Mad About The Boy


Poor boy, I thought as I watched a young man mid twenties getting dragged to the
small centre stage. His face was a mask of horror as his friend pushed a microphone in his hands. The music began and the lyrics appeared on the screen.

Dinah Washington's Mad About the Boy a classic and a good karaoke song too.
His friend had a good singing voice but the boy sang so softly and nervously you
couldn't hear him at all. He was his friend complete counterpart; tall and lean
with fair skin and dark scruffy hair. The opposite of my own suntanned skin with
blond buzz cut and about a half a head taller than him. He wore a loose white dress shirt with
carelessly rolled up sleeves and a dark tie in a slack single Windsor knot. Casual
chique I liked it, the look suited him very well. While his friend on the other hand
was blond, tanned, flamboyant and flashy. The song ended and the crowd
cheered as he fled the small stage while his friend took his bows.
I never sing myself, my voice sounds like a drowning donkey. I wouldn't inflict
that on anyone but I come to this karaoke bar quite often. I like the people, I like
the music and I like to dance.

But not today, today I nurse a dark beer at the bar. Chatting with Mark one of
the regulars. Mark was as straight as they come and completely at ease with gays.
He told me once he was always flattered when they hit on him. Many did; he was gorgeous and really nice, easy to talk to too. I had asked once if he ever considered sleeping with a guy.
No, there was no physical attraction there for him. He could appreciate
handsome guys, even find them attractive but it was never sexual for him. Just
like I'd never been interested in a woman's pussy he'd said, which had made
me laugh. Touché I'd thought.

Work had been quite brutal, bad weather made for a gloomy construction site. As foreman I have to keep my men motivated but rain and slush made the work tough. I was sore and my muscles ached; this was going to be a short Friday night for me. I scanned the bar and found stage boy in a group at the far end of the room, or maybe not. His blond friend tugged at his arm while the boy shook his head profusely. The blond twink turned to their group shanghaiing his next
victim. The boy visibly relaxed bending forward to grab his beer and take swig. As he lifted the bottle to lips his eyes skimmed the room. They locked with mine instantly.

Now normally I'd instinctively look away, I'm terrible at flirting. I may look like a big confident construction guy. But really I'm not; I'm shy, more like painfully shy and get nervous easily even though my face appears to bear no emotion. I never know what to do or what to say, hiding my head to cover my blush. The one thing I have no control over whatsoever. Many give up quickly, probably thinking I'm a jerk. Which makes for a lonely life really.

Right at this moment though I couldn't bring myself to look away. I could feel a blush rising as he slowly sipped his beer deliberately licking his lips as he swallowed. I was mesmerized. Mark nudged me out of my reverie. 

"Whatcha staring at stud?"

I turned to face him. "What?" I asked a little dazed.

He grinned my change in mood quite obvious to him. "No nothing. Just wondering what the next song will be."

"Yeah right. Cute guy caught your eye?" He chuckled trying to look over my shoulder across the room. I swear this man sometimes? Luckily he's my friend.

"Four beers, two cokes and a martini please." Said a rich male voice beside me to the bartender. I turned away from Mark to escape his leering grin, to see Stage boy standing right next to me waiting for his order. I froze staring at him. He was downright sexy up close; boy really wasn't an accurate word to describe him. He was man all right; he turned catching my stare and smiled, all man. I felt the blush rise again. Damn that was annoying, but my body couldn't help but react.

"Hi" He said.

I nodded dumbstruck he had amazingly deep brown eyes. Shit, he was talking to me. I knew my face was blank; I probably looked pissed off or something. Pissed off with a blush

"His name is Yanus and he's shy as fuck." Mark called out beside me leaning over the bar. I turned and hit him in the shoulder. What the frak Mark!

Stage boy laughed loudly, "Good to know. I'm Jason." He said taking the tray of drinks from bartender. "See you around Yanus." His wink triggered a flush of heat to spread through me. He backed away holding the tray carefully and returned to his table.

"He's here every Friday!" Mark yelled out after him. I thumped Mark again with a pointed look.

"What? You were practically drooling over the guy."

"I never drool." I grumble into my drink.

