very relaxed. The machine had built Greg a well used and very versatile fuck hole.

Greg happened to be one of the rare guys whose balls got large and stayed that way. His balls were now about twice their original size and hung even lower in an enormous sack. Constant milking combined with supplements and chemicals had enlarged his testicles and enabled them to make about four times as much semen as when he first got there. He could shoot gigantic loads of cum. Rarer than that, the continuous vacuum pressure inside the plastic ball had enlarged the head of his cock so that the corona now extended a full quarter inch wider than his cock shaft on each side. It used to be the same width as the shaft.

Greg had been captive for about a year. He hated being a sperm cow, even though he knew Adam had saved him from hypnosis and release. Adam had done everything he could to keep him from sexual burnout and always made sure Greg got the best proteins, chemicals, medicines and herbal supplements. He maintained Greg at a peak level of healthy sperm production and had turned Greg one of the sergeant's biggest money makers. Greg was now able to produce about a quart of sperm laden semen every day, more than any other slave. But Greg was desperate to get away and experience more out of life than ejaculating to exhaustion every day.

Greg often told Adam about his unhappiness being a sperm cow and how much he really wanted to get away from all of this. Adam understood and the two of them quietly talked about it at night, spending as much time together as they could without getting caught. Greg had always wondered why Adam was so afraid of getting caught and yet kept working for the sergeant. So one night he asked Adam about it.

Adam told him a long story about being just a normal Navy sailor who had been trained as a nurse. He was assigned to work as a Corpsman at Camp Pendleton's base hospital. On his days off he would frequent some of the casinos on nearby Indian reservations where his gambling eventually developed into a really nasty habit. He lost a lot of money that he couldn't repay. The casinos were not amused by this and sent some "credit enforcement" goons after him. Somehow the sergeant found out about the debt he had built up and offered to cover it. Adam could work it off if he worked as a nurse exclusively for the sergeant. He agreed to the sergeant's offer.

To the sergeant, Adam was just another type of slave; an indentured servant. Somehow the sergeant got Adam released from the Navy so he could work on base just for him. Adam was allowed to live off base as long as the sergeant knew where he lived and could reach him easily. The sergeant provided him with enough living money to live a normal life. That was several years ago. He found out later that the sergeant had only paid about 90% of his debt and had made a deal with the casinos for the remaining 10%, which he used as leverage to keep Adam indentured. The sergeant had more than 100 other nurses and doctors similarly indebted to him. He always had some excuse about why Adam hadn't paid off his debt and forced him to keep on working under duress. The sergeant threatened to sic the casino goons on him again if he fraternized or had anything personal to do with any of the milk slaves or other "employees." Any breach of the sergeant's rules carried the possibility of a visit from the casino goons. So, Adam was very cautious about everything he did and toed the line. Both he and Greg had good reason to make some sort of escape attempt.

They spoke in whispers, conspiring in the dark of night to consider ways both of them could escape. One night Adam came to him with an idea. During one of the rare nights he had to work, the sergeant had brought in some new captives. Adam noticed that when they were brought in, the alarm system attached to the milking tables was disabled. Only after the new recruit slaves were equipped with their milking hardware and securely shackled to activated tables would the alarm be turned on again.

All new Marine slaves would need time to recover from the gas, have their testicles implanted with electrodes as well as their bodies fitted with all the sundry milking accessories. That was plenty of time for Adam to deactivate Greg's table and free him from the hardware and shackles. Once the table was empty and deactivated the alarm system wouldn't trip. Activated tables would trigger the alarm if deactivated while occupied. They discussed the plan's pros and cons at length, deciding it just might work. Adam also knew of a doorway that was very rarely used and was sure they could get out through that exit. Once outside, they would need to hide somewhere and at sundown the next day leave through the main gate looking like any other Marines in civvies going on liberty. They would have to wait for the next group of abductees, though. A new class had started at the nearby Recruit Depot several weeks before, so they didn't have long to wait.

One night a few weeks later, their chance arrived when the sergeant brought in four new captives, unconscious and destined to become cum cows. Adam carefully entered the barracks and verified the alarm had been disabled. He could see the curtained off and lighted area where e-stim electrodes were being implanted in the Marines' balls. He quietly made his way past the sleeping slaves to Greg's milking table, woke Greg and turned off the table's activation switch. He quickly removed Greg's shackles and the two of them quietly went to the little used door. No one was anywhere around, so they went out the door and into the night, hiding in an area under the building where plumbing pipes came into the building; it was conveniently enclosed by a wooden screen. Adam had found a great hiding place; no one had been down here in years and the wooden screening completely hid them from view. The wait for the next evening began. Adam had stashed civilian clothing for both of them in the hiding place. It had been a year since Greg had worn clothing. Greg slept through most of the wait, getting his first good sleep in a very long time. Adam was glad to see him get the rest.

