For those who haven’t read my other stories: “MWM First Time” or “MWM Seconds Taste Great”, this moment happened a few experiences later, as I clearly had become somewhat of a whore.  A description of me:  Medium brown hair, green eyes, 5’11”,  around 180lbs average build and about 27 years old.  I liked to dress in a classic fashion and was complimented on my looks frequently especially my butt.

As with my other stories the names have been changed to respect the privacy of those in the story.  I am not the best writer, but feel that telling of these experiences helps me to accept who I am and gain inner peace.  Comments are appreciated as they also help me in understanding I’m not alone.  Again please be patient with writing as I know that it's not my strength.  I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed participating in it.  

It was a late spring night in Wichita, Ks.  I couldn’t sleep and I decided to take a drive, leaving my wife home in bed.  I drove for awhile and ended up at Zigfield’s Adult Book Store.  I walked in and looked around for a bit, bought some tokens and went to the video booths.  Put coins in watched a couple of gay video clips that got my mind off of typical daily stress. (I accepted at this point that I wasn’t normal.  I am emotionally and sexually attracted to women and love my wife; however, I finally accepted the fact that I am equally (if not more so) attracted to men as well.)    Only one older guy was in there and he put his fingers through the hole in between the booths circling the hole.  That wasn’t what I wanted; if I wanted my dick sucked I could get that at home.  I wanted to do the sucking, I wanted to bring pleasure to a cute guy or any decent looking guy.  In short I wanted the “D”, bad.  

I left and drove to another ABS call X-citement Video. I went straight to the viewing booth and put in a couple of dollars and watched a straight clip thinking it would change my mind (how naive), I switched to some gay clips shortly after the straight one started.  Nothing was happening and I didn’t see anyone so I figured I would call it a night.  As I left my video booth and was walking out of the preview section, I saw him.  He was tall about 6’4”, blue eyes, light brown hair with a solid corn-fed country boy type of build.  We exchanged nods and eye contact.  I liked what I saw and felt like a magnet drawn to him and went ahead and went around the square so that I circle back by and maybe run into him again.  As I was walking I noticed another guy come in, this guy was more of a hip-hop skinny boy type.   Well I wanted to see the country boy hunk of man again, so I didn’t spook and proceeded to cruise the hall.  Sure enough he was leaning in the hall where we had first seen each other.   As I approached he asked the time.  I told him and he casually touched me, in a way that made me melt.  The hip hop guy was standing around the corner staring at us, so we ducked into a booth.  

I put a dollar in the machine and we introduced ourselves.  His name was Jake; he was from Georgia and was in town for work building a Lowes Home Improvement store.   Jake explained he had a girlfriend back home, but was horny.  I introduced myself as Casey, married and was curious.   He said I think we can help each other out and I smiled.  Jake said you sure are pretty and kissed me.   I was shocked; I have been told I’m cute, hot, handsome but never pretty.   Frankly pretty made me feel like a school girl.  We heard someone at the door of the booth and the hip hop guy was peaking in on us.  Jake looked at me and asked if we could go somewhere.  I wasn’t sure where to go, but I had to have more time with Jake.  I said yeah we can drive around and find some place.   

When we got to the parking lot, I asked him if he wanted to take my truck or his vehicle.  Jake said his hotel roommate dropped him off there on the way back from the bar, because his roommate found a girl and was taking her back to the room and would call when he could pick him up.  We got in my truck and he jokes about me needing to wash my truck but I’m probably too pretty to do that.  I blush and we take off.  We’re driving around I am trying to find someplace to park and not be seen while having fun.  He asked about going back to my house and I remind him that my wife is home in bed and probably wouldn’t approve.  He jokingly says, who knows she might like it with the two of us.  I silently think I wish, that would be perfect.  I pull up to a stoplight and I glance over at him and he has this mischievous smile on his face.  I glance down at his ample bulge and he has  pulled out his dick.   It was beautiful,  probably about 7 inches flaccid and was thick, my mouth started salivating.  At that moment I didn’t care what I had to do I wanted to taste that magnificent cut monster.  

