My erection woke me up, and I couldn't get back to sleep. I tossed and turned restlessly - thinking about sex. Suddenly, a powerful memory flashed back very vividly. I knew that not only would it be the path to a great jackoff orgasm, but it would also be the basis for a new story. Just remembering what had happened really got me hot.

As I began deliberately to stroke my big thing, it occurred to me how rare it is nowadays for me to jack off in the dark, simply thinking about a past experience. I've come to favor light and mirrors, one-handed reading, and/or phone sex conversations for my solo workouts. This unusual flashback to my military days added to my enjoyment of the moment, and was just the kind of thing I needed for reflecting upon the night I got my first real kiss.

* * * *

Tom and I were stationed at an Army training school and had started hanging out together. He was so handsome that just being around him was extremely pleasurable. I had an old, small two-door coupe, which was a valuable asset for a serviceman. We two recruits liked to drive into town looking for action when we got passes. You know how two young guys can behave - acting macho, talking about girls, smiling a lot. One evening, we met a busty young girl at a drug store. We both chatted with her. She seemed to like both of us, maybe because we were dressed in our fatigues. We suggested she take a ride with us in my car. She liked the idea of going with boys in uniform, so before long, we were parked on a quiet street which was tunneled by trees and populated by vacant lots - making it the perfect make-out spot.

Tom was kissing the girl, as I drove. She was sitting between us. When I parked, I suggested it was now my turn. She readily pulled away from Tom and leaned against me to give me a kiss. When my lips touched her lips, I was electrified by the lingering taste of Tom's mouth. It really excited me. It had nothing at all to do with the girl. I felt like I was kissing Tom through her!

Suddenly, she pulled away and complained that I was becoming too passionate. She reiterated that we had agreed only to some innocent kissing. Tom laughed and told me to behave myself. He began kissing her again. This time, he also became too passionate for her, and she pulled back. I promised to be good, so she allowed me to kiss her again. This time Tom had done something to make her lips very wet with his saliva, and it got me even more excited than the first kiss.

She complained again, and Tom told me not to spoil our fun. Within moments, he had again pissed her off by becoming too rambunctious, himself. She told us that we were nice guys and that we both kissed real good but she wanted us to take her back to the drug store. She commented that she wasn't "that kind of girl." To my surprise, Tom immediately agreed that we should drive her back. We did. We dropped her off with expressions of hoping to see her again soon.

"Sure, real soon," Tom muttered, as we drove away.

He seemed annoyed, and I thought it was because I had messed things up.

"What do you mean?" I asked hesitantly.

"Yuck, girls!" He said in disgust. "They're such prick teasers."

"Yeah, I know," I agreed. "Sorry if I messed it up for you." Without really being aware of it, I headed the car back to the make out spot.

"Oh, no," he responded immediately, "it wasn't you. In fact, I liked it that we were together with her. I found it very exciting that you were there."

"So did I," I confessed quietly. I was nearing the spot where we had parked.

"Did You really?" he asked, his voice sounding very interested. He called out excitedly, "Hey, look. Let's stop here and talk about it. We're back where we were with the girl."

"Sure, if you want to."

I pulled over and parked under the trees on the dark, deserted street. I turned off the engine but left on the radio, which was tuned to a popular station that played almost nothing but love songs. It quietly filled the background.

I wasn't sure why, but I was getting an erection. I wasn't concerned that he'd notice because the lighting from the radio's illuminated dial was so dim it only lit the space separating the two of us. He was leaning against the door as far away from me as possible.

"Tell me how you felt when you kissed her," he wanted to know.

"It got me excited," I said honestly.

"Yeah, me, too," he concurred. "I like kissing."

"Me, too," I agreed and, almost without thinking, added, "but I don't think I do it right."

"What do you mean?" he asked in a hushed tone.

"Oh, you know," I began hesitantly, embarrassed to be talking about so intimate a subject as kissing although glad to be talking to him about it, even so. "I haven't had much experience and, this time, I seemed to get carried away."