"Yanus I've known you for a long time now. Shit I may be straight be I aint blind man." He downed the last of his beer and signaled the bartender for another. "At least now you know his name."

I didn't know whether to throttle or kiss Mark. I glanced towards Jason's table; he sat relaxed in his chair enjoying the show on stage. His eyes moved to mine again and he grinned very purposely locking my gaze. Damn what a cute smile. I sat chatting with Mark for a while, glancing time and time again towards Jason's table. My eyes always latching onto his.

Around an hour after midnight my fatigue really set in. I saw Jason's table gather up to leave and decided to head home as well. No point in staying now. I bid Mark goodnight and headed out to the parking lot to my truck. Not my favourite car in the world but practical for my work. As I'm crossing the lot I hear tires screeching and a loud thud mangled with a canine yelp. I ran out to the road in time to see a red van speed away and a heap of dog on the road. I loudly curse at the van as I run over to the dog. It is semi conscious mutt with a twisted hind leg. Intense anger hits me instantly. I love animals especially dogs I can't stand hit and runs like this.

"It is alive?" Someone called behind me. I turn to see Jason running up to us. There was no thought of shyness or nerves now; a dog's hurt.

"Yes, but a broken leg I think." I said turning to the dog shrugging off my jacket. Jason kneels down beside me and expertly starts examining the animal. The drowsy dog squirmed as he probed its hurt leg.

"Broken femur." He proceeds to wrap the dog in my jacket. "Are you by car? There's a clinic close by."

"Yes. It is the blue truck over there."

"Oh my god! Is it alright?" The flashy blond from before ran up to us as we reached my truck.

"It will be, we're taking it to the clinic. You guys go one ahead. I'll be fine."

"Sure thing Jazz. Let us know how it turns out." The blond turned to walk away but not without obviously sizing me up with a sly grin and a wink.

The clinic was but a 15-minute drive, it seemed dark and empty when we arrived. I parked and jumped out to help Jason & co out of the truck.

"You sure it's open?" I ask as Jason hands me the injured dog. He climbs out jiggling his keys.

"Positive." Oh.. well ... hmm.

He unlocked to doors, crossed the reception area and entered the examination room flipping on the lights.

"Lay him on the table." he directed reaching for a pair of latex gloves. The empty white walls and sterile room were such a contrast to the loud crowed bar we?d just come from. I move over to the dog and gently stroke his neck fur. It looked up at me with those soulful puppy eyes melting me instantly. I noted his matted patchy black fur, poor thing.

"No collar, I'll check for a chip." Jason reached behind him for a scanner but the lack of beep indicated none present. "Probably a stray by the looks of its fur he's got a nasty case of mange."
He leaned over and checked the dog's teeth.v"He's anaemic. Not a year old."

The dog just lays there seemingly exhausted. "He need's a medicated bath for the mange before I splint him.' Jason looked up for the first time since they entered the clinic.

"Could you help me with that?"

"Sure no problem." I smiled rolling up my sleeves.

Two hours later we had the dog cleaned up and splinted. By this time I was overly impressed with Dr. Stage boy. He was calm and methodical. His long pale fingers knew exactly what they were doing.

"So this is your clinic?" I asked while gently laying Colby, as we'd christened him into cage at the back of the clinic.

"Yup, Orchard & Orchard I'm the second Orchard Dad's the first." He smiled again and for some obscure reason my shyness returned with a vengeance. As if the two hours working together on Colby hadn't happened at all. So I turn my attention back to the sleeping mutt in the cage.

"When can he leave?"

"If he had a home to go to tomorrow."

"Good I'll pick him up at noon."

Jason raised his eyebrows. "You sure?"

"Yeah my dog died of old age last year. It is time." I grinned down at Colby the little bugger. In three hours time he'd completely stolen my heart.  "I'll pay the bill tomorrow, when I pick him up."

"No need. I'll cover it. He's not on the books anyway." Jason smiled mister casual. He occupied an apartment above the clinic so no need for a ride home. It was after four in the morning when I finally crashed in my bed utterly exhausted.