I went to an ATM pulled out cash and found a cheap hotel room for the night.  Once in the room he asked me a question and I couldn’t answer him because I was distracted staring at his bare chest, as he unbuttoned his shirt.  I saw his hot soft pink nipples that were on his mounded tan pecks and was in awe.    Jake grabs me in a warm hug, looks me in the eyes and says, well it’s a good thing you’re pretty, since you don’t have an answer. Jake leans down and kisses me.  His tongue in my mouth seemed to take away all that was wrong with the world.  I melted at that moment and was purely under his control.  I moved from his wonderful full lips and kissed and sucked on his thick neck down to his broad shoulders working my way down his hot thick firm torso while lightly caressing his back. Spending time on his pecs and nipples that I admired.  I continued kissing, licking and nibbling down to the waistband of his jeans and ventured back up for a minute to flicker my tongue in and out of his belly button as I am unbuttoning his jeans so that I can reconnect with the gorgeous prize I saw in the truck earlier.  

I got his pants down and was lightly tracing his dick with the tip of my tongue, I was getting ready to allow his beast to penetrate my lips.   Jake pulls me up into a full embrace, looks me in the eyes and kissed me like he owns me.  I am in awe of his kiss and am rubbing my hands over his back and feeling his smooth round butt cheeks working around to rub his ample beast.  He then pulls his head back slightly to look me in the eye and says with a sly grin, I bet you're a wild guy aren’t you.  I just stare into his eyes and tell him, I am anything you want me to be.  With that he playfully throws me on the bed as he gets on top of me and starts to kiss me and undress me at the same time.  When he stands up to pull my jeans off, I can’t control myself and I lunge for his dick and took the head in my mouth sucking the sweet nectar from the head.  I lay across the bed on my stomach with my head stretched upward devouring his cock.  I greedily moved my head back and forth, intentionally making myself gag just so I could taste him, I wanted his seed inside of me so that I would feel him in me.  He caressed my head in a tender but suggestive way to increase the rhythm of my tight lips wrapped around his pole milking it for all it was worth.  Jake released his hands from my head while telling me, how much I love his dick.   Jake grunts and placed his hands back on my head as he flooded my mouth with his honey.  I swallowed two shots and pulled off allowing him to shoot three more in my face.  Which he bent down and licked off of my face and kissed me.  

