"Anything?" Gordon asked with a concerned look on his face.

"No. Nothing," his new neighbor replied, head down, shoulders hunched over, and, while he couldn't see it just now, Gordon knew he also had a sad look on his face.

Gordon had seen his older neighbor coming out to check his mailbox several times a day, each day, since he had moved in a week before. He was always rugged up as if he was freezing cold, though it was only autumn. He'd check the box until he knew the postman had definitely been and gone. The sad look and hunched shoulders were there each time. This time Gordon had been on his way back inside when the guy emerged.

"By the way, my name's Gordon," he said, extending a hand. "We're neighbors. Good news or bad news? What you are waiting for."

Darren looked up, seeing Gordon for the first time and immediately confused. "Hi, I'm Darren," he replied, gingerly clasping the huge mitt being held out to him. "Oh um, good. It's good. A present from a friend. Well, if it arrives. So you live here?"

Gordon was pleased to see Darren was looking happier already. Amazing what a friendly word could do. Darren was looking up into Gordon's rugged face, and if Gordon could have read Darren's thoughts, he'd have gotten a lot happier and hotter than he already was, because Darren had a sweet submissive look about him, and the years had fallen away now he had that small smile on his face.

Shit, what a monster, was what Darren was thinking. Six and a half feet of bulging muscle, a face like a rocky mountain, and hands that could crush me. God, what a man. He glanced down for a moment to catch Gordon's package and staggered a bit. There was a veritable monster moving inside the giant's loose sweat pants. Pants that sat low down on hard, solid hips and showed heavy ropey veins crawling up out of them like boa constrictors, before the bottom of an old and holey T-shirt hid them. Darren had no idea what to do. This was a superstraight neighborhood and he had to live here for a while at least. And this guy, this Gordon, probably could crush him in one huge hand if he thought he was looking at him the wrong way.

Gordon saw the small stagger Darren made and reached out both hands to steady him, concerned. The hands seemed to wrap around Darren's waist and fingers spread to cover half his rear end. Darren was not short, but he was much shorter than Gordon actually, which Gordon liked. He liked a man's head to be at least level with his collarbone, but he also liked a man to be lean and a bit delicate. The look Darren had about him was just what he fell for. Darren obviously needed to be taken care of. Gordon liked that; it was probably what had caught his eye in the first place.

Darren felt the hands burning into his flesh. His body shivered and the hands firmed their grip, almost lifting him up.

"Are you OK? Here, I better help you back to your apartment," Gordon said and. turning Darren around, moved him to his side and wrapped a big arm about him to steady him. Darren was a mess. He had no idea which way to look. Would this guy turn him into mincemeat if he made any sign he wanted him?

As they got to the apartment door Gordon was getting a pretty strong vibe that Darren was interested in more than a steady hand to guide him. He moved behind him as Darren fumbled with his key in the lock. Then moved in closer to Darren's rear so his hard dick was making contact. Darren gave a moan and almost dropped the door key.

"Here, let me do that," Gordon said croakily, taking the key firmly from Darren, though he was now pretty shaky himself, while pushing up harder against Darren's back, and pushing the key into the lock and turning it. The door opened and the two men almost fell into the apartment.

"You wan' it?" Gordon growled.

"Wha'. . .Yes, ye-" was all Darren had time to get out before Gordon's mouth was planted on his in a possessive kiss. Gordon's tongue getting inside Darren's mouth and taking command in there as he pulled Darren to him, Darren able to feel that huge hard cock pressed to his belly and his own hard organ making occasional contact with it as their bodies ground together.

Gordon shuddered and pushed Darren down on all fours, tore off his pants, fell to his knees and began to finger and tongue the twitching hole he found there between Darren's pale cheeks. The hole opened fast. Gordon breathed faster, no longer holding himself back, because it was clear Darren was used to taking it big. He ran his hands under Darren's body and lifted him up and turned him, tonguing the warm flesh of his chest and shoulders and running his great hands all over the lean, flexible body. Gordon ripping off Darren's shirt as the older man grasped his cock with both hands and stroked, falling to his knees to make love to it with his mouth, not even trying to take in more than a part of it.

"Have you got protection?" Gordon mumbled, coming to his senses and pulling Darren up.

