This is another true storey in masturbation filled life. I was 19 years old at the time when this happens, and by this point in my life I was pretty much masturbating in public daily. I got a real thrill of masturbating in public restrooms, and had been caught once and I let this guy watch me shoot my cum. And ever since that time I had been doing it more and more. This time I again got caught, and I was made to masturbate myself like a little slut.

So it's a Friday evening and I went to the mall to just look around and of course to masturbate in the restrooms. I had only been there a few minutes and I could already feel my cock harden in pants. So I decided to hit the restrooms straight away and get myself off. So I entered the restroom and went straight in the first stall. By this point my cock was throbbing in my pants, and I could wait to just feel my long hot cock in my hands. I quickly undid my belt and pulled my pants down to my ankles, and my cock stood there proud. I decided that this time I would sit down and masturbate, so I sat down on the toilet sit. I looked down to my throbbing cock begging me to touch it and I slowly pulled my foreskin over my shinny head. I held my foreskin all the way back and just spent a few seconds looking and my wet pink head. I now so want to shoot my hot load of cum and I took hold of my shaft and started pumping it up and down. It total pleasure and feeling so dirty and horny I closed my eyes and start to enjoy another good masturbate.

It was then when there was a loud bang on the stall door, and a voice said 'Mall Security, can you open the door'. Well I just froze for a second and then starting to shake I said back 'can you give me a sec, I'm just on the toilet'. The voices then said 'sir, open these door now. I know what you have been doing in there'. Shaking like mad I quickly pulled my pants back up and opened the stall door. I look straight in to the face of one of the mall security guards, who looked back at me and said 'Son I think you better come with me to my office' and he escorted me out of the restrooms. I could feel myself shaking as he walked me through the mall, and escorted me in to his office. There was a chair in front of a desk and he told me to sit in it, which I did still shaking like a leaf. He then walks around to his side of the desk and sat down and said to me 'well son, do you care to explain what you were doing in that stall'. I was just going to the toilet I said, with my voice shaking with fear. 'Son you're lying, I could see you through the gap in between the door and the stall'. 'Do you know that it an offence to do that in a public restroom?' I didn't answer him; I was just too sacred to think at this point. I kept thinking of what my family and friends would think. Was I going to get arrested? At that point I had no Idea what was going to happen to me.

The guard then spoke to me again. 'Son here are your options. 1, I make a report call the cops and you get arrested. Or 2, since you a dirty little slut who likes to masturbate, you give me a little show right here and I forget the whole thing'. I guess an expression of shock came to my face hearing what he just said. But I also got a thrill of the thought of being made to masturbate in front of him, and I could feel my cock starting to harden. I guess I choose option 2 I said, and a smile came on the guards face. 'Good choose', he said as he got up from behind his desk and walked over to the door and locked it. 'Now strip naked, and masturbate for me' he said, and went and sat behind he desk again. My heart was pounding with both a thrill and a nervous feeling.

Being made to strip naked in front of some stranger had always been fantasy and a big turn on for me, and the thought of doing that now had my cock rock hard and throbbing in my pants. Also knowing that really I had no choice was again a big thrill for me, and I was feeling like a total horny little slut.

While still sitting down I took of my shoes and sock. I then stood up in front of his desk and removed my t-shirt and placed it on the chair where I had been sitting. I was shaking a little with both a thrill and

Nervousness, as I undid the button on the top of pants. I could feel my cock throbbing more and more as I pulled my pants all the way down. I stepped out of my pants and was standing butt naked in front of his desk with my cock standing erect and hard. The guard stood up and walked to my side of the desk with his eyes looking up down over my naked body. 'You seem like your ready to go' he said look at my rock hard cock, 'So here's the deal, Being your such a dirty little slut why don't you lie on the floor and jerk off right now'. Just hearing those words made my cock jump, and I could feel my pre cum dripping out of my wet cock head. He was treating me like a dirty sex slave, and it was a big thrill and I loved it. So I did as he told me and I lay naked on his office floor, with him standing over me with a grin on his face. My cock felt as if it was the hardest it had ever been as my hand reached for it, and I pulled the rest of my foreskin all the back along my hard shaft exposing my wet head completely. Another good amount of pre cum came out of my head, and with my thumb I rubbed it all around my hard cock head. My head was now completely wet with pre cum as I wrapped my hand around my shaft and started pumping my cock. I look up in to the face of the security guard and he was just watching the show I was giving him intently. With my hand moving up and down my hard shaft, and knowing that his eyes were watching me it did take long for me to feel my balls go tight. Feeling that I was about to cum I closed my eyes and let out a moan, suddenly I felt something hot on my dick which made me came instantly. Ropes after ropes of hot men juice splash in to the guard's mouth.

Without even wasting one drop of my hot juice the guard drank it all. He then told me that I was free to leave, and that this had been my one and only warning. If he caught me masturbating in the restroom again, he would call the police and I would get in trouble. So I quickly left, and after that I never did

masturbate in those restrooms again.




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