A few weeks ago I was asked by my alma matter if they could do an interview on me about my career for the "Alumni Spotlight" feature of the newsletter.

What the fuck I thought.

Why not?

If it wasn't' for good ole Tech U, I wouldn't have this job.

Let them send their little geeky college student or some old hag from the Career Services over to interview me. So I gave the number on the letter a call and setup a time for later on this afternoon. They said that someone named David Crest will be over shortly to interview.

The young woman on the other end of the phone thanked me for taking the time out of my busy schedule for the interview and thanked me for giving back to Tech U.

I listened to her bullshit and hung up the phone.

Now what the fuck am I going to tell Mr. Crest about my career? Most of the time when I talk about metadata, XML, or anything work related their eyes glaze over with boredom. I can't blame them because this shit bores the living hell out of me sometimes too.

I'm thinking what I can tell him about my career.

Graduated from Tech U with a 2.7 GPA.

Luckily I got hired here.

After 2 years of working my ass off, I became project manager.

I guess that's worth writing about.

Anyway, I guess that's enough to tell him.

I decided to take an half a day and meet Mr. Crest at "The Java Shop", the local café near my office. It's your typical Starbuckish coffee shop catering to the geeks and next dot.com millionaires hoping they're working for the next Google or Facebook.

When I was at Tech U, my professor advised us to stay away from the any dot.com wannabes and get a job with a real company.

Best advice that I got from Tech U professors. When I graduated I was offered one of two jobs - a shirt and tie, straight laced 9 to 5 corporate gigs or one of those fly by night dot.com companies with the fuss table in the office.

I made the right choice. The dot.com company failed within two years and broke the dreams of all those Google wannabees. I'm still gainfully employed.

"Hi, I'm Mr. Crest" a young man said.

"You must be David from Tech U...You're not what I expected, especially to be named David."

"What were you expecting some pimply-faced college kid?" he replied.

"No I was hoping you were some young impressionable slut I could take home to see if my CPU can fits snuggly in your assboard?" I replied.

"You got jokes," David said as he laughed!

"Great you didn't slap me in the face. You have a since of humor, " I said.

"Mr. Hill, your joke was clever but I'm here to interview you for Tech U not to listen to your corny geek humor," he retorted.

"David, do you mind if I call you David."

"Listen, I'm just trying to livin up the mood because I know this isn't the most fun thing you could be doing right now," I told him.

"You're right", he replied.

"Now that we've got that settled. Are you a coffee or tea person", I asked.


"Might, I'd recommend their Lotus and Jasmine Tea to give you energy just in case you want to see if my CPU can fit your assboard"

"Mr. Hill I could easily interview someone else", David said angrily.

"I'm sorry about my poor attempts at flirting but your one, hot RILF," I stated.

"What in the hell is a R.I.L.F."

"Similar to a DILF or Dads I'd Like to Fuck but replace dad with reporter."

"So I'm a reporter you'd like to fuck!!!"

"Yes, now would you like the Lotus and Jasmine Tea or would you interview someone else for your article."

"I'll take have the Lotus and Jasmine Tea," David said.

"Yes, you are...Now would you like the Lotus and Jasmine Tea or cancel the interview," I declared.

"Lotus and Jasmine Tea," David blushingly said.

"I'll be back with a cup Lotus and Jasmine tea," I answered.

David was way younger than me but still highly fuckable twink. He was wearing a simple leather jacket, white shirt, and blue jeans that barely contained his sexy ass.

I got him the Lotus and Jasmine tea and we started the interview.

"Well, Mr. Hill that's my last question," he said.

"My offer to see if my CPU can please your assboard still stands and I can definitely know how to please a RILF", I responded.

"We'll see," David said with a sly smile.


David gestured to my crotch.

"Well, let's see what the geek is working with," as he slowly undid my pants.

He pulled out my cock and started to slowly work it. Gently gripping it with one hand while circling the tip of it with the other hand causing a small amount of precum oozed out as my cock grew in size.

"Fuck, you sure know how to work over a dick," I told him.

David got on his knees, holding my dick gently with both hands as his life depended on it. He slowly put it in his mouth and began to suck it.

"Oh fuck", I moaned.

David began to slowly play with my balls as he sucked the life out of my manhood. Gently massaging my nuts while letting his skilled tongue run up and down my shaft.

I screamed, "Please stop I'm about to cum!"

"Don't worry, you're not going to cum yet", he replied as he took my cock out of his mouth.

"You still have to see if your CPU can fit my assboard," David responded.

With that being said, he took of his pants to reveal the most beautiful ass, I've ever seen.

"You want this RILF's ass"

David found something to lean on and said "Fuck my assboard"

I slowly slid my cock into him from behind and gripped his hips. I gave him one good hard thrust that caused him to yell out in pure ecstasy.

"Fuck me hard", David begged.

I was glad to oblige and give him deep and hard penetrating thrust. I tried to slam my CPU in his assboard as hard as I could.

"Oh yes, fuck me harder"

"Ram my assboard"

With each thrust, my balls slapped against his ass driving us both over the edge. David was gasping for air with each of my thrust and his tight ass.

I yelled out, "I'm cumming, again!"

I shot my seed deep inside his ass as we both collapsed.

After that fuck session, David and I started dating for a while. Let me correct that, we more fucked than dated. Turns out he's a real freak and I'm glad I wasn't stupid enough to say NO to that interview.

If you receive a letter from your alma matter, open it because you never know - it just might get you might meet a sexy, twink.


Maxwell Dymes


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