I woke up in the hospital. 'oh my god.' my body ached all over. Then I remembered why I was there. I was riding my bike and had got hit by a car. I looked down to see my right arm in a cast along with my left leg bandaged up. I had a headache and didn't feel well. I looked to my right and noticed a sheet of paper with all of my info on it. 'aawww man!' I thought. Suddenly I felt the need to pee.

I tried to pull my self off of the bed but failed. I looked around and saw a button on the side of my bed that had a nurse on it. I pressed it and no more then a minute later did a young man come in. 'hi, umm the doctors busy but I'm a nurse, do you need anything mr. Lopez?' he said. I read his nametag. Mike. 'call me rob first of all. Mr. Is so formal' I said laughing. He laughed too. 'well it's sort of personal. I kinda need to pee.' I said. 'well I can help you if you'd like. Here let me help you up.' mike said. He pulled me off the bed, supporting me with his muscular arms.

We walked into the bathroom and he closed the door behind us. He helped pull off my hospital gown and pulled me closer to the toilet. 'would you like me to well...you know hold it?' he said. 'yeah please. Sorry I just am so used to my right hand and my left is sore.' I said. He held up my 6in penis while I started to pee. Surprisingly he didn't take his eyes off of it. I moaned from the feeling of emptying my fluids. Mike looked at me and smiled. I smiled back not knowing exactly what his smile meant. 'wow you have a thick cock.' he said. Surprised I replied 'uhhh ya I guess.

My girlfriend hasn't let me use it on her lately if you know what I mean.' we both looked down at it. Neither of us had noticed that I had stopped peeing. Another thing I don't think neither of us had noticed was that my penis was getting hard. Scared I looked at him. He smiled at me again and said 'well if you want I can help you with your girlfriend problem.' I never thought about a man sucking my cock. 'ok. I guess.' I said. He got on his knees and licked the head of my penis. 'oh god that feels good already!' I said. He just smiled. Then he started sucking on it. Fast and hard.

My penis went from semi-hard to hard in about 10 seconds. I was in heaven. Then I started to use my hips with the same rhythm as him. I was face fucking him hard. He then started to deep throat me. This my girlfriend had never done! It felt so good. I held onto the back of his head pulling his hair lightly. 'suck it good!' I almost screamed. I could fill it coming. 'I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!' I yelled. He kept sucking even he knew that I am gonna cum, I started shooting so much of my man juice. He swallowed everything and sad such a sweet cum. He got up and kissed me hard. I kissed him back. He kissed way better then my girlfriend.

Then he said 'we better get you out there before someone notices your gone!' we helped me put on the hospital gown and back onto my bed. 'thanks by the way. That felt really good!' I said. 'no prob! It was my treat!' mike said smiling yet again before leaving the room. I sighed. 'Was getting hit by a car worth this...YES!' I thought.



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