"Hmm," was all he responded.

"Somehow, I'll admit honestly," I went on boldly, while recalling what he had said before I stopped the car, "it was even more exciting to kiss her right after you had kissed her."

"You noticed that, too?" he asked quietly.

"Yeah," I admitted as I held my breath, "I liked tasting your mouth on her lips."

There it was. A confession of my secret.

Before I could give much thought to my worries about admitting I liked the taste of his mouth, he said, softly, "I liked the taste of your mouth on her lips, too."

A flash of heat seared through me. Was he really saying what I hoped he was saying? Since he sat in the dark, I wished I could see the expression on his face to help me better understand his comment.

"It was just a hint," he added.

"A hint?" I asked dumbly.

"Of... your mouth," he stammered.

"Oh!" I exclaimed.

"I wanted it to be much more," he stated flatly. It was a very bold statement.

"So did I," I confessed, revealing my innermost self.

"I've watched you," he told me, still hidden in the shadows, "and I've wondered what it would be like to kiss you."

"Your lips..." I could barely get the words out, I was so exhilarated, "...your lips. Every time I look at you I wonder the same thing."

There was a long pause that seemed like an eternity.

"Come find out," was all he whispered.

A clear invitation. The next move had to be mine. He wasn't going to jump all over me and rape me, just as he hadn't raped the girl. That thought made my breast swell with longing for him. It made me like him all the more. I made my decision all that much easier.

As I slid towards him, he reached out and pulled me against himself. I let out a sigh as our bodies pressed together.

"Kiss me!" he insisted.

The touch of his thick lips upon mine, lightly at first and then more demandingly, shot a wave of passion throughout my entire being. My erection surged to iron-hard stiffness in my fatigues. I was unprepared for the intensity of my reactions to his kiss. Waves of carnal emotion coursed through my belly. I felt intoxicated. I felt that this was the most phenomenal thrill of my life! He was passionately kissing me, and I was kissing him back with equal ardor. It was a wish come true.

Suddenly, I felt his tongue on my closed lips.

"Oh!" I was barely able to say aloud as I felt his tongue push into my mouth. Nothing had prepared me for the excitement I felt as his broad, thick tongue worked itself into my mouth. My tongue dueled with it, tasting its clean, exciting tastes, testing its strengths, and feeling its textures. When it slowly withdrew, my tongue followed like a magnet directly into his mouth, which welcomed it.

The thrill of having my tongue in his mouth made me imagine the thrill of having my cock in his mouth - and then of having his cock in my mouth! Instantly, I knew I was about to ejaculate. Immediately. I became aware of his hand rubbing the front of my full fly and I realized that he'd been feeling up my erection. It startled me to realize that my hand was also on his equally protuberant fly and was moving up and down against the fullness under his fatigues.

I broke from the kiss. Before I could say anything, he blurted out, "Oh, God! I'm about to come!"

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" I sputtered simultaneously, "I'm gonna come, too!"

I didn't know what to do, but he pulled me closer, held me tighter, and pressed his lips back to mine. I damned near vacuumed his tongue back into my mouth. He flayed the roof of my mouth with his hot tongue and my orgasm began. His tongue withdrew, and he sucked mine into his mouth with equal exuberance. I flayed the roof of his mouth, just as he had done, knowing what delight it would give. He joined me in orgasm, whimpering with elation.

We clung to one another for an amazingly long time. I didn't give a shit that my fatigues were becoming a mess as I added another camouflage marking. I knew he felt the same way about his. It didn't feel like we had jacked off together. For me, the kiss was so enthralling that my orgasm had felt spontaneous. Nor had it been a premature ejaculation, since, in fact, we had held the kiss for an incredibly long time.

"Jesus!" he said as we broke apart.

I took it that he was unhappy about something and moved to detach myself from him.

"Whoa, Partner," he said with a laugh. "You're not goin' nowhere." He held me close, pinning me against his strong body. "This is the best time I've ever hand, and you're not gettin' away so easily."

