My Heart’s Desire

Written  by;  Bill Hudley

Aaah,   Home at last, walking through the terminal building at Myrtle Beach Airport thinking of my pool and wanting to get in it as fast as I can was all I could think about. My two week trek crisscrossed the country three times in 14 days, the last leg of my journey, from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach, is now completed, I’m home with two weeks off, no more airplanes for fourteen days at least.  

My flight from Atlanta was right on time.  I’ve been away on business trips from Seattle to Miami and From Montreal to San Diego, and many, many stops in between. I’m bone tired and want to sleep in my own bed, in my home.  On my way to the cabstand to get a ride home, I heard someone call out my name.

“T J?  TOM!   Thomas Tucker from Conway, South Carolina, is that you?” a tall, blonde and very attractive man in a Armani suit asked.

“Uh...yes, I’m Tom Tucker; you have me at a disadvantage, I don’t seem to!  Edward? Is it really you?  Ohmigod!  Eddie Hastings!  Good grief Eddie, I haven’t seen you since High School.”

At first we both extended our hands to shake but once he held my hand, Eddie pulled us into a great big hug and was slapping me on my back.  I began talking before he released the hug.

“Wow!  What’s our Star Quarterback and best Basketball Player doing these days.  From the looks of you, whatever it is, you’re doing it very well, it’s so good to see you Eddie.”

“I nearly fell down doing a double take when I saw you walk by me T J.  You look great,  we’re supposed to be old coots now but look at you, with the same body you had in high school, but with more hair than I remember.  I can close my eyes and still see you running a route to catch a long TD pass.  We really were  a great team on the football field.  What  have you been doing since the days at Conway High ?”  Eddie asked.

“I got a Marketing degree at UNC in Wilmington, worked for a bank a couple of years, then hooked on with FINCORP, my present employer for the past four years.  We sell financial accounting systems to  Financial institutions.  I’ve been on the road for two weeks, I’m headed home to the beach at Murrells Inlet for some desperately needed R&R for a couple of weeks.  What about You Ed, what;s your story?

“I went to college at The Citadel on a football scholarship, got a business degree and settled in at my Dad’s car dealership, starting off on the sales floor.  We’ve got four separate dealerships now and two more under construction now.  I married Angela Butler the year I graduated from Duke, no kids, and we divorced after three years.  How about you, I don’t see a ring on your left hand.”  Eddie laughed.

“I never married, I was engaged once, we dated all through college, I gave her the ring the night I graduated and WHAM-MO!  The sweet girl I’d been with for four years changed into the woman from hell.  We...uh...I broke it off after only three months into  the engagement, she became a completely different person with my ring on her hand.”

“Wow, I wish I’d have done that, it would have saved me a bundle of money for sure.  Where are you living now.”  Eddie said.

“When my grandparents died I inherited their house in Murrells Inlet.  It’s old, they bought in in the 30’s, but with careful maintenance and upkeep it’s held up well, and it’s on South Waccamaw Drive facing the Atlantic.  I can walk to my favorite bar from the house.”

“On the beach on South Waccamaw!  Damn Tom, you’re sitting on a gold mine, Dude.”

“I love the place Eddie, it calms me, it soothes my soul to sit and watch the water.  When I’m home, I feel that I’m the luckiest man in the world.  How about you?””

“Home base is in Charleston for now,  I’ll be traveling up to check on  the two new stores frequently now. These will be our first Jaguar and first Cadillac stores, we have high hopes for both of them.  the Jaguar place will be between Murrells Inlet and Pawley’s island and the Cadillac store up in North Myrtle Beach.  I’ll be going back and forth between the two as the buildings go up, so I’ll be moving up the coast here for a while as we get the new shops up and running.  Say TJ once I get here, let’s go out for dinner and drinks sometime, I hardly know anyone up in this area anymore.”

“Anytime Eddie, when I’m home I’m always alone, come for a weekend sometime, if you like fishing, there’s plenty of ways to do it at the Inlet, there’s great food and I do love sleeping at the beach.  I like working on the place, I’ve done lots of renovations and there’s always maintenance to do every time I come home.  It’s no castle but it’s mine and I live right there on the water.  One of these days I’ll give up this flying all over the country and sit my butt down at the Inlet and stay there.  Hey...Ed, where are you headed now?”

“Just now getting back home, I just flew in from Ohio, went there to talk to the Honda folks, we have one of their franchises.”  Ed said.

“Come home with me, kick back and relax and we can catch up.  It’s so good to see you.  Spend the night.  We’ll grill steaks for our dinner.

“Really?...You mean it.  Come there now”

“Sure,it’s Friday afternoon, we can kick back and take it easy, we’ll have a great time, there’s a fire pit in the back yard, a hammock, a big wide front porch to sit and watch the Ocean.”

“What the hell, let’s get our bags, my car is over in the long term lot.  Let’s go!”

I got a bit worried in the car, I had forgotten about the huge crush I had on Eddie from 8th. grade on through High School.  Eddie was the golden boy in High School, blonde hair, voted most handsome Senior, had girls chasing after him constantly.  His dad had a the Ford dealership in Conway and Ed always had a new Mustang convertible to drive.  We played football together, with Eddie the quarterback, throwing the ball and me the wide receiver, catching the ball and most times scoring, we were close, we spent a lot of time together after regular practice working a lot on the passing routes, plus we hung out together when we weren’t playing football too.

I remember his body, so perfectly muscled, his hard, rippled stomach, a butt like the statue of David and nearly as hard as the marble the statue was carved from.  Football guys are forever patting each other’s butt, and like many on our team, I never missed a chance to slap or touch his behind.  That’s how I knew his butt was so hard and muscled, I touched it nearly every day at practice and on game nights, too.  I longed to touch his butt in the privacy of my bedroom too.

I knew I wasn’t supposed to like looking at him naked but he was so beautiful, his perfect body, athletically muscled, broad shoulders, that flat, rippled stomach and that perfect bubble butt.   Proving that some guys get all the luck, Eddie has a plump, nearly 6 inch long cock when it’s soft.  I have always wondered what it would look like hard, and standing tall, how it would feel in my hand...oh fuck yeah, I still do.  

When we parked in my drive Eddie was freaked at my house and the location.  He ran through the rooms of the craftsman style bungalow, ooing and ahhing in every room.  I’ve put a lot of sweat equity into this place, using recycled materials as much as feasible, and staying true to the original design as much as I could.  

My home is furnished with Mission style pieces that were in vogue when craftsman Bungalows were built.   I have all of my grandparents Stickley furniture, a trestle dining table with 10 chairs, side board and china hutch, that came to me with the house.   A couple of glass door bookcases flank the fireplace in the study, an Art Deco copper lamp with a mica shade.  All of it now collector pieces.  The are some modern day Stickley Mission style pieces like the sofa and side chairs that blend in well with the old.  The bedrooms also have the modern Stickley pieces.

The hardwood floors are all dark stained oak, with white walls and with a lot of luck, I managed to get a ‘beach home’ feel .  I had large over sized windows installed a few years ago to open the place up to the magnificent views of the Atlantic. Pastel sheer drapes that I’ve never closed. I don’t mean to brag, but I was contacted by Southern Living asking permission to come and see my place with the possibility of an article being done.  It so happened that one of their staff had shared my bed for a couple of nights a few months back and he had raved to the editor about my home.  I let them come to see the place but decided against the article, with me being away from home so often I didn’t want to advertise the contents of my home to the world.  I promised that I would call them when or if I ever decided to take root and give up traveling for a living.

The one major alteration to the 30’s theme is that the place was completely rewired to accommodate modern electrical demands and I’ve installed Central Heat & Air, and a nice 20’ x 30’ pool in the back yard, an outdoor kitchen is about halfway finished, no appliances yet but most of the masonry work done.

Like I said, Ed was impressed and asked who had done the decorating.  When I told him it was all my doing, he didn’t believe me.  I showed Ed to the guest room and his bath and I brought over some shorts and a couple of Speedo’s if he wants to swim.  I’ve plenty of big, baggy swim suits like most guys wear, but I purposely laid out a Speedo for Eddie.  I want to see his bulge when he packs it all into that tiny suit.  

I left him to enjoy the view and look around while I made a run to the market for food and the liquor store for sustenance.  I got Steak filets and lobster tails for our dinner,and wine, beer and Gin.  There was plenty of scotch and vodka there already.

When I walked into the house I heard...

“That’s right boy, suck my cock, get me good and wet ‘cause that’s the only lube you’ll get when I fuck your pretty little butt, eat my cock boy.!”

I leaned against the door frame, unable to speak.  I was mortified.  Ed had turned on the TV and I had left a porno DVD in the player on the TV.  

I managed to get into the kitchen and sat the bags down when Eddie came into the room.  He had a half smile, half smirk on his handsome face.

“Sorry Ed, I turned on the TV and that’s what started playing.”

