My name is Mike. Up until a few weeks ago, I was a completely heterosexual man just like my roommate Nick.

We're both in our mid-twenties living in the small-town where we went to college.

He's a couple years into a career in sales and I'm trying my hand at writing and the arts. I may go back to school at some point, but who knows.

Needless to say, as a writer I wasn't the one paying the bulk of the expenses. Nick let me live with him for free and I helped out where I could with the bills. This was originally intended to be a temporary arrangement, but slowly evolved into the norm as I struggled to land a regular job.

To make up for it I handled the cleaning, cooking, laundry and other basic household duties. Plus we got to hang out almost all the time which was great. I was essentially a live-in girlfriend except I didn't sleep with him.

Sometimes when running low on cash, I would bet favors or chores with Nick over random things. Outcomes in sporting events, video games, pretty much anything.

One such afternoon Nick called me out for a bet and wagered something rather unexpected.

"I bet you a handjob that State wins this game," Nick blurted out of nowhere.

We were the only ones at our place and had just been watching the game like a normal Saturday afternoon during the big tournament.

"What?" I stammered.

"Yeah, a handjob straight up. I'm that confident."

I paused for a moment then replied without change in expression, "deal."

The game was wild. It went back and forth with multiple lead changes into the final minutes.

I thought I had it in the bag with 1.5 seconds left and State down one. On the last play, State heaved up a desperation shot and as it sailed through the air I suddenly wasn't so sure who would be jerking who.

It went in and Nick jumped in the air, pumping his fists and screaming like a mad man.

I couldn't believe it. I thought about what it meant and stormed out of the room. I went into my room and slammed the door. I steamed for a few minutes and realized I was more upset about losing the bet than I was with what I was expected to do.

We had a very close friendship and we always honored bets and admitted when we were wrong or had lost at something.

After spending some time in my room, I took a deep breath and opened my door. I didn't hear anything so I began slowly walking down the hall towards Nick's room.

His door was closed. I turned the creaky old knob and pushed it open. He was in his bed with the covers pulled up to his waist. He wasn't wearing his shirt, but had on flannel pajama bottoms.

I realized he was watching porn on his television. He smiled and motioned me to come closer. I closed the door and locked it. Then walked over to his bed, focusing on some woman blowing a guy on the screen.

"Are you ready to pay up?" he asked.

"Yes." I said. "That was a great game and you won fair and square. I'm ready to settle the score."

He smiled and pulled down the covers.

I crawled into bed with him. I was wearing just a t-shirt and loose basketball shorts without underwear.

"Take it out," I said quietly.

"No. You take it out. I want to see your reaction," he said.

I was a bit puzzled but decided it didn't really matter either way. I pushed the blankets further away and pulled down his pants.

As I expected, he wasn't wearing anything underneath. The rest of what I saw came as a genuine shock.

"You like that?" he smiled looking intently at me.

The cock that so perplexed me and no doubt was the source of his bravado all these years stood before me at girthy 10 inches.

"I don't know what to say," I said with a nervous laugh. "That thing is incredible."

"Thanks man. The ladies sure do seem to like it. I think a man like you will like it quite a bit too," he shot back coyly.

I started to reach for his member when he stopped me.

"Beg for it," he said.

"Shut the fuck up!" I angrily replied.

I grabbed his cock as he laughed enjoying my response.

I slowly stroked his monster dick up and down getting used to its size. As I got more comfortable, I began to explore with both hands, even working down to cup his sizable balls.

Nick began to moan as he slid his pants all the way off. He now lay completely naked and I slipped my shorts off while he eased off my shirt.

We were now completely naked in his bed with me slowly jerking him off.

I was mesmerized by his cock. I had seen my fair share of big dicks. I was only a little over 6 inches myself, but I've been in plenty of sports locker rooms and the like where dudes were packing heat.

But never had I been so close to such a big dick. Let alone one of my best friend's dicks!

I was really starting to admire it when things took a turn.

"Do you want to suck it?" he asked.


"Come on man, I see you looking at it. You can't take your eyes off my cock. Don't worry, I won't tell anybody. This can be our secret," he said.

I was torn. I really wasn't sure about sucking cock, of what it would mean especially for my roommate and I, but I was intrigued.

He saw my hesitation and reached behind my head, pulling me closer to him.

The next thing I know, his cock was bumping into my face. I couldn't avoid it.

It looked so wonderful up close. I decided I had to give my roommate a blowjob.

I opened my mouth and let him inside, the space quickly filling with the excess of meat that he had to offer.

He sighed as his cock was enveloped by my wet, willing mouth. I did my best to lick around the head, but found it difficult to work around with so little space.

Nick moaned as he gently began pushing his hips upward as his hand returned to the back of my head.

He started pulling me down on his cock, choking me with his fat sausage. Every time I would gag, he let up for a moment before pushing me further down.

I couldn't believe what was happening. Here I was sucking off one of my best friends.

He kept pushing me past my limits and before I knew it, I had the head of his dick in my throat and my cock was starting to leak pre-cum.

"Holy shit dude!" he exclaimed. "This is way better than any head I've ever gotten. I don't know how you're doing that."

I felt a small measure of pride in his comment, but it was quickly forgotten as I had to deal with my stuffed throat.

I held my mouth open as wide as it would go. My throat muscles began to relax - not that they had much choice in the matter.

We got a great rhythm going and I was mostly enjoying myself. Nick's breathing began to quicken and I could tell he was getting closer to cumming. I hadn't thought about the load.

Nick pulled back so that the head of his cock was back in my mouth again.

"Get ready for it dude," he encouraged. "I know you want this load. Eat it up."

I suddenly really, really wanted to eat my roommate's cum. I licked the underside of the head like mad and slobbered all over the tip.

When he started to tense up I pulled back a bit further so that the tip of his dick was just barely in my mouth.

While I did this, I was pinching the base of his cock with my left hand making it harder. With my right I was jerking that cock like a man possessed. I was possessed, by his cock.

He moaned long and low then started to shout.

"Oh! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" he screamed.

I closed my lips around the cockhead making a tight seal. I made sure that no cum could escape my mouth.

Nick erupted in several massive jets of semen. The white hot spurts coated my tongue and despite my uncertainty, I found myself loving the flavor and enjoying the experience.

When he was finished shooting his load into me, I pulled back and like I'd seen so many nameless women in so many pornos I swished the cum around in my mouth in a lewd show of submission, then swallowed it all down.

He could tell I liked it, but thankfully didn't say anything about it.

We said goodnight and I walked naked back to my room.

I turned off the lights and laid down. I started thinking of Nick and jerking off to the thought that I'd just swallowed his seed.

Needless to say, it didn't take long for my to shoot a huge load. I managed to catch most of it and lapped it up off my hand. I scooped the rest off my stomach and greedily licked that down too.

Things were going to be a bit different now....


Knox Overstreet

[email protected]


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