I'm in my room, the lights off and I'm crawling into bed just knowing that tonight is going to be amazing. I strip the bed of its constricting blankets and myself of all clothes, giving myself a little pinch here and there to get in the right mood. I've spent a week preparing, buying all the right parts, getting my room setup, and training myself to get the right balance of muscle; not to skinny but not so buff I can't move. Flexibility is an important stat to have, keeps you limber in all the right ways, ya know? And finally, I invited David over to my place yesterday. With everything perfect, I hop into bed and put on my VR 360 helmet so I can dive into the virtual world of Manhood Mania.

"Manhood Mania (MM for short) is the world's first fully immersive VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) to simulate the full extent of sexual intercourse. Since all sensation is simulated in real time, the body's movements will be shut down and game play will occur in the mind. Much like in sleep, ejaculation can occur and you will be forced to disconnect from the game if you experience pain or vertigo in real life. We therefore suggest that you are in a private setting and comfortably lying down to prevent falling or other harmful/embarrassing actions. Please read the Terms and Conditions which apply and then state whether you agree or not now."

You'd think that after saying "YES" every day this game would take a hint and stop with the messages already...

With the formalities out of the way I open my virtual eyes and look around, only seeing the loading symbol in the lower right corner of my vision. Vision is the last of the senses to load (something about it being the most difficult to recreate?) so I slowly become aware of the cold floor, the slight pine scented breeze coming from up-stairs, and the obnoxiously loud knocking at the front door. David must have been waiting a good ten minutes to be knocking that loud... Curse you Terms and Conditions! At least I know he's as excited for tonight as I am. Now that my vision has finally loaded I walk around to the front door and open it. Before I can react David is flinging himself at me! Since he was trying to break the previously closed door down, it's not as pleasant as it sounds.

With the door now open, and David's eye's closed, I take the full force of his charge in the chest. The weight behind it forces me to just lie there, dazed more out of shock than pain. Luckily for me there are laws in place about how much pain a virtual body can feel as a result of violence. Otherwise I would have probably died from that. As I slowly begin to regain my ability to move, the only thing I have to wait for is David to get up off of me. I would try to push him off of me but seeing how David is a 240lb, 7 and a half foot tall, slab of muscle turned Horse-morph, and I'm not quite up to the task.

David indulged in some of MM's most popular features, body mods. Buying himself a tail, horse ears, and even horse legs below the knee which come with body hair running up his legs. This hair just so happens to look like a cross between tights and knee high boots that show off all his muscles outlined in a really sexy dark black. The rest of him looks very human, even keeping himself shaved above the legs.

The weight of his massive pecs reminds me that he is still lying on top of me, looking down at me with a dramatically annoyed face. I can tell he's not really as annoyed as he looks, and his growing boner on my legs isn't helping to make his anger convincing.

"So, are you going to get off of me any time soon?" I adjust under him slightly, just enough to rub up against his hard on so he knows his act is over.

"Hmm, let me think on that," he says as he now smirks down at me... "No." Not wanting his act to end, he tries desperately to stop from laughing, making what could have been a really sexy smirk into something ridiculous to look at. Then I realized...

"Wait just a minute. Couldn't you hear me walking to the door with those freakish ears of yours?" and before I can even finish saying that his composure breaks. This results in one of the biggest laugh attacks I have ever seen, which may only be because he was still on top of me while having it. I manage to roll him off me while he continues his fit of laughter. HA. HA. What a great prank. It SO funny to charge at someone knowing they are behind the door. It apparently just gets funnier every time he looks up at my face, which is now beat red.

"You're so sexy when embarrassed," David says getting over his laughter. He flashes a smile my way, stands up and hugs me. "Shall we get down too it then? You did have me wait quite a while with just my imagination to keep me company. My lewd, twisted imagination."

"That seems a little unromantic, don't you think?"

"What do you think the door joke was for!"

"That annoyingly stupid idea? I have no idea what it could have been for."

"So you didn't like having me on top of you?" he says, pulling me in for a tighter hug to emphasize his point. A point that is seriously growing in size and poking me in the stomach.

"Well MAYBE that part of the joke was ok..."

"That's what I like to hear!" and before I could get a word in edge wise David has me in his arms. Even though I am feeling embarrassed about being carried around in my own home, I don't miss the chance to enjoy how his arms feel surrounding me. Their bulging weight that seem to carry me effortlessly. A little toss here and there to readjust his balance gives me the chance to feel the smooth of his chest. Despite the firmness of his nipples, it's so comfy here I could relax like this for a long time...

Then I notice that it has been a long time because we stopped moving. David is looking around, every now and then looking down at me for a sign of direction. That idiot... Why try and carry me if he doesn't know where to go. I give him a quick look then point up the stairs with my eyes.

Carrying me up stairs doesn't seem to cause David any problems, almost like gravity isn't even here. So I adjust myself, holding onto him a little closer, getting into the most difficult to carry position I can imagine. That being: his dick squeezed between us while simultaneously holding onto his butt for balance. Every step David takes rubs him the right way making it a lot more difficult to walk. I know he's too proud to put me down now though. David is rock hard and sweating a little by the time we get to the top of the stairs.

"Ok, you can put me down now," I say with a satisfied smirk on my face. David, relieved, quickly accepts the offer.

"So. Which room is it?"

"Just follow me." I reply while heading back down the stairs. He just looks at me, looks at the stairs, then back at me.

"You little bitch..."

"Don't complain. Revenge, as you know, is a dish best severed..."

"Hot and bothered?"

"Yep! But next time don't interrupt my victory speech," I say with his little stunt at the door in mind. David just follows me, head hung down in defeat. Well it's either defeat, or an excuse to stare at my ass the whole way to my room. I stop in front of the door, hoping that I didn't go overboard with the "decorations"...

