Chapter One

Two years. I had behaved myself (more or less) for two years and now it was time for some more fun. My little pony girl Sarabeth had just won her first dressage competition and I was flying high. She was so sweet and so submissive and so sexy that the judges all fell in love with her from first sight. Of course, her awesome talent and that great dancers body didn't hurt, either.

Even though her home was a cage out in my stables, she never seemed to spend a whole lot of time there. We were always out in the arena or on the track or trotting around in my little sulky cart having a picnic out in the country or in bed together.

Sarabeth was, at this moment in time, my only pony and bed partner and companion. I imagine that if I weren't such a greedy bastard and a pervert, I could have just moved her in the house and maybe even married her after a few years and we could have lived a long happy domestic life together.

But that just wasn't me. I had gotten a taste of the whole sexual slave / human pony thing and I liked it. It had been one of my secret fetishes for years and when I finally found myself with the resources to get what I wanted, I decided to go for it all the way.

Besides, I had six cages out there in the stables. Five of which were currently empty. Even though Sarabeth was about as perfect a pony/partner/companion as a man could hope for, I wanted more variety. And more ponies. And more champions. I had also gotten a taste of the envy of the other pony owners when they looked at Sarabeth and watched her dance in the arena. I wanted more of that. The respect in their eyes and the pride of owning such a perfect and beautiful pony.

Even though I had taken her on a whim after picking her up hitch hiking one day, I had decided that I would stalk and research my next acquisition a little more carefully. Choose just the right one. Someone who would be a perfect fit in my stables. A fitting companion for both Sarabeth and myself.

After giving it much thought I came to the conclusion that my next pony should be a man. My only sexual experience with another man up to that point had been with Randy, my very first pony. I had purchased him and his mate Amanda at my first pony auction several years before I took Sarabeth. I was only really interested in her at first, but they were being sold as a 'breeding pair' with the agreement that they would be kept together. The phrase didn't really mean what it sounded like. I had no intention of getting her pregnant and waiting eighteen years to raise a potential pony. When ponies were advertised as 'breeders' it meant that they were not only exhibition stock but willing to have sex with their owners willingly as well.

Some did and some didn't. Amazingly enough, for some people the mere fact of being an owned pony was enough to satisfy their fantasies and their inner drives and there was either no need or no desire for sex to be part of the act. Just dressing up and playing the part was enough.

Me, I was in it for the whole enchilada. I was so turned on by the whole pony/owner thing that some days it was difficult to actually get out and train and not spend the whole day in bed.

Anyway, by Randy and Amanda being listed as breeders it meant that not only would they willingly give their bodies to me individually and together, they were also willing to have sex with each other for my entertainment. And they were well versed enough in the erotic arts that sometimes just watching them together was satisfying enough. In between, anyways.

The first evening they were in my home (I hadn't come up with my three-day rule yet) I took Amanda to my bed and made Randy stand in the corner with his hands cuffed behind his back and watch while I spent a couple of hours making love to his mate. Then after she had recovered, I had her tease him unmercifully for almost an hour before I uncuffed his hands and allowed them play time together. That had been entertaining.

The following evening after training I had taken them both to my bed for my first threesome. At one point during the evenings fun we had been little more than a tangle of bodies on the bed when I suddenly came to the conclusion that it wasn't Amanda that was sucking my cock. I stopped and watched for awhile as Randy worked my member in and out of his very talented lips and realized that it didn't matter who was doing it as long as it felt that good. Later on I fucked my very first pony boy and enjoyed it immensely. I laid him on his back with his feet up almost to his shoulders and drove my prick into his tight little ass while his mate leaned her head in between our bodies and sucked his prick.

That was an interesting night and it had opened many doors for future fun.

I had kept them in my house (the cages still being under construction at the time) for four years. During that time I had come to the realization that what I wanted more than just submissive bed partners, was exhibition ponies. The training and the gatherings and showing off my pets to the other owners. I wanted more than just sex. I wanted a sense of accomplishment.

Plus I wanted a chance to show some of those blue blooded 'old money' owners that they weren't the only serious contenders in the world. I had money and lots of it, I just didn't flaunt it the way they did. It took more than money and status to make a champion and champions were what I wanted.

Sadly, my two ponies were only mediocre contenders, having no real drive in the competitive arena. They were more 'comfort and service' creatures than they were athletes. So after a long discussion and a somewhat sad farewell, I put them back up for auction and disappeared from the competition scene for a couple of years.

Taking Sarabeth when I did turned into the biggest single stroke of luck in my entire life. I had been immediately struck by her beauty and her lithe sinuous body as soon as she had climbed into the cab of my pickup truck. And not long after I installed her in the first cage her true submissive nature had blossomed and she became the light of my life.

It only took a year of training to get her in shape for the gathering and at her very first one we took third place in the sulky race and second in the dressage. The following year we took first in both events and I rewarded her lavishly.

I should have been content.

But I wanted more. Sarabeth understood that and sometimes I think she understood my nature better than I did myself. Just because she was sweet and extremely submissive to my will did not mean that she was in any definition stupid. Though she was lacking in formal education, Sarabeth was incredibly intuitive.

Hell, it may have been her idea for my formal campaign to acquire more ponies. I don't really recall. We did discuss it quite often.

I had feelers out in several different directions. Both in person and through the internet. Twice a month I would head out to Springfield or even as far as Bay City to prowl some of the local BDSM clubs. I had memberships under different names in all of them. As I was now actually a kidnapper, I took precautions. I had fairly short hair but kept it just long enough to be able to comb or mousse it into several different styles. Adding glasses and a moustache or goatee out of my kit changed my appearance just enough to make and sketch by a police artist vague enough if it came down to that.

I had a certain 'type' that I was hunting for, of course. There was no point in taking a new pony if I wasn't physically attracted to them. This was, after all, about me and what I wanted.

My physical attraction ran towards those smaller than me. I guess you would say 'petite'. Fully adults, of course. I wasn't into teens or children. That kind of thing made me grind my teeth in anger.

So I preferred them small, say in the five foot range, give or take a few in each direction. They had to be attractive and athletic or at least healthy enough to get that way with some training.

They also had to have that submissive spark in their soul. That deep seated need to be dominated. I had learned to recognize those from a distance. I was all about body language and learning how to read it. It helped weed out the pretenders and the merely curious. Especially at the clubs. It amazed me the first time I went into one of the clubs and realized how many people there were that were there just to appear 'hip' and weren't really into the lifestyle at all, aside from wearing leather pants and hanging a pair of handcuffs on their belt.

I'd scoped out and checked out and even taken out so many young people from the clubs only to find them lacking in one way or another it was starting to get discouraging.

And doing the same task over the internet was even more difficult. It was so easy to learn to mouth the right phrases in a chat room and harder to tell who was actually who. An eighteen year old sub girl could in truth be an eighty year old man and visa versa. I'd invested a lot of time and money tracking down leads only to be disappointed time and time again.

Through it all, Sarabeth was there, rubbing the frustration out of my shoulders when I returned home or left my computer in disgust.

'Patience, Master.' she would whisper in my ear. 'Patience. Soon your stables will be full and you won't have to look anymore. You will have all the beautiful ponies you need, I know it.' We would always end up in bed together after one of those nights. She knew exactly how to release all my frustrations, even if it meant returning to her cage with her bottom still pink from a brisk spanking and some lively sex.

There had been one young man that I had been keeping my eye on in one of the D/s chat rooms. His online handle was 'Time Lord' and I knew right away he was a computer geek. He'd managed to get himself in through an anonymous server and had his tracks covered pretty well. I hadn't paid that much attention to him at first, as he had touted himself as a Dom in his profile.

But the first time I actually managed to have a conversation with him in a private side chat room, I knew that there was very little about his psychological makeup that was actually dominant. He deferred to me and addressed me as 'Sir', even capitalizing the word on each usage. He intrigued me enough that I managed to plant a little bug on his profile that let me know whenever he was online and where he was. Of course, I never showed up anywhere but in the D/s chat rooms so he wouldn't get suspicious.

About a month after our first real meeting, Time Lord started showing up online just to meet with me. It was about that time that I started slowly introducing the idea of exploring his true submissive nature. The first time I mentioned it he rejected it out of hand with extreme prejudice. He swore up and down that there was nothing submissive in him and the whole idea was ridiculous and somewhat insulting. Wasn't he a Dom, after all? But the fact that he was showing up online just to talk with me belied his claims.

I pressed and backed off, pressed and backed off. Each time gaining a little ground and once in awhile losing some. Chipping away at his online armor and each time learning more and more about his mind and his psychological makeup. He intrigued me in a way that none of the others I had met lately had managed to and I was determined to pursue him further.

One evening during one of our chats I pressed him a little too hard and he logged off in a huff. About twenty minutes later I got an angry email from him that was little more than a page and a half rant about what a 'sick bastard' I was and suggesting that I seek therapy for my 'obvious mental defects'. I sighed deeply and sent him a very calm and studied reply stating that when he was done being childish I would still be here, willing to talk again. He didn't speak to me again for a month.

Of course I wasn't idle during the moments in between chats. He had caught my attention and I wished to discover exactly who and where he was and what he looked like. From the very first time I spoke to him I set things in motion to discover his identity. My own crude and simple methods got me as far as finding out he lived in Cape Placid, just north of Bay City. That was fortunate. If he'd have been too far away things wouldn't have worked out as well as they did.

From there I put it in the hands of some people I had on the outside who were very good at that sort of thing. Professionals. Most of them present or former government employees who thought they were grossly underpaid for their talents and were always eager to earn a little tax free cash on the side. I always paid quickly and tipped lavishly for good service and they were always eager to hear from me. Since nothing I requested ever even hinted at subversion or espionage they never saw anything wrong with 'helping out a friend in need.'

There are some things that money can't buy, but information, especially in this digital age, isn't one of those things.

Each of my sources found different pieces and I put them together into a composite picture myself. Since I tended to pay well for good service, they all gave me more than I asked for and so there were many overlaps in the information. That just helped to verify the data. And, after all, if you are doing a deep background on a normal average citizen there just really isn't all that much information.

A week before 'Time Lord' had his little temper tantrum and cussed me in an email, I knew more about him than he probably knew himself.

His name was Nathan Terrazano, 18 years old. His grandparents had immigrated from Sicily. I had their names and a complete family history going back quite some time. Nathans parents had been killed in a fire when he was three and he had been raised in a Catholic orphanage. He'd done well and had gone to St Mary's High (of course) and graduated when he was only 16 years old, being exceptionally bright. He was presently halfway through a four year degree in Computer Science at the local community college in Cape Placid.

While going to school, Nathan was working part time for a company called Memetech, a software development firm based out of Kansas. He helped develop games and other software that they were trying to market. Working from his apartment, or the local internet café, or the park, or anywhere he could jack into an errant wi-fi signal, Nathan was earning enough money to pay for his college with enough left over in his pocket to live fairly comfortably, if not lavishly. In the folder on my desk was bank statements and paycheck receipts from the accounting office in Kansas. And there was lots more.

One of my people had managed to get me pictures. Oh..... My. He was gorgeous. A little skinny, perhaps. Overworked and underfed. Nathan spent a lot of time in the internet café drinking designer coffees and eating very little in between. Mostly pizza and Chinese takeout, like most young men his age, I suppose.

But aside from that he was beautiful. Small, as I had hoped. About 5'5', maybe 130 tops. Beautiful long brown curly hair that reached just past his shoulders which he kept back in a tight pony tail most of the time. Dark brown eyes and a slightly olive complexion that belied his southern Italian roots. And despite being a bit on the thin side, he was very well built. He stayed active enough walking and riding his mountain bike back and forth to and from the college and around town to keep himself in decent shape.

My operative had almost completely filled a digital disk with pictures taken over the space of a week. He'd even managed, by renting an apartment across the street, to get pics of Nathan coming out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel and one or two almost out of frame of him wearing nothing at all. I nearly drooled. The first time I opened the pictures I had been laying in bed with Sarabeth, my laptop on the sheets between us.

'Ooohh... He's pretty, Master! Is that going to be your next pony?'

I nodded. 'If everything works out to plan, anyway. I sure hope so.' We watched more pictures flipping by on the screen. When the pics of him coming out of the shower flicked past I whistled softly. Sarabeth laid a hand against my forearm and tickled my skin with her nails. 'Are you going to let me play with him too?'

I shrugged. 'If you can behave yourself...... perhaps.' A small grin twisted one corner of my lips. She managed to look shocked. Her hand went to the center of her chest, right between those small perfect breasts. 'When have I not behaved myself, Master? I think I've worked pretty hard to be the perfect pony for you.'

I relented and slipped a hand behind her head and kissed those little cupid lips then patted her cheek gently. 'Of course you are the perfect pony, Sarabeth. I could ask for none better and I would be nothing without you.' I pointed back at the monitor where pictures of Nathan were still flipping by, over and over. 'And when I take him you will have plenty of play time with him. I promise.'

'So you decided to take him?'

'Oh yes. His fate is already sealed. He's young, athletic and pretty. Smart and, above all, he's submissive. Even if he won't admit it to himself, he wants to be dominated. And I am going to take him and make all of his dreams, and mine, come true. Nathan will be my next pony.'

Sarabeth frowned a little in concern. 'I hope he doesn't mind it too much.'

I almost laughed out loud. Let's see... I was going to kidnap him and keep him naked in a cage and turn him into a fetish object and a servant and a sexual plaything. He'd already told me that he had absolutely no interest in other men so I was going to have to force him to give himself to me sexually against his wishes.

I suspected he was going to mind that quite a bit.

Chapter Two

While Nathan was away having his little temper tantrum, I missed talking to him and decided that I had to see him in person at least one time before I took the next step. It was a gamble, but one I was willing to risk. And I needed to make sure in my head that he was the one I wanted. After all, I couldn't just kidnap him and then say 'Oops. Sorry. My mistake.' and then let him go again. If I took him it was going to be forever and I wanted to make the right choice.

After some long discussions and some careful coaching I decided to take Sarabeth with me on her very first 'free world' excursion. She'd gone with me to the gatherings, of course. We spent hours and sometimes days traveling in my RV getting there and back with no problem whatsoever. But this was going to be the first time I had her out among the non-fetish people since I had taken her. This too, was a gamble. After all, there was nothing keeping her from running off and screaming for the police saying that I had kidnapped her once we made it outside the walls of my ranch.

Nothing except her professed love for me and her own submissive nature. I had faith in her. I just hoped it was enough.

As Cape Placid was about a five hour drive from home we decided to make a weekend of it. Packing a case for me was no big deal, but for Sarabeth it was problematic. When I took her she had nothing but a small pack with cut off shorts, tight t-shirts and underwear. Except for the sweats I had her wear outside on chilly days or when we traveled, she had not worn a stitch of clothing other than a collar or a harness since then. So we spent a few hours on the way, buying her four dresses in varying lengths and colors to bring along for the trip. Since we were not really sure of what situations we might find ourselves in, we also picked up a couple pair of tight blue jeans and some very snug and revealing t-shirts. My very favorite of the dresses was a short black velvety strapless number that looked like it was going to fall off of her at any moment. I very much enjoyed seeing her in it and I enjoyed even more taking it off of her when we got to the hotel.

We both enjoyed the 'newness' of being in a place other then my bedroom or the stables. It was a bit exciting and we were both a little giddy, like teenagers on our first date. Of course when we went to gatherings we traveled in my RV and slept together either in the big king sized bed in the back or in a hotel suite. Getting out and experiencing a new place was exciting for us both. Sarabeth fell into the role of the beautiful blond wife of a rich eccentric with no problem. She would have made it big on the stage if she had ever made it there.

Since the trip was a relatively short one, we took the Mercedes rather than the RV. It had been awhile since I'd driven it and I don't think Sarabeth had ever even been inside it before. She reveled in the soft luxurious leather seats and the fine woodwork and chrome of the dash and accessories. Like a kid in a candy store, she cooed and exclaimed over each new find, playing with the reading lights and adjusting the a/c vents and fiddling with the radio. Me, I just smiled and enjoyed the ride and the company.

Once we had checked into the hotel and worked out the kinks of the trip with a long hard fuck and an equally long shower afterwards, we settled down on the bed with my laptop between us to plan our little foray into meeting Nathan.

Was just seeing him in person enough or did I want to actually hear his voice? Engage him in conversation? About what? Where? The coffee shop or the park nearby were the ideal places, of course. A location where a stranger could approach another without arousing suspicion. The discussion went long into the evening and, as we neared the dinner hour, we tabled it until after we had eaten.

Since the hotel was fairly classy, all pseudo-Victorian, dark oak and fine rich carpeting everywhere, we dressed up for dinner. I wore my 'casual rich guy in disguise' outfit. Loose fitting jeans with highly shined cowboy boots, a white button down shirt and an Italian silk jacket that cost me close to a thousand dollars by itself. For this excursion I had dyed my hair jet black to cover the dark brown and salt and pepper gray that was it's usual state. Sarabeth combed and styled my hair for me, sweeping it back from my forehead and moussing it into place with a little of that rumpled 'I don't really care how I look' look. That, combined with a little pair of round tinted glasses changed my appearance enough I don't think anybody from my own family would have recognized me.

Changing Sarabeth's appearance wasn't so easy. She stood out no matter how she was made up or what she wore. She was a pocket sized goddess with long luxuriant blond hair that draped all the way down to the bottom of her tight little rump. Smooth pale creamy skin and startling blue eyes that seemed to draw people in like a magnet.

But when I had taken her she was a ragamuffin street girl living out of a backpack, wearing almost obscenely short cutoff jeans that left very little to the imagination and thin tight t-shirts over her small compact braless breasts. She was a trailer park sweetheart that men would write country songs about. If you could just see her now....

A long black tight evening gown that reached almost all the way down to the floor. Snug enough to accent her perfect dancers body. It was strapless and scooped down a little in the front to just barely enclose her small but wonderful breasts and make you wish for a little accident with gravity. It also went far enough down in the back that it exposed the small fine peach fuzz of hair at the base of her spine and stopped just north of the cleft of her bottom. A pair of tall high heeled shoes brought her up to my chin. Her long hair was tightly braided and swung behind her as she walked, drawing your eye. She used just a modicum of makeup to accentuate her lips and eyes and had dazzling diamond earrings in each lobe. They shone so brightly it was instantly obvious that they were not only real but extremely expensive. Around her slim beautiful neck she wore a thin silver chain. In the center of it were the letters 'MxR' which, if you could lift the heavy mass of shiny blond hair and look at the back of her neck, you would see tattooed there as my mark. I'd inked that mark into her skin the first day I had taken her, marking her as mine for life.

'Sarabeth you look absolutely amazing. Mouth watering. It makes me want to tear that dress off of you and drag you into bed again just so I can watch you get dressed all over.'

She blushed a little, just a hint of color coming to her cheeks. Compliments like that always embarrassed her just a little bit. 'Thank you, Master.' she said. 'Of course, I am yours. If that is what you wish...' Her eyes went demurely to the floor. I shook my head.

'I think not. Not at this moment, anyway. We should go to dinner. I want everyone to see what a dazzlingly beautiful woman I have on my arm. It will make me proud, as I always am, to be seen with you.'

Her smile had dimples this time. 'Master, you are always so gallant.'

I raised a finger. 'I do have one more fashion accessory for you, my dear. While there's nothing I could add that would accent your outer beauty, I do have something that will make you glow from the inside.' While she looked on quizzically, I reached into my bag and extracted a medium sized butt plug, just like the one she wore with her tail attached to back home at the ranch. The other hand held the bottle of lube.

'Oh!' she exclaimed, coloring just a little more. 'Of course, Master.' Moving carefully so as not to wrinkle her dress, she gathered it up to her waist, exposing her tight smooth bottom to me as she bent over the bed.

The following afternoon we spent drifting around town, browsing some of the shops on the town square and actually buying a few things. Since Sarabeth loved music so much, I bought her a small mp3 player with ear buds that you almost couldn't see. The kid at the music store had an extensive collection of music on his personal laptop and I slipped him a hundred dollar bill to load it up with music for her. The way he was drooling over Sarabeth as she bent her head next to his over the computer screen and picked out songs, he probably would have given me a hundred just for the experience. And afterwards when she kissed him on the cheek he shivered so hard I'm pretty sure he came close to unloading in his pants. I just smiled. I'm sure if he could have seen her the way I did last night, hands bound to the headboard with a pillow under her hips while I fucked her long and hard in the ass, he would have had a heart attack and died happily on the spot.

Afterwards she walked alongside me with her hand on my arm while she listened to her music, her body swaying and shaking in time to the beat only she could hear. Many many eyes followed her lithe body as we strolled. And nobody paid any attention to me at all, which was of course, what I wanted.

All the while we were roaming around the small town, we stayed within eyeshot of the coffee shop, the park and the library, our eyes peeled for a glimpse of Nathan. He was, after all, the reason for our little foray. I had a rundown of his schedule and knew that he always visited one of those three places after his afternoon classes.

Sure enough, at ten after three, there he was. Nathan rode his mountain bike up to the coffee shop, got a large paper cup of something and pushed his bike across the street to the park, where he sprawled on a bench with his backpack on one side of him and his laptop open across his legs. Sarabeth and I took over a bench about twenty yards away and just looked. We'd both donned sunglasses so it would be difficult to tell just exactly where we were looking in case anybody noticed.

'Beautiful, isn't he?'

Sarabeth reclined into my shoulder and ran a hand softly up and down the inside of my thigh. 'Mmmm...' she murmured. 'He's gorgeous, Master!'

'Now imagine what he would look like wearing nothing but a harness and a tail.' She made a quick intake of breath and her hand tightened on my skin.

'That would make him almost as beautiful as you, Master.' She turned her head up and I could see a little twitch in her cheek as she winked at me. After I bent and kissed her she added 'Almost, but not quite.'

He was quite attractive. Aside from the feel of Sarabeth's small warm hand stroking my leg, I could feel my prick twitching around in my pants while I thought about taking him and making him my pony. As far as physical attraction was concerned my mind was already made up. I wanted to take him and chain him up in a cage naked and tease and prod him unmercifully until he begged me to fuck him long and hard. Woof! My desire was almost enough to make me want to discard my plans and take him immediately.

But that would have been premature and might have ruined everything. There were still a few more steps to take before he became mine. I had patience.

While we sat there and watched a girl came up to Nathans bench and started speaking to him. She was young and fairly pretty but way too thin for my tastes. I'd seen her picture before. Marie, his on again off again girlfriend and online submissive. I'd discussed her with him several times in some of our chats. Their D/s relationship was a large source of stress in his life. Bastard that I was, I used that stress to my advantage.

From the way Marie was standing, her body rigid and her arms folded tightly across her chest I could see that she was angry. She spoke without hardly moving her lips, which were compressed into a tight thin line. Nathan was frowning and trying to pretend he was ignoring her by staring at the screen in his lap. But I could clearly tell by the way his body was tensing up that he was getting angry. We weren't close enough to hear her words or his terse replies. It was clearly obvious that they were arguing about something important to them.

Finally Marie threw up her hands, shouted something at him and walked away, her hands thrust angrily in her pants pockets, head down and moving quickly. Staring after her for long moments, Nathan finally closed the screen on his laptop with an angry snap and sat forward with his head in his hands.

I wanted to go to him and say something soothing. In my mind he already belonged to me and I was a sucker for a pony in distress. My heart ached for him in more ways than one. I longed to take him in my arms and sooth away his troubles. Run my fingers through his hair and kiss his full warm lips then take him to my bed and make love to him until his troubles were nothing more than a distant memory.

That thought was just way premature at this point, however. I still had days and maybe even weeks of work ahead of me before I could even safely take him, let alone bring him to my bed. That didn't stop me from thinking about it, though. Fantasies about Nathan were looming larger in my mind with each passing day.

We watched surreptitiously while he sat on the bench for awhile in apparent misery. Finally he got up and thrust his computer into his pack and slung it over his shoulder as he rose. Grabbing his bike in hand, we watched him walk back across the street to and into the coffee shop. When he paused long enough to chain the bike to a lamp post I figured he was planning on staying there awhile. Sarabeth slipped her small hand through my arm as we rose and followed him casually inside.

Once inside I chose a table not too far away where I could see Nathan clearly and also catch a glimpse of what he was doing on the computer. If my suspicions were correct, he would be going to look for somebody to pour out his troubles to. If I'd have thought to bring my own laptop.... But no. This was about meeting him in person even if he was unaware of who I was. I wanted to get a good feel for him as a person other than his online persona.

While I chose our table I gave Sarabeth a handful of bills and had her get us some refreshments. Since I strictly controlled her diet and limited her intake of sugar and caffeine, I cautioned her on her choices, suggesting a 'low sugar half-caff' or even a fruit juice. She stuck her tongue out at me as she took the bills from my hand then bent and kissed my cheek whispering 'As you wish, my Master' in my ear as she departed. If things went well, I had a role for her to play and I didn't want her all cranked up and jittery on sugar and caffeine.

Nathan slumped in his seat and sipped his coffee, a dour expression on his face. I watched while he flipped through a few web pages and checked his email, never pausing long on any one page, just pretty much randomly browsing around. Sarabeth returned to the table and gave me a large Columbian coffee, thick and black, just the way I liked it. She had chosen a diet English Toffee cappuccino that smelled sweet and very good. And since it had been a long time since breakfast, she scored us a couple of blueberry muffins that were light and fluffy and fresh and very tasty. On my recommendation, she went back up to the counter and dropped a twenty dollar bill in the tip jar. That ensured that we would get some good service while we were here.

There! That's what I was looking for! Nathan was logging into the BDSM chat room that we met in initially. He almost had a hopeful look in his eyes as he scrolled down the list of users currently online. But when he reached the end of the list he logged off again with a small sigh. He went from there directly to his email and, after a moment in thought, he started typing. I had a suspicion who he was writing to. I watched while he typed for a few minutes and it looked like he was finally done. His cursor hovered over the 'send' button and he sat there in indecision.

That was my cue. I nudged Sarabeth and she rose and walked over to Nathan's side and tapped him on the shoulder. 'Excuse me?' Startled, he glanced up at her and then looked back at the screen and hit 'send' before closing his browser. At first he looked up in annoyance then blinked hard at Sarabeth and a broad smile spread out across his face. I could see his eyes flickering up and down her body as he drank in all the details. Since it was warm in the coffee shop, Sarabeth had taken off her leather jacket and was wearing very tight jeans and a snug t-shirt that showed off her body and those small braless breasts perfectly. And since she was both excited by playing a role and turned on by Nathan himself, her nipples were hard and prominent and very much in view. His mouth flapped open and closed a few times, trying to form a coherent sentence. Finally he managed to blurt out 'Can I help you?'

'What kind of computer is that?' Stunned, he mumbled something about the make and model.

'Is it good and reliable? Are you happy with the performance?' Eyes wide, he nodded. Taking advantage of his discomfiture, she slipped into the chair next to him and laid a small warm hand on his arm. I could almost see the waves of heat radiating through his body from her touch.

'If you don't mind me asking... I'm here with my employer for a business meeting.' She waved her other hand at me. Like he was fighting against a magnetic pull, his eyes flicked towards me and fastened back to her in an instant. 'And I've been trying to talk the boss into getting rid of his ancient computer and buying a new laptop. Something we could carry with us when we traveled and was compatible with new technology.'

When we were discussing the possible scenarios beforehand, we decided that 'employer' and 'boss' were more acceptable than the other options. We discussed 'husband' and 'boyfriend' and even 'father', which I disliked immensely, even if I was old enough to fit the role. Figuring that 'boss' would let her seem more available, we went with that option.

'What kind of work does he do?'

'He's a writer and a personal fitness guru. Writes novels and short stories and he advises some influential people on their fitness regimes. He spends a lot of time at his computer and he really needs something new to work with.'

The story was mildly true, up to a point, anyway. I was getting a reputation in the pony field and did give some advice to other owners and trainers. And I had written a few stories about my experiences. And some fiction about the things I would like to experience in the future.

'Well....' he said 'This would more than certainly suit his needs. It's more set up for gaming and programming, which is what I do. But it would be more than enough for word processing and personal internet....' Sarabeth cut him off with a squeeze on his arm and pointed at me again and asked 'Do you mind if the Boss joins us? I want him to hear it from an expert. I can't seem to convince him to give up his old dinosaur computer by myself.'

He shrugged and said 'Sure, I guess.' And he gave her a look that was partly in annoyance at having to share her attention and dubious that she couldn't convince somebody to do something. My good girl already had him wrapped around her finger so tight that she could have convinced him to do naked cartwheels in the street. She sat very close to him with her back straight and shoulders pulled back so each time he looked at her that sweet face and those gorgeous tits were only inches away. Once I brought our drinks and sat down, he rarely even noticed that I was sitting there. At the beginning, anyway.

As we had set up the story beforehand, I was Jackson 'Jax' Winters and she was Sarah Monroe, my personal secretary and Gal Friday. I stayed mostly quiet during the introductions and had to restrain myself when he shook my hand. His hand was warm and soft and that first touch sent an electric warmth buzzing through my body. I took a slow deep breath and could feel my cock getting hard in my pants. It's a good thing I preferred looser fitting jeans. If mine were as tight as Sarabeths I would have gotten really uncomfortable really quickly.

I sat in silence for the first few minutes while they discussed the different types of computers and the pros and cons of each. Sarabeth had done some research on the subject before we left home and knew just enough to be able to ask the right questions. In reality, she had never really used a computer before in her life. Coming from a fairly poor background she had never finished High School and although she had taken some typing classes in school she had never gotten far enough to use a computer. Oh, she'd fooled around with my laptop a little now and then while I watched and gave advice, but nothing very serious. And I've always done my own typing. Even though she was bright and a quick study, Sarabeth couldn't type worth a bean.

But she could act and got into a role like a natural. I almost felt guilty for maybe depriving the world of a wonderful actress.


Mostly I just sat there and looked at him while they talked. Listened to the sound of his voice and the way he spoke. I kept my dark glasses on so he couldn't tell that my eyes were constantly running up and down his body and getting lost in his face. Sarabeth just sat there chatting about computers while her fingers ran idly up and down his arm. I could see goose bumps rise up on his skin and, by leaning back a little in my chair, I could see a pretty substantial hardon running down the inside of one pant leg. Oh my.... The pictures I had seen of him naked were a little far away and he was mostly out of the frame. But up close and personal like this I could plainly see that Nathan had a pretty good sized piece of meat hanging between his legs. My mouth watered and my hands itched with the thought of getting hold of it. And all the rest of him.

