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After my little sex-capade with Yosep, I went back to my room to finish up the homework I had for the weekend because there was a party that night that I really wanted to go to, and Sunday would be required in order to recover for classes on Monday. I was almost finished my last subject, Calculus, when I got a knock on my door. It was Byron.

'Hey Justin, are you going to that party tonight at Ryder's house?' Byron Asked

Now being this is an all guy school, and almost everyone boarded, it was always a big deal to even get invited to an off campus party, if not only for the booze, but for the tons of chicks Grant Ryder was able to snag.

'Yeah, I am going, I'm just trying to finish up some work before I go, why?'

'Well I wanted to go with you and to ask you a favor...' Byron Said

'Yeah what is it?'

'Can I come in' he said

'Oh yeah, sorry' I said

'Ok listen dude, last time I went to one of Ryder's parties my dick was about to fall off at how many chicks there were and I ended up making out with this chick and my girl found out, so I need someone who wont desert me for some pussy, and keep me from going after it too.'

'Oh... well sure, no problem' I Said

'Justin, you're a good friend'

'Oh? Thanks' I replied


'Yes...' I said

'I need another favor... I got all worked up today at the library, and I don't want to go Ryder's with my balls full... do you think you could drain them for me'

'Ha-ha Byron... you are the horniest mother fucker I have ever met.'

'Yeah I know ha-ha' he said

So I closed my books, and put them up, I mean, I could save one problem undone, my teacher wouldn't mind. And I went over to him, and pushed him onto the bed. I knew he was only here for a blow job he could pretend he was getting from a girl, but I was going to have a little fun too. So I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, kissing each newly exposed area I was rewarded with as I went. He probably was a little weirded out, but I didn't care, I just kept worshiping his body because for a kid that didn't do a sport, he sure made sure he was cut as fuck. So when I finally reached the end of his abs, he bucked his crotch into my mouth.

'Byron, do you want me to blow you, or are you just here to fuck my face'

'I'm sorry dude, but I'm not into that homo shit'

'Byron, I'm not going to do anything weird to you, I just want to make you feel good, lay back and enjoy it'

With that he laid back and closed his eyes. I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, and he was wearing these cute black boxer briefs. I pulled down the top of his underwear and kissed just above where his pubes started; he bucked again. I figured I really shouldn't torture him if I wanted him to come back.

'I'm going to lie on the bed, and you can fuck my mouth'


So we switched positions, I lay on the bed and he positioned himself into my mouth. He slowly slid it into my mouth, and pulled out, purring like a cat. I could taste every drop of pre-cum he was oozing and it was fucking amazing. He was still going slowly in and out, I guess to prolong the fuck, but I wanted him to really plow my throat with the ferocity of a straight guy trying to get his nut off. So I pushed my head up until his cock was fucking into my throat. Byron let out a moan that would have made your heart skip a beat. He went wild and rammed his cock in and out of my throat, trying to bust his nut, and hard. He was so into fucking my throat that he didn't notice that I was playing with his ass. Then I put my finger into his ass, and he went wild and rammed into my throat and shot about 6 shots of cum into my stomach. He let out a roar, and I removed my finger from his ass. I kept sucking his cock milking out the rest from his balls, he asked me to do a job and I was going to do it well.

'Justin, stop, ahh stop I'm sensitive now.'


'Thanks man, you can finish your work, I'll be back at 9 and we'll hit up Ryder's'

'Alright cool, talk to you then Byron.'

I went back to doing my work, and I finished my last problem. I decided to take a nap seeing how I was working all day on homework. I got up at 8 and went to my fridge to grab a bite to eat; then I went to shower and change. At 8:50, Byron came back and we took the bus out into the suburbs to Ryder's house, I always loved his house, it looked so perfect outside, no one ever would suspect that there were insane drinking parties at his house, I wonder if college is as wild as this kid gets. Well I went in and went for a beer, and sat on the couch when Yosep walks over and sits next to me, apparently he was already a bit wasted; I honestly think he just can't hold his liquor. Anyway, he came over and whispered in my ear that he wanted to see me upstairs. Now if you were a girl, you would know that upstairs means sex. Well we went upstairs and found a room and sat on the bed. We chatted a little, and I was a bit uncomfortable.

'ok listen, I like you, you get it already, and I think you like me, and I really want to show you how much I love you, and I know you said you are a virgin, and I'm willing to take it slow with you' Yosep said

'Well, yeah, I'm a little nervous, but I was thinking... if you don't mind, I'd like to fuck you'

Now, if you have ever seen a man switch faster than he did, you've seen a man quicker than a cheetah, because Yosep didn't seem like he even wanted to be in the same room with me, let alone let me fuck him. But like I told you before, I was getting bold, and with my new found confidence, I moved closer to him, and kissed his neck, then I kissed his lips. I was going to get what I wanted. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, and as my tongue entered his mouth, my hands rubbed his jacked chest, feeling every ripple of each muscle. Then my hands touched his nipples and he moan into my mouth, so I stayed there a few seconds. With each vibration caused by his moans, my dick pulsed, making pre-cum ooze out the tip of my dick. Our tongues were fighting for dominance, but tonight, I was going to be the one in control of him, at least for now. By that time I was really ready to move on even if he wasn't, so I took off his shirt all the way. His light brown skin was so beautiful, I'd never dreamed I would be able to see this much of him.

