'Sorry, I know I'm a little early,' I apologized as I closed the front door behind me. 'I had some errands to run in the area and so - ' 'Come get in on this,' said Jack, beckoning me over. 'Uh.. ' I couldn't seem to move from the doorway. At first my gaze was riveted by the smooth, tanned expanse of Jack's chest and undulating stomach muscles. His hands, though, were on Bo's head. Bo couldn't see me from his position - on his knees, nose buried in Jack's crotch - but he started making plenty of noise and pushing at Jack's thighs with his muscled arms. 'Easy, easy,' Jack soothed him, holding Bo's head in place. 'Philly's cool. He's totally queer.' Bo's thick fingers clenched, but he stopped struggling. What a fucking asshole. I found my voice. 'Shut up, Jack.' 'He's just embarrassed because he gives me head whenever I want,' Jack added. His natural growl gave me visions of blowing him in some rat-infested alleyway. 'Philly just loves giving head.' He stroked Bo's short black hair. 'Maybe he's jealous.' That motherfucker. I wasn't jealous of Bo, I was envious of Jack, and the bastard knew it. Jack and I, I didn't think we were friends, but I had thought he would at least have enough respect for me to keep his dick covered around my one crush. 'What are you even doing here?' I couldn't address Bo. 'You weren't invited.' I hadn't told Jack about it. I hadn't told anyone about it, afraid of jinxing a completely unromantic screening of Hotel Rwanda and a Wii battle. I had showered, done the whole aftershave thing, styled my hair just enough so that it didn't look like I was trying too hard, and had worn one of my nicer shirts. I clenched my fists. 'Jack, what the fuck?' Jack showed me his teeth, still humping Bo's face. 'Come on, Philly, I'm doing you a favor.' 'How is this a fucking favor?' I yelled, throwing the DVD across the room. Bo jumped and tried to turn his head, but Jack had him by the ears. 'You're a goddamn closet case.' Jack didn't pause his thrusts into Bo's mouth. Even though he had lost his leverage now, Jack probably figured that he was the one with clear sway over Bo, so I'd do what he told me. I could never get ahead of him. 'Bo here lost a wager, and I'm collecting,' Jack explained, breathing heavily as he worked his hips. 'He would never have agreed to suck my cock as punishment if he hadn't been a little bit willing in the first place, you know? Our boy here sure hit his knees fast for a straight guy.' 'Fucking bastard,' I seethed. 'Fucking, fucking, bastard.' 'Hang on. Oh shit, I'm coming, aw fuck,' Jack said in response, pumping his groin into Bo's face. 'Take it, take it.' For a moment he froze with his eyes clenched shut and his mouth open, then his whole body jerked with the force of his orgasm. He threw his head back and groaned, hips jerking, clutching Bo's hair. The sound of his pursed-lip exhalations filled my ears and invaded my head; it sounded like sex, like sex, like sex. As soon as Jack released his hair Bo choked and grabbed a tissue, turning away to cough up sperm. I watched him with a sore heart as he rested his forehead on the couch. His big chest heaved as he gasped for air. Bo didn't look at me. 'Shi-it,' Jack exhaled noisily, flopping down next to my crush. 'Bo, you're not bad! You need to watch your teeth a little more, but you could be a pretty good cocksucker if you tried.' Bo said nothing. I clenched my fists. 'Philly, do you want Bo to suck your cock?' Jack asked me as he patted Bo's head. More than I want most things in this world, you monstrous jackass, I thought angrily. 'Fuck you.' 'Hey, Bo,' Jack addressed his fallen comrade. 'You want to suck him off?' Head still buried in his arms, Bo shook his head no. Damn. Even though I didn't want him to be bullied into it, my heart splintered a little. 'Jack, lay off.' I wished I could move my feet. I wished Jack would leave. I wished he had never shown up. I wished I could fucking think. 'Naw, naw, it's cool,' Jack said jovially. He leaned over and grabbed Bo's arm, hauling the bigger man into his lap like a rag doll. I wanted to tell Bo not to let Jack pull shit like that, but who was I to talk? Jack settled Bo so that the bigger man was facing me, his knees outside of Jack's. 'Bo wants to blow you, and he's going to let me fuck him.' I was ready to punch him in his dimpled chin. 'Stop it, Jack. Don't fucking blackmail him into doing shit he doesn't want to do.' Jack pretended affront. 'Blackmail? Who the hell said anything about blackmail? I'm not forcing him to do anything.' He shook Bo's square jaw. 'Am I, Bo?' Bo shook his head again, gaze fixed on the floor. 'No,' he answered quietly. 'Look,' Jack told me, grabbing Bo's crotch. Bo jerked and gripped Jack's hand. 