Jonathan and Kevin would be having sex soon. None of them had suggested it in so many words, but

They both knew it would happen. It usually did on a Wednesday afternoon, because on those days, Jon's house would be empty until late at night. His father would be busy playing poker, and his mother would be working late at the theatre, where she did the accounts. His older sister had left for college some months ago.

The guys had sort of gravitated into each others' arms

(and bodies) over the previous summer, when Kev's girlfriend had dumped him, declaring him a fag. Not that she condemned him for it, she just noticed what he hadn't been willing to acknowledge; that he seldom wanted to make out with her, but that he tended to slaver over other guys.

Jonathan, who had come out to himself and his family at fifteen, had lusted after Kev in secret for over a year. Finally, last summer, when both guys had turned seventeen, he laid out his nets. Not being at the same school, and living a few miles apart, they weren't in constant association, but that didn't matter. He might

have gotten Kev into his bed the regular way, but he had other means at his disposal, too, and he used

them, although sparingly. Just like he had a couple of tricks up his sleeve today.

'Helloooo!' Jon shouted as he entered his empty house, Kev in tow. No response, just as expected. All the same, it was best to make sure. At least for Kev's benefit. Jon had his ways of ensuring privacy.

The guys deposited their heavy outer garments, and trotted into the kitchen, where Jon nuked their meals; ready-made portions of some pasta and ham dish. Jon's mom was big on that kind of cooking, and the freezer was always full of meals just waiting for a spell in the microwave or the oven. She did it well, too.

They took their dinners into the living room, and Jon inserted a tape into the VCR. Their eating turned pretty mechanical as they became engrossed in 'Frisky

Summer 3'. It was a recent acquisition of Jon's, and

Kev hadn't seen it before. His excitement was evident, and only practice enabled him to eat at the same time.

Pity, really, because he seldom got to taste his Wednesday dinners.

'Okay! That's enough for today', said Jon, reaching for the remote and stopping the tape at the end of the scene where the four guys have a dual suck-and-fuck session at an old, run-down country house. Kev felt disappointed and relieved at the same time. He wanted to see more, but he worried about blowing his wad right there and then. He'd done that once before, and walking home in cum-soaked underwear had not been fun, even in warm August weather. In the freezing conditions outside today, it would be torture. Of course, he could have borrowed some of Jon's, but it was too embarrassing to ask, at least back then.

'So, what do you wanna do today, then?' he asked, pushing Jon to his back on the sofa and laying down on

top of him, crotches grinding together.

'Doesn't matter, but it's gonna be magic. I know it is.'

'So what else is new? It usually is, right?' said Kev.

Jon smirked inside, as his tongue engaged Kev's in a moist duel. Kev was right about that, he just didn't know how right. Jon took advantage of his lover's closed eyes to reach for a little tool he'd hidden in the recesses of the sofa. Gently gripping the small

wooden stick with two fingers, he silently commanded

'Accio backpack!' Almost instantly, the small backpack

where Jon kept a towel and a tube of lubricant ready, zoomed down the stairs and came to rest beside the


Kev came up for air, and Jon, now having the use of both hands again, reached for the button in his

friend's fly, quickly popping it open and dragging Kev's shirt and tee-shirt off. His own upper textiles went the same way, and the guys engaged in another tongue-battle, this time with their upper bodies rubbing against each other. God! What could be better

than this? Jon knew that some things were, and they'd be happening before long.

He hadn't really noticed how or when it happened, but Kev found his jeans down by his knees, and decided he needed to lose them altogether. Briefly getting on the

floor, he stood and removed the bothersome things,

shedding his socks at the same time. Jon did the same,

only he stayed on his back in the sofa. Kev resumed

his usual position on top of the nearly naked Jon,

only this time it was full body contact. Almost. Their

tight briefs stayed on, but Kev felt this was just as

hot as having them off. The sensation of his dick-shaft sliding against Jon's with two layers of

cotton in-between, was a major turn-on. Not that he

needed any more turning on right now.

This went on for a short while, and Jon could feel

himself get more and more excited. He always thought

he could achieve an orgasm just by rubbing like that,

but he thought he'd found a way to ensure that it

happened, and to guarantee that it would feel great,


With Kev unseeing and oblivious above him, he once

more reached for the hidden wand, shut his eyes and

concentrated on the desired result (plus one little

extra effect). 'Fricationem augeo!' he muttered inaudibly.

'Unh! Haah! Oooh! Yeaah!'

Was that Kev or Jon? As both guys twitched, moaned and

writhed in their orgasms, who cared? Teenage sperm loads shot all over the heated teenage shoulders,

chests and abdomens. Nothing hit the furniture,

though. Miraculously. Or not.

Jon was the first to open his eyes, and with a little

effort, he managed to get them focussed on his friend's face, inwardly squirming with delight at the obvious signs of bliss he saw. Oh, man, he just knew

this would be amazing!