I woke around noon, to a very enthusiastic little guy trying to poke my eye out. No I'm kidding I'm not that big, an average 6 inches. But this morning it was trying to outgrow itself, it almost hurt to touch it. I slid my whole body under the covers ducking my head into the darkness of the bed. Yeah I even get shy in sanctity my own bedroom at times, hiding to relieve myself. I get especially self-conscious when I'm thinking of someone in particular. Today my cheeks burned as images of sexy doctor Jason enter my mind. Man I'd love to see him naked, touch him, smell him and taste his skin. Run my hands all over that tight lean figure. I cum quick and hard in my hands, much harder than I had expected.

Jump in the shower to clean up and clear my head. Fix a quick sandwich and left the house by 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I quickly stopped by the pet shop to pick up some new things for Colby. Nothing much; a new large bed, a blanket and a few toys.  That would do for now at least, he was larger than my old dog so it was necessary. I was grinning the whole drive to the clinic. I don't know what I was more excited about picking up my new dog or seeing Vet boy again.

I pulled into the clinics parking lot and nervously entered a busy reception area. The place seemed much bigger in the light of day. I stepped up to the young bright-eyed girl behind the reception desk.

"Hi, I'm here to pick up my dog Colby?" I asked she smiled while checking the list.

"'I'm sorry I can't find a Colby on the list. What breed is he?"

"I think he's a bit everything. He was brought in in the middle of the night?" I explain sounding utterly stupid. The girl looks up at me and realization seemed to dawn as her frown magically morphed into a bright smile.

"Oh! Dr. Orchard's midnight guest!" She all but shouts out handing me a form. "If you could just fill this out, we can put Colby in the system."

I quickly filled in the form, standard questions to keep their system updated and handed it back to her.

" Ok Mr.." She quickly checked the paper "Vandervliet. I'm under strict instructions to get Dr Orchard the moment you arrived." She winked, I flushed. You've probably noticed I blush quite easily. The men on my crew find it hilarious too especially with my physique. The girl disappeared into the examination room. A few minutes later she reappeared with a woman and a very angry cat in tow. Jason was right behind them his face light up the moment he saw me. My heart skipped a beat. He looked very good in his white lab coat; it only enhanced his sexiness, if that was even possible. Casual chique doctor? Oh god...

"Yanus! You came." He held out his hand to me, which I shook nervously. His hand felt warm and reassuring, it seemed to calm me down a little.

"Of course I did, I said I would." Jason's smile seemed to expand as I said this. He then beaconed me to follow him to the cages at the back of the clinic.

"He's doing really well. Ate this morning and drank too. With rest I think he'll be just fine." Beaming smile, he seemed quite proud of his work. I saw Colby's tale wag as we approached his cage.

"Hey buddy. Your remember me?" I cooed forgetting all about Dr. sexy next to me as I opened the cage. Colby licked my fingers affectionately as I stroked his fur.

"He's really sweet. His mange should clear up over time. I'll give you some antibiotics to take home." Jason explained as I picked up Colby out of the cage.

"Thanks." I should have shown Jason more gratitude but the dog took over my thoughts at this point. Jason didn't seem to mind or was used to fawning pet owners by now. He walked with me to the truck, giving me more advise on how to take care of the injured dog. I fussed over Colby like a mother hen getting him comfortable and fastening the dog car seat buckle around him to make him safe. When I was finally satisfied I noticed Jason observing me obviously amused at my pandering. He came up to my car door, as I was about to start the car.

"Mind if I call some time this week to check on how he is doing?" He smiled looking hot even in his white lab coat. Hell probably because of his white lab coat.

"No of course not." I smiled in return anything for my dog. His face light up at my return smile, it was probably my first directed towards him.

"Great, return safe." He said grinning like mad. I turn away hiding my blush and backed out to the road. As I drive away I glance in my rear-view mirror and see him still standing on the sidewalk watching my truck disappear out of view.

The weather is better this week and I bore my crew to tears gushing about Colby. Showing snaps of him on my phone like a proud parent passing around toddler pictures. But I'm happy and motivated and my men respond to my upbeat manner. A content crew is a good crew, we work well together. Thursday evening my phone rings as I'm getting Colby to eat something.

"At Vandervliets." I say picking up the phone on the 5th ring.

"Yanus? It's Jason how is my patient doing?"

