I left the construction site horny as hell and hungry for cum. The boss had hired two more workers that were hot as hell and from the bulge in their jeans hung like hell. Seeing them made me hungry. I went home, showered, and headed out.

I decided to take my motor home, ad find a place to park it and leave notes inviting all guys to come on in without knocking. But where to park it was the question.

As I passed the local college, I had an idea. I located several frat houses and placed a note on each door telling them that if any guys wanted their cock sucked by a muscular construction work to go to the parking lot of the sports center and go into the motor home parked there and to expect to possibly see others inside waiting their turn.

I parked and waited, leaving the door slightly open. About half hour later, I saw four guys waking across the lot, looking around. I went to the bed in the rear of the camper and sat down facing the front. Seconds later, the door opened and the four guys stepped in. They all looked to be eighteen or nineteen years old.

"Come on in guys," I said. "Who's first?"

They looked at each other a second then one said, "Man, you really wanting to suck our cocks?"

"Hell yea. And I want to eat all of your cum loads."

Again they looked at each other and finally one stepped forward. As he did, he dropped his jeans, exposing a nice thick long semi hard cock.

"Nice," I said. "Come feed it to me."

When he stepped close enough, I swallowed his cock an began sucking him. As I did, the others stepped into the bedroom, began watching, a stroking their exposed cocks.

One by one, I sucked each one off, devouring their hot sweet loads. As I sucked the last one, the first guy said, "We need to see if we can get Luke here. I'd love to see if this guy can suck his cock."

When i finished the last one I asked if Luke was hung.

"Like a horse," they said. "It's at least ten inches or better."

"Fuck, bring him on," I replied.

They left and a short while later I saw others approaching. I was ready for them. I began sucking them off one by one. As I finished one, he'd leave and I'd start on another. It was now dark and for almost two hours, i had a steady stream of guys wanting to get sucked. There was always at least two or three standing, waiting their turn.

The line dwindled and unfortunately there were no more waiting. I had sucked fourteen college studs. Several asked if I would be back and I told them all that whenever they saw me parked here to come on in and I'd suck them. I was ready to leave when I saw the first four guys I had sucked returning with another guy well over six foot tall.

I waited and they all entered.

"Is this Luke?" I asked.

"Yea," one said.

Luke spoke up asking how did he know the rest weren't trying to get him to get his cock sucked then broadcast it around campus. I again sucked each one of them while Luke watched. Then it was his turn. He dropped his jeans and I was faced with one of the biggest cocks I'd ever seen.

I had to measure it. Fully hard, it was eleven and a quarter inches long and had a sight downward curve.

I smiled and began sucking it. As I did, I herd Luke moan in pleasure. With each forward plunge of my face, I took more of it down my throat. I soon pulled off and said, "Okay, guy. Watch this."

I took Luke's cock back it my mouth, and without stopping. I swallowed it all and buried my nose in his dark pubic hair and held it there.

"Mother fuck, yea," Luke exclaimed loudly. "Suck me, pig!"

As the others stared in amazement, I sucked Luke dry, swallowing every drop of his huge thick load.

I told them that I'd be back regularly and look for my camper. They all said they would.

Adding the four I sucked a second time and Luke, I had nineteen loads of young sweet thick cum in my belly. I was one happy guy. I did return often.


We had finished the construction job we were on and the boss gave us a week off with pay. I took my motor home to a neighboring city and drove around, looking for large construction sites. I finally found one near the edge of the business district. I found a parking lot and walked back to check it out. Watching the workers, they all appeared range in age from mid twenties to late thirties. I also noticed three portable toilets in the parking lot. I had a plan.

One block away from the site was a neighborhood cafe with a large parking lot. I talked the owner into letting me park there for the week for a fee of two hundred fifty dollars. He even let me hook up to his electricity.

It was a Saturday morning, so after parking the motor home, I took a permanent marker from a drawer in the camper and sipped it into my pocket. I was dressed like most of the workers so I walked back to the site and casually slipped in and went into each of the portable toilets writing the same note in each, saying that if any guys wanted a blow job during lunch or after work to go one block north and look for a motor home and go in without knocking. I went back to the camper, made coffee. I began watching TV but had a view of the lot entrance.

I checked my watch and saw that noon was approaching. I began getting excited. Shortly after twelve, I saw two guys enter the lot, headed for the camper. I went to the bedroom and sat on the foot of the bed. They entered and looked around. Upon seeing me, one asked, "You the cocksucker?"

