They call me Old Man Jaidev as if I don't deserve a fucking proper name. I am a 77 year

old horny bastard - that's what my 19 year old grand-daughter, Nayika Jaidev, thinks after I managed to put my cock into her two weeks ago (read 'Passion In The Dark' by

coolswastika). That was crazy, I tell you! Well, what the hell was I thinking screwing

that girl like that! That's totally unholy!

But, truth be said, she loved it. I knew it from the look on her face after I pumped my

milk into her. It was a wonderfully gracious moment.

But all this was two weeks ago. Since then I haven't had any action. My wife is an old hag with a pretty flappy pussy that doesn't work for me anymore. I am always on the lookout

for tighter ones.

My balls have swollen to magnificent sizes - what with all the cum collected in there and

I know that if I don't empty them soon, they are sure to explode. So I got me some really

badass gay porn DVDs. Don't act surprised there now. Just because I messed up my grand-

daughter earlier doesn't mean that I can't be bisexual.

Sweet thing is everyone's gone over to the soccer finals today and so I am alone in the

house. I undressed myself, shut all the windows and curtains (yeah, in that order) and

then put on the first DVD in the pack. Two Brazilian studs appeared on screen and started

blowing each other. I poured myself some oil and got my tool warmed up for a quite moment

of blissful masturbation.

It was then that the doorbell rang and scared the daylights out of me. I quickly switched

off the TV, put on my clothes and went to answer the motherfucker who rang the bell just

when I was getting cozy to shag.

To my surprise, a young boy in three-quarters and a t-shirt stood on the patio. He was

dark-complexioned, almost black you could say, with a short crop of hair on his head. He

was athletic though and stood towering at about 5ft 9 inches. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Rahul Jaidev, Nayika's cousin (and my grandson) and my feast for today.

"Hello, Rahul" I managed to say.

"Oh, hi, grandfather" the boy replied hastily before asking "Is Nayika there?"

"Well, no, everyone's out at the big game"

"Any idea when she will be back?"

"Nope, I guess you have to call her and find out"

"Ok, then, see ya!"

"Wait up young man, come in and give some company to this old man"

"Well, grandfather..."

"Come and have some tea with me, at least"

And with this I pulled him in before he could change his mind. Then I shut and locked the

door after him.

I served tea and biscuits but didn't switch on the TV. The gay porn DVD was still in the


We made some small talk and then I feigned a sudden cramp in my left knee. Rahul quickly

put me on the couch and started pressing around my knees trying to calm the pain just like innocent South-East Asian boys do.

I pulled up my loin-cloth higher than needed so that it just stopped short of showing my

scrotum. I could sense the uneasiness in the boy growing.

At 21 years of age, Rahul Jaidev was almost good-looking with a slender nose and strong

hands. He had the longest legs I have seen in a guy - they looked almost feminine. Also,

he was hairless - and that for me, was a major turn-on.

The heat was becoming unbearable owing to the 45 degree Celsius plus temperatures outside

and I removed my shirt - already soaked from the sweat. Rahul's taut nipples protruded

from under his tight T-shirt which was now wet around the chest and armpits.

"Great T-shirt you got there man! What fabric is it?" and saying that I passed my right

hand over his chest and across the right nipple, pressing on it momentarily before

withdrawing my hand. The boy, it seemed, was suddenly aroused.

As his hands reached my thighs, I jumped up pretending to grab the TV remote. I did this

on purpose so that my cock - now almost erect - would flap out from under my loin-cloth

and come into full view. It did and Rahul's mouth dropped.

"Yeah, oh, that's my dick there" I laughed out trying to ease the surprise. The boy stared at my bush longer than necessary and then looked at me.

"Wow" is all he managed to say.

"Now don't act like you never seen one, son. You must have a better wallop than me under

those pants of yours" I blurted out and found myself anxious about his reply to this.

"Ah, no, grandfather, mine's a stick compared to yours" he said, not looking at me.

"Well, that demands an inspection then" I was getting hornier as these words came out of

my mouth.

The boy, stood up wordlessly and with an air of someone who has just been insulted and

asked to prove himself, he unzipped and pulled down his three-quarters, before tossing it

on the floor. I was happy beyond belief. Things were going exactly my way now.

The boy had an incredible torso - sexy as a Greek god with muscular thighs and a fleshy

chiseled butt. But a Jockey underwear still hid his manhood from view.

His black sweaty body was ravishing and I had a strong urge to lick the glistening beads

of perspiration on his midriff. I moved closer to smell him better but before I could feel him he took off his underwear, not leaving any article of clothing for me remove, which I

had wanted to as part of my foreplay routine.