In a visceral way, I almost felt sorry for the boy. Very soon his life was going to change radically. All of the things that defined him in his life at this moment, his computer, his job, his apartment, his education, Marie... All of those things were going to vanish when he did. He was going to wake up in a world that I suspect he never even imagined. I was going to challenge and change everything about his life.

In short, he was going to wake up in hell. Hopefully it wouldn't take too long for him to realize that it was also heaven in disguise. Fortunately I had the angel Sarabeth on my side. She was my greatest ally.

I believe it was Archimedes who said 'Give me a big enough lever and I could move the world.' He was so correct. I had the perfect lever to work on Nathan. Or anybody else, for that matter. If Archimedes had met Sarabeth he would have given up math without a second thought.

Nathan sat with his back to the door of the coffee shop and I sat across the table from him. I planned things that way. Not only did it give me a good view of the front of the store and a great view of Nathan himself, it also put some space between me and Sarabeth so she could pour on her charm. And pouring it on she was. She did it so innocently and naturally. Sarabeth just exuded sensuality like it was the most natural thing in the world. I'm sure if the place were empty they would have ended up naked on the floor of the coffee shop. But who would have been raping who would have been hard to tell.

Unbeknownst to him, Marie came walking through the front door of the shop. She spotted Nathan and started to walk over to our table. But when she saw him talking to Sarabeth and saw her hand running up and down his arm she stopped in shock, her mouth hanging open as she stared. Marie was cute in her own way, but compared to my little blond pony girl she was as homely as ten miles of mud fence.

I sat and watched the expressions in her face change. When she first walked in her jaw was set in determination and she looked a little grim. Then when she saw our little tableaux her eyes widened and her mouth opened in shock. Her face went red and her eyes narrowed and a line appeared on her forehead as she got extremely angry. Even angrier than she was out in the park. After a moment or two all of the color drained out of her face again and her jaw closed with a snap. Without saying a word, she turned on her heel and walked back out the door again.

I was such a bastard. Using what I knew about them, I could have engineered things to stabilize their relationship and Nathan and Marie may well have gone on to live a happy life together. On the other hand, from what I knew about them, I knew that they weren't really right for each other. Despite his outward macho Dom exterior, Nathan was an unsatisfied closet submissive. And although Marie touted herself online and in Nathans bedroom as a submissive, she was actually very controlling with very little interest in sex other than as a tool to keep Nathan close to her.

If they stayed together they would have made each other miserable.

Besides, I wanted Nathan. I wanted him more than she did and that settled things in my mind. I had hopes and aspirations for him that reached beyond the mundane house in the big city and 3.5 kids future that Marie had planned.

To hell with her. He was mine. And I got what I wanted.

With Sarabeth to keep him distracted, Nathan never even noticed the little drama that had just played out behind him. That was fine. I'm sure the aftermath was going to drive him even further towards the goal I was working towards. That was fine, too.

Long minutes after Marie had come and gone, Nathan blinked and looked at me like he was just seeing me for the first time. In an effort to seem civil he turned and said 'So, uh... Jax. What kind of stories do you write?'

I gave him a long cool smile from behind the mask of my dark glasses and waved a hand noncommittally. 'They aren't so much. Some psychological studies. Discussions on the subject of power exchanges in everyday life. And some....fiction. Short stories and novels for the fetish crowd.' I shrugged. 'It's soft core porn, really. Nothing really challenging, but it brings in some money from the bondage and leather types.'

He raised an eyebrow. 'Really? I'd like to read some of your work.'

I pointed to his laptop and said 'Sure. Do you mind?' he turned it and slid it towards me and said 'Sure.' I opened his browser and typed in a website address where I published some of my softer stories at a free website. I navigated to the list of my stories and pushed it back towards him. Most of those stories were Male Dom gay and bisexual dreams of mine.

'Here you go. I'd like to know what you think. My email address is there at the top. Send me a message.' Glancing at my watch I said 'Sarah dear? We do need to get going. They can't hold that meeting without us and I don't want to be too fashionably late.'

She sighed like she didn't want to leave, which I am sure was pretty true, then stood up and shrugged into her leather jacket.

'Boss, you can be a real slave driver at times!' I almost burst out laughing at the double entendre. 'But we do need to go.' she finished sadly. Leaning down over the seated boy she ran a finger under his chin and tilted his head up. Her lips came down on his is a kiss that made his toes curl up. She pulled away after a moment and said in a low smoky voice 'I hope I get to see you again, Nathan. Very soon.'

We walked out of the coffee shop while he sat there with his face burning red and his mouth hanging open in shock.

Chapter Three

Sarabeth lay back on the bed, her legs wrapped around my shoulders while my head was between her thighs and I tongued her pussy, driving her to one orgasm after another. One hand was wrapped in my hair so tight it was almost painful.

We had both been so wound up when we got back to the hotel that our clothes were strewn all over the room. It had taken all of my restraint not to bend her over and take her in the elevator on the way upstairs. But those tight jeans would have thwarted me. Even being used to wearing them, Sarabeth had to struggle to get them off while I lay already naked on the bed growling with lust.

Just as soon as she was naked I flipped her over on her back on the bed and dove between those soft heavenly thighs and proceeded to bring her off several times with my lips and tongue. That always took just the edge off for her and she was always ready for more. Besides, I just loved making my little pony girl come hard and repeatedly. Her little screams and sighs of ecstasy were music to my ears.

She pulled on my hair even harder. 'Please Master...' she begged. 'Please.... Oh god... please..... I want you inside me, Master...... oh god....' I planted one last kiss right on her clit that made her shiver and moan and tremble, then slowly crawled up her body. Grabbing her wrists, I crossed them over one another and held them pinned to the bed above her head and just looked down at her, my hard cock pointed right at the entrance to her pussy. She moaned some more and bucked her hips beneath me in an effort to get my prick inside her.

'Do you want me to fuck you, Sarabeth?'

'Oh god yes please, Master!'

'Where do you want my cock, Sarabeth?'

She moaned again. 'Anywhere.... Everywhere!'

'Tell me.' Moving my pelvis a little I made the head of my prick rub up and down the slit of her pussy, getting me coated with her juices.

'I want you in my pussy, Master. And.... In my mouth. And.... In my ass.... Oooohhh.... Please, Master!' She didn't mind when I talked dirty to her. It was a thing she expected from men. But it embarrassed her highly when I made her talk that way. And it turned her on even more, though she wouldn't admit it. Deep down she reveled in being what she called a 'dirty girl' at times.

I released her hands with the admonition 'Keep them up there, Sarabeth. If you move your hands I'll make you sleep on the floor.' I wouldn't have, but it worked well as a threat. She moaned in frustration. I reached back and grabbed her ankles and brought her feet up to my chest. Her legs weren't long enough to reach to my shoulders but I put them into my chest and leaned forward, pinning her body to the bed with my weight. One hand went between our bodies and positioned the head of my prick right at her opening, spreading her lips apart and slipping just inside. She moaned and tried to wiggle me in deeper but I held her mostly immobile. Both her hands and her toes were curled up and clenched tight.

'Do you really want me to fuck you, Sarabeth?'

'Please, Master!' she begged.

'And what will you do for me?'

'Anything! Everything! Anything you want, Master. Ooohh... I am yours. I will do anything you want.'

With that I leaned forward and pressed my cock up inside her slowly, sinking in a fraction of an inch at a time while she gasped and wiggled beneath me. As the last bit of my prick disappeared up inside her, I felt my balls nestling between her ass cheeks. Sarabeth gasped and panted like she couldn't draw a full breath. I was having a little trouble breathing myself. Her pussy gripped me so hard it was like a hot wet velvet vise on my meat, pulsing up and down my shaft. It took all of my self control to keep from filling her with my come right then and there.

I grabbed her dainty little feet in my hands and pulled them a little way from my chest and my thumbs ran down the sole of each foot. She squeaked and gasped hard, her toes curling up so hard they crackled and her hands almost came up off of the bed as she gave a little scream and came. Neither one of us was really into tickling, but the unexpected sensation caught her off guard and threw her into a hard sudden orgasm that caught her completely by surprise. Chuckling and balanced on my knees, I spread her legs wide apart then wrapped them around my waist as I leaned down over her and rested on my elbows.

You couldn't tell from initially looking at her, but Sarabeth was very well toned and incredibly strong, especially her legs. It took a lot of muscle and strength to pull a sulky cart with 180 pounds of me in it as fast as she did and she could do a three minute dressage routine in those heavy pony boots with the horse shoes on the soles like she was wearing sneakers.

If you just watched her walk, like I always did (hell, everybody did) you would just whistle to yourself and think 'Wow! Nice legs!' They were firm and shapely and incredibly sexy without seeming too muscled or bulky. And Sarabeth did know how to walk in just a way to make sure that she caught your eye.

The point I'm trying to make here is that once I moved her legs down to my waist she stretched and pulled them up and wrapped those heavenly thighs around my waist and locked me in like I was in chains, pulling me deeper inside her body. Even if I had wanted to get away, I would have been hard pressed to get out of that leg lock with sheer muscle power alone.

But then I didn't have anywhere I needed to be at the moment anyway so it didn't really matter. I'd already met Nathan, which was my goal for this little excursion. So if I had to spend the rest of the time we had allotted between her sweet thighs then I had no complaints.

'You can move you hands now, Sarabeth. They are free.'

Her arms came up and wrapped around my neck, pulling my head down until our lips met in a long smoldering kiss. I was wrapped in a cocoon of softly moaning little blond pony girl and the sight and sound and smell and taste of her was overwhelming. Pressing her heels into my back as a fulcrum, she started rocking her pelvis beneath me, slowly and sensuously.

And moments later I got to feel those heels drumming on my tailbone as she squeaked into my mouth and climaxed again, those wonderful internal muscles squeezing me like a milking machine.

Christ, what was I thinking? I should have been deliriously happy with this beautiful loving giving willing woman who would do absolutely anything to please me. Sometimes there weren't enough hours in the day to spend in bed with her, let alone training for the next gathering and mundane things like eating and sleeping.

Well, I was deliriously happy. I couldn't really ask for anything more.

But I was wanting more. And even more on top of that. I had five empty cages and wouldn't stop until they were filled. I wanted six champion ponies. Six servants. Six bed partners. Hell, I had room for a dozen cages if I wanted to build more. But I suspected that six would be plenty. After all, there were just so many hours in the day.

I had already decided that I was going to take Nathan and make him my next pony. Barring any horrible mistakes or natural disasters, that was going to happen within the next couple of weeks at the latest.

He didn't know it but I sure as hell did.

Even though I had this beautiful blond goddess beneath me, pleasuring me with her body, I thought about Nathan as I drove into her time and time again until we collapsed together in mutual ecstasy.

Chapter Four

It wasn't until we had driven home the following morning that I remembered to check my email. Sarabeth was busy taking care of our laundry and tidying up the house. At my direction she had hung up her dresses and her new clothes in a closet in one of the spare bedrooms. They would be out of the way there and she would finally have something to wear to the next Pony's Ball when we went to the gathering again. That thought made her smile.

It also made her happy when I allowed her to use her mp3 player while she worked. Since she was usually naked at home, I let her clip it to the ring in her collar. Sarabeth smiled and hummed and danced while she worked. A happy pony.

I had around a dozen different email accounts in different places. Always an extra one to throw away if I needed to. And many of them were routed through an anonymous server in the old Soviet Union. A couple through my banks both in Bern and the Caymans. All of them were pretty close to being untraceable. I'm sure Interpol could crack them open but anybody else would have to start a war or show evidence that I was an international terrorist or something to be able to trace those accounts.

You can probably tell that I value my privacy.

I logged in to my 'ArexTheHunter' account. The same one I used when chatting with Nathan in that BDSM chatroom. As I suspected, there was an email from him, posted the day we met him there in the coffee house.

'Lord Arex,

First of all, I want to apologize for my behavior. There was no call for me to be so rude to you when all you were trying to do was help. I am truly sorry and hope that I did not offend you.

Secondly, I am beginning to suspect that you were right after all. This whole 'Dominant' thing is just not working out for me. So far it has caused me little more than grief and worry.

I have looked into and spoken with a few of the Dommes in the chatroom and it has only left me with more questions. Frankly Sir, I find most of those women to be cold and unappealing and I find the notion of submitting myself to one of them unappealing as well.

Even though the fetish lifestyle has intrigued me for most of my adult life, perhaps I am, at heart, just a 'vanilla' person after all.

Once again, please accept my apologies and I would really like to speak to you again on this matter.

-Nathan Terrazano aka Time Lord'

Well! That was interesting. The apology and the fact that he gave me his real name (even though I already knew it, but he didn't know that) was a real step forward. I would have to think through my reply carefully.


Apology accepted. As I said before I am always here and willing to listen. Perhaps it is I who should apologize to you. I was challenging your core beliefs, the very essence of your personal identity. It is not really my place to do so, despite whatever my thoughts might be on the matter.

Although I do not know for sure, you come across as being both very bright and rather young. I'm not saying this in any bad connotation. If you are really as young as I suspect you are, you are mature beyond your years. You also have what appears to be a very 'youthful' energy and a zest for life that I do not often encounter in older people. It is very refreshing. I do so enjoy chatting with you. You tend to brighten up my day.

As far as the somewhat delicate and touchy subject of your orientation goes, I suggest that you take it slowly and deliberately and not leap headlong into anything that you might come to regret later.

Rather than involving yourself with one of the Dommes in the chatroom, most of whom are merely pretending by the way, why don't you look instead at some of the male sub literature that has been published on the subject? There are endless fascinating stories and articles out there to be read at your leisure. I will give you a list of some of my favorite links here.'

I inserted a list of internet links to Male Dom / Male sub stories and a few Fem Dom links. Right in the middle of the list was the same link to the 'Jax Winters' stories I had given him the day before under a different name.

'If you are interested in learning more, read through some of these stories and see what you think. I do hope that you are not offended by any of my proffered links and I am not trying to 'insinuate' anything about your lifestyle choices. These stories are merely my personal favorites. And, as I have told you from the very beginning, I enjoy the company of males as well as female subs. 'Resist Limitation!' is my motto.

I am always here for you, Nathan. Ready to listen and help when I can.

My regards,

-Master Max Rambeaux, aka Lord Arex'

There. That should get him quietly thinking for awhile. Just another small nudge in the right direction. I figured I probably wouldn't hear from him for a day or two. Much to my surprise about five minutes later I got a reply in my inbox.

'Master Max,

I was reading through your links in between classes and was very startled. You sent me a link to some stories by a man named Jax Winters. Amazingly enough I met Mr. Winters at the coffee shop here in town yesterday!

I don't remember very much about him other than he was nice and very soft spoken. He gave me the very same link you sent me. But his secretary is the hottest woman I have ever seen in my life! She was little and blond and gorgeous with the biggest warmest blue eyes... Long blond hair in a braid that went all the way down her back and a body that just would not quit. She looked like a miniature version of Lara Croft.

I think I fell in love with her at first sight. I almost cried when he said they had to leave. Some sort of business meeting or something. And when she kissed me right before they left I very nearly came in my pants. I'm getting all excited again just thinking about her. Sarah. That was her name.

All I know for sure right now was that if she was a Domme, I would throw myself at her feet just to be near her again. If I were sure such a thing existed, I would say that I had found the love of my life. Hopefully, that isn't just the way she treats every guy she meets.

Anyway, any guy who could have a girl like Sarah working for him must have something going. I'm going to go read some of his stories now.


P.S. I will be in the chatroom this evening about 8:00 pm my time if you will be around. I would love a chance to talk to you some more.'

I smiled at his comments and made a mental note to show this email to Sarabeth at the first opportunity. I'm sure she would get a kick out of the impression she made and his description of her.

And I was right, she did.

Later on that evening, however, things got a little ugly. Nathan came into the chatroom morose and despondent. It only took me a little while to draw out what had upset him so much.

Lord Arex: Just tell me what is bothering you, Nathan. I'm sure between the two of us we can find a solution.

Time Lord: Marie left me. Packed all of her stuff and took off. And she trashed my apartment. Took her time doing it, too. Tore up all of the pictures of us together. Threw my stuff everywhere.

Lord Arex: That's pretty bad. Sounds like she has some emotional problems. I do think you are better off without her.

Time Lord: She even trashed my bike! Kicked out the spokes and threw it off the balcony. Bent the frame and everything. My bike is ruined!

Lord Arex: Surely you can get another bike. How much could that be?

Time Lord: I paid almost four grand for that bike! Saved half my paychecks for almost a year to get that one. Now I'm going to lose my deposit on the apartment too. Another thousand bucks. She kicked holes in the wall.

Lord Arex: Oh my. I'm sorry, Nathan. What can I do to help?

Time Lord: There's nothing you can do. My life is ruined.

Lord Arex: It's not ruined, Nathan. This is just a temporary setback.

Time Lord: Ruined! I was with Marie forever. Two whole years next week. And now she's left me and trashed all my stuff and ruined my bike. I don't even have any clean clothes to wear. She threw all of the stuff out of the fridge on my clothes! I didn't have all that much stuff to begin with and now I have nothing.

I might as well kill myself and get it over with.

Lord Arex: Don't do anything stupid, Nathan. That would be a horrible waste of a very talented mind.

Time Lord: I just don't see any other options.

Lord Arex: I see plenty of other options. You are just angry and depressed and not thinking clearly.

Time Lord: Why shouldn't I be angry? My whole life is in ruins in the space of one afternoon. Right now I can't even afford a bus ticket to get to school Monday morning. I don't get paid again until the end of the month.

I'd be better off dead at this point. My life couldn't possibly get any worse.

Lord Arex: Things can always be worse, Nathan. But they can get better unexpectedly too.

Time Lord: I don't see that happening.

Lord Arex: As a matter of fact, I could make things much better right this moment. Would it cheer you up to meet Sarah again? Jax Winters secretary? You remember her?

Time Lord: You know her?

Lord Arex: Jax is a friend of mine. Perhaps I could arrange a meeting if they are still in the country. They travel a lot.

Time Lord: She's probably not really interested in me, anyway.

Lord Arex: Where are you right now, Nathan?

Time Lord: In the coffee shop. The only place I have to go. And they are closing in 30 minutes. Then I don't know where I am going to go. Can't go back to the apartment.

Lord Arex: Give me 5 minutes, Nathan. Let me make a phone call. Do you have your cell? What is your number?

Time Lord: I guess I can give you that. It's 707-555-1234.

Lord Arex: Give me five minutes, Nathan. Promise me you won't leave that spot.

Time Lord: Okay. I promise.

Grabbing my remote, I popped open Sarabeths cage and her shackle and spoke over the intercom. 'Sarabeth love? Come to the house. I need you, dear. Soft shoes, collar and leash. Hurry.'

'Yes, Master! Right away!'

When she arrived I gave her a quick rundown of the situation, some instructions and my cell phone. She was to talk to him briefly and express an interest in meeting him again. Just try to cheer the boy up a little while I made some other arrangements.

She got him on the phone and talked to him in low sensual tones in the corner while I got on the other phone. I called the hotel where we had stayed the other day and arranged for a room, a taxi and some cleaning. They remembered me because I tipped well and I promised another healthy gratuity for this favor. The concierge promised me that he would see to my friends needs personally.

Once I hung up I motioned to Sarabeth to wrap up her conversation. She said 'Nathan, I have to run. The boss needs me. We'll be back next week, okay? Can I call you again before then? Good. I wrote down your email address.' She lowered her voice again and said 'I can't wait to see you again, Nathan. Next week, then. Bye.' She gave a little kiss into the phone and hung up.

'Was that okay, Master? He sounds much happier now.'

'That was perfect, love. As always.' I motioned her over and gave her a warm kiss and a pat on her cute little fanny. 'Go back and get some sleep. We will probably have to get up and get busy first thing in the morning.'

'Good night, Master.'

'Good night, my sweet.'

Lord Arex: Nathan? Are you still there?

Time Lord: Yes, I'm here.

Lord Arex: Did Sarah call you?

Time Lord: OMG

Lord Arex: Yes?

Time Lord: She is so sweet.

Lord Arex: Yes, she is. Listen, Nathan. I have made some arrangements. In a few moments a taxi will pull up outside for you. It will take you to a hotel for the night. Give your clothes to the concierge and he will have them cleaned and brought back in the morning.

Time Lord: I can't afford that.

Lord Arex: It's already paid for, Nathan. My treat. Call room service and get some dinner then get a shower and go to bed. Get some sleep. Get up in the morning and order a big breakfast. In the meantime I have a proposition for you. Something to think about besides Sarah when you go to sleep.

Time Lord: LOL. Okay, you have my attention.

Lord Arex: I am going to come to see you. And I have an idea that I can provide you with something worth living for.

Time Lord: You are coming here? Why?

Lord Arex: To meet you in person. If that is okay with you. To make you 'an offer you can't refuse'.

Time Lord: OMG. I don't know what to think about all this.

Lord Arex: Don't think, Nathan. Just go get some sleep. You've had a hard day. I'm doing what little I can to help. Will you meet with me tomorrow?

Time Lord: Yes! Yes! Of course I will! It would be an honor to finally meet you, Sir. You don't really have to go to all this trouble for me.

Lord Arex: Think nothing of it, dear boy. I am glad to help you out.

Time Lord: A taxi just pulled up and honked.

Lord Arex: Then that is your ride. Go get some sleep. I will see you tomorrow.

Time Lord: Thank you again, Sir.

Lord Arex: You are welcome, Nathan. Good night.

Time Lord: Good night, Sir!

Then he logged off.

As the screen went blank I startled myself by murmuring 'Love you, Nathan.'

Chapter Five

I was up at the crack of dawn, as was usual for me. I pulled the RV out of the garage and loaded some empty boxes and large trash bags in the storage bins and stuck some handy items in a cabinet on the inside just in case we needed them. I also made sure my little auto injector was charged up and ready. That was definitely going to be needed.

The auto injector was the thing I had used when I took Sarabeth. Using a small amount of compressed air, it blew a combination of two drugs right through the skin while leaving a mark smaller than an insulin needle. And it hurt less too. The first drug would drop someone unconscious almost immediately and leave them asleep for five to six hours. The second drug was a concentrated aphrodisiac the would last about three days.

Those little items cost me a pretty penny to acquire and manufacture. Got the formula from a disgruntled former government functionary who had been forced to retire early. He had been used to a fairly opulent lifestyle and rapidly discovered his retirement pay was less then adequate. A large stack of cash made him much more content with life. For a while, anyway.

Before I took Sarabeth I tried both drugs on myself. Sitting down on the floor of my bedroom, I didn't even have time to set the injector down before I fell over unconscious. The after effects of the sedative gave me a small headache and made me feel a little groggy when I woke up six hours later. And that damn aphrodisiac almost drove me crazy before it wore off. My cock was hard for three solid days and I almost wore the skin off of it in that time. I think I jerked off seven or eight times a day for the next three days.

When that drug finally faded away I think it was the first time in my life that I was glad I wasn't horny. I was just sore and tired from the constant exertion and I slept for nearly twelve hours that night.

Although I suspected that Sarabeth didn't really need it, I fed her small doses of the stuff in her food. It made my life constantly entertaining. And since it worked so well on her, I planned on giving it to all of my ponies the same way in the future.

We humans were driven by our glands and we would all do amazing things in the name of the sexual drive. Things we never even dreamed of, sometimes.

Evil, wicked bastard that I was, I used that to my full advantage.

Rousing Sarabeth fairly early, I had her come to the house for breakfast. I made us French toast and sausages and allowed her one cup of coffee with her breakfast, which was her limit. While we ate I updated her on what happened and my change of plans. A small worry line appeared between her eyes and she looked up at me with a serious expression.

'Master you know I love you.'

'And I love you too, Sarabeth.'

'And I would do anything for you. Anything to make you happy.'

'You are the perfect little pony, Sarabeth.'



'Do you think this is a good idea? Kidnapping him?' She waved a hand. 'I know that is how you took me and that worked out fine.' She raised those blue eyes to me and said 'I was looking for you and didn't know it. I needed a strong man to make me his. I needed a Master. I needed you.'

'And I needed you. And I wanted you the minute I saw you there on the side of the road.'

'But do you think taking Nathan this way is what he really wants? Are you sure? He's really a sweet boy and I don't want him to be unhappy with this.'

I smiled softly and shook my head. 'I'm not one hundred percent sure of anything, love. Except about what I want. And I want him.' I forked the last bit of sausage up into my mouth and chewed thoughtfully. 'Nathan is very unhappy right now. And not just because of this deal with his ex girlfriend. He craves the dominant submissive lifestyle and because he is a strong willed and strong minded man, he made the assumption that he wants to be the one in charge. His ego won't let him accept freely that he wants to be dominated. At the will of another. But deep in his heart he wants to belong to somebody else. He just can't wrap his mind around that concept yet. I'm going to help him.' I shrugged.

'I just don't want him to be unhappy, Master. I know how forceful you can be when you want something.' Her eyes lowered and a little flush spread across her cheeks. I reached across the table and patted her hand.

'He's going to be very unhappy for awhile, Sarabeth. There's just no getting around that. For one, I'm going to kidnap him and lock him naked in a cage against his will. Then I'm going to make him wear a collar and walk at the end of a leash and that will embarrass and humiliate him. Then I am going to dress him in a leather harness and make him trot and pull a cart for me like an animal. Something he has probably never even thought of before.'

'Secondly, I am going to demand that he offer his body to me and that will probably be the hardest thing of all for him. Nathan has never had sex with another man and the thought of it disturbs him deeply. Because male societal roles demand that macho 'real' men only have sex with women, Nathan is afraid that giving himself to another man will make him a 'fag' and a 'sissy boy' and he will most likely fight that pretty hard. Probably even harder than submitting to the leash.'

Master, I just...' she started. I held up a hand.

'I know what you are trying to say, love. You are a tender soul and you like him and don't want to see him get hurt. I don't want to see him hurt, either. I would rather he just submitted to me fully. But that probably won't happen. At least...' I added 'Not right away.'

'All I can say is that I promise not to hurt him more than is absolutely necessary. In my heart Nathan already belongs to me and I already love him almost as much as I love you.' Her eyes went a little wide and she deflated and slumped in her chair. I rose from my chair and walked around the table to her side. Then I got down on one knee and took one hand in mine like I was proposing. That startled her so much she actually scooted her chair back an inch in surprise.

'I can't do this without you, Sarabeth. And I won't do it without you. I am your Master, Sarabeth. And you are my pony. But if you say you will not help me then I will not do this. And that will be that.'

I paused for a second while she stared down at me in shock and asked 'Sarabeth, will you help me?'

There was a small intake of breath, almost a gasp. She sucked her lower lip in between her teeth and her eyes welled and then tears started streaming down her cheeks. Suddenly she threw herself forward off her chair and into my chest, almost knocking us both to the floor. Those strong slim arms wrapped around my neck hard enough to almost make me lose my breath. My hands held her smooth back as she held me and trembled and made little sobs into my shoulder. Her body sagged further down until it rested on top of my raised thigh, balancing precariously.

I held her tight and wondered. Had I screwed up? Had I pushed her too far or conversely, given her too much freedom of choice? Was Sarabeth crying because she didn't want to help me take Nathan and make him my pony? And, fool that I was, I vowed I wouldn't take him if she objected. I could almost see that beautiful young man slipping away from my grasp and I was prepared to be really angry with myself for allowing that to happen.

She loosened her grip on my neck and leaned back a little. Those two slim strong hands went down to my cheeks as she leaned back and looked slightly down at me. Sarabeths eyes and cheeks were still glistening with the remnants of her tears. She sniffled a little then said 'Silly silly Master... Of course I will help you. I am yours.'

My Sarabeth was such a good girl.

Since we had started very early in the morning we got to Cape Placid well before noon. As soon as we arrived I sent an email to Nathan to go ahead and get a good lunch (on me) at the hotel and wait, as I was running a little bit behind. He sent a reply as that he had slept in and missed breakfast he wouldn't mind getting some lunch and thanks again.

While I was sure that he was engaged on the other side of town, Sarabeth and I broke in to his apartment and packed his things and hauled them out to the RV. We made sure to take only the 'personal' things that would have meant something to him and left anything that looked like it may have belonged to Marie or anything that they may have bought 'together'.

In short, we made it look like he packed hurriedly and left town. Before we left the apartment complex I typed out a quick note on my laptop, printed it and stuck it in an envelope with five hundred dollars in cash. The note read:

'Leaving town. I've had enough. Sorry about the short notice and any damage. This should cover it.


I stuck it in the managers mailbox and we drove away. A quick jaunt out to the hotel afterwards tied up all of the loose ends but one. Nathan himself. I paid off his bill and tipped all of the staff generously and gave the concierge another twenty dollar bill on top of his tip for one more taxi ride. That, along with a note for Nathan to please meet me at the coffee shop in one hour, and fate was cast to the winds. If he followed my directions he wouldn't have time to go back to his apartment and find all of his things gone. All I could do was keep my fingers crossed and hope.

Right on time, we saw his cab drive up and deposit him at the front door of the coffee shop. Sarabeth and I were across the street in the park watching. She gave me a quick kiss and said 'Good luck, Master!' as she jumped up and trotted off to the RV where it was parked in a lot around the corner. Gathering my resolve, I walked across the street and through the doors.

'Hello, Nathan. I'm Max Rambeaux.' He started to rise out of his chair and I waved him back down.

'Ma.. Umm... Mister Rambeaux! It's an honor to meet you, Sir!' I smiled inwardly as he stuttered trying not to refer to me as 'Master Max'.

'Nonsense, dear boy. The honor is all mine, I assure you.' Even though he hadn't paid much attention to 'Jax Winters' the night before, I made enough changes in my appearance and wardrobe to make sure that he didn't make the connection.

The waitress came by and I ordered coffee and told her to give Nathan whatever he wanted. He thanked me with his eyes and ordered some complicated 'chino' something or other. I had no idea what that was, being more of a coffee purist myself.

'I want to thank you for helping me out. I didn't know what I was going to do. I'll repay you when I...' I waved a hand. 'No, Nathan. That was a gift from me to you. You needed a hand and I was able to do something nice for somebody besides myself for a change. Think nothing of it.'

He managed a half bow while sitting. What a polite young man!

'I have been doing some research on you, young man. And I am very impressed with what I have found.'

'On me, Sir? I don't understand...'