"Oh, man, this is great," I said sincerely.

He kissed me before I finished the sentence. I kissed him back! The kiss grew more impassioned, with hands roving bodies, tongues probing mouths, and erections being rekindled. His steel rod felt very large to me, as I became more and more aware of his dick. Just as I was about to mention its apparent large size, and as though he was reading my thoughts, he broke in and said, "Christ, Jack, you've got a big cock."

I laughed.

"What's so funny," he demanded to know. His feelings were probably hurt. How touchy some guys can be.

"The very moment you said that," I told him, "I was about to say the very same thing about yours. Your dick feels like a bayonet!"

"Wanna touch it?" he asked huskily.

The shudder of pleasure that surged through me at the lascivious question was reply enough for him. He reached down and unzipped his pants. Then he leaned back and awaited my reaction. Again, I was struck with exceptional pleasure at the gesture of allowing me to make up my own mind and proceed at my own volition. Of course, I knew that nothing would stop my hand from plunging into that fly. But, before I did, I decided to be as cooperative. I unzipped my fly and mentally made a note of thanks to the military for insisting that we wear boxes shorts with nice big fly openings.

As I tentatively invaded his fly with my hot little hand, intent on touching his throbbing manhood, I felt his hand slide into my fly and I knew I had done the right thing by opening it. I can't honestly say which gave me more pleasure - the feel of his cock as my hand wrapped itself around its proud stiffness, or the touch of his hand as it found my cock and fluttered up and down its length measuring its size. But they both gave me a feeling of overwhelming sexual excitement. Together they made me feel so good that I knew I'd be having another orgasm before long.

He put words to it. "Your touch is going to make me come again," he whispered excitedly into my ear.

I felt some of the residue of his ejaculation on the shaft and against the hair on his firm abdomen. Without too much thought, I pulled back my hand and brought it to my face. Even in the dim lighting, I saw him watch me as I sniffed at the cum and then lapped at it with my tongue. Its taste was fantastic!

"Man, you just tasted my cum," he sighed with excitement.

"Yeah," I admitted softly.

"D'ya wanna taste my cock, too?" his voice tense with anticipation.

"Would you let me?" I asked, naively.

"Oh, man, nothing would make me happier. If you'll suck my cock, I'll even try to suck yours. Okay?"

"Wow!" I sighed, "just the thought of it really excites me."

"Do it, now," he demanded quietly as he repositioned himself so that I could have easy access to his crotch.

I saw the big cock I had pulled out of his fly when I withdrew my hand to taste his cum. It was huge, but with the dim lighting and because of my excitement, it was much more appealing than it was frightening. I felt fortunate at that moment to have had some experience in handling another man's cock. I was confident I'd surprise him with my well-practiced cocksucking, although I didn't want to appear to be too experienced.

I grabbed the stiff cock at mid-shaft and pointed it at my mouth. My clear memory of going down on that dick, the first for me in a car, is as vivid as if it had happened last evening. The romantic background music, his shallow breathing, the smell of sperm in his crotch, and the sight of that shiny pole as I descended upon it are all firmly engraved upon my memory. As my tongue flicked out and licked the smooth, moist cockhead, moans of deep pleasure were emitted from both of us.

A moment later, he sighed, "Oh, yeah, that's it!"

I had engulfed the entire swollen cockhead, filling my mouth. I was sucking off the slippery remains of his first orgasm. I can't imagine a cock tasting any better than when it's coated with fresh-pumped sperm. The taste invigorated my being, and without giving it any thought, but thoroughly enjoying blowing him, I set about giving him the best blowjob I could muster up. And I am good at it!

"Oh! This feels so good!" he said loudly. "You really can suck cock, man!"

It was too late to pretend inexperience, I realized, but sucking his cock was making me so excited that I ignored my worries and applied my best techniques in order to make this memorable for both of us. Deftly, I allowed the big prick to penetrate into my throat. As I adjusted to the intrusion of such a huge organ, my sucking became more forceful and profound. By now, he was writhing with ecstasy and groaning with delight.

