The Second Session

'How are you today,' Ben asked, showing Marat into his office and gesturing toward the couch. It was 4:00 p.m. All of Marat's appointments would be at 4:00 p.m., the last appointment slot of the day. Tamara, Ben's secretary, always left at 5:00 p.m., regardless of whether Ben was in session or not, leaving Ben with plenty of time for after hours 'fun.'

'I'm good, thanks,' Marat replied, sitting on the couch. He was wearing a short-sleeved button down shirt and a pair of light khaki pants and looked absolutely mouth-watering.

Ben stepped over to a file cabinet and withdrew a file, opened it, and pretended to peruse its contents. 'Mmmm... okay, last time you were here we were talking about your 'drop shot.''

The trigger phrase, 'drop shot', worked like a charm. Marat was under instantly. Ben put the folder down and sat at the edge of his desk. 'Can you hear me, Marat?'

'Yes.' His voice was a soft, hollow sounding whisper.

'Good. That's great. Do you remember what we talked about the last time you were here, about how you want to obey everything I say?'

Marat nodded again. 'Yes, I remember. I want to obey everything you say.'

'Marat, what are you wearing under your pants?'


'Well, yes, I realize that, but what kind? Boxers or briefs?'

Marat lifted his shirt and t-shirt, sucked in his stomach and peered down his khakis. 'Briefs today.'

'From now on, you will only wear briefs. No boxers, no bikinis, no thongs. Just briefs. White briefs. And when you come for your future sessions you'll strip down to your underwear as soon as I close the door. You'll strip down and come sit down on the couch. It'll seem completely natural to you. Do you understand?'

'Yes,' he said softly, nodding his head slowly.

'And you won't remember anything at all once you're awake.'

Marat nodded. 'Nothing at all.'

'That's very good. Now I'm going to undress you and you won't resist. When I touch your body, you're going to enjoy the feeling and you'll respond as if I were a woman doing it. Do you understand?'


Ben had Marat stand up. He unbuttoned his shirt and eased it off his broad shoulders and let his hands run over Marat's biceps. Marat let his head fall back.


Ben smiled. He pulled Marat's t-shirt from his khakis. 'Okay, now lift your arms for me.'

Marat raised his arms over his head and Ben lifted the t-shirt, letting his palms slide over his stomach, chest and nipples. Marat moaned again, this time louder and longer.

Ben untied and removed Marat's socks and shoes and then unbuckled his belt. He put his hand on Marat's chest and thumbed his nipple. It was hard and Marat moaned again. 'Here, why don't you lie down on the couch,' he said softly, easing Marat back. He unbuttoned the khakis and slowly unzipped them.

Marat was wearing white briefs and they were filled out.

'Okay, now Marat. I'm going to give you some more commands. Do you understand?'

The hypnotized stud nodded.

'When I say 'lob' your dick will become completely erect. You will feel so horny that you will want to ejaculate right where you're at, but will be unable to. Do you understand?'

Again Marat nodded.

Ben took hold of the khakis and tugged. 'Uh, Marat,' he said, patting his hips, 'you gotta help me out here, pal.'

Marat raised his hips off the couch and Ben very slowly lowered his pants. He let his fingers trace down Marat's butt and down his thighs and legs as he peeled the khakis down to his ankles. Marat moaned again and when Ben looked up he saw that his face was red. He sat down next to him and looked him up and down. He couldn't believe it had worked. He couldn't believe that he had hypnotized this handsome stud, this world class athlete, lying on his couch next to him, slowly writhing in nothing but tight white briefs. Damn, he looked so awesome! Ben was in heaven. He was so glad he had rigged his office with hidden cameras. Over the years he'd made some nice videos of the patients he'd taken advantage of. He knew the possibilities were endless. He helped Marat to sit up again, running the back of his hand over the front of his briefs while he did. Marat quivered.

'Yes, I'm a man touching you, but in your mind, it's a hot woman, a date, touching you and making you hard. You're getting turned on by it. You're all hard and horny, aren't you? You need to cum but you can't, isn't that right?'

Marat's only response was a pained moan.

Ben smiled his approval. 'Now, when I say 'overhead smash' that will be your trigger to cum. No matter where you are, what you're doing, or what you're wearing, you'll cum. Do you understand me?'

'Yes,' Marat said, his head nodding again. Ben smiled. He pulled Marat's underwear down to his hips and began to suck the Russian's eight-inch cock.

'Ohhhh...' the hypnotized hottie moaned.

Ben continued to suck, knowing that Marat would be unable to cum. For thirty minutes he sucked Marat's cock and played with his balls and nipples. He even fingered the athlete's tight anal port. Marat was completely hard and was writhing uncontrollably on the couch. He almost fell off three times.

Ben suddenly pulled away. 'Now it's your turn,' he said. 'I want you to get down on your knees and suck my cock.' He stood up, dropped his slacks and boxers and stood in front of Marat. 'Now.'

Marat immediately got down on his knees, grabbed Ben's hips and wrapped his lips around Ben's erect cock.

'Mmmm...' Ben sighed, sighed, rubbing his hands through Marat's hair. For a straight guy, Marat sure gave good head. After a few minutes of Marat giving him a blow job, Ben felt ready to cum. He pulled Marat's hot mouth off his cock. The dazed stud looked up at him, his mouth still in an O shape, his eyes vacant, a confused look on his face. Ben grabbed his hard cock and gave it a couple of quick jerks. His knees buckled as he ejaculated. He aimed his dick at Marat's handsome face and let his load of hot sticky jizz hit the tennis stud right in the face. Marat didn't make a move.

'Now clean your face up with your tongue and hands and then lick them off.' Marat obeyed without question.