'I contacted this 'Memetech' that you work for. They were full of praise for your work. As a matter of fact, the manager there expressed an interest in trying to get you to move to Kansas and work for them full time....'

'Really? Wow! Ummm..... Why..?' I raised a hand again and stopped him.

'I find myself having need of a young man of your talents, Nathan. I'm engaged in a venture with a perfect spot for you on my team. Now.... I'm not saying it won't be difficult at first. I will work you harder than you have ever done before in your life. And I will require you to learn new things. Things you have never even thought of before. But if it all comes out the way I dream it will... Well! The rewards will be quite substantial. Quite substantial, indeed!'

'And what would I...' I raised my hand and stopped him again. Looking around the coffee shop I raised a finger to my lips conspiratorially and said 'Grab your coffee, Nathan. Let's take a walk.' I laid a ten dollar bill on the table as we left.

It was pleasantly warm outside and I had Nathan hold my coffee while I shrugged out of my coat them held his while he did the same then we resumed our stroll.

'The thing is, lad, that my business is extremely lucrative and there are industrial spies everywhere. Many of my competitors would love to have my secrets, if you know what I mean. We have to be very careful what we say in public.'

'Oh, of course.' I had gotten his curiosity up and fed his sense of intrigue just enough that he was willing to go along with whatever I said for the moment. Even as bright and intelligent as he was, he was still pretty naïve. He was, after all, still a young man and nowhere near as jaded and suspicious as I was.

We turned the corner and I pointed at my RV sitting there. 'If you don't mind' I said 'I brought my mobile office along. We can sit quietly and comfortably and not be overheard.'

'Wow! This is yours? It's awesome!'

'I make enough off my business to buy one or two of these every year if I want to. If things work out, maybe I'll buy you one of your very own.' I gestured towards the door. 'Shall we?'

A quick glance around showed nobody looking as we entered the side door of the big RV and I closed it firmly behind us. And, as I had maneuvered him into taking off his jacket, the injector hissed against his arm seconds after the door closed and seconds after that I eased him to the floor gently as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Chapter Six

Well, as it turned out, he seemed to mind his new situation quite a bit. Even though he had woken up groggy and a bit disoriented it didn't take him long to get a really good mad going once he realized that he was bound and chained in a cage.

Sarabeth had helped me carry him inside from the RV and into the cage and had even helped me strip him and secure the shackles to his wrists and ankles. The drugs were working just like advertised and he had a raging erection going by the time we got him home, even if he was unconscious. Her eyes were wide and there was a curious wistful smile in one corner of her mouth.

I knew we were running out of time so I sent her off to the house to sort through his things, wash what needed to be washed and put the rest in a storage locker. I barely had time to put my mark on his neck, draw his blood and finish chaining him before he started waking up. Right before his eyes fluttered open for the first time I drew a soft leather blindfold over his eyes. That touch brought him awake and, as he stirred, I set the chains on his wrists slowly retracting towards the ceiling and helped him groggily to his feet. Before he was even fully awake he was standing with his hands held above his head, sagging weakly against the padded shackles on his wrists.

'Wha.... What's going on? What happened?'

I kept a hand on his shoulder to steady him. 'Easy Nathan. You're all right. Just take it easy.' My voice was as calm as I could make it, trying to be reassuring while he was so disoriented.

'Oooh... My head hurts. I can't see! What's going on?'

Moving around behind him I put both hands on his shoulders and dug my thumbs gently but firmly into his trapezius muscles, digging in just a little to help ease some of the tension.

'It's okay, Nathan. Take it easy. You are all right....' My thumbs dug in just a little harder. 'The headache will pass in a little while. I'm sorry about that. There is a blindfold over your eyes. We will take that off here in a moment.' His hands jerked reflexively, trying to remove the blindfold but the chains kept his hands firmly above his head. His feet too tried to move but the chains stretching off on either side kept his legs about shoulder width apart.

It was about that instant that he came to the realization that he was shackled and blindfolded and naked in a room with another man. His whole rib cage expanded in a flash and he started shouting.

'No, no, no!!! Let me out of here!!! Help! Help! Help!!!'

'Be quiet, Nathan. Nobody can hear you but me.'

'Help! Help! Let me out!!! Help!' He strained against the chains as hard as he could and thrashed around with the little slack I had afforded him. I turned to the small rolling table I had brought in and selected the tawse. It was one of my favorite toys. An eight inch long strap of leather about two inches wide, split halfway down the middle with a sturdy wooden handle that fit my hand perfectly.

'Do be quiet and listen to me, Nathan.'

'Somebody help me!!! Please!!! Help!!!'

Taking half a step back, my arm arced out behind me and swung. The leather strap scored a direct hit right across the center of those sweet buttocks which were, at that moment, rock hard with tension. The 'crack!!!' echoed across the room like a gunshot. His whole body went rigid, pulling away from the pain and he screamed. An angry red welt appeared and raised itself against the pale skin of his ass.

It was a good thing I had sent Sarabeth to the house for this part. She was so tender hearted. I knew I would have to do things that would upset her.

Walking around in front of him I shouted 'QUIET!!!' he flinched back from my voice, his body writhing in pain. His erection had gone down a little from the shock but I saw it was quickly recovering. Nathans lower lip quivered and a sob escaped and he said 'Owww... Stop... Please....'

'Do you want another one?'

'No..... no, please! Stop.... Owww.....'

'Then be quiet and listen to me, Nathan. Do not speak again unless I tell you to. Just nod your head yes or no. Do you understand?' His quivering lips started to open then paused and he nodded.

'Very good, Nathan. You have just passed the first test. There will be many more tests just like that in the future. If you want to avoid the pain, pay attention and learn quickly.' I could see his arms and legs flexing against the shackles. 'You cannot slip out of the shackles and the chains have a tensile strength of over two tons. If you try to get out of them one of two things will happen. You will either hurt yourself or I will lose my patience and I will hurt you. Or possibly both. Do you want another stripe across your ass, Nathan?' He sagged a little and another sob escaped his lips as he shook his head.

'Very good. Now. If you continue to behave yourself here is what will happen in the next few minutes. Be a good boy and I will remove the blindfold and we will talk some more. If that goes well then I will let you down so you can sit. There's a very soft mattress on the floor next to you. And we will continue our discussion from there.'

When I said the words 'good boy' I saw his jaw muscles clench and his brow furrow under the blindfold. Evan as his mouth opened my arm was in motion. 'Man, FUCK you!!! Aaaieee!!!' he screamed again as another sharp 'crack!' echoed off the stable walls. I scored another stripe across the tender inside of his thigh, as high as I could manage it without smacking his genitals. His hardon immediately drooped and his balls tried to climb up inside of his body as he sagged in the chains and sobbed like a child. All of his muscles and veins stood out in sharp relief as he writhed in pain.

'Do we need to start all over again, Nathan?'

'No!' He gasped. 'Please! Please don't hurt me again!'

'Do I need to repeat my instructions?'

'Please!!!' He begged. 'Please just let me go! I won't tell anybody! I promise!!!' I stepped to the side and scored a third stripe across his left hip that went diagonally from the side of his ass cheek all the way down to the outside of his thigh. He screamed again and his whole body went rigid like he'd been hit with electricity.

'Do NOT speak unless I give you permission, boy. You will only nod yes or no. Do you remember that?' He gasped and mewled and sobbed, tears running down his face from under the soft leather and snot began leaking from his nose. Somewhat desperately, he nodded his head repeatedly. Stepping out of the cage, I grabbed a handful of tissues.

'I am going to touch your face, Nathan. It's just tissue. I want you to blow your nose.' Even with the warning he flinched back and cried out a little at the touch. I told him again and he managed to draw a breath and blow his nose. I gently wiped some of the tears from his face then patted his cheek softly. 'See? There. That's better. Just relax.'

'Are you through fighting me for the moment? Would you like a little relief from the pain? Yes or no, Nathan.' Sagging dejectedly, he nodded his head. I grabbed a washcloth from the shelf in his cage and started the cold water running in the sink. I got it nice and wet and cold and walked back up behind him. 'I'm going to put a cool washcloth on your welts. It will help ease the stinging. Relax. It's just a washcloth.'

He still flinched and squeaked at my touch but I could also hear a little sigh of relief as I ran the cool cloth over the stripe across his bottom. Being that close and looking at that fine firm ass made me sorry that I had been forced to stripe him like that. I had many other fun plans for that butt that entailed a lot more pleasure than pain. I soothed his pain the best I could the rewetted it for the welt on the inside of his thigh and again for the one on his hip. Nathan gasped and sighed and sobbed just a little bit as I was gently wiping him down. His whole body was covered with a fine sheen of sweat and the sharp rank smell of fear wafted off of him in waves.

Since he had relaxed enough to tolerate my touch without screaming, I wetted the washcloth once again and started gently wiping down his whole body, cleaning off the sweat and the stink. Being careful of the bandages on his neck and arm and around the still angry looking red welts, I gently washed him off top to bottom. Several times he tensed like he was going to object to my touch but apparently the painful lessons he had been recently taught had finally sunk home in his brain.

When I ran the cloth up between his thighs and cupped his balls in my palm, his whole body went rigid again and I could see him clamp his lips down tightly against his objections. A deep red flush went from his face and spread down his chest. His prick had gotten harder and harder while I was wiping him down and was now fully and firmly erect, sticking straight out from his body like a load bearing beam. When I took his shaft in my hand he let out a squeak and his lower lip trembled again like he was going to burst into tears once more. He flushed an even deeper red. From what I knew, this was the first time another man had touched him there and he was deeply ashamed.

Ignoring his discomfiture, I indulged in a little self-gratification as I stroked his shaft a few times slowly, admiring the length and girth of his nice hard prick. Nathan moaned deep in his chest and while he didn't speak out loud, I could hear him mouthing 'nooooo... please god no please......' Taking pity on him at last, I wiped his prick off with the washcloth as he shivered and moaned then released him and stood up.

'Better?' he shivered again and nodded.

'Good. Now, where were we? Ah yes. The blindfold. Would you like me to remove the blindfold, Nathan?' He nodded.

'I want to hear you say two words, Nathan. And listen very carefully. From now on when you speak to me you will use a very calm and respectful tone at all times. And you will either address me as 'Sir' or 'Master'. Do you understand me?' A quick intake of breath, almost a gasp. He sucked his lower lip into his teeth and bit down as the import of what I had just said sunk in. At first he shook his head, as in denial of his situation then recalled what I had asked and nodded.

'Would you like me to remove the blindfold, Nathan? Speak.'

'Yes....... Sir.' That was acceptable. Compliance, even if it was grudging, was still compliance. I stepped around behind him. 'Remember that you are still bound firmly, Nathan. You get any wild ideas and I will stripe your entire body. Do you understand?'

'Yes, Sir.' He shivered slightly at the thought.

I reached up and removed the blindfold and tossed it on the table. He blinked and blinked at the bright light and, as I walked back around to the front of him, lowered his head and tried not to look at me. Of course when he did that the first thing he noticed was that he was both completely naked and completely erect. He flinched back a little and his knees bent as he tried to crouch to hide his erection. The red flush spread quickly back down his face and chest again. When he finally did look up at me he flinched again and cried out 'Y-you! What.... Why...' I raised the tawse and he said 'No! Please!'

'Do I need the tawse again, Nathan? Have we already forgotten to only speak when spoken to?' His eyes were wide and afraid and he shook his head violently.

'Very good. I think we can put this away for the moment, then.' I set the leather strap back down on the table then rolled it outside of the cage into the hallway. He looked around for the first time. As I had the curtains closed almost all the way around his cage, all he could see were the bars and the curtain and a little way out the open door. As his eyes traveled the room that he could see a little worried moan escaped his lips.

'Now there is nothing to be afraid of at the moment, Nathan. If you relax and cooperate I won't hurt you any more. Understand?' He nodded.

'I hadn't actually planned for things to work out this way, you know. I had actually planned on convincing you to give yourself to me freely. But you forced my hand. All that talk about killing yourself and being better off dead.... Well, I couldn't let you do that. If you had killed yourself it would have been a horrible needless waste and I just couldn't let that happen.' I gestured to take in the cage and the shackles and all. 'Of course, you would have ended up here anyway, one way or another. That was inevitable. I wanted you and I get what I want.'

'I told you that you were submissive, Nathan. But you wouldn't listen. I told you that one day you would make a fine sub for some lucky Dom. Then you said I was crazy.'

In a sudden fit of anger he said 'And you don't think this is crazy? You drugged and kidnapped me! Put me in a cage and took away my clothes! They will put you in a cage for the rest of your life when they catch up with you!'

One eyebrow went slowly upwards and I just looked at him calmly. With the slightest smile on my face I asked 'Do you have any idea where you are right now, Nathan?'

'No I don't!' I just stood there and stared at him, my brows slowly knitting together in a frown until he dropped his eyes and said 'No, Sir.'

'Then let me educate you briefly.' I gestured towards the door of the cage. 'Say for a moment that you got out of those chains and past me and out of this cage. You would find yourself in my stables. There are five other cages just like yours. Four of them are unoccupied.' His eyes widened a little bit at that but I didn't expand on it. 'Outside of this building there are four roads leading off in different directions. One of them leads to my front gate. The gate is about half a mile from here and the main road is another quarter mile past that.'

Pausing, I put my hands behind my back and paced a little across the front of the cage. 'The nearest house from here is ten miles away and the nearest town is another ten past that. I won't tell you the name of the town but I will tell you that geographically, we are right now somewhere between one arm of the Rocky Mountains and another arm of the Cascades.' I decided to tell a little exaggeration, just to break his spirits down a little bit more and make him more vulnerable. 'You were unconscious for almost twelve hours, Nathan. That would put you..... Oh, somewhere around seven hundred miles away from Cape Placid. How far do you think anyone is going to go to look for you?'

He started to open his mouth and I said 'You sent an email to Marie and told her you never wanted to see her again.' I smiled and said 'Actually, I did. Using your laptop.'

He opened his mouth again and I said 'I paid your last months rent and packed up your stuff and moved it out. Left a note with the apartment manager that said you were moving out.'

I could see a hint of despair in his eyes as all hope of rescue was quickly dwindling down to zero. He tried one more time and I said 'I sent a very nice note to your manager in Kansas. Said you were taking a position with another company paying twice the salary but you hoped that you could part on amicable terms.'

A little sob escaped his lips and he blushed again in shame at his self perceived weakness. I felt a twinge of guilt. I hated having to cause him pain. Of any sort. But my hands were tied just as securely as his were. There was just no other way to make him realize his true submissive nature and make him mine without spending possibly years to convince him and I didn't have that kind of time. I needed him now, while he was still young and fresh and trainable.


'Why what, Nathan?'

'Why.... Me, Sir?'

'A very good question. I will explain the best I can. The main reason is, of course, that I wanted you. And I get what I want. But as far as why exactly I took you.... You are young. You are pretty. You are very intelligent and in good physical shape. And to top it all off, you are sub. Whether you want to admit it or not. You have been fooling yourself for too long and now is the time that I show you what being a true sub is all about. And whether you like the idea or not, Nathan, I am now your Master.'

He started to shake his head in denial. I shook mine back. 'There's nothing you can do about it. What is done is done. I can't just let you go again and I certainly don't want to kill you. I've spent too much time and money just to get you here and now I am going to keep you. You are mine, boy. The sooner you get used to the idea the sooner your life will get much better.'

His mind was whirling in confusion and I could see it in his face. He was also holding his legs funny. I had an idea why.

'Do you need to go to the bathroom, Nathan?'

He hung his head. 'Y-yes, Sir. I do.'

'If I let you down and free your hands, do you swear to behave yourself?'

'Y-yes, Sir. I'll behave, I swear!'

'Good boy.' I pulled out my remote control from my pocket and held it up for him to see it. 'Everything here runs off of this. And it has a biometric lock that only responds to me, understand? This controls everything. The shackles, the hoists, the cage doors, your food and water.'

'Your punishment.' I gave him a small electric tingle through his ankle shackle. He jumped and broke out in goose bumps and his legs clenched like he was trying to keep from peeing on the floor.

'That was a number two. It can go up to ten. A ten will not kill you, but it will knock you out almost instantly. Understand? Even if I am not physically here, I can hurt you if I need to.' I pointed to the ceiling twelve feet over out heads. 'There are cameras in all four corners of your cage so I can see what you are doing at all times. And don't think for an instant that I won't be watching.' I thumbed a control and the chains rattled slowly down until his hands lowered to just below his shoulders. I popped loose the shackle on his right ankle and it came loose and snaked back down into the recess in the floor. When I was sure he was going to stand up on his own, I released his wrists and the chains went away up into the ceiling. I motioned to the alcove in the back of the cell and said 'The toilet is back there.' He hobbled back to the toilet, dragging the chain behind him and I waited while he relieved himself.

I wasn't a total barbarian, after all.

I guess I could have spared his bottom if I had been thinking ahead. He had one hand trying to cover his erection and the other gently rubbing the welts I had put on him and he eyed the bed warily, obviously uncertain of being able to sit comfortably. Gesturing at the shackle on his other ankle, I said 'That one stays on all of the time. When you are in your cage you will wear that or I will punish you severely. Do you understand that?' He nodded sullenly.

'Perhaps if you reclined on your side, You could get comfortable.' Gingerly, he got down on his hip and pulled the pillow into his lap to cover his crotch. I went and got my little stool and placed it in the doorway of the cage and sat down.

'Now that we have most of the unpleasantness out of the way, perhaps now I can lay my cards on the table. I suppose you are wondering what this is all about.' He nodded.

'If you promise to behave and talk civilly, you are welcome to speak, Nathan. But I warn you, if you start losing your temper again and shouting....... Well, let's just say it won't go good for you. Do I make myself perfectly clear?'

'Yes, Sir.'

'Excellent. Now. What do you know about pony play?'

His brow furrowed and he shook his head. 'Nothing. I mean... I've seen some pictures. Mostly fat retired businessmen with saddles on their backs. Naked women with crops riding them around the room. Is that what you mean?' I laughed long and hard. He looked really confused.

'No no no. Not at all, dear boy. Not at all. Those are mere fetishists playing games in their living rooms. Usually for money. And riding around on someone's back is very bad for their spine. You can't do it for long without causing permanent damage. No. What I am talking about here is finely trained and athletic exhibition ponies. Like gymnastics or the triathlon. A combination of both of those. The two events I am most interested in at the moment are the dressage and the sulky race.' He looked even more confused.

'The dressage routine is a modification of what real show horses do in the arena. Like a freestyle gymnastic routine. Have you ever watched gymnastics?' He nodded.

'In the freestyle routine you must include certain key elements, but you are welcome to improvise in between once those elements have been demonstrated. In the pony dressage you must demonstrate certain gaits, like the trot, the canter and the gallop. There are also certain jumps and leaps that must be performed as well as the basic stances. Anything beyond that is dance and agility and showmanship.'

'And you want me to do this....... This pony thing?'

'Yes, Nathan. I do. And you will. You really do have no choice in the matter at this point. This is what I do. And since I have taken you, this is what you will do as well.'

Nathans face darkened and I saw his hands turn into fists where he gripped the pillow to his groin. 'No...' he said. 'You're...' I held up one finger.

'You better stop right there, boy. Right now you only have three stripes on you. There is room for plenty more. And I have toys that are much more painful than the tawse, believe me.' His body moved just a little, as if preparing to jump up off of the bed. I shifted my weight on the stool slightly.

'If you even think about jumping up I will hurt you in ways that you cannot imagine, Nathan. I am older than you, stronger than you and faster than you. I have trained in martial arts all of my life. I can make you scream for mercy. But if you resist me I might end up breaking something. Or tearing ligaments or damaging your joints. I don't really want to do that. But I will if you force me to.'

I lowered my head and glowered at him through my eyebrows. 'This is what I do, boy. And I leave absolutely nothing to chance.' After a brief tense moment his eyes widened and I saw his hands and body slump in defeat.

Whew! That was close. There was no doubt in my mind that I could have taken him down if it came to it. But I really did not want to damage that fine body of his if I could avoid it. Like I said, I had other plans in my head.

As his body relaxed into defeat I rose from my stool and pushed it back out of the way. 'I have one other little demonstration for you this evening, Nathan. Then we will let you get some rest. I will give you a little insight into what I am and what I do. It will give you an idea of what I will demand from you. But I'm afraid that it might come as a bit of a shock.'

'A shock? How? Did you kidnap Marie, too?' I laughed again.

'Oh heavens no, boy. Now, don't get me wrong. Marie was pretty enough in her own right. But she was only pretending to be submissive just to keep you interested. I think you know that.' I raised an eyebrow and he dropped his head and nodded.

'No. Not Marie, Nathan. Like I said, I have six cages in my stables. Soon they will all be filled with beautiful champion ponies, just like you are going to be, whether you like it or not.' I took my remote out of my pocket and he blanched and flinched back just a little. I raised a hand reassuringly. 'This is a multi-functional device, boy. It does much more than cause you pain. Relax.' I spoke quietly into the remote and got an equally muffled reply then put it back in my pocket. I pulled the curtains a little wider apart so the whole front of his cage was now open. It let him see a bit more out into the stables but still blocked his view of most of the building from where he lay half reclined on the bed. He was moving around and rubbing the still raised welts on his skin uncomfortably.

'I will be right back, Nathan. I will bring you something to help ease the pain.' I stepped over to the cabinet and filled a small plastic cup with about an inch of clear liquid from a bottle I kept there. Stepping back into the cage, I offered it to him.

'What is this?' He looked dubious. I sighed. 'Nathan. You are naked, chained and in a cage in the middle of nowhere. If I wanted to kill you I could have done that in Cape Placid and been gone hours and hours ago. If I wanted to rape you while you were unconscious I could have done that then, too.' He went a little white at the thought. I offered him the cup again. 'This will merely help ease your pain and help you get some sleep. Nothing more.' He still looked dubious and I sighed again. 'Take it and drink it Nathan. Or I will put you back up in the chains and we can start this whole process over again from the beginning. Is that what you want?'

'No Sir! I mean... yes, Sir! I mean..... Uh....' He took the cup from my hand and raised it to his lips and drank the contents down in one swallow and handed me back the cup. I reached out a hand and cupped his cheek in my palm. He tensed and his eyes rolled around and went wide, but I merely stroked his cheek gently with my thumb.

'You are a good boy, Nathan. I have high hopes for you. High hopes. You learn quickly. That is a very good thing.'

There was a small noise from the front of the building. The distinctive click of the stable door opening and closing quietly. I rose from my crouch and stepped to the front of the cage and out of the door and held up one hand off to the side and looked back at the young lad reclining on the mattress.

'Before I took you today I only had one other pony in my stable. She is the most beautiful and perfect pony a Master could ever have. And now I am going to have a matched set. I am sure that you two are going to become fast friends.'

'As a matter of fact, she made quite an impression on you when you first met, I believe.'

A light of recognition came on behind his eyes. 'Wait... Are you talking about.....'

I held out my hand and Sarabeth walked into view. She was dressed in her parade harness, all shiny patent leather and silver buckles, and the simple bridle without blinders so it wouldn't hide her face. Her long blond hair was done back in a tight braid, of course, hanging down her back and her tail was braided to match as it swung between her legs, poking out from that fine firm bottom. The harness hid very little of her body and actually complimented her form exquisitely. Sarabeths little naked breasts jutted out firmly and I could see that her nipples were hard.


'Hello, Nathan.'

'I'm afraid we had to be a little dishonest with you, Nathan. I wanted to meet you face to face and Sarabeth here agreed to help me. Don't be angry with her. Sarabeth did what she did because I told her to.'

'B-but.... But..... I thought....'

'Please don't be mad at me, Nathan.' Sarabeth looked at him longingly, those big blue eyes wide and tragic. 'I didn't want Master to hurt you and I thought if you liked me it would make it..... Easier on you.' Her eyes went to the floor and she said 'I'm sorry I lied to you.'

'It was all a lie?'

'No, Nathan. Not a lie. Half truths, maybe. And only about who we were, not how she felt. She really does like you.' I slipped an arm around that slim waist and pulled her in to my side. She wrapped an arm around my waist and cuddled under my arm. 'Even though she is a fine little actress, her interest in you was genuine. She wants you, Nathan.' I squeezed her with my arm. 'Isn't that right, my love?'

'Oh yes, Master.' she purred. 'I do want him.'

'Isn't he beautiful?'

'He is gorgeous, Master.' She looked up at me and said 'He's the second most beautiful man in this room, Master.' I leaned down and kissed those perfect warm lips. One hand came up and took her breast in my palm and pinched her nipple gently. Sarabeth gasped lightly and purred in the back of her throat.

'And what would you do to be with him, Sarabeth?'

'Anything you want, Master.' Her blue eyes settled back on Nathan again. 'Anything.'

'Would you dance naked for me to sleep with him?'

'Yes, Master!'

'Would you suck my cock to sleep with him?' One finger traced over her lips gently.

'Yes, Master!'

One of my hands went down her slim smooth back and cupped one perfect firm ass cheek in my palm.

'Would you take ten stripes from the cane to sleep with him?' Sarabeth gasped and moaned deep in her throat and I could feel her ass tighten up in my grip. I felt her shiver hard against my body. She flushed a deep red at the thought of bending over and taking that kind of punishment on her sweet ass. I'd caned her before, of course. But never for pure punishment and not very hard.

'Yes, Master, I would take ten stripes to be with him.'

'You see, Nathan? She does like you. She would endure ten stripes with the cane, infinitely more painful than the tawse, believe me! Just to spend time with you.' I turned Sarabeth around in my arms and framed her sweet bottom with my hands. It also gave him a very good look at the tail protruding from her cheeks.

'Would you like to see me cane her, Nathan?' I spread my fingers across her ass cheeks like I was drawing a map of where the stripes would go. 'Would you like to see her bent over getting this perfect bottom striped? Hearing her cries? Knowing she was going through such pain just to show how much she likes and desires you?' Sarabeth trembled a little in my arms.

During this whole conversation the lad had sat with his mouth slackly open and his eyes glazed. Part of that was from the lust that was raging around wreaking havoc with his hormones. Some of which was from the drugs I had given him earlier and some from just seeing the little blond paraded in front of him like that. He was clutching the pillow tightly to his groin and I could see his hips writhing against it. I was going to have to do something soon or he was going to need a clean pillow.

'Do you want to see that, Nathan?' He jumped a little as he became fully aware of what I was saying and blurted 'Please god, no!'

'What was that?'

'Please don't hurt her, Sir. Please don't.'

'Even if it means I won't let her sleep with you?'

'Even if it means that. Yes, Sir. Please don't hurt her.'

I turned Sarabeth around again and we walked into his cage and stood right next to his bed. The boys eyes traveled up and down her perfect little body while she smiled down at him softly. Crouching down, I laid a hand against the side of his head and tousled his hair.

'You made a good choice, Nathan. A very good choice. Deciding between pleasure and pain is what life is all about. Especially here. So....' I stood back up and slipped an arm around her shoulders, one hand draping down to cup a small firm breast. She snuggled into my side. 'I will give you another option, then. And once again, you must decide what you will do.' I gestured towards the pillow he was clutching so tightly against his hips. 'It's obvious you want her. And from her responses, Sarabeth wants you, too.' I squeezed that soft tit in my hand. She groaned a little and put her hand over mine and squeezed my fingers with hers.

'Do you want Sarabeth to suck your cock, Nathan?' After a moment where his eyes got even wider an almost tortured moan left his lips and his whole body shivered.

'Do you? Yes or no.'

'Y-y-yes, Sir.' His whole body flushed a deep red. Both from embarrassment and desire.

I stared right down into his eyes. 'Yes.... Master.'

A conflicting wave of emotions swept over his face. There was a silent gasp and he mumbled 'Yes, Master.'

'Please allow Sarabeth to suck my cock, Master.' He shivered again and thrust his hips against the pillow and repeated my words.

'Very well, Nathan. You are learning quickly. But, as with almost everything here, there are conditions. If you want her to do this, you must lay back on the bed with your head on the pillow. Stretch your hands over your head and cross your wrists. I will tie your wrists and ankles to the bed and they will stay that way until we are through. That is the only way that this will happen.'

'B-but.....' he stammered.

'Decide, Nathan. Do it or not, I don't care. You have ten seconds.'

He wasted about three seconds staring at me in indecision. Then he tossed the pillow up to the top of the bed and lay back with his erection pointing at the ceiling, quivering with anticipation. His hands and arms were quaking as he stretched them over his head and crossed his wrists. I pulled a short length of rope out of my back pocket and looped it around his wrists and snugged them together firmly. At my touch he shivered hard again and moaned 'P-please don't hurt me any more!' I patted his arm and said 'I am not going to hurt you, Nathan. I promise.' and secured the other end of the rope to a small metal eye set in the headboard of the bed. I had handed two more chunks of rope to Sarabeth and she gently spread his legs apart and secured his ankles to the far end of the bed frame while I worked on his hands. During this whole process he trembled and moaned in a mix of fear and desire. He moaned and whispered 'Oh god... oh, god... oh, god...'

Also throughout the whole process his prick stayed completely hard and straining towards the sky as his hips rotated ever so slightly. Even if he was frightened, it seemed that the thought of being bound was secretly turning him on even more.

Sarabeth and I got to our feet and looked down at him. My mouth almost watered. Stretching his body out like that really brought his physique into fine detail. Granted, he was a bit on the skinny side from poor nutrition and not enough exercise and too many stimulants. But my training plan was going to remedy that quickly. We would build up those muscles and add just the thinnest layer of fat to soften the edges..... Shape him into something that a classical sculptor would kill to use as a model.

Nathans chest and torso were wide and vee-shaped, narrowing down to his slim waist. Smooth and fine and almost completely hairless except for a fine line of fur running from his navel down into the thick bush of pubic hair that surrounded that large fat prick. His balls were tight and snugged up against his body with tension. Those fine muscled legs he got from walking and riding his bike writhed unconsciously against the ropes binding him to the bed. His whole body was in slight motion as he trembled and tugged against the ropes holding him down.

My own cock was hard, and had been hard for the better part of an hour ever since we started, and straining at the leg of my jeans. It took all of my not inconsiderable self control not to leap on him and ravish his body myself.

But he wasn't quite ready for that just yet. He would be, whether he wanted to or not, pretty soon. Just like being my pony, he really had no choice in the matter. I would take him and make him mine one way or another.

I could be patient, but it was difficult.

