By the time we finished the first two beers apiece, we had trashed our erstwhile dates to the point we had them selling their asses down on the docks for pocket change. Truth was, Kevin and I had both asked these two bitches to go to the dance with us because we were supposed to. We were seniors, and our parents stressed 'making the most' of our last year, and that seemed to involve a lot of tuxedo rentals. So Kevin and I obligingly obeyed, buying flowers, renting tuxes and trying to get into the pants of whatever girl would let us. No girl would let us, and the fact that we really didn't give too much of a shit about it should have predicted the events to come.

We'd known each other forever and were best friends, the kind that share everything. When he first discovered that jacking off his cock made stuff squirt out the end, I was the one he shared that piece of information with. I knelt, enraptured, my own little organ stiff and painful, watching his hand pump his cock until, damned if he wasn't right, stuff spurted everywhere. He was always ahead of me...ejaculating first, growing hair first, voice changing first...and buying a magazine with men fucking first. We nearly wore that damned thing out, hiding it carefully, then taking it out in private and looking at it as we jacked off like crazy. We didn't think of ourselves as gay then, just as kids fucking around with their own cocks. All the guys bragged about jacking off. They were just using different magazines to do it with.

When we got stood up for the dance, we hung in the basement at my house, my parents asleep early, sucking up beer we gotten from Kevin's older brother. We put on music and danced, shedding the tuxes all over the room. Finally, we were down to our shorts, buzzed on beer, dancing fools shaking our asses at each other. For a reason that still isn't clear, I yanked his briefs down and bit his ass. He retaliated by yanking mine completely off, flipping me over and settling down to give me the biggest ass hickey ever. His mouth fastened on me and wouldn't let go no matter how much I wiggled to get away. Once he finished with that cheek, he lunged and locked his teeth on the other, sucking and biting me to brand my ass. By then my cock was so fucking hard I could barely stand it.

When he let up on my bruised cheeks, I rolled and tackled him, stripping off his shorts, jumping on his naked body and locking my mouth on his neck. I gave him a huge hickey on his neck as he lay there and laughed. We made each other look like the wrong end of a hickey gang bang when somehow our lips met. We kissed, long and hard, our tongues sliding over each other's. Our hands started to move over each other, exploring, and finally, I got to be first. I grabbed his cock and stroked it. He gasped and spurted cum all over my hand. He raised his head and looked down at himself in disbelief. 'Shit,' he said, awed. I raised my hand and licked at his cum. He watched me, fascinated. I held the hand up to his mouth and he licked at it, tentatively at first, then lustily.

I looked at his cum covered cock, and bent my mouth to it. I licked and sucked it, feeling it grow hard again in my mouth. 'Uh...Jack,' he said, a second before he pulsed cum into my mouth. I had felt him swell and knew he was ready. I got my mouth down on him and sucked hard, taking all his cum and swallowing it as fast he pumped it to me. He collapsed back on the floor and made gurgling noises. I didn't know which I liked more: the feel of his cock erupting cum into my mouth; or the expression on his face as he tried to get his shit back together. I got us a couple more beers, and we stayed on the floor in silence for a while.

I sat sipping beer, stroking my cock and staring at him. He wasn't any different than the Kevin I'd known all my life. I'd seen his cock a hundred times. I'd seen him jack it off, seen him cum, even watched him fuck the hell out of his brother's inflatable doll. But he had cum in my mouth, and that changed a lot of things. He looked at me, his eyes dark, and slowly pushed himself to a sitting position. He kissed me, tenderly, lovingly, and I knew we weren't just two kids fucking around with their new toys anymore. I sat back, supporting myself with my hands, and he sucked my nipples. I looked down at the hard, erect pink nubs, then closed my eyes. Shit, that felt good. My cock was twitching. His mouth made the way down my chest and stomach, stopping long enough to tongue the hell out of my belly button. He licked and sucked at my balls, taking each one in his mouth and just holding it. I stroked his hair and watched him, his mouth full of my balls, so gently. He finally ran his tongue the length of my cock, flicked across the head and back down again. His pink tongue flicked over me until I was gasping and begging.

