I am a retired USAF MSGT this is the first of several stories about my gay experiences in the AF. I would appreciate any feedback from readers.

While I had a few "Jackoff Buddies" beginning in about the 7th grade through High School things never went any further than jacking each other off and playing with each others balls which was a great turn on. I believe this is because I came from a small very conservative, church going community and I was always afraid others would find out that I was Gay and interested  guys.

     I am 5'10" tall, weigh about 175-180lbs depending on how much beer I drink. I have brown very short curly hair, lightly furred with little brown curly hairs around my pecks and nipples and a narrow Happy Trail down to my bush--runs hip to hip and grows about 1/4" up on the base of my dick. My dick is 7 & 34" long and about 5 & 1/2" around, cut with a big mushroom head, veiny bends up toward my gut. I work out at least 3 days a week which includes a special exercise called the "brazil Butt Work Out" to keep my ass round, muscled. I also practice "Sphincter Exercise" that I learned from a a coprsman fuck buddy---when you are just setting around,  squeeze and hold that muscle tight for a count of 5, then relax and do it again over and over for about ten minutes about twice a day it help keep your ass tight and give you buddies cock a great message while he's fucking you. I swing both ways, top and bottom and know for sure that just Tops or just Bottoms are really missing some great man on man sex,  really enjoy very long hot 69 sessions , and hot 4 ways--no dirty holes or cheesy  heads, please! !

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     After Basic Training we received a 3-day pass and my Tactical Instructor (we had been obviously checking each other out during basic) TSGT Howard Smith ask me if I would like to spend it with him and he would show me the town (San Antonio, Texas). 

     We no sooner got inside his apartment then he said that he noted how I was checking him out in the showers etc and that he was very turned on by seeing me nude as well, so lets get these clothes off and "Get It On"---needless to say I totally agreed and we were soon nude and in each other arms.

      Howard is 6', about 195 lbs, silver/blonde hair except of a few curlies around his nipples he is totally shaved.  His cock is un-cut 8" with a helmut head that peeks out of his forskin when soft  and pops out in all its huge glorly when he is fully hard and has a beautiful full round muscled ass, one you definatly have to eat before you fuck it.

      We kissed, sucked tounge, fondled each others pecks, cocks, balls and ass--we grabed each others butts feeling them flex as we fucked our cocks togeather until we were both wet with each others pre-cum and turned into a 69.

      I grabed his cock and pushing back the foreskin licked the pre-cum off that big helmut headed cock, my first cock I liked the feel of it in my mouth soft but hard, taking it down my throat and  gaged--Howard said "just do what you can, dummy until your used to throating a big cock". Then  he sucked me down half way his tounge doing rapidly licking things around my mushroom headed cock then sucked down to the base of my cock doing wonderous thing to my cock when I felt his breath blowing into my bush. We really got into into face fucking and licking balls for the next 5 minutes or so.

      The next thing I knew he was licking and nibbleing my butt cheeks and as he spread them apart began licking slowly down toward my hairy crack until he started licking and kissing my ass lips. Next he spread me open and I felt his wet hard tongue spear my ass hole over and over then back to licking and on and on I quickly followed suit and and tasted my first man ass, licking his butt cheeks and saw his 1/2" long wrinkled ass lips, and again felt his toung licking up and down on mine -- son of a bitch I couldn't believe how the feel of his wet tongue against my skin turned me on and quickly returned the favor. Soon his ass crack's currly hairs were wet and slopy with my spit and he was mowning as loud as I was. We ate ass for a quite a while, our butt cheeks clinching and  pushing back for more, and again he parted my ass lip and rammed his stiff toung in to my hole. Damn, I was all ready turned on and beginning to feel a building need to cum from the feel of  Howard's  tounge fucking and rimming my ass. I'm a quick learner and spreading his ass lips noted his small round ass hole and pushing my tongue into his hole tongue fucked him.

Thinking damn could it possible handle my cock---could mine handle his huge fucking 8 fat inches??? I would never have even thought about eating/rimming ass and tongue fucking, and here I was with Howard's tounge doing hot magic things to my ass while I was experiencing it all for the 1st time and truly enjoying his hot harry ass as I followed suit.

     Howard turned around on top of me kissing and humping our cocks to gether then sat back and said "Its time to trade fucks buddy,  you can have my ass first so I can show you how to take care of a my hot cock when I fuck you, now lube my hole", and he laid back grapping and spreading  his legs and pushed his ass up offering it to me. I Squirted a large amount of lube on his crack and on my cock, finger fucking him rubbing the lube in deep into his hot tight small hole.

     Grabbing my hard and throbbing cock I move up pushing against that tiny hole and humped. At first he was closed down hard, he  moaned, relaxed and my mushroom sized cock head slipped passed his sphincter and I was inside--"STOP"  he yelled "Let me get used to that big fucker!!". It was all I could do not to ram home and just fuck his hit tight ass. In a minute of so I experience another first time sensation as he clinched his sphincter and was literaly messaging my cock head.