“’m the one to apologize Eddie, but at least now you know.  I’m gay, have been since I can remember.”

“Jeez Tommy, I would have never guessed.  There’s no clue about you or this place that you’re gay except for that DVD in there.  I think I’ve always been curious about gay guys, back when we were in school, I always checked you out in the showers.  And I remember staring at your narrow little butt when your ran pass patterns. Were any of the other guys on the team gay?”

“I don’t know Ed...I never did anything, sex wise, in High School, but when I went to college in Wilmington, I wasn’t there a week before I had my first man to man sexual experience at my Fraternity.  It was all kept quiet and never anything overt was said, but when the bedroom doors closed the ‘brothers’ were mostly sexually ambiguous, sex was all that mattered,  a partners gender was rarely a deterrent, we were all very horny dudes.”

“Well Tom...just know that it’s okay with me, I won’t tell anyone...but is it okay if I ask questions about it while we’re here, I’m still curiour I guess...uh...especially since you’ve told me about you...and I did watch a lot of that made me get hard.”

“Sure, ask away, if I don’t want to answer something I’ll tell you.” I said.

“First off, I want to get out of these clothes, take a shower and into some shorts and a tee shirt.”

“I put out some shorts and swim trunks for you in case you didn’t have any with you.”

I was passing through the hall when Ed stepped out of his room in his knit boxer shorts, I stopped and watched him walk into the bath.  His body looks like it did 10 years ago in High School...oh god, his butt looks the same as it did when I would jack off thinking about him so many years ago.  I went on into the living room and fiddled about, straightening up a bit, then to the kitchen to marinate the beef and clarify the butter for the lobster,   Ed was still in the shower when I cracked the door and asked what he wanted to drink.  He chose Gin on the rocks with a favorite. too!

I made the drinks and sat his on the vanity, to be ready when he came out of the shower.  As I left, I forgot to pull his door all the way shut (oops, silly me),  At the right place in the hall I could see his reflection in the vanity mirror.

I heard him call out to me and went to ask what he needed.  

“Do you have a disposable razor I can use Tommy.  I’ve left mine at the hotel in Ohio he said.

Talking at the bathroom door I could  still see his reflection, he was toweling his hair dry and I watched his cock lengthen, in a semi hard state it had grown considerable from what I could remembered from 10 years ago.  I told him where the razors were as well as a new toothbrush he could use and I turned to go away.  About halfway back down the hall I heard...

“Great it’s Tanqueray!  Thanks TJ, you’re the best!”

I had the steaks and lobster ready for the grill, and the grill loaded with charcoal and soaked mesquite chips, salads were ready and in the fridge, the wine on ice.  I headed for my room to grab a shower myself.  Once while I was still in the shower, Ed stuck his head in to ask if he could put on some music, I told him where to find the CD’s  I could see through the shower door that he was checking me out in the shower stall.  Just for fun I turned to face him as I told him where the music CD’s are.  He kept his eyes on my cock the whole time he was there.  

After my shower when I was drying off, Ed came back into the bath to ask where the remote for the CD player was.  I hadn’t a clue so I wrapped the towel around me and went to the living room.

“Jeez T have so much body hair.  A thick mat on your chest and down the center of your stomach, I don’t remember you having any chest hair in High School,.  I’m jealous. I’m almost hairless with just a little fuzz on my butt and upper legs.  You’ve got a great body must work out.”

“I run at least every day if possible, and I go to the gym to lift and do squats, heavy lifting and pumping iron builds up your testosterone levels I’ve heard, and more “T” means more sex!  I stay away from those Testosterone pills....good hard exercise builds your ‘T’ levels naturally.  I do feel like a different person since I started working out, and lately my staying power has increased dramatically, I can fuck all night long now.”

Eddie blushed crimson.

“Are you a rump rustler Tom?”

I laughed, “You straight guys crack me up!  Yes, I like to fuck men, I don’t call it rump rustling though.  It’s anal sex.  We (gay men) only do that after a thorough, cleansing enema,  You ought to try it Ed, you’d like it, I can promise you that.  But I must warn you, man to man sex is addictive, especially to those who’ve been disillusioned by a woman’s

duplicity.  There’s an honesty about man to man sex that satisfies in many ways.  At least it’s that way for me.  Have you ever done anything with a guy, even back in school.?”

“NO!  Never...oh...there was one neighbor kid, Jimmy Byers, we did jack off together a few times, we never touched each other though.”

“Did you sneak looks at his cock back then.”

“Uh...y...yeah, I guess I did.”

“Don’t worry Eddie, that’s normal, most all guys have some sort of homosexual experience growing up.  You never knew it, but I always had a big crush on you.  In high school I’d jack off thinking in my bed at night thinking about watching you in the showers.”

“Really!  For real”

“You were a hot kid Eddie, and now, you’re an even hotter man.”

“You think I’m good looking...I mean...uh....I know I don’t have a problem attracting the ladies and I’m not rich, so I know I’m not ugly, but it’s a different kind of compliment when a gay man says it.  Thanks T J.”

He was blushing again.  I began to wonder about Eddie, he seems to be fascinated that I’m gay and it’s like he wants to know more.  Hmm.  That Armani suit he was wearing didn’t come from Goodwill, he may not be rich but I know his Dad sure is.

I got up, took his glass from the table and went to refresh our drinks.  He was staring at my crotch as I brought the drinks,

“Damn...I need to get out of this towel, you can tell I’m not used to having guests very often.  I’ll be right back.”

Ed was still wearing the tight knit boxers and a tee shirt.  

Being the shameless slut that I am, when I see something I want, I set out to get it.  It’s time to put the moves on my long time High School crush.  Tonight my mission is to get into Ed Hastings pants, or rather get him out of his pants. I put on a pair of white spandex square cut, low rise, trunk style shorts(underwear, really) with a tight form fitting Carolina Blue muscle shirt, cut off about eight or ten inches above the spandex trunks, leaving my lower abdomen bare and just a hint of pubes at top of the trunks.  If these didn’t get him excited, then he wasn’t interested in man sex at all.  Somewhere between our meeting at the airport and right now, I decided that Eddie Hastings would be my next conquest.  I’ve wanted his cock in me since High School.

When I came back to the living room Ed was sipping at his drink and he choked a bit when he saw what I had on.  I stood over him and patted his back and when I looked down, his face was only inches away from my cock.  He looked at it, then up to my eyes.  He never said a word, I saw his eyes flash down then back up to mine.

“You okay Eddie?” I asked.

“Uh...yeah...the Gin just went down the wrong way.”

I saw that his cock had hardened up in those revealing knit shorts, the helmet of his cock plainly is outlined.  I took my seat on the sofa with the center cushion between us.  I punched in a four digit music channel code on the satellite dish remote, and the room filled with classical Chamber music, great background music for our conversation.

We listened quietly for a bit then I turned a bit and leaned back into the corner and cocked one leg up on the cushion, so that I could look at Eddie.  He caught on and turned to sit like I was, it was easier to chat and we both could get our eyes full of the other.  Which seemed to be what was on each of our minds.  Ed’s cock got harder and he looked anxious until he saw that I was hard too.

“Uh, T J, what’s sex with a man like?  I mean,what’s so different than with a woman?”

I had to catch myself...I almost said it would be easier to show him than to tell him, not thinking that he could be scared off by so bold a statement.

“First it’s the equipment we have to work with.  We men don’t have massive, pendulous breasts but our little nipples are very sensitive, most wired directly to the cock.  The cock itself can be intimidating, many men are ‘size queens,’ wanting only the biggest cock they can find.   Basically, regardless of size, they all work pretty much the same.  When sexually aroused, blood rushes to the penis making it stand proud.

The energy two men have together is electric Eddie, they both want the same thing, they meet to fuck and want to get on with it.  No games, no begging or pleading to get sex.  Men don’t use sex as a tool to get what they want outside the bedroom.  Men use sex to bust a nut, to get off!  ‘Nuff said.  The same can be said for kissing, It’s raw and sensual beyond description.  Once you’ve had your mouth tongue fucked, by a big bruiser of a man, you will always want more.  Men don’t play mind games with sex; there’s no hidden agenda.  Once you experience an orgasm with a hard cock up  your butt, nothing else will ever do again.  I don’t have the right words to describe that feeling, Eddie.  But trust me Ed, I swear, you will absolutely have the best orgasm of your life.”

Eddie sat there listening, his mouth hanging open and he was noticeably trying to hide his hard on and squeeze it at the same time.

“All this talk about sex get’s me riled up Eddie, let’s go cool off, let’s get in the pool!”  