Late the next afternoon they could hear groups of Marines heading off for liberty. Checking the surrounding area carefully, they left the hiding place, cautiously emerged from under the building and remained hidden while moving quietly behind several barrack buildings. They needed to create some distance between the milking farm and a place where it would be safe to appear in public. No one saw them. They stepped out and casually mingled with a group of guys heading toward the main gate, walking along with them.

Adam told Greg "We are the first guys ever to escape from the milking farm. I know the sergeant will be looking for us, if he isn't already. He also has a bunch of minions he could send after us. The other day I moved into a new apartment and didn't tell the sergeant about it. We can go there and be safe. I have a car in an employee parking lot." Greg said "Sounds like a good idea. Let's go." They got to Adam's car and drove out the main gate of Camp Pendleton, finally free of their captivity. Just to make sure no one had noticed them leave the base and attempted to follow, Adam drove to his new apartment along a circuitous route. He kept a close eye out for any vehicle that might be following them. As an additional precaution, he parked the car in a place that was secluded and out of sight.

Once inside, Greg threw his arms around Adam giving him a big bear hug and planting a huge, wet kiss on his mouth. Adam got hard immediately and Greg got hard as soon as he felt Adam's cock pressing against him. Greg pulled Adam's pants down around his ankles and went down on that beautiful cock he had wanted so badly for the past year. Adam had hoped this would happen for so long that he started leaking lots of pre cum into Greg's eager mouth. As soon as Greg felt the cock start to swell up and throb, he gulped it down his throat and Adam yelled a loud screaming growl as he pumped a large load of cum down his throat. Greg sucked every last drop from that cock, then stood up and said "Wow. I've wanted to do that for a year now. Thanks." and gave him another big kiss. Adam responded "And I've wanted that cock of yours inside me for just as long. Let's have something to eat first. Then we can spend the night making love and fucking. Since the day we met, I've wanted to get into that tight, round butt of yours and now want to work on that beautiful man pussy they gave you. I know you'll be able to take my cock now." Greg gave him an evil grin.

After eating dinner, they both went into the bedroom and stripped. Greg had never seen Adam fully naked and his contest quality muscular body and huge genitals were even more of a turn on than Greg had expected. Adam felt the same way about this tall Norse god standing naked before him. They both got rock hard instantly. Adam pushed him down on the bed and lifted Greg's legs over his shoulders. He lowered his face to Greg's crotch and began licking and sucking Greg's enlarged balls, making whimpering noises as he worshiped those big orbs. Adam's tongue ran around the balls and down Greg's ass crack to begin rimming his much wrinkled and well used manhole, kissing, licking, sucking and tongue fucking the ass lips. Greg moaned softly and relaxed his asshole, opening it wide for Adam to run his tongue all around the inside of the hole. At the same time he teased Adam by grabbing and releasing his tongue with his now well strengthened and versatile butthole. Adam couldn't stand it any longer and reached for the lube. When his fat, 11 inch cock easily slipped inside Greg, he understood what a fine man pussy the fuck machine had built. Greg tightened his hole, firmly gripping Adam's cock as he thrust it in and out. It didn't take very long before Adam let out a long groan and shot another big load, only this time he was pumping it up Greg's ass. He rolled over to the side and Greg gently stroked all of Adam's huge muscles while he recovered from his intense orgasm.

Greg ran his hand down Adam's torso until he reached his genitals, stroking the now wilted cock and fondling his balls. One of his fingers ran down the ass crack and lingered around Adam's manhole, circling and gently probing it until it relaxed and Greg could finger fuck him for a while. Greg lubed the hole and lifted Adams legs. Adam winced a bit as Greg's enlarged corona pushed past his sphincter and then sighed in pleasure as all 11 inches of Greg's cock slid balls deep into his ass. Adam got hot feeling Greg's giant balls pressing against his butt cheeks. Greg pumped his cock slowly inside Adam, but quickly started to pump faster and soon let out a loud moan as he shot a huge load deep inside his ass.