        "OK fucker, give it to me, slow and easy, ok, that big fucking mushroom is something else". I began to fuck roughly 2" in and 1" back with him milking my cock every inch of the way until I was bone deep inside his hot muscled ass, imagine how that  felt  every time his sphincter squeezed my thrusting cock . Looking down as I fucked into him, I noted how his harry ass lips looked like a furry currly collar around my cock. Suddenly Howard stopped me and had me pull out and reaching for a pillow placed it under his butt elevating his ass 3-4", and as I penetrated and began to fuck he  said "Now give me that fucking cock again" and as I humped and fucked he moaned "Oh, man that it, now  your hitting my "Hot Spot"  fuck me, fuck me!!"**  Howard never stopped massaging my cock with his sphincter up and down its length the whole time and every time his sphincter grabbed my mushroom it almost made me cum on the spot .

      The next thing I knew Howard had pulled me down on top of him, his big fucking cock lubed and leakin precum humping aginst my gut, he started kissing me and we really went at it, fucking and tounge fighting. I tried to hold back, but damn it was too much for me and after only about 8 or 10 ram fucks, fully  burying my cock his hot tight man ass I was humping out the biggest fucking load of cum ever, tickling me from my balls, down the length of my cock--wad after wad after wad shooting out of my piss slit onto his tight pulsating ass hole, when Howard started moaning like crazy and I felt  his cock shoot wad after wad against our bellies, it was as if I was fucking the cum out of him.. We just laid their for 4 or 5 minutes, my cock soaking in my cum as he continued massaging and milking the last drop of cum out of my cock.

       I rolled off, my cock flapping up aginst my abbs--he sat up leaned over gave me another big sloppy kiss and said "Fucking Best Buddy, Fucking Best, now lets go shower and then its my turn to fuck your hot young ass". I have to admit my ass puckered up a bit just thinking about Howard's big man cock punching into my virgin butt hole.

      After a quick shower we headed back to the bed and fell into each others arms. Our hands fondling each other with special attention to each others ass, fondling, fingering the great pleasure of feeling those hot muscled ass cheeks clinching and relaxing as we humped against each other. Kissing and tongue fighting, fully aroused cocks dripping with pre-cum.

     Turning into a 69 we attacked each other cocks, licking and sucking both moaning at the feel of our cocks in each others hot wet mouths, licking each others balls followed by a quick move to each others butts. Again I was surprised at how turned on I was at the great pleasure it was to feel him lick each cheek and then seeking my wrinkled ass lips to lick and even suck on them, as I pushed my ass back for more. Then he thrust his cock right into my hot butt hole tongue fucking me, pleasuring my hole making it ready for his big fucking cock. While I was busy following suite enjoying the pleasure of licking that hot furry crack, and like him giving special attention to those puckered ass lips and then burring my face deep between his cheeks, licking his tight hole, finally penetrating and giving his hot ass a good tongue fucking.

        Finally he sat back and grabbing a pillow had me lay on my back with the pillow elevating my ass and had me pull back my legs offering my virgin hole. Again he quickly licked my crack as he reached for the lube and began lubing my ass and hole fingering me with first one finger, then a second and finally a third, stretching me open--there was some pain but nothing I couldn't handle, the whole time I was fondling my balls and slowly stroking my cock and soon the pre-cum began oozing out of my cock with each stroke.

          Raising up on his knees, Howard grabbed his big fucking cock and began rubbing it up and down the crack of my ass, smearing his pre-cum on my crack and after a minute or so place his cock head against my butt hole and began to push. Damn, I thought its too fucking big when I relaxed just enough for that fat fucking head penetrated causing m e to clinch my ass and it hurt like 3 sun's a bitches.  I yelled " FUCK!!,  no its too damn big! !"  and Howard replied "Relax Dummy Relax and it will stop hurting so fucking much!!". It took me several long seconds to comply but when I did the pain did began to ease off. 

     Howard didn't give me any more cock and said "When you are ready squeeze my cock, ok". I just nodded my head and Howard reached down and began fondling and stroking my cock, soon I began to get hard again, as I fucked his fist, my sphincter muscle squeezed his cock and he started fucking me again. Damn the pain did fade away and the pleasure seemed to increase with each thrust of his cock, a couple of inches in and one back he was soon completely burred in my hot tight pleasured ass. I was really turned on by now, humping my hips and massaging his fat fucking cock and over and over  it seemed to hit my own special Hot Spot and it felt like my cock would explode.**

       Every few minutes Howard would drive home and stay there just humping, the fat base of his cock really giving my sphincter some action. At first I stopped massaging, "Fuck No!!" Howard said "Keep it up!!". After 3 or 4 stops like this he really began to plow my ass, really banging my hot spot, I was stroking my cock like crazy when cum began to explode out of my cock splattering both our chests and my face, while he filled my ass, wad after wad, until it eacked out and ran down my crack on the the pillow.

     We lay there for some time, Howard laying against me, my hands fondling his ass felling his muscle flex, we were sucking tongue, he humped every once in a while, and all too soon his softening cock slipped out of my ass--I felt regret".


**("Hot Spot" the Prostate---I asked the Dr at my next physical about this and he told me that Massaging the Prostate increased the pleasure of the build up and final ejactulation. That by using a pillow to elevate my ass Howard's Cock pushed harder and more often aginst my prostate. That Missionary was generaly the best position for the bottom".  He demonstrated by messaging my prostate and and with out touch my cock he made me cum---he became another "Fuck Buddy").



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