Jake stood straight up catching his breath and I flipped around and set on the edge of the bed.  I was prepared for him to say, let's go.   I figured he got what he needed and didn't care about me be getting off.  Everything was quiet as it is when you have done something you regret, after all we were both cheating on our wife or girlfriend.  While feeling sad I didn't immediately notice he was dangling his dick in front of me as if he was trying to hypnotize me with the back and forth movement.  I took the bait and watched it slowly and licked my lips he obviously liked that because he stepped closer and made the tip of the flaccid monster gently caress my lips as if he was putting chapstick on me with his dick.  I kept opening my mouth as I was ready to take it and devour it, but Jake had other ideas.  Jake would occasionally let the head pop in my needy mouth for a brief moment, but not for long.  He was teasing me with his cock in a way that I felt my mission was to satisfy him in any way possible. Occasionally rubbing his dick on my face, letting it lubricate my lips he would tell me to stick out my tongue and he would slap my tongue with it.  Jake’s cock was plumping up and becoming firmer, the firmer it got the more he would use it to slap my tongue and lips.  Out of the blue he shoves me backwards on the bed and goes down and starts to suck my dick. Jake is sucking my dick in a way that has never been done before. Teasing me to the point where I was about to lose it, then stop and start kissing and sucking on my nipples and my neck, as I beg him not to leave marks.  Jake would continue up and go in for another deep passionate kiss and work his way back down to my dick.  I was so torn, I was wanting to cum but didn’t want to because he was making me feel so alive and different than I had ever felt.  The third time he came up from my dick driving me to the edge he comes up for the kiss and then keeps going up and I begin kissing, licking and nibbling his chest and nipples as his body is hovering over me as if he is in pushup position.  I focused on tasting his body and I am slowly sliding down his body as I scoot down the bed and start kissing has stomach down to his happy trail.  I get his sexy happy trail nice and wet while gently nibbling on it while rubbing my hands on his lower back, beautiful firm butt and thick hard thighs.  I realize his hard thick cock is in front of my face and is dripping with sweet clear delight.  I stuck my tongue out so that I cradled the bottom of his dick and licked to the head, as I stuck my tongue out to do it again he used my tongue as a runway for his personal jet.  He buried his prize deep in my mouth and proceeded to fuck my mouth like I'm sure he fucks his girlfriends pussy.  He thrust in and out of my mouth as my mouth began to get sore.  I did enjoy  having my hands on his firm buns and feeling him flex his glutes as he repeatedly penetrated my mouth.  Finally he clenched hard and dove deep on my face smashing my nose, cutting off my air and depositing his load deep inside me.  I fought off the urge to panic as I was stricken for air, I was thankful for a few less intense thrust he did to milk his cock dry which allowed me to catch my breath.  Then Jake quit thrusting and collapsed on top of me, I was struck with the need to fight for air and pushed him off of me so I could breathe.  I looked down and saw thick wet globs of my own cum in my bush and on my stomach.  I had came while my face was being used as a substitute for his girlfriends pussy, I'm sure my face smelled better though.

I laid there with my head beside his waist, breathing hard trying to catch my breath as Jake was looking down at me trying to catch his breath.  As our pulse rates subsided and our breath calmed down, Jake touched my head, caressed it gently and I felt total fulfillment in that moment.  He told me: how good I was and how great I made him feel, and that he knew I was a pretty, dirty boy.  I smiled and told him how much I enjoyed his delicious cock and bringing him relief and happiness.  As we were talking he rolled over on his side so his body was facing me and I started to caress the upper inner thigh of the leg that was laying straight on the bed and after a minute Jake asked if I was ready for round three.  I said what, you can't go again, I don’t know if my mouth can take it.  Jake smiled and said it was fault because I was pretty.  I blushed while playing with his cock occasionally licking it, but using my hands more than anything else.   I slapped my face with his tool, as we laid there with our naked bodies facing each other. Going back and forth between a little sucking, light nibbles on the shaft, a lot of hand play working his dick over.  He smiled and said a couple of times how hot it was watching me play with his dick.  I was waiting for his dick to get fully hard so that I could suck it again, but instead it just got semi-hard and squirted  his cum on my lips and chest.  I laid there for a moment with my cum soaked face resting on his inner thigh, inches away from the flaccid tool that turned me into a complete whore for his cock.  

Jake raises up and smiles, looks me in the eyes as he moves his leg out from under me and says: thank you, I really needed that. Jake continues to tell me this is the best sex he has had in a long time, and his girlfriend back home just can’t keep up. I told him, if she tried she might never walk again.  I was thinking this night was awesome, but I was sad knowing that it was over.  I was also sad because I didn’t realize it when I had my orgasm, but was happy he had a good time.  