'What's wrong Justin? Please don't stop' Yosep Said

'I just can't believe I'm actually seeing you half naked.' I said

He smiled and I want back to worshiping his body, tasting every muscle, now licking his hot abs, and right above his underwear, he wiggled a little bit, which let me know that I had to concentrate on him a little more in that area, I wanted him begging me to fun him by the time I got to rimming his ass. My licking found me starting to go lower, as I slid off his shorts I began to lick the bulge that was outlined in his gray briefs. I licked from the base of his cock to the tip, sucking on the huge wet spot his pre-cum had made. He was moaning so much, and the flow of his pre-cum had me in a state of bliss. I then got up and began to strip off my clothes, but he stopped me.

'Justin, let me please you too.'

So he slowly took off my shirt, giving me little kisses here and there, it was cute, but I was about ready to explode, and I wanted him to hurry up. So I helped him by taking off my pants and underwear, and laid him back on the bed. I took off his briefs and threw them to the floor, he let out a sigh as his cock felt the air of the room and the breath of my sigh; this was only the second time I'd see his dick. It looked so beautiful; I just had to admire it a bit. I took his cock into my hand, it was thick and warm, and I loved how it felt, it was thicker than mine, and I think mine is average thickness, as compared to porn I'd seen. I thought about not fucking him and letting him pop my cherry instead, I thought about every man that would have loved to get plowed by this seemingly straight stud, but unfortunately for him, I felt that he need to be brought down a peg, and the feelings he was going to feel from being fucked for the first time was just the thing to do it.

I sucked the tip of his cock trying to tease more pre-cum out of his winking slit. He just sat back purring and every once and a while his body would jolt and his cock would almost shoot the pre-cum into my mouth. As I took more and more of his cock into my mouth, his breath became more and more shallow, and as his back arched with the feeling of his cock hitting the back of my throat, I knew it was time. I took his cock out of my throat and then out of my mouth, and he let out a sigh, then I lifted his legs to expose his hole. To think that he hadn't let anyone near it was something that turned me on and also made me jump for joy inside, it was so intimate. At first I just breathed on it, and he sighed and clenched shut. But then I decided that if he didn't tell me to stop, he must be curious for me to try, so I went for it. First I just poked his hole with my tongue, and he clenched, but released a little, then I lick his hole. After licking his hole for about two minutes, his hole relaxed, allowing my tongue entrance into his forbidden zone. As my tongue assaulted his hole, Yosep jacked his cock, but I moved his hands away because I wanted to make him cum. I licked my index finger, and used it to tickle his hole, so that he was aware of what I had planned. When his hole finally relaxed some more I slowly slid the finger in and his hole engulfed it. He went crazy; he let out a moan that sounded like the roar of a lion, I almost shot all over the floor. I had to have him right then, so I pulled a condom from my pants, and slid it on, and rimmed his ass some more just to make sure he was completely ready, and then I slid into him. He let out the biggest sigh as my cock slid into, and I could feel his ass trying to tighten around my cock, it was amazing. I wanted to pound his ass like crazy, but I knew how tender his first time would need to be, and I wanted to make sure this wouldn't be the last time I was able to top for him.

After I was in all the way, I leaned down and kissed his neck, and he moaned into my ear, making my cock pulse in his ass. I could feel his cock under me, sticking into my stomach oozing pre-cum as I moved my cock around in his ass, massaging his prostate. I slowly slid my cock out, and he moaned, and as I slowly slid it back in again, he moaned. His hand was quick to go to his cock as I started to increase my speed a little, but again, I slapped it away, I was going to fuck the cum out of him. I had gotten to a speed where my balls were slapping his body and the bed has started squeaking a bit, but I wanted more of him. His cock was so hard and sensitive that he was begging me to either let him cum or stop rubbing my body against it as I fucked him. So I pulled my cock out and told him to turn around on all fours. My mouth went back to his hole, the open hole was begging for more than my tongue, but I had to taste further into him, he was just so fucking hot. I lined my cock back up with his hole and just dove right in and he let out a moan and his ass clenched so tight on my cock I shot cum into the condom, but I wasn't ready to cum all the way, not yet, I had to have him, I had to. So I just pounded his hole, the bed was banging against the wall with each trust into him I made, he let out a growl and yelled my name as his cock unloaded all over the bed that I was fucking him on. And as he came, just kept fucking him, each thrust into his prostate brought a new shot from his cock and more tightness on my cock until I really couldn't take anymore, I made his sit up parallel to me as I fucked him some more and kissed his neck, and then my dick was ready. With my last thrust deep into his ass he shot a huge load that hit the head board and I shot so much into the condom , I had to pull out of his ass to allow my cock to shoot full range, it sprang up and hit my abs and shot cum on my face and onto Yosep's back. After my cock had stopped shooting, I kissed Yosep's neck, and laid him down, both of us too exhausted to even speak.

In the morning I awoke, in bed next to Yosep, spooning him of course. I rolled over to look at the sunlight that was streaming through the window and I saw something on the nightstand. It was a piece of paper with a note.

'I just happened to hear some noise over the music last night, and as I was cleaning up I came in here and saw you guys spooning. Don't worry about the sheets. ;), Ryder'

And on the bottom was his number and him telling me to call him sometime. I guess there aren't as many straight guys at school as I thought

To be continued

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