'Leave him alone,' I growled, finally unsticking my feet to cross the room and grab Jack's wrist. It felt as if all the atoms in the room were separating; the air was tight and electric. With Bo between us I glared at Jack, acutely aware that the thumb and forefinger I had encircling Jack's wrist were pressed against Bo's hand, that the forceful rise and fall of his chest belied his; his breath feathered my neck as I bent over him. A trillion invisible threads pulled my skin towards his, begging me to put my hand over his fast-beating heart, to press my forehead to his neck and feel his cock hard against mine. I looked at Jack, not at Bo; I looked at Jack and gritted my teeth. 'He's not your goddamn toy.' Jack grinned and reached over Bo's shoulder with his free hand to pull the man back against him. Bo's head settled on Jack's shoulder, but he turned away from both of us, exposing the strong sinew of his neck and the sharp cut of his jaw. His arms lay limp at his sides, palms upturned on the sofa. This was a new and disturbing side of Bo,for which I blamed Jack. I still wanted to touch him, so badly. 'Hey, Phillip,' Jack said suddenly. 'Kiss him.' 'No.' I responded immediately. Not like this. 'Kiss him,' Jack repeated, tightening his grip on Bo's package until Bo twitched on his lap, 'and I'll leave.' Was Jack was offering me an opportunity to get out of this without confessing all of my pent-up feelings? Worse, had he already told Bo all about it and was trying to just rub it in? 'Really? You'll just get up, stick your dick back in your pants, and leave?' 'Scout's honor,' Jack promised flippantly. I removed my hand from Jack's arm. 'So if I kiss Bo, you'll fuck off and not ever tell anyone, ever.' 'I solemnly swear to take it to my grave that Bo ever sucked a cock.' I had fantasized about kissing Bo, about caressing his cheek and touching my lips to his. I had nightmares about the possible aftermath. Here Jack was, taking all of my fantasies and crushing them, grinding them to dust in from of my eyes. Bo - what was Bo doing? Why wouldn't he say anything? 'Fine,' I agreed. 'If you promise to fuck off and never tell a soul, I'll kiss him. Is that cool with you, Bo?' Bo was silent. Was that assent? 'Go ahead, then,' Jack said. My heart was a battering ram in my chest. I tapped Bo's shoulder, but he didn't move. I took a deep breath. Resting a knee on the couch next to Jack, I leaned down. Bo turned his head away. Nut up, I told myself sternly. Bo was staring straight at the ceiling. Jack was looking at me. I had to straddle both Bo and Jack's left thigh to get close enough, but I tried again, placing my right hand on Bo's cheek so that he couldn't turn his head again. I wished I could shout with my eyes. I could smell jizz on his breath. Just before I brushed my lips over his Bo turned his head, not against my hand, but so that his nose was in the curve of Jack's neck. Like Jack was safe. Like I was the bad guy. Like he'd rather tell the world he sucked cock than kiss me. 'Bo,' I said, hurt slipping into my voice unintended. 'Come on.' Jack laughed, the fuckwad. 'Aw, come on, Bodean. Just kiss him the once. Like this.' Suddenly he grabbed my jaw hard, and pulled my mouth to his. Jack was good at many things, but there are two areas in which he excelled: manipulation and kissing. Despite my desire to choke the bastard, my eyes shut when he gently slipped his tongue between my lips. Jack grazed my lower lip with his teeth, just enough to be intentional. He stroked my tongue with his, a tender invader, chasing me when I tried to pull away, coaxing me into kissing him back. Then Jack shoved my face away. 'Told you he was queer,' he told Bo, who was looking at me. Bo's dark eyes revealed nothing. I gave Jack the finger. 'It's not a secret, asshole! But I never told anyone that I let you fuck me that once, even though you lied about how 'conflicted' you were over your 'newfound' attraction to men. I certainly haven't breathed a word to your parade of girlfriends.' 'I did fuck him.' Jack was still talking to Bo. 'I fucked him, and today I'm going to fuck you, huh, big boy?' 'Stop it, Jack!' Jack's golden gaze was guileless. 'I'll tell you what. Since Bo doesn't want a kiss, I'll leave if you let me come in your mouth.' 'Fine. Fucking fine.' I was ready to agree to almost anything at that point. Never mind that the selfish bastard had already gotten off once, and in Bo's mouth nonetheless. It would take a while to get him hard, and longer to make him finish. Anything, though, to make Jack get the fuck out of here, so that I could think of a way to fix things. 'Only if you swallow.' 'Fine! Just let him go now.' 