'Wow, Jon! That was the greatest! I guess I soiled my briefs, though.' Kev was smiling, even if he still

looked just a little dazed. Lifting himself up a bit, he saw that his briefs had slid down, exposing part of his cock. None of his jizz had ended up in his underwear. Neither had Jon's.

'Whew! That's a relief! I was sure my briefs would be full of cum. That is so not comfortable to wear.'

'Lucky you', muttered Jon, planting a kiss on Kev's nose. 'Guess we should get out of 'em, though.' He

pushed a little, to make Kev get up, then reached a

long arm over the end of the sofa, picking up the

backpack he had Summoned earlier on.

'When did you put that there?' asked Kev. 'I never


'Well, you're not the most observant of people, are

you?' Jon passed him the towel.

'Whatever.' Kev rolled his eyes, then wiped himself

down, pulling off his last remaining piece of

clothing. Jon then did the same and sat up.

'You know what?' asked Kev, sitting down beside him.

'What?' Jon turned to face the other boy.

'I love you.' Kev leaned in for a deep, long kiss.

'I know. I love you too. So much.'

What had started out with lust for Jon, had quickly

turned into something more, and by the end of

September, he knew that this was It. The big one. The

one he'd been waiting for. He even spoke the L-word to

himself. Oh, how he yearned to make Kev love him back,

but he knew that would be a mistake. No potions, no

charm; he wanted Kev's own love. And then, right after

Hallowe'en, he heard the object of his affections

declare himself. It wasn't in the moment of orgasm,

either; it was spoken calmly and deliberately. Jon had

been walking on clouds for days. Well, almost. Of

course, his idea of walking on clouds was a wee bit

more literal than for most other people.

Right now, though, Jon and Kev were sitting, naked,

but hot, on a sofa in Jon's living room, staring

deeply and soulfully into each others' eyes.

'God, is this mushy or what? And do I love it?

Woo-hoo!' Jon was not averse to just a little crowing.

Not that he had time for much of that, because lust

was rising in him again. Kev's hand came searching for

the long, slender rod that was once again straining

upwards between Jon's legs, stroking it with his palm,

reaching for the scrotal sack, cupping it in his

hands, then pulling it down, using only two fingers.

'Oh, God, baby! You know me so well!'

'I've had practice, Jonathan', murmured Kev into his

boyfriend's neck. 'That, and a lot of motivation.'

'Mmm? Is this thing motivated for another round?' Jon

never ceased his amazement at the sheer girth of Kev's

dick. Okay, Jon could get his fingers round it, but

then, he had long fingers. It felt so great to be holding it, limp or hard. This time, it was exceedingly hard.

'I think he could be persuaded. What did you have in mind?'

'Lie down', whispered Jon. Obediently, Kev assumed a

supine position, his length occupying almost all of

the sofa. Jon, of course, was too long for the sofa,

and tended to 'overflow' in both directions; he was a

full eight inches taller than Kev. Lots of people thought he played basketball, and he was quite content to let them believe that. He played a ball game, all

right, but it was a lot more exciting than basketball.

Anyway, there are no goalkeepers in basketball, he knew that much.

Jon retrieved the lube from the backpack, then straddled Kev's body. After kissing a bit more, he

whispered, supplication in his voice:

'Can I fuck you today?'

Kev's eyes widened. This was a rarity. Not that Kev

minded being fucked, he wished it could happen a lot more often. It was just that Jon was such a natural bottom. Kev was an either-way kind of guy.

'You know you can, my love. Any time.'

'Good', purred Jon. Next, he lifted Kev's legs by the

ankles until the boy's ass was high in the air. He would have liked to do this slowly, but he was so

worked up! Almost instantly, his tongue (lengthened

for the occasion; he'd put that back to normal later)

was laving Kev's puckered anus.

'Wow, Jon! That's so...Wooooh!'

Jon had penetrated, the tip of his tongue easily

reaching an inch or so inside. This was so wild!

Speeding up, he was able to practically tongue-pound

the asshole he coveted so much. Kev was beside

himself, alternately biting his teeth and gasping with

delight. This did not diminish as Jon began rotating

his tongue. Kev didn't notice that it made full 360

degree turns, one after the other, all the while

darting in and out at amazing speed.

Almost before Kev knew it was over, Jon had lubed up

his stick, as well as Kev's well-prepared orifice, and

had entered.

'Wow, Jon! You're in! It didn't hurt at all, it

just...Jooonnn! Waaaahh!'

Jon grinned hugely. This was the best trick so far;

reducing his dickshaft to half its girth to ease

penetration, then letting it grow back to normal. Not

that Jon was all that thick; like the rest of him, his

cock was long and slender.

'Told you it would be magical', he purred.

'And how! Oh, Jon, baby! Fuck me! FUUUCKKK MEEEE!' Kev

had lost all restraint, and was howling like some

beast in heat.

