It was early Friday evening and I was on the way home from the gym. It was a great gym but it was located in a part of town I didn't normally frequent. I was standing on the corner waiting for the light to change so I could cross to where my car was parked. A car pulled up and even though they had a green light stopped. The driver leaned across the seat and asked, "How much?"

I thought he was asking directions so I stepped off the curb and leaned down to the window and said, "I beg your pardon."

"How much?" he asked again.

"How much is what?"

"You much is a blowjob?" he ask nervously.

As stood there looking in the window it dawned on me that he thought I was a male hooker. I couldn't believe the nerve of this kid. I don't think I look like a fucking fag. Ok...maybe I was wearing tight gym shorts and a wife beater t-shirt that exposed my six-pack abs. but I was only wearing them home. It wasn't like I went out in public that way. Not only am I not a male hooker but I'm straight.

He look a geeky looking kid...about 20ish with tourist written all over him. To tease the kid I said, "I don't know. It depends on what you want."

"What I want cum in your you to swallow it."

"That's the deluxe package. That costs more."

Continuing the game I asked, "How old are you kid?"


"If this happens I'll need to see your driver's license."

"Ok...I' But that's still legal."

"Where you from kid?"

"Oklahoma. Durant, Oklahoma."

"What are you doing here?"

"It's kinda like I'm on spring break but I didn't go to the beach."

"You ever had a blowjob before?"


"But you want one?"

"Yes sir. I want one bad. Will you please sunk my dick?"

By now the poor kid looked like he was about to cry. "It'll cost you a hundred advance." The poor kid was so naïve that he took 5 twenties out of his wallet and handed them to me. "Have you got some place we can go? It's an extra twenty if I have to do you in your car."

"My motel room?"

"OK give me the name of your motel and your room number. I'll meet you there."

I couldn't believe it. The fool kid wrote the information down and drove away with me still holding his hundred dollars. Laughing my ass off, I crossed the street and hoped in my car. Crumpling up the paper he gave me, I threw on the floor and headed home. I couldn't help laughing at the image of the goofy kid pacing the floor in his motel room waiting for me to show up and give him a blowjob. Well, he wasn't getting a blowjob. He was getting fuck. I drove for about 3 blocks and I reached down and picked up the paper with his room number on it. It took me 2 more blocks to convince myself that this was my golden opportunity. I could satisfy the curiosity that I've had for over a year about sucking a dick by sucking the geeky bastard's dick and no one would know. What could be safer?"

Turning around I found his motel. Fortunately it was in a fairly nice part of town. I found his room and parked out front beside his car. As I got out to knock on his door I was even more nervous than he'd been when he stopped and propositioned him.

He must have been looking out the window because my knuckles had just barely touched the door when he opened it. As I walked in he said, "I've never done this before so you'll have to tell me what to do."

Just as nervous as the kid but trying to cover it up, I asked, "What's your name kid?"

"Russell, but my friends call me Russ."

Smiling because he looked like he took fashion tips from Steve Urkle, I said, "Well Russ, I believe the first order of business is to get you naked. Maybe he expected me to give me some privacy but instead I stood there watching. Nervously he took off his watch and put it in his pocket then kicked off his Hush Puppies. Untucking his shirt, he unbuttoned it and let fall off his shoulders and to the floor. He pulled his white t-shirt over his head and let it join his shirt on the floor.

He hesitated for a second or two before he unbuckled his belt and unzipped my pants. His pants slipped past his hips. I slowly went to my knees and pulled his pants all the way down to his ankles. He could instinctively tell that I wanted him to lift a leg so I could pull them off. I couldn't believe it as he let me take them off of him one leg at a time.

He was now left standing in front of me in white sports socks and my baggy boxers which were tenting over his erect cock.

Standing up, I motioned towards the bed. In a flash he was in the middle of the king size bed with his legs spread and leaning back against the headboard.

Not bothering to strip, I moved to the foot of the bed. With eyes the size of saucers, Russ watched as I crawled up on the foot of the bed. I kept thinking should I suck it or not as I moved towards him. Telling myself it was a now or never situation to satisfy my curiosity I reached for his boxers. When I started pulling them down Russ raised his ass off the bed to help me.

When it came into view, his cock was bigger than mine and thicker. It was at least 8 inches long, thick, big mushroom head and with veins popping out. For someone with almost no body hair he certainly had a thick clump of black kinky pubic hair. He tried to cover himself up with his hand but I pushed it out of the way.