'Isn't he beautiful, Sarabeth?' She clutched my bicep and rubbed her nipples up and down the back of my arm, almost dancing with her need.

'He's gorgeous, Master! Can I have him now, Master? Please? I want him so bad....'

'It looks like he wants you too, girl. And quite desperately too, from the looks of that pretty cock standing there.' He blushed again, all the way down his chest. 'Let's start off with something slow and easy, like a kiss, shall we?' I stepped out of the way and the little blond knelt down on the edge of the mattress and leaned over him, one hand going to the side of his face.

'You aren't still angry with me are you, Nathan?' she whispered, her fingers curling in his hair as she caressed him. 'I only did what I did so Master wouldn't hurt you. And I wanted to be with you too. Please don't be mad at me.' All the while she spoke her lips got closer and closer to his. Right before their lips touched he shook his head and whispered back 'I'm not mad at you, Sarabeth.' With a little greedy moan, she kissed him hard, both of her hands holding his head in place. Nathans whole body writhed and strained against his bonds.

'You see, Nathan. Things aren't as bad off as you thought.' I said, not really knowing or caring if he was listening to me or not. 'You can have pain or you can have pleasure here. It's your choice. Let's hope' I concluded 'That you continue to make the correct choices in the future.' I knelt down behind Sarabeth and ran my hand up and down her back, bumping over the straps of her harness and making goose bumps run up and down her skin while she kissed him.

'Is he a good kisser, Sarabeth?' She sighed happily through her nose. 'Mmmmmm-Hmmmmmm!' One of her hands slid down and bumped over the boys hard nipple then grabbed it and pinched it lightly. Then it was his turn to groan and squeak through his nose while his mouth was busily occupied. After a moment or so she pulled her lips away from his and leaned down over his chest and sucked his other nipple into her mouth, nipping at it with her teeth and sucking on it gently while she tweaked the other one with her fingertips.

I smiled as his hips writhed even more, making his prick wave around like a flagpole in a high wind.

'You like that, boy?'

'Ahhh.... Oh yes. Nobody has ever really done that to me before.... Ohhh... god.'

I smiled again. 'Then you are in for a real treat. My little pony girl can do things with her mouth you have never even dreamed of before.'

'Oh..... god.'

A slim little hand slid down over his belly, heading south, making his stomach muscles ripple and jump. The fingers tangled in his pubic hair and then slid right past his prick down between his thighs and grasped his balls gently in her hand and rolled them around.

Her hand and her head came up at the same time. Those strong slim fingers wrapped around the shaft of his cock leaving maybe an inch of space between her thumb and fingers of being able to wrap all the way around. Nathan moaned aloud and his prick jumped in her hand. Sarabeth stared at his meat as she stroked him up and down a few times then those bright blue eyes looked up at me.

'He's got such a big beautiful cock, Master!'

'Yes he does. I'm sure we are all going to enjoy Nathans pretty cock, and all the rest of his body as well.'

'Oh, god....'

Sarabeth shifted lower and threw an arm across his waist, which brought her head right down on a level with the head of his cock, only an inch or so away from her mouth.

'Stop!' Sarabeth froze and glanced up at me. Nathan cried out in frustration. I reached down and grabbed his chin roughly and turned his face until he looked me in the eyes.

'Who am I, Nathan?'


'Who.... Am... I?'

'You.... You are my M-master...'

'And who are you?'

His face burned in embarrassment and other things. He gasped a few times then said 'I am y-your p-pony, Master.'

'And don't you forget it, boy. You are going to be my pony for the rest of your life.' I nodded at Sarabeth. Smiling happily, she pulled back the foreskin of his cock and planted a soft kiss right on the tip, making him jump and moan again. Turning her head, she let her lips trail down the shaft. I knew that her hot little tongue was licking the side of his shaft like she did mine. That always felt heavenly. She licked her way back up to the top and, placing her lips right on the tip of his prick, very slowly opened her mouth and took him deep inside. I could hear the little wet sounds of her tongue dancing against the head of his cock as she moved it slowly in and out of her mouth while her hand stayed in time, sliding up and down.

It struck me for just an instant that I was a little jealous. Which was ridiculous when you looked at it, but I was. The sheer stupidity of that though almost made me break out laughing.

I knew my little pony girl and what drove her the best. I also knew that Nathan had taken my sleepytime drink and if he was awake fifteen minutes from now I'd be real surprised. But after all of this time together it was odd seeing her with another mans cock in her mouth. Even if it was what I wanted, it took some getting used to.

Sheesh. What was I going to do when I had six ponies? Learn a new appreciation for voyeurism, I guess. It was like watching Randy and Amanda when I allowed them to play together for my amusement. Back then it just seemed natural because Amanda was Randy's mate.

But Sarabeth is my mate. And now she is Nathans mate as well. And he is mine too, though I don't think the full implications have seeped through just yet.

While I was mulling over the social ramifications of our new situation, I had been missing a great show. Nathans cries had grown louder and louder and his hips flexed and pumped his meat up into the little blonds sucking mouth and his whole body got tighter and tighter until finally, with a howl, he froze with his ass up off of the bed and came into her mouth. I could hear her little squeak as the first salvo hit the back of her throat and then more audible gulps as she swallowed down his come with her mouth still full of his cock.

The next few moments were filled with nothing but the sound of breathing. Nathan alternately held his breath and panted and gasped like he'd just run a marathon. Little inarticulate moans occasionally escaped his lips. I could hear the soft hiss of Sarabeth breathing through her nose while she milked him of every last drop of his come. Finally his body relaxed back onto the mattress and she released him with one last kiss and laid his soft prick back on his belly. I crouched back down and patted Sarabeth on the bottom as she looked up at me and smiled.

'You still with us, Nathan?'


'Yes, Master.' I said slowly.

'Ummm... Yes, Master.' His eyes were closed and there was a dreamy smile on his lips. I snapped my fingers in front of his face and his eyes opened but were unfocused and rolling around a little. It was obvious that between the shattering orgasm and the drug I had given him he wouldn't be with us for much longer. At least not consciously. I reached up to untie his hands and gestured to Sarabeth to free his ankles.

Patting him on the cheek I said 'Good night, Nathan.'

'Good night, Master.........'

Chapter Seven

I had returned Sarabeth to her cage that evening after we had retired to my bed to work off some of Masters frustrations. Seeing her and Nathan together for the first time had gotten me awfully wound up and I needed some serious release. She was walking funny but smiling happily, if a bit tiredly, when I returned her to her cage for the night.

When I kissed her goodnight and shut her door I purposefully left the curtains of both cages open so they would be able to see each other in the morning. I told her that his first day would be centered on assimilation and learning the details of how his life was going to be. She told me that she would do her very best.

Naturally, I was up hours before either of my pets were. It was just how I was. I never slept more than three or four hours at a time and hadn't in years. Before the sun even peeked over the horizon I had run two miles on the indoor track, rode a few miles on the stationary bike, hit the weight machine and practiced my Tai Chi routine in front of the big mirror in the weight room.

After all, I had to be in shape too. I couldn't expect my pets to train hard if I didn't train just as hard myself. Besides, it took a lot of energy just to keep up with Sarabeth and now that I had Nathan as well, I needed to keep myself in tip top condition.

It was so hard being me, sometimes.

A long relaxing shower and a good breakfast later found me at my desk hard at work. Emails from my peers and my stock broker and various agents I had here and there. An occasional note from a family member. Supplies to be ordered and shipments to track. It didn't really take that long, but it was tedious. I was half tempted to go find somebody who could be a pony and a good office manager /secretary at the same time. That would be nice.

I hadn't checked in on the stables in several hours. They were both still asleep last time I paid any attention to my video monitor. As I glanced up I could see Sarabeth sitting cross legged on her bed, brushing out her long beautiful hair. She raised a hand and shook her head and wagged a finger at Nathan. He had apparently just come out of the shower and was standing at the front of his cage with a towel around his hips. I thought about saying something but I could see that Sarabeth was talking so I just turned up the volume to listen.

'...allowed to wear any clothes unless Master tells us to! If Master catches you, you'll get punished!'

'But... It's just a towel! I just got out of the shower!'

She crossed her arms over her chest, making her small breasts jut out even more. 'That's your choice, Nathan! If you want to start your day getting a shock or more stripes with the tawse or the crop it's up to you! But I will tell you right now that starting the day out making Master angry is really not a good idea!'

He bowed his head to her logic and stripped off the towel and hung it up in the shower stall. He was shy enough to keep his hands in front of his crotch while he went back over and sat on the bed. But I could see that even that early in the morning he was already half hard and trying not to show it. Just seeing her naked had that effect on me as well. I could just imagine adding the aphrodisiac to the mix.

I turned down the volume and went back to work. The two of them spent a good portion of the day sitting at the fronts of their cages chatting. A few times I could see him up and pacing back and forth agitated. From his body language I could see he was angry and frustrated and the constant erection he had going was making him irritated and frustrated and a little embarrassed as well. Once I saw him get up and grab the cage door and shake it violently. A quick #3 shock through his ankle shackle brought that activity to an abrupt halt as he leapt back and went down to clutch his ankle. Crouching on the floor, I could see him looking up at the cameras. His face was angry and his lips were moving. I wasn't listening, but I knew what he was saying wasn't pleasant. I stepped up to a #4 and gave him a half second jolt which brought him all the way to the floor, curled up in a little ball. Sarabeth jumped up and ran to the corner of her cage and thumbed the intercom button.

'Yes, dear?'

'Please don't be angry with him, Master! He's just angry and frustrated. He's trying hard to understand, really!'

'I get that, Sarabeth. It's a new situation and a little hard to accept, granted. But even if he is upset, he has to obey the rules or take the consequences. You told him not to touch the bars, yes?'

'Yes, Master. But...'

'And I wasn't listening to what he said but the expression on his face reeked of disrespect. That will not be tolerated now or ever. While I admire and even encourage my pets to have spirit, I will not now and not ever have any tolerance for disrespect. Especially not from a pony. And definitely not one of my own. He has to learn that and learn it quickly or his life here will be very difficult and very painful.'

'Yes, Master.' she sighed. 'I am trying to teach him.'

My voice softened. 'I know you are, love. You are a very good girl. You always try your best.' I sighed. 'I'll tell you what. It's ten o'clock now. We will start our physical training for the day this afternoon at one o'clock. That gives you three more hours of alone time. I will endeavor to be blind and deaf until then. If he has anything to say that he doesn't want me to hear, make sure he gets it out of his system before then. Because at one o'clock I will be there personally and if there are any problems I will deal with them.... personally. Understand?'

'I understand, Master. We will be ready.'

'Good girl. I can always count on you. Get some lunch and relax.'

'Yes, Master!' I looked over at Nathan, who had uncurled some but was still sitting on the floor clutching his ankle.


'Yes, Master?' He looked up at the cameras suspiciously and with a hint of fear in his eyes.

'Behave yourself. Listen to Sarabeth. She is your best friend here. She will never steer you wrong. And she only wants you to be happy. Remember that.' I paused for a second and added 'I want you to be happy here too, Nathan. Despite what you may think.'

'Y-yes, Master. I.... I am trying to understand.'

'I know you are, Nathan. At heart you are a good boy. I will see you at one. Be ready.'

'Yes, Master!'

For the most part I endeavored to keep my promise to be blind and deaf to what was going on in the cages. But I did sneak a peek now and then. I saw them both sitting close to the bars talking and munching their kibble, which isn't as awful as it sounds. It's a mix of granola and fruits and nuts, like trail mix of a sort. Some sweet and some salty. Very filling and nutritious. I also added some muscle building vitamins and supplements and bits of it now and then randomly contained small doses of the aphrodisiac that I used. Just enough to keep them sexually charged and a little bit on edge. I can imagine that, watching the chemistry flow between those two, I could have dropped it and not made that much of a difference.

In the past I had allowed Sarabeth to eat at least four meals a week with me. She got to eat what I did either at my table or from a picnic hamper. Now and then we would sit together in her cage and eat and quite often we would be curled up on my bed eating cheese and crackers and giggling about leaving crumbs in the bed. Sometimes I prepared our meals and sometimes she did and sometimes we did it together. She was a pretty good cook and between the two of us we got even better. Now with our new addition we would have to continue that tradition, depending on his behavior. It was a simple reward to use.

Right after lunch Sarabeth signaled me again on the intercom and asked for her cabinet to be opened. I popped the door and went back to work, thinking nothing of it. When I glanced up later I saw that she had most of the contents of her cabinet spread out on the floor of her cage, explaining each piece of gear to Nathan as she went while he sat there wide-eyed.

And just before one I saw her kneeling at the door, showing him how to present to me, eyes down with her hands on her thighs, legs slightly spread. She also put on her collar and leash, showing him how I wanted the leash held up for my hand. Nathan mimicked her movements perfectly and I smiled.

We spent three hours out in the corral, starting first with basic stances and moving on to slow movements and gaits. Even though he had behaved enough for me to unshackle his hands, I kept the lead rope attached to his bridle firmly in my grip. There was no way I was going to afford him a chance to bolt. The crop was in my other hand and I mostly used it for light touches and pats to direct him. Only occasionally did I have to give him a swat on the behind when he was distracted by Sarabeths body or other things. He was uncomfortable in his training harness and it made him even more self conscious when he put it on. He had watched in rapt attention while Sarabeth inserted her tail in her bottom and strapped herself into her harness before we started. He very nearly came without even touching himself by the time she was dressed. But when she mentioned him getting his own tail he blanched and his hardon drooped considerably. That situation remedied itself quickly as he watched Sarabeth prancing in her harness with that blond tail switching back and forth. The leather pouch that covered his prick was taut and bulging for most of the training session.

Despite his quite natural reticence, Nathan actually did fairly well for his first day. From the look on his face, he was doing it more to impress Sarabeth than me, but that was fine. Whatever motivated him to behave and perform was fine with me. I'm sure he would develop many different things to motivate him in the future.

Not being used to physical activity like that, Nathan tired out pretty quickly. We would be working on his stamina, for sure. I decided to let him rest a little and let him watch Sarabeth's dressage routine. I'm sure that would get his blood flowing again. A padlock secured the end of his lead to the fence rail and I grabbed his wrist and cuffed it to the rail as well.

Nathan looked down at his wrist and said 'That's not necessary, Master.'

'I don't like to leave anything to chance.'

He shrugged. 'As you said, where would I go?'

'Not very far and not very fast.' I shrugged back and gestured to the handcuff. 'And this way you won't be tempted to do anything stupid and I won't have to hurt you. It would upset Sarabeth if I was forced to hurt you. I don't like upsetting her.'

'You keep her in a cage and threaten to beat her and treat her like an animal and you're worried about upsetting her?'

'While you were talking did she ever once express a wish to leave here, Nathan? Did she once ever express dissatisfaction with her present situation or her surroundings or with me?'

'She obviously knows better. You were listening. She didn't want to get shocked like I did. I don't blame her.'

I shook my head, hands on my hips. 'After that first time I wasn't listening, Nathan. And obviously, neither were you. I told her I wouldn't so I turned the volume down and ignored you.' I turned slightly to watch the little blond while she stretched and limbered up for her routine. God, she was beautiful!

'Nathan, in the two years that Sarabeth has been my pony I never once had to shock her. I never once had to beat her or discipline her in any way.' I looked more sharply at him and raised an eyebrow. 'Yes, I did offer to cane her bottom so you could watch. I have caned her before. I have also used a paddle, a crop, the tawse, a small cat and my hand on her beautiful little ass. I've even put clips on those delightful little nipples. But never once as punishment. Never once.'

'If you would have been paying attention you would have seen the reaction her body had when I offered to cane her for you. Sure, she knew it would hurt. And I have never given her as many as ten strokes before. But she knew that watching her enduring that kind of pain would excite me and the thought of doing it to excite you lit her up like a Christmas tree. I'm willing to bet she would have come at least twice.'

'It wouldn't have excited me to see you beat her.'

'You still don't get it, do you, boy? Getting caned wouldn't have excited her. But the thought of getting caned. The idea that she was willing to make that kind of sacrifice for you. Trading pain for pleasure. That is what got her excited. Showing me, and you, that she would be willing to do anything..... anything at all to please me, Nathan. Because that is what Sarabeth's world is all about. Pleasing her Master.' I stepped a little closer until I was inches away from him as he backed up against the steel railing of the corral.

'Sarabeth is a true submissive, Nathan. Just like you.'

'I.....I'm not like her.'

'No?' I reached down with one deft move and unsnapped the pouch that covered his genitals. His semi hard prick flipped out of the pouch and into my fingers which closed on it gently but firmly. Nathans whole body went rigid with shock and fear. His eyes were wide and his mouth open, preparing to scream but no noise came out.

'Resist me.' Nothing but a small squeak came out of his throat.

'Do you like having another man squeezing your prick, Nathan?' Once again, he tried to speak but nothing came out. He just shook his head. But the reactions of his body belied his signals. His prick was rapidly getting harder and larger in my grip. My hand slipped up and down and stroked him a little and he moaned and bit his lip, trying to stop more sounds from coming out.

'Do you want me to fuck you, Nathan?'


'Then why don't you resist me?'


My hand stroked him a little harder now that he was fully erect. Nathans legs were starting to tremble and he was flushed a deep red all over that pretty olive skin. I stepped even closer until my nose was half an inch from his and I stared into those frightened brown eyes.

'Who am I , Nathan?' My hand stopped it's motion and just held his organ in my fingers. I could feel it twitch in my grip. He held my gaze for a few seconds, then turned his head away and looked at the ground in defeat.

'Y-y-you are m-my M-master.'

'And who are you?'

'I am your p-pony, Master.' My hand released his prick and came up and patted his cheek gently.

'You are a good boy, Nathan. And you are going to be an excellent pony. You are going to learn to please me in so many different ways.'

'Oh god.....'

Sarabeth stepped around the corner to change into her dressage boots so I knew we had a couple more minutes before she was ready. Those boots were awesome but they had laces a quarter of a mile long and took some time to adjust and tie properly. When I looked back at Nathan he was fumbling with his pouch with one hand trying to cover his erection. I snapped my fingers and said 'Leave it open. You're just going to hurt yourself if you try to put it back now. Besides,' a little smirk played it's way across my lips. 'Sarabeth will appreciate the salute.' He sighed and dropped his free hand to his side. 'Yes, Master.'

Leverage. It was all about leverage. I just had to chip away at his resistance until he finally realized that being mine was what he really wanted. There would be some necessary damage to his ego, but that would get replaced with other things in the long run. I knew this was going to be a long uphill battle and, after all, this was only really the first day. We'd already come farther than I had hoped.

I had patience.

On the other hand, I burned to have this lovely young man in my bed. Just looking at him, especially now, practically naked in his harness with his prick jutting out like an iron bar, his skin pink with need and embarrassment, panting just a little; sent my blood chemistry racing off in all directions. My own cock was dancing around in my pants and working it's way down my leg, throbbing to the beat of my pulse. Randy had never really affected me like that, when he was my pony. Sure, being in bed with him was amusing and different. But it was still just sex. With Nathan it was different.

Perhaps it was because I was going to have to fight him and conquer him before he would give himself to me. Randy had merely given his body to me because I owned him and it was expected. With Nathan I was going to have to prove to him that I was his Master and make him submit his body to me against what he thought were his own desires. From the very beginning, Nathan had made it clear that he was a staunch heterosexual with absolutely no interest in other men. Yet I had just chiseled a small hole in his defenses by making him get hard in my hand while he was declaring that he didn't like it one bit.

Chink! I just had to keep chipping away.

'So Nathan, tell me.' I was suddenly conversational. 'What do you think of Sarabeth? You're not still mad at her over our little deception back in town, are you?'

'No, Master. I'm not mad at her anymore.' He managed to look me in the eye and raise an eyebrow, trying to rally his defenses. 'I'm pissed off at you about that, not her. She was only doing what you told her to.' I nodded.

'Good. She really likes you, you know. And she really wants you to like her. I think you are going to make an awesome team.'

'I like her just fine. She's........ She's the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. Inside and out. Even with...' He rattled the cuff holding him to the fence and gestured with his other hand at his harness. 'Even with all of this..... Just being around her makes me happy. It's like nothing can go wrong if she's around. Even if....' He gestured at himself again. 'That's not really true.'

'But it is true, Nathan. This is exactly what you wanted.'

'Not hardly.'

'You told me so yourself. In an email. Let me try to remember what it was you said. Oh yes.

'All I know for sure right now was that if she was a Domme, I would throw myself at her feet just to be near her again. If I were sure such a thing existed, I would say that I had found the love of my life.'

And that is exactly what you said to me.'

'It's rather obvious that she's not a Domme.'

'Sarabeth! A question, dear!'

She poked her head around the corner. 'Yes? I'm almost ready, Master!'

'Question. If Nathan were willing to be sub for you what would you do to him?'

She looked at Nathan standing there with his prick hanging out and a big smile made it's way across her lips. Her tongue slipped out and slowly licked her upper lip. Then she lowered her voice just a little and said 'I would tie him down and spank his ass pink and fuck him until he couldn't walk straight!' Then she winked at me and said 'That's what I would do to him, Master!' Nathan gasped and his eyes went wide and his prick stood up hard again.

He gasped again and a moan escaped his lips as Sarabeth came back around the corner dressed in her dressage gear. She'd added a halter that encompassed her head with leather straps and had small purely decorative blinders on either side. A large blue jewel, the same color as her eyes, was set in a silver chasing in the center of the strap that ran across her forehead and made it look like a crown. Identical jewels were set in her bracelets that managed to look like shackles on her wrists. She shone and sparkled in the sunlight as she turned.

But the most impressive part, other than Sarabeth herself, was her boots. They were shiny black and came all the way up her calves almost to her knees. Made like high heeled boots, they bent her foot downwards but they actually had no heel at all. The support all went down to the ball of the foot where the bottom of the boot was attached to an actual steel horse shoe. They made her almost three inches taller and made her walk upright with her spine straight and her breasts thrust forward..

Putting on her dressage gear not only changed her stance, but it changed her whole demeanor as well. She went from being a simple, sweet city girl to being some sort of elven princess, tall and proud and regal, her sexuality radiating off of her like heat.

Behind me, Nathan said 'Oh my god!'

I looked at him and grinned. 'You like that?' Eyes wide and mouth open, he just nodded.

Soft notes began quietly from the speakers mounted up on poles around the corral. Sarabeth walked slowly to the center of the enclosure, her face calm and sure. She clasped her hands behind her back and bowed towards me as a pony should, head down and one hoof forward in respect. I bowed back to her and, as the music swelled, Sarabeth began to move...

Chapter Eight

I'd had to be firm with Nathan several times about not touching himself after Sarabeth's dressage routine. He was hard and pink and panting with his need by the time she was done. And when she came to me afterwards equally pink and needing release he groaned several times in pure miserable ecstasy while I held her and kissed her and stroked her body until she came repeatedly in my arms.

Just getting into her harness always got Sarabeth pretty wound up. And actually performing for me, whether we were alone or in front of an audience of several hundred strangers, always got her so hot that the merest touch would bring her to a shattering orgasm. She'd never been much of an exhibitionist before, or so she told me, but being my pony had brought that streak out in her hard and strong. And of course I was always more than happy to reward her for a good performance, whether it was on the sulky track or the dressage arena and whether or not we were alone or in front of an audience.

I had to be firm with him again when I sent them into their cages to shower and stayed to watch just to make sure he didn't misbehave. I knew that I was going to have to allow him a release soon or the poor lad would end up with a painful case of 'blue balls'. I'd planned on letting him come at least once this evening, but I was bloody well going to do it my own way in my own time. After all, I was his Master, and I wanted him to be quite aware that I controlled every aspect of his life and there were other things that I could do to him besides cause him pain.

He was still about half hard when he got out of the shower and knelt at his cage door to present me with his leash for the first time. I corrected his posture just a little then praised him lavishly when I took his leash and had him rise to follow behind me. We collected Sarabeth the same way and headed to the house for dinner.

My dinner plans were simple. Well, the food itself was simple. The presentation was a little complicated. Sliced cheeses and meat and crackers with potato chips and two different kinds of dip. Some grapes in a bowl and some sliced melon for dessert. I had Nathan lie on his back on the table and we arranged soft sheer linen napkins on his body from just above his nipples down to his crotch and one on each thigh. At first I'd thought to leave his hands free but when he wouldn't stop wiggling I went ahead and tied his wrists and ankles to the table to keep him still. Sarabeth and I arranged the food across his body, spreading everything out so you would always be touching somewhere different to get something to eat. We each got a large glass of ice water and a small glass of wine with our meal. Nathans both had a bendy straw placed in them so he could gets sips from Sarabeth when he wanted them.

It was a very sensual experience. We took our time eating and took turns feeding each other and Nathan. Sarabeth stuck a slice of summer sausage between her teeth and leaned over Nathans body towards me. I met her halfway and bit off the offered bit of meat and kissed her long and hard. She then stuck another slice in her mouth and did the same thing to Nathan. He groaned and wiggled so hard he almost ended up with the ranch dip in his crotch. The next time I got a bit of sausage I stuck it between my teeth and looked down at him. He just turned red and looked away. The smile on my face stayed there for the entire meal. His erection went up and down like a jack in the box while we ate.

Of course it didn't help matters much that we limited our dinner conversation to Nathan and how beautiful his body was and how much fun we were going to have when he finally took my tail and fully became my pony. His face was beet red the entire meal. Sarabeth took the last cracker off of the napkin on his thigh and fed it to the boy with her mouth and kissed him long and hard. Then she casually removed the napkin and started running her small cool hand up and down his thigh while we chatted. It only took a few seconds of her touch to get him hard and standing tall again. I reached up and grabbed a chip from his chest and pinched his nipple lightly through the napkin which made him squeak.

'Doesn't he have a pretty cock, Master?'

'Very nice, dear. Very nice indeed. You looked like you were enjoying having it in your mouth last night.'

'Oh, I did! It was big and hard and tasted very good. Almost as good as yours, Master.' Her hand came up and cupped his balls gently and rolled them around in her palm. I scooped a little bit of dip on one finger and wiped it on the shaft of his prick about halfway and nodded at Sarabeth. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against his shaft and licked the dip off of his skin while he moaned and strained against his bonds.

'Stop wiggling, Nathan. You'll upset the dip. And if you do that I might change my mind about letting you come tonight.' I reached up with one hand and wrapped it around the shaft of his cock. It twitched in my hand and I could feel his pulse thumping through the veins in his shaft, pushing at my skin. He was so hard his foreskin had retracted just a little leaving a gap at the tip of his prick which was slowly filling with a small pool of precome. Gripping him just a little tighter, I pulled back the skin and exposed the head of his cock, letting the fluid run down over the head. He moaned and squeaked some more.

'Do you want to come tonight, Nathan?'

'Yes Master! Please!'

'And what will you do for me if I let you come?'

'An......! I'd.......... Uh....... Oh god...... Please, Master!'

'You were going to say 'Anything' weren't you?'

'Y.... I .... Uh......' I gave his shaft a little squeeze.

'Weren't you?'

'Oh god.' he moaned. 'Yes, Master!'

'But you didn't really mean anything, did you?'

'No, Master.' He groaned again, his hips rolling a little at my touch. 'I'm sorry, Master. I just.... can't.' Nathans voice broke a little, like he was going to burst out into tears. 'I just can't.'

I released my grip and patted him on the thigh and said 'It's okay, Nathan. Your body wants it even if your mind doesn't. We'll work on making you a full fledged pony yet.' I raised up from my seat, planting a hand on the table on either side of his body and looked down into his eyes.

'Who do you belong to, boy?' He looked back up at me with those soft brown eyes wide, his lips slightly parted. His Adams apple bobbed up and down his throat as he looked up at me.

'I belong to you, Master.'

As I leaned down I briefly considered kissing him on those full red lips of his but decided at the last moment that it would be too soon. Instead I leaned over and kissed him on the forehead.

'You're a good boy, Nathan.'

The carrot and the stick. That's what it was all about. I'd shown him the stick and let him experience it's sting on the very first night. And then I'd given him a glimpse of the carrot, even if he was so drugged he didn't remember much of it. But he had a very vivid memory of the stick and did whatever he could do to avoid it without compromising his integrity too much.

This next little exercise was going to be pure carrot.

'Why do you keep tying me up, Master? I swear I'll behave. I promise!' This time he was laying on his back on my bed. His hands were bound separately to the headboard about shoulder width apart and about two feet down from the headboard so we would have room to maneuver. Still fully clothed, I knelt next to him on the bed while Sarabeth finished securing the last knot on his ankles, leaving his legs only slightly spread. I slipped a pillow under his head and placed on finger on his nose, then slowly slid it down across his lips as they trembled a little under my touch. As my finger glided down his throat through the hollow of his neck and towards his chest, I saw goose bumps rise up on his skin.

'For one thing, boy' I said. 'I don't really trust you quite yet. After all, it's only your first real day here. If you took it in your head to do something stupid I might have to seriously hurt you. And that would really, really piss me off.' The tip of my finger slid down his chest and across his belly, making the muscles jump and ripple. I finally came to a stop just above his pubic bone, only an inch or two away from where his prick stood up from his crotch tall and proud. He twitched and squeaked very softly.

'Is... unhhh... Is there another reason, Master?' I smiled and reached up and patted his cheek.

'Of course there is, boy. The best reason of them all.'

'And what is that, Master?'

'Because seeing a pony all tied up on my bed turns me on. Because sometimes I love physical submission and bondage almost as I love emotional submission.' My hands went down to his smooth firm chest and I took his nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and pinched them just enough to get his full attention. He wriggled and groaned.

'Because I know that when I have a pony all tied up and unable to resist in any way, then I can do whatever I like to them and there is nothing they can do about it. There is no 'power exchange' in this relationship.'

I leaned in a little closer to his face, my fingers still teasing him.

'There are no safe words here, boy.'

'Ohhh.. God....'

Sarabeth climbed back up on the bed and knelt on the other side of Nathans body and looked up at me with a slight hint of concern in her eyes. 'Master, you're scaring him.'

I released my hold on his nipples, soothed those hard little nubs with my palms and sat back with one hand resting in the middle of his chest.

'Of course I'm scaring him. He's been kidnapped, stripped naked, kept in a cage and told that he is destined to be the sexual plaything and fetish object of an obvious deviate. Why shouldn't he be scared? He is going to be well acquainted with fear and pain and ecstasy, with frustration and anger and probably the closest thing he has ever come to pure sexual nirvana. It's going to be an emotional and physical roller coaster until Nathan takes his tail and gives himself to me fully.' I looked down at his wide eyes as he was taking in the whole conversation and patted his chest. 'Keep your hands and feet inside until it comes to a complete stop.'