'No need,' Jack replied cheerfully. He shuffled over so he was in the corner of the L-shaped couch, reclining against the cushions. 'Scoot back, Bo.' Jack pulled him  so that his ass rested on Jack's abdomen. Already Jack's cock was getting fat; it lolled obscenely out of his unzipped jeans, taunting me with its proximity to Bo's ass. What a fucking rat bastard motherfucker. Sure, I could blow him, but my forehead and nose would hit Bo's balls every time I went down. 'You're fucking kidding me,' I muttered angrily. 'I want him to watch,' Jack insisted like a petulant child. 'You give amazing head.' I briefly debated biting off Jack's foreskin. That would be sick - I'd spit it out triumphantly while he screamed and clutched himself desperately, and the motherfucker wouldn't ever touch me again. Of course, I'd probably puke immediately after, ruining the effect, and my own actions would haunt my dreams forever. Then Jack would blab, it'd get around, and then I'd be anathema in even the gay community, known as Dick Biter until I died alone, surrounded by cats that would later feed on my flesh because no one would care to see if I was still alive, thereby completing the vicious cycle that I had begun in rage. Jack snapped his fingers at me. 'Get on it, Philly.' I sank to my knees. Jack put his legs together for a moment so that I could pull his jeans down to his ankles. I couldn't look up, not now; Bo was sitting upright, rigid, watching me. Raining curses on Jack's head in my mind, I wrapped my hand around the thick shaft and licked the smooth glans. The bastard groaned and spread his legs wider so that I could roll his balls between my fingers while I jacked him to hardness. After two years I'd gotten to know Jack's cock like I knew my own. It was eight and a half beautiful inches long from base to tip. The glans topped his shaft like a mushroom cap, flared enough that it made a big difference that one time we fucked. I could hold it in my mouth like a plum, flicking my tongue into the slit, and just play with Jack's nuts to make him come. That way took a lot longer, but I rarely minded. Jack hadn't lied - I liked sucking dick, especially dick as porn star perfect as his. Even when I was guilted into giving Jack head I enjoyed it. This time, though, I just wanted it over with. So I breathed deeply, opened wide, and sank Jack's cock into my throat. 'Aw, fuck' he moaned. 'Goddamn. Shit, that's good, you filthy cocksucker. Get that big dick in your throat.' I pulled back, breathed through my nose, and sank down again. I could feel Bo's cock pressed against my forehead. My nose was in his balls. I shook my head a little, presumably for Jack's sake, but I just wanted to trace the outline of Bo's shaft in his jeans. 'Hey, Bo, be my hands,' Jack commanded, slapping the larger man on the back. 'Fuck his head on my dick.' Bo leaned forward, taking his cock out of easy reach, and slid his hands to the back of my head. I shivered, spreading his touch throughout the rest of my body. His thick fingers were soft in my hair, cradling me as he pulled me forward. 'Get on that cock, yeah,' Jack breathed. I bobbed up and down, faster, faster, working my tongue against the veiny shaft and sucking furiously on the head. One of Bo's hands drifted down to my cheek, then his fingertips found my throat, feeling the expanding plunge of Jack's stiff cock and the contraction when I swallowed. I didn't look up. 'Tell Philly to suck my fat cock,' Jack ordered Bo. 'Tell him, Bo.' Bo's bass whisper caressed my ears. 'Suck his fat cock.' 'Say his name, Bo.' 'Suck his fat cock, Philly.' He said it like he meant it. It was like a shot of adrenaline to my ears. I'd do just about anything Bo asked if he'd just whisper in my ear and call me by name. Watch, Bo. I sucked Jack's cock like I wanted to suck Bo, vigorously, wetly, using my tongue and lips to pull the seed from his testicles. Pre-ejaculate slicked my throat and the back of my mouth. 'Stop,' Jack commanded suddenly. 'Stop, stop; Bo, stop him.' Bo pushed my head off of Jack's dick. Let me go, I need to finish this. I tried to dive back down, to make Jack come and make him leave, but Bo held fast and locked his elbows. His face would have been expressionless, save for the curiosity in his slightly narrowed eyes. What was he thinking? 'It's Bo's turn.' I didn't move because Bo was touching me, but I tightened my grip threateningly on Jack's balls. 'You,' I gritted out, 'promised, you lying sack of shit.' 'Bo needs the practice, don't you, Bo?' Jack replied easily. 'And I wasn't kidding, I'll fuck off after I've come in your mouth.' I sat back, scrubbing my hands over my face. 'Jack.' 