"Oh Hi Jason. He's going good I think. Sleeps, eats and farts. He doesn't move much. I have my neighbour Mrs Dittmeyer look in on him during the day." Sleep, eats and farts? I can't believe I just said that.

"That is great I'm glad he's not completely alone while you're at work in his state. He'll get up once he's ready. They instinctively know what to do in these cases."

"He's a good dog. It is nice not to come home to an empty apartment."

"Yeah I know what you mean..." He hesitates for a moment before continuing. "Will you come down to the bar tomorrow night?"

"Er..yeah I promised Mark I'd come down for an hour or two." I know I sound reluctant and the truth is I am. I'd rather stay home with Colby.

"Great." Jason said ignoring the reluctance in my voice. "I'll see you there. Don't worry Colby will be fine for one night.?

"Yeah probably" I smile into the phone. Am I that obvious?... yeah probably. "See you tomorrow."

After the goodbye I hang up. Damn why am I nervous, it isn't a date. He'll probably be there with the same group like last time. I stare at the phone in its cradle. Sighing I return my attention to Colby.

'What am I going to do buddy?" I ask stroking his fur in long even strokes, which he seems to like most. He looks up to me and sighs heavily. "Yeah I know, me too." I say sighing with him.

"You rescued a dog?"

"Yeah." I grin grabbing my phone. "Look. Here he is in his new bed and here he's finally eating properly and here he trying to walk." I flip though picturing showing Mark each one.

"Man he looks in pretty bad shape. You have your work cut of for you."

"Yeah..." I say not able to keep a goofy grin of my face. "So how's your week been?" I ask forcing myself to not monopolize the conversation with dog talk. 

Mark harrumphs shrugging his shoulders. "Work sucked this week. Two machines broke down simultaneously and I had to pull some pretty farfetched tricks out of my hat to get them running again." Mark is chief mechanic at a woodworking machines manufacturer. Maintaining machines that make machines. They're old and have been out of production for decades. He has to be very creative to keep them running smoothly.

"I have a blind date tomorrow." He casually throws in.

"What!" I laugh a little too loudly at this. "You on a blind date? Where did that come from?" I'm trying to picture Mark on a blind date, it isn't a very good picture.

"My sister set it up." Mark rolled his eyes. "She hates it when I arrive alone at family functions."

"You know anything about the woman?"

"Her name is Lola." He answers and I burst out laughing.

"A showgirl with yellow feathers in her hair or walks like woman and talks like a man?" I ask gasping for breath.

"Neither hopefully." Mark replies with a shudder. I'm still quietly sniggering into my beer when the stool next to me scraps over the floor being moved.

"Oh hey Jason." Mark says over my shoulder.

"Hey Mark." My head snaps up to see Dr Sexy sitting next me signaling the bartender. He then turns to smile at me. "Hey Mr Vandervliet."

"Dr Orchard." I say nodding a small smile on my lips. I twist my neck to locate his group but they don't seem to be here tonight. He came alone?

"Dr Orchard?" Marks eyes brows rise high.

"He's a vet, took care of Colby last week." I turned to explain. Shit I can feel my face starting to burn again.

"Ooh a doctor huh." Mark comments with a leer. I forgo the urge to punch him.

"It's a living." Jason remarks taking a twig of his beer. I remain silent my heart racing again. Man he looks good tonight in a snug black button down and grey jeans. The black shirt emphasizes his long torso and the grey jeans shapes his long lean legs. The silence continues and neither Mark nor I attempt conversation. I know Mark is making me sweat by remaining silent and it drags on. Shit this is going down hill fast. Jason takes another swig of his beer lost in thought when he suddenly says...

"I think Colby is part shepherd."

"Really?" I look up relaxing a little.

"He has a distinctively sharp muzzle." Jason continues in a thoughtful voice.

"Yeah I noticed that. But long hind legs though more like a terriers." I reply and see Mark smirk out of the corner of my eyes. I ignore it.