He took me deep in his mouth, head bobbing up and down as he sucked me, hands stroking the shaft and the balls. I could feel myself swell, my balls so full and heavy. I wanted it to last forever, so I concentrated on just letting the feelings wash over me. Kevin wanted it to last, too, but he also wanted to swallow my cum. His sucking got harder and stronger and faster. My back arched, and I couldn't keep my horny little ass on the floor. My hips kept thrusting up at his mouth. I slipped over the edge, and suddenly all that mattered was cumming in his mouth. 'Swallow it all,' I whispered, and he made a hungry little grunt in response. I shot so long and hard I thought I was going to die. He sucked and swallowed, then kept licking me gently as I dropped back to the floor. The sensation was really too much, but I couldn't bear the thought of making him take his mouth away.

He kissed me, finally, then rolled me over. He rubbed his lips through my hair, then down the back of my neck, and across my shoulders. He kissed his way down my spine, then flicked his tongue in the crack of my ass. I spread my legs wide to answer the question he hadn't asked. He made a helpless sound, spread my cheeks, and flicked his tongue against the puckered hole. He penetrated finally, thrusting his tongue in deep. I managed to lay still for about a minute, then my hungry ass started to wiggle and my hips thrust up against his fucking tongue.

'Damn, that's good,' I gasped. 'Fuck it, Kevin, eat my ass. Eat it.' His tongue was like a small cock, thrusting hard and deep. I was so hot and horny that I was oozing. My ass raised into the air as his hand slid under me to grab my balls. He massaged them, gently teasing my cock with his fingertips. I heard a lot of crashes behind me as he retrieved the lubricant without taking his mouth or one hand off my trembling body.

I felt the slick finger touch my hole gently, then he thrust it in deep. I howled 'Shit! Fuck me!' at the top of my lungs, a dim part of my brain hoping I didn't wake up my parents. Nothing short of nuclear attack would stop us from fucking the hell out of each other. Certainly not the appearance downstairs of my mom or dad.

The second finger entered me, and Kevin went to town on my helpless hole. He was punching me in the ass with his fist as his fingers got my hole nice and ready. He whipped the fingers out and pushed his coated cockhead against me. One good slam of the hips and he was fucking my ass. He fucked me hard, swearing a blue streak, calling me his 'cunt' and his 'pussy' and why the hell that made it better I will never know. I swear my ass came, throbbing deep inside and clenching down on his swollen rod. He felt huge, and it hurt a little, but I loved it. We fucked like animals, hard and fast, grunting and sweating. His hands gripped my hips so tightly, and his hipbones slammed against my ass. He came, spurting long streams deep in my ass, but never once slowed down the insane pounding. His cock stayed hard, and the hole he pounded was by now pretty hot and sloppy. Each push of his big cock caused his cum to spurt out of my ass and run down my thighs. My balls were coated and I reached under to rub them. I kept my hand away from my cock, because I knew the slightest touch would make it erupt. And I wanted my ass fucked like no ass had ever been fucked before.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head back. 'Pinch your nipples, cunt,' he snarled. At least, I think it was him. He was holding me up by my hair, which hurt like hell, but also made me feel weak and helpless, which I discovered immediately I liked. A lot. I pinched the hell out of both hard nipples, which send bolts of fire through my chest down into my cock. I looked down at the swollen, almost burgundy pole between my legs, and thought 'what the hell is that????' Where did I get such a huge fuckstick??

He pulled me back as he sat on his heels, his hips still thrusting his hardon up my helpless ass. The muscles were starting to spasm, and I was going to lose all muscle control. He hooked his chin over my shoulder, stuck his tongue in my ear, and called me his fucktoy, his ass-pussy, his whore-cunt, his bitch. Then, in a quiet but strong voice, he said 'I've loved and wanted you all my life.'

I came so big that circuits in my brain fried. I started to pass out, but before I did, I saw my cum shoot up past my nose...spurt after spurt of white cream that seemed to start and never stop. He flooded my already full ass, and it flowed down over both our legs. We went over together and bounced on the floor. I didn't feel anything when we hit except the warmth of his body.

Two days later, when we were once again walking a reasonably straight line, we got the college acceptance letters. The warm and friendly letter also told us we'd be roommates. We looked at each other and realized we were going to crawl up to get our degrees. And grinned.


Morgan Grayson

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