'Bo doesn't mind. Help him if you want me to come faster,' Jack suggested as he shoved Bo off his lap. He kicked off his pants to give us both enough room between his legs. Bo settled next to me on his knees, dark head hung low. His long lashes swept his cheeks gently, a painter's brush on silk, and he closed his large hand around mine. 'Philly,' he said softly, gaze on Jack's member, or maybe on our interlaced fingers, 'help me.' Shit. Was he just asking for blowjob instructions, or did Jack really have enough dirt on him that he needed my help to get out of getting fucked? Wouldn't letting me kiss him have been the easier option? Just because Jack was admittedly better-looking than I, was that reason enough to do whatever the fuck he wanted? 'Help me,' Bo said. What was I supposed to do? 'Um, make sure you keep your lips covering your teeth,' I responded, hoping that I was doing the right thing. Bo curled his plump lips, bending to encase the mushroom cap in our hands. I've never felt such cock envy in my life. I took my fingers away, placing my hand instead on the back of Bo's neck and massaged him lightly. 'That's it,' I whispered in his ear. 'Use your tongue, too.' I admit it - I was trying to get in his head a little bit. If I could tell him what to do, if he was listening to me, Jack may well have been a dildo. Bo didn't glance at me, but I saw his tongue extend, caressing the underside of Jack's cock. Jack grunted in appreciation and leaned his head back against the couch. 'Don't try to suck it on the way down,' I advised, trailing my fingertips over his hairline. 'Try mostly tongue going down, lips and inhale on the way up, then tongue on the head. Don't take him so far that you choke.' Watching Bo heed my instructions was simultaneously the hottest and saddest thing I had ever seen. I wasn't hard, but my stomach tingled with anticipation. Whether or not Bo enjoyed sucking cock, Jack was right - he was pretty good at it. 'I'm going to fuck him,' Jack breathed. Bo's eyes lifted for a moment, but he just shook his head instead of saying no. I spoke for him. 'You can't,' I insisted. 'You're too big for a first-timer, considering you've never fucked a virgin before.' 'I've fucked plenty of virgins,' Jack said. He didn't even bother opening his eyes. 'Not men,' I retorted, stroking Bo's broad back. I was trying to be comforting, but I knew that I was probably touching him too lightly for him to think it wasn't sexual. I couldn't help it. 'You want to fuck him,' Jack stated. It was a challenge. So he hadn't said anything to Bo about my giant crush yet, but he was willing to. This time Bo sat back on his heels and looked at me, taking his hand from Jack's member. I still couldn't tell what he was thinking, but I opted for honesty and admitted, 'Yeah, I do. But I'd never do anything he doesn't want me to.' Bo looked surprised. 'Hey, Bo, who do you want fucking you first?' Jack leaned forward, tapping my friend lightly on the cheek. Bo turned his head away and dropped his gaze. 'Who?' Jack repeated. 'Why does he have to get fucked?' I asked defensively. Jack shrugged, tugging on Bo's hair. 'Come on, he wants it. Don't you, buddy?' Jack guided the man back down to his cock. 'He wants to try getting fucked, but he doesn't want to say it out loud, because that would be gay.' 'Sucking cock is already pretty gay,' I said, and immediately wanted to kick myself. I was supposed to be defending my crush. 'Fucking is the next natural step,' Jack insisted. 'He already said he didn't want to get fucked.' 'Bo said he didn't want me to fuck him, but he hasn't said no to you. If he says no, we'll stop.' Jack stood up suddenly and grabbed his jeans. 'I'm going to find his condoms. You get him undressed. Bo, do you have any lube?' Bo shook his head. 'I'll get some from Philly's car.' Jack walked out of the living room. Finally we were alone, but we could hear cabinet drawers opening and closing in the bathroom. Bo sat cross-legged on the floor, rubbing his mouth. Goddammit, Bo, say something. 'Fuck,' I groaned. Bo huffed, a half laugh, and put his head in his hands. 'Buddy, I can't tell if you want my help or you'd rather see me leave,' I said slowly. 'And I'll go if you tell me to, I really will, and we can pretend this never happened.' Bo's penetrating gaze met mine for a moment, but he looked away. Jack strode back through the living room and gave me a 'hurry up' gesture as he sailed out the front door. 'Come on, Bodean,' I said, feeling desperate. 'I know it's weird that I didn't just turn around and leave. I don't know how to deal with Jack sometimes. He gets in my head, and then I don't know which way is up, you know? And frankly.. ' I took a deep breath. 