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My name is sunny from Delhi, 29 years of age and GAY by orientation. I have had many gay experiences in life with some guys some I met at school/college and some online. Till Last year all my sex experiences were as a guy and have never thought of cross-dressing, until one day it happened. I am sharing that experience with you guys hope you like it. If it makes your dick rock hard, feel free to comment on my story or ping me at [email protected]

So here I begin:

I had sexual encounters since the age of around 14 and going on very well. I had created an online profile on a popular gay dating site and had some sessions with some users. I had posted some well clicked pictures of my ass, my curves (my ass looked sexy from the side pose...lolzz). One day I got a ping from a user with profile name hotpoleforyourhole. The user asked me for phone no. and asked to meet up. I refused to give my phone details in first conversation (I did the same for all such users). I asked him that first I need to know him better before sharing the contact details and meetings up. He accepted and started casual talks on yahoo chat. He introduced himself as preet from bathinda. I asked him that bathinda is too far and it would not be possible to meet up. But he asked me that if the things clicked he would come to Delhi to meet up. I accepted and slowly the talks began.

We used to chat almost daily, sometimes normal knowing each other types and sometimes sex chats. He had a big around 7 inches dick and was fat too (I loved it). He knew that I love watching his dick so I think he played it well and used to daily send me few pics of his dick. Slowly we exchanged out numbers and started phone talks.

It was January 2015 starting when One day he asked me to come to bathinda to meet up. I asked him that it's too far and I have not been there in my life. He told me that he will book the train tickets and it would be fun. He asked me to come by 24th January morning and leave by 25th night. I asked him we should take some more time, but he insisted me to come by 24th. The next day he even mailed me two train tickets of some Punjab mail train. I accepted his offer and we started waiting for the day.

ON 23rd January, I board the train and by 24th morning I reached bathinda. I called his number to inform him that I had reached and he should come and pick me up. To my surprise he was already waiting for me at the railway station. We greeted each other, had some naughty gestures and then we moved to his home by his car.

On our way to home I said: Preet home would be a risky place. We should plan something else.

Preet replied: Don't worry sweaty I had all arrangements done, so relax.

I sat comfortably looking at him and soon we reached home. On reaching home he introduced me to his mother as a college friend. His father had already expired a long time back. We went to his room where we had some tight hugs and kisses (he really was a nice kisser...lolzz). I got freshen up and for some time we relaxed in each other's arms. Then his mother called us for breakfast as she had to leave for some satsang.

As his mother left my heart started beating double its speed. Preet held me by my hand and took me to his room. I felt now my ass would have no mercy. As we entered his room I say a black dress, a pinkish panty, a bra, some cosmetics and a big bottle of hair removal cream lying on his bed.

I was surprised: Preet what is this!!! I have never tried such things and u too didn't talk of such things earlier????

Preet replied: some things are to be done the first time sweaty. It would be fun.

I said: preet my friends would get to know that I am gay, if they saw my hairless arms and legs. Please I can't do this.

Preet said: don't worry, it is winters wear some full sleeves and lowers and nobody will come to know that you got your body hair removed.

He insisted me to wear then the reason which I came to know later (actually he was a gay top earlier but then he fall in love with a girl named sweaty. He left all gay things due to her and now she was getting married to some other guy. Her marriage was on same day 24th January and that's why he called me on that day. He said that he could have had sex with any call girl but he had no faith in any girl now and want to continue the same gay thing again. ) I accepted his offer and we both went to the washroom. He applied the hair removal spray nicely and in almost 45-60 mins I was there completely soft and hairless. We kissed each other, had some body play, shower together. I tried to suck his dick but he refused and asked me to dress up first.

I came out of the washroom, wore the dress and applied the cosmetics after watching few videos from YouTube...lozzz... now except my short haircut I was standing like a complete lady infront of him. He came near me. We kissed and kissed and cuddled on bed. He clicked some pics of me in that dress. Now he allowed me to suck his dick. It was big and hard. I sucked it for 15-20 mins and then he made me doggy style and fucked me without removing my dress. It was a nice 30-35 mins session and my ass had opened to a good extent. He came on my butts and soon we slept in each other's arms. We woke up in the evening when his mom arrived. I too removed my cd dress and wore my pyjamas. Preet looked refreshing and I started thinking of another session.

At around 7pm he came to me and said that we are going out and he had told his mom that we are going for a college friend's marriage and return in the morning. I was like confused what preet had planned!!!

I got in his car and soon we stopped at a whisky shop, he bought a teacher's whisky bottle and packed some chicken and other stuff.

I asked: Preet, what's the plan?

Preet replied: Just wait and enjoy sweaty J

I sat quietly and soon we reached his fields. There was a small room there and everywhere a nice grown wheat crop. Due to heavy fog I was not able to see far.

Preet kissed me on my lips and said: Your clothes are in the back, get ready as I arrange everything.

I went to the back and found a big bag. There was a yellow suit and green leggings, some bangles and cosmetics. I got ready in some time and went to preet. He spoke no words and just held me in his arms.

He arranged a table, placed two chairs and decorated the table with whisky bottle and the eatables. I sat opposite to him and he pored whisky in two glasses.

Just as we about to say cheers; preet interrupted: sweaty there is a rule, after each drink I gonna ask to remove one of your clothes and remove mine too.

I accepted. One glass down, he asked to me remove my kameez and he removed his pants. Now I was sitting in a bra and green leggings and preet in his t-shirt and underwear. Another glass down, he asked me to remove my bra and he removed his underwear. His tool was hard and hanging between his thighs. My eyes were struck on his big tool. He asked me to come forward and suck his cock. I sat between his legs and enjoyed his cock. In mean time he prepared another glass of whisky. We drank that glass and there was silence.

I broke the silence and asked preet: what next to remove?

Preet smiled and asked me to lower my leggings and bend doggy style in front of car lights. I obeyed, lowered my leggings and got doggy style. Preet put a big lump of lube on his dick and in no time it was down my ass. Ohhh what a great feeling it was, high on alcohol, open place, cold breeze and dew...wowww

He fucked me for about 20 mins and then again moved to the table. I followed him. He poured another glass of whisky and asked me to sit on his dick in his lap. He positioned himself on the chair and I positioned myself reverse cowboy style and sat on his dick, again it went deep in my ass. I started moving up and down and preet would have one sip of whisky himself and one to me. Omg it was so awesome feeling. I was having some big and nice strokes. We completed the whisky bottle and tried many sex positions, that even my ass started paining but preet was fucking me nice and hard. He came inside my ass about an hour or so. I was not able to walk due to alcohol and heavy fucking. Preet went inside the room and brought a bed sheet and two heavy blankets. We slept whole night in the fields and that too nude.

It was about 4:30 when we woke up as the blanket was almost wet due to fog. We got in the car and drove back home. I was so much not in my senses that I slept in same suit and leggings at his home. Had the door not been locked his mother would have beaten us to death. We woke up in the afternoon had bath together and an another fucking session in the washroom and by evening I was ready for return to Delhi.

I never knew cross-dressing was so fun and preet even gifted me the suit and leggings and some cosmetics.

I hope you enjoyed my story, any feedback and comments are welcome. Hope to fine another nice person from your comments and chats. TAKE CARE



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