The only gay sauna in Pattaya, Thailand, has just been refurbished, so I decided to see how hot it was now. I have had plenty of happy endings in a variety of ways and a variety of people, both visitors and Thais.

It has a good sauna, steam room, plenty of dark places, massage rooms, a beautiful outdoor swimming pool and also a Jacuzzi outdoors. You have to wear swimmers in the pool and jacuzzi, but can be as free as you want, as you wander around the 3 floors. They also have quite a good restaurant near the pool, clothes required.

I wandered around there a couple of days ago to see what talent there was. I like Thai boys, having lived here for 13 years, and they come (and cum!) in all shapes and sizes, and are mostly very beautiful. They lust for sex with foreigners and expect a tip afterwards, or a meal. Their lust is insatiable, and they seem to be able to cum and cum and cum, all day and night. It must be all the peppers and chilies they eat.

I went into the steam room, which is a walk round room, cool at one end and very hot at the other. I always sit at the hot end because the steam is very dense there. I had hardly sat down when a hand appeared on my dick. It was still flaccid. The person who then sat down next to me was a short, fat, hairy European, about 45-50. He had a towel round him, which I later found he did not want removed at that time. He was gently wanking me, using the steam as lubricant, and I was rising to the occasion. But I did not want to cum, as I had only been there a few minutes.

Then he bent down and took me into his mouth. Now I am quite big and he gagged on it as he tried to take it all in. Eventually in it went and my balls (all shaved) were next to his chin. His hand came up and massaged my balls and then slid down my crack to find my hole. I slid down on the seat so that my bottom came out from the seat and his finger found my anus and slipped in easily because of all the steam. He finger fucked me while sucking me and then I felt another hand holding my balls - I couldn't see who it was, but he was gently massaging them and put his other hand around my shoulder. His penis was also quite big and two drooping balls hovered in front of me. I could tell he was an older man but could not see his face.

But with the attention of finger fucking, sucking me off and having my balls massaged, I was absolutely rigid and getting ready to shoot. I said to both of them, I am getting close but do not want to shoot my load yet. They both slowed up, but the second man, massaging my balls, said sorry and shot his load all over my chest and legs. He held me tight as he came many times, and then lifted my face, gave me a big kiss, said thank you and left the room. And I still do not know who it was or what he looked like.

I tried to get into the other man's towel, but he just said later. So I thanked him, gently pulled his fingers out of my arse, his head off my rigid cock, weeping loads of pre-cum, and then pulled on my towel and walked across to the sauna.

There were 2 foreigners in there, one elderly, the other in his 30's, and two Thai boys. Something had been happening because there was movement when I walked in. I said to the room, not to worry.

I sat on the upper decking in the corner on my towel, as both the men were naked although the Thai boys had towels on. I stretched out one leg along one side and the other along the other side, so that everything was hanging there in sight.

The elderly man started to suck off the other man, and the Thai boys had their hand under their towels obviously wanking slowly. One of the boys looked across at me and smiled and I smiled back. He very obviously looked at my collection and whispered to his friend, who then also looked across. The first boy got off his seat and walked over to me and sat on the bottom decking, putting his left hand immediately on my balls. He turned to his friend and called him over and he sat on the other side of the lower deck. He looked up at me questioningly and I nodded and smiled, and he immediately leaned over and picked up my semi-limp dick in his right hand.

The 2 men stopped to watch for a minute but then starting wanking each other and kissing.

My 2 boys refused to take off their towels, although I could see 2 nice erections. I leant down and felt both of them. They felt lovely but one of the boys pushed me back onto the decking and said they cum later in the dark rooms as they were shy to strip.

The 1st boy started to wank me while massaging my balls, and the 2nd boy started to suck me at the same time as his friend wanked me. We heard some groaning and all turned to watch both men shooting their loads onto the floor at the same time. The older man only came a bit, but the younger one shot almost over to us and must have cum 7-8 times before he was empty. They kissed a lot more, wiped up their mess with a spare towel and left the room.

I asked the boys what they would like me to do, and one of them said they only had sex upstairs in the dark rooms and would like to meet me up there later. I told them that I was nearly cumming already, and they said, no problem, they wanted to see me cum, and then later, we could all 3 play in a dark room. Sounded good, if I had the energy!! Thai boys can cum many times!!

