My name is Jason Harrison, and I am from New York City. I am used to living in an apartment and not having large open spaces due to the way New York real estate works, so college wasn't a big transition for me, until I moved in with my new roommates.

I had been looking for an apartment to share for a while now because my college had crappy dorms and I was so tired of people in my room and sharing a commons area and showers. I was so done and so my parents said that they would pay my rent if I found an apartment with roommates.

Of course, I began my search right away as I was so ready to leave this dreaded dorm. I came across a few options but didn't like either the landlords or the roommate options. Finally, I found it. Two guys I know from my Chem class put an ad on our student site asking for a roommate for their new apartment, so of course I applied right away. I interviewed and before I knew it I was moving in.

When I was in high school I played football and ran track for my school, and was pretty damn good. All of the girls wanted to ride my horse cock and so did even some straight guys. I have neat medium length dark brown hair, stunning blue green eyes, and a body to die for. I have massive pecs with big pink nipples, and a tight 8 pack with a sexy "V" going down to my dick.

After I moved in, I streched out on the big couch my roomies had in our common room area. I was exhausted from moving all of my furniture and picking out my new furnishings to make the space my own. I knew Daniel was out for the night with his girlfriend and that he probably wouldn't be back until tomorrow morning, so Blake and I were alone. We both had been single with just random hookups every now and then when we needed them. He still didn't know that I was gay, but neither did anyone else on campus.

He came in the common room and sat down on the couch towards my feet, and got comfortable. I looked over at him and saw he had a raging boner in his athletic shorts. I couldn't believe the size of his meat, it was ridiculous and nearly wrapped around his tight runners waist. I had always crushed on Blake with his tight stomach, big pecs and big strong tree trunk legs. I knew he must have a monster downstairs with those big feet and his crazy height.

"Dude does House Hunters get you horny?" I jokingly asked, not expecting a serious response.

"Nah man I was just thinking about someone I met last night." Blake replied in his sexy deep voice.

"Oh and who's the lucky guy?" I jokingly asked again trying to lighten his mood, knowing he was straight.

"Actually it is a guy I met in Chem class.. but I didn't really get to know him until last night." Blake replied.

I knew right then he was talking about me. That raging thick boner had my name written all over it. I sat up and grabbed on to one of his thick biceps and said, "Oh really, baby?"

He looked up at me and put is hands around my waist and pulled me on top of him and said, "Oh fuck yea!"

I couldn't be hornier, we were all alone for the night and he was one of the sexiest guys i've ever met. I had an instant hard on that he felt up as he moaned and moaned under my thick rock hard body. His hands went around to my big muscular ass and he slipped his hands into the boxers I had on.

"I want to get into that bedroom big boy.." He said in that sexy voice that made my knees weak. I gladly stumbled into my bedroom with him all over me and his tongue down my throat.

"I've wanted to feel that big dick since I first saw it baby." I said in an attempt to make a horny pillow talk with him. He moaned louder and took my shirt off and got himself naked. He had a firm grip on my massive boulder balls and crept under me until I could smack him accross the face with my long hard dick. It was so stiff I could hardly beat him with it. He enveloped it in one motion down to my sack and I screamed in pleasure.

"Oh fuck yea give me that big dick you bitch!!" He shouted from under me. I flipped him over and 69'ed with him for what felt like forever. He had a big tight dick with well trimmed hair at the base and a ball sack of a greek god. I was about to shoot ropes into his throat but I pulled him off and threw him down on his stomach. He knew I was going in dry I didn't have time to grab a condom or lube and he didn't care.

"Get the fuck in this virgin ass baby. Fuck me all night you horse. Stuff that meat in this fresh ass and shoot your fuck sauce in me bitch!!" I could cum just listening to him talk like that. I replied and got the fuck in that tight virgin ass as fast as I could. In and out and in and out he moaned each time I pulled up on his broad shoulders thrusting this monster cock in his virgin ass. I busted a nut in his ass within 5 minutes of getting in. He had me so horny and he knew just how to fuck squeezing my dick with his big ass cheeks each time I was entering that now loose ass hole. I emptied and shot at least 15 ropes of sweet love juice into that ass and he knew I needed some of his horse dick in my ass now.

He threw me down, I was still coming down from my first minute long orgasm with this fucking sexy ass hunk of a roommate. He teased me and made me beg for that big long schlong of a dick and my mouth was watering I wanted him so bad. He put the head in and I shot out again. He had me hornier than I had ever thought of being. God that fat dick made it all the way in my tight athletic ass and he thrusted up in me for what felt like eternity. He fucked me long and hard in at least 4 different positions. I was loving every minute and loved feeling his big tight balls smack up against me each time he went all the way in. His sweat was all over me and I was more wet than after a locker room shower when he finally came and shot think long ropes up my ass. I was hard again by the time he was done and we were both panting like dogs. We wrestled each other until I was on top of that sexy tanned body and I brought my hard dick up to his sweet face and shoved it down his throat all over again. He sucked me off and we slept naked on top of each other that night.

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