A majestic long black penis - cut, well over 7 inches, slim with a large meaty head - came into view. A small scrotum like two ping-pong balls suspended in a soft rubber pouch hung


I touched his massive cock and felt the wet skin of its shaft on my palms. It was going

harder as the vessels throbbed with rushing blood and it quivered in my grip. Rahul

inhaled deeply trying not to orgasm yet.

I pulled him beside me on the couch and he obediently sat down. This told me he was in for whatever I had planned for our little lovemaking routine today.

I started by caressing his pubic region - sliding my finger in the narrow area between his scrotum and thighs and going all the way down to the asshole, just stopping short of

penetrating it. The boy moaned airily as the pleasure spread around his hips. I withdrew

the finger and observed the grey grimy dirt that it had picked from his anal region after

which, I placed it near his nose for him to take in the smell.

I had decided to play the master today and let Rahul become my slave - an act he was

already performing nicely. Next, I made the boy stand with his ass facing me and then

asked him to bend over. His anus came into view - a lovely little glory hole - and I licked it a few times. The taste of feces - both bitter and sweet - invaded my mouth.

I sucked my index finger, wetting it, before inserting it into his anus. He almost

shrieked at this, sounding very much like a woman. As I finger-fucked his asshole with the right index finger, the left hand was busy pulling down his ball sack and shagging his

cock at intervals.

As we got hornier, I took off my loin-cloth and threw it aside. The boy lay on the

carpeted floor near the couch as I went over him and stopped so that my cock was suspended just above his mouth. A pillow was placed under his head so that his head was raised and

his lips now almost touched my cock head. He applied some Johnson & Johnsons Baby Oil on

my shaft and then proceeded to give me a handjob very much in the manner of milking a

cow's udders.

I groaned and huffed as orgasm took over. But it was getting difficult holding back my cum as soon as Rahul rimmed my cock. He seemed like a pro with all the tongue strokes that he

was applying including swallowing and gagging himself too. The boy was a natural.

A moment later, I felt my balls being licked and sucked. Rahul pulled on the skin of the

scrotum with his teeth, applying just enough pressure so as to make the pain pleasurable.

The sound of a car honking in the driveway brought us out of our sexual trance. I quickly

jumped up and looked out at the street from behind the curtains. Thankfully, it was the

neighbors driving out. I walked back to Rahul and the sight of him lying naked on the

floor with a spectacular penis that stood long and erect, made me hornier still. The boy

would have made an amazing bitch if he was a girl instead, I thought.

I sat down between Rahul's spread legs and oiled my cock - slowly and erotically for him

to see. I sensed the passion and longing in his eyes as I slid my hand over the pulsing

shaft of my cock and before long did the same to his, at which point he began moaning


After our cocks were slick enough, I placed my body over his and steadily rubbed our cocks together. The boy's breathing picked up and at one point the orgasm was so intense that he was panting. I rubbed vigorously. The feeling of two cocks rubbing over your groin was one hell of an experience and each of us was trying to hold back from giving up our milk.

As our two bodies moved rhythmically over the other, I felt a sudden desire to kiss Rahul

and put my lips to his. I could see that he was teary-eyed and almost on the verge of

crying - whether this was due to pain or pleasure, I never asked him. But the sight of it

was beautiful in a male-bonding sort of way.

I went for his tongue and licked it softly before biting his lower lip. I tasted candy and blood at the same time. A pint of blood trickled out of his lower lip and I licked it off

as it oozed out.

Then I went for his neck, lapping and kissing as the boy moaned like a schoolgirl.

Down below, I couldn't hold from cumming any longer and stood. I moved closer to Rahul's

mouth, who was now sitting. He began sucking my cock as I fiddled with the scrotum. A

splash of hot creamy semen soon emptied into his mouth and he pulled back letting some of

it spill on his dick.

As he used my cum to lubricate his cock, he gulped the rest of it before sucking me dry


After that I made him sit between my thighs on the large couch with his back against my

stomach. I kissed his neckline while at the same time reached for his cock between his

legs. He trembled when I did that and realized that the boy's penis was way too erogenous

for him.

I moved my right hand up and down his shaft and stimulated the perfect mushroom head with

my fingers. At one point, he jerked and moved between my legs and this indicated that he

was about to cum too.

When he did, the cumload was huge. His jiss came out in long streaks of white that

travelled as far as the couch that was on the opposite side of the one we were on. His

buttocks churned into my crotch and almost crushed my cock that was still semi-hard from


The boy's cum was more watery and translucent than mine and it dripped over onto my hands

and the leather couch seat. I rubbed my cum-stained right hand over his chest and nipples

and then put a finger to my mouth in order to taste it. It was much sweeter and less

pungent than mine - the kind of taste most girls loved.

Later on, we kissed deeply for another five minutes before I got Rahul into the shower and urinated on his chest.



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