"Welcome gentlemen to day one of your two-day stay at the Holleyoak Lodge Management Development Centre."

Holleyoak was residential, and James was addressing the ten men assembled in the dining room, sitting around a large, and very old, oak dining table. The current group were having a final coffee and had not long finished a five-star breakfast, the remains of which the centre's staff had discreetly cleared away, closing the doors behind them as they left.

The group were all good looking, with all but a couple in their mid-to-late twenties. A couple were in their thirties at least and were starting to look maturely sophisticated. They were all well groomed and wearing business suits, as they had been instructed to, and looking as if they were at the office-not spending the weekend at a luxurious country management training centre complete with two tennis courts, large indoor pool, gymnasium, putting green, and stables. When James spoke, they all looked serious and attentive.

"James is my name, and I am your group leader for this session. You met Rodney last night when you arrived. He will be running the outdoor sessions. I run the indoor ones. This morning's session is the one we here at Holleyoak call 'Learning to Be the Leader of the Pack.' Which is what all of you hope to be one day. The leader of your corporate pack. Am I right?" he paused and was greeted by some subdued laugher and "sure do's" and other approving murmurs.

"Now I need to have a show of hands to divide you into two groups. Who wants to be in the first group?" Three hands shot up, and a couple more followed almost immediately, which was half the group. Then a couple more went up, their owners feeling they should perhaps be more aggressive, while the other three sat back, cautiously waiting to see what they were being asked to volunteer for.

"Good. The last five men can go to the left of the room and the five whose hands went up first can go and make themselves comfortable on the bed."

There were puzzled looks. The men had seen the bed when they arrived for breakfast and of course wondered what the hell it was doing there in the dining hall of a luxurious manor house management-training centre. It was a huge bed, well over even a Texas or emperor-sized king.

But the first five volunteers obeyed and went and arranged themselves on it. One was quickly lying back as if he owned it, a couple were sitting on it looking relaxed, and two were sitting uncertainly on the edge of it.

"Relax, while I talk to the five men here," James said to those on the bed, as he stood and gathered the other five together. James spread his arms, pulled them into a tight huddle, and spoke to them, his voice too low for those on the bed to hear what was being said.

When the huddle broke up, there was some laughing, and a few sly and a few nervous looks went to the men on the bed. Next James turned to those on the bed.

"As I have just explained to these cautious men, there are things that happen in a pack to determine who will be the leader. The males-and females also-will often assert their dominance and gain their place in the hierarchy by mounting other males, or females, as the case may be. Then when the females are in heat, the dominant males will fight over the right to mate them. Such battles are natural and serve a real purpose in the pack structure. Strong males have first choice of any food, the best place to sleep, and the right to reproduce. The weak ones don't. And it's the same with all packs, including the human ones we all live and work in.

"Here are Holleyoak we believe that thinking of yourself as a pack animal, and regarding an opportunity to advance your career as equivalent to that time when the females come into season, is very useful. Like a dog sniffing a bitch before her time, the contenders will sniff out the upcoming opportunity and their opposition and begin to struggle for a better place in the candidate hierarchy.

"This session is about taking that struggle to its most basic primitive level. By mounting and taking down your competition, and learning what you are capable of." James paused so that idea could sink in.

"Now, you five on the bed, strip off," James ordered.

"Are you serious?" one of them asked.

"Perfectly. You are going to strip off. Become a naked animal."

"Hey, I am not doing that," one of the guys sitting on the edge of the bed said, as he jumped up.

"You are free to leave any time, Garth, but remember that your company has paid $10,000 for you to come here to attend this two-day workshop and they are expecting results. Are you in line for a major promotion, Garth?"

"Well, yes, it's a choice between me and another guy."

"And they want to see if you have what it takes?"

"I know I have what it takes," Garth replied angrily.

"Like I said, you can leave any time, Garth, but if you are staying, you are going to have to strip off now."

"This is crap," Garth said, "And if it's an example of what this weekend is going to be about, I am very happy to leave." And with that he strode out of the room and off the course, leaving nine participants, and four on the bed.