Knowing he’d be embarrassed by me seeing his hard cock, I let the way.  We both retreated to put on swim trunks,  Mine were very similar to the underwear I had been wearing, with the square cut, low riding style.  Eddie came out in the bright yellow Speedo I’d left on his bed.  Just as I’d hoped, it was very tight on him and the bulge I had been anticipating did not fail to impress, he was so stuffed into the speedo that the front of the waistband wasn’t touching against his skin, if I looked over his shoulder, down his body, I could see his cock where it filled the pouch so that the speedo pulled away from his body.  Eddie has a big cock, I remember it well from the showers in High School.  I promised myself that I’d do my best to see his all of his hard, erect cock before he leaves here.  

My backyard has an 8 foot high, plastered, concrete block wall completely enclosing it, wide wooden plank gates to the street at each side of the house give me back yard  access when needed.  The fence was built before Murrells Inlet was incorporated and was ‘grandfathered’ in, meaning that it was allowed to stay even though we now have lower height limits.  It is completely private there, each corner has huge Palmetto trees offering a little bit of shade, additionally there are two 9 foot wide umbrellas poolside and one on the patio for eating and/or drinking.  There’s a Cabana with stools over in one corner also.  Part of the yard has been made into a patio area with inlaid paving stones, extending from the house for about 20 feet,  there are rock walls to sit on and and many strings of lantern lights overhead.  There’s lots of native plants and some old Palmetto trees, it’s really quite lush looking, and a perfect place for a party, for two or twenty.

I walked down the steps into the water while Eddie dove into the deep end head first, swimming underwater the length of the pool and surfaced at the shallow end wall beside me.  We swam laps, stopped and  rested with our arms on the deck, then swam some more.  Eddie made another dive but this time swam underwater to where I was and tried to tug my swimsuit down.  I grabbed at him but he slipped away.  

We played and grabbed at each other for a good while.  Copping a feel or two and rubbing against each other, just two guys horsing around made it all seem okay, even if we were grabbing asses and occasionally accidentally brushing up against the other’s cock; we both remained hard the whole time, yeah...just to old friends horsing around.

I thought of it is as foreplay!  I walked up the steps at the shallow end and turned to face Ed out near the deep end and slowly I inched my trunks over my hips and pushed them to the deck.  Then I walked back into the water and swam toward Ed in the deep end.

“This is how we’re meant to swim Eddie, naked and free.  I know that Speedo can’t be comfortable with all that you’ve got stuffed into it, take it off Eddie.”

Like all guys I presume, being naked in a pool gives us an erection.  I turned over and did the backstroke swimming away from Eddie and my cock stood straight and tall.

“Uh Oh, up Periscope! There’s a submarine following me, Eddie!”  I laughed.

Seeing my hard cock sticking up out of the water, and that I wasn’t the least bit shy or embarrassed was incentive enough.  Eddie went under the water and shucked off his yellow Speedo in in a flash and swam toward me with it in one hand.  I sat down on the next to top step at the shallow end and the tip on my hard cock barely broke the surface.  Eddie swam up and sat beside me trying to hide his boner from sight.

“We all get an erection when we’re naked in the water Eddie, don’t fight it.  Enjoy the freedom.  He settled down on the same step beside me and the head of his cock stood at least two inches above the water line.

“Damn Ed!  How big does that thing get?” I asked, my eyes glued to his hard and thick cock.

Eddie blushed again, and quietly said it was about nine inches.

“Jeez T J, your body fascinates me, you’re so well toned and...well I know it may sound weird coming from me, but you’re really sexy.  Uh...if I were to ever going to be with a man for sex, I’d want him to be just like you, TJ.”

“I’ve told you that I crushed on you all through school Eddie, when you’re ready let me know, I’d be proud to introduce you to what Man to Man sex is all about.”

He stared at me, mouth still open, like he couldn’t believe what was happening, what we were talking about.  He kept looking from my eyes to my cock.  While he was looking into my eyes, I slowly moved my hand and closed it around his erect cock.  He jumped when my hand touched him and his head turned to me quickly, his eyes wide but he was betrayed when his cock involuntarily throbbed in my hand and oozed pre cum.  When he looked up to my eyes I said.

“Tell me when you want me to stop, okay Eddie?

He nodded and I saw his hand reach for my cock.  We sat like that, me jacking him a bit and him doing the same to me. I could feel his cock getting harder as he held mine in his fist.  We kept staring and then I couldn’t believe it, he started leaning to me and his eyes closed and his lips parted, we kissed.  When he opened to my tongue, our electricity jolted him, (me too!) he let go of my cock and wrapped his arms around my waist, we tumbled from the steps into the water and stood naked, body pressed against body, the power and pure maleness of our kiss took over, driving him to feelings and emotions he’d never known before.  Eddie fought to get his tongue down my throat, he took one arm from my waist and found my cock to jack on as we kept kissing.

When we finally broke free to breathe, I sat him on the top step and most all of his cock was standing tall, above the waterline.  I didn’t give him time to even think of what I was going to do, I bent and sucked about three quarters of his cock into my mouth.  Eddie moaned loudly and hunched his hips to fuck my mouth.  I stood him up and I sat on the bottom step, the water came up over my shoulders.  I took his cock back into my mouth and moved his hips back and forth, signaling him that it was okay to fuck my face.

“Oh sweet Jeezus! T J...ohmigod...OH TOMMY!”

He held my head with one hand and arm, the other hand moved to my face and he ran his fingers down to feel where my lips surrounded his fat cock as he plunged it in and out of my mouth and throat.  At one point he bent over me, cradling his body over my head while his hips jack hammered my face and throat.  I was holding his testicles with one hand and I felt them moving in his scrotum and I backed away, gasping for air myself.

“I never heard you say stop Tommy.  I don’t want you to cum just yet, there’s a lot more I can show you.  Would you like to go inside and lie on my bed.  There’s something special I want you to do for me.”

“Okay...Yes!  The bed...T J...Tommy, I never had any idea sex could feel like this, is it always like this?”

“With the right partner, yes, and it gets better and better Eddie.”

Once inside, I made another round of Gin/Rocks for us.  I took a fresh bath towel and gently wiped Eddie dry, caressing every part of his body with the towel and my hands.  Once he was dry he took a second towel and I let him explore my body as he dried me off.  He did spend a great deal of time drying my genitals and inspecting them as well.  I was completely caught off guard when I felt my cock sliding into his warm moist mouth.  DAMN!  I’ve known since we were in the MB airport that I wanted Eddie and I to do this.  

I sweet talked to him, caressing and kissing what parts of him I could reach, telling him how good it felt to be with him this way after wanting him for so long.  I told him how good he feels against me, how good his cock feels in my hands and in my mouth.  How proud I am that he chose me to be his first, how mine would always be the first cock he put between his lips,  how just knowing that gives me goose-flesh just thinking about being his first.  While I did love looking down to see his handsome face distorted, his lips and mouth filled with my hard and throbbing cock.  Eventually I had to pull him off my cock, I didn’t want to ejaculate this way...not yet.

When I finally I pulled him up and we lay on the bed, I turned to the 69 position and I took his fat cock to the hilt in one move this time, the different angle made it much easier to get all of him down my throat.  All of his almost nearly nine inch long, seven plus inches girth, cock was down my throat and I milked him with my throat muscles as best I could.  His cock is so thick, I’ve seen plenty of cocks longer, but none as thick as Ed Hastings.  

As a cock sucking novice, Ed did very well, never once did he scrape me with his teeth or gag from going too deep.  We sucked each other like we’d never have another cock.  Ed was good enough to make me wonder if this was truly his first time at this.  The man knows how to suck cock!

When my orgasm was near, I pulled off his cock long enough to tell him I would let him know when I was about to ejaculate.   A few moments passed and I was very near the end, I yelled to Eddie to pull off but he was too slow or he didn’t want to let my cock go.  The first volley of my cum shot into his mouth his eyes grew wide a saucers but he automatically swallowed my semen.  He pulled up a bit and the second volley filled his mouth and he shut his eyes and swallowed again just as he exploded and shot his semen into my mouth with a roar that could have been heard down south, in Charleston.

After we caught our breath, I turned and lay facing Eddie.  At first he kept his eyes closed, and when he did open them he saw mine staring back at him.   I hugged him to me and kissed his neck just below the ear.

“So Eddie.  I still haven’t heard you say ‘stop” yet,  I’m beginning to wonder if you are the really the Man to Man sex virgin you claim to be.  You suck cock like a pro Ed, you are much too good for that to have been your first time.”

“I just want to please you T J, to make you feel good, and you were right...I’ll want us to do this again, and again, and again.  I like doing this with you TJ, but No...I swear...I’ve never done this before...but there is something I didn’t tell you.  This is hard to say... especially now after that... I mean what we did...that was the best sex experience ever for me.  Uh Tommy, I need to confess, that back in school, I crushed on you too.  I would get my eyes full while you were soaping your hair in the showers and then I’d jack off thinking about you and your tall, lanky and oh so sexy body of yours.  I’ve day dreamed of doing this too, but you gotta believe me, Tom, today, here with the first time I’ve ever had sex with a man.  I’ve experienced and felt sexual sensations today that I never knew were possible. I love having sex with you Tommy, I’ll always want to do this with you.”