'Oh god....'

After Nathan was secured to the bed, I had my little pony girl go into the bathroom to remove and clean her tail. When she returned I positioned her on the bed on her hands and knees right next to Nathan facing towards the foot of the bed so that he had a good view of her smooth slim back and warm full bottom and everything between her legs as well. His eyes were riveted.

'I have a new toy for you, love. Just got it in the mail the other day and I thought this was the perfect time to give it a try.'

I was constantly ordering new things and trying them out on Sarabeth. Plugs and vibrators and harnesses, masks and blindfolds and whips and crops and canes. Some of my new things she really enjoyed and we kept them handy. Other things, not so much. I liked keeping up the variety as much as possible. And now that we had Nathan our options kept increasing.

'Mmmm... What did you get me, Master?'

'Just this.' It was a metal curved hook, about eighteen inches long, bent like a fish hook. The body of it was about as big around as my little finger. One end was only slightly curved and at the tip it was bent into an eye to hook a rope to and the more sharply curved end terminated in a metal orb about the size of a ping pong ball.

'What does it do?' I held it up alongside her hip and pointed to the eye and said 'This end goes up along the curve of your back and we tie a string....' I held up a short length of a leather thong 'To this end to keep it inside you. Can you guess where the other end goes?'

She broke out in goose bumps up and down her back and said 'In my ass, Master?' I smiled.

'Right you are, love. Now, what we have here is a group activity. It's going to take all of us to pull this off right.' I handed Sarabeth the warm bottle of lube. 'You need to get your little bottom ready for this, dear. Show Nathan how much you love having things in that tight little ass of yours.' I heard the boy groan.

'Nathan, do you want to warm this up for her while she gets ready?'

His eyes went wide and looked a little alarmed. 'I..... Uh.... I...' I smiled and patted his cheek. 'Not there, boy. In your mouth. Open wide.' I laid the hook on the pillow next to his head and stuck the ball end into his mouth. 'Don't bite down. You'll chip a tooth. Just get it nice and warm for her and think about where it's going.'

He groaned again around the metal ball filling his mouth and his hips writhed a little against the sheets. His eyes were still riveted to her backside as she lubed up first one finger and then two and slid them into her ass, moaning gently as they slipped in and out of her tight little hole. I didn't blame him. I loved watching that, too.

While they were engaged in their warm up exercises, I stepped off of the bed and stripped out of my clothes. It felt good to release my prick from it's cramped quarters. It was the first time in forever that I had gone almost a full day without Sarabeth in my bed at least once and I needed release just as bad as Nathan did. I'd been hard damn near all day. But I had needed her there to calm him and get him to realize that his situation wasn't all bad and it had worked, up to a point, anyway. But I had missed my quality time with my pony girl.

We all have to make sacrifices....

'Are you ready, dear?'

'Mmmm.... Yes, Master.' she replied. Her hips had been bucking back against her fingers as she had lubed her delicious little bottom for the entry of the hook.

'Excellent.' I slipped the hook out of Nathans mouth and presented the metal ball to the opening of her ass. 'Feel how warm Nathan got it for you.' She purred and looked back at him. 'Mmmm... thank you, Nathan.' Then she gasped a little and said 'Ah... ah... ahhh....' and then sighed and said 'Oooohhh....' as the ball opened up the tight ring of muscle guarding her insides and then slipped inside her ass. I slid it all the way up inside of her until the rest of the metal hook laid against her back. A quick hitch made a knot in the leather thong around the metal eye and I reached up and grabbed her blond ponytail and tugged it back until her head tilted up slightly. Tying the other end of the thong completed the procedure and I asked 'How does that feel?'

Sarabeth moved her head slightly and shivered. 'Oooo... That feels funny, Master! It's kind of good..... Ummm.... But funny. Oooohhh....' There was just enough give in the leather thong and in her braid that the hook would tug on her tightest hole just a little but not too hard. Perfect.

I kind of draped myself over her slim back, one hand slipping down and cupping a warm ass cheek in my palm. Sarabeth cooed and sighed and rolled her hips under my hand. Nathan stared between her thighs, eyes wide and mouth slightly open.

'So Nathan. I assume that you have eaten pussy before?'

'Yes, Master. Of course!'

'Of course.' I smiled. 'You any good at it?'

'I like to think so.' I smiled again.

'We men always like to think so. It's not always true, but we like to believe it is. So here's the deal. I said I would let you come tonight but there are conditions. And you might as well get used to that. There are always going to be conditions with me. Just because I am a cruel and evil bastard like that.'

I patted Sarabeths bottom. 'One thing that I love in this world except for a good orgasm myself is making my pony girl come hard and repeatedly. You saw that out in the corral after her dressage routine. Her happiness is very important to me. And once you become fully mine it will be the same with you. Something to look forward to. Once you give yourself to me I will do what I can to make you happy, Nathan.'

'Except letting you go, of course. That's not going to happen.' My hand slid down her leg, my fingertips barely touching the smooth skin of the inside of her thigh, making her sigh and shiver.

'One trait that any good pony must have is the ability to use your mouth to please your Master. And what will please me right now is for you to make Sarabeth come using only your mouth. So you better hope that you are fairly good at it. Because if she doesn't come, you don't come. Understand me, boy?'

'Unhhh... Yes, Master!' Of course I could tell from the way her body was moving and the little noises she was making that it wouldn't take much at all to push her over the edge. I could have made her pop with the tip of one finger. It embarrassed her to admit it, but anal stimulation really turned Sarabeth on. So I, of course, made her say it out loud as often as I could. I was just evil like that.

'Sarabeth? You think Nathan's pretty little mouth can get you hot?'

'Mmmm.... Yes, Master!' She looked up and down his body and smiled. 'All of him gets me hot! Mmmm...' she purred again. 'I can't wait to feel his tongue inside me...' I placed an arm around her chest and pulled her up onto her knees and turned her body until she was facing him then held her steady as she lifted a leg and straddled his waist. Nathans eyes were wide and I could see his chest moving faster as he stared up at her. Slowly, a couple of inches at a time, she walked on her knees up his body until her crotch was right over his face. She put one hand on the headboard to steady herself and the other hand curled in his hair as she slowly lowered herself down onto his face. She cooed and sighed again as Nathans tongue came out and swirled in between her pussy lips and her pelvis began a slow bump and grind. Nathans hips were moving in time with hers, like he was fucking the air.

It didn't take too long, of course. Not for the first time, anyway. Her gasps and sighs got faster and louder and I watched her back and ass cheeks tightening up while that pale white skin turned a rosy shade of pink. She gasped 'Ooohh.. That's.... Ooohh... Yes.... That's..... Ooohh, god, Nathan!..... Yes, yes, yes!' her hips bucked forward hard and she straightened up and gave a little scream and shivered hard all over as she came against his mouth. I could hear little wet slurping sounds as he worked his tongue and lips against her pussy and Nathans whole body was in motion just slightly. I even saw his toes clench and unclench as if he were in the throes of an orgasm himself.

Well, he would be soon. He'd earned it. Me, I just laid back and enjoyed the show. Watching as he gave her one orgasm after another until, after about five, she started sagging against the headboard and panting. I sat up and clapped my hands loudly and said 'That's enough.' I helped Sarabeth move back off of his face and let her lay on her side next to him for a minute while they both panted. I patted her on the back until her breathing slowed back down to normal.

'Was that okay, dear?' She smiled and purred and stretched like a cat which made the hook pull at her bottom and she squeaked.

'That was wonderful, Master!' She reached over and ran a hand over the bound young man next to her and said 'He's very good! I can't wait to do that again!' Then she looked over her shoulder at me and asked 'Can I kiss him, Master?'

I smiled and patted her bottom. 'You are going to do much more than that in a moment, but yes, you can kiss him.'

'Thank you, Master!' She crawled over and leaned down over Nathans face and paused with her lips an inch away from his and stared down into his eyes. 'And thank you, Nathan! That was wonderful!' She put one hand down to his cheek and kissed him hard. He made a little sound in his chest and his prick which had drooped a little, jumped right back up again. Her kisses had the same effect on me too.

While they were engaged kissing each other I slipped a hand up between her slim legs. She obligingly parted her thighs for me and I cupped my hand up to her pussy and slipped a finger inside of her. Sarabeth bucked her hips back against my hand and moaned into Nathans mouth. Between her own natural lubricant and his saliva, she was dripping wet and my finger slid up inside of her all the way. I stroked in and out of her a few times then put my thumb against the metal hook sticking out of her butt. She stiffened and moaned louder and her thighs clamped around my hand and she came again, panting into his mouth. As her body relaxed a little I removed my hand and patted her on the bottom.

'Okay, love. Now it's time for Nathan to get his reward.' I reached down and grabbed hold of Nathans hard cock in my hand. He stiffened and squeaked at my touch. 'You want to try out this nice hard prick? See if you can make him come as hard as you did?' His cock jerked around in my grip. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. 'Oh yes, master! I want that very much.' She rose up and threw her leg over him and started moving backwards. As she moved into position I pointed the head of his cock right in between her pussy lips and held onto it until she slid all the way down on him and her bottom pushed my hand out of the way. They both sighed in pleasure.

'And it's time for Master to get his reward, too. It's been a long day for me as well.' I crawled up to the top of the bed and threw a leg over Nathans head and knelt right over his face. He made a little cry of dismay as he looked up and saw my balls hanging an inch or so above his eyes and my long hard prick extending out from there. One hand went down and gripped my shaft and pulled back the foreskin, exposing the purple head of my cock.

'Come down here, little pony girl and give your Master what he wants so desperately. Let's get you full on all three sides.' Sarabeth leaned down as she bucked her hips slowly on Nathans crotch and he got a front seat view as she first licked the head of my cock and then opened those sweet lips and took me deep into her mouth. He made a noise, an exhalation of breath, that tickled the hair on my balls as the blond moved back and forth between his prick and mine.

'Mmmm.... Pleasure is a gift, Nathan. And a reward. It is something to be given and taken. And above all, earned. Believe it or not, I have been easy on you. Aaahhhh.... That feels so good, love.....' I left one hand on the headboard behind to steady myself and the other went to the back of Sarabeths head. Not to guide or to push, just a gentle reminder that I was there and enjoying the feel of her mouth on my prick. There was a mutual sigh of pleasure from all three of us as Sarabeth settled on a rhythm between our two pricks.

'Does that feel good, Nathan?'

'Unhhh... Yes, Master! It feels wonderful!'

'You better enjoy it. From now on you are going to have to work even harder to earn this sort of reward. Mmmmm.... You know what her mouth feels like and now you know what her pussy feels like. But before I will let you sample that sweet little bottom of hers, you are going to have to give me yours. Aaahhhh... Everything... From here on, boy.... Mmmm... Is going to be geared towards you giving in to your true nature..... Admitting that you are submissive.... Mmmm.... Taking my tail and giving yourself to me.'

'Oooohhh.... God....' The feeling of his breath on my balls gave me little shivers. I could see him tensing and trembling and I could imagine that he was fighting the urge to raise his head. I was pretty glad of that, for the most part. I was pretty close to coming in Sarabeths mouth and didn't want to get whacked in the nuts by his head.

My hand went from Sarabeths head as she slurped and groaned around her mouthful of my cock down to Nathans chest. My nails tickled the skin over his ribs which made him twitch and moan. Then my fingers found the hard nub of his nipple and pinched it hard between my thumb and forefinger. He stiffened and arched his back, cried out and came, his hips pistoning up into Sarabeths body. That started a chain reaction. Her thighs tightened around his hips and she shivered and came and the feeling of her moaning around the head of my prick tipped me over the edge and I started filling her mouth with my own come. The sensations of her moaning and swallowing my come and feeling Nathan wriggling beneath us made little stars appear in my vision as I was momentarily lost in a haze of bliss.

As much as I probably would have enjoyed having both of them shower with me, it was one of those things I figured he wasn't quite ready for yet. I escorted them both back to their cages with instructions to shower and go to bed. Nathan was very quiet on the way back and I thought they might talk some before sleeping. But when I checked the video feed right before dropping off myself, he was curled up under his covers. Sleeping or thinking, I didn't know which.

Chapter Nine

Push and pull. Tease and torment. Punish and reward. Dig and dig and dig and dig and prod and pry and pick and poke. I wasn't going to let up on him until he was completely mine. It was only a matter of time, but he was strong willed and pigheaded and obstinate.

Apparently he was of the opinion that I had pushed him too far the night before, as he woke up in a foul mood and decided to fight me on damn near everything. It took a strong shock from his shackle to even get him out of bed and when I walked into his cage he jumped up and tried to swing on me.

He found out pretty swiftly that was a major mistake.

I ducked his swing and punched the back of his shoulder which spun him around and as he turned to face me my other hand met his cheek with a stinging slap that cracked like a gunshot. When his hands flew up to his face I hit him with a forearm across the chest which took him off of his feet and he landed hard on the wooden floor on his back.

Vaguely, I remember hearing Sarabeth shouting 'Nathan! No!!!'

All of his breath left his body when he hit the floor. I grabbed one hand and twisted it into a wristlock and stepped around his head still holding it and made him roll over on his stomach. I put my fist in the crook of his elbow and made him bend his arm and pulled it up between his shoulder blades which made him screech in pain. Keeping hold of his wrist I knelt down and put a knee across his forearm which increased the pressure just a little bit and held him firmly in place while my free hand pulled the tawse from my back pocket.

From there I proceeded to stripe him with the leather strap from the top of that pretty little ass all the way down his thighs and back up again while he screeched and yelled and kicked his feet against the hard wooden floor.

I stopped when the whole area was bright red. Nathan quivered underneath me and sobbed. 'Please! Please! I'm sorry! No more! I'm sorry!'

'Are you done?'

'Yes, Master! Please! I'm sorry!'

I got up off of his body, walked out of the cage and shut the door firmly. I stepped over to the cabinet on the wall and got out a pair of handcuffs while he laid on the floor and sobbed. Sarabeth knelt on the floor of her cage, one hand over her mouth and tears slowly dripping down her cheeks.

'Get up, Nathan. Now.'

'Ooohh.... I can't!'

'Do I need to come back in there?'

'No! Please! Wait! Oooohhh....' he slowly painfully made his way to his feet making little cries of pain each time he moved a different part of his body. Finally he managed to climb to his feet unsteadily. His arm didn't want to move very well and his face was bright red from shame and humiliation and that vicious slap. My handprint was very visible across his cheek.

I pointed to the back of the cell. 'Go to the bathroom, Nathan.'

'I.... I don't need to go....' I pointed again.

'Go. Now. You won't be able to later and if you pee on my floor I will stripe you again.' His face paled which brought my handprint out in stark relief. He slowly hobbled back to the toilet and after a moments hesitation, relieved himself. When he washed up afterwards he splashed some water on his face and made a little sigh of relief.

'That's enough, boy. Get back out here now. Right here.' I pointed to a spot right next to the cage door. He shuffled painfully back up to the front of the cage and I had him put his hands through the bars. I snapped the cuffs around his wrists, cuffing him to the bars so his only choice was to stand in that place or sit down and I didn't think he would be doing any sitting anytime soon.

'Sarabeth, come. I need you.' I took the end of her leash in my hand and we walked out of the stables, leaving him with his head leaned up against the bars, sniffling.

'M-master.....' I held up a hand and we walked the rest of the way to the house in silence.

When we got to my bedroom I pointed to the braided rug next to my bed and said simply 'Wait here please, girl.' She knelt down demurely with her eyes on the floor while I stripped off my clothes and headed for the shower. It took the hottest water I could stand and then the coldest to soothe my body and my mind again. I stayed in there for a long time, just letting the water run down my body while I leaned against the wall.

After I dried off, I crawled up on the bed and leaned down to unclip the leash from Sarabeths collar. Patting the bed beside me, I said 'Come on up here, love.' Wordlessly, she cuddled up next to me, laying her head on my shoulder and placing one small cool hand in the center of my chest. My arm went around her shoulders and for the first time in I don't know how long, I wasn't horny with her laying next to me.

After a long slow deep breath and an equally long sigh to let it out, I dropped off to sleep.

About an hour later we walked back into the stables again. Nathan was still standing where I had left him cuffed to his cage bars. As soon as I walked in he slid to his knees and lowered his head and said 'Master.... I'm sorry. Please forgive me.'

One hand dipped into my pocket and my hand opened in front of his face. Laying in the center of my palm was a small silver cuff key. With a hopeful gleam in his eyes, he held up his cuffed hands to me. The cuffs went back into my pocket along with the key and he rubbed his wrists where they had pulled at him.

Ignoring him for the moment I turned and held a whispered conversation with Sarabeth. The only word that I said loud enough for him to overhear was 'Ice.' She turned and walked to the utility room in the back out of sight and we could hear water running.

'Stand up, Nathan. Center of the cage.' He did as I told him. I worked my remote and the other ankle shackle popped out of its recess in the floor. 'Put that on.' With a worried look, he did so. Another push of the remote and the shackles lowered from the ceiling to about shoulder height. 'Right hand, Nathan.' His whole body was shaking and his face was as pale as death. His lips alternately trembled and compressed against each other as he fought making a sound while he locked the other shackle around his wrist.

Entering his cage, I grabbed the other shackle and held it out. Still trembling, he laid his wrist in it and I clicked it shut, holding him securely. I could see his heart thumping against his rib cage and he shook like he had a fever. I raised one hand slowly and laid it across his cheek, my fingers covering the red streaks that still showed across his skin. 'Relax, Nathan. I'm not going to hurt you again.' At my touch his breath left him in a series of gasps and his face screwed up like he was going weep. He lowered his head to his chest and tipped it sideways into my palm and whispered 'I'm sorry.' Leaning forward, I gently kissed the top of his head.

Sarabeth came in, carrying a small bucket of water in one hand and a washcloth in the other. We could hear the clink of ice cubes against the sides of the bucket as the water sloshed inside.

'Since it's what she does, Sarabeth is going to make you feel better.' I put one hand under Nathans chin and lifted his head and turned it so the slap mark on his cheek showed. 'Let's start right here, love.' She set the bucket down and dipped the cloth in the water and wrung it out then reached up and laid it against his cheek. He jumped and gasped at the cold touch then closed his eyes and said 'Aaahhhh.... That feels good. Thank you, Sarabeth.' She leaned up and whispered something in his ear I couldn't make out. Nathan took another shuddering deep breath and nodded.

After she had sufficiently cooled down his face, Sarabeth picked up the bucket and walked around behind him. 'Oh! Poor Nathan!' she said, seeing the red stripes covering the pale flesh of his butt and down the backs of his thighs. She laid a hand on his hip and looked around up at his face and said 'Please don't make Master do this anymore, okay?' She dipped the cloth in the ice water and started gently patting it across the welts on his bottom. With each touch he gasped and groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure that slowly tapered off as the water soothed the fire in his skin and left him somewhat numbed.

It took a few minutes, but he began to relax and sag against the chains holding him up. I raised the ones holding his wrists until they were over his head. At a nod from me, Sarabeth started wiping down his whole body with the ice water, making him break out in goose bumps. She gently washed his face again and, after a quick glance back at me, stood on her tiptoes and gave him a kiss, then went back to work. As she wiped down across his chest and made his nipples get hard and down across his belly, Nathan was making little groans and gasps back in his throat. Sarabeth paused at his crotch them bypassed it and went down each leg first, wiping off the sweat. Then she dipped the washcloth in the bucket again and reached up between his legs and cupped his balls. He went right up on his toes, eyes open in shock and he said 'Oh! J-j-jesus christ! Aaah! Shit, that's cold!' as his balls tried to disappear right up inside his body. She had a little smile on her face as she rolled his sack around in her hand and made him squirm. It made me wonder a little if, besides that exhibitionist streak, she might have a little Domme in her psyche as well. We would have to explore that a little in the future.

If things worked out as I planned, she might just end up being the second person to fuck him. Hmmm... And I did plan on getting more girls as well... Still have four empty cages. Perhaps we need to expand our selection of available toys. In my mind I pictured the both of us filling each of Nathans holes and all of us enjoying it greatly.

While I was lost in my reverie, Sarabeth had gone to her knees in front of him and was looking up at me. Seeing her kneeling in front of him made Nathans cock spring up despite the cold water treatment. Holding up my hand, I held my thumb and forefinger about a quarter of an inch apart. She nodded and her hand wrapped around the shaft of his cock. He took a deep breath and sighed and his pelvis moved just a fraction in her grip.

'Feeling better, Nathan?' Sarabeths hand slid lightly up his shaft and gripped the head, then slowly pulled back his foreskin, revealing the head of his cock.

'Unhhh.... Y-yes, Master!'

'Promise me, Nathan. Promise me right here and now that I will never have to do that again. Swear to me.'

'I.... I promise, Master. It... It will never happen again.' he dropped his head and looked down at Sarabeth who looked back up at him and smiled.

'Now don't get me wrong. I have no reservations about punishing you. Believe me, if I think you aren't paying attention or if you break the rules I will be there and I have no problem at all laying a few stripes across your ass. And the time will come when I will turn you over my knee and spank your butt pink just for fun. I like a little recreational spanking now and then. It always leads to better things, isn't that right, Sarabeth?' She turned a little pink and nodded, then stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of Nathans prick and said 'Sometimes I'm a 'bad girl' for Master because I know he enjoys spanking my bottom so much.' She squeezed his shaft in her hand. 'You can be a 'bad boy' sometimes, can't you?'

'Oooohhh..... God....'

'Just remember, Nathan. I am stronger than you. I am faster than you. And I am well schooled in the arts of inflicting pain. There may come a time when you will be strong enough and fast enough to take me on, but that is a long ways down the road. And I guarantee that it would do you no good anyway. You would have to kill me to get away.'

'I... I don't want to have to do that, Master.'

'You are a good boy, Nathan. And since you have learned a lesson, you get a reward.' I touched Sarabeth on the head and she opened her mouth and sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. Nathan groaned and his eyes tried to roll up in his head as she swirled her tongue all around the sensitive prick in her mouth.

I only let that go on for about ten seconds, however. At the second touch, Sarabeth stopped and pulled his prick from her mouth and stood up next to me. I turned and bent my head and her lips came up to meet mine and her mouth opened to me as my tongue snaked past her lips. There was just the hint of the taste of his prick on her lips and it excited me. Nathan groaned in frustration.

Finally I pulled my lips away from hers and patted her on the bottom. Sarabeth walked around behind Nathan and knelt down behind him and started rubbing her hands on the cheeks of his ass and massaging them, her fingers feeling the slightly raised welts that still lingered. He made little noises that were part pain and pleasure. I couldn't see, but I knew she was alternately kissing and licking the skin of his ass cheeks.

'Do you like that, boy?'

'Mmmm.... Yes, Master. I... I guess so. Mmmm...' She reached around from behind and gently caressed his balls while her tongue ran up and down the crack of his ass. I knew it would only take a minute or so for her to get him relaxed enough that she could part his cheeks and start tonguing his asshole, which is what I was waiting for.

Finally I saw it. His eyes opened wide and he said 'Oh! Aaahhhh... Oooohhh... Oh my god.....' and he jerked a little as he felt her penetrate him with the tip of her tongue. 'Wh-what are you.... god.....' While he was so distracted I reached down and wrapped my hand around the shaft of his prick. He gasped and looked at me for just a brief second and a deep flush spread over his face and down his chest while his prick jumped and throbbed in my grip. Slowly I started stroking his meat in my hand.

My face only inches away from his, I said 'You are going to be mine, Nathan. Make no mistake about that. You are going to give yourself to me completely. Some day.... Very soon... you are going to crawl into my bed willingly and beg me to fuck you.'

'Nnn.... I..... Please..... Oh god.....' His hips were jerking back and forth between her tongue in his ass and my strong grip on his cock. He kept biting his lip as sweat was forming on his forehead again.

'You will, Nathan. I will see you face down on my bed with your sweet little ass in the air waiting for me to fuck you for the very first time. And you will beg me to do it.' I gripped him a little harder, my fist sliding up and down his entire length. He shivered hard.

'Nnn..... I can't..... Please...... Oh god...' Quickly, I let go of his prick.

'Do you want me to stop?'

'No! Oh god.... No. Please, Master! I just..... Ooohh...' My hand wrapped around his member again and starting pumping.

'Do you want to come, Nathan?'

'Oh god, yes, Master!'

His breath was coming in short gasps and I could tell he was going to come very soon.

'Do you want me to fuck you, Nathan?'

'Nnn... I..... Oh god.... I can't..... I..... please...'

His whole body was tight and his fists were clenched hard in the shackles. He was fighting his own body not to tense up too hard to keep Sarabeth from driving her little tongue up his ass.

'Are you going to be my pony, Nathan?'

He gasped hard a few times then as his back started to arch he said 'Oh! Yes, Master! Oooohhh....' I stepped a little to the side as his prick swelled in my hand then started shooting his sperm onto the floor of his cage. I kept pumping him and he bucked against my hand and came again and again, making quite the mess on the floor.

'Sarabeth? I do believe we are going to need a mop, dear.'

Chapter Ten

If I had been a betting man, I would have wagered that Nathan would have caved in and given himself to me inside of the first week.

Of course if I had bet on that, I would have lost. While he was proving to be an excellent pony as I had suspected, he steadfastly refused to give his body to me. I, in turn, drove him to distraction. At least once, if not twice a day I made love to Sarabeth in one way or another and each time I made sure he was watching. Sometimes I would just leave him in his cage while we were in hers with the curtains open. Once or twice I hung him up in the chains or cuffed him to the cage bars while we played. I even went as far as to have him cuffed and kneeling by my bed or hers or bound to the other side of my bed watching us play. That left him in a constant state of arousal which earned him a few shocks and quite a collection of red welts across his ass cheeks from playing with himself. More than once we finished off with him standing in the corner with his hands on top of his head, his legs slowly moving to ease the pain in his stinging bottom while I pumped Sarabeth full of my come.

What didn't help with his condition either was when we talked to him while we were playing. Sarabeth would run her lips slowly up and down the side of my shaft and then say 'Master really likes this, Nathan! It gets him so hard.' Then she would look him straight in the eye and say 'I want to suck your cock while you suck Masters. That would be so sexy!'

I would turn her so that her face was right on the edge of the bed, facing him so he could watch her expression as I penetrated her tight little ass. 'Oh! Oooohhh.... Oh my god, Nathan! Oh, that feels so good! Unhhh!! I just love having Master in my ass. Giving myself to him so completely....... Oh god, I'm so full! Oooohhh....' She would reach out and say 'Kiss me, Nathan! Make love to my mouth while Master fucks my ass....'

Or I would turn her the other way, bent over the end of the bed with her butt facing him while I stood behind her. He would watch with his mouth open in rapt attention while I lubed up her tight hole with my fingers and then slid my prick slowly up inside of her. And I would talk to him while she gasped and squealed and kicked her legs as my cock sunk deeper and deeper inside her. 'Sometimes I imagine that this is you I'm fucking, boy. I dream about the day that you become my pony and give yourself to me. You are going to love it when I sink my cock into your tight little pony ass. Then you will be mine forever.'

I'm sure there were a few times that he had jerked off and I hadn't caught him at it. I couldn't watch him 24/7 and he knew it and so did I. But I did catch him enough times to make him weep with frustration. One time he managed to come without touching himself at all. Sarabeth was on her back with her head over the edge of the mattress while I rode her. Nathan was kneeling with his hands bound behind his back right by the side of the bed, watching. She had reached out and pulled his lips to hers right before she climaxed and when she squealed into his mouth and came, he moaned and bucked his hips and shot his come all over the side of my bedspread.

For that I pulled him over my lap for his very first over the knee spanking with my bare hand. He kicked and cried out the whole time I was blistering his bottom with my hand and when I finally let him back up again he was mad and embarrassed and completely hard again, which embarrassed him even more. Afterwards I unbound his hands and made him strip my bed and do my laundry.

After that second day I wouldn't allow Sarabeth to touch him in a sexual way. She was limited to kisses only on the lips and only at my direction. The very few times that I allowed him to get any relief it was with my hand on his prick, stroking him until he came. After that first time he overcame any reluctance to my touch and would often beg me for release. I would grant it or not, depending on his behavior that day.

In short, I was a complete bastard. But I don't think he ever suspected how frustrated I was as well. I wanted him so badly that I could taste it and I awoke every single day with a hopeful expectation in my heart only to have my hopes dashed again and again. I took to going to the weight room in the middle of the night and pounding the heavy punching bag into submission. A few times I didn't even bother putting on my gloves and bloodied my knuckles against the rough surface of the bag in frustration.

Twelve days. Twelve long, aggravating and maddening days. I racked my brains for ways to push him even harder and I was almost ready to succumb to frustration myself. My lovemaking with Sarabeth became more physical and aggressive and a little rougher than was my usual style. She bore it with patience and grace and did everything she could to calm my nerves and ease my body. We were all very near the breaking point.

It was a stormy wet and cold Thursday morning. Lightning flashed like a strobe light and the rain came down in sheets, leaving deep puddles and small streams running all over my property. The power had flickered and gone out several times during the early morning and the interference had knocked out my video and intercom system. I figured this was a good day to stay in the house and just relax together. Since I could neither see nor communicate with the stables, I got dressed and ran through the pelting rain, getting completely soaked before I could get the stable doors open and duck inside. Getting them dressed in sweats, running shoes and their collars, I had them run as fast as they could to the house while I lingered to close the stable doors securely against the wind and rain.

All three of us were soaked and chilled by the run so I decided that our first order of business would be a hot shower and a hearty breakfast. The shower in my bathroom was big enough to hold half a dozen people if they were friendly and had multiple shower heads on three sides. Three days ago I had invited Nathan into the shower with us and he had complied without a protest. Sarabeth had given him the 'Showering With Master' course as they both grabbed washcloths and soaped up my body together, giggling and splashing me and each other like teenagers at a car wash. Towards the end right before we got out and dried off, he had voluntarily lifted his face to me for his first kiss. I took it as a major breakthrough.

This morning was much the same. They fell in with soap and washcloths and cleaned me until I shone, all of us thoroughly enjoying the warmth of the spray. After I was nice and clean, I instructed them to clean each other up while I turned toward the mirror and shaved. It was the first time I had let them touch each other in over a week and by the time I finished and turned back they were both highly excited and pink and panting with need. I would need to provide them both with some relief soon.