Jake then scoots down and kissed me with a passionate and grateful kiss.  I reciprocate move for move with my lips, teeth and tongue as he puts his arms under me and scoots me up in the bed.  He continues to kiss me and that feeling of nothing else in the world was going on but him and I returned.  I loved the experience of  feeling his hairy legs rub up against mine as he was on top of me grinding our dicks together, creating an awesome warm sensation.  Jake moves from kissing my lips and starts on my neck, again I ask him not to leave any marks.  He continues down: nibbling on my neck, slowly devouring my chest, then my stomach and came back up for another passionate hypnotic kiss.  Jake stared into my eyes and gave me a couple of slow pecks on the lips and goes back down again.  Jake didn’t stop at my happy trail, but went down and engulfed my cock with his warm velvety mouth that it felt awesome.  His oral skills were intense, I was playing with his hair and getting it wound around my fingers while he was down there thanking me.  I felt the deep warm feeling churning in my loins, finally after taking several of his loads he was going to take mine!  Jake went down and fully deepthroated me, I was ready I felt my body begin to tense up.  Jake rose up, we locked eyes as he playfully smiled and started to lick and suck my balls.  I was in despair and I called him a fucking tease, I had never been that close without finding relief.  Jake continues to taunt my balls and nibble on my thighs.  What he was doing was feeling nice but I was pissed, I needed to cum!  I had to have a release; it wasn’t fair, he had relief and the proof was in my gut.  I then quickly forgot about being pissed as he put my thighs on his shoulder and awoke my taint.  Jake licked and nibbled on my taint, this is the first time in my life I had anyone pay attention to that special area.  The sensational feeling was great and all the pent up frustration left me.  I moaned and he said: I thought you would like that, now say sorry.  I moaned sorry, at this point I would have done anything he said.  I was experiencing this wonderful feeling, that changed to a brief moment of disgust and then to absolute euphoria as he spread my ass cheeks and licked the crack of my ass.  After I got over the shock (the feeling of disgust quickly left) as I hadn't ever heard of rimming, but oh what a way to learn!  Jake dove deeper in my ass, as he tongued my hole circling and penetrating it with his tongue.  I screamed: oh my God fuck me, please.  The constant fucking of his tongue against my ass, made me see angels floating in the air and I was engulfed with a lust that I had never experienced before.  Jake then let my legs go and proceeded to flip around so that we were in a sixty-nine position and he began to suck my dick again, as I rewarded his talents by sucking on his hard cock.  He got me to the point of no return and I expected him to pull off as usual, but instead he took me down and swallowed my seed.   I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life.  Jake continued to lick and clean me up while I nursed on his cock and then he shot his load down my throat, this time it was easy to swallow as the load had lost some of the volume compared to earlier loads.

I was spent, Jake took me in his arms and held for a while and leaned in to kiss me, I was in awe.  Jake pulled his head back and said, ass and cum together taste so good and kissed me again.  I was taken back by the statement but kissed him anyway. He held for a few more minutes.  Jake went to the bathroom and I got up to get dressed.  I put on my shirt and looked in the mirror that was opposite the bathroom seeing the image of his hot ass standing in front of the toilet peeing.  He shook it off turned around and saw me staring at his sexy buns.  He came up behind me smiling and looking at us in the mirror.   Jake and I kept our eyes locked in the mirror as I bent over to put on my underwear, he held his dick out gyrating a little like he wanted to fuck me.  I shook my head back in forth saying no as I pulled up my underwear.  He kept smiling  while coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around me allowing me to lean my head on him as we looked briefly in the mirror.  I asked Jake where I should take him and he said that his roommate hadn’t messaged him to tell him that he was ready to pick him up.  I told him he could stay in the room but I had to go.  Jake gave me another kiss and walked me to the door, it was now about 2:45AM and I had to be at work at 5:30AM.  Jake holds the door wide open while standing completely naked in the doorway.  I squeeze past him and he gives me one last kiss and I walk away he steps out into the hall with dick flopping in the wind and says thanks for a great time, feel free to come by and wake me up in the morning.  

I saw Jake one more time after that at the same video store.  He hugged and kissed me and said he missed me.   I said I have to get home, I had already been out a couple of hours.  He kisses me again and starts nuzzling my neck, I said I have to go or my wife's going to get mad.  He looks me in the eye as I pull away and he says fuck the bitch.  

I never saw Jake again.  The one regret I have is I wish I would have let him fuck me.



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