The guy who had been lying back like he owned the bed was smiling at the altercation and already out of his shoes and socks and shrugging off his shirt and undershirt to reveal a muscular chest with a good crop of curly black hair tracking up the centre of it and expanding across his pecs.

The other three on the bed followed his lead, though much more slowly, and one was barely past getting his shoes and socks off when James gave a signal and the five he had been in a huddle with moved over to the bed, one or two with evil smiles on their faces, and began to help the slow ones in removing what they still wore. A scuffle broke out between one man and the two men trying to strip his remaining clothing off. James observed it with a smile on his face. "Good work, men, that's the spirit," he said, and the men continued pulling the man's clothing off with even more vigour.

The guy, Alex, who had been first to strip, looked on with amusement as the clothed five stripped the last clothing off the two slowest, who might have been shy, but neither of whom needed to be embarrassed by what they looked like naked.

When the job was done and all four men on the bed were naked, the still-dressed, though now rather untidy, five, stood back, straightening themselves out and looking puffed up and superior.

"So, how many of you men now have a hard on, or the start of one?"

It was easy to see that three of the men on the bed were in some stage of getting one. But there was shocked silence then a harumph and objection or two, as James darted to each of the clothed men and planted a hand briefly on his package. "It seems that all of you were at least a bit excited by giving that display of dominance," he said, "Which is good. You should always get a sexual charge out of winning.

"Now, you need to truly dominate the men on the bed. Think of yourselves as mounting and taking your opposition to show you are stronger, faster, cleverer. The true leaders."

There were some worried looks all round. But not from Alex, who still looked as if he owned the bed and had developed a long and thick hard on, which he was now stroking, as the complete disrobing of the men around him took place. He seemed to grow even harder and longer as James was speaking. A couple of others who were naked were also showing signs of increasing arousal.

The room began to smell of male heat. Alex's nostrils twitched, and he eyed off the clothed men, assessing them.

"So, men, time for those of you still clothed to physically dominate those who are naked. As I explained earlier. Are you all willing to move on?"

"Yes," they all said. Some more slowly than others, though as some were now regretting how fast they had offered to go in the first group, feeling at a disadvantage being already naked on the bed.

"I want to hear it clearly. I want to know you commit to this. Will give it all you've got. So, men, do I get a real, firm, yes?"

"Yes," came back strongly from all the group.

The clothed men approached the naked men on the bed cautiously, gauging the strength of their opponents. There was a tussle to get to the slightest and lightest looking of the naked men. And one of the clothed participants received a kick and a sharp elbow to the ribs that made him stagger back. He looked around for another naked opponent. He and another man were hesitating, as the only naked man left was Alex. He looked like a tiger waiting to pounce, his long, thick erection a sign of great strength and power. They set their shoulders and moved in together, hoping that two of them could take Alex down.

"Feet," one said.

The other nodded. "Arms."

One went for Alex's feet, grasping his ankles, as the other went for his arms, struggling to grip and hold them, initially unaware that as he struggled Alex somehow managed to unzip his fly and pull his dick free. As soon as he realised what was happening, the guy let go of the one wrist he'd captured, tried to put things back, and was instead trapped as Alex wrapped his arms about him and pulled him in closer using their combined weight to roll over and pull the guy struggling to hold his ankles off balance. The bed was soft and difficult to maintain purchase on. Alex was lying on top of one guy whose pants were now half way down his legs, trapping him further. Alex had also managed to get his ankles locked behind the second guy's neck. The two clothed men struggled with Alex, seeming to get into more trouble and losing more clothes the harder they tried to grasp back some control.

Further across the bed another naked man was sitting on the chest of a clothed one, panting hard and waving his rock hard pole in the clothed man's face, shouting "Take it! Suck it! You are mine."

The others were still struggling for dominance, the two clothed ones restricted by their clothes, but losing them fast as they were torn off, and shoes and jackets were kicked off in the struggle.

James smiled as he circled the writhing, battling group of nine men, reminded of scenes of Greco Roman wrestling, and increasingly reminded of it being done naked. The sounds they made were music to his ears as they grunted and gasped and swore.