“There’s much, much more Eddie, maybe later after we’ve eaten and laid about a bit to recharged these wonderful toys between our legs...maybe we can do some more body exploring.  We’ll sit out by the fire pit for a while, but later, I want you in my bed, I want you to sleep with me Ed.  There’s an elation I feel when I wake with someone I care for spooned up against me.  You and I...we’re long time will be very interesting to see where this thing with us goes.  I only wish we’d done this ten years ago, I still have something I want you to do later.

I got up from the bed and held out my hand to Eddie.

“C’mon Ed, lets shower.”

I adjusted the water and laid out towels and washcloths; I tested the water and then got into the shower. I pulled Eddie in after me and and held him to me as we stood under the warm water,

“Hmm you feel so good Eddie, I like holding you like this.”

He put his hands on my face and kissed me, gently, tenderly and he had me stuttering and stammering,  His kiss moved me, we stood there with the water cascading over us, his arms around my neck, my tongue down his throat, our rock hard cocks, dueling each other for the best position.  Uh oh!  This is getting into mind fuck territory for me.  I never expected that we could be so in tune with each other.  Who ever expects a beginner to be so utterly good at making love to a man for the first time.  As for me, being with an old friend was as comfortable as an old pair of shoes.  Eddie and I just fit together.  We were a good team years ago on the football field,  and now we are  teammates again, this time in the bedroom.  I could like this way too much.

We put on shorts and tees and sat on the front porch for a while, watching the water and the people driving by.  I heard my stomach growl and remembered we had never eaten dinner.  We went to the back yard, lit the charcoal in the grilling pit and in a few minutes we were having a most delicious dinner of steak and lobster tails.  This entire afternoon and evening has been a magical time for us.  I never in my wildest dreams could have thought up what has happened here with Eddie Hastings and me today.  Pure magic!

As the sun continued its trek west, the skies darkened and night settled over the the Ocean and our little piece our Murrells

s Inlet.  I took Eddie upstairs to the master bedroom.  He thought the bedroom I used downstairs was the master, but up here is my retreat, the bedroom and ensuite bath take up three fourths of the space, a massive closet and a small sitting room takes up the rest.  

There are five glass paneled french doors opening out  onto the sleeping porch, and the Atlantic Ocean, it’s my favorite feature of the entire house.  Additionally there are three french doors that open onto a balcony from my sitting room on the backside of the house overlooking the pool.  In good weather, the french doors stay open and I sleep on the porch most all of the spring and summer months, sometimes well into October before the nights become too cool to sleep there.  

With the french doors open I can see and hear the water, the waves gently lapping at the shore at Neap tide and the stronger rushing in of the High tide each with it’s own gentle breeze that flows through the house, plus the smell of the Ocean air.  I love this place and being away from it two weeks at a time is getting really tiresome.  I want to stay home, not be in some cookie cutter hotel room just like the one i stayed in last night on the other side of the country.

“So Eddie, you have yet to tell me to stop as I show you what it is like to make love with a man.  I’ve told you that there is something special that I want you to do for me Ed.  I want you to fuck me Eddie, I want to feel that fat cock of yours deep inside me.   Also I want you to experience how awesome Anal sex can be.  Do you think you can do this, better still do you want to do this?  You’ll wear a condom Eddie, we play safe, always”

Ed came to me from the windows, put his arm around me and laid his head against my shoulder.

“Yes...I trust you T J...I can do this with you, it’s a bit scary after all the horror stories in the papers, magazines, and on TV.  But I trust you and I really want to put my cock inside you T J...I’ve really liked and enjoyed all the things you’ve shown me today, and I guess I’ve turned gay, at least I’m gay for you T J.  I don’t know if I could or would even want to do these things with anyone but you.

His hand slid down my chest and inside the waistband of the cargo pants I have on.

He took my hardening cock in his hand, nuzzled against my neck and whispered near my ear.

“I know for sure that I’m queer for you Thomas J. Tucker.  I’ll come running anytime you call me T J.”

I tilted his chin up with my forefinger and gave him a tender, gentle kiss.  I felt his whole body shudder when, my tongue gently probed his mouth and he sucked gently on my tongue.  He still hand his hand in my shorts and my cock was rock hard and drooling.  

I moved my head to place my lips at his ear and my tongue danced and licked in and around his ear, he squirmed a bit then I whispered to him...

“I need to get myself ready for you, why don’t you go make us a couple of drinks and find us some music to fuck by, while I get ready.

I pulled his arm as he started to leave and brought him back for a toe curling, deep tongue fuck of a kiss.  I unzipped him and pulled out his wet and shiny cock.  I knelt and took him deep into my throat and ground my nose in his blond, trimmed pubes.  He was breathing hard when I pulled off and stood facing him.  

“Think about that while you’re making our drinks...there’s a whole night ahead for us of making love, Eddie.  I think you’re gonna like this, now go!”

It took a while for me to get ready for him, that’s always the way when you’re hot to trot for the man waiting to plug your hungry butt.  Just as I was finishing up and getting out of the shower, I heard the music start.  I had to laugh when I heard the unmistakable Violins of  “Love’s Theme” by Barry White.  Eddie and I grew up listening to our parents play this music, I rushed out of the bath and grabbed Ed and whirled us around like we were dancing.

“I had forgotten that I have that CD, it sure brings back old memories.  Mom and dad would push the dining room table to the wall, roll up the rug and dance all night to this song.  Jeez, I remember those crazy pictures of them; the long hair, sideburns, bell bottoms and platform shoes, mirror balls and strobe lights!  They had fun and casual sex was accepted and even expected back then.  Now Eddie, get your gorgeous little butt into the shower, pronto dude.”

In about three minutes I was getting into the shower with Eddie, I slipped in behind him and wrapped my arms across his chest and he leaned back into me.  He reached back and pulled my cock down between his legs, sighing he laid his head back against my shoulder as we let the water run over us.  That moment  was as near  to complete contentment as I’ve ever known, my childhood friend, whom I’ve dreamed of and desired since we left High School, is naked in my arms, and we aren’t kids anymore.  I bent my head and kissed his neck just below his ear.  Eddie straightened and turned to face me.

“You’ve completely wrecked my life T J.  I had a plan, a road map to my goals, and dreams, then one chance encounter at the airport and the life I planned life is shot to hell.   I never planned on anything or anyone like you, like this, the way we are together.  I never dreamed anything in life could be as good as I feel with you, both in and out of bed.”


“Eddie, I learned at college to never make detailed plans, something always happens to change them.  My Gran used to say ‘if you don’t think God has a sense of humor, just make some plans.’  Why don’t we wait until morning to sort out and amend your ‘life plan,’  we’ll both think clearer with coffee in the morning.  But now, we need to get out of this shower and get in bed.  I can’t think about anything but getting that cock of yours deep inside me,”

I started lubing myself and talked Eddie into trying it.  Once he had a couple of his fingers inside me, he was hooked.  I told him how to add more fingers and how to stretch me and how he could turn his hand and crook a finger to stroke my prostate.  I yelped when he did it and a shot of semen splattered onto my stomach.

While flat on my back with my feet in the air and getting pounded is what I prefer, I decided that I’d break him in by lying on my side with my top leg pulled up giving him better access to my butt.  I was ready and I rolled an extra large condom onto Eddies fat erection.  When I felt the bulbous head of his fat cock pressing for entrance, I pushed my anal muscles down hard and after three tries, the head of his cock slipped inside me.  

Being alone so much, I spend a lot of time pleasuring myself with a dildo, both on the road traveling and here at home.  You should see the looks the security guards at the airport give me, when I fly with my little friend.  I seldom go out cruising for sex, so  I’m accustomed to having a big dildo in my ass, but Eddie’s thick cock gave me a very hard time (not in a good first).  About an inch from the bottom of the Fireman’s helmet, Eddies cock thickens to a bit more than seven inches in circumference, I’ve had longer, often...but never have I had a cock with anywhere near his girth inside me.

Eddie was over the moon, he kept raving about the heat inside me, how soft and velvety my anal canal is inside.  All the time I was grimacing trying to get him inside me, I was steadily pulling him deeper inside me.  I reached back and pulled my cheeks wider wanting all of him in me.  When he settled in deep and ground his pelvis against me, we both moaned loudly.  Eddie pushed down, I pushed up and I felt the pulsations of his cock as we ground against each other.  

“OH FUCK YEAH!  Sweet Jeezus T J, nothings ever felt like this.”

He started fucking, in less than 10 seconds he hit his rhythm and I was purring like a kitten, Ed fucks better than he sucks and he sucks really, really good!  Oh...Jeezus his cock fills me so, I love it, DAMN! I love it, I gotta fuck this cock.  My anal muscles relaxed and Eddie’s cock was now the perfect size and he fucked me hard, there’s pain and pleasure with each thrust but it feels so good.  