Jason nods. "But the front paws are very Labrador." We launch into conversation mostly about Colby and dogs in general. Mark joins us from time to time inconspicuously adding non-dog related elements to the conversation. I'm less nervous when talking about something I love Jason seems to have found the switch. Not many do. He's funny too, with the craziest stories about what he comes across being a vet. I may be less nervous but still quite shy. I mostly sit and listen. Commenting on this tales and ask a questions from time to time. Jason doesn't seem to mind, he looks quite happy and animated. So I find myself hours later driving home after a stumbled goodbye grinning like a Cheshire cat, butterflies in my gut.

It is Sunday twelve o'clock; I'm in the kitchen gathering food to prepare lunch. Sunday lunch here is more like Sunday dinner; I kind of go all out. The doorbell startles me, as I?m not expecting anyone. I open the door kitchen towel slung over my shoulder and am completely shocked to see Jason casually leaning against the doorframe with a doctor's bag at his feet.

"House call." He announces with a grin. For a moment I'm stupefied, taking him in. He looks gorgeous again, wine-red button down shirt rolled up at the leaves with snug black jeans.

"On a Sunday?" I croak finally finding my voice stepping aside to let him in.

He steps through the door but suddenly becomes hesitant. "Am I intruding? I don't want to intrude on your weekends specially unannounced like this." He's frowning  obviously rethinking his actions.

"No, of course not. I'm happy you stopped by." I am too. Very unexpected but I'm really happy he's here standing in my hallway. Man he's standing close...

"Colby is in the living room." I say motioning him to go further. Thank god I'm not a slob, my place is always tidy. My living room walls are lined with bookcases stuffed to the hilt. A desk positioned on one side near the window and a large sofa placed in front of a fireplace, no TV. I see Jason taking in my very lived in living room. He walks over to Colby and gives him a thorough exam as the dog tries to lick his hands.

"He's doing really well. He'll probably he walking around soon the splint will hold well." He says getting up of the floor. He surveys the room again

"That is quite the collection." He comments looking over my bookcases.

"I like to read." I say. "A lot." Jason turns to look at me a the twinkle in his eyes a the smile on his face that almost makes my heart stop. Goddamn...

"I'm just about to make lunch want to join me. "I can at least feed you." I ask heart in my throat. He smiles broadly for me again; it sends shivers down my spine.

"I'd love to thank you." He says following me to the kitchen I was attempting to escape to. He parks his arse down on a stool at the kitchen island facing me.

Suddenly his phone rings he retrieves it checking caller ID first. "Sorry it's my mom, she hates it when I pass on her calls. Do you mind?" He asks before answering. I shake my head and motion him to pick it up as I grab food form the fridge.

"Hi mutti." He smiles into the phone. "No I'm having Mittagessen with a freund." He pauses to listen. "No need. Ich drop by werde morgen." His mingled German-English is very whispery. "Bye mutti." He ends the call pushing the phone back into his pocket. "Sorry about that."

"You're mom's German?"

"Austrian, I was raised bilingual but after a while it just becomes one muddled language." He smiles at me, it always seems to reach his eyes.

"But it sounded so soft not harsh at all."

"German is a soft language. Most people just hear it being shouted in movies and everyone thinks its a harsh and cruel sounding which it isn't at all." He leans his elbow on the island cupping his chin in the palm of his hand.

"So what do you do for work Yanus?"

"Oh I'm a foreman on a large construction site downtown." I answer as I continue chopping vegetables for the stew.

"Really?" he genuinely sounds surprised. "That' why you seem in such great shape."

I blush "Makes the work easier. It helps to stay in shape."

"I bet. Isn't it a tough environment to work in being gay?"

All the vegetables I'd been cutting spill across the floor. His straightforwardness completely floored me. I just stood there staring at the food on the floor.

"I'm sorry. I just..." He left the sentences unfinished as he stepped around the kitchen island and knelt by the food on the floor scooping it up.

" No, no you're just very frank. Not used to it."

Jason shakes his head "My brains doesn't catch my tongue sometimes. I'm sorry." His face is a mask of dismay as I stand before him.

"It's not a secret I just don' t broadcast it. My crew knows it's never been a problem." I explain. "They're well aware there would be in deep trouble if there ever was." I smile.

"It helps being the boss, I expect." He smiles in return visibly relaxing.