But, as always, Masters needs came first. I was pretty hard myself, watching them touch each other and seeing how excited they were. They had soaped up and rubbed all over each other as much as they thought they could get away with without getting into trouble. Reading Sarabeth after all this time was easy. Her nipples were hard and there was a flush on her cheeks and I could see her hips slowly rotating in small circles. She was extremely turned on and it wouldn't take much to push her over the edge. And Nathan.... Well, Nathan wore his excitement like a heart on his sleeve. And with men it was so easy to see, anyway. His prick looked so hard it would snap in half if he tripped and fell. His hands shook a little as he ran them over Sarabeths body and the flush on his face went all the way down to his chest and I could see the tightness in his ribs as his breath got ever quicker. If nothing else, he was starting to develop some pretty good muscle structure and getting hotter looking each day.

When I snapped my fingers to get their attention they both jumped like they had been caught doing something bad. They turned and moved away from each other, clasped their hands in front of them and looked at the floor. I stepped over and slid a hand around Nathans bicep and tugged him under the showerhead and said 'Rinse the soap off. I need a hand.' Pointing at Sarabeth I said 'You rinse off too, dear. I will be needing you in a minute.' She stepped under the other spray and began the laborious procedure of getting the soap out of all of that long beautiful hair.

In the meantime Nathan had stepped out from under the spray and stood looking at the floor again a little nervously. I suspect he thought he was going to get punished again. I slipped a hand under his chin and tilted it up until he looked me in the eyes and said 'Relax, boy. This is going to be a good day. A fun and easy day.' As some of the tension leaked out of him with a sigh I leaned in and kissed him gently with my hand still on his face.

Sarabeth was almost finished so I opened the door and leaned out to grab two of the smaller towels off of the rack and brought them into the shower. I folded each one quickly long ways until they each were about six inches wide and eighteen inches long. I laid one on the tile by my left foot pointing away from me and the other in front of both of my feet running parallel. I pointed to the one by my left foot and said 'Right here, please.' Nathan knelt down on the towel looking a little apprehensive. I put a hand gently on the top of his head and said 'Relax.'

Sarabeth stepped over in front of me and I gestured towards the other impromptu pad and she knelt down in front of me with a smile. I always liked playing in the shower. In my opinion it was a good way to start a day. Or end one. And even sometimes just for a break in the middle. When she started to reach up for me I held up my hand then waggled one finger. 'Not yet.' I said. 'And not with your hands. Put them behind your back, love.' When she dutifully clasped her hands behind her back I reached down to the young man at my side and said 'Nathan, your hand, please.' When he put his hand in mine I brought it up and turned it palm up and wrapped his hand around the shaft of my cock. He gasped and almost jerked away but I held his fingers until he relaxed and gripped me on his own. I heard him whisper 'Oh my god!' Nathans fingers couldn't reach all the way around my shaft, lacking about half an inch of circling my girth.

It was the first time he had touched my prick and I had to do a few deep breathing exercises and practice my mantra for a moment to keep from shooting off in Sarabeths face right then and there. I had been wanting him to touch me so badly and for so long that when it finally happened I was almost overwhelmed. It was just his hand, but it was a start. And even though it was just his hand, it felt really good. It wasn't just anybody's hand holding my prick. It was Nathans. My own pony boy. The emotional joy was as intense as the physical sensations. I shivered and sighed.

Before I could say anything, Sarabeth leaned a little to the side and said 'Just stroke it, Nathan. Up and down. And squeeze a little.' His hand started to move hesitantly at first, sliding up and down my shaft. She said 'Pretend it's your own cock. You know how you like it when you touch yourself. Trust me, he'll like it, too!' His grip got a little firmer and stroked slowly up and down with more confidence. I sighed deeply and said 'Mmmmm......'

'Is this going to be a group activity, Master?' I looked down at Sarabeth and she had a little hopeful smile. 'Of course, love. I wouldn't leave you out.' She dimpled.

'Then, can I use my hands? Just to steady myself and show him what to do? It would make it better, I promise!'

How could I refuse? I nodded to her. My other hand slid down to Nathans neck and shoulder and I caressed him as he stroked me. Slowly, he leaned sideways until his cheek rested against the outside of my thigh and his other hand came up and wrapped itself around my leg, just below my crotch. Sarabeth put one hand on my hip and the other covered Nathans hand as it worked up and down my length.

'Just like this.' she said. 'Feel how hard he is? Soft and warm at the same time? Doesn't it feel awesome in your hand?' She turned her head and watched his fingers gripping me only inches away from her face. 'Like some might beast. Or a dragon. But you wouldn't want to slay this one. You can't. All you can hope to do is tame it for awhile.' She looked back at him and smiled. 'The best you can do is feed it a sacrifice when it's hungry and put it back to sleep.' She shivered a little and added 'But it never sleeps for long. Better hope you don't run out of sacrifices! Now... up here.' She pulled his hand all the way to the tip of my prick. 'Just like it was yours. Pull the skin back like this... yes. Then I'll show you some of the things that Master likes best.' When she glanced up at me I smiled and nodded. My hand was still rubbing the side of Nathans neck and shoulder while he leaned against me.

The little kneeling blond bumped her nose up against the exposed head of my cock and slowly brought her head up and rubbed her lips across it, planting a little kiss on the tip. Her tongue flicked out and licked the underside of the head where the skin stretched up into a point. 'This is the most sensitive spot. I'm sure you know it. Right here...' she licked it again and I groaned. 'And all around the base of the head, just under the edge.' She turned her head and kissed and licked her way around the head of my cock while I groaned again. My grip tightened on Nathans shoulder and I dug my thumb into his muscles, massaging him absently.

'He likes it when you lick up and down his shaft, like this.' She opened her mouth and placed it against my skin and ran her mouth up and down with the motion of his hand like she were playing a harmonica. I could feel her tongue against my shaft like a flame on my skin. Between the hot water steaming up the bathroom and her lips I was starting to sweat again.

'And Master likes it when you play with his balls. But not too hard. Just hold them in your hand gently like this.' She grabbed his other hand and brought it up between my thighs to cup my balls in his palm. That brought me a twinge of worry for a second. If he had malicious thoughts of revenge I was in a very vulnerable position. But apparently he was so wrapped up in the sights and sensations that he either didn't notice or didn't want to. Either way I was glad.

'Now I know it's big and kind of scary looking. Especially when it's this close to your face. The first time I put it in my mouth I thought I was going to choke to death! But it's not as bad as you think.' She planted another kiss on the tip. 'Masters cock is a great source of joy. This makes him happy and when he is happy, we are happy. You'll see, Nathan. It is not all that difficult to make Master happy. Now...' She pressed her lips against the head of my cock and slowly opened her mouth and took me into her warm wet mouth. She didn't have to take much more than the head inside her mouth. Maybe an extra half an inch or so. I could feel her cheeks hollow out as she applied some suction and her tongue swirled all around the head. My own mouth came open and I groaned again.

She let me slip from her lips and she rubbed my prick against her cheek as she looked at Nathans rapt gaze. 'You don't have to deep throat him, like they do in the movies. Most of the sensation is in the tip. The rest is what your hand is for. Just a little bit of suction and use your tongue a lot and move it in and out just a little...'


'Yes, Master?'

'Lecture him later, please.'

'Oh! Sorry, Master.'

'I don't mind you teaching him, but let's not stop in the middle, okay?'

She squeezed Nathans hand which in turn squeezed my prick and she said 'Just stay with me, Nathan.' as she slid my cock back into her mouth and started moving it in and out, humming a little in the back of her throat now and then, making me tingle all over. Their hands moved together in time with her mouth.

'Oooohhh.... Yeah.' The feeling of the both of them together was exquisite. And the fact that Nathan had submitted to this and participated willingly made my heart soar. It was a major breakthrough and I was hoping that we could take it even a few steps farther. Maybe even all the way? I could hope, couldn't I?

At one point I discovered that I had what was probably a painful handful of Nathans hair. But he didn't complain. It took an effort of will to loosen my fingers and pat him gently on the head in the form of an apology. He actually tore his eyes from my prick slipping in and out of Sarabeths mouth and planted a small kiss on my thigh. I squeezed his shoulder, lost in the sensations.

It wasn't one of those epic blowjobs like you see in the porn movies. I've had a few that lasted almost ten minutes or so when she was teasing me and taking her time. But usually, when Sarabeth took me in her mouth intent on making me come, I rarely lasted more than two minutes, tops. And this time she was showing off for Nathan, throwing in all of her tricks and techniques. It seemed like no time at all before I arched my back and howled and filled her mouth with my come. She held me in her mouth and swallowed busily until the flow trickled to a stop and my body started to relax again.

Sweet Sarabeth, knowing full well what I wanted and why I was doing this, waited until she knew I was ready to stop. Then she took my prick out of her mouth, gave it a small last kiss on the tip and then leaned sideways, put a hand behind Nathans neck and pulled him in for a long deep kiss. He made a small squeak and I suspect that was when he suddenly remembered that I had just shot my jism all over that tongue that was in his mouth. But he never actually protested and couldn't bring himself to pull away from those wonderfully warm lips of hers.

I didn't blame him. I couldn't resist them, either. His hardon didn't drop an inch, either.

After a moment I clapped my hands for their attention. 'All right children. Let's rinse off one more time and get out. We are running out of hot water. If we can get out and dried off quickly enough, maybe I'll arrange a little reward for both of you before breakfast.'

They leapt up and we all rinsed off and stepped out of the shower where Nathan and Sarabeth grabbed towels and dried me off. There was a bit of giggling going on when I walked into the bedroom as they dried each other off afterwards. They were both all smiles as they walked back into the bedroom hand in hand like a pair of teenage lovebirds. That beautiful long blond hair was bound up in a towel dangling down her back and he was still hard as a rock.

When they saw me standing there dangling a length of rope from my hand, two pairs of eyebrows went up.

'Sarabeth, over here.' She walked to my side and I draped an arm around her shoulder.

'Nathan, every time you have made love to my little pony girl, you have been bound. This morning you have an opportunity to have the situation reversed. I propose to tie her to the bed and let you have your way with her. In any way except in that tight little bottom of hers, of course. You haven't earned that yet. But that time is coming soon.' I dangled the rope down her chest between those perky little breasts and towards her knees. My hand moved it back and forth making it rub against her nipples.

'Do you want to fuck my pony girl, Nathan?'

His mouth popped open and he moaned and said 'Oh god, yes Master!'

One knuckle brought a loop of the soft rope up to Sarabeths lips. 'And how about you, little pony? You want to give yourself to this big strapping young lad? My handsome pony in training? Do you want him in your mouth and between your legs and deep inside you?' She shivered hard and moaned in her need as well and said 'Yes Master! I want him inside me! Please!'

As soon as her hands were bound to the corners of the bed, I sat back in my chair and enjoyed the show.

Chapter Eleven

It was two somewhat tired but happy and satisfied ponies that sat and watched me make them breakfast about an hour later. Sarabeth sat backwards in a kitchen chair and Nathan sat behind her and brushed and combed the tangles out of her hair while I puttered around the kitchen and made pancakes and bacon. I'd had Sarabeth put her tail in before they came to breakfast and Nathan spent a lot of time eyeing that long pretty blond tail sticking out of her bottom cheeks while he brushed out her hair. And he mimicked her erect posture when we sat down to eat. Sitting in a chair with a plug in your butt does wonderful things to your posture.

There was a wooden box sitting in my office with five tails in it that I had prepared for him when the time came. They were all medium length and the same color as his hair and just about as curly. They would match him perfectly. I couldn't wait to see him wearing one.

Outside the storm had intensified and the power had failed us completely a couple of times. We ended up finishing our breakfast by candle light and just piling the dishes in the sink to soak for later. Each of us carrying a candle, we adjourned to the large living room and I built a fire both to light the room and to make it comfortable enough to sit around in bare skin. Sarabeth lay in front of the hearth on her belly, chin on a pillow, perusing a book from my library while I challenged Nathan to a game of chess. Not surprisingly, he was better than me. He beat me fairly easily the first couple of games until I learned some of his favorite gambits. The third game he had to really work for.

I was going to lose the game and I knew it. I didn't play all that much and I was way rusty. My choices were to drag it out and make him work for his victory or concede. It was an easy choice to make. Concession just wasn't in my nature. I was looking for a move that would endanger his Queen and maybe force him to back off a little. Even if I couldn't win I could still show him I was dangerous. It was the best I could do.

As I sat cross-legged on the rug hunched over the board Nathan suddenly said 'I have thought about it a lot, you know.'

I just looked up and raised an eyebrow and said 'And?'

'I've tried to make myself do it. To just say 'Okay' and give you what you want. I really have tried.' He looked down and sighed heavily.

'So what's stopping you?'

'I...... I just..... Can't. I'm afraid.'

'Are you afraid of the thought of pain or the act of submission itself?'

'Both.' Sarabeth had rolled over on her side and was watching us with a little smile on her lips.

'Sarabeth, can you insure Nathan that being taken by me won't hurt?' She shook her head, like I knew she would.

'No, Master. I can't tell him that. It does hurt, some. Every time. The first time you took me I thought you would split me in half and I would die right then and there. I thought you were going to spill my guts all over the bed.' Nathans eyes went a little wide.

'But after a little while the pain faded away and it turned into something else. It was like the first time you turned me over your knee and spanked me. It felt like my skin was on fire! But then you held me there and ran your hand all over my bottom gently and the fire faded and sunk down inside me and became a heat in my insides. You yourself Master, gave me the phrase that describes it best. You referred to it as a 'delicious ache'. And that is what it is for me.' She glanced at Nathan.

'It's doing something or enduring something hard or unpleasant to get a reward. Like when I pull the sulky cart or do my dressage routine. I can't really say I 'enjoy' doing those things. They are hard work and I have to train and concentrate and they are hard! But I do them because I know Master loves to watch me perform and I know I will always get a reward afterwards. If Master just walked up to me at some random time and tried to get me off it would be hard.... Harder to do. But because he does it after I have endured something hard for him, then it's...fireworks!' She reached behind her and flipped her tail up over her hip and ran her fingers through the blond strands.

'As far as the act itself? Even with just my tail, which is smaller around than Master, I still get that 'delicious ache' every time I put it in or take it out.' She took a deep breath and her nipples crinkled up hard. 'But I love wearing it for many different reasons. The biggest one is that it feels like Master is here..' She reached around and put her hand on her ass cheeks 'Inside me.... All of the time! And frankly Nathan, having Master inside my ass is the greatest sexual thrill I have ever had in my life. Nothing in this world makes me come as hard or as many times as that does. Even if it does hurt, I would happily endure that or even twice that much pain to feel Master inside my bottom.' Her hips moved a little and I saw her toes curl up and relax. Just talking about it so openly got her hot, even if it embarrassed her a bit. Her hand had come back around and rested on her belly, sliding just a little up and down like she was trying to decide whether to pinch her own nipples or slide her fingers down between her thighs. Then her hand curled into a sudden fist and thumped the rug in front of her. It thumped once and came up and she pointed a finger at me.

'And Master! Rotten, cruel, evil bastard that he is.... He knows how much I love having him inside me. And I know how much he likes it, too. But sometimes he makes me beg for it! He makes me crawl over his lap for a spanking or bend over the bed for swats with the tawse or that awful cane or the paddle or he has me suck his cock slow just to build up the tension more. And then I end up on the bed, face down with my bottom up in the air and he kneels behind me, just inches away or even poised right at my entrance, and he waits until I beg him to take me. I have to say....' She paused and her face flushed a deep red and her eyes half closed. 'I have to say 'Please, Master! Please fuck me in my ass!' Aaahhhh....' She let out a long slow breath. 'And then he finally gives me... what I want... so badly. Mmmmm....!' We watched her eyes squeeze shut tight and her legs clamped together and flexed with her toes curled up tight and she flushed and shivered hard. Watching her have a small but not inconsiderable orgasm just by talking about it was serendipitous as well as entertaining.

Sarabeth laid her head down on the pillow and panted as her body slowly relaxed in post orgasmic bliss. Then she opened her eyes and saw us watching her and she blushed again. Raising up on one elbow, she lowered her eyes to the floor and asked 'Was that okay, Master?'

'That was perfect, best girl. Thank you. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I think you just earned breakfast in bed. Lie down and rest a little, love. I may be needing you later.' She lay back down with a smile and a sigh and closed her eyes.

Nathan was sitting there with his mouth open, a little flushed himself. And his hands were crossed over his crotch trying futilely to cover the fact that he was fully erect.

'Can you dispute that, Nathan? I certainly can't. I think your fear of the pain is just an excuse. A delaying tactic. That 'alpha male' thing trying not to give up control, even though you have already submitted to me in your heart. And you have already submitted to me, Nathan. It is what you really wanted all along. I've been watching you. Sure, we have had a few trying days. You've endured pain and embarrassment and discomfort and humiliation that you had never dreamed of before. I snatched you out of your little straight college boy computer geek mountain bike and designer coffee comfort box and dropped you straight into a nightmare. You are no longer captain of your own ship. You are now owned. A piece of property. A fetish object. Owned by a lunatic deviate who threatens to do the one thing that every straight macho man fears the most. Make you his sexual slave.'

'By all rights you ought to be nearly insane with fear.' I waved a hand at him. 'But there you sit, calmly beating me at chess. Sitting naked and unashamed in front of another man. And getting obviously excited by a discussion of the one thing you claim you are afraid of.' I pointed a finger and said 'What is that thing around your neck?'

Startled, his hands came up to his neck and he said 'It's.... It's your collar, Master.'

'It's a symbol of my ownership, isn't that right? Like you are just an animal. Why did you put it on?'

He was still taken aback. 'Be.... Because you told me to, Master.'

'Did I threaten you? Force you to put it on?'

'No, Master.'

'Then why are you wearing that hateful thing around your neck?'

'Because you are my Master. I know it pleases you to see me wearing your collar. And I want to please you, Master. I really do.' I leaned over and put a hand against his cheek and caressed it gently. He leaned into my touch and half closed his eyes and sighed.

'You do please me, Nathan. Every day more and more. You are my beautiful proud pony boy and every single day I grow more and more proud of being your Master.' My hand slipped down and one finger went through the ring on the front of his collar and pulled gently. Very slowly we leaned towards each other over the chess board.

'Just the other day in the shower, I kissed you. For the very first time.'


'I am going to kiss you again, Nathan. Because you are my pony and I want you. Are you going to resist?'

With his lips scant millimeters away from mine he whispered 'No, Master.' One hand held his collar and the other curled in his hair on the back of his head and I kissed him long and hard, my tongue swirling in his mouth. His hands wrapped around mine holding his collar and he made soft noises in the back of his throat as we kissed. His hands came up to grasp the arm of the hand that held his collar, his fingers running lightly up and down my skin.

When I finally pulled my lips away from his I released his collar and reached down and took his erect cock in my hand and squeezed it lightly. Nathans body stiffened at my touch. His eyes went wide and all the breath went out of him in a startled 'Huh-uh-unhhh!' His hand tightened on my arm but didn't attempt to pull my hand away from his crotch.

'Will you give yourself to me, Nathan? Will you take my tail and be my pony boy?'

'I.... I..... Unhhh..... I......' My grip tightened and I ran all the way down to the base of his prick, tugging back the foreskin as it went. I could feel a dab of wetness as his precome rubbed against my forearm. My fingers slid back up again and my thumb spread the slippery fluid all over the head of his prick making him jerk and shiver.

'Your body betrays your thoughts. You want to be mine, despite what you think. You want to be mine, Nathan.' I released him and sat back again. He was flushed and breathing erratically.

'What will it take? Tell me what you want, boy. I want this and you want this. Tell me what to do.'

Nathan sat there for a moment with his eyes closed, his mouth opening and closing. A deep flush spread from his cheeks down his chest. He suddenly shifted and scooted his butt around on the rug until he faced away from me. His shoulder blades tightened and trembled and his arms shook as he slowly pulled them behind his back and crossed his wrists.

'Is that what it will take?' He nodded, jerkily.

'I won't force you, Nathan. I won't fight you. It has to be you that asks for this. Willingly. You have to give yourself to me. This is something I won't take.' He nodded again. I swept the chess board and the pieces out of the way and leaned forward up on my hands and knees until my mouth was inches away from the back of his neck.

'Ask me for what you want, Nathan. You have to ask me.'

He turned his head to look over his shoulder out of the corner of his eye and said 'P-please t-tie my hands, M-master.'


'And...' He closed his eyes tightly and shivered again. 'And m-make me your p-pony, M-master.'

'Are you sure this is what you want?' He nodded.

'Yes, p-please.'

It was all I could do to stop myself from leaping up and running around the room, whooping with joy. I turned to find a length of rope and Sarabeth was already there, holding one out in her hand. Living the lifestyle we did meant that there was always odd bits of rope and other restraints laying around somewhere.

'Thank you, dear.' I took the rope from her hand and as I passed it around Nathans wrists the first time he stiffened and made a half strangled moan and his hands clenched into fists but he didn't pull away as I wrapped the rope around in an 'x' around his wrists and bound them securely. When I finally knotted the rope some of the tension seemed to leak out of him with a shuddering breath. Even though he had asked me for it willingly I had mentally taken away his ability to fight his decision and it helped his mind be a little more at ease.

I glanced at the tangle of ropes and cuffs and things that Sarabeth piled next to me. 'Do you think a blindfold would help?' He nodded and I picked it up and laid it on his thigh. 'I will put it on in a second, then. But I do have something to show you first. And you have a couple more decisions to make.' I gestured to Sarabeth and said 'See if you can help him relax a little, love. I need to fetch something before we begin.'

As I rose she knelt up behind Nathan and began rubbing his shoulders. She leaned in and kissed the back of his neck right between his collar and my mark tattooed there. 'I am so proud of you, Nathan.' she whispered.

In my office was a wooden box about eighteen inches square and six inches deep. It was obviously old, stained dark it was almost black and polished to a high sheen. Inside it was lined with blood red velvet. I'd had it for years and hadn't used it for anything much until I decided to use it as a presentation box for the tails that I had made for Nathan. When I had showed it to Sarabeth she clapped her hands and said 'You should use this to give all of your ponies their tails, Master! They look awesome in there!'

And so a new tradition was born.

Sarabeth was still massaging his shoulders and whispering into the lads ear when I walked back into the room. While he was still distracted I pulled the bottle of lube out of my back pocket and set it on the hearth so it would soak up some heat from the fire. Right next to my chair sat an old black leather hassock. I rarely used it, as I preferred to have other things, namely Sarabeth so far, in front of my chair when I was in it. Even if she was just sitting there relaxing, leaning against my leg and reading a book, she was much more preferable to a footstool. But for this exercise I thought the hassock was suitable. I pulled it out and moved it in from of the kneeling young man and set the box on top of it, the lid still closed with it's simple brass hasp. Nathan raised an eyebrow at the box and looked up at me questioningly. I crouched down next to the hassock, my fingers drumming a small staccato tattoo on the wooden lid.

'I hope you realize what a great day this is for me, Nathan. And how proud I am of you. I was beginning to be afraid that this day would never come. I.... We have all invested a great amount of time and effort into making this come to pass. This is a big.... A huge step forward for all of us.'

'When you take your first tail and pledge yourself to me it opens may doors, Nathan. And it grants us all opportunities that weren't available before. You transition from being an obstinate captive to being a loved and cherished pony.' I stopped and shook my head.

'I've practiced this speech a few times and never could get it right. Let's see if I can get to the meat of it. When you take my tail willingly and freely, it means that you are giving yourself to me, mind body and soul. You fully acknowledge that I am your Master and that your body is mine to do with as I wish. No more fights, no more arguments. You pledge to obey me in all things and I pledge to treat you fairly and with love and all of the passion that I hold in my heart.'

'Do you understand what I'm saying?'

'Yes, Master.'

'Do you wish to take my tail and become my pony? Do you swear that your body is mine to use whenever and however I wish?'

'Y-yes, M-master.' Sarabeth was still digging her thumbs into his shoulders, fighting the tension.

'I thank you with all of my heart, Nathan. Words cannot express how happy I am right now. But I will try to show you how proud I am of you when I can. Now, there is one last decision I need for you to make.' I patted the box affectionately. 'I need you to choose your first tail.' With that I reached down and unclasped the lid and opened it. Sarabeth wrapped her arms around his chest as they both leaned forward to peer inside. He gulped and muttered 'Oh god.' She hugged him and kissed the side of his neck from behind. 'Master made those just for you himself! Just like he did for me. Oh Nathan, you are going to look so wonderful with your tail! I can't wait to see it!'

Inside the box were five tails of different sizes and configurations. Each of them held a length of dark brown curly hair almost eighteen inches long that matched his hair almost exactly. The base of each one was a red plastic butt plug varying in lengths and girths and textures.

Sarabeth reached out a hand and ran them lovingly over each of them. 'Which one do you want?'

'That one.' He chose one of the smaller ones, only about four inches around and maybe four inches long. She lifted it from the box and said 'Perfect choice. It will be easy to take as your first tail.' I closed the lid and moved the box out of the way.

'There are three sets of these. One will go in your cabinet in your cage. One set will be in the drawer under my bed and the other set will be in the tack room in the arena. There is a small number etched in the base of each. That is number three. Sometimes I will choose which tail you wear and sometimes the choice will be yours. For now, this one will suffice.'

'Now,' I said, rubbing my hands together. 'Do you still want the blindfold?'

'Y-yes, Master. If you please.' Sarabeth lifted the soft leather and slipped it over his head. As it covered his eyes he took a deep shuddering breath and a long sigh. I pushed the hassock forward until it rested against the front of his thighs and Sarabeth helped him lean forward until his chest was resting on the padded top with his head hanging off of one side and his butt sticking out invitingly on the other.

Being bound seemed to give him a measure of comfort, letting him justify in his mind that he had no choice even though he had agreed to this thing willingly. Plus we were all coming to the realization that being tied up turned him on. I was more than willing to accommodate that. Sarabeth always submitted to being bound in various ways because she knew it pleased me even though the act itself did little for her. The turn on for her was submitting to and pleasing me, not necessarily the bondage.

I had purposefully set the hassock down over a length of rope which I now brought up and tied securely across his shoulders, holding him down. Using her hands and knees, Sarabeth had him spread his legs apart until each knee was on either side of the hassock. I loosely tied a loop around one leg right above the knee, then pulled the rope around the front of the hassock and secured it to the other leg and tied it off, keeping his knees bent and his legs spread wide with his cock hanging down the back, brushing against the leather. He wiggled a little and made small sighs. One of my hands went to the back of his neck and caressed him gently.

'One last question, Nathan. Do you want me or Sarabeth to give you your tail?'

'Y-you p-please, Master.'

'Very well, then.' Sarabeth and I changed places, swapping one end for the other. She immediately put her hand back on his shoulders, her strong nimble fingers digging in to his tensed muscles while she bent her head and whispered softly into his ear. I couldn't hear what she was saying but I could see some of the whiteness leaking away from the knuckles of his clenched fists. I just sat there for a moment, drinking in the sight of Nathans rear end sticking out there so conveniently. The strong fine legs which were becoming more defined by the day. Those tight cute ass cheeks, so firm and so full. His heavy ball sack dangling like a fresh fruit, hanging in front of that fine thick cock of his that was halfway hard and twitching in anticipation even through his nervousness.

And right there between those heavenly ass cheeks was the prize I had been seeking. That tight virginal little ass. Reportedly unpenetrated by anyone or anything ever. Not even his doctor had been there. And I was going to be his first. Well, if you didn't count the tip of Sarabeth's tongue, that is.

I was going to deliver his first fingering and after that the first of many butt plugs to come. And later on this evening I was going to introduce his virgin hole to it's very first cock. Even if it would be a bit on the painful side for him at first, I had a feeling he was going to end up loving it in the end.

No pun intended, of course.

My excitement didn't all revolve around him being a virgin. Or even completely was it about fucking him, though I was going to enjoy it immensely tonight and for many nights to come. No, most of my joy came from the fact of him submitting himself to me. He'd already taken the collar and the leash and the harness. He already performed for me in the ring. But from now on he was going to wear my tail and show not only me but any who saw him that he belonged totally to me, mind, body and soul. After tonight he would be more thoroughly united with me..... With both Sarabeth and I, than after any sort of mundane marriage ceremony. He was going to become one of us forever.

On the other hand, I wanted Nathan in my bed so bad it felt like I had been waiting an eternity. He was so pretty I had wanted to fuck him the first time I laid eyes on him and the waiting was driving me crazy. But now the waiting was almost over and serenity and joy washed over me like a cool shower. Though while I was cooling off on the outside, my inside fires were stoking up and getting near the boiling point. This was going to be a night that we remembered for a long time.

Reaching up, I took both of his hands in mine, my palms wrapping around his clenched fists and started rubbing them slowly, my thumbs probing in between his palm and little finger, trying to get him to relax his hands. Slowly and almost reluctantly his hands open and I clasped them in mine finally and squeezed his hands in what I hoped was a reassuring manner. Nathan took a few more deep breaths and squeezed back and more of the tension leaked out of him. Sarabeth was still caressing him and whispering in his ear softly. Occasionally she would kiss the back of his neck or rub her lips along his shoulder and the side of his neck, making him moan and shiver just a little.

Gradually, I pulled my hands from his and worked my way down his spine, my thumbs and fingers massaging as I went. Rather than work my way down his buttocks I went to the side down his hips and ran my hands up and down his thighs. Only after he was used to me being back there and touching him did I work my way up to his ass cheeks, shivering a little myself as I reveled in the feel of his firm bottom and thinking of the joys to come from there.

The way he was tied down to the hassock with his legs on either side left his butt spread slightly open anyway so I didn't have to fight his urge to clench his butt cheeks together, which was good. Right before I started to delve inside I reached over and grabbed the bottle of lube and stuck it between my own thighs to keep it warm. My thumbs lightly rubbed up and down his perineum area, watching his ball sack retract with each touch. And each time I got closer and closer to the entrance to his anus which was contracting in spasms in expectation of being penetrated.

