I was laying in bed, reminiscing over my hot threesome with Tashi and his brother last week when I received a text. I read it and is from a college freshman asking for a math tutor. I accept and tell him to give me an hour.

I get up, shower and get dressed. An hour later, I ring his doorbell. A cute, barely 18 black boi answers the door, in only basketball shorts and wife beater. He leads me to his room and we get things rolling. An hour into the session, I feel his hand rubbing my inner thigh. 

I start getting boned up when he slides under the table. I try to stop him as he undoes my pants and pulls my cock out. I again try to stop him but he's so cute. Small frame, petite, cute lips. I give up and he begins kissing and licking my cock.

I watch him eagerly as he swallows my cock and sucks as if his life deepened on it. I'm now rock hard and hungry to fuck. I quickly pull him off and undress. He knows what I want as he too undresses. He throws me back into my chair and straddles me.

He begins grinding his sweet ass on my cock, dry fucking me, teasing me. Unable to control our urges, he lines me up and slides his ass onto my cock. As soon as my nuts touch his ass, he goes buck crazy. Bouncing and grinding on my cock as hard, fast, deep as he can get me.

We're both panting and grunting, I grab his ass and stand up. He quickly wraps his legs around my waist as I pound his hole standing. My hips and nuts slapping at his ass as I punish his hole. Without warning, he clamps down onto my cock and grunts loudly as he cums all over us.

That did it. I erupt deep inside him, unleashing a weeks long nut. I lay him onto the bed where he quickly gets off my cock and gets on all 4s. I get behind him, pushing him onto his stomach, only is ass in the air. I poke and tease him, almost giving him my full cock and pull away.

He whimpers and begs for my cock. I get onto my feet, squat down and ram into his ass. I pile drive this sweet boi, just getting hot from seeing my white cock in his sweet black ass. I pound his pussy with everything I have. 

He whimpers, cries, yelps and screams under me in pleasure and lust. Unleashing rope after endless rope of cum onto his bed. Finally, I'm unable to hold back, my nuts hurting from built up tension. I roar out and flood his insides with a river of hot cum.

I pull out, barely give myself a couple strokes before unleashing another river of hot cum all over his ass and boi pussy. I lay next to him as he whimpers in thankfulness. He kisses me and says Tashi told him I was a great fuck. I smile as we lay there, having a few more hot fuck sessions before I left. Not much studying happened but alot of extra credit.



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