Once Marat was all cleaned up, Ben ordered him to get dressed. He looked him over and wiped up the droplets of cum he'd missed. Satisfied that he looked normal, he counted him out.

Marat acted as if nothing had happened. Of course, he had been programmed to forget everything that happened in his trances.

Ben had the file again. He couldn't resist. 'Okay, Marat. Tell me, how's your 'lob'?'

Marat suddenly sat straight up and frowned. 'Oh my gosh...'

'What?' Ben asked innocently. 'Is something wrong?'

'Oh my gosh,' Marat repeated. 'I... I um... uhhhh... nothing... nothing....'

'Are you sure?' Ben asked. 'Anything you tell me is kept in the strictest of confidence,' Ben said. 'You can tell me anything.'

Marat shook his head. 'No, no... I'm fine.'

Ben smiled. 'Okay, then. Where were we then? Oh yes, your 'lob'. How is that coming along?'

'Oh...' Marat stammered, grabbing his head. 'Unnnnghhh......'

'Are you sure you're okay, Marat?' Ben asked, concerned. 'Is there anything I can do?'

Marat was sweating and Ben could see that his pants were bulging. He decided to have a little more fun. 'And your 'drop shot'. How is that?'

Marat's eyes glazed over immediately as he went into the trance.

'Stand up and drop your pants, Marat,' Ben commanded. Marat stood up and lowered his khakis. His white, full cut, briefs were bulging.

Ben was so hard himself now. He pushed his chair away from his desk. 'Okay, now come over here and sit on my lap.' Marat walked over and sat down on Ben's lap. His skin felt electric to Ben's touch.

'Okay, Marat. You're very turned on right now, and the more I touch you the more aroused you're going to get. Go ahead and moan and squirm if you want. Do what is natural to you, understand?'

The hypnotized stud slowly nodded his head. 'Yessss.... ohhhhh.....'

Ben reached around to Marat's crotch and cupped it. Marat moaned and Ben could feel his dick twitching under his fingers. 'That's right. Oh yeah, that's good.'

He put his arm around Marat's waist and let it roam up to his erect nipples. He licked his thumb and forefinger and slowly twisted and tugged at Marat's nipples.

'Ooohhh... mmmmm.... uunnnhhhhh...' Marat moaned, throwing his head back onto Ben's shoulder.

Ben reached down to Marat's crotch and felt him through his underwear. He was rock hard. He grasped his hard shaft through his briefs and rubbed his thumb slowly over the head, making the material of the briefs chafe his sensitive prick tip. He wanted this boy as worked up as possible. Marat's body shuddered. 'Uhhhnnnnn!!!!'

Marat began to thrust his hips slowly, in a desperate attempt to fuck Ben's hand. 'That's it,' Ben whispered in Marat's ear, breathing softly on his neck. 'Soooo good.... soooo hard....' Marat moaned again and started to whimper softly. He looked like he was about to shoot his load. Suddenly Ben had an idea. He'd tease him.

'Oh yeah, you need to cum really bad right now. You're so horny and so turned on. You need to shoot your crud but you can't.' Ben looked at Marat's face. His expression was priceless. He looked defeated. Ben continued. 'You know you can only cum when I give you permission, right?'

'Yes,' Marat moaned, barely able to get the words out.

'Now in a few minutes I want you to pull your pants back up and sit back down. Then I'm going to wake you up. You won't remember anything, of course, but you'll be conscious of how horny you are. Of how much you need to jack off. But you won't remember being hypnotized or sitting here on my lap, although you'll still be aroused. Like I said, you won't be able to think about anything but how much you need to cum. How much you want to cum. You'll feel like you're going to burst. Do you understand?'

'Yyyes,' he moaned. Ben was now jacking off Marat through his briefs, his fist moving in a slow, deliberate corkscrew motion around the hard shaft and over the tip, polishing it with the cotton fabric. Marat was moaning and breathing hard.

'And then, when you hear me say the magic word, you're going to cum. Right in your pants. You won't be able to stop yourself. And you'll be very embarrassed for cumming in your pants in front of me. Do you understand?'

He nodded. 'Yes.'

'Very embarrassed. So ashamed.'

Marat didn't react.

'Okay then,' Ben said. 'Pull up your pants.'

After Marat zipped his pants and buckled his belt, Ben counted him out of his trance. He watched as the young man visibly squirmed on the couch, his face reddening and his hands rubbing at his crotch.

'Well, it looks like time's up for today,' Ben said, looking at his watch, pretending to be oblivious of Marat's obvious movements. Marat stood up and Ben got an unobstructed view of the stud's bulging crotch. It was bulging so much it was almost obscene. 'I'll see you next time, okay?'

Marat could only nod. He needed to get out of there and relieve himself. He was so horny. He didn't know what was going on, but all of a sudden he felt like he had to cum. He turned to leave and was about to open the door when Ben spoke again.

'Next time we'll talk about your 'overhead smash.''

That did it. Marat whimpered loudly and his knees buckled. He turned back toward Ben and grabbed the couch for support, gasping. 'Unnnhhh!!!' His body convulsed and his hips rocked as the orgasm overtook him.

Ben stood in wide-eyed, blissful amazement as he watched Marat moaning like a whore, his hips bucking and his rigid dick lurching in his pants, knowing he was shooting stream after stream of pent up cum into his nice white briefs. A wet spot appeared on the front of his pants and quickly spread.

As his orgasm subsided Marat's breathing returned to normal. Suddenly he looked up to see Ben staring at him. He looked down at his cum-soaked khakis. His face turned bright red and his mouth dropped open. He bolted from the office, not bothering to close the door.

Ben smiled and closed the door. Oh, this was going to be so much fun!

To be continued...



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