Jononthon and I stayed in the hotel all night and things moved onto

sleep and sex. eachtime I snoozed off and woke I found myself wrapped in

his curved stomach, his dick seemed never to soften and I would soon push

myself back on it and help it slip back in my now stretched butt hole. He

would drift out his sleep and start to pump me on my side. I was never one

to shy away from sex and Jonothons dick felt great ploughing in to me. He

would cum everytime we fuck. My butt was becoming so full and squelched as

he pumped me each time.

By morning light we were both exhausted and tired, but both so

happy to be together. We still wasn't saying much to eachother but our

actions were speaking volumes. It was blistering cold outside and there was

small snow flurries falling from the grey cold sky as I looked out the

small hotel window. Jonothon left and I layed on the bed and must of fallen

asleep naked on top of the sheets cause I woke to find another black tall

guy standing over me looking down at me smiling. As I adjusted my blurry

vision I could see he was holding a box of cleaning stuff and clean towels.

blk guy. 'yo wassup!.im here to clean the room and replace the towels'

me. 'oh ok..lemme just dress and get out ya way'

blk guy. 'its need you look tired my friend..stay where you are'

His eyes were looking at my dick that was already starting to

stiffen, I put my hand down to try and hide it, but he just smiled and

turned and went to the small shower cubicle and started to clean it up. I

leaned off the bed and could his cute butt in his wht jeans as he bent

over, I started to jerk myself on the bed (knowing this was a gay hotel..i

guessed he must be gay also). I closed my eyes and started to think about

his cute butt as I slowly stroked my dick letting the hood roll back over

the head as I let it go and then stroke it upwards from my base. I felt so

good after jonothon that I was so horny again. I felt a warm breathe at my

dick and when I opened my eyes I could see the blk cleaner knelt at end of

the bed and almost touching my dick with his lips, his eyes looked in to

mine as he opened his mouth and licked around the hood which was half way

covering the head of my now hard 7'. I felt his lips clamp and slowly suck

down and roll my hood back as he sucked down further. He soon was bobing up

and down my length eating me with his teeth as he worked it up and down, he

really seemed to like my dick and I sure liked his mouth on me. I looked

down on him as he swirled his tongue round and round the head holding back

the hood.

I could feel my butthole spilling a little of Jonothon lingering

juices from last night, the cleaner seem to see it to and soon was licking

my butthole and jerking my dick firmly. As I moaned more the more he licked

my butt hole harder. He let go of my dick and with both his hands he held

my butt cheeks open and delved his tongue in me..i pushed and let my butt

open and with a splat big globules of Jonothons cum came flying out, he eat

it like it was his prize..his tongue was driving me wild now and I held my

legs up so he could open my butt hole more with his hands and fingers. I

seemed to be doing the right things as he hand 2 fingers of each hand

pulling the lips of my butt hole open while his tongue dug in deeper. His

tongue felt very rough but the feeling was so good I was squirming and in

ecstasy. He soon had from what I felt was atleast four fingers from both

hands holding my gapping hole open and eating and tonguing my inner

walls. I could feel air flowing up as he moved away from my open ass.

Looking up at me on the bed with his bottom lip dripping with

dribble, he slid his tongue alone and input it back on his mouth and smiled

at me.

blk guy.'you have a great azz yo!'

me.'thanks...glad you like it!'

blk guy. 'like it! DAMN .I LOVE IT!'

His hands were both still holding me open, then he removed the

right one and let his left hand slowly slide in me I felt my butt ring

close over the knuckles of his left hand and let out a loud gasp..... blk

guy . 'shhhh....relax'

I did as I was told and relaxed the best I could, as he slide in

further, then to my amazement I felt relieve as the hand forced up me

seemed to be a thinner width.

me.. 'why does it fell better now?' I asked.

blk guy.. 'dont you know why?' was his reply.

me.. 'no tell me'

The blk guy smiled and replied.

blk guy.. 'well my knuckles have passed ya ass ring man and im now totally

in ya anus'

Thinking a minute I was speechless.

me 'so you saying at this moment I have your whole hand in butt?'

blk guy.. ' it in 1 man!' and to prove it he pushed forward and I

felt his fisted hand punch my prostate.

me.. ' ahhh shit!'

blk guy.. 'shhhh shhhh.....your ok man.relax!'

I lay there with my feet on his shoulders as he slowly moved his

inserted hand around in my butthole and I gotta say I could feel every

movement he made in there. He seemed to know what he was doing and I felt

more relaxed as he started to punch my inners again, he seemed to be pass

his wrist in me as he reached with his free hand and undid his white jeans

and pulled out his own shinny black dick out.