"Suck my cock, man. Oh, God! Oh, God! You're so good! I'm gonna give you my load..." he paused, tensed, stiffened, and then cried, "Now!"

I had felt his cock expand to extreme rigidity and I knew he was about to cum without being told, but I was delighted with his sexy comments. I prepared for his blastoff by rising to the top of his shaft, holding only the cockhead in my mouth, sucking, waiting for his cum.  He came! Since he'd already had an orgasm, the unexpected forcefulness of his first two cum-shots took me by surprise. They filled my mouth and forced me to swallow quickly. I sucked the long tube back into my throat and swallowed again, causing amazing pressures on the spewing organ.

"Oh, man! Oh, man!" he kept repeating as he tugged on my ears and humped his cock excitedly into me.

His orgasm lasted an exceptionally long time. It was one of the most perfect ejaculations I've ever drawn out of a man.

When he had calmed down sufficiently to allow me to withdraw from the spent and deflating cock, I sucked it dry, and pulled back. Trying to see into his face in the dim lighting.

"Oh, God! That was so good," he said breathlessly, as if gasping for air were a real struggle.

I leaned away, allowing him room to compose himself.

"It won't be as good for you," he whispered apologetically. "I don't think I can suck that good."

"you don't have to do it if you don't want to," I told him.

"Fuck! I want to, he insisted. "I'm just telling you I'm not too good at it, yet. That's all."

"I'm so near the point of explosion, that it won't matter how well you do it. How soon you do it is another story. The power of your multiple spurts of hot cum into me has almost put me over the brink. If you suck my cock, I'll blast off almost immediately."

My sincerity and purposeful dirty talk seemed to revive him. He roused himself, pushed me back against the car seat, and dove into my crotch. My cock stood out proudly and was captured by his swirling tongue, which swept it into his hot mouth. Exquisite pressures and tremendous temperatures demanded my seed. There was no holding back or waiting for extra time. I was ready. My cock reacted vigorously.

"I'm gonna give you my load," I warned, using his very expression. "Now!"

There wasn't time to wonder if my cock had been taken into his throat, or if he was as good a cocksucker as I am. My whole being fired off at the thought of this handsome young soldier actually sucking my cock just as I had sucked his. I held the back of his head, aware of the stubble of his military crewcut, and pumped shot after shot of hot jism into his gulping mouth. He didn't whimper. He took it all. He sucked my cock and drank down with gusto every drop of the syrupy hot liquid I squirted into him. I loved it!

There seemed an awkward moment or two, afterwards, as we silently rearranged our clothing and caught our breath. "I'm all sticky inside," I said with a grin.

"Me, too," he said, "but," he continued with a low voice, "I'm also in love."

My breath caught in my throat.

"Let's not allow this to be a one-time fling. You are too sexy for me to walk away from, now," he confessed.

His words were like music!

"And especially now that we know what we both like!"

"I love you," I said simply.

A funny noise came out of his throat, and he jumped on me in an arm-filling embrace. We melted together into another passion-filled kiss. I knew we'd be parked on that dark street for quite a while. In fact, in the weeks and months to come, it became our favorite spot.

I'm glad that we were able to stay together for almost six months. Then he was transferred, and I was sent overseas on a troopship.  (The cum-filled voyage is detailed in my stories "Wolf-Pack" "Wolf-Pack - That Evening" and Wolf-Pack - The Next Day.")

* * * *

Here I was now, years later, with cock in hand, pumping away in the pitch black bedroom in the middle of the night. When I remembered how well his cock had fit in my throat, how exquisite his mouth had felt on my cock, and how excited I had been as I tasted his delicious hot cum, I blasted out a healthy load, just remembering. I felt good to have an orgasm thinking about my first real kiss, and fondly remembering a terrific guy. I came all over myself. Then, with a smile on my face, I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep, knowing I would write if all down. Knowing I couldn't forget my first real kiss!


Jack Sofelot


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