“Hold on to the bed Eddie, I gotta itch we gotta scratch...down deep...I love your big cock in me Eddie...oh jeez...yes, YES!”

I grabbed my cock and began jacking hard while he drilled me with his cock.  I flipped us and I straddled his hips as he drilled my butt.

We’re gonna cum, YES!  Cum with me Eddie, shoot me full baby, fuck your T J, you’ve always wanted this’s your’s...FUCKIT baby...OMIGOD... EDDIE! FUCK IT,  FUCKIT, FUCKIT, FUCKIT, FUCKIT...EDDIE!  I’m CUMMING... EDDIE!  OH GOD EDDIE, FUCKMEFUCKME FUCKMEFUCKME...ARRGGHH!  EDDDIIIEEE!

My semen went over his head, onto his face and chest and the last bit puddled in the abs of his stomach.  When our tensed bodies relaxed I fell atop Eddie and slid off to the side in my cum that covered him.  I felt his hands pulling my face to him, we kissed briefly, I had to breathe.  What a fuck...what a cock!

It was well after midnight when I woke and Eddie wasn’t in the bed.  I stumbled out of bed, tripping a bit on the clothes on the floor, then I saw his silhouette, sitting on the balcony looking at the moonlight on the ocean.  I stopped and loaded a CD into the player and went to join Eddie.  A crescent moon highlighted the ripples on the water, the soft murmur of the Neap tide lapped at the shore across the highway from us.   When I sat down Eddie leaned over to kiss me, then handed me an almost fresh gin/rocks that he had made for us a few minutes ago.

When the first strains of ‘Moonlight Sonata’ drifted out onto the darkened balcony, Eddie reached over and took my hand, when I looked at him he had a slight smile on his face and he looked very contented.  So was I, more so than I can ever remember being.  The euphoria following our sexual as well as emotional release was still lingering as we sat and watched the ocean, again he reached out and held my hand.

It’s been an unexpected and highly satisfying rendezvous with a long lost friend.  Additionally, for me anyway, a long held wish come true.  It took a lot of years but I finally slept with Eddie Hastings, my High School crush.  Now I wondered if this would be a one time thing. d

For me, the hypnotic sounds of Beethoven, the moonlight on the water all combined for a wonderfully romantic moment.  When the music ended we went back inside and cuddled up in the bed.  When we woke again the sun was rising on another beautiful Carolina morning.

Down in the kitchen Eddie wanted to cook our breakfast and sent me out to the pool area to await his surprise breakfast.  It was over half an hour before he called me to eat, waking me from a snooze in the hammock.  We sat down to a fabulous breakfast of Eggs Benedict, fresh orange juice and coffee.

“Wow, he’s handsome beyond words, smart, successful, fantastic in the bedroom and he can cook a gourmet meal!  Will you Marry Me?” I joked.

He looked up quickly from his plate, a stunned look on his face.  When he saw the big smile on my face I guess he knew I was joking (sort of) for he answered with...

“I’ll have to think about it, you do snore quite loudly, you know.”

We laughed a bit and I reached across the table and put my hand over his.

“Eddie, I know I’ve sort of ambushed you with the sex thing, but you never said ‘stop’ so I didn’t.  Maybe I should have...stopped, I Mean.  I want you to know that this time with you has been the best I’ve known in ages.  I want you in my life now, let’s never lose touch with each other again.  You’re always welcome here.”

“It has been an eye opener for me TJ, you’ve shown me things I never expected to learn and choices I never knew existed.  I really don’t want to leave you, but I have to get back to Charleston and the business.  Dad will be retiring in a few years and I’ll be in charge then.  You’ll be flying off again in ten days or so for another two weeks away, getting together will be hard with our schedules, but I’ll find a way to make time for us, if you want.”

“I want, Eddie.”

“Speaking of our wants, do you think you could show me one more thing Tommie?”

“I’ll do anything for you Eddie, I hope that you know that.”

“Great, ’cause I want you to fuck me, Eddie.  I saw the ecstasy on your face when you were nearing our orgasm.  I wanna feel that TJ, I feel so much closer to you now after last night.  I want you inside me, it’s almost a need.  It’s what I was out here thinking about while you slept, please, can we make love that way...I really want to feel what you felt. I need you to do this Tommy.”

I took his hand and we left the dirty dishes on the table and I led him upstairs.  I told him what he had to do to prepare his body and let him know I would help if he wanted or needed me to.  He said no, that he could manage that part.

I threw off the dirty sheets and put on fresh ones while he was in the shower.   Then I joined him in the shower to clean myself up.  Damn...when he holds me and lays his head on my chest I just about melt.  I can see visions of a white picket fence around this house, 2.5 dogs and a cat, and ‘forever’ in our future.  I know that when he leaves I’ll likely go into a blue funk,

it wasn’t supposed to be like this.  But then I’d never considered the possibility of meeting up with Ed Hastings again.  

To quote Robert. Burns;  ‘Mousie, you aren’t alone in proving foresight may be in vain; the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry.’  

There are plans that go ‘awry’ and then there are ‘train wrecks,’ which is where I fear I’ll be headed when Eddie leaves today.  After drying off we made our way to the bed.  I’ve grown accustomed to the feel of his naked body pressed against me.  The easy familiarity of our intimacy, and now here he is giving me the honor of doing the most intimate act two men can do together.  I’m awed by his trust in me. I want this to be so special for him, I used the special Anal Ease lubricant that helps to numb the sphincter a bit and keeps the pain down to a manageable level for most.

I had him lie face down on the bed while I kissed my way down his backside.  I started with a tongue in his ear as I lay prone atop his body.  My hands and tongue

traveled downward kissing, licking and feeling every inch possible of his wonderful body.  I let my tongue lightly trace down the crevice of his butt and that sent chills and goose-flesh across his body.   As I moved farther down the bed, I could see his throbbing cock and testicles pressed against the bed between his spread legs.  My tongue bathed them as well.  I made little nibbles with my teeth on his butt cheeks, making him groan and grab fistfuls of the bedding.   I caressed and kissed the back of his thighs and bent my head to let my hair tickle his legs and butt.  

Without any warning, I spread his firm butt cheeks and stabbed my tongue at his opening.  Eddie nearly bounced us both from the bed.  He screamed and yelled and I rose to tell him to put a pillow under his mouth.  The neighbors will think I’m killing you.

“You are!  That’s unbelievable!”

“ brace yourself Eddie.”

I did it again but slower, it took maybe 10 seconds for him to reach back and pull my face deeper into his butt.  Eddie likes me eating out his beautiful little butt, just as much as I like eating it.   Once he had calmed down to just moans, I took the Ultra Glide and began loosening up his butt.  I’m fairly certain he’s never done any sort of butt play before.  He keeps turning to look back at what I’m doing to his ass and squirming and wiggling to get more fingers deeper inside him.   When he was well loosened, I crooked a finger inside him and stroked his prostate, bringing another loud outburst before he buried his face in the pillow.

I raised up and got the condoms and let Eddie turn and put it on me.  With his hand holding my cock, he looked at me, grinned and deep throated my entire condom covered cock.  I had him lay on his side and raise his top leg bringing his knee up to give me better access to his lovely rosebud.  I cautioned him about the initial pain and that I would stop to let him get accustomed to my cock.  

“Remember Eddie, if you say stop, I’ll stop.”

I told him bear down, to push with his anal muscles to make the entry easier.  I was surprised that we made entry on the second push; and more surprised that Ed only grunted when my cock entered him.  He did start taking short breaths, but in less than a minute he was backing up on my cock.   

I pulled back to his sphincter and then slowly back in causing him to gasp.  By the time I was into my rhythm, he was meeting my thrust and soon we were grinding our pelvises to get deeper.  On that first pelvic grind, a low guttural groan escaped from deep inside him and he renewed his thrust against my cock with each plunged into his hungry little butt.  Just like everything that we’ve done sexually, Eddie loves it.  He is a natural at man to man sex.  

I became impatient and I had him move to lie on his back, I knee walked between his spread legs and bent again to lick and tongue his cock, when my mouth closed on the groin, where the leg meets the torso, he roared loudly into the pillow.  I placed my cock against his anus and leaned forward to kiss him.  In one swift move, he locked his arm around my neck, locked his ankles on my hips and pulled me deep inside him.   I began to jackhammer my hips into him, he moaned into my mouth and kept pulling me with his legs and ankles.  When we broke the kiss, I rose and took an ankle in each hand and I began to pile drive my cock into him.  He grabbed his cock and jacked to my rhythm. Staring into my eyes  and twisting a nipple with his free hand the entire time I fucked him.  

