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I was 18 when my first encounter happened to me. I was always a straight guy I never knew I was a gay till this incident happen to me. But I never liked any gals or even imagined of sex till the age of 16 so at the time I couldn't confirm whether I was a gay or straight or bi.

I always heard rumors that my best friend peter liked me not the normal like way but the way you like your boyfriend. I never asked him about this just because I respect my friend ship with him. We hang out together so many hours a day and I know so much about him and he knew all about me too, you know the kind of typical best friends.

He loved Hannah Montana star miley Cyrus he had posters about her all over his room so you know this made me thought he was a straight. we those kind of dudes that study study study 24/7 cause our parents expected so much from us .But sure in our free time we go swimming I love swimming a lot so much that if u don't get to see me at home or at school I am sure to be in the swimming pool with peter.

As a very intense swimmer both me and peter were well built my six pacs were solid and I was 6.2 peter was my exact height but his body was even more built he had this hard 8 pacs he works out a lot at home.

Weekend was coming. Peter came dashing right at me I knew with his facial expressions that something good has just happened or gonna happen,'¯ Dave, did you notice those posters there's gonna be a Hannah Montana live concert I really wanna watch it please help '.he said excitedly. I knew I had to do something cause he loved Hannah Montana so right after school I brought him where the tickets sold.

Both of us managed to get ourselves tickets to Hannah's concert. We all got dressed in the most glamorous way 'I mean the appropriate way to go to a concert'¯ .Oh man the show was awesome I enjoyed it as much as peter did. Right after the concert we both walked together back home then only I remembered that my parents are away to my aunt's birthday celebration away from town. I knew I had to be all alone at home.

To be truthful I was afraid because of the recent horror movie I watched. 'Peter if you are free can you stays with me tonight there's no one home 'I asked.'¯Sure, man just let me ask my parents if not I might be in trouble '. He called his parents and it was a yes because his parents know very well that we are best friends we just live down the same lane.

We got in to the house and I offered him my clothes to change which he accepted willingly. I asked him to switch on the TV and watch something while I get coke for both of us. I grabbed two cans of coke and went to the sofa to have a sit. Oh god my shirt was too tight for peter 'come on peter we are best friends you don't have to be shy and squeeze in to that shirt just throw it away and relax buddy'¯ I said.

Peter felt relaxed after he did what I said. His beautiful body was godly in that night moon light but I was a straight at that point of time so I didn't bother much. We switched all the channels in the world I guess and nothing seem to be interesting so peter insisted to watch some movie. I am a horror movie fan only all the movies I have is horror thriller only. Peter looked thru all I had and decided to watch one horror movie that I didn't watch completely I mean I barley watched the movie.

I pressed play and we sat down quietly watching the movie .About half and hour pass by the movie was horribly frightening but as I watched all the starting scenes. Then the movies middle parts came which I haven't watch by this time I am half frozen with fear. Still drinking coke peter was a brave man unlike me.

I will never forget the part till today it was the ending scene. The ghost suddenly appeared in a very very horrible way that it made me scream and Hug peter. I swear peter was shocked by my reactions. Still hugging peter tight. Peter hug me tightly to console me I was really shaked by that incident.

After coming to a normal state I backed off peter and said sorry so many times that peter started laughing and said its ok man its ok . He switched of the movie. My coke finished I told him I will be back with more coke I went to my fridge all alone and looked for coke cans .Oh no there's no more coke. I grabbed a bottle of milk and started to drink it when I felt a hand tap my shoulder; I dropped my bottle of milk.'¯Hey, hey it's me 'peter said and hugged me again. But this time something was different he was hugging me tighter and I felt something hard pressing against me and I was getting hard too.

I pushed him back and said hey I feel different man. I walked to my switch and on the light, when we were in the light then only I notice that his nipples were were hard and he had a huge tent in my boxers which he was wearing. While I was running my eyes all over him he was doing that back to me. I then looked down to find that my dick was hard and up too it was so hard that I felt painful. And my whole boxers got wet in my own precum. This time when I looked at peter he was having his hard dick in his hands stroking it slowly. And he came closer again deep inside I knew I want this but this whole feeling was knew so as he was coming forward I stepped backwards. Till I was blocked by a wall he came so close to me and I could feel his hot breathe this time he hugged me tight and kiss me.

I felt super weird as this was my first kiss with a men .But I couldn't help it I felt peters love it was so strong that I had to kiss him back .Our tongues met for the first time it was a beautiful sensation running through my body and him . we kissed so long that is seem to be like hours I was really enjoying it but now peter started to touch my hard dick still inside my boxers. This made me squeal and 'Peter is u sure, I mean whatever we are doing is this right.'¯ I asked. I don't know whether this is right or wrong but my love for you have no boundaries he said and kiss me passionately this time. And both of our hands were in each others boxers.

Peter pushed me to the sofa and he rip my shirt off and started to kiss my neck it was very ticklish .And then he stared to play with my nipples oh god that made me go crazy I was just so horny ,he bite licked and played so much with my nipples I really loved that . and he kissed my pacx my belly button and rip of my boxer which made my dick hit straight up at my abs . Without touching my dick he licked it up completely first.

And then he grab my dick and started licking my pee slit which made me moan softly and lightly which got peter hornier .He started sucking my dick hard and fast . It was my first blowjob from a guy and he was my best friend oh my god I was in ecstasy. I knew I couldn't hold my load back very long peter really wanted to make me shoot a load he sucked it so well, my dick swelled and I tried to tell peter no I am gonna cum and I pushed his head away and forcefully he came down back at my dick all the way down my dick .This new feeling made me cum instantly it was the biggest load I have ever cumed so far peter drank all my cum and he shaked my dick for more I knew my balls were empty.

I just couldn't control myself I pulled peter up and shove his dick directly into my mouth and started sucking on his huge rod .peter said Hey u seriously don't have to do this man. I pushed the dick out of my mouth it came out with a plop sound and I said come on baby I love you and I started sucking him again this time harder and faster I too wanted his milk I really wanted to taste it so I started sucking fast. Peter started moaning a lot and his dick swell in my mouth I know he was getting close. I got his whole dick in my mouth and I heard this loud moan and gush after gush of hot salty men juice came I swallowed every bit of his cum and licked his dick. Peter pulled me up and started kissing me passionately again. Both of our balls were emptied we were tired. I brought peter to my bedroom. We got under the covers and we both cuddled into each others arm and fall asleep.

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