"Yeah..." He was standing so close now I could smell him, his sent slowly washed over me, tingles spread from my spine to my toes to my cock. His own scent mixed with Old Spice as if he'd just stepped out of the shower. As our eyes connect again I actually gasp for breath. You read about these moments but you always know its fantasy. My heart's racing as he steps into the small gap between us. Jason tentative brushed his lips against mine, a small flittering kiss. He backs up little searching my eyes for a reaction as the seconds ticked by. For the second time that day I see apprehension in those eyes. But this time he's ready to skedaddle at a moments notice.

I reached out and pull him to me fluidly, locking his lips to mine. That's me; the moment the first kiss is over my nerves just evaporate and I stop being a mumbling thumbing idiot with a blush and a crush. I pull him tighter to me as our lips part and our tongues explore one another. His hands reach up holding on to the back of my neck, thumbs under my ears. I feel lean muscles through the fabric of this red shirt; my hands drop to his hips grinding them into me. Jason breaks our kiss, breathing heavily. He eyes wide with surprise and a hint of arousal. I grin and pull him back into a heavy-laden kiss. Jason tastes amazing, his lips are soft and sensuous. His tongue moving completely in sync with mine. I grip his hips lifting him of the floor and set him down on the kitchen island in one fluid quarter turn.

"Oh god" he murmurs as I kiss my way to his earlobe giving it a slight tug with my teeth. Jason wraps his legs around my torso; our dance seems rehearsed as he reacts so perfectly to my actions. I slip my left hand under his skirt we groan together as my fingers touch his skin, its soft and hard and hot and sweaty. Jason's hand is caressing my back as the other fondles my hair gripping it lightly as I kiss my way down his neck to the nap of his throat. I feel him shiver in my arms. I open the top button of his shirt slowly lowering my kisses while my hand roams around his flat stomach, his back and his chest. I keep unbuttoning his shirt until my roaming hand reaches his left nipple. Where I feel a small metal ring, he shivers and gasps as I touch it.

"What have you been hiding under here?" I grin lifting my face to his.

Jason stares at my wide-eyed. "I could say the same." He croaks, putty in my hands. Once open I slide his shirt over his shoulders, showcasing his beautiful chest and revealing large tattoo on the right shoulder. Three vibrantly red peony roses adorn the shoulder complete with stalks and prickles. So vividly done I could almost pick them off his skin. Nothing about this tattoo seemed overly masculine or effeminate. It was damn near the sexiest thing I've ever seen, it lay wild against his pale skin defining his lean chest. A thrill surged through me right down to my pulsating organ. Which had been straining my boxers since our lips first touched.

I lookup into Jason's eyes he sat panting hard staring at me silently. I lean in and lock our lips in a passionate kiss while circling my arms around his wait pulling him into me. Jason moans and tightens his hold on me as I lift him up and carry him in this way to my bedroom. His lips never leaving mine.

My large white bed looks almost luminous against the plum coloured walls. I turn to sit on its edge so Jason sits straddling me in my lap. My hands are free to roam his torso, kissing my way down his throat to his shoulder. His skin heats up under my touch, he gasps against my ear and quivers under my fingers. I love this, I love to make my man quiver and shake and moan. It turns me on and heats me up from the inside out.

Jason urgently tugs at my T-shirt like an impatient child. I instantly lift my arms and he yanks it quickly over my head throwing it away. He places his hands on either of my face gazing lustfully at me. His eyes flicker to my lips as his thumbs slightly traces their curve. Then he dives into the kiss pushing me back onto the bed. Breaking this kiss to lick his way to my chest. His tongue flicks and licks in small sensuous kisses making my skin tingle. My hands move in the opposite directions, one down seizing the straining bulge of his jeans the other sliding up to tug at his nipple rig. He moans against my chest as I feel his cock pulse through the fabric of his jeans. I move both my hands to unbutton his jeans pulling them down his legs. Jason flips on the bed next to me allowing me strip him. I hate jeans; they're terrible to peal off when you're in a hurry. Men should never wear them; I'm banning jeans from the house from now one.

I finally pull the wrenched things off him revealing an exceptionally mouth-watering sight. Long lean legs crowned with black low riding boxer briefs straining to hold a very hard thick 7".