I saw the change come over him, he had reached that place, his whole world now centered around my cock inside him and how he could get more cock deeper inside him.  He never faltered, he jacked and he fucked back on my cock and when I felt his body tensing for ejaculation, I was only a heartbeat behind him.  

His body stiffened, legs straight out on either side of me, and a growl that started deep down in his testicles came out of his mouth as a giant roar, T J!  TOMMIE!


I saw his cum splatter on the headboard, then his face and it pooled on his torso.  Mine ran out of his ass onto the clean sheet.  We both collapsed and slept.  To spent to even say a word.  

It was after two when I woke.  I opened my eyes and Eddie was propped up on one arm looking at me and smiling.  

“Ya know T J, once we get the hang of it, we might be pretty good at that!”

I started laughing and he joined in.  What we had done on his first ever fuck was plainly beyond words for either of us.  When the laughter died, we lay there staring at each other, I had to bite my tongue, literally, to keep myself from saying those three little words that can make or break a magic moment like this one.

He pulled closer and nuzzled his face into my neck and whispered...

“I wish we could stay here like this forever.”

“Who knows Eddie, maybe one day we will.” day,  I’d like that T J.”

At four o’clock I stood and waved goodbye as he drove away to Charleston.  I felt the first pangs of loneliness on the second step up to the front porch, I turned just in time to see him turn left onto Atlantic to go over to US 17 for the drive to Charleston.  Up on the porch, I sat in Granddad’s old caned rocker and stared at the ocean.  It was more than an hour that I sat there on the porch.  The phone ringing in the kitchen broke me from the almost trance like state I was in.  By the time I realized it was ringing, I had to run to get there before the call went to voice mail.

“Hi TJ, I’m home and just wanted to let you know.

I interrupted him...”I miss you already Ed.”

“’re all I thought about on the drive home.  Never in my wildest imagination would I have ever thought about what’s happened between us.  We’re cool aren’t we, I mean what happened hasn’t changed us, has it?”

I managed to keep it cheerful and upbeat despite the fact that I already missed his company desperately.  It was just last week that I looked forward to being alone, now this house seems empty.  I did my best to stay happy go lucky with him but inside I wanted him right back here with me.

“Sure we’re cool Eddie, but I’m fairly sure that things with us have changed us.  For the better on my part, anyway.  I know I want to be with you more now.  I hope you feel the same.”

“How about me taking you to dinner Tuesday night.  I have meetings here tomorrow and I can’t get back to you until Tuesday.”

“ about I fix something here and we can eat then get naked for the rest of the night?”

“Naked all night with you sounds perfect.”

“It’s a date Ed.  You know where to find me.”

“Yes, see you Tuesday but I’ll probably call you before then...okay?

“Yes, it’s very okay Eddie.

While Murrells Inlet is too far north to be considered ‘Low Country’ it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ‘Low country’ cooking.  I consulted with a local woman who is known for her fabulous cooking and came up with a surprise treat for Eddie.  I cooked up

a Frogmore stew (basically a shrimp boil with sausage and potatoes and corn on the cob) for our naked evening, and I bought several batches of her ‘Benne wafers,’ a delicious, thin cookie of sesame that is a specialty around Savannah and Charleston.  

Even though all the food was ready when Eddie arrived, I convinced him that it would be much tastier and enjoyed more if we got naked first and had a bit of fun before we eat.  Although I do crave his big cock stuffed up my butt, I can never resist the sight of him lying on his back, legs spread wide and holding his arms up to hold me to him.

As we kissed I felt him reach down and position my cock at his anus.  I’m always amazed with the control he has of various parts of his body.  While my cock isn’t as long as his, nor as big in circumference, it is still large enough to have made other men wince and and cry out at times, back in the day.  Eddie has such control he can allow me to enter his body easily and without pain.  

He loves that moment when we grind against each other, straining to get more cock into him, like I do.  I’ve decided that he’s an aggressive bottom.  I have to hold tight to stay inside him, as he bucks his body and his hips fuck my cock deep inside him.  To be honest, I dearly love it too.  I’ve had my share of men, but there’s been no one like Eddie, with him, our emotional orgasm is what I live for.  

I’ve thought about our situation a lot these past couple of days and there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m in’s not just the sex part either, having Eddie back in my life is what I’ve been missing, I don’t want to be alone anymore, I want Eddie in my life and in my bed.  I never want to stop feeling like I do when he’s with me.  Now I just have to work out how he will feel about us.  I know he’s committed to me for’s the rest of our lives we have to work out now.  For my part, he can move in here with me right now, I just have to find out how he feels, I’m not sure how he will react.  I know that he’s the heir to his father’s businesses and that could be our downfall.  

After our lovemaking, we fell onto the food and devoured half of the Frogmore Stew  and a bottle of white wine between us.  I decided not to force the issue of ‘us’ and to leave it to work out over time.   We woke early enough for Eddie to plow my butt good the next morning and after a quick breakfast, he was off to his meetings and I began to prepare for my own departure, my two weeks were almost gone.

Eddie called every day and on the days when he would need to be up to check on the new buildings, he always came by and he stayed with me if he needed to stay in town overnight.  We had two weeks of great sex and even better than the sex (almost,  anyway) was the genuine friendship we’ve resurrected from our school days, so many years ago.  We made love every chance we had until I had to fly out again for sales calls all across the country.  Before I left I gave Eddie a key and told him to stay here at the house when he was up here instead of getting a hotel. (Don’t want him tempted in some hotel bar now do I!) I started checking for jobs in the area that I could do from home.  The money I’d inherited from Gran and Granddad provided more than enough interest income for the upkeep on the house; and if I’m careful about my spending, I could manage without working, but I know that I can’t just sit and do nothing.  I’d have to find a vocation at least.

I’ve only been good at two things, besides sales.  One is making stained and beveled glass panels, and the other is working with wood, both carpentry and sculpture.  My workshop is in the shed out in the corner of the back yard.  I’ve a layout tables to work on and most of the tools of the trade that I’ve collected over the years, making small sun catchers and wind chimes as holiday gifts for friends and family, and a few for craft fairs and some for a friend who has a shop on the boardwalk.  It’s been a while since I did any sculpture, I think I’ll take it up again when I’m back at home.

I started making the leaded glass panels the first year after college, my first big project was the beveled glass sidelights for the entryway to Gran and Granddad's house, now my house. It was something I’d always wanted to learn and I took some of classes.  I have a few pieces in my home, the aforementioned sidelights beside the front door, sun catchers for the west windows,  Frank Lloyd Wright styled windows in the living room, kitchen and bath rooms and a wind chime hanging on the front porch.

I was talking to Jay Jarred,  the owner of the bar up the street one afternoon and he was talking about the home he was remodeling and that he wanted something unique to set his place apart from the tract homes.  He was talking about different types of art, sculpture, paintings, carvings and asked my opinion.  I asked if he’d considered a beveled glass or stained glass picture window.  He immediately liked the Idea and went to his office to get a book.  He came back with a picture of a three horses running together and asked if the picture could be replicated in stained glass.  I told him sure it could.  He shocked me when I asked what size he wanted the picture to be.

“I want it 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide, we’ll put it in the family room.”

I knew that being that size, it would need to be between two panels of glass for protection from a growing family as well as to withstand the winds we get here when storms rage up the coast.  He asked me what it would cost and I told him I’d have to get back with him and that I’d need a copy of that picture.  He gave me the book and I had a poster copy made to the 8 x 5 foot size he wanted.

I checked on-line and with local artists and knew that the Window size the John has requested will be over eight thousand dollars from an established artist.  I told John, the bar owner what I had found out and he said the he’d pay me $5,000 for the window ...if he liked it.  We struck a deal that he’d pay me $6,000 if he and his wife like it.  If they didn’t like it, I’d keep it. they wouldn’t owe me anything.  I knew I could sell it and it would be a great ‘portfolio’ piece for my fledgling business.  I knew that with the poster of the picture I could duplicate the picture in lead and glass to their satisfaction.

It’s funny how things happen, I got the $6,000 for the window and a two additional commissions from friends of the bar owner for smaller windows, a great start for my  new business.  I worked my regular job for one more month before quitting and becoming an ‘artist’ full time.  

Eddie was supportive and very happy that I wouldn’t be flying six or seven days a week, I was just as happy as Eddie, I just want to be at home all the time now.  It’s been just over four months since our reunion at the Myrtle Beach Airport and Eddie has spent more nights we me than at his home in Charleston.  He’s here frequently due to the two new dealerships that he and his Dad are starting up and he would have been staying in Hotels, but I want him in my bed with me. To be fair, it was not a one sided relationship, I know Eddie wants to be with me as much as I wanted him there.

