This must be the hottest day of the year and of course my air

conditioner is not working. The repair man was supposed to be here this morning but it is

already one in the afternoon. I am so hot, so sweaty, I have no clothes on. Finally a

knock, that must be the repair man at the door! I open the door and develop the hugest

erection possible. Standing in front of me is the biggest hunk of man to walk this earth.

The sweat is pouring off his body, I feel like I could just lick it up and him with it. I

tell him to come in and just marvel at his tight buff body glistening with perspiration. I

show him the air conditioner unit and the only thing he does is stare at my erection

bulging out. I can tell that I am not the only one excited at this moment, maybe it is the

heat, or just maybe he is so big he has a natural bulk bulge.

He walks over the air conditioner and begins to dismantle the

outside covering. His muscles are bulging and tight, I just can't help myself as I grab my

cock and begin stroking it. He turns and looks at me with the sexiest smile I have ever

seen. I am using two hands now stroking and wrestling with my meat stick. He stopped what

he was doing and calmly walked over to me, knelt down, grabbed my ass and slid my cock

into his mouth. The hot warm feeling of this hunk's muscle mouth around my meat made me

explode immediately. I felt like I was cumming for an hour, he just kept me in his mouth

and sucked all the juice out of me. He pushed me down on the floor and continued to suck

and mouth massage my cock until it became rock hard and ready to explode again.

He stripped off his clothes and the biggest, sexiest cock I have

ever seen dropped out almost to the floor. My mouth began to water and I quickly began

licking his sweet popsicle, I was only able to get half his manhood in my mouth. I could

feel that he was ready to explode as he began to shove his tool into my mouth. I wanted

his huge meat packed into my backside and told him so, I turned over. He spread me wide

open and pushed the tip into me. I screamed both in pleasure and in pain as more of him

entered my pleasure zone. He was inside me so deep I think the tip of his cock came out of

my mouth, at least it felt like it did. He rode me for over an hour and as I loosened up

and began really to enjoy this love riding trip, I forgot the heat. He popped off a huge

load inside me, instead of stopping he just kept on stroking for another half hour and

finally collapsed on the floor next to me. He grinned and said 'service with a





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