All my nerves, all my reservations, came to the fore. Was I really going to do this? Was I really going to take another man's cock n my mouth? And then I did. Screwing up my courage, I opened my mouth, wet my lips, and bent my face toward his crotch. All of a sudden I was sucking his cock. Oh, god...I thought...I'm actually doing it, I really am sucking another man's cock.

It tasted weird, not bad but weird.

I'm not proud of what I did that night. I'm downright embarrassed. But any revulsion I might have felt was gone, replaced by a fascination and sexual excitement. For the next few minutes I was a cock-sucking whore, bobbing my head up and down on Russ a virtual stranger's rock hard dick.

Suddenly almost painfully Russ wailed, "Oh god...I'm coming." In a flash, he grabbed both hands to my head and I literally saw his balls draw up into his crotch. Then I felt the first jet of thick, hot cum blast into my mouth. It was followed by pulsation after pulsation as my mouth was filling with thick, hot cum.

I remember thinking as Russ was spewing in my mouth how I'd cum in several girls mouths and that for me....being on the receiving end...was so much better. I loved the feeling of being used like this. Russ's cum was salty and sweet and was such a cool sensation to have it sliding down my throat.

As I took my mouth off his cock I realized two things, Russ was crying and his blowjob had lasted only about 3 minutes.

"What the hell are you crying about?"

"I spoiled everything by cumming too fast," he wailed.

"You haven't spoiled anything."

"But I cummed so were finished."

Leaning forward I gently kissed the cum coated head of his dick and asked, "Who said we're finished?"

"We're not?" he asked excitedly.

"Unless you're going to tell me that a virile 19 year old can't get it up a second time we're not. I looked down and he was getting hard as we spoke.

I knew what worked best for me so it made sense to do it to Russ. Leaning further forward I opened my mouth and for the second time, took another man's dick into my mouth. Taking about the top two inches, I started bobbing my head and moving my lips up and down his shaft.

But that wasn't enough. Now that I'd took the plunge I wanted more, much more. Each time I bobbed down I tried to go a little further. I wanted to feel every inch of his big fat cock filling my mouth.

Caught up in the excitement, Russ placed a hand on both side of my head and started to thrust with his hips, pushing his cock into my mouth. Now he'd taken over, he was in command and I really was just a vessel to be used. And this, for me, just added to the thrill. I had no say in things, no control. I'd taken Russ's money and now he was making use of it as he wished. And using it he was. "Suck my dick you fucking faggot," screamed Russ so loud they could hear him out on the sidewalk. This was no longer a blowjob. Russ was fucking my mouth and I loved it. His thrusts were harder, sharper, faster, banging against the back of my throat.

His thrusting came to a climax and so did Russ. Even though he almost shouted, "Ooohhhh my godd, I'm Cumming. Ooohhhh yesss I'm Cumming in your mouth," it was still a bit of a shock when suddenly, my mouth was full of his cum and like a depraved slut I swallowed it all down.

I'm not normally some sort of submissive wimp, nor do I wish to become one, but right there, right then I loved being used in this way. I loved the feel of him shooting his cum into the back of my throat and the taste as the thick liquid filled my mouth. I didn't need to be told to swallow I wanted to on my own.

Finally, completely spent, Russ slumped back exhausted. He might have been finished but I wasn't. I kept his cock in my mouth, enjoying his erection, using my tongue to gently play with it as the passion subsided.

"Well," I finally asked, "Did you like your blowjob?"

"God yes."

"Then you got your money's worth?"

"And then some."

The he nervously asked, "Is tHere some way I can get in touch with you in case I can come back next weekend? After all Dallas isn't that long a drive from Durant." Still playing with his now flaccid cock, I gave him my address so he could text me. "Be sure to give me as much notice as possible so I can make sure I'm free."

Later that week I got a text from a kid saying that his name was Eugene and that he went to High School in Durant with Russ. He told me about your little business arrangement. I'll be in Dallas Wednesday and wonder if you'd be interested in a similar arrangement?

I texted back, 'damn kid are you even 18?' He sent back a picture of his driver's license. Aint modern technology grand? I texted back if you're in town and checked into a motel text me and we'll talk.

I think the entire Durant high school senior class wanted me to suck their dick. By Wednesday I was booked up for 2 weeks and all were willing to pay a hundred bucks for my services. In a couple of cases I was going to do doubles because they were carpooling in together.

The end...



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