'Okay, so I've had a massive crush on you ever since Intro to Academic Writing but I never said anything because I didn't want you to be all weird around me. I mean, I know a lot of straight guys get all concerned that any gay friend wants to get in their pants, so - actually, I guess that was true in my case, so I can't make that point.' Bo snorted, which was slightly encouraging. 'I was never going to try anything, for real, but now.. yeah, I've jacked off thinking about you. There it is.' I couldn't stop them. All those words, pouring out of my mouth. 'And I'm about to take the opportunity to have sex with you, not just because I really like you, but because Jack's an asshole and he really doesn't know what he's doing. Like, if you want to try it, you should be with someone who at least knows what's up, like, how to make it work. I mean, I'm not a whore or anything, but I can make this feel really good for you. Well, it'll hurt a little at first but, that's all part of the experience.' Stop talking, Phillip. Shut up. 'You do keep lube in your car,' Bo interjected. I couldn't tell if he was teasing me or not. 'Well, yeah, but it's like you or Jack carrying condoms, you know? Just part of the game. I mean, I carry condoms, too,' I added quickly. 'I'm just saying that I don't get with every guy who crosses my path. But like, I have had my share, you know? Look, I'll stop if you just tell me to. Jack, too, I'll stop him.. I just - just know that I'll do whatever you want, okay? I know we'll probable never be cool after me telling you this, but I really don't want you to hate me. I mean, it's a crush. I'll probably get over it someday. Just say something.' For a brief, precious moment Bo relaxed, returning to that affable man I liked so much. 'I thought you thought I was gross or something.' He smiled a little. 'It's okay, Philly.' 'You worry too much,' Bo added. What the hell did that mean? What, exactly, was okay? That I'd had a crush on him? That Jack had managed to coerce Bo into giving him head? That I was about to fuck him? All of it, or something else that I missed? How the hell had I given him the impression that I thought he was gross? I was speechless long enough for Jack to re-enter the room. 'On your back, Bo,' he said, tossing me the bottle of lube. 'It's fuckin' time.' He kicked his jeans off again. Bo glanced at me, shook his head a slightly, and lay down on the couch in the corner where Jack had been. I narrowed my eyes. Bo might have wanted to try out homosexuality without committing one way or another, but that made me uncomfortable. He had to be nervous as hell, though, so I still was going to talk to him through it. 'Hey, Bo,' I said, accepting a condom from Jack, 'I need you to take your pants off.' I was gratified to see him sit up and shuck his jeans and boxers by himself. 'Also, if you actually want this to happen, you need to, uh, you know, clean up first.' Bo looked to Jack, who spoke for him. 'Oh, he's lemony fresh,' Jack laughed. He pulled Bo's t-shirt off and tossed it over his shoulder. I both did and did not want to know how Jack knew the cleanliness of Bo's rectum. How long had they been planning this? Was I the one interrupting? And if he was so eager to see Bo deflowered, why not fight harder to do it himself? 'And, I suggest you turn over first,' I added, pulling my shirt over my head. Bo needed to be able to hide his face for the time being. It would feel less awkward for him than face-up, holdings his legs while I stuck my tongue in his ass. 'We'll go slow, okay? Tell me if there's anything you don't like.' Bo nodded and turned over, pillowing his head in his arms and drawing his knees under his stomach. Staring down at the dust of dark hair over his solid thighs and low-hanging sack, the quiver of flesh when he shifted his weight, and the dark beckon of his hole, I finally realized that I was really, honestly, truly going to fuck my college crush. Holy fucking shit. I had a raging hard-on and was getting ready to stick it all up in Bodean's tight ass. A lot about this was completely wrong. A lot of it was fucking hot. I placed my hand gently on Bo's lower back, watching that small ring of puckered skin wink at me. Bo's ass was like the rest of him, fit and firm, but with just enough fat to show that he hadn't gained his muscles through hours in a gym. I squeezed the flesh in my hands, kneading it, both marveling at the sensation of the smooth skin under my fingertips and trying to help Bo relax. Jack settled on the couch next to me with one hand on his dick, stroking himself absentmindedly. 'Go on,' he told me in a husky voice, 'you've waited long enough.' I decided to warn the willing victim. 