"Oh Jason... " It's virtually a whimper. My heart thumps almost audibly breaking my chest as I take him in. He scoots down the bed reaching for my sweats pulling them down in one motion taking my boxers with it. My freed rock hard cock slaps against my belly level to Jason's head. He licks his lips leaning in to kiss my throbbing flared head, looking right up my chest and into my eyes as he does so. I almost collapse right then and there. Jason takes my hand and pulls back up on the bed. We lay on our sides grinding our body?s together adamant to feel each other's skin, lips and tongue.

"Oh god it's crazy how much I want you." Jason's voice is low and husky. His right hand slowly slides along my side down to my hips this time it has me shivering under his touch. He cups my butt cheek and groans as he squeezes. I duck my head and attached my lips to his naked nipple. My fingers tease along the waistband of this boxer briefs dipping in and brushing his very erect cock. As I look down I see a tattooed tail on the left side of his pelvis just protruding the waistband. Intrigued I lower the band to see the tail belong to a fox leaping down pointing to the base of his cock. I trace the lines of the fox with my fingers making Jason gasp. I start to slide his boxer brief over his hips and down his legs. Revealing a very impressive hard throbbing member it's long and thick but lean just like the rest of him. Tossing them away the boxer briefs once off him. I return my attention to his hardness, its cut that I wasn't expecting since it isn't standard practice here. Not that I'm complaining it fits him just right. His flat stomach is heaving heavily right next to my face as I lean forward very slowly to lick his cockhead. I hear him gaps as my tongue touches the twitching skin his fingers lace through my hair, kneading my neck. Not pushing me or guiding me just touching me. I lick up and down his shaft only taking his cock head in my mouth as my hand slides up his legs to his sizable balls playing with them softly. I'm teasing him enjoying the taste of his cock and his knows it.

Jason's body jerks involuntarily under my touch. His reactions are fantastic. He's making me hot hardly touching me. My mouth leaves his cock and I travel back up to his mouth lick his chest. He greedily takes my head in his hands as our mouths reconnect in one intense passionate kiss overpowering our senses. In this moment we're both the opposite of what we were. Urgent intense passion overtakes his calm methodical casualness; assertiveness and focus replaces my clumsy shyness.

Jason rolls me over pushing me on my back and straddles my hips pushing into my hard throbbing member. He nibbles my neck and kisses my check like a starving animal his eyes are bright as they focus on my filled with brimming lust. My hands are all over his body, exploring every muscle, ever line and every bump they come across. It is my time to moan as he takes my erect nipples in his mouth lavishing them with attention one at a time. "Oh... Jase mm..." My utterings aren?t completely coherent but right now they don't need to be. His lips crush against mine as his hips start to slowly grind sliding over my dick. I rise up to meet his movements and we are dancing again. I cup his beautifully firm buttocks they meld perfectly to my hands as I squeeze them and rake them with my nails. His motions are driving me insane as he moans and gasps in a high pitch against into mouth. I feel it, I feel it rising up my body, from my curled up toes to my groin. Rising and building in momentum. I reach under my pillow for my lube. I squeeze some on my fingers and move my hands back to his buttocks. I slide my hand teasingly up and down his crack, not paying special attention to his rosebud. He reaches down and takes both are hard cocks in his hand rubbing them together in harmony to my ministrations to his bum crack. Jason is equally assertive to me in bed and I love it. I start to circle his bud pushing into it every so slightly. He?s trembling in my hands gasping and groaning. He's head is above mine, hands resting in my chest and eyes closed in pure rapture biting his under lip.

"Oh Yann.... Mm... Ah! Oh Schatz!" He almost cries out as I continue to probe his bud, my own need rising together with his, rapidly. As I enter him smoothly with one finger his eyes fly open and fixate on mine. It's a powerful stare, locking us in time. I see more than lust in those intense eyes as he sees the same in mine. His eyes roll back as I start to move my finger in and out. Going deeper and deeper, in and out, in and out.
Two fingers in and out, in and out circling his sphincter muscle. I feel he's loosing control, gripping my chest moving into my fingers muttering my name over an over.
Three fingers moving faster in and out, circling and stretching. He arches his back and his chest to so beautiful in front of me. His muscles taught as he's moving in my rhythm. Jason reaches over to my nightstand yanking open the draw fumbling for the condoms I keep there. He doesn't need to be told where they are, he knows. He takes one out, rips it open and with trembling fingers slides it over my hard insidious cock. It is the first time his hands encase my cock completely and I groan at the pleasure. He positions himself above me taking momentary control over the situation. He holds my now lubed up cock against his bud, he's grinning as he looks at me rolling his hips teasing me effortlessly. My fingers grip his upper thighs urging him to take me.