It was a Friday afternoon and I had been up to Wilmington, NC for a consultation for a commissioned window for the Chapel at UNC-Wilmington.  I saw Eddies car in the drive as I came down S. Waccamaw and I felt a little flutter in my stomach.  I’ve got it bad for Eddie, can’t help it.  I’m hoping that one of these days when he comes to visit, he comes to stay.  I love him and I’m fairly sure he feels the same.  I’m just a bit wary of bringing the subject up though.  We’re good as we are and I don’t want to upset things, I need it to be his choice.

I found him out by the pool in a white Speedo, the sight of him made my heart pound against my chest.

“Hi handsome.”  Eddie said.

I bent down and gave him a little peck on his lips.

“Your tan is really set off by that white Speedo Ed, you look good enough to eat.”

I wiggled my eyebrows at him and he jumped off the lounge and was pulling me through the house and up to the bedroom.  Eddie is a genuine ‘horn dog,’ he’s always ready for making love.

“So how did things go at UNC in Wilmington TJ?”

“It went very well, they gave me commissions for two beveled side light windows and  transom for the president’s house and there’s a very strong possibility of a couple of large stained glass windows for the Chapel.  It’s almost enough to pay for our Ultra Glide lube bill this month.”

Eddie blushed and I hugged him to me.

“Hey babe, you know I’m just teasing you.  I love being in your cute little butt as much as you like me being in there.  Hmm, times a wasting Ed, lets get naked and play nasty,  Dibs on the Bottom!  It’s high time you fucked me for a change Eddie boy.”

The way we are when we’re together is amazing.  Not just the sex part either (but the sex is absolutely spectacular, by the way.)  It’s the little things, the everyday living part that make me know how right we are for each other.   Everything from sleeping, to house cleaning, to cooking and even the laundry is more fun with Eddie in the house.  Beside, all that...he’s ruined me for anyone else, his almost seven inch circumference cock fills me like no other ever has, I fear a smaller one wouldn’t even touch me, once inside my widened anal canal.   

I lay on my back, Eddie had three fingers in me before I got settled onto my pillow.  He dearly loves playing with my ass.  Today though he surprised me yet again when he pushed my legs up and pushed his face and tongue into my butt, he’s never done this before.  He surely loves me eating him but this is the first time he’s done this to me.  Like everything else we’ve done sex wise, he instinctively knows how and what to do.  I’ve come to believe that he was a gay man in a former life.  He swears I’m the first and only man to touch him sexually and I believe him, but he sure does have excellent intuition and the man learns really fast.  I don’t question it anymore, I just enjoy what he does to me, ‘cause he does it so well.

When he finally came up for air, he grabbed my ankles and knee walked up to my butt, that wide cock of his bobbing up and down.  I think his cock has it’s own radar, he can zero in on my opening with no hands, he just walks up and pushes with his hips and I moan in ecstasy as his extra wide cock eases into me.  I love it!  He loves it!  

When he’s balls deep inside me and I start milking him with my rectal muscles, that’s usually what sets him off and on his way to our orgasms.  He speeds up his fucking rhythm and nails my butt to the mattress with every thrust.  We’ve done this enough now to know how to synchronize our movements to get the most pleasure for each of us.  

When he starts his ‘jackhammer’ fuck I know it won’t be long.  I grab my slick and wet cock and jack it in time with his thrusts into me.  Once we feel our bodies begin to tense rigid, he leans down and we kiss passionately, heightening the intensity of our mutual orgasm.   Immediately after our ejaculations is the moment I feel such intense love for him.  I always wonder ‘how he does it,’ no one has ever made me feel like Eddie does.  (Hmm...maybe that’s why they call it love...ya think?)

We had calmed our breathing down, back to normal and I lay there searching his eyes and face.  There are  things I need to know, so I asked the one that worried me the most.

“Eddie do you ever want to be with other guys?  Sex wise I mean.”

“WHAT!  NO!  Someone other than you?  Are you crazy?  NEVER!  Why ever would I want anyone but you!  That’s you?  Maybe you want to be with other guys...I hadn’t  thought of that.”

“NO!  NO!  NO!  I only want to be with you Eddie...but the problem is I want you forever, every day and every night, together.”

“Why is that a problem Tommie?”

“I want us to live together Eddie, I want you as my life partner.  I love you, and I’m in love with you Ed Hastings, I want you in our bed every night and every morning.  Because of the way we started, you know, me seducing a gay virgin and all, I’ve felt a bit guilty about that part and was hoping you would say something but I can’t hold it in any longer, I have to tell you how much I love you and that I want us to be together.”

He grabbed my face and kissed me deeply and with tenderness mixed with passion.

“Yes Tommie, that is exactly what I want, and I’ve been waiting to hear those words from you.  I knew I loved you that first night when you took hold of my cock in the pool.  Since we go back so far together, I guess there’s a lot of love from back then mixed in with what we’ve become these past months. But listen up TJ!  I don’t want or need anyone but you Thomas J. Tucker.”

We were both glowing with happiness, the tension brought on by the wait for one of us to say ‘I Love you’ is gone, replaced by overwhelming emotions. The indescribable relief I felt that moment when I realized that Eddie, loves  and needs me just as much as I do.  We’re friends, life partners and lovers.  A couple.

The rest of the afternoon was a fun fest.  Almost an hour of playing and horsing around in the pool.  Making plans to go out for a celebration dinner, Eddie wanted to try an Italian place he had heard raves about over in Pawley’s island, Cafe Piccolo.  He called and made reservations for 9:00 pm.  I didn’t want to put on a tie, we live on the beach for goodness sake, but I wore my best suit and tie for Eddie.  He wanted us to have a special memory of this night.  I already had my memory when he said yes!  We took Eddie’s car, a demo from their Jaguar dealership in Charleston.  It’s an F-type Convertible, White, with saddle tan leather interior.  The car is an eye catcher just like Eddie is.

As we cruised down to Pawley’s Island, I looked up and saw the full moon which made me anticipate a wonderful night on the balcony and sleeping porch back at the house. We had a bit of trouble finding the restaurant, it’s tucked away beside a doctor’s office with vines and climbing flowers covering the brick and wood facade, a Vespa Scooter parked by a window made us know we were at the right place, Then we saw the simple painted sign above the windows, peeking through the climbing vines.

We decided to sit out in the garden patio which in a word is ‘lush’ with greenery climbing  on and through lattice walls  and flowers blooming in pots and beds.  A charming outdoor dining room. Strategically placed fans kept the air moving in a slight breeze

I ordered an appetizer of bacon wrapped, Seared Sea Scallops, while Eddie had Mozzarella Caprese with tomato and basil drizzled with Extra Virgin olive oil.  The appetizers were delicious, giving us high hopes for our entrees.  We both chose the Arugula and Fried Gorgonzola salad with red onion and a lemon vinaigrette.  My entree was Chicken Frances e, egg battered and fried with lemon and white wine sauce.  Eddie chose the Shrimp Diavlo in a spicy marinara sauce.  We were both surprised by the taste and quality of the food, but the ambiance of the place stole the entire evening.  It’s like an enchanted grotto.  Beautiful to the eye and a treat for the taste buds as well.

Back at my place, Eddie put the car into the carport.   I poured up a couple of  drinks and went to change out of the suit, Eddie followed.  He had a good deal of casual clothes here by this time, jeans, shorts, shoes, tees and swim trunks.  A few weeks ago I bought Eddie a few pairs of the Aussie Bum low rise boxer briefs as a present to myself.  I get hard just looking at him in them.  He knows how they affect me and when were alone those shorts are all he wears, because when he does wear then, we usually wind up with me pulling them down with my teeth and then making love.  I only bought him three but now I think he needs enough to wear them all the time, seeing him off to work in a nice suit and knowing he’s wearing his ‘fuck me, baby’ underwear turns me on.

We both were wearing only our underwear as we made our way to the pool.  I lit up the fire pit and we both crawled onto the two person sized lounge chair.  With our near naked bodies touching from shoulders to ankles we were both sporting boners as we sat together, sharing drinks and kisses.  We eventually made it into the water, being careful to remove the underwear before getting into the pool.  We didn’t swim much, just held each other and rubbed our bodies together until we had to find our release.

I lay back on the lounge chair and reached under the towel and brought out the Ultra Glide.  Eddie lubed us up and I lowered the chair back to the flat position and Eddie put that wide cock of his right where it belongs, filling my ass full.  After all this time I’m still in awe of how thick his cock is and how wonderful it feels when he puts it in me.  We’ve developed a routine, Eddie fucks me then in turn, I fuck him.  It sounds very unromantic, but we manage to have our partner gasping for air and begging for more cock before we’re finished for the evening.  One tried and true trick to have Eddie eager and his butt twitching, is to rim his perfect little butt for 5 or 10 minutes and he’s begging me for my cock.