Jon began slowly. He liked watching his fuck-stick

move in and out of Kev's asshole, only allowing six of

his eight inches to enter, then pulling out until he

could almost see the head, before plunging back in.

This was another technique he was proud of; the first

couple of times he had had to ram all of it in if he

wanted to go hard and fast. This tended to hurt Kev a

bit, unless he took a long time to let the anal canal

get used to progressively deeper thrusts. By then, of

course, Jon was so excited he'd shoot his wad after

half a dozen full-length insertions. The way he was

doing it now, he could keep going for much longer,

driving Kev to ecstasy and beyond.

Tirelessly, with the amazing energy of youth, Jon kept

up his rhythm, fucking his friend deep and fast, deep

and slow, twisting a little, changing his angle of

attack every now and then.

'Oh, Jooonnn! Fuck me! Fuck me more! Harder! Faster!

Fill my ass! Fuck meeeeeee!'

Not many knew this side of Kev, the quiet lad, the boy

who tended to blush at the mention of bodily

functions. In bed with Jon, though, he was a confirmed

'dirty talker', revelling in the verbal expression of

his enjoyment and the love he felt so strongly.

Jon knew it wouldn't be long now, and he had one last

trick prepared, one he hoped would bring about

something that had never happened before. Awkwardly

reaching for his wand while maintaining his

fuck-stroke, he found it. He pointed it towards the

well-stretched anus, whispered 'Astringo!' and hid the

wand again.

Kev screamed louder than ever. Jon's spell had

tightened his sphincter muscle, as well as the first

few inches inside it, increasing the friction between

the cock-shaft and the nerve endings at the opening,

between the cock-shaft and the prostate. Kev's balls

began rising. He wanted to reach for his

five-and-a-half inch dick to stroke it, but didn't.

Somehow, it seemed to want to finish this on its own.

Jon had began making shorter thrusts, only driving

half of his dick inside. His balls were now very

visible on either side of the base of his elegant


Another few thrusts; surely this would be it. No,

still a bit more. And a little more, and a

little...Now, soon, one more thrust, and another...



Kev's first shot travelled clean over his head,

landing on the floor. His face and body contorted to

the point where he would have looked ugly to Jon if

the boy on top had been able to keep his own eyes

open. Kev released the second charge, which hit his

upper lip, the jizz seeping back into the mouth that

was now opened in a soundless scream. Then, his whole

body bucking wildly, the rest shot, then oozed, out of

him, soaking his chest and abdomen, finally drenching

his pubes.

Jon hadn't seen a thing. Trying to hold still while

the mighty orgasm raged through him, he had miserably

failed. Every twitch, every involuntary jerk of his

body, had caused his dick to move inside Kev's

incredibly tight ass, driving him beyond himself as

the spunk shot violently out of him, drenching Kev's

velvety chute.

Finally, with a last small twitch and a simultaneous

whimper from both boys, they were able to relax, after

a fashion. Forcing his eyes open, Kev saw that Jon was

still breathing hard, eyes shut. Violently, his right

arm shot up, grabbed Jon by the neck and drew him

down. The kiss wasn't tender, it wasn't love-filled,

it was a kiss of animal ferocity, Kev forcing Jon on

himself, prolonging, repeating, confirming the mating

they had just completed.

Jon lay down full-length on top of Kev, whose legs

were still slung around Jon's shoulders. The long cock

stayed embedded inside Kev, now only twitching feebly.

After a while it grew limp and slipped out, allowing

Kev to lower his legs. Jon's constricting spell was

only designed to last a minute or so.

'Oh, man! That was something else, Jon! How did you do

that?' Jon smiled back at him.

'Oh, just wielding my magic, as usual.'

'Unusual, I'd say, but magic it was. Whew! How am I

gonna get through my days with the memory of that?'

To himself, Jon thought the memory would be an

excellent aid to everyday life. What can be better

than the memory of great sex and the expectation of


On their sides, the boys engaged in another bout of

kissing, before Jon declared it was time for showers

and homework. This was the part of Wednesday nights

that sucked, having to do fabricated homework along

with Kev, then turning to his own after his friend had

left. Ah, well, he'd be out of school in a few months.

Later, as he sat admiring the face of his lover, now

scrunched up in concentration over a maths problem, he

confirmed his resolution. Come Easter, he'd tell Kev

everything: The magic, the school, all of it. He

trusted the love between them to help Kev recover from

the shock, at least by summer. And by then, the world

would be at their feet.

Still later, the release of two youthful spermloads

down youthful throats marked the end of a long, slow,

gentle bout of cocksucking, confirming youthful love

yet again.

Dressed in heavy winter clothing, Kev stood at the

door, raising up on tiptoe to kiss his boyfriend

deeply, whispering words of love until their next


Closing the door, Jon went to retrieve his wand,

lifting the weak Repelling charm he'd put on the house

to ensure privacy. Oh, yes, the future was rosy. Love

is deep magic.



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