"Oh Jase.. oh please..." I plead my need is almost at its threshold. I want to feel him, need to feel this inside man, to have him surround me entirely. He slowly starts to lower down pushing my cock against his bud, breaching the sphincter muscle my head plops in and we both gaps and moan simultaneously. Warmth spreads through me, he's hot and slick inside. Jason waits a moment adjusting to my size and then he slowly descends on my cock, biting his lower lip as he does so. He's more than sexy right now; he's luscious and utterly sensual. When he reaches the base of my cock he pauses breathing heavily.

"Oh Schatz you feel.... oh man you feel.... wonderful." He whispers in a low husky voice. I want to reply but I can't speak, he completely enveloping me. His slow descend has me balancing on the edge. I need to breath regain composure. I take a deep breath but all I inhale is his tantalizing scent bringing me closer to my tipping point. He starts moving slowly rolling his hips as he moves up and down along my shaft. Sending me into all kinds of ecstasy, he certainly knows what to do and does it masterly. He arches his back moaning loudly chin in the air. His noises only entice me further, let me hear you, let me hair what I'm doing to you. I grab his waist and shift my weight to sit up, face to face. He swings he legs behind my back locking them in place again our movements are like a rehearsed dance. There is no thought just motion. My hand grab his buttocks firmly lifting him up and down, faster and faster and faster....

His arms encircle my neck his head is next to mine, his lips against my ears whimpering and moaning. It's rising and rising, climbing further pushing against that barrier I'm trying to hold up. I feel his whole body jerk as my cock rubs against his prostate his arms around my neck tighten.

"AAH! Yan my ... my god! Ahh... oh Schatz!!" He lifts his head to mine, kissing me fervently and the moment he whimpers into my mouth I start to lose it.

"Oh fuck..  Babe I'm ... I...m gonna... gonna cum...!" I stutter thrusting deeper and harder into him, pulling him hard down on me my cock expanding within him.

"Give it to Schatz..." He whispers in my ear sending me hurling over the edge my hands grip him hard as I crush him down on me. My cock pulsates filling the condom with shoot after shoot of thick creamy cum. I feel my orgasm rip through my whole body, in the most powerful climax I've ever had. I hardly notice Jason tensing up, my hard movements triggering his own intense orgasm as he lathers our chest with rope after rope of cum.

We stay as we are locked in our embrace, coming down from our climax high catching our breath, as I grow soft inside him. He stirs first lifting his head from my shoulder to look at me.

"That was incredible Schatz. More than incredible, I've never felt so.. so..." He looks into my eyes searching for the right word.

".. connected." I complete his thought moving my hand up to caress his cheek. He nods wide-eyed "Yes exactly." He whispers pressing his cheek into my hand.

"Me neither babe." I whisper back and kiss him gently on the lips. He unlocks his legs slips onto the bed off my lap.

He laughs lazily stretching "Shit my legs are all wobbly." He looks and sounds utterly exhausted and utterly fucked. Yeah I did that. I bend over to quickly kiss him on the cheek.

"I'll be right back." I slide of the bed and slip into the bathroom to wipe myself clean. I return to the bed with warm damp washcloth, gently wiping down Jason's chest and now flaccid penis. I discard the washcloth and we snuggle onto the bed together his face buried arms wrapped around each other. Never before,as I lay there holding him drifting off to sleep, have I felt so completely safe.

I hope you enjoyed this story, a little different in writing style than my first here but it's one of my older ones. 

This is a piece of fiction. My piece of fiction which may not be borrowed, altered, taken or copied without my explicit permission.

I'd LOVE feedback! Let me know what you think, if you have comments, suggestions or feel bored let me know. 



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