This was an epic night, after our session down by the pool, we went up to the sleeping porch to end the night but Eddie had other ideas.  He licked and kissed every inch of me.  On his way back up from his trip down my body, he opened his mouth and sucked on my knee cap while he jacked my cock.  Both the front and back sides of my knee are erogenous zones for me.   I couldn’t help myself and I shot a small bit of  semen as he sucked on my knee.  I think he planned this, knowing that it would take me a good deal longer to bring us to orgasm now that he had drained my testicles.  He knows, of course, that fucking his hungry butt all night is my very favorite pastime nowadays.  

We didn’t get a lot of sleep this night but we were sated sexually, for a three or four of hours anyway.  Eddie had afternoon meetings and I retreated to the workshop out back to work on a sidelight panel of  beveled and leaded glass.   It was a hot day and I had the AC  was roaring, set on the blizzard setting.   I was so absorbed in the glass work that I hadn’t heard Eddie come home and he startled me when he walked into the workshop. I nearly jumped out of my skin when he wrapped me in his arms from behind.

“Babe, I’ll ruin that suit...I’m dirty and sweating like a pig.”

“I’ll go get out of these clothes and we’ll get naked and then into the pool, T J.“

“As much as I want to do just that, I need to run out to get some work supplies Babe.

these old glass cutters I have aren’t getting the job done, I have to get new ones Babe.  I must have them to finish this commission.  C’mon and keep my company, the place I have to go to is out East on Hwy. 501 in one of those shopping centers  It’s a good hour trip there and back in traffic.”

I cleaned up a bit while Eddie changed into board shorts and a tee.  He knows I like him to wear the board shorts and go commando so I can easily  get my hand up them and play with my favorite toy  while he’s driving.  It’s a hard to do that in my SUV because of the console, but I have managed it a few times.  Like most shopping trips, I left the store with much more that just the glass cutters, I spent over $300 in 10 minutes!  We loaded the loot in the SUV and started back home.  I asked Eddie to drive while I checked out my new tools.

He took Hwy 501 all the way to the beach and turned right onto S. Ocean Blvd.  the traffic on US 17 this late in the afternoon is always horrendous.  Besides, we get to look at the water most of way.

We were going through the intersection at S. Ocean and Cypress Ave,  less than half  a mile from the house, when we were broadsided by a pickup truck, squarely into the passenger side door.  All I remember is the side airbag exploding against me and knocking me into Eddie.  I first woke hanging by my seat belt, halfway out of my seat, the SUV was lying on its side.  When I looked to Eddie, all I could see was out the window pavement, and  Eddie eyes were closed and blood was everywhere.  I tried to scream at Eddie to wake up but I must have passed out, wanting Eddie to wake up was my last memory until waking up in the ICU.  

It took a while for me to begin to think.  I could see the room, but nothing made any sort of sense to me at first.  I was in a strange bed, in an even stranger room, with people I didn’t know.  I was immobilized, unable to move anything but my eyes.

Suddenly a woman in white loomed over me, peering at me, without a word she pulled away and disappeared.  I tried to call out to her but I couldn’t make a noise, there was something hard and plastic in my mouth and throat. I couldn’t make a swallowing motion at all.  My arms and legs were tied to the bed frame, I was tied into a position and couldn’t move.  I began to panic, had I been kidnapped like my Mom always warned me about when I was a kid?  Why were these people here?  Why and I here?   

Sometime later, I’ve no idea how long it was after the woman looked at me, a man in a white coat with white hair bent over to look at me.  I was startled by his sudden appearance and  I struggled against my bindings feebly.  Then the man in white smiled and spoke.

“Please calm down, Mr. Tucker.  You’re in a Hospital, you were injured in an auto accident, and we’ve been waiting for you to wake up.”

Then I remembered...”EDDIE!  OH GOD, WHERE’S EDDIE?”  I struggled against the bindings, and I could see that the Doctor was alarmed.  He call out something to a nurse and I saw a hand appear and give the doctor a syringe, he stuck the syringe into the IV tube and I went back into a very restless sleep.  The next time I woke the hard plastic thing was gone from my mouth and throat.  I made a croaking sound and soon a woman in while was looking down at me.  I croaked again and she spooned a piece of ice into my parched mouth.  As soon as it melted I croaked out again.

“Eddie, where’s Eddie?”

The nurse disappeared and was replaced by the White haired man again.

I kept asking...

“Where’s Eddie?” Getting more and more frantic when no one answered me.  Again my heart beat was like thunder in my ears and it must have been in the White Doctors stethoscope too, for he called out for another syringe.

I begged to know where Eddie was, I was shouting no as he held the syringe to the IV tube.  Tears were streaming from the corners of my eyes as I cried our his name.


They knocked me out again with that syringe.  My dreams were terrible, I couldn’t ever find Eddie or anyone who knew where he is.  I had no way of knowing how much time had passed, but I woke with someone holding my hand.  Instantly I knew, it’s’s Eddie holding my hand.  I opened my eyes and my hand was empty, there was no one there, no one had been holding my hand, but it felt so real.  I was sure it was Eddie, then my blood ran cold, is he dead, was it his way of letting me know he’s gone.  


I heard beeps and alarms and suddenly there were many white clad people around me.  One was pounding on my chest, another put a plastic cup over my nose, they were frantic and all I wanted to do was to go with Eddie.  I felt myself floating up and out of my body,  I could see myself lying in the bed, surrounded by the white clad crowd, there was a man in a wheelchair at the foot of the bed, too.  I screamed as loud as I could.  


I stopped rising up, suddenly I wasn’t floating up anymore.  I was falling back to the bed, but I wanted to go with Eddie, I want to be where Eddie is.

The next time I woke, I knew I was in Heaven, I heard Eddie calling my name.  

“TJ!  TJ!  Wake up, Tommy, it’s me, Eddie, T J...please wake up.”

I felt his presence even before I opened my eyes, I knew he was there with me, I heard his familiar voice, I was startled when I felt him take my hand.  His touch felt real.

I opened my eyes and Eddie sat in a wheel chair beside my bed.

When I whispered his name I heard him cry out my name as sobbing overtook him.

“Oh T J!  Thank you God” as his lips kissed my hand.


It’s been nearly twelve weeks now since the accident.  We’re both working our way slowly back to normal, our broken bones have knitted back together, there is still some internal discomforts from the trauma our bodies suffered.  We don’t complain.  We both experienced the fear that we had lost the person we needed most.  

Eddie is back at work, his parents told him to stay here with me, not to be making the drive back to Charleston each night.  He concentrated on getting the two new Auto Dealerships up and running, with the grand Opening for the Murrells Inlet Cadillac store set for two weeks away and the Pawley’s Island Jaguar store four weeks away.

I’m having a slower time healing, despite the surgeries and therapy, my right hip and leg aren’t back to normal and I’ve been told by the doctors that I may have a permanent limp in that leg along with limited mobility in my right arm.  Also I can’t stand or walk for extended periods and I have to use a wheelchair when we go out to eat or shop.  

At first I was unwilling to be seen in a wheelchair until Eddie talked some sense into me.  Making me realize that it was my vanity that was keeping me home bound.  I finally managed to accept the chair and realized that him pushing my chair was yet another way for him to show his love for me.  I’ll accept these new limitations without question, and be thankful that we are both as well as we are.   Things could have been so very much worse.  I’ll be forever grateful for what we still have.  

The accident has taught me more about myself and about Eddie than I thought possible.  We’re a solid couple, based on a deep and enduring love and friendship that has seen us through the hard times.  We’ve not been able to manage having sex with our broken bodies, all we have is kissing and touching and holding, but in our condition that is enough for right now.  Even without sexual intimacy we’ve become closer and more committed to each other.  We’ll make it.  We will get completely healed.  

Eddies parents took us into their home after our stay in the hospital, perhaps it was the scare of losing Eddie that made them accept us as a couple.  What ever the reasons, Both Mr. and Mrs Hastings have accepted me with open arms.  After we were released from the University Medical Center in Charleston, where the LifeFlight helicopter took us at the time of the accident, I learned that Mrs. Hastings has a gay brother living in Ft. Lauderdale with his partner.   I’m sure that helped them accept that their son is also gay.  Mrs. Hastings stayed with us for a couple of weeks after we went back to the house in Murrells inlet, we still had a male nurse but Eddie’s Mom did the cooking and caring for us.

Eddie has moved in, he and his Dad have computer meetings every evening when Ed comes home.  The two new Auto stores are about to open, the Cadillac store between Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet opens in 8 days and the Jaguar store near Pawley’s Island.  We talked about what to do for a Grand opening and with his Dad’s approval, we came up with a ‘Silent Auction’ format for two cars, one the new small Cadillac and the other for the top o the line CTS sedan.  The proceeds from the auctions will go to Coastal County Food Banks in South Carolina.

Eddie and I are happy and content.  We are both continuing with physical therapy to rehab our bodies.  I’m determined that I will not walk with a pronounced limp, it just ain’t gonna happen, I’ll get back to my former self, how could I not?  I have my heart’s desire with me every day.

Then End


Bill Hudley


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