Right before I actually zeroed in on his entrance, I reached down and got a good dollop of lube on my forefinger then rubbed it in smaller and smaller circles around his hole until the tip of my finger rested there and just pressed gently, not seeking entrance, just letting him know I was there. He gasped and wiggled at the touch. His legs flexed the little bit he could against the ropes. Sarabeth lifted his head and brought her lips down to his and kissed him long and hard. While he was distracted I dripped some more lube onto my finger and pressed slowly forward. Nathan moaned into Sarabeths mouth and the ring of muscle guarding his entrance went into spasms trying to prevent my intrusion. But each time it relaxed just a little I gained more ground, my finger slipping deeper and deeper inside of him until it was buried in his butt all the way. Giving him just a moment to get used to the feeling, I slid my finger almost all the way out then back up inside of his ass again, making him squirm some more. Since he was turned the right way occasionally I would curl my finger downward and graze across his prostate gland which would make him press his bottom back at me the best he could and made his now hard prick thump against the leather side of the hassock. A small evil grin on my face, I reached up with my other hand and grabbed his prick and squeezed it. He tore his mouth away from Sarabeth and moaned aloud and said 'Oh.... Oh my god... what are you doing to me?' I released my hold on his cock and patted him on the bottom and said 'Relax, boy. Just trying to make you feel good. Show you it's not as bad as you feared it would be.' I drizzled more lube on his hole and on my fingers. 'Now I'm going to try two fingers. Open you up a little more. It will feel even better, I promise.'

'Oh god.....'

It took a little patience on my part and some more moaning and gasping and wriggling on his but I finally had two fingers buried all the way up his ass, stretching his tight hole open. I started slowly twisting them back and forth stretching the muscles and massaging his insides with my fingertips. The lad was covered in sweat and goose bumps and he was alternately holding his breath and gasping while I worked my fingers in and out of his bottom.

Since the tail he had chosen wasn't much larger than my two fingers, I decided against trying a third. He was becoming accustomed to the feeling of being full and I thought it was time for the next step. I slowed my movements inside him and held my fingers still. 'Nathan. Are you ready for your tail, now?'

'Unhhh... I.... think so, Master. Unhhh...' I curled my fingers down and rubbed them against his prostate making him moan and press back into me. 'Yes or no, Nathan. Are you ready for your tail now?'

'Ohhh... god. Yes, Master! Please!'

'Good boy. Sarabeth? I need a hand.'

'Of course, Master.' She came around and as I held up his tail she shot a generous blob of lube on the tip of it and a small line up the shaft. I slowly removed my fingers and before his body could react and clench back up again, I pressed the tip of the plug to his slightly gaped open hole and pressed forward slowly but firmly. He gasped and wiggled and squeaked and whined a little as it spread him open even further than my fingers had and his toes curled up hard. We all held our breath and I fed more and more of the plug up his ass until with a mutual sigh, it reached the narrower portion and allowed his ring of muscle to close on it and hold it in place.

I patted him on the ass cheek again and said 'Congratulations, Nathan. You are now a full fledged pony.' He just lay there over the hassock panting 'Oh my god... Ohhh... Oh my god...' over and over again.

And as I predicted, I absolutely loved seeing my tail poking out of those awesome ass cheeks. The sight made me flush with desire.

Working slowly and deliberately, Sarabeth and I undid the ropes holding him down, saving those on his wrists for last. As his hands came free we each put a hand under his arms and lifted him and rolled him backwards saying 'Easy... easy... we got you.. Just lay back...' until he laid on his back on the rug. Of course I forgot to take into account that his butt would hit the ground first, driving the plug deeper into his ass. He groaned deep in his chest and his hips flexed and thrust upwards and he said 'Oh shit! Oh my god....'

As Sarabeth pulled his legs apart and knelt between his thighs, I lay down beside him and slipped the blindfold off of his eyes so that my face was the first thing that he saw. One hand stayed on his cheek and turned his face towards mine as I gazed into his eyes with a smile.

'You did it, Nathan. You took your first tail. I am so proud of you. Now you are my pony forever.' As my lips closed on his, Nathans hands came up, one on my back and the other caressing my shoulder as his mouth opened to mine. I gestured to Sarabeth and she wrapped her hands around the shaft of his prick as it stood straight up from his crotch and began stroking him. He moaned against my mouth and his whole body writhed in pleasure.

I pulled back just a little and spoke right against his lips. 'Does that feel good, boy?'

'Oooohhh.... Yes, Master!'

'Do you want her to suck your cock, Nathan?'

'Oh god yes, please, Master! Please let Sarabeth suck my cock, Master! Oooohhh... I want to come so bad....'

I stroked his cheek with my fingers. 'I have so many things planned for you tonight. This is going to be a night none of us will forget. But I think you deserve a small reward.' Looking down I said 'Sarabeth? Do you think you can make him come?' She gave me a happy smile.

'I have no doubt about that, Master!'

'Then lets make my pony boy happy, shall we?'

'Of course, Master!' With a well practiced move, she flipped her pony tail to one side and, tugging back his foreskin, leaned over and took the head of his cock deep into her mouth.

As he moaned and lifted his hips to thrust his cock up into her mouth, Sarabeth slipped a hand underneath his butt and cupped her hand around the base of his tail, pressing it firmly into his backside. He gasped and shuddered and made articulate noises. Nathans toes curled up so hard I heard the joints pop and his whole body stiffened like he'd been hit with electricity. He convulsed a couple of times then stiffened again and howled and started coming in her mouth harder and faster than I had ever seen him do before. His hand tightened on my bicep so hard it was almost painful as he shook and shuddered through his orgasm. It's suddenness and ferocity were a little starting to all of us. Being the true artist that she was, Sarabeth kept up the stimulation with her hands and her mouth and manipulating the plug in his butt bringing him to peak after peak until she finally slowed to a halt. Nathans hand fell from my arm and his eyes closed and he went completely limp, his hand bouncing off the rug as it dropped.

Startled, Sarabeth let his prick slip from her mouth and fall back on his belly. 'Oh my god! Is he okay?' I smiled.

'He just fainted, love. He'll be all right in a moment.'

Chapter Twelve

Outside the storm was still raging in direct opposition to the peace that was reigning inside the house. Despite being in the dark we were all in a bit of a celebratory mood. Giving Nathan his first tail was a huge milestone and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. And I burned to begin the final phase of his initiation. Taking him to my bed.

But he needed time to get used to having that tail in his bottom so I calmed myself and waited. It would come soon enough. This very evening, as a matter of fact. What helped me considerably was watching him come to terms with the new experience. For one thing the hairs on the tail kept brushing against his legs and startling him. He was constantly jumping and brushing the backs of his legs.

'I don't know if I can get used to this thing touching me.'

'You will, Nathan.' said Sarabeth wisely. 'Once you get used to the idea of looking at it differently. That isn't just a thing sticking out of your butt. It's your tail. It's Masters tail. It's your symbol of pride. It's your symbol of submission. Of ownership. Even more than his mark on your neck. It shows the whole world that you belong to Master Max Rambeaux and that you are proud to be his pony.' She put a hand on her own butt and smiled and her nipples hardened into little points. 'Once you get that, then feeling it touch you and feeling it inside of you is a constant reminder that Master loves and desires you above all other things. It's like a wedding ring. It symbolizes your love for Master and his love for you.'

Sometimes that girl made me so proud I could burst.

'Besides,' she added 'These look way cooler than those other ponies that just wear tails strapped to their hips or hanging from their harness. We aren't just fetish freaks. We're real proud ponies.'

The other thing that kept me distracted and amused was the fact that having that plug in his butt kept him constantly aroused. It moved around inside of him when he walked and he couldn't take more than a few steps without having to stop and shiver, his erection pointing the way wherever he went. And being the evil bastard that I was I made sure he walked around as much as possible. In a way he was relieved to be standing up, as he was discovering that it took a whole new set of positions to be able to sit down. He couldn't sit cross legged on the floor as he had when we played chess. The tail forced him to sit on his haunches or recline on his side.

I invented chores for him to do just to get him used to walking around wearing my tail. Plus I couldn't get enough of the sight of that tail poking out of that fine firm bottom and what that represented. I was constantly aroused myself in anticipation of taking him to bed and fucking him for the very first time. I was all for drawing out the anticipation and denying him any release until he gave himself to me. But I had a feeling that Master was going to need some relief fairly soon. My balls were starting to ache with my need.

My two ponies had been sent into my bedroom to change out my sheets and get the bed ready for the evenings festivities. I'd told them to strip the bed and just put on a fresh bottom sheet, leaving the top sheet and blankets folded up on the chair for later. They were to have a supply of fresh towels within arms reach and make sure that the bottle of lube was full and in the warmer. Seeing the flush of anticipation and trepidation on Nathans face made me add an admonition that they were to keep their hands off of each other and off of themselves while they were in there. Then I watched those two switching tails as they scurried off to do my bidding. It was sight I was sure I would never tire of.

While they were so occupied I pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt and went out into the covered sunroom to look at the storm outside. It was completely enclosed with large windows and in temperate weather it was good place to just sit and relax. I didn't really use the room all that much, preferring to be actually outside with my pets when we weren't inside cuddled up in bed. But there were some mornings when Sarabeth and I had eaten breakfast out there or just curled up in a chair together with the windows open enjoying the summer breezes, just relaxing and content for the moment that we were together and happy.

Being shut off from the main house meant the room was pretty chilly. It was a big drop in temperature from the cozy warm wood heat of the house and I shivered as I looked out the windows. There had been a small break in the storm but I could see more flashes of lightning on the horizon no too far away and dark threatening black clouds moving back in. Rain water stood in deep puddles and rivulets all over my property and there were numerous tree branches on the ground all over the place. We had quite a bit of cleanup to do in the next couple of days. Fortunately from what I could see there didn't seem to be any roof damage or broken windows in the stables or the arena. That was good. I didn't want to spend too much time away from our training schedule and I didn't want to have to bring strangers onto my property to repair anything I didn't know how to do myself.

Being so jealous of my privacy had forced me to learn how to do many things I had never done before. It was a small price to pay.

There was a small noise behind me and as I turned to look over my shoulder two naked ponies walked into the room and each one stepped up to my side as I raised my arms. They cuddled in under my arms and I could feel goose bumps raise up on their bare skin under my fingers. My palms slid down over two strong backs and I cupped a naked buttock in each hand. I could feel each of them tighten up under my grasp and they both snuggled in a little tighter.

'It just looks nasty out there.' Sarabeth said.

'I'm glad we're inside today.' Said Nathan. 'And glad we got a fireplace. Otherwise we would be freezing.' I could feel his prick twitching against my leg as he plastered his body next to mine for warmth. I laughed and patted his bottom.

'We could always just use body heat. I'm sure the three of us could manage to keep warm together.' I squeezed his butt again and kissed him quickly. I could feel myself getting hard again being surrounded by so much naked flesh.

'Let's go inside. I have something I need, Nathan. And I think you can help me out. Another lesson in Pleasing master 101.'

'Oh god....'

I lay back on the rug in front of the fireplace with my head on a small pillow. Naked once again and soaking up the glorious warmth from not only the fireplace but the two warm bodies laying on either side of me. Both of my pets lay with their feet up by my head, leaning together over my crotch while Sarabeth resumed her lecture on the Care and Feeding of Masters Cock. My forearms were between their thighs and I held a warm firm ass cheek in each palm which I patted and squeezed softly, just enjoying the feeling.

Nathan was nervous and I could feel him tremble now and then. He knew what I wanted and he knew what was going to happen, both now and later on this evening and he was trying hard not to lose his nerve. And Sarabeth was doing her best to both bolster and distract him, touching him and interspersing her lessons with long lingering kisses with their lips meeting right above my hard upstanding prick. Both of their hands were wrapped around the shaft of my cock, stroking me slowly.

Earlier in the shower had been the first time he had been that close to my prick and the first time he had ever touched it. He'd been in a bit of a daze then but this time he was going into it with his eyes wide open, so to speak. Taking his tail had given him a whole new perspective and while outwardly he was willing to do what I wanted, he still quailed and rebelled a little at the thought of being in such close contact with another mans organ. Let alone the idea of putting it in his mouth, or anywhere else. That was one of the recurring thoughts that made him tremble now and again.

'My god! It's so big! It will never.....'

'It will, Nathan. Trust me.'

'I don't think it will fit in my mouth, let alone...'

'Oh, that's the easy part. Like I said, forget about that whole deep throat thing. That's for porn stars. And Master doesn't care for that all that much anyway. To make Master happy you only have to take him down to about.... here.' She marked a spot maybe half to three quarters of an inch down past the head with her hand. 'You can handle that easy.'

'I.... I don't know. I just don't think I could...' She reached out and touched his cheek, caressing him gently.

'You can, Nathan. When you were in bed with Marie, you always made an extra effort to please her, didn't you? To make her feel good?' He nodded against her palm.

'You will find out that pleasing Master is easier and more rewarding than anybody you have ever been with before. That by giving yourself to him totally and doing whatever it takes to make him happy is very satisfying. I tell myself every day 'I am his happy pony and I will do anything it takes to please my Master.' And you see how happy I am, Nathan. I am happy because I am his. And you will be that happy, too.' She shifted her hand down atop his and squeezed his fingers around my shaft a little tighter. 'Hold him steady. Maybe I can help. Come here.' Her hand went behind his neck and she pulled him in for a deep kiss, her mouth open and moving against his like she was trying to devour his lips. After a second she turned her head a little to the side and moved them both downwards until the head of my cock was resting between their cheeks. I could see her hand tighten in his hair and she made him follow her down slowly as their mouths moved slightly apart and my prick worked it's way up between their lips until they were kissing each other with the head of my cock in both of their mouths. I groaned in pleasure.

With her still holding him firmly, they worked their way up and down the shaft of my cock, lips and tongues darting and licking against my skin, feeling like little candle flames against my flesh. Eyes closed, Nathan looked like he was trying to relax into it. On the third or fourth trip to the top, Sarabeth turned her head back the other way and sucked my prick into her mouth, her tongue swirling around and around the head while I moaned and shivered.

When she pulled back again she released my prick from her lips and put her mouth right to Nathans ear and whispered 'Now you try it.' His lips parted and he made a little sound, barely more than an exhalation, but he lifted his head and put his lips right on the tip of my prick and paused. Another small sound escaped his mouth then he opened his jaws wide and my cock slid into his mouth for the very first time. He paused again, his mouth wide open with the head of my prick laying against his tongue and he made a small strangled noise in the back of his throat.

Sarabeth put her palm against his cheek and said 'Not too deep. Just relax, Nathan. Just relax. Breathe through your nose.' He took a deep shuddering breath and let it out through his nose and his mouth slowly closed around my cock. I could feel some of the tension in him dissipating as he realized it wasn't as horrible as he thought it would be, having another mans cock in his mouth.

Just seeing him with my member in his mouth giving his very first blowjob made my heart race and I had to fight myself to keep my hips still as he got used to the feeling. I didn't want to choke or frighten him but I very badly wanted to thrust up into that soft warm mouth. My fingers tightened on his ass cheek, kneading the soft flesh.

'Just relax.' Sarabeth whispered. 'Lick it like a popsicle. And move it in and out just a little bit. Don't choke yourself. If you get too uncomfortable, take it out for a moment to rest your jaw then start again.' I felt his tongue moving against me a little awkwardly then he pulled his mouth back off and work his jaw a few times. I was afraid he was going to stop but he leaned forward and took me back into his mouth again. I let out a long sigh of pleasure, lay back and closed my eyes with a happy smile on my lips.

'Look how happy Master is, Nathan!' I felt him turn his head slightly. Then he moved his mouth and they shared another one of those three way kisses with the tip of my prick sandwiched between their lips. I groaned in happiness again.

'Now move it in and out a little and move your hand up and down in time. Like this...' I felt two hands sliding up and down my shaft with the movements of his mouth up and down on my prick. 'Now hum a little in the back of your throat and watch what that does.' He made a soft noise around the mouthful of my prick and the vibrations made me gasp and shiver. Sarabeth laid her arm across my hips to keep me from moving around too much. I heard her chuckle softly.

She kept giving him encouragement and little tips and I just lay there and enjoyed my pony boy's first blowjob. He would pause after three or four strokes and they both would use their tongues against the sides of my cock head for a few seconds before he sucked me back into his mouth again. His mouth and their hands were moving just a little faster each time.

'You are making Master very happy. I can tell. He is very pleased. And he is going to come soon, Nathan. He's going to come in your mouth. All you have to do is hang on and swallow.' He slowed and I thought he might pull away then I felt him nod slightly and he went back to sucking on me again.

That was what I was waiting for. I released the reins on my feelings and refused to hold back any longer. I could feel the orgasm rushing down my spine like slow lightning and my legs were thrashing around of their own accord. My toes were curling up so hard it was almost painful and I took a deep breath and felt like I was going to pass out. Normally I tended to last a little longer but I had been hard for so long and the sight and glorious feel of Nathan sucking my cock for the very first time had me tightly wrapped.

Sexual tension and orgasm denial were for subs and ponies. Master tended to get off whenever he wanted to. I didn't much care for waiting but this time it was well worth it.

My whole body felt like it was on fire and all of my existence dwindled down to a single point that centered on my prick sliding in and out of his mouth. Sarabeth made a little squeak that I barely heard and it came to my attention that I was probably gripping her butt just a little too hard. I released my hold on their bottoms and clenched my hands into tight fists. Despite her forearm laying across my hips, my butt started to rise up off of the floor like I was levitating.

I thought about trying to say something profound or at least complimentary to his oral skills to bolster his self esteem, but all I managed to croak out was 'Oooohhh...... Yessssss......' Then a white light burst behind my eyes and I let out a strangled cry and started shooting my come into his mouth. I vaguely heard a squeak as the first jet of it hit the back of his throat then I was completely lost in the sensation of him swallowing my come around the mouthful of my cock. And I could hear Sarabeth, as if from a great distance, giving him encouragement and cheering him on.

I had been reduced to nothing more at that point than a quivering moaning ball of pleasure. My prick swelled and shot stream after stream of my come up into that hot sucking mouth until I thought that I would be left as nothing more than an empty shell laying on the rug, completely drained of life and energy and everything.

That was okay, as far as I was concerned. I would be empty but extremely happy.

After long moments that seemed like an eternity, the spasms passed and my brain reasserted control over my body again. I took a long shuddering breath and began the process of relaxing my body one piece at a time. Nathan had slowed his movements but still sucked on me gently, breathing sharply through his nose and occasionally opening his mouth to breathe in between strokes. The feel of his breath on my prick was like a warm summer breeze wafting through my entire body and I was still getting little flashes of pleasure, like small electric shocks up and down my spine, making me twitch.

Sarabeth cried 'Yay, Nathan! You did it!' and leaned in to share yet another one of those three way kisses with the head of my prick as the meat in a sandwich while I groaned and blinked and twitched. Finally my spent member flopped back on my belly and I looked down to see her kissing him hungrily, sharing the taste of my come in his mouth.

When they finally parted I pulled my hands from between their thighs and motioned. They turned and both of my pets snuggled up under my arms, laying hands on my chest. Sarabeth reached out and took Nathans hand in hers as I wrapped my arms around them both.

Laying there satisfied on the rug in front of the fireplace with an armful of naked pony on each side and a happy smile on my face, I drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Thirteen

We were still without electricity when we woke up from our nap about an hour later. I was beginning to think about buying an emergency generator even though I was somewhat enjoying the 'camping out' feel of carrying candles and battery operated lanterns around to see by. On the other hand, I didn't want all my food to spoil either. My man in town had delivered a big bill of groceries just the other day. I'd doubled my usual order since we had an extra mouth to feed. While Nathan had never eaten that much or all that well before, he could definitely eat real food when it was set in front of him. And he had gotten used to the taste of the kibble that was always available in their cages and was eating a good amount of that as well. My training program had increased his appetite as well as his muscle tone, it seemed.

I'd decided on a fairly light dinner with the possibility of a midnight snack later. I pulled on a pair of sweats and some shoes and went out to pull my gas grill up under the awning and boil half a dozen eggs in a pot. While I was so engaged my pets were in the kitchen chopping up lettuce, lunchmeat and shredding some cheese to make us a big chef's salad. When the eggs were done and cool we sliced them up and added them to the mix and sat down to eat.

Even though Nathan had been imitating Sarabeth's straight backed posture while sitting at my table from the beginning, this was his first experience with sitting while wearing a tail and it was quite amusing. He was constantly squeaking and shifting around in his seat trying to ease the pressure of the toy in his bottom while his face was a flaming red from the sensations and a bit of embarrassment.

'Can't I just stand up to eat, Master?' he whined.

'Absolutely not. If you want to eat kibble in your cage alone you can stand or sit or lie down as you wish. But if you want to eat real food at my table you will sit properly like a good pony should out of respect for me.' He lowered his eyes and hung his head.

'I'm sorry, Master. I meant no disrespect.'

'I took none, Nathan. Arch your back a little more. And put your shoulders back. That will take some of the pressure off. I know it takes some getting used to. Even Sarabeth forgets now and then.' I smiled at him. 'I'm afraid that there's a lot of life here at my ranch that takes some getting used to.' I shrugged. 'That's one of those things that you're going to have to get used to as well.'

Sarabeth smiled and shook her head. 'And Master Max distills the philosophy of submission down to a fortune cookie saying.' Nathan barked out a laugh then gasped and squeaked again, his face a flaming red as his back jerked up straight.

When the lights had first started flickering on and off I had sent my pets around turning off all of the lights all over the house to keep from blowing bulbs through the following power surges. So we hadn't noticed the return of the power until after dinner when Sarabeth turned on the tap without thinking and we had water again. We turned on the kitchen lights and I sat at the table with a small glass of brandy and smoked a rare cigar and enjoyed watching my two pets as they bustled around cleaning up my kitchen. The alcohol and the nicotine left me with a small buzz which was all I ever really allowed myself. Having ponies was my actual drug of choice and when it came to that I was turning into an addict. Watching them while they cleaned up I sat and mused about the day when all of my cages were full and wondered if I should have built more of them. I had room in the stables, after all....

But no. Best not to be greedy. Nathan wasn't even fully broken in yet and I planned on spending at least months if not years enjoying his company and that sexy body of his before I thought about adding another pony to my stables. As the saying goes, my plate was full, even if all my cages weren't.

I had plenty of time and I planned on enjoying each and every second of it.

After dinner I had my pets go into the bathroom to remove and clean their tails while I pulled out the massage table and warmed up a bottle of oil. Sarabeth always enjoyed that and it would be another first for Nathan. One that I was sure he would enjoy as well. I heard a low moan from Sarabeth and a few moments later some louder moans, a small yelp and Nathans voice saying 'Oh my god!' When they emerged Sarabeth was slightly pink and Nathan was bright red and holding his bottom. His prick was half hard, bobbing up and down from that 'delicious ache'. And after watching him walk around with his new tail in, I was experiencing that same ache myself, just in a different place.

Even though Nathan was more in need of relaxing, I had Sarabeth get up on the table first. For several reasons. One being that it would distract him for a time from what was going to happen next. And two was that I was going to be concentrating most of my focus on him and I didn't want her to feel neglected. Even though she was remarkably understanding about that sort of thing, I still wanted my little pony girl to be happy and content about our new arrangement.

And thirdly the one big thing that Nathan and I both shared was a deep attraction to Sarabeth and a love of putting our hands on her as much as possible. Much more fun than playing chess.

She arranged herself face down on the table with a happy sigh and pulled her pony tail up over her shoulder to get it out of the way. We had found out by experience that it took a long time to get massage oil out of all that hair. As beautiful as it was, upkeep on that much hair was a full time job.

Nathan grabbed up the oil and started to squirt a puddle of it on her back. I grabbed his hand and tipped the bottle back up.

'Not too much, boy. This stuff goes a long way. We don't want her sliding off of the table or shooting across the room like a watermelon seed.' Sarabeth chuckled and he grinned. I held his hand and the bottle and we made a wiggly line down across her bottom and down each leg like we were putting mustard on a hot dog. 'That's plenty. Now we spread it around first, then start massaging. Like this.' I took the bottle away and set it down then laid both of my hands over his and we started spreading the warm oil all over her back, bottom and legs until she glistened like a brand new car. She sighed and hummed at our combined touch.

He had a bit of talent giving massages, apparently. From the sounds Sarabeth was making, Nathan was pretty good with his hands. Of course any guy worth his salt knew how to give a fair back rub. I had him start at the top with her shoulders and work his way down and I started with the soles of her feet, going upwards. I had a plan for when we met in the middle, of course.

I always had a plan.

The little blond was happy and limp as a dishrag by the time we both arrived at her pert little bottom. Nathan and I looked at each other and then down as we tried to synchronize our movements on opposite ass cheeks. She either knew or guessed or hoped that I had something planned, because as we both worked our hands and fingers into the smooth firm flesh of her butt she slowly spread her legs apart until her feet were hanging off the table on either side. I let one hand slide down until it was stroking down the inside of her ass cheek and down to the inside of her thigh, just below her pussy lips. Across the table from me, Nathan did the same on the opposite side while Sarabeth sighed and wiggled.

'So, Nathan....'

'Yes, Master?'

'Before you came here did you ever have any experience with anal sex? I mean giving, of course. Not receiving.' He blushed and looked down.

'No, Master. I haven't.'

'Tongues, fingers, small toys? Anything like that?' He shook his head.

'I tried a couple of times. She.... She wasn't into that. She...' He stuttered to a halt and blushed again.

'It's all right, Nathan. You're among friends here. I like for things to be open, if you haven't noticed. And it is, after all, a topic that is on my mind quite often.'

'Yes, Master. I've noticed that.'

'So what happened?'

'Every time I got near her butt, she would scream out our safe word and make me stop. Then she wouldn't let me touch her again for days. She....' he shrugged just a little. 'She called me a pervert and a sick mother fucker and said if I wasn't into pussy then I must be a f..... a fag.' He hung his head again and said 'I'm sorry, Master. It's what she said.'

Simultaneously, Sarabeth and I reached out for him. She patted him on the outside of his thigh and said 'Nathan, that's just not true.' I reached up and put my hand under his chin and lifted it so he would look at me. 'That child had some problems and I think you realize that now. She just wanted to manipulate you for her own agenda.' I stopped and turned my head a little to the side and made a face.

'Come to think of it, that's what I'm doing as well. Manipulating you and playing with your emotions for my own ends. I am truly sorry about that, Nathan. And it's much too late to change anything now.' He took my hand in his and kissed my slightly oily fingers.

'It's all right, Master.' He said. 'I understand why you did it. And.... Even though it's been....difficult at times..... I don't think I would go back and change anything. Except....'


'I think I would have tried to avoid that last whipping I got. That was pretty stupid and very painful. I'd change that if I could.' I just had to smile at him.

'We will just have to try and avoid any of that in the future, what do you say?' I glanced down at Sarabeth as she lay on the table, shiny from the oil and relaxed. 'Now where was I before I got sidetracked? Oh, yes. Sarabeth and her pert little bottom.' I patted the nearest ass cheek. 'We haven't forgotten about you, dear.'

'I know, Master. Some things need to be said. And I can be very patient when I need to be.'

'I know you can, love. I'm sure it must be trying being my pony at times. You have the patience of a saint.' I tried to pinch her bottom but between the oil on my fingers and that on her skin, I just slipped off. She giggled and wiggled slightly.

I tipped a little more oil down the crack of her butt then grabbed Nathans hand in mine and slowly started sliding his fingers up and down her crack, getting him closer and closer to the entrance to her tightest hole.

'Now the first thing you have to know about anal sex is that it is not 'nasty' or 'dirty' or anything like that. As far as 'perverted' goes, it's just a matter of taste. Simple cleanliness and maybe the occasional enema to clean yourself out if you want makes it just as clean as any other body part.' His eyes were wide as we slid his fingers up and down her crack. 'The next thing you have to remember is it is very important to have your partner just as relaxed as possible.' I smiled. 'Of course if Sarabeth was any more relaxed right now she would just seep into the cushions and turn into a puddle. She's a good girl and willing to do anything to please her Master. She knows that giving up her little bottom to me makes me happy so she does it whenever I want her to. It wasn't quite so easy the first time, though.'

'I thought you were going to kill me that first time.' She said, tensing up her ass cheeks just a little at the memory. 'But once I realized how good that feels it got much better.' She hummed a little in the back of her throat and swirled her hips against our combined touch. 'Much, much better! Mmmmm......' With my finger on top of his, I moved his fingertip around and around her tight little ring of muscle guarding her entrance. 'Feel how it moves.' I whispered. 'Contracting and expanding. She wants to let you in, but her body's natural reaction is to keep anything out. Or in, as the case may be. It takes a conscious effort to relax those muscles enough and let something in. You have to work them slowly.... Helping them to relax and allow you inside....' Our combined fingers moved around and around the little rosette of her anus while she sighed and hummed. Nathans eyes were wide and his mouth hung open. I could see a flush of desire spreading down his neck and chest and his prick was stiffening and bumping against the side of the table.

My other hand grabbed the bottle of lubricant and squirted some down just above our hands and let it run down her crack. The massage oil was slippery, but not generally slippery enough for actual penetration. I pulled his finger up to get it well saturated with the lube then brought it back down to press gently at her entrance. Sarabeth groaned lightly and pressed her hips backward, taking a deep breath to loosen up the muscles there and grant him entrance.

'Once you've got her relaxed enough, just press forward gently and slowly. My good girl will let you in. Stop when she tightens up and slide in deeper when she relaxes.' Sarabeth opened her mouth and made a small 'Oh...' as his finger slipped into her ass and then 'Mmmm....' as he slid all the way up inside of her.

'Oh my god!' he breathed. 'That feels awesome!'

I held up my index finger for him to see and moved it in a little circle. 'Now try this.'

Sarabeth said 'Ahhh....'

'Use the web of your finger and the knuckle to put a little more pressure on the muscles. Back and forth just a little bit. Stretch them open a little more and get them ready for the next phase.'

She said 'Mmmm.... Ooohh... That feels so good, Nathan!'

'And once you have her good and receptive, get a little more lube, like so...' I squirted a bit more above his buried finger. 'Then pull slowly out and try two fingers. Just like that. Slowly and gently. Let her open up to you.' Sarabeth clutched the edge of the table, breathing through her mouth as his fingers opened her up and slid inside. Her hips came up off the table and she pulled her legs up and wide to ease his entry. His prick was so hard if I had reached over and grabbed hold of it he would have shot his come all over her hip. Mine was in no better shape either. Seeing Sarabeth holding that delicious butt up in the air made me want to climb up on the table, yank his fingers out of the way and drive right in there myself.