Alex was ahead of all the others, somehow having now managed to get one of his attackers naked and on his knees and trapped under him as he fingered his entrance, The man shouting, and struggling uselessly, barely aware that Alex had tied his legs together with his own pants and his wrists with his tie.

The one who had been ordered to "suck it" was now half sobbing but sucking, as ordered, his head being guided back and forth by his captor. His sucking taking it deep, his dominator now moaning and saying, "Oh yeah, so good. You are mine."

The remaining four were still wrestling one another for control.

"Dominance men. Winning. Get complete physical dominance over your opposition. When you have done that you can move on to the next opponent. Because in the world of business, any business, there is always someone scratching at the door. Always someone trying to go one better."

James tapped David, the guy whose cock was being sucked, on the shoulder, "when you come you can get off Chris and look for another opponent. And you," he said to Chris, the man on his back now sucking David's cock as if his life depended on it, "You can try again."

James doubted though that Chris had it in him to take any of the others down. He looked like a guy who had got a taste for sucking cock. A man who might, in fact, be happy to lose again and again on the bed as long as he got a cock in his mouth each time.

"Alex," he said loudly, seeing that Alex was now pumping his opponent furiously and about to come. "Fucking Herb once is enough, let him go and move on when you have come."

James saw a man in only his briefs crawling off the bed. "Simon, the session is not over yet. Are you a loser, Simon?"

Simon ignored James and staggered out of the room. James shrugged. Simon's manager had thought he was too soft and was being proved right. Better to know now than when the gloves were off in some life and death corporate battle.

That left four of the originally clothed men and four of the volunteers on the bed, writhing in a naked free for all. All clothes gone now, all highly aroused, and all focused on fucking anyone they could. Alex pulled out of Herb and came across his back, just as Sam came in behind him and tried to ram his cock up Alex's arse. Alex tried to pull free but another man jumped on top of him pinning him on top of Herb and Sam gave a yipppee and had another attempt at spiking Alex. This succeeded and Sam started pumping, to grunts and curses from Alex, that quickly turned to moans and shouts of "yes, yes harder," and complaints from Herb, who was being crushed under the weight of three men digging knees and elbows into him as they tried to keep upright.

Chris had found another cock to suck, Ned's, slobbering over it lovingly as his hands ran over the man's body. Ned was lying back, moaning happily. The remaining two men were rolling about, grabbing and kicking, each struggling to take charge of the other, both in high heat.

Everyone was completely into the struggle.

James checked the time and blew his whistle in four sharp blasts. The men who had gone into a huddle with him at the start knew what the signal meant and looked about confused. Then started to pull free of whatever position they were in while the men who had not been in the huddle kept trying to gain control or keep it, or in Chris's case just keep sucking.

"Gentlemen. This session is over. You may go back to your rooms," James called, blowing his whistle again. "Chris, stop that. Let Andy go," he added as Chris refused to release Andy's cock from his mouth, gripping the root in a tight fist.

"Your next session will begin at 10:00 a.m. in the stables, with Rodney. You will all find riding gear laid out in your rooms."

* * * *

"So what do you want put in the reports for this session?" Alex asked. He was dressed again and sitting in the office with James. "Garth?"

"Well, he is that rare man who has principles and the determination to stick to them regardless," James said. "Chris will do very well now he has learnt to suck cock. His boss has been wanting him to suck his ever since he hired him. That has worked out perfectly."

"And the others?"

"Unfortunately, it's clear Simon can't handle pressure. I doubt he will even front for the next session. His firm won't be happy. The rest we need to see in different situations; they are works in progress."

"Now, in the break before the next session," Alex said, rising up and grabbing James by the lapels of his coat. "I'm gonna fuck you hard."

"I can't believe they never work out you are a plant," James said breathily, as Alex tossed him over a nearby desk, left empty for such takings, and dragged his pants down and after some brief preparation entered James's well used ass.

"They all have to have something to aspire to," Alex said with a laugh. "And on the bed I give it to them."



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