"For that monster?" Darren gasped, "Oh, wait, wait . . ." Moving to a fancy cabinet he returned with a packet so big that it made Gordon's eyes go wide. "From my unusual condom collection," Darren said, tearing the packet open and rolling the almost too big condom onto Gordon's massive erection, his hands trembling at its size and hardness, and the feel of the thick veins snaking about it. And the thought of where it was going.

Gordon threw all restraint to the wind and tossed Darren over the back of the sofa, spreading his legs and after some brief multifinger work was working his throbbing dick into Darren's well-used channel.

"Oh yes. Oh yes. I wanna see this," Darren was crying out, knowing he had never taken anything this big.

Gordon's mind picked up on the "see" bit. He wanted to see Darren's face as he got inside him, and the thought crept into his brain enough for him to turn Darren over. He wanted to see Darren's eyes roll and his tongue hang out as he took him.

Darren spread his legs wide, impossibly wide, suspended from Gordon's hands gripping his waist as he hung there, looking down at where the dick was already part way into him. Darren reached for his onw nipples and Gordon slapped his hand away, before pinching and tweaking Darren's nipples roughly. Darren reached for his own dick as Gordon moved deeper inside him, and Gordon slapped his hand away and stroked Darren's cock with one huge mitt as he moved in even deeper. Darren reached for the giant's nipples in their beds of curly black hair and pulled and squeezed them. Gordon roared and drove still deeper. Darren shuddered and came.

It took a while longer for Gordon to get all the way in, but Darren was watching, fascinated, and lifting his eyes up to the giant's face, sloppy mouthed and panting. Gordon had made it. Darren was stuffed. Totally, almost unbearably, stuffed-and loving it.

Gordon began to pump in earnest, and Darren flopped about, trying to grab something to steady himself, as Gordon lost control. Pumping harder, tossing Darren about like a doll, and finally coming in a great shuddering spasm. Darren regretted that the cum was trapped inside the giant condom instead of shooting deep inside him and truly filling him.

They hung there for a few moments before Gordon pulled out and removed the condom, Darren remaining bent over the back of the sofa, with his legs still spread, his body flopped back. There was a loud banging. It took a few moments for either to work out where it came from.

Darren was first to work out what the noise was and dropped his legs and tried to hide behind Gordon's massive body. This was a really straight neighborhood.

"Got a parcel here for Darren Clarke. That either of you guys?" a deep voice asked from the still-open doorway.

"Shit." Gordon hiked up his track pants and turned to the door, hiding Darren behind him.

"Darren Clarke gotta' sign for this," the guy said, indicating the package in front of him that was well over six feet high and two feet wide. "Kind'a unusual package," the guy added, a big grin on his face.

Darren was naked and stayed on the sofa, hoping the guy couldn't see he was naked over the back of it, which was toward the door. "Over here," he said turning and reaching around for the signature pad as the guy came over. He scribbled on the board and gave the guy a hard look when he tried to peer over at what Darren was hiding. The guy laughed.

"Bet I know what you are going to do with this," the parcel delivery man said, slapping the package on his way out. The package seemed to move when he slapped it.

"Is this what you have been expecting?" Gordon asked.

"Um, yes."

"So, you gonna open it?"

Darren hesitated. "It's from a friend. Something special. I think I'll wait till I am alone."

Gordon could see that Darren was positively bouncing with excitement and wanted him to go. He was disappointed. He wanted to stay but could see the delivery was something special.

"Well, guess I'd better go then," he said, putting a good face on it.

"Can you come over for dinner?" Darren asked, while walking him to the door. "I'd really like you to come back later. I just need . . ."

Gordon perked up, "Sure, dinner. What time?"

"Say, 7:00 p.m.," Darren said, pulling Gordon's face to his for a kiss. Gordon got his tongue in, restaking his claim, and left happy.

Daren closed the door and walked around the package, admiring the size of it. Then he stood back. "OK, you can come out now," he said loudly.

The package began to rock and twist and bend. Then the paper began to rip and tear and fall away. A hand emerged, big, with long fingers, and an arm; muscular and hairy. Now the paper was ripped away faster and flying off in big sheets to reveal a muscular male torso and legs, hairy chested and black curly hair on the solid legs. Then a head was exposed and the hunky guy from the mail order catalogue emerged, swaying his hips, stroking his dick and running his hands over his body. "I am your present, baby. For a day. Though if you're getting that big guy back I might just . . ."



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