He struck me as a quite effeminate looking man, but he was sexy

in his own way. he had straightened hair pulled back in a tail, his skin

was shinny and smooth , he obviously kept good care of himself. his dick

was long and thin at a guess looking at it I would say it was about as long

as Jonothons 9' but was thinner, he had two tiny balls hanging very low

under it. His waist was almost lady like making him seem more

feminine. Something really made me fancy him. His eyes caught my gaze and

he smiled again. His hand was still and tightly gripped in my butt hole he

leaned forward and kissed my lips, I opened my mouth and our tongues

entwined, I could feel his hand in my butt start to feel awkward and hurt I

broke of the kissing and told him it hurt. he immediately removed his hand

from within and I felt my hole stretch again as his knucles passed back

over the ring....i gasped and soon his hand was free. It was dripping in

remnents of old cum from Jonothon.....

blk guy...' whos cum is this?'

me.. ' oh its a guy who stayed last nite'

blk guy.. 'dont tell me it was that blk hussler I saw leaving the front

entrance a while ago!'

me.. probably was' and I grinned.

His long thin dick was dripping pre-cum as I looked down at him as

he stood up from his knees.

blk guy..'like what ya see yo!'


blk guy ' what ya doing later?'

me.. nothing as yet....why?'

blk guy.. ' wondered if you wanted to come up have sum fun at mine up in

the bronx'

me .. 'I could do.but I dont know NY at all ..1st time here!'

blk guy.. ' thats kewl..i finish here in a bout a hour. I will knock and we

will go uptown together..ok!'

me..'sure..that will be great!'

After he left I rushed in the shower and bending over I washed out

my ass as good as I could letting my hand enter and slosh about. I felt

what was left of the memory of Jonothon wash away down the plug hole. I

must of been in there atleast half hour and got carried away playing with

my butthole......(you know how it is when you have great sex and after you

shower). I didn't have to wait long for the cleaner to return and we went

down 14th street to union square and got the 4 train uptown, again for me

this was a new experience as a tourist. I heard bad things about the Bronx

and this made me harder in my jeans as the train sped along the tracks. We

arrived at his stop and went down the elevated train stop to street level.

I tried to fimilarise myself with the area as we walked along the

sidewalk, but there was so much going on around us, I saw more hot husslers

and blk, latinos and was in total heaven. We arrived a two very tall high

rise buildings in a short while.we took the elevator up to the 14th floor

and went in to his apartment. it was tidy but had a musky smell of body

odor and dirty clothes like smell. he brought me into the lounge and there

sat was his brother a blk kid called dennis, we shoke hands and then the

blk guy said lets go back to my room, with that off we went. It was a

small box room with just a single bed and a massive pile of clothes shoved

in a corner. he told me to un dress as he disapeared out the rm. when he

returned he was nakid and he saw I was too.

blk guy.. ' lay back on the bed for me man'

me ..'ok!'

he lifted my legs and started to apply a big hand of crisco from a open tub

by the bed, he worked it and his left hand back in my butt hole. I could

feel his hand stretching me more and more and I knew the pressure I felt

meant his knuckles were at my ring again....

blk guy.. 'just relax'

I again did as he said and soon he was totally back in me. I

noticed his eyes were a bit glazed as he stared in to my mine. He slowly

but firmly started to fist his hand in me. imust have tensed as he called

out to his brother dennis. ( Imagine im layed back on the bed with his

hand in my butt and he calls his brother in the room). In walked

dennis.looking at me then his brother and then his brothers hand right in

my butthole..

dennis.. 'kewl man.....whassup!'

blk guy .. 'you got any weed on ya bro?'

dennis.. 'sure bro.hold up'

with that dennis disapeared and returned with a bag of weed in one hand and

a cigar in the other. He sat on the floor beside the bed, paying me and his

brother no mind and started to make a filly for us.

blk guy.'relax bro used to seeing this kinda of stuff and soon we

will relax more after sum weed yo!'

I just smiled at him and lay still. Every so often the blk guy

would twist his fist in me and I would moan at the way it felt. Soon dennis

had rolled and lite the filly and inhaled and passed it to his broher, who

in turn inhaled deep too and passsed it to me and in turn I inhaled and

started to splatter and couch... The force of coughing made me butthole

retrack bigger and his fist slid in deeper....

blk guy.. ' hmmmm thats feeling better already man'

I continued to inhale and choke, but soon was relaxed and feeling

the buzz of the fily, dennis was sat on the floor watching his bro fist me,

his eyes darted between my eyes, my ass and his brothers actions to his

brothers dick now hard.

blk guy .. 'yo little bro you gonna strip or leave us?'

dennis.. 'I dont mind either bro!'

blk guy .. 'so get y'all dick out bro!'