'Bo, we, I, need to relax you first, okay? I'm going to lick you a little, so, you know, don't fart in my mouth or anything.' Bo laughed into the couch cushions, that big, equine guffaw. Jack tapped my shoulder in encouragement. His expression was smug, like he had known all along into what kind of twisted threesome this would turn. Asshole. Nonetheless, as I shuffled forward and bent my head, I was begrudgingly grateful. I can't remember now who sighed when I first pressed my lips to Bo's ass. I kissed him first, tenderly, close-mouthed, stroking his buttocks and thighs, running my hands over his back. Right, left, then back again, I kissed and lipped at every inch of his glutes. Occasionally I brushed my fingers over his hole, just enough to get Bo used to someone touching him there. I glanced over at Jack, who was watching me in turn. His posture was relaxed as he lounged naked on the couch, but his expression was attentive. He briefly looked up at Bo's face, then nodded at me. I placed the tip of my tongue at the top of Bo's crack, and then slowly dragged it down over the smooth skin; he gasped when I reached his puckered entrance. I went no farther down than that. Bo's low moans told me that he wasn't opposed to what I was doing, and he kept shifting as though he wanted some additional stimulation. Eager to get my hands on him, I reached up to play with his cock and heavy balls, savoring their weight in my palm and the wrinkled skin beneath my fingertips. Jack slid sinuously off the sofa to whisper something in Bo's ear. Tongue wiggling fast inside my crush, I felt Bo's fingers brush mine as he reached down to stroke himself. Good. Using both hands to spread his cheeks, I buried my face in Bo's ass and used every trick I knew to make him wet and aroused. 'Feel's good, huh?' Jack's voice was low and soft. What would you know? I thought. Bo grunted his assent. 'Then are you ready? Want Philly's long dick up your ass?' Bo looked over his shoulder at me. I lifted my head. 'It's isn't that long. I'm no more than average, I swear. Barely that. You'll be able to walk, I promise.' Never before had I bragged about being less than well hung. Bo first pursed his lips in thought. My heart was loud, beating don't say no, don't say no. Finally Bo nodded at me and turned on his back, giving us our first glance at his naked erection. 'God, Bo,' I breathed. 'You're huge!' Blushing bright pink, Bo smiled lopsidedly and put his hands behind his head, bracing his heels on the edge of the sofa. I let my eyes feast on his thick biceps, how that position pulled his pecs into meaty teardrops dusted with dark curls, on his ridged abdomen, and on the tantalizing line of hair that lead to a circumcised cock the size of a water bottle. He wasn't as long as Jack, but I still couldn't imagine trying to fit it into my ass. 'Holy shit,' Jack agreed, 'you're hung like a fucking bull. Can you jack yourself with just one hand?' In an uncharacteristic move he leaned over and curled his fingers around the dick in question. His index finger and thumb could touch, but barely. I cocked my head at Jack. 'How did you not notice this before? Don't you have to change in the locker rooms, shower, something?' 'He wasn't hard in the locker rooms,' Jack retorted. 'I mean, we all knew he was big. How do you think he got the nickname 'Hoss?'' 'I thought it was because of your backwoods upbringing and the Budweiser Clydesdales,' I rejoined, gratified to hear Bo chuckle. Kneeling between Bo's legs, I knocked Jack's hand out of the way. 'Shove over, Jack.' The sound of Jack relocating on the couch muffled the click when I opened the lube. Bo was watching me; only the slight furrow between his eyebrows betrayed any sign of concern. I used one slick hand to tug at his balls a little and gave him a suggestive wink. Rewarded by Bo's crooked grin, I bent to lick the veined underside of his dick and slid one slippery finger past the tight ring of his sphincter. Bo nearly came of the couch. 'Shit.' Pressing the bigger man down by his shoulders, Jack asked, 'Shit like good shit or bad shit?' I pretended to ignore them both and concentrated on trying to cram as much of Bo's dick in my mouth as I could handle. God, it was like trying to swallow a baseball bat. I briefly wished that I could infuse myself with python DNA in order to unhinge my jaw. Instead I had to content myself with licking around the head and not trying anything fancy with my gag reflex. 'I don't know,' Bo replied, panting lightly. 'Um, weird shit.' Before I could reassure him, Jack responded, 'Just relax, dude. Give Philly a chance to work his mouth. I mean, his magic.' Bo laughed when I used my free hand to flip Jack off, which gave me the chance to slip another finger inside him. With a groan Bo flopped back on the couch, rubbing his chest. His cock was warm steel in my hungry mouth; if I held still I could feel his heartbeat on my tongue. 