Curious Married Man First Time I am a confused married man and do not recommend this behavior that is displayed in this true to be done by anyone. It was horribly irresponsible to my family. I am writing to share my experience and see if anyone can relate. This is the first story and I have many to share. I am not a professional writer so please be patient with my writing.

I had been married for 6 years with two young children and found it more difficult to control my curiosity. For a many years I had been curious about same gender sex. I could have sex with women and it was OK but often I found if I was going to come I needed to close my eyes and picture the hottest guy I had seen in recent memory. The curiosity was turning into a burning desire of what it would be like to be with a man in an intimate way.

I had been looking at gay porn since my senior year in high school in an effort to satisfy my curiosity enough without being gay. The porn was no longer enough to quench my desire for man to man intimacy. I needed to know firsthand how it felt and what it was like to have a man allow me to satisfy him.

Let me describe myself at that time. Medium brown hair, green eyes, 5'11 and 180lbs average build around 25 years old. I did get lots of compliments on my butt and liked to impress people with the way I dressed.

It was late at night about 11:00P.M. I was looking online at porn (mostly gay but some straight to keep myself from being gay (LOL)), my wife was in bed sound asleep. I decided I need to find out what was wonderful about man to man sex. I thought about it and entered a gay chat room on yahoo. I was going with the premise of watching the room and hopefully getting enough information to resolve my curiosity. About 12:30AM a guy messages me and asks me what I am curious about. We chat for a while and I still felt void, if fact more curious. Soon another guy messages me and we talk and find out we are in the same city in the Midwest. This city isn't large but it is the largest city in the state. We began talking back and forth and he says the best way to find out is by doing it. I explain that I have mixed feelings about acting on anything but can't get rid of the desire.I agree to drive across town and meet him at QuikTrip. He tells me to grab some condoms incase it goes that far. I am nervous and thought it won't go that far I don't need to get any condoms. We meet and he likes what he sees and I am pretty impressed with what I see. The only thing I am not thrilled with is he has a long beard. He was probably 6'4", weighed probably 175lbs, wavy dirty blond hair, green eyes, was about 20 years old with a very long beard. I agree that I am up for experimenting and hopefully move forward from there. He knows we can't go to my house because I am married and we can't go to his house because he lives with his parents. He tells me to follow him as he knows a place we can go to see what happens. I follow him in my truck. As I follow him, I notice we are getting close to my house and I am getting very nervous. He pulls into this shopping complex and goes behind it, which overlooks a man-made lake of an adult's only apartment complex. I am literally 6 blocks from my house. He gets in my truck and we start talking about how important it is to be discreet. He tells me his name and to keep things anonymous I will call him Casey. He asks what I would like to do and I tell him I would like to suck dick.He asks if that is all and I say well that's where I would like to start. He starts by kissing me a couple of pecks and then his tongue is in my mouth. I remember thinking this doesn't feel weird; I am good with this and offer my tongue back. It is like a sword fight with our tongue. I am enjoying and I am running my fingers through his hair feeling the curls and lost in the moment. I feel a hand with slight pressure on my head guiding my in a downward motion. I make my way down slowly kissing his neck and keep getting tickled by his beard. I am caressing his chest through his shirt down his stomach and lightly across his pants. We continue to make out while I am rubbing his torso and then he removes his shirt. I continue exploring his body with my tongue and lips. I notice his chest is smooth and creamy, I nibble a little on his shoulders and he tells me to not leave any marks. I play with his nipples and dart my tongue around them nibbling just a little. As I am feasting on his chest he unbuttons his faded jeans and I move my mouth further down. I reach the denim and stick my hand into the unbuttoned and unzipped jeans spreading them open and finding that we didn't wear underwear. I found it odd he didn't have any pubic hair. I thought to myself, with all that hair on his face why wouldn't he have hair down there. I then pulled out his cock. Yes, by the size of it I had to call it a cock. It was the largest cock I had ever seen. I held it up and it was beautiful, circumcised and I would guess 10-12 inches long. I was in shock, trying to figure out what to do with all that cock. I started licking it, I loved licking the underside from the base the tip swirling my tongue around the head several times and then licking the top side from the base to the head. When I got to the head I went down on it and didn't get far before I started choking and gagging. I realized them that taking a cock all the way wasn't as easy as I thought. Isucked some more each time trying to go farther. Occasionally Casey would place his hands on my head and encourage me to go farther. I kept trying to take more each time. I needed to take a break from trying to at least swallow half that beast. I slid his jeans down and started licking and sucking on his balls. Now his balls were equally intriguing. They were hairless and as much as his cock was large his balls were not. I licked them while trying to figure out the contrast between his cock and balls. I sucked on them, put both of them in my mouth, licked them and rubbed them. I rose up and looked toward his eyes and saw they were closed. I came up and they opened I looked at him and he kissed me. I then felt that hand on the back of my head guiding me back down. I was amazed I figured I would hate that feeling