I was shocked and frilled at same time. The blk guy fisted my relaxed

butthole as dennis stripped and let his big dick flop out semi hard. He sat

back on the floor legs spreadjerking his big brother fisting me. When I say

big I meant big........(he musta had a different father) His dick was thick

and nearer to 11'. he saw my face light up as I saw it

his big brother looked at me and smiled..

blk guy.. 'hes gotta great piece right!'

me.. 'hell yea!'

dennis.. 'hey guys im here and not invisable!'

we all laughed. the blk guy started to really fist me as i watched

dennis jerking his dick , the weed had made me feel so relaxed and I was

loving this blk guys hand in my ass.

Dennis moved on to his knees and I could see he was getting turned on by me

watching him, I reached out my and he laughed... the blk guy gently moved

me around on the bed so I could lay back on the bed and hang my head over

the edge of the bed also. Still fisting me deeper and deeper I saw dennis

stand up and move over to me. I could see his dick sway as he walked

nearer, I knew he was going to let me suck him. I reached and held his dick

in both hands my feet was on his older brothers shoulders, with his wrist

past my assring now...slamming in deeper and deeper.

Dennis let me slide his big dark meat past my lips as I swallowed

it down my throat, I was almost gaging as it hit the back of my throat. I

could smell that musky black man smell.i inhaled and savoured how good it

smelt,driving me wild. Dennis started moaning his older brother was really

pounding his fist up me while he jerked his own dick fast....the bed was

moving all over the place with mine and his movements. dennis fucked my

mouth , I loved how his meat felt spreading my mouth wider as he ploughed

it to the hilt, it was like a spongy semi hard fat banana filling my

mouth.i started to taste a bitter taste of his pre-cum as he moaned louder

and louder. My own dick was as hard as hell and was bouncing in the air,

but getting no attention from anyone, I was being well stuffed at both ends

and was in total heaven again.

I felt big brother moving at other end of bed and to my surprise he

seemed to be sliding his slim dick in beside my open relaxed butthole.i

felt my hole strain as he pushed his dick in next to his hand, soon he had

both his dick and his hand in my butt hole. I sucked hungrily at dennis who

was now holding my ankles up high for his big brother. I wasn't sure what

was happening down at my butt area but it felt like the blk guy was

actually jerking his dick from inside my butthole, I know I could feel his

hand jerking but was he really jerking off in me at same....DAMN!...(i

thought in my head).. soon dennis was stifferning in my mouth and without

notice exploded his thick juices at the back of my throat...i was gaging

and choking as he spewed it in deep. It had no where to go so I had to

swallow it, I was choking and swallowing at time...

blk guy.. 'god gonna shoot guyz!'

I felt his hand movements inside my inner walls getting faster and

violently moving around.his breathes were deeper and he was in sum sort of

transe as he started to shoot his load in my totally jerk beaten

butthole.. I could feel his load spewing out my ass crack, he pulled out

his hand and still holding his cum covered dick. My ass abruptly open and

shut almost with a slurping sounded pop. The blk guy collasped on me and

took out dennis's dick from my mouth , where it had been sat since he came,

and took it in to his mouth and licked off any traces of cum remaining, he

rubbed it along my lips then and traced it with his own lips, we now both

licking at his little bros dick as it started to rise, dennis was moaning

and started to tease us both with his dick tracing it along each of our

lips, we both tried to eat at it as it passed our lips. the blk guy reached

down and placed my dick at his dry smooth ass crack and I pushed up with my

thighs and it entered in to him and I felt his walls clasp my lengh as it

slid deeper and deeper.

He started to ride my dick moving up to a sitting position

so I had control of dennis's dick again. I fed on it and sucked it in deep,

I could taste his last load deep in the back of my throat still. Big

brother was riding on top of me like I was a horse..he was bouncing up and

down, he wanted me to shoot up his tight black ass.. dennis stiffenned

again and soon splashed my throat again with his second load..... Big

brother was holding my shoulders and rocking back and forth on my dick I

was near and told him that, he went crazy and started to ride me harder and

harder...making me feel so good I couldn't hold on any longer. ...Damn did

I shoot... I was sore both in my dick and my butthole as we all three

jumped in the shower and helped eachother wash off the great sex we had.

As we dressed the blk finally told me his name, which

was.......which was.....oh damn I can't decide guyz.

The ride back downtown left me thinking about how my butthole was

so open, I watched as all sorts got in the carriage with me. I felt like I

was floating on air. The 14th stop couldn't have come sooner as I left the

train and walked up 14th street to the hotel...shit!the wind on my face was

burning, it must be atleast -2 out here. damn damn damn.!



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