'Fuck him, Philly,' Jack encouraged over the sound of Bo's moaning. I pulled off with a pop, but kept my fingers working slowly inside the tight cavern that I was dying to enter. 'I'm not doing a damn thing until Bo says it's okay. Bo?' Bo said nothing. Jack raised his eyebrows at me, but damn it, I wasn't trying to bully Bo. I just wanted to make sure that he knew that next came the butt sex. 'I'm serious,' I insisted, curling my fingers upward to find Bo's prostate. 'I'm not doing anything that you don't want.' Bo nodded. 'Okay?' Jack asked. I wanted to tell him to shut the fuck up. Bo nodded again, so I looked around for the foil packet Jack had given me earlier. Bo covered his eyes with one arm and reached down to pull at his dick. Right before I put the rubber on Jack got up. 'Wait, let me do it.' Dumbfounded, I let him take the condom out of my hand. He stood close enough for me to feel the heat from his body; I watched his bronzed skin slide over the vertebrae of his neck while he took hold of my shaft and rolled the rubber on. His fingers were gentle, hesitant; I think he was holding his breath. Then Jack stepped back and looked me in the eyes. I blinked. 'Uh - ' His hard-on was hot on my mine. 'Have at it, buddy.' He smiled and slapped me on the arm. Sure, Jack. He was being weird. Jack resumed his place by Bo's head while I positioned myself between his legs. Bo didn't move when I gently attempted to push his thighs back a little, so I bent down to swirl my tongue around the tip of his stiff dick. I got in one taste precum before I pressed my cockhead to his entrance. Bo whined. 'Relax and bear down on me,' I coached him. 'It's going to hurt some at first, okay? But push and it'll be a lot easier.' Bo did as I asked with a frown, panting so much one would think he was practicing Lamaze. Jack grabbed the bottle of lube and poured a generous amount onto Bo's heavy balls so that it ran down his ass. Millimeter by millimeter I was able to press forward until the ring of muscle popped around the head of my dick. A pleasant shiver went up my spine, but Bo's erection quickly began to wilt. 'Jack, help him,' I ordered. I could have stayed there all night, but I wanted Bo to enjoy his first ass fuck. Jack curled his full upper lip. 'Why can't you - ' 'Either suck him or jerk him, I don't care which. Don't be a creepy spectator.' When he hesitated I added, 'You've already touched it once today, buddy. A little more won't hurt you.' Jack rolled his whisky eyes, but he obeyed. I couldn't see from my angle, but judging from Jack's sudden groan I gathered that Bo had taken Jack's cock in his mouth. Once he had braced himself on the couch with one elbow, Jack took the monster dick in his hand and started stroking. Satisfied that Bo was taken care of I began pushing deeper into his hot center. 'Fucking A, you feel good,' I commented breathlessly. 'It's like a warm chocolate chip cookie for my excited little wiener.' Bo's guffaw was muffled by a mouthful of cock. He did squeeze his thighs around my waist, which I took as a sign to start sawing back and forth inside of him. He groaned, so I tapped Jack's shoulder; he in turn started stroked Bo's dick with more vigor. 'Push down a little here,' I instructed Jack, placing his palm just above the base of Bo's cock. He did, and I shifted my stance to thrust again. 'Mmph!' Bo's entire body spasmed. Jack grinned at me. 'Feels good on me, too. Do it again, sex machine.' I did, because when Bo gasped his ass gripped me like a vise. I should have been gentler, but every time I pulled back my dick wanted back in. Fucking Bo was more than just sex, it was the culmination of all my late teens and early twenties desires. It wasn't just lust that clouded my eyes red and rumbled in my chest, it was victory. Victory was explosive. Victory was manhood. Victory was preparing to spill hot cum into the depths of Bodean's juicy ass. Jack looked down between his legs. 'Fuck, Bo, if you keep that up I'm going to come soon.' My eyes focused in time to see Jack release his hold on Bo's dick and sit up. He braced himself with a hand on my shoulder, watching his cock go in and out of Bo's mouth. Bo had wrapped his arms around Jack's thighs and was using his grip to hold Jack still. I slowed my thrusts, mesmerized by the way Bo's cheeks hollowed with effort; his throat worked and his lips were pink from friction. Jack slid his hot, sweaty palm from my shoulder to the back of my neck. His bright amber gaze locked on mine, held me still, sucked me in until his eyes shut tight and his mouth fell open. All the muscles in his carefully sculpted body stood at attention in that moment right before climax; his grasp on my neck was tight, his chest expanded. Jack came with a loud cry, a short sharp noise as he shook violently, clutching at my arm to keep himself from collapsing. 