My memories and fulfilled feelings of my first experience lasted about a week. Thankfully the soreness lasted only a couple of days. I had gotten rid of Casey's email. After that first week, I was filled with the feeling of guilt. I had decided he was right and I needed to stay straight. The guilt began to fade and the desire to be with a man was building up again. I tried everything I would pray, read the bible I would still have the desires. I decided that I could overcome these desires by watching more straight porn and having sex with my wife more. The problem was the more I tried to get away from having attraction to men the stronger the desires would become. It was to the point as I would be having sex with my wife I would start envisioning a hot man that was getting ready to make me his.

I decided I needed to find Casey again, since I didn't have his email address I went back to the yahoo chat room. I was thinking if I can find him he can help me get rid of this itch. The longer I was in the chat room looking for him the harder it was to not chat back to the messages being sent my way. In hind sight, you shouldn't put as your bio line "mwm curious-checking things out". I looked, waited and didn't find him anywhere; I slowly started talking to others who would always ask what I was into I would explain what my dilemma was and they would disappear. Then a guy who seemed to be very understanding and nice said that I really needed to sort this out and maybe try again but only go as far as I felt comfortable. He said he used to live in Wichita and people used to meet up at the park for fun. I thanked him and logged off because I heard my wife calling for me asking if I was going to come to bed. I went and we talked for a bit and we started making out and she started sucking my dick, but would stop and make a face when she would have a hair or precum in her mouth. I then went down on her until she asked me to fuck her. She got on top and she finally came, I kept trying to cum but could hold onto a vision long enough to send me over the edge. I finally pulled out as she loses interest once she is done and tried to finish myself off. Only problem I needed the real thing. I pretended I had cum, put on my clothes and went outside to smoke. I came back in and she was asleep. I needed to think.

I got in my truck and started driving. I decided I would drive by the houses I used to live in, that should get my mind on other things. I stopped and got a soda from my favorite convenience store, and got all hot and bothered when I saw some hot guys walking out of the gym next door to the store. I sat in my truck and drooled over the hot guy that was getting into his Camaro. I saw this hot girl and guy get in a car and start making out. I started wishing I was that girl; I had to get out of there.

I drove to the park I decided I needed to find out if I really liked it or not. The park is designed so you can stop and park or drive the parameter. I was driving slowly with my window down. I nice looking blond guy probably about 40, I was about 28 at the time, came up to my truck and started talking to me. He said he was on a walk and came to walk at the park because his wife was out of town. He asked me if I would mind taking him to his vehicle because he didn't want to walk back to truck. He was handsome and I didn't since any danger so I told him I would give him a lift back to his car. He got in and said his name was Steve we made small talk, I let him know I was married and was just out for a drive.

Steve was a little taller than me (I am 5'11") so I would say he was about 6'2" probably around 200lbs. He had on a white t-shirt that was tight across his chest and red 80's tennis shorts. He had blond straight hair and moderate body hair. Two things grabbed my attention his thighs and bulge. I didn't mean to stare but apparently I did as he a car behind me honked because I blocked the road and wasn't moving. He just smiled and said we could pull over and park for a while if I wanted.

I redirected my attention and said we can talk when we get back to the parking lot. As we drove he asked how long I had been married and I told him about 8 years. I was surprised when I asked about his marriage, he said two years. I asked if this was his first marriage and he said yes. I asked how they met and found out they were friends for years, he had just ended a relationship with a man and they kind of formed their own relationship. This opened the conversation flood gates for me. He said that he had seen a counselor and they helped him see he was in love with the women that was now his wife. I felt at ease and started told him a little about my experience with Casey. He interrupted me to point to where his truck was at; as I pulled in next to his truck I finished my story. I then told him about yahoo and what the guy said. He said that it was a scary world and that he understood. He said that he was at park hoping to find someone. I asked about his counseling and his wife, he said he is happily married but there is not a substitute for being with a man. He then asked me if I wanted to go back to his house and talk more. I agreed and followed him to his house, I was nervous because I knew something was going to happen and yet relieved that there was someone else out there like me. I went but kept thinking I should get lost somehow and not go.