I was very rigid now and well on the way, when the boys changed places, the other boy sucking me and the other one wanking me and massaging my balls. They kept saying how nice it looked with all the hair shaved away. I thanked them but the boys sucking me said please not cum in mouth. So I said OK, moved his head off and they both wanked me together. I exploded all up my chest and then onto their hands. They carried on and I had to make them stop as I was so tender. But they said that I should cum 2 times now and then all 3 together upstairs. I laughed and said no, I was English and not Thai and could not keep cumming many times without a break.

So I pulled the towel out from under me and wiped all my sperm off my chest and their hands. They both kissed me and said very good, see you later and left the room. I just sat their exhausted but happy.

Later on I went upstairs and walked around the dark corridors and had many hands groping me as I looked for my 2 new friends. But as I walked past a closed door, it opened and there they were, coming out. I heard a foreign voice thank them for a good time, so I said, oh, I was just looking for you.

They took hold of my hands and pulled me to another open door, pulled me in, closed and locked the door and switched on a very dim light. I said what are we going to do as you have just had sex with someone else. They said, no problem, they had just wanked the man and he did not touch them at all!!

So in no time, we were all on the black leather bed and I took off their towels. They both had erections already, one was small and slender, and the other one had a big penis and loads of pubic hair. One of them said they did not want me to fuck them as I was so big, but they would like to fuck me. But no-one had any condoms although I remembered seeing a couple in my locker when I changed.

So no fucking - but lots of other things available. Within seconds, we all had strong erections and all lay on the bed. I was asked to lie down and the slender one of the two asked if he could lie on me. Of course, I said, but was surprised when he lay down on me with his arse in my face and his mouth on my penis. So I started to use my tongue around his hole. He jumped and shuddered as he was so sensitive.

The other guy stood at the bottom of the bed and lifted up both my legs onto his shoulders, complete with his friend who was still sucking me sweetly. The other boy bent down and started to lick my arse, pushing his tongue right inside me. Fabulous feeling but this would make me cum far too quickly with the combined sucking as well. But then he stopped and pushed his finger into my arse, very gently and started to finger fuck me. One minute later he stopped, pulled out his finger and pushed two of them inside as I was well relaxed by then. After finger fucking me a little and wanking himself at the same time, he pulled them out and tried to push his penis in. I said NO as we had no condoms, but he said he was clean!! No trust here, sorry, so he just fucked around my whole and up to my balls.

The slender guy on top of me started to fuck my mouth as he was getting so worked up with my tongue up his arse. Without any warning, he suddenly shot his load into my mouth, his body trembling, my tongue fucking his arse; he was completely out of control. He did not shoot a big load, but he kept on having spasms every time I pushed my tongue into his arse. Then he just lay still on top of me and rested, saying fabulous, fabulous.

The other guy carried on fucking the outside of my arse and underneath my balls, but now leant down and sucked my penis as the other guy just lay quietly on me. But, somehow, he also managed to push his finger back into my arse, and then the second one. So this was too much for me and I warned him I was going to cum again. He said he was also going to cum in a moment. Sure enough, I felt his rigid penis start to move up and down quickly, and then a big groan as he came many times, which was enough to push me over the edge and I came in his mouth shot after shot. He drank it all and then climbed onto the bed and they both moved up to lie in my arms. There seemed to be spunk everywhere, and the smell was gorgeous. The slender boy fell asleep in my arms but the bigger boy kept his hand on my penis, and put my hand on his. Both of our penises were covered in sweat and cum so it felt good as we slowly massaged each other.

His penis grew strong very quickly again in my hand, while mine was much slower to respond. The slender boy slept on, while we both massaged each other. He told me he wanted to cum again and asked if I would cum again as well. I said I doubted I could cum again so soon after the last one, but he just laughed and kissed me. We were soon kissing very strongly and the massage was getting quicker and quicker. Soon he grabbed with both hands, kissed me very strongly and shot his load onto my stomach - quite a big load so soon after the last one. Then he carried on kissing me, grabbed me again and told me I must cum again for him and to cum on his stomach.

So he kissed and wanked me. I was still so tender but growing very strong with his kisses. Soon I could feel it was cumming again, so leant over him and he made me cum on his stomach - but only about half his load. I was absolutely shattered by then. I leant back with a big sigh; he played with the spunk on his stomach and also on mine and laughed loudly which made the other boy wake up. The big boy told him what we had just down and they both laughed and told me it was time to go and have a drink downstairs and then come back up for another session !! I said yes to the drink but no to any more this visit.

We went downstairs, sat and had a lovely cold drink, said our goodbyes and then I stumbled into the dressing room and took ages to have a shower, get changed and drive home - with a big smile on my face. We did not fix another date, but I am sure we shall meet.



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