This is a fictional story based on fictional characters from the television show 'Roswell.'

It was Friday night and Kyle Valenti was home alone and pissed. He had plans for a night out with his dad, but his dad, the sheriff, was on some all-night stake out at some alleged UFO sighting. Kyle was so tired of all the UFO and alien conspiracy crap that his dad seemed to be into lately. On top of that, he'd had a run in with Liz, his ex-girlfriend, earlier that evening at the movies. She was with her Maria and the weirdos - Max Evans and Michael Guerin. Instead of going his own way and enjoying the movie, Kyle pushed Max in the chest and stormed off. Now there was a knock on his door.

Kyle opened his front door and was surprised to see Max Evans, his nemesis and enemy, with four of Kyle's buddies from the basketball team. Max looked totally blitzed.

'Hey, guys,' Kyle said, looking Max up and down. 'What's this? What're you doing with Evans?'

'Kyle... buddy' Max slurred, reaching his hand out and patting Kyle's shoulder. He reeked of whiskey.

One of the guys pushed Max forward. 'He said he wanted to talk to you. I don't know, man, but we're tired of hauling him around.'

Kyle looked up at Max and shook his head. 'What an ass,' Kyle mumbled as he opened his door wider. 'Sure, let him in. I'll talk to him and drive him home later. Bring him back to my room in case my dad comes home early.'

The guys half-carried, half-dragged Max to Kyle's bedroom, dumped him on Kyle's bed and left. Kyle looked over at Max and pulled a chair up to the bed. Max was struggling to sit up and Kyle took the time to take a better look at him. As Kyle gazed at Max he thought back...

A couple of weeks earlier Kyle and the guys had gone up to a friends cabin for some camping, fishing, and drinking. That night Kyle got really drunk for the first time and when the guys thought he had passed out two of them took him to the back room to put him to bed. He didn't think twice about the guys taking off his shoes and shirt. He thought they left, but a few minutes later they locked the door and approached the bed. They asked Kyle if he was asleep. Kyle didn't answer and a few seconds later he felt his blankets being pulled back and a hand rubbing along his crotch. He didn't dare make a sound or a move, afraid to startle the guys. Plus, the crotch massage was feeling good. After a minute or two the guys had removed his pants, leaving him only in his boxer briefs. The guys continued to rub him and then one reached his hands into his boxer briefs and began to jerk him off. Kyle was already hard and was leaking pre-cum. He almost yelped when he felt his underwear being pulled down past his hips and a warm mouth engulf his dick and wet finger inserted up his crack. It felt so good! He'd never felt anything like that before and he was totally turned on. In a few minutes he was dumping his load into the hot mouth which was like a vacuum cleaner on his rock hard cock. The next morning no one said a word, but Kyle was a changed man!

Now as he looked over at Max he felt his cock growing hard and an idea crept into his head. Max had been a pain in his ass for quite some time now, but he was also drop dead gorgeous, and he was here, and he was drunk. His brown eyes were a little glassy, but still smoldering, and his brown hair was a little disheveled. Kyle and Max had been in the same P.E. class a year ago and he remembered what a nice body Max had.

'Hey Kyle,' Max said slowly, trying to steady himself.

'Here, Max, let me get you another drink,' Kyle said stepping into the living room and opening his dad's liquor cabinet.

'No, I've had enough,' Max weakly protested as Kyle held the bottle of Jack Daniels to his lips. He pushed it away.

'Oh, come on Max,' Kyle urged, putting the bottle back to Max's mouth and tilting it up. 'Be a man, not a wuss.'

'What the hell,' Max slurred, taking a long drink and handing the bottle back to Kyle. He didn't notice that as Kyle drank his thumb was over the tip of the bottle.

'Ah,' Kyle sighed, after his pretend swig. 'Here, buddy, have another.'

Max took another long pull on the bottle and handed it back to Kyle. 'I think that's enough, man, I'm not feeling that great.'

'Nah, one more, buddy,' Kyle said, faking another drink and holding the bottle out to Max, who took another drink. 'Just lay back down, pal.' Kyle put his hand on Max's chest had pushed him gently down on the bed. Within a few minutes Max began to snore slightly.

'Hey, Max, you awake?' Kyle shook Max's shoulder slightly. No response. He lifted his eyelid and saw Max's eye rolled upward. He was passed out cold.

Kyle slipped off Max's shoes and pulled up his sweater to unbutton and unzip his jeans. That was weird, Kyle thought, Max had always worn boxers in P.E., but tonight it looked like he was wearing white briefs. He lifted Max's hips and slid the jeans down past his butt. Yup, Max Evans was wearing tightie whities. The white of his underwear stood out brightly against Kyle's black bedspread.

Kyle removed Max's sweater and t-shirt and looked his body over carefully. It was evident that Max worked out. He had a gorgeous, broad chest. It was mostly hairless and had nice cone-shaped nipples. He also had the beginnings of a six-pack and there was a treasure trail, which really turned Kyle on.

Max was soft in his briefs, but as Kyle massaged the bulge, softly first and then more vigorously, he began to get hard and his hips began to rock back and forth. Kyle could see his balls tighten up and knew Max was coming close to orgasm. He let up, giving Max a chance to catch his breath. Kyle moved Max's legs together slightly and pulled his briefs down a bit, tucking them under his balls. His dick was about seven inches erect and had a nice round head. As Kyle rubbed his finger over the sensitive head Max began to moan. Kyle put his hand over Max's mouth to muffle the sound.

Kyle could feel his balls constrict even more and knew he was about to shoot his load. He grabbed the shaft which was lubed with his pre-cum and gave it a few strokes. Max's head was thrashing back and forth and he was breathing heavily. Kyle put his mouth over the throbbing shaft and bobbed up and down. Within seconds Max began to shoot. He shot seven or eight times and Kyle swallowed each stream. When his orgasm subsided, Max's body relaxed but Kyle didn't let up. He continued his assault on Max's cock with his tongue and reached a finger into Max's sweaty butt hole.

With his finger inserted in Max's ass, nudging his prostate, Kyle gripped Max's soft cock and began to pump it again. After twenty minutes of pumping and prying Max shot another five spurts and his body hunched as tried to twist and avoid the torture.

When Kyle was finished he pulled Max's briefs back up, wrapped him in an old sheet and piled him into his car. He drove the few miles over to the trailer park where Michael lived, parked in an empty lot, and carried Max to Michael's window. He laid Max on the sheet, still wearing nothing but his white briefs and rapped sharply on the window. He waited until the light came on and then ran back to his car and sped away.

Michael opened his window and looked down. There was his best friend, asleep on a sheet wearing nothing but white briefs.

'What the hell? Max,' he whispered loudly. No response. 'Max!'

Michael jumped out his window and tried to wake Max. 'Hey, buddy, wake up!' He bent down and caught a whiff of Max's breath.

'Oh, man, you're tanked,' he said, pulling his unconscious best friend to his feet and hoisting him over his shoulder.

Carrying him inside he laid him onto his bed and took a look. Max had a peaceful look on his face. Michael looked lower. Max's briefs were bulging and Michael licked his lips. He reached over and brushed the back of his hand over Max's crotch. The drunk stud moaned lightly...



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