Greg didn't pull out, instead leaving his still hard cock deep inside Adam. Adam looked at him a bit surprised and said "That was quick." Greg said "Did you forget? I've been trained to shoot massive loads of cum in sets of three, eight sets a day. That was my first load today and there's another giant one on its way. Let me leave my cock inside you while we roll over and you're on top sitting on it." Adam smiled a wicked smile and they rolled over so that Greg was now flat on his back with this huge bodybuilder sitting on his still hard cock, Adam's fat cock and balls sprawled all over Greg's six-pack. Greg got turned on big time by the sight and reached up, put his hands on Adams big pectorals and began massaging and squeezing them affectionately. Adam quickly got hard again, his cock slapping against Greg's gut as he began rising and sitting, riding Greg's cock and stroking it with his sphincter. Greg moaned and Adam rose up a bit enabling Greg to thrust his cock in and out of his manhole. Greg was so turned on by Adam's body, the sight of this giant of a man riding his cock and the feeling of Adam's sphincter sliding along his cock that it didn't take very much longer for him to cry out and shoot another massive load into Adam. Adam could feel Greg's cock spasm as it pumped stream after stream of hot cum deep into him and also cried out as he shot his third load all over Greg's sculpted six-pack and chest.

Greg told him not to move and to stay where he was, the last of the three loads would be along shortly. Greg started fucking again, slowly at first, then faster and faster until he began moaning loudly as he pumped his third giant load deep into Adam. Cum suddenly gushed out of Adam's overfilled ass, flowing all around Greg's cock and running like a river over his balls. Greg was now ready for his 90 minute rest. Adam rose up and let Greg's cock slip out of his ass and then fell exhausted on the bed next to him. Adam's manhole leaked cum for a very long time that night.

In the morning, Adam started a conversation about how lucky they were to make their escape. The conversation went back and forth about what they thought they should do next. Adam genuinely didn't want the sergeant or his goons finding them. Greg wanted the sergeant's slave trade and milking farm shut down and the sergeant arrested. Adam wanted the indentured servitude to end for him and all the other indentured doctors and nurses. Adam ended it when he said he had a phone number for the military police somewhere and went to look for it.

Greg made the call and the MP's sent out an officer to interview them. He told the officer the whole story of his capture and yearlong confinement at the milking farm. He described how the sergeant had up to 100 other Marine recruits similarly confined and how he kept replenishing his supply of slaves. Greg also told him the exact location of the milking farm. Then Adam told him his story about the servitude he and hundreds of others had to endure. He explained how the sergeant had trapped them and kept all of them indentured. Within days, the MPs raided the milking farm and arrested the sergeant and his cohorts. All the slaves and indentured servants were released and the milking farm shut down. Both Greg and Adam joined a number of the sergeant's other victims testifying at the courts martial. The military court sentenced the sergeant to life in a military prison and he was never heard from or seen again.

Some time passed before Adam suggested Greg give e-stim another try. After all, Greg had to live his life with those terminals imbedded in his oversized balls, so why not make use of them. Greg was very wary and nervous because he still harbored some dreadful memories of the milking farm, but eventually caved in to Adam's prodding and agreed to give it a try. With a lot of anxiety they tried a store bought e-stim generator and found that when it was used properly it wasn't so bad after all. Greg was very pleasantly surprised to find he could actually get pleasure from the sensation; e-stim ultimately became a part of an enriched sex life.

Greg and Adam became lifelong partners. They eventually moved to a quiet ocean side town where no one knew them and it would be difficult for any of the sergeant's goons who may have avoided capture to locate them. Adam rented a store front and started a local medical clinic. He contacted some of the formerly indentured doctors and nurses, who moved to the town and joined the clinic, making it a success. Adam made enough money to comfortably support both of them. They joined a gym and Greg was able to restore his body to what it had been before his kidnapping. In the sauna and shower rooms a number of guys would look curiously at Greg's large balls and terminals. They all were polite enough not to bother him with possibly awkward questions. Eventually, Greg volunteered his story to certain friends at various social gatherings. His friends were appalled at the story and pleased that he didn't wind up emotionally scarred by the experience.

In their free time, the two of them would spend long days at various nude beaches along the coast where Greg would occasionally recognize one of the freed slaves. They could be easily identified by the e-stim terminals on their large balls. Some of them would see him staring, then notice Greg's huge balls and terminals and would either nod in recognition or come over to say hello and talk for a while. At other times, one or two of the formerly indentured medical staff would take notice of his huge balls and terminals, walking over to chat. They all had numerous shared stories and experiences.

No one ever sought them out in that quiet little town or bothered them again. Greg and Adam lived many long, happy years together.

All this occurred just because of a chance meeting at an illegal Marine Corps milking farm. Who knew?


Tom L.

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