of a hand on my head that lack of control; instead I enjoyed it and felt so right. I went back to work on his cock for what seemed like eternity. I would use my hand and go up and down while sucking it for a while. I would then rub his sack while just suck on the head and tickle it with my tongue. I would take it and just focus on running the tip of my tongue back and forth on the piss slit. I would let my mouth rest a bit while smacking his glorious monster on my face. I would then go back down and repeat the process working my way back down to sucking on his balls then devouring his monster cock. I was getting tired and it didn't seem like he was ever going to cum. I swear I was having muscle spasms in my cheeks. I then went up and kissed him and asked him he was OK? He said yeah I then told him how wonderful his cock was and how amazed I was by it. I went back to sucking on it and caressing and playing with his balls I then looked at him and said are you sure you are OK, his face looked rather bored. He said yeah he would just really like to have more room. He suggested we get into his parents town car which I had followed to the spot. I gladly switched vehicles thinking this will speed things up and I can find out if I like this or not. He gathered his clothes and got into his car without ever dressing. We proceed to make out for a while in the back seat and I tell him how nervous I am and am scared because I like this but my whole life I have been told that it's wrong. He explains that he totally understands and he doesn't do this often because he is Muslim and if his friends found out he could get hurt. I felt connected because he knew my pain of this internal desire going against everything you have been taught and know. At that moment we agreed again with a little more trust that no one must know about this and it must always stay hidden. He kissed me again and this time it consumed my body and I went down on him again and was determined to make him feel wonderful and fully satisfied. The way that he kissed me felt like all was well in the world. As I am sucking his big cock and gently kneading his balls into his pelvis he pulls me up, looks me in the eye and says I would really like more,I want to fuck. I was stunned this wasn't something I was planning and didn't know what to do. He made me feel so wonderful when he kissed me; I needed to make him feel wonderful too. I said OK but I didn't get any condoms. This made him angry and he yelled at me telling he told me to bring some. I apologized and said I was sorry. I offered to go get some, he cut me off and said never mind. He reached into the front seat and got some Vaseline out of the glove box. He said I am safe and you haven't been with anyone we will be fine. He coated his cock with Vaseline. The light in the parking light reflected off of his cock and was beautiful. He spit on my hole and then applied some Vaseline on my hole. I told him I was sorry and he said just be quiet you better be clean. He positioned me where he wanted in the backseat. I was lying on my back in the back seat of a town car with my legs spread and bent up in the air as he moves in and tries to shove his cock in side. The pain was intense bout I wasn't going to make him any angrier. He kept telling me to relax my hole and I didn't really understand what he meant but he kept forcing. He added a little more Vaseline and finally it went it. He took three to four full long slow strokes, the pain was brutal and eventually subsided and I became numb. As I was numb he started taking full strokes in-n-out a slow steady pace. I was laying there wondering why anyone would want to be fucked and then something was hit inside my body. It was warm and felt like electric. I started wrapped my hands around his neck feeling the end curls of his hair. Dropping my hands and letting them glide over his shoulders and over his arms that were holding him up. The wonderful intense feeling that I felt was gone and he was back in a slow steady pattern with very short thrust. I could tell he was in deep but just didn't pull out munch. I wanted that feeling back! I finally tried bucking my butt into his cock and he gained speed. He had a little quicker and much more complete stroke going into me. Sweat was dripping from his face down on me and I was feeling nervous, scared, and hot sensation all at the same time. I would occasionally feel something inside that felt so amazing, it was that electric feeling. I began to relax and when I would get that sensation I couldn't help but yell out oh God! This was odd because I am so quite when I have sex with my wife. He slowed for a minute bent down and kissed me. I felt so special at that moment. He then came up from the kiss looked at me and pounded me very fast and hard. I was happy with how hard and fast he was going, I could feel the amazing electric feeling again. I was feeling good and my own dick had started leaking and was beginning to get really hard when he then stopped, looked me in the eyes and pulled out and came all over my stomach with four or five shots. I was shocked, disappointed and yet still scared. My dick wasn't real hard and immediately became soft which made me think that maybe I didn't like it. He handed me a towel and told me to clean myself up. I did and dressed while he did the same. I got out and smokeda cigarette and he got out and he stood against the hood of my truck while I smoked and talked. He said that I will probably be sore. He then asked me how I liked it. I was honest and told him it was good, I liked sucking his amazing dick and wasn't sure about fucking I had many mixed feeling. I told him I was confused because I still have desires to do it again but I have committed to my wife and have kids. He told me that it is much better to be straight and I need to do everything possible to not be gay. He gave me his email address, and I never emailed him. My wife noticed that I was walking funny the next day and I said my but hurts I fell and hurt it last night. This was my first experience, instead of it fulfilling my curiosity it increase it. Let me know if you want to hear about those?



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