"Yep. You two want to get sucked?"

"We're here aren't we," he replied.

They walked up to me and both dropped their jeans. I sucked one then the other, alternating back and forth. Then I finished one off then the other, inhaling the intoxicating odor of their sweaty pubic bushes.

After swallowing the second load, I said, "Send the others down."

"Man, we volunteered to see if you were for real. Those notes and the talk of the job site. We didn't think it was for real."

"Well, it is for real. I'll gladly suck all of you and don't mind others watching me."

"We know of quite a few that might be visiting you, but some are happily married and won't be here. Just so you know, the boss wasn't in today or he'd probably have called the cops. After a few read the notes and word spread around the site, we painted over the notes."

"Thanks, but please let those that might be interested that they can come by any time day or night. If I happen to be asleep, I'll gladly get up to suck them."

"We'll let the know and I know for sure you'll see me again," one said.

"Me too," the other added.

They left and I went into the cafe and ate lunch. Afterward, I took a nap, setting my alarm for half past four, since I figured the guys got off at five.

Shortly after five, three guys came into the lot and to my camper. I sucked them off with each watching the others get sucked. They left and shorty after two more arrived. I sucked them both off. No more came by that afternoon.

After eating dinner, I was preparing to go out when a guy came to my camper. I let him in and he quickly offered his cock. Before I got him off another arrived, then another. From noon until eleven that night, I had sucked eleven of them off.

I decided to go on to bed, content with cum in my gut. However, abut one there was a knock at my door. I answered it and found one of the first two I had sucked standing there.

"Come on in," I said. "You want another blow job?"

"Well, something like that," he replied. Being late at night I locked the door after closing it.

"I'm Rex, by the way," he said. I gave him my first name as he waked back to the bedroom. I followed and after entering the bedroom he began to strip. I was already nude. Once he was naked, he turned to me and reached out and pulled me into his arms and kissed me. After a hot tongue kiss, he looked at me and said, "I wanted to do that earlier today, but no one at the site knows I'm gay. I hope you won't say anything."

"I don't believe in 'outing' other guys."

"Great," he replied guiding me to the bed. We began to make out and soon he was sucking me, and when I climaxed he hungrily swallowed.

"Damn, that was good," he said. "It's been over a month since I had a good load of cum."

I asked why and he said that his straight brother had been staying with him for a while and didn't know he was gay.

For three hours we had wild sex, sucking each other fucking each other rimming, kissing and cuddling.

Before he left, he asked if he could come back each night.

"Please do," I said.

Sunday, I had six of the workers visit me and Rex returned that night. For the rest of the week, I sucked no less than fifteen cocks a day. It was an awesome week and even now Rex and I get together lots of weekends.


One night I went to a local bath house in town and after stripping down ald locking my clothes in a locker, I first headed for the steam room, but on the way passed several rooms where guys were laying on their bed with boners. I stopped at each and sucked them dry.

Once in the steam room, I began sucking any cock I could. It was almost an orgy in there. After my eighth cock, I went to what is called the 'dark' room.

When you sign into the bath, you are given an snap on thin necklace that shows up in black light. The 'dark' room has only black lights in it. There are arrows on the floor showing the walkways and white circles painted around glory holes for those that liked glory hole sucking.

I'd find a glowing necklace, reach down ad grab his cock then squat and start sucking. I was sucking one after the other, and loving it.

I decided to return to the steam room. I was on an upper bench sucking one guy about forty-five while he was sucking another guy. There were two guys two rows lower in a sixty-nine on the bench we had seen and commented on how hot they were. The steam was thinning out and as it did the two guys both climaxed and after swallowing each others loads, began looking around. Just as the hotter one looked up our way the guy I was sucking climaxed as he guy he was sucking climaxed. I pulled off his cock and as he pulled off the other guys cock he looked down and froze.

The young stud we had seen in the sixty-nine looked at him and said "Dad?"

The man I sucked simply said, "oh, shit."

The young man smiled ad said, "Dad, I've got a room. Let's go talk."

As the young man headed down the bleachers, the man I sucked looked at me saying, "I never dreamed my son was gay, much less that I'd see him here."

I sucked a few more cocks and decided to head home. I only had close to twenty five loads in me. As I passed the open door of a room I saw the father and son from the steam room in a sixty-nine. I eased into the room and joined in. It was hot sucking a father and son and watching them suck and fuck each other. It was an awesome night.




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