After that last stunt, David's lust is at its peak. He turns me around and forces me into the door with his kiss. I have no way to run from the sudden attack other than to open it, causing us both to fall into my room. For the second time today David is on top of me. Staring at me with eyes that almost seem to glow in the dim light. I'm overtaken by his passion and pull him down for another kiss, our tongues playing a game of back and forth. I can taste and smell him, earthy and strong, as we kiss on the floor. His presence is overwhelming, making me forget everything. I forget that this is all a game, where we are, and even how we got here. The only existence right now is us.

We flip over and I run my hands down his muscled chest, my eyes slowly following. As I pass through the great valley of abs, I reach my goal: David's 12inch horse cock. My fingers reach the head and it gives a little twitch of appreciation under my touch. Already leaking precum, it's easy to stroke as hard as I want. And I start fast which gets me a little surprise grunt out of him. The faster I stroke the more he is pulled into my beat, so much that he is almost throwing me in the air with his thrusts. David's breathing gets heavy filling the air with his scent. Seeing him react so strongly to just being jerked off, I stop.

His own hands instantly fling up to his cock trying to finish what I started. I stop them, look at him, then I subtly indicate that my own 9inch boner is begging for some attention. We get into a 69 position. Now that I am face to cock, I can really appreciate just how large 12inches actually is. I plunge onto his cock and the smell drives me crazy as I want more of his man musk. I want to deep throat his cock to get right down to his bloated balls where all his scent is coming from. I only make it half way on my first attempt. The feeling of David's lips suddenly on my cock, and his fingers playing with my ass, make me almost choke on the dick in my mouth. It feels so good, but I can't stop till I get this whole dick in my mouth. A few more tries and I've almost got it all in, the weight of it in my mouth and as it slides down my throat makes tingle. The sweat from all our face fucking is mingling on our bodies and our moans fill my ears. David's sounding particularly primal.

Just as I've got David on the edge of cumming, he fights back by sticking a finger into my ass. I gasp as he, with no small amount of luck, finds my prostate almost instantly. The spike of pleasure that drives through me as David plays with my prostate, sucks on my cock and fills my throat with a massive dick, all at once, almost makes me cum right there. Before I do, I try my hardest to make David cum with me by finally getting his 12inches all the way down my gullet. I then pulling it out to play with the tip before shoving it back in. Neither of us can hold against the others assault and we both cum.

David's cock is engorged with cum just as it reaches the back of my throat where burst after burst get shot right into my gut. My own load going to cover David's face and chest in the white sticky stuff we all love.

We both get up but I don't feel quite right. My legs are shaky and my cock is on fire. Despite having just cum, and quite a lot by the looks of David, there is no feeling of released tension that comes from cumming. My cock feels so good I can't believe that I'm not having an orgasm right now. I try to look up at David for answers but my eyes won't stop staring at his cock, and my hands won't stop jerking off. The heat and pleasure is multiplying in my mind. Almost instantly I cum again. The force of it clenches every muscle in my body and brings me to my knees. Again there is no release.

From far off I hear David talking to me, but I can't concentrate on that with the blood pounding in my ears. My heart beats faster pumping more blood into an already ready to burst cock, stretching it beyond my predetermined 9inches.

"Jason!" David excitedly shouts just above roar of my blood. "How is it? Isn't my new cum amazing?" What's he going on about? "It's the newest body mod offered in MM called, COMPOUND CLIMAX," Oh just shut up and let me fap! "It turns your cum into a powerful aphrodisiac that causes the orgasms of whoever tastes it to compound on one another. I meant to cum onto your chest so I could have some too though..." So that's what this is? He should have told me if he bought a mod like that. Doesn't matter though because I only have to think about cumming. I just have to cum. I JUST HAVE TO CUM!

"I HAVE TO CUM!" I shout out loud. There is nothing on my brain other than the heat that is filling my crotch. I look down to see something phallic that doesn't really look like my cock anymore. Its massive and getting redder by the minute. It has also surpassed David's cock in size and is still growing. "FUCK YEA!"

"Um, Jason... You OK?"

"Get down on the floor and fuck my brains out." I demand as I push him down. The look on his face is priceless, but not as priceless as that fuck tool of his. I just need it to cum. So I hop up on his cock and shove it in my ass while using both hands to jerk off my dick. I cum over the fuck tools face as the anal stimulation pushes me over the edge again.

"Get the fuck off Jason, this isn't what we agreed!" It tries to protest, but can't get out the words without a moan. I'm practically jumping up and down on the stick in my ass and we cum again.

The white stuff in my ass is making my insides burn and my vision goes white.

The fuck stick's yelling has subsided now. I think it disconnected. The body is still here. Guess it didn't disconnect properly! Got me a full sized, cum shooting dildo. "FUCK YEA!"

"FUCK" is all I need.

"FUCK" so I can cum.



The television in Jason's home is turned off as the news comes on. His family can't bear to watch it because they have all the headlines burned in their brains.

"The Lines that Define What is Real and What is Virtual have Been Crossed as a Local Boy Dies From a Virtual Drug Overdose. This incident has experts baffled as police struggle to uncover the mysteries behind a young adults apparent dream induced heart attack. Mr. Phillips D. McRueny of Austin, Texas has come forth to being the sole witness to this online catastrophe and was stated saying 'I never imagined that a virtual drug could have caused him to seemingly lose his mind.' Many details of this interview cannot be aired for use of explicit language. What can be shared is that the previously mentioned virtual drug caused a real life overproduction of natural dopamine and various other hormones released during intercourse leading to excessive stress being placed upon the heart. The creators have yet to comment on..."




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