Dylan had nothing to do this Friday at 6 pm except play on his computer, but that wasn't so bad, now that Dylan was 18 and could buy gay porn. Dylan purchased a movie called Desperate Husband on the internet and pop popcorn then sat down and watched the movie. After the movie was over it was only 8:30 pm and Dylan still had nothing to do.

'Wait, I'm a witch I can do whatever I want,' said Dylan, 'I think I'll zap over to Ryan's house and stir up some trouble.'

Dylan arrived at Ryan's house invisible and saw that Ryan had Robert, Nick, and Blake over. All four of them were gathered around the TV watching a porno called Desperate Wives.

'Four straight guys watching a straight porno, how boring,' Dylan thought himself, 'Lets make this straight evening more gay.'

Dylan waved his hand and Nick got up dropped his pants and boxer and started stroking his big black cock. Ryan, Robert, and Blake looked at him in disbelieve. 'Don't tell me you're not horny form watching a porno with smoking hot woman,' Nick said as he stroked his cock. All three guys looked at each other then at Nick 'You're absolutely right Nick' They stood up and dropped their pants and boxers and started stroking their cocks.

'This is perfect,' Dylan thought as he watch four straight guys stroke their cocks without them knowing.

After the porno movie was each of them started to cum. After each of them shot of huge ropes of cum they cleaned themselves off and they put on their boxers and pants and decided to put on a non-pornographic called Eagle Eye.

After a while Dylan got bored and waved his hand and Robert moved closer to Nick unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and started sucking on it and stroking it. 'What the HELL are you doing,' Nick yelled. Then Dylan waved his hand and Nick started liking getting his cock sucked and stroked by Robert. Ryan and Blake looked at Robert in disbelieve. 'What the HELL is going on with you,' Ryan said as Dylan waved his hand. Blake moved closer to Ryan unzipped his pants and started doing the same thing as Robert. 'Not you too Blake...' Ryan started to say, but Dylan waved is hand and Nick and Ryan moved closer to each other and started making out.

'This is great! I can make them do what ever I want,' Dylan thought.

'Robert stop!!! I'm going to cum,' Nick stop making out with Ryan and yelled then Robert stop, but Dylan waved his hand and Robert started sucking and stroking Nick's cock again. 'Robert stop,' Nick yelled as his cock exploded with cum filling Robert's mouth with cum. As Robert's mouth filled with Nick's cum, Robert started to swallow it. Blake stopped suck Ryan's cock and join Ryan in amazes at what they just saw.

Robert pulled Nick cock out of his mouth and started gagging at the new taste. 'That was nasty,' Robert said as he looked at Nick. 'If it was nasty, then why did you swallow it?' said Blake as he started sucking and stroking Ryan's piece of cock again. This time Ryan was engorging getting his cock sucked and stroked. Then Ryan started having a trembling feeling. 'Blake I thing I'm going to cum,' Ryan yelled. Blake stop and started to pull Ryan's cock from his mouth, but Dylan had a different idea and waved his hand an Blake started sucking and stroking Ryan's cock. 'Blake! Now I know I'm going to cum,' Ryan yelled has he filled Blake's mouth with his cum. As his mouth became full of Ryan's cum Blake pulled Ryan's cock out of his mouth and started swallowing Ryan's cum. 'Your right cum taste nasty,' Blake said as he got up, 'This never leaves this room, you got that.' Ryan, Robert, Nick, and Blake went up stairs to get some snacks for watch a horror movie/mini series called Rose Red.

To Be Continued...


Jeph Lyons

[email protected]


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