I followed him into the house and it was dark, but we made our way to the couch and he turned lamp on that was beside the couch. He continued to talk to me about how difficult it is to fight the attraction to men and sometimes it becomes too difficult. He also told me that no matter what the feeling will never go completely away. At that moment I stared at him with a look of relief, lust and frustration because if what he said was true, I would always have this battle. While staring at him he put his hand under my chin and said that I will learn how to handle it and I am normal. He then kissed me and I melted like butter on a baked potato. I felt at ease and relaxed. He then said that we don't have to do anything that I don't want to and he removed his shirt and kissed me again. I allowed his tongue to dominate me and I sucked on it. He started caressing my chest and removed my shirt. We continued kissing while I caressed his chest with the very light coating a chest hair that he had between his pecs. I started kissing his neck, he stopped me and asked me to be careful to not give him a hickey and said the same. I started kissing his neck again inhaling his warm natural scent. It was as if I was getting high from his smell. I felt him rubbing my dick through my jeans and soon was taking it out of my pants. The feeling was amazing it was someone that knew how to appreciate a dick. I started kissing his chest and flicking my tongue on his nipples. The little bit of hair didn't bother me, I kind of thought it was sexy. He is rubbing the precum with his fingers and isn't bothered or disgusted with it. I thought it was hot as he raised his thumb to his mouth and tasted me. We kissed again I was just enjoying the feel of his body, and then he went down on me. I was slightly freaked out at first. I mean this is the first time a guy has sucked my dick and it felt amazing; but, he has a wife he has to know the taste that is left on my dick from earlier. I was embarrassed and felt bad for him but was in awe he knew how to make you feel great. I stopped him and told him I was about to cum. He said he didn't want it to end so soon and kissed me and said do you think you go again if you cum. I said I wasn't going to make any promises but that he was amazing. I told him his wife is a very lucky woman and we kissed again. While we were kissing he undid his shorts and took out a very nice thick dick. I would say it was probably seven inches long and about as big around as a half-dollar and a neatly trimmed blond bush with no hair on a couple of low hanging balls. I looked at it with a watering open mouth. I started licking his pecks again and worked my way down to tonguing his belly button and gently gave small butterfly kisses down the fine trail of hair that went from the belly button to his joystick. I started gently jerking his nice stick, and then he did the killer move; Steve let out a low moan with his arm wrapped around me making me feel safe and secure. I wanted to make him feel good. I first licked his large mushroom head and got a little dab of precum. I wondered why this bothered my wife as I didn't notice any taste with the precum. I quickly licked his dick and swirled my tongue around the dick head while he patted and rubbed my back in a reassuring manner and told me I was doing well. I then glided my mouth down to his balls. I read many times about fitting them both in your mouth, but I couldn't do it. I sucked on one flicking my tongue back and forth on it in my mouth and then switched to the other one. He then asked me if I was sure I hadn't done this much, because I do it like a pro. Funny I felt flattered and was happy, you say that to a girl and you are in for a fight. I then decided that I was going down and taking the prize. I got most of the beautiful dick in my mouth and was sucking with a steady force while trying to massage the underside of his dick with my tongue. I tried to go farther and gagged, he pulled me up and said to relax and take it slow, I am doing great. I wiped the tear from face that was caused by gagging. I gave his dick a few strokes to smooth out the extra saliva that was on his dick and went back down just going as far as I could. Sucking and devouring his dick a little more each time. He started moaning and telling me I was a great little cock sucker, this motivated me more and I started worshiping his dick. Licking it, sucking it and trying to continue his obvious bliss. He said you better be careful or I am going to cum. That did it I became a possessed person, I put a vacuum suction on his dick with my hand around the small part I couldn't get in my mouth and began a solid steady up and down movement. He was getting louder and then started to pull my head up saying he was going to cum. I couldn't control myself; I had to taste his seed. I wanted his future children in my belly; I wanted to know what was so disgusting about cum. I went down and felt the squirts beginning. The taste was different it was sweet and musty; the thing that stuck out the most was how sticky it was. When I came up it felt like I had a little bit of glue trying to dry and hold my lips together. I looked up at him and said thank you that was amazing. He said it doesn't have to be over; do you want to go back to the bedroom? I immediately started feeling guilty, I was a home-wrecker and he wanted me to get into the bed his wife and he shared. He went to kiss me and instead it was an embrace. I told him I felt funny and think that I needed to go home and sort out my head. He was very sweet and understanding shook my hand and walked me to the door. He said that I was great and normal and not to beat myself up for doing what is natural.



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