I could have. I was the Master, after all. But this was about Nathan and not about me. Well, not directly, anyway. The whole point of this exercise was to get him used to the idea that I was going to be the first man to fuck him and that it was going to happen tonight. The thought of that made me shiver with anticipation.

Sarabeths moans brought my attention back to the present. Nathan was working his fingers in and out of her bottom and she was hunching her butt higher and higher off of the table. I patted her bottom and said 'Love, are you ready?'

'Mmmm.... Yes, Master!' I reached between her thighs and grabbed his ring finger and brought it up right between her pussy lips and slid it inside her and straightened out his pinkie so that it rubbed directly on her clit. 'Short strokes, Nathan. Slow at first. Speed up as you think necessary. I'm sure you'll know when.' Sarabeth began holding her breath and letting it out in gasps and bucking her hips back against his hand, her pelvis moving in circles. Her whole body was tightening up and starting to move back down onto the table. I put one hand on her shoulder and the other hand over Nathans, loving the feeling of holding his hand as he made my pony girl feel so good.

'Oh oh oh! Oooohhh...!' Those long slim legs came back together and she slid down onto the table. I held onto her shoulder to keep her from going headfirst onto the floor.

'Oh god oh god oh god...... Oooooooooooooo.......!' Her little ass cheeks clamped down on his hand and she started humping her ass up and down hard and she gave a little yip and shivered hard all over as she came. Nathans eyes were still wide with wonder and surprise as her inner muscles clamped down around his fingers. I held his hand and kept him in slow motion as she bucked and cried out and came over and over again.

Finally I had him hold still and Sarabeth lay still on the table and panted. I held one finger to my lips and grinned at him and held up my other hand and wiggled my fingers slightly. Caught by surprise by the sensation, Sarabeth jumped and cried out again, her butt clamping down hard again and shivering all over, goose bumps ran up and down her back in waves. Nathans eyebrows went up and he grinned back at me. A whole new world was opening up to him right before his eyes.

Slowly I had him pull his hand back as Sarabeth moaned and panted and she said 'Ooooooo.... Yes......' as he finally slipped out from between her cheeks. I sent him in to wash his hands and patted her on the bottom. 'You okay, love?'

'Mmmm hmmmm....' She gave a happy sigh. 'Was that okay, Master?' I patted her bottom again affectionately.

'That was just perfect, baby girl. Just perfect.'

Chapter Fourteen

We let Sarabeth relax on the table for about fifteen minutes, the rosy glow slowly fading from her skin. Nathan had gone and got us glasses of ice water and he put a straw in hers and held it up now and then so she could sip. And he had thought of that and done it without being asked. Despite his earlier denials, he was turning into a perfect submissive. Thinking of others pleasure before his own. That suited me just fine, as he was going to be my pony boy for a good long time.

When we finally got him up on the table Sarabeth and I spent a good long time working over every single muscle that we could reach as he lay face down, groaning with pleasure and occasionally letting out a little 'eek!' as one or the other of us dug a little too deep into a tight spot. It was just such a pleasure to be able to have my hands all over that sweet body without having to fight him or tie him down.

Not that I had anything against tying him down, mind you. I liked that a lot and I was pretty sure that being bound excited him too, from his reactions. That just made him even more perfect in my eyes.

As he and Sarabeth had traded places, I thought it was only fitting that she move him into the next phase herself, as he had done to her. Even though he had wanted me to give him his very first anal penetration when I gave him his tail, I let Sarabeth take the lead this time. He didn't seem to mind it too much, groaning and sighing happily as she rubbed and teased his tight semi-virginal backdoor with the tips of her fingers. The only difference in the proposed program was that I didn't want her to bring him to orgasm. I told her to go slow and steady and to back off if he seemed to be getting too close. I wanted him hard and wanting and slightly frustrated and begging for release when I took him to bed for the first time.

He'd had his head laying on the end of the table, resting his chin on the soft mat and his hands gently gripping the edge. When her finger finally pressed up inside his butt for the first time his head came up, eyes closed and mouth open and his fingers tightened their grip. He said 'Aaaaaaahhhhhhh....... Oooohhh.....' and I could see his whole body writhing and fighting to relax into the intrusion. With his head up and mouth open like that I really had to fight the urge to just walk around and stick my cock in his mouth. But I didn't want to come just yet and it would have been difficult to pull myself away from those wonderful lips in time. I'd been hard for well over an hour in anticipation of what was going to come next and my balls ached with the need for release. It was going to happen soon, though.

I did the next best thing, though. I teased him with it. Stepping around the end of the table, I wrapped my fingers in his hair and pulled his head back just a little more. Nathans eyes flew open to see the head of my prick bobbing right in front of his face, only inches away. He said 'Ah!' and shivered hard. I could see his mouth close slightly and his adams apple bob in his throat as he gulped. One hand came up to reach for me and I pressed it back down to the table. His tongue came out and licked his lips. His whole body was in slight motion as Sarabeth worked her finger in and out of his tight ass.

'Please let me suck your cock, Master.'

'Not yet, boy. Not yet. The next time my cock finds it's way inside you is going to be in your ass.'

Nathan made a little strangled noise in the back of his throat. 'Oooohhh..... God.'

'You are aware than in a few minutes I am going to carry you to my bed. And not very long after that I am going to be the very first man to fuck you.' I gave Sarabeth a little nod and she backed out and slid a second finger up inside of him, stretching him open even further.

'Oh! Oooohhh god.... Y-yes Master!!'

'Do you want me to fuck you, Nathan?'

'I...... Mmmmm.... I.....' he was pushing his hips back into her invading fingers as they swirled and twisted around inside his bottom. I held up a hand and she stopped. He gave a little frustrated moan and tried to push himself back into her but I kept my grip on his hair to keep him from moving around too much.

'Do you want me to fuck you, Nathan? Do you want my cock in your tight little pony boy ass?'

'Unhhh.... P-please, Master!' I leaned down and looked him in the eyes.

'Please what?'

'P-please fuck me, Master!' I waved a finger and the little blond started thrusting slowly into him again and he moaned and shivered.

'Please put your cock in my little pony boy ass, Master.' As the words left his lips I leaned even closer and kissed his open mouth hard, my tongue sliding into his throat. My hand gripped the hair on the back of his head hard and he moaned into my mouth and panted through his nose. I'm afraid my hand gripped his hair a little tighter than I intended and I growled into his mouth as a wave of lust washed over my body. I had been waiting so long for this moment that I refused to wait a second longer than I had to.

It was time for two things. One, to take Nathans anal cherry. And two, to fuck my first captive pony boy. This was going to be a night I was going to remember for a long time. And I suspected it was going to loom large in Nathans memories as well.

I pulled back from his mouth and stood up, motioning to Sarabeth. She slowly pulled her fingers out of his ass while he wiggled and reached a hand behind him, trying to keep her inside. I stepped around to the side of the table as she stepped away and flipped Nathan over on his back then slid my arms underneath him and lifted, one arm under his knees and the other behind his back. I shifted his weight higher and his arms went reflexively around my neck. Being as small as he was, he was no great burden. Besides, I didn't have to carry him that far. As I walked, he just looked up at me, his eyes wide. I could feel him shiver now and then. And I looked own at him and smiled.

'I told you this was going to happen, Nathan.' I rolled my eyes up in thought for a moment. 'Let's see... twelve days ago. Our hardest day ever. Right after you got stupid and I had to beat your ass. I told you that one day very soon you were going to beg me to fuck you. I'm just sorry it took so long.'

'Me too, Master. I.... think, anyway.'

'I've seen how you reacted, Nathan. I watched you when Sarabeth stuck her tongue in your ass. I was right back there looking at how hard you got when I slipped your tail up inside you and how hard and how fast you came afterwards. And just a minute ago how excited you got with her fingers moving in and out of your butt.' I knelt up on the bed and leaned over and placed him down in the center of the mattress.

'Face it, Nathan. You were born to be a pony. You are a natural born submissive.' I reached down and grabbed hold of his prick, which was standing up hard and tall. He gasped and moaned and his hips bucked upwards into my grip. 'Your body wants me to fuck you, even if your mind hasn't fully grasped it yet. We just have to get you past your fears and lay them to rest. Then you will learn to be a happy and contented pony. And we are going to do that right now.'

'Oh..... God.'

Sarabeth crawled up on the other side and I started to recline on one elbow next to him, making a little sandwich out of his body. Nathans eyes rolled back and forth and his hands suddenly came up, palms out and he stuttered 'W-wait! M-master, please!'

'What is it, Nathan?' His mouth opened and nothing more than a breath came out. Then he brought his hands up over his head and crossed his wrists. His eyes looked at me pleadingly and he trembled.

'It's like that, is it?'

'P-please, Master!' I leaned over his body and looked down into his eyes.

'This is just like when you accepted your tail, Nathan. From now on I won't tie you down and force you. It has to be freely given. You have to ask me.' I leaned closer and put a finger against his chin. 'Tell me what you want.'

Nathans jaw worked a few times like he was trying to force the words out of his mouth. Then he whispered 'P-please tie my hands, Master.'

'And?' I just couldn't resist dragging it all out of him.

'T-take me.' he whispered. 'M-make me yours.' His whole body trembled hard and he flushed a deep red before he could add 'F-fuck me in my ass, M-master.' I leaned down and kissed him quickly and when I looked up again, Sarabeth already had a chunk of rope from my stash on the headboard and was putting it in my hand. I crawled up on my knees and leaned over to tie his hands together above his head, my hard prick bobbing in the air inches away from Nathans face. His eyes locked on to the sight of my meat hanging there and he trembled hard again and said 'Oh god....'

While he was mesmerized by the sight of my cock hanging there in front of his face (and no doubt envisioning it driving into his ass) Sarabeth patted him on the thigh and said 'Lift your hips, Nathan.' He did so and she slipped a small firm pillow up under his butt to raise his pelvis a few inches off of the mattress. That way I didn't have to bend him quite so far to get into a good position. I wanted him to be as comfortable as possible this first time. It was probably going to be a trial getting him relaxed enough to take my prick.

The rope snugged into the metal eye on the headboard with a final tug, making sure he wouldn't be going anywhere until I wanted him to. Sarabeth placed a hand against the nervous lads cheek and turned his face towards hers. Her soft lips were millimeters away from his and she made him look into her eyes.

'Look at me, Nathan.' she breathed into his lips. 'Just look at me and relax. Don't think of anything else. Now..' One slim hand went to the center of his chest and she said 'Take a deep slow breath. In.....' She gently blew against his lips as he breathed in. 'Deeper... deeper.... All the way in..... And out, nice and slow... Very good...... Now, again, lover. In......'

While she had him distracted I nudged his thighs apart with my knees and slid between his legs. Moving slowly, I brought his knees up and then grabbed his ankles and brought them up even further and crossed them over each other on my chest just below my breastbone. That held his legs up and spread and kept my hands free for the moment, which was what I wanted.

Actually what I wanted was to flip him over on his face with that delicious ass up in the air and work my cock up into him from behind. That was one of my favorite positions. I just loved watching my prick slipping inside a tight pony ass while they squealed and wriggled.

But this way had him spread open wider with less leverage to tense up or pull away and it gave Sarabeth a better opportunity to keep him distracted and relaxed. Which was infinitely preferable to having him tense and fighting me all the way. If I had tried this without Sarabeth it would have been much more difficult.

She shifted positions, moving up above his head with those sweet warm little titties of hers on either side of his face. She put her hand under his chin and tilted his head back into her chest so he would look up at her and she continued helping him to breath slowly and deeply. Not only was it helping him relax and keep him distracted I'm sure the change in breathing was giving him a slight buzz, which would help enhance the experience.

One hand worked the pump on the bottle and got a big dollop of warm lube on two of my fingers. The other hand slid down his thigh and cupped a warm ass cheek in my palm, squeezing it gently. When I slipped my lubed fingers between his cheeks, Nathan twitched and made a small sound. Sarabeth squeezed his head between her tits and said 'Ssshh.... It's okay, Nathan. Master isn't going to hurt you. Just breath and look at me....' She ran one finger over his lips and leaned down even closer. 'And after tonight maybe Master will let you fuck me in my ass!' She purred and her tongue flicked out and licked the end of his nose. 'I can't wait to feel that big pretty cock of yours in my ass, Nathan. Mmmmm.... I want you to fuck me long and hard and make me come and come and come...'

I waited until he was at the deepest point of an inward breath then slowly pressed one finger to the entrance to his rectal channel. The ring of muscle twitched and spasmed and slowly opened to my intrusion and my finger slipped up inside of him. Nathans mouth opened and he breathed 'Aaaaaaahhhhhhh....... Mmmmm....' and his hips moved a little in pleasure. The pad of my finger grazed over his prostate which made him groan and his prick, which had flagged a bit with his nerves sprang back to life, full and hard.

I didn't give him long to enjoy the sensation. Since he had already taken his tail and worn it for several hours he was already fairly used to being stretched open at least that far. Besides, I was desperate to fuck him for the first time and I wanted to move things in that direction as quickly as I could without panicking or hurting him. After only a few moments I pulled back a little, added more lube and slid a second finger up inside his tight ass.

'Oooohhh.... God...I.....Oooohhh......That...Mmmm...'

I really wanted to talk to him, like I did with Sarabeth while I was making love to her. It was part of my kink, I guess. Interacting verbally with my partners. I wanted to ask him if it felt good having me stretch his asshole open before I fucked him for the very first time. I wanted to tell him how proud and excited I was to be the very first man to fuck him and what a wonderful pony he was going to be.

But after a moments consideration I decided to keep my mouth shut. He was so distracted with his head between those warm soft tits, staring up into those beautiful blue eyes that I didn't want to break the spell. She had him so hypnotized that I could have slowly sawed him in two and he wouldn't have noticed. I kept my fingers moving slowly and insistently, going as deep as I could and turning this way and that, loosening up that tight ring of muscle while he squirmed and groaned and panted. She cooed and kissed and whispered to him, her hands and lips constantly moving against his face.

I caught Sarabeths eye and mimed taking deep breaths. Her hand moved back down to his chest and started having him breath in as deep as he could, his ribs showing against his chest as he inhaled. My other hand slipped off of his ass cheek and pulled back my foreskin then squirted a gob of lube right on the head of my cock and a stripe of it down the shaft. I shifted my hips forward until the head of my prick was right below my pistoning fingers and, as I slid them back and out, I placed the head of my cock right at the slightly gaped opening of his channel and pressed forward slowly. The muscles spasmed, trying to deny me entry and I timed my forward motion with his breaths, gaining a fraction of an inch each time he inhaled and the muscles relaxed. He was making noises of mixed pain and pleasure and his breathing quickened. I kept up my small inward movements until with a cry from Nathan, the head of my prick slipped past the ring of muscle and into his ass.

Nathan shuddered hard and his channel clamped down around the shaft of my cock like he would pinch me in half. I felt his legs flex against my chest and his hips bucked upwards like he was trying to pull away from me. I held onto the front of his thighs tightly to stay in place. He gasped a deep breath, let out a shuddering cry and suddenly gobbets of come started spewing from the head of his cock, spattering all over his belly and chest. His ass cheeks and legs tightened up hard and it took all of my strength pushing against him to keep my prick firmly planted in his ass as he came. Nathans prick bobbed up and down with his thrashing and spewed out stream after stream of his sticky jism, getting it all over him and splattering the sheet beneath him as well.

I took his reaction as a good sign. Sarabeth shot me a startled glance, her eyebrows raised. I gave her a quick grin in response and held on tight as Nathan groaned and squirmed beneath me. His ass was so tight on my prick it was a bit painful.

As soon as his spasms started to die down a little bit and his breathing got a bit deeper, I waved to Sarabeth to check his wrists. She raised up and we could both see that his hands had been clenched so hard his knuckles were white and he had some abrasions on his wrists, even from the soft rope I used. I nodded to her and she loosened the rope, just leaving it bound loosely around his wrists. He could have pulled loose from it easily but, for reasons of his own, he never did.

When the contractions in his ass channel began to lessen and not constrict me quite so hard I decided it was time for Master to have a little fun. I uncrossed his ankles and spread his legs, letting each one rest in the crook of my elbow, bending his legs upwards towards his chest as my hands reached down and grabbed a handful of warm ass cheek in each palm. Then I slowly leaned forward, pressing my cock deeper and deeper into his ass. Each time he inhaled the pressure lessened and I gained another quarter of an inch or so until finally, after what seemed like hours, my balls contacted his smooth ass cheeks and I was all the way up inside of him.

God, that felt so good. I had to bite my lip to keep from coming inside him right then and there. And looking down at him, laying there with his hands over his head, chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath, that big prick laying there twitching against his belly which was spattered with his own come..... Well, that was just hotter than shit. And I knew for sure now that having my prick in his ass turned him on so I would be there as often as possible.

I suspected that I was going to have to make a schedule of some sort. Give everybody equal play time and make sure nobody's feelings got hurt.

But that was for later. I had serious business to attend to right now.

'Do you like that, Nathan? Do you like the feel of your Masters cock in your tight little pony boy ass?'

His eyes tightly closed, Nathan rolled his head back and forth and his whole body squirmed against me, his toes curling and uncurling. His mouth opened but only inarticulate word fragments and noises came out.

I didn't mind. That was answer enough. I wasn't here for the conversation, anyway.

My hands tightened on his soft ass cheeks and I started rolling my hips up into him, moving my prick in and out of his ass maybe a quarter of an inch at a time. The muscles in his butt rippled around the shaft of my prick like a milking machine.

'You should see how happy Master looks Nathan. Mmmm...' Sarabeth rubbed her hand all over his heaving chest and lightly pinched his nipples, making him squeak. And that did interesting things to his other end as well, making him squeeze me tightly as I pumped in and out. She ran the tip of one finger into one of the puddles of his come and raised it to her lips, licking it off with her tongue.

My strokes got longer and longer until finally I pulled almost all the way back, leaving only the head inside him and slowly drove my cock all the way back up his channel and ground my crotch into his sweet little backside.

'Oooohhh...... Ohhh god.....'

'You like that boy?' Eyes still firmly shut, he shook his head. I snorted in disbelief.

'You can't fool me, little pony. You like getting fucked. I can see your cock getting hard again.' True enough, his prick had hardened enough to rise up off of his belly. He had remarkable recuperative powers, he did. Which was all fine and good as I was planning on making him come over and over again as often as I could. And it was very obvious to both Sarabeth and myself that Nathan really liked getting fucked hard in his ass.

Sarabeth sat up and did something complicated with that long ponytail of hers, coiling it up on the back of her neck to keep it out of the mess. Then she leaned back down and put a hand on Nathans face and whispered 'Nathan!' His eyes popped open and he looked up at her. She gave him a little smile and said 'Do you want me to suck your cock while Master fucks you?' He made a deep groan and his whole body shivered. His mouth flapped open a few times and finally he managed to croak 'Oh god yes, please!'

She leaned even closer and took his lower lip between her teeth and tugged at it and let it go again. I had slowed my strokes a little in and out of his butt, wanting to see how she played this out.

'Will you do something for me?'

'Anything! I-I'd do anything for you, Sarabeth....'

'Will you eat my pussy while I suck your cock while Master fucks you?' I almost laughed at that but then he shivered hard and contracted around me again. I ended up biting my lip instead.

'Oh please let me eat your pussy, Sarabeth. I..... I want to make you come too.' She quickly ground her lips into his then lifted her head and grabbed another pillow. She raised his head and slipped it underneath then climbed over his body and placed her crotch right in front of his face. A slow gasp and a happy groan came from her as his tongue shot out and he buried his face between her thighs. Then she lowered herself down onto her elbows and stretched out to take the tip of his bobbing cock between those soft perfect lips. Her body was barely long enough to reach that far. She could just get the head inside her mouth. I leaned on the lads legs and bent him just a little bit more, sliding another half an inch into her mouth. A happy three-way groan of pleasure echoed around the room. I closed my eyes and just listened to the sounds of ecstasy as I began to pump into Nathans tight ass a little harder.

If I could have recorded that noise and put it here it would have made writing this story completely superfluous.

I briefly regretted not having a recording system on my video monitors. Wouldn't want to record everything, but having a record of special occasions like this one would have been worth the extra expense. Ah, well. Who needed recordings when I could have the real thing whenever I wanted it?

It was kind of a circular chain reaction thing. I pushed my prick into his ass which made me lean on his legs which made his prick slide in and out of her hot sucking little mouth. The combination of those things made him moan into her pussy and that caused her to moan around that mouthful of his prick which made his ass tighten up on my pistoning cock. Which in turn made me pump in and out of his ass even harder.

Sarabeth told me later that she had never seen two men having sex before and had always thought that it would be 'nasty and disgusting'. But she readily admitted that watching me fuck Nathan for the very first time had turned her on incredibly. So much that it only took a few seconds of his tongue lapping her wet pussy to bring her right over the edge.

That, of course, set off another chain reaction.

The little blond opened her mouth wide around Nathans cock and said 'Ah! Ah! Ah-hmmmmmmmmm!' as her lips closed around his prick again. Her ass cheeks tightened up and she bucked her hips hard against his face and came hard, moaning and shivering. That brought Nathan to the edge again and he moaned hard into her pussy which made her squeal around his cock some more and he went into a spasm which caught me by surprise and almost pushed me back out of him as his legs flexed and his toes curled up so hard they crackled like popcorn. In response I leaned in and drove my cock all the way up inside his ass as hard as I could which pushed him right over and he cried out, muffled between her smooth thighs and started coming in her mouth. That of course made him buck and squeeze my prick inside him which drove me over the top and I roared in delight and started filling his rectal channel with my own come.

I'd had some great sex before in my life, even before I took Sarabeth and started collecting ponies. But none of it even compared to that moment. If I had known a sculptor I would have happily spent every last nickel of my fortune immortalizing that moment in the finest Italian marble. If I'd had one shred of doubt about what I was doing, that would have erased it forever.

That night, after changing the sheets and a quick shower I slept with a happy smile on my face and a tired and contented pony curled up on either side of me.

The following morning during breakfast Nathan walked like a little old man, slightly hunched over and holding his butt and constantly shifted in his seat complaining that I had 'probably ruined' him back there. When I suggested that I should take him back to my bed again to prove him wrong, he gasped and paled and threw himself at my feet, begging me to let him satisfy me with his mouth instead.

I pretended to mull it over long and hard while he trembled and begged at my feet, then grudgingly acquiesced to his request. Sarabeth smirked and winked at me while she was cleaning up and I sat back in my chair with my fingers twined in his soft curly hair as his head bobbed up and down in my lap. He was still a little clumsy at it, but the lad was a fast learner.

Chapter Fifteen

Two years. Two more years. I had behaved myself admirably. Of course, behaving myself when I had two ponies like Nathan and Sarabeth was easy. They kept me more than satisfied all of the time, always willing and eager to make Master happy at any time of the night or day.

And they were both now National Registered Champions in both the dressage and the sulky cart races. I would get so many offers to buy them each time we went to a gathering I was tempted to hang signs around their necks stating 'Not For Sale At Any Price.'

There was no amount of money or other ponies that would make me want to part with either one of them. They were as much a part of me now that I would rather lose a limb or a major organ. Well, except that one, of course.

We were on the last two days of a big gathering outside of Perrineville. My ponies had already won their competitions and gotten their medals (and the accompanying intangible rewards) and the only thing we had left to attend was the Pony's Ball. There were still a few other events going on, but nothing we were all that interested in. All three of us were happy and tired and ready to go home and we had even discussed skipping the ball and leaving early.

There were no actual accommodations at this venue, except for a few small motels miles away in town so we had stayed in the RV on the grounds. Nathan and I had already disassembled the cart and lashed the bigger parts on the roof in preparation for our departure.

Preparations were underway for the Pony Auction that evening. People of all sorts were milling about the grounds and the arena was thick with half naked ponies (and completely naked ponies) and Masters, Mistresses, Doms, Dommes, Owners and Trainers all trying to get a sneak peek at the stock that was going up for sale in a few hours.

I was making my way back out the RV to change into something more comfortable. I always attended the auction but hadn't actually bid on any stock in years. Even if I never bought anything, I still liked looking and I always came away a little wistful and more than a bit horny. My pets always looked forward to my return.

Pushing my way through the throng of mostly naked stock, I had almost made it to the exit when my eye was drawn to a small woman standing just inside the door. The expression on her face was what first caught my attention. Her eyes were wide and staring and her mouth was open in an 'O' of shock and surprise. I could tell right away that she hadn't been invited and had absolutely no idea what was going on.

It wasn't often that someone slipped past security, but it was known to happen. I could have just called Violetta or found one of her bully boys to handle it. But I figured since I was already here, I might as well take care of the situation myself.

Stepping in front of her to block her view I said 'Can I help you, miss? You look lost.' She jumped, as if seeing me for the first time and said 'What....uh.... What is.... Uhhh...why are....'

While she stuttered I took a second to get a look at her. She was little and very cute. Short red hair and wide green eyes and covered all over (as far as I could see) with freckles. A nice compact little body and very small breasts and fairly wide hips and short sturdy legs that filled out her jeans nicely. Very nice and sexy in a way that I couldn't quite get my finger on yet. She stirred things inside me.

If I had encountered her on the outside, I would have taken her and made her my pony.

She was still stuttering and pointing and trying to see around me at the throngs of mostly naked people milling around. I put a hand on her shoulder and turned her around firmly, pointing her towards the door. Using my 'Master Voice' I said 'You are not allowed to be here, Ma'am. This is private property and you are trespassing. You need to leave now.' She turned and walked out in front of me, protesting.

About ten steps outside the door she pulled away from me and turned, hands on her hips and frowned up at me defiantly. 'I want to know what is going on in there! Why are all those people naked?' Her voice had a tinge of 'I can be a brat if I want to' and a bit of an accent that I couldn't quite grasp just yet. It just made her look cuter in my eyes. I felt my cock twitch around a little bit in my pants.

I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned a little closer, looming over her somewhat, making her back away half a step. 'Ma'am, this is a private event and you are on private property and you will have to leave right now.' Then I softened my expression a little, spreading my arms slightly and lowered my voice. A bit conspiratorially, I whispered 'I can't let you inside. But if you will come with me over here, I will try to answer your questions the best I can, okay?' I gestured over towards my RV about twenty yards away.

She glared up at me angrily, then finally relented and said she would go with me.

Once I got her in the light inside my RV I realized that this girl was extremely attractive. She wasn't a supermodel or anything like that, but my tastes didn't run in that direction anyway. That little body combined with the red hair cut very short (in a complete opposite of Sarabeth) and those bright green eyes and the spray of freckles over her nose and cheeks made me want to growl aloud with lust. On the walk there I had watched her butt moving in those snug jeans and my mouth watered to get my hands (and other things as well) on that hot little body.

As soon as her butt slid into the chair at my table she started asking questions about the gathering. Demanding information. I could tell that she was interested and if my eyes weren't deceiving me, her nipples were hard and poking out of the front of her shirt, advertising her arousal.

I interspersed my answers with questions about herself. Her name was Gael and she was an exchange student from Ireland. Hence the accent. She was living with a couple in New York City as a part time nanny while going to art school. The couple she was staying with had taken their child and gone on vacation for a month while school was out so she had decided to take a bus across the country to see more of the states before going back to school in the fall.

As soon as she said that a light went on in my mind. Like a light bulb over my head in the old cartoons.

Nobody was expecting to see or hear from her for another three weeks. She had no close relatives back home that would miss her right away.


'Would you like something to drink? I have ice water or milk and some sweet tea, if you'd like. Or I could make a pot of coffee...' Her face lost that frown and she gave me a somewhat embarrassed smile and said 'I'd take a glass of tea, thank you.' Then she looked down and said 'Sorry if I seem like a bitch. That just caught me off guard.'

'It's okay. We are kind of a startling bunch.' I set the glass of tea down in front of her and patted her on the arm. 'I have something you might like to see. I'll be right back.'

I always carried my little auto injector in my vehicle when I went out into the world. You just never knew when it would come in handy. It made a slight hiss against her arm just below her shirt sleeve as she set her drink back down on the table. She had just enough time to say 'Ow! Hey! What the...' before her eyes rolled up in her head and she slumped to the side. I caught her and lifted her in my arms and carried her little body down to the bedroom.

Taking just a moment to stare down at her I stopped and though hard about what I had just done. This was one of those decision points. I could always just turn her over to Violetta's thugs for disposal but I'm afraid that is exactly what they would have done with her. Those boys didn't tend to be too friendly to women other than their Mistress.

I could take her a ways down the road and dump her somewhere semi safe until she woke up. Maybe rent her a cheap motel room or something.

Or I could do what my body was telling me, which was strip her and tie her up and take her home to be my newest pony, whether she liked it or not. Before I was even really aware that I had made me decision, my hands were untying her sneakers and slipping them off of her feet. It didn't take me long after that to have her stripped naked and I stopped and looked again.

Mmmm... Delicious. Small firm little titties, barely more than a mouthful with tiny little nipples. Her skin was pale like all true redheads and, as I suspected, she had freckles all over her shoulders and arms and down between her breasts. And although her clothes had made her look a little heavy, she was fairly athletic looking once I had stripped away the layers. She was going to make a fine pony!

Digging in the drawer underneath the bed, I found what I was looking for fairly quickly. One set of handcuffs went around her wrists and another set locked her hands to the headboard. A pair of leg irons went around her ankles and another set of cuffs secured them to the foot of the bed frame. She wouldn't be going anywhere for awhile!

A bit more digging in the cabinets found my spare tattoo gun. I was a fan of having spares of everything. For once it came in handy. When I was done putting my mark on her neck I taped a bandage over it and rolled her more comfortably on her side. Her mouth I left uncovered for the time being, just in case she had a reaction to the drugs. And we had a long ride ahead of us.

A quick glance at my watch showed that only twenty minutes had passed since I knocked her out. But now a new sense of urgency pressed on me. We had an eight hour drive if we went straight through and my drugs were only good for six hours! I needed to find Nathan and Sarabeth and tell them we were leaving now.

As I turned to the door I heard voices outside and my heart gave a small patter of alarm. Then the door opened and my two ponies stepped inside, still dressed in their sweats. Nathan took one look at my expression and asked 'Master, is anything wrong?' I shook my head. 'I am glad you are here. We are leaving.'

As I stepped out the door to make sure everything was secure and unhooked and we were ready to go, I pointed down the hallway towards the bedroom. Sarabeth took one look and saw the little redhead chained to the bed and said 'Master, have you been naughty again?'

Yeah. But it was worth it.



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