I hear his key in the door, and position myself at the sink. I'm completely naked, and pretending to wash dishes. The door opens, and I hear his case and keys being set on the table. "Mmm Baby..." Then footsteps ...closer ...closer ...I'm covered in goosebumps at this point. I feel his hands on my waist, and his stubbly kiss on my right shoulder, and then the left, then in between, at my neckline. "You smell so fresh." His hands slide forward, erasing the goosebumps beneath them, until they cover my nipples. His kisses are down my spine, and his hands fall to clasp each cheek. He softly kisses them, pulling at them with lip bites. He moves his way back up, and he embraces me from behind. I tilt my head as he kisses the side of my neck. I feel him hard, beneath his trousers, as he presses into me. He turns me around, and I look into his eyes. "I love you." He studies mine for a moment, and I study the way his pupils are focused, and his thick brown line, and freckled nose and cheeks. His strong jawline, and lucious lips, and his ever present stubble. "I love you too Joe."

He moves closer, and our lips meet. I feel him penetrate my mouth with his tongue, and the way he nibbles at my lips with his teeth. His hands are on my lower back, and mine are at his face, and in his hair. It's grown out a little, these past few days, and I love it this length. I work the buttons on his contrast collar, and undo each button separately. Joe shaved his chest, and trimmed his body hair for our holiday in the Hamptons. I pull his Brooks Brothers shirt off his strong shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. I break from our kiss, and playfully bite at his pecs, and nipples. I work my way down, and feel the soft, short hairs of his happy trail, following it down to his waistband. I undo his belt, and let his summer wool trousers fall to the floor, exposing his hardon in the pouch of his DKNY boxerbriefs. The happy trail thickens, and becomes a fluffy bush of pubes. I run my left hand through the dark hair, as my mouth slowly envelops his perfect dick. It tastes salty, and sweaty, which turns me on. I can smell his musky odor in his crotch as I let his dick penetrate me deeper, my nose being tickled by his pubes. He's running his fingers through my hair, playfully pulling my head back by the locks. I moan a little when he does it, and his dick jumps in my mouth. I start to taste his precum, and suck harder, like a baby to a bottle. I feel his hairy balls pressing against my chin as I deep throat his dick. He's oozing more pre cum, and I'm not ready for him to blow...not yet...

I let go of his, now shiny and wet dick. He lightly pulls me up under my arms, and kisses me passionately. His dick is standing straight up, almost parallel to our bodies. Mine is hard as well, and as he presses into me, I feel his rubbing against my pubic area, and pushing against mine. He's three inches taller than I, but I'm leggy, so we meet almost literally in the middle.

His boxerbriefs are tightly stretched mid thigh, and he slides them completely off, leading me to the bed. He's pushing me back, to lead me on my back, but I turn and he lays back instead. He's always dominant, but I want to take the lead this time. He's propped up on his elbows, which makes his biceps look huge. I straddle his mid section and he kisses my chest, taking my left nipple in his mouth. He sits up, as he works his tongue around, biting softly at the hardness, and sucking at the base of each areola. My nipples are sensitive, and I can feel pre cum oozing out of my dick. I moan, and Joe moves his hand to my dick, jacking me off while he sucks on each nipple. I purrr his name as he jacks me off faster. I cum in just a couple of minutes, all over his chest and my stomach. I didn't mean to, but he just gets me going! I fall against him, shaking from the orgasm. He turns me on my back, and slowly licks at the cum splattered on my stomach. He cleans every spot of me, and sucks on my dick, until it's completely clean and cum free. He works his mouth down to my balls, playing with each one, and then pushing my left leg up, and twisting me at the waist, exposing my ass and hole. He goes right in, licking and probing. He's pulling at my cheeks, and widening my hole with each seductive thrust of his tongue inside.

I'm writhing on my side, and pulling his hair from behind, while he tongues me deep. He slides his body up my ass, coating it with cum from my orgasm. It's cold against my skin, but it mixes with his spit, creating a warm lubricant all around me. His dick is still pointed straight up as it slides almost instantly inside me. I moan loudly, "Mmm baby, I love when you go deep." He's slowly plunging into me, loud sighs and grunts escaping his mouth. He pulls me on my back, and I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling at him. He's looking into my eyes, and I'm longing for his kiss. He smirks a little at the desire in my eyes. I see the drops of sweat appearing on his neck and chest, and I feel the heat from his body. He slows his thrusts, and kisses me softly, and then aggressive tongue thrusts and lip biting. My hands are around his face, and I want him so much. He wraps his arms behind me, holding tightly to me, as he starts thrusting deeper into me again. His sweat is now coating me, but the coldness turns to a wet warmness. I loosen my legs, and pull them up, embracing his sides, and allowing him deeper penetration. He rams my prostate a few times, and my orgasm builds quickly "Cum with me baby," he moans in my ear. I whimper loudly, and no words come out. He starts to grunt and moan in my ear, "Oh Goddd, oh Goddd yeah." I let out an "aaahhhh" as I feel my orgasm shoot. I'm cumming strong, as I feel his dick explode inside me. He's thrusting, and trembling, breathing strongly at my neck. My ass is clenching and contrasting at him deep inside. His thrusting softnes, and the throbbing stops. The familiar wetness soothes inside and around me. He's still holding onto me, and nibbling at my neck. My hands are sliding up and down his sweaty back. I feel his heat quickly rise my own temperature, as beads of sweat slide over my forehead and face. My legs are damp, and my dick is still hard, being massaged by his breathing body. I loosen my legs, letting them rest against the sheets. Joe is still kissing my neck, still breathing deeply against me, still hard inside me.

Tuesday morning, I wake to Joe's alarm. He's spooning me, and I try to move, but he holds me tighter. "Let's stay in today." "Really?" He yawns audibly, "I want to spend the day making love to you over and over." I smile, and look for my phone. I email my boss, asking for a personal day, to take care of Joe. He sends an email out as well. He gets out of bed, as I watch his ass walk around the bed, his dick swinging loosely, and I can see dried cum splatters on his abs and pecs. He arches over me, kissing my forehead, and I playfully pull at his dick hanging inches from me. "No, we're cleaning up first, we made a mess last night." He leads me to the bathroom, and starts the shower. He holds me for a moment, and steps in, pulling my hand behind him...



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