I live in a small apartment in a small Southern town. I

was having some problems with the appliances in the

apartment. The toilet was almost overflowing from time

to time, and the clothes washer part of the stack

washer and dryer was not getting enough water. I called

these problems in to the apartment manager. Then I

forgot all about them since neither was a huge problem

or a terminal condition.

I'd been out partying and was asleep, sitting but

slumped onto the arm of my sofa. The party had been a

rip - booze, mj and coke, with the usual hot sex

accompanying those 'bad' habits. A porn vid, leftover

from the party, was playing on the tv.

Dreaming, I thought, I felt a slimy, pre-cum leaking

cockhead painting my face cheeks, slithering over the

lips of my mouth. I extended my tongue to taste the

clear juice. 'Umnh, delicious.' I opened my mouth to

accept the bulbuous helmet past my lips, over my

tongue, to the back of my throat, a hairy sack of balls

resting on my chin. 'Aggh, gag, ung, aagh,' I was

gagging on a thick cock.

Oooh! I woke up. It was not a dream. A man I did not

know was fucking my face. He had his work pants and

tightie whities down around his ankles as he fed me his

stalk, sliding it back and forth over my lips, tongue,

punching against my throat.

'Aaaah,' I breathed, 'unnngh,' turning my head to the

side dislodging the fleshy hard meat, 'Easy,' I said.

'Let me suck you.'

'Unnngh, unngh,' the man with the cock in my mouth

grunted. He slipped his dick in and out a few more

times, then stopped, holding just the knob end on my


I looked up at him, a handsome guy, young, black. I ran

my hands up underneath his brown work shirt, tweaked

his nipples while flicking my tongue on his pee slit,

swabbing off the steady flow of pre-juice. I curled my

tongue around his cock crown, laving it, tasting,

feeling, and smelling too the man musk emanating on his

meat, in his crotch, the sweat of his wiry pubic hairs

and nut sack, lightly furred with black, curly hairs.

I glanced around his body at the tv. A white guy was

on his knees taking big, black cock in his mouth and

asspussy, being fucked royally on the porn vid.

Moaning, groaning, begging for cock, harder, deeper,

faster into him.

Seemed like a good idea to me, but my mouth was powder,

hungover dry. I needed a drink. I pushed back with my

hands on the maintenance man's pelvis on each side of

his hard, muscular abs - a rock hard stomach, hard like

his black cock.

'Ummmfh,' I managed to mumble, 'I want your cock, but I

need a drink.'

'Okay, white pussy boy, cocksucker,' he said, 'have

your drink.'

I struggled naked off the sofa and staggered to the

bar, bottles of liquor, mixes all askew, left over from

the party of last night, this morning. I found the

tequila bottle, near empty, took it to the fridge with

me and found a beer. I tipped the tequila back,

followed it with a swig of cold beer, and offered both

to the guy who was fucking me and seemed to want more

fucking. He followed suit with the tequila and beer.

I went back to the couch where he was now sitting

totally naked except for white socks above his brown

work boots. As he drank shots of tequila with beer

chasers, I fumbled around and rolled a doobie, lit it,

inhaled deeply and passed it to him.

'Umh, yeah,' he said, and took his hit, passed the

joint back to me. 'That shit makes me horny,' he said.

'Me too,' I agreed.

We shared the smoke, back and forth. Then he got

aggressive again. As the blunt burned down, he took a

deep inhale, dropped the weed into an ashtray, brought

his thick, red lips to mine and shotgunned me. I took

it right down, held it, passed a remnant back to him as

I grasped his slimy, hard, long, thick cock and stroked

it slowly, lovingly, feeling love now as the gangja

took effect.

I bent over and licked his pee slit again, nursing up a

bubble of his tasty pre-cum, rolled my tongue around

his cockhead, and pushed my mouth down on his hard,

black stalk. Up and down I moved, sucking his sweet

cock. He started arching his hips up, fucking my mouth

again. We kept at this until I felt his hard rod

thicken even more, throb.

I pulled my mouth off his throbbing, sliming with more

of his juices, super hard black tool.

'You want to fuck my cunt?' I asked. 'Fuck me. Fuck my

hole,' I near demanded, then turned, bent over the arm

of the sofa, arched my hips up, legs wide showing him

my brown, crenolated ring by spreading my buttcheeks

with both hands.

'Ungh, fuck yeah,' he grunted.

He got a condom - another leftover from the night's

party - off of the coffee table, peeled off the

wrapper, and stretch rolled the lubricated rubber over

his manhood, seating it firmly at the bottom of his

long stick where it met his wiry pubes.

He spit into my crack, then saw the bottle of lube -

Astrogliude (tm). He lubed his cock with it, squirted a

lot right onto my puckered hole. He pressed his cock

knob to my anus and shoved with his hips just as I had

finished cutting a line of white powder, taking a straw

off the coffee table - yet more leftovers from the

party - and sniffing it up one nostril, the other.

'Oooooh, gaaaaawwd,' I expelled as his big dick

breached my crinkled hole, ovaled it to fit his long,

fat cock that slid balls deep into my bowels.

'Unnnngh,' I groaned.

He held still with his cock buried in me, leaned over

my back and cleaned up the white powder with the straw.

His cock throbbed again, again deep inside me. He eased

back, pushed in, pulled back, pushed in, while reaching

around to stroke my hard, dripping dick and pinch my

titties. He kissed the back of my neck, on my shoulders

and fucked, plundering his cock into my mancunt.

I came a heavy load onto the sofa. He felt my rectal

walls clenching, releasing, clenching, releasing as he

pistoned his shaft into me, and came, filling the

condom to overflowing as his cock throbbed in me,

jerked and thrust deeper, harder, faster.

Oh it was good to get my plumbing fixed, the clothes

washer filling just right.

We agreed he could come see to my plumbing anytime he

wanted, needed to do so, and I look forward to his next




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