'Fuck!' He could barely get the word out. Jack fell against me, his cock slipping from Bo's lips. I held him as best I could while his body quaked, until he had strength to lean over and flop onto the floor. I glanced down at Bo, whose neck, chest, and stomach were covered with clear spots of cum. Damn, but Jack had come a lot for it being the second time in two hours. Bo was watching Jack, so I tweaked one of his nipples. 'Okay, ready for this?' I asked. Bo's dark eyes met mine and he nodded. I pulled his ass up so that I could cram as much of myself inside him as possible and resumed a steady pace. Bo shut his eyes, relaxed, letting me fuck him. He could have been asleep save for the occasional flare of his nostrils, which was always accompanied by a soft pleased grunt. I leaned over to nibble at his chest, thrusting gently as I finally was able to touch him above the waist. Bo's broad chest was solid under my hands, the light mat of dark curls slick with sweat and cum. He arched his back when I ran my palms firmly down his sides, wiggling on my cock. When I touched his shaft Bo opened his eyes. I wanted to lean down and kiss him, but would he let me? It was just us now, just the sound of our breathing and the slick sound of our bodies melding. He put his hands on my arms, dropping his gaze to look at the movement of my hand on his shaft before smiling up at me with all his white teeth. It felt like sunshine - I smiled back and reached up to his face. 'Let go,' Jack ordered. I let him pull my hand away from Bo's cock to replace it with his own. Bo and I watched as Jack stretched out on the other half of the couch and bent to lick the traces his cum from Bo's stomach. All I could see was the back of Jack's head, but Bo watched intently, letting out short exhales when Jack found a ticklish or sensitive spot. If Jack was going to take care of Bo's dick, I'd take care of his ass. Holding back was more difficult with every second; I wanted to burst like a shaken soda can. Ultimately, though, I wanted Bo to come while I was fucking him. Faster and faster I pounded, waiting for a telltale high-pitched noise to know when I had the right angle. Shoving Bo's knees apart I wrapped my hands over the top of his thighs. Now I was grunting, too, loud animalistic 'unhs' that punctuated each plunge of my cock into his center. Jack, apparently satisfied that he'd cleaned up his mess, looked up at me. 'Where do I push, again?' 'By the base, right above when the bone ends,' I panted. Jack pressed down; I could feel the difference from the inside, how the little bump was easier to find and hit. Bo threw his head back into the cushions. 'Holy shit,' he exclaimed through clenched teeth. 'Are you close?' I asked. He nodded. 'Jack, suck him off.' Jack looked as though he was ready to protest, so I pulled him onto Bo's cock by the back of his neck. Bo's hands joined mine to keep Jack in place. Jack didn't struggle, but he couldn't go down very far. What he couldn't fit in his mouth he jerked with his hand, his hand moving so fast that Bo's heavy balls slapped against my stomach. Jack squeezed that huge dick while he worked the head with his tongue. I fucked Bo like I would fuck Jack's mouth - mercilessly, relentlessly, fucking until my muscles burned with the effort. 'Shit,' Bo said softly, then louder, 'shit, shit, shit, oh shit oh shit oh god!' When Bo came I felt it in my fingertips. He thrashed, holding onto Jack's head, pushing himself onto me and into Jack. I almost came then; only the cerebral jealousy that Jack was the one with Bo's cum in his mouth prevented me from it. Bo trembled as Jack slurped up the white splooge dripping down Bo's cock. Jack squeezed the shaft until there was nothing left to come out, then used his tongue in the slit until Bo pushed him away. 'He shoots like a horse,' Jack commented with a grin. I paused, aching to come but not wanted to push Bo too far. 'You can keep going,' Bo offered. He sounded tired. 'You sure?' I wasn't really about to turn him down, but the words popped out of my mouth anyway. Jack rolled his eyes. 'Shit, man, it's your turn,' Bo replied, laughing a little. I didn't bother responding. Now that I knew he was at least satisfied with his first man to man fucking I could worry about my own nearby climax. I grabbed his big thighs and thrust as hard as I could, worrying only about my dick, the heat surrounding it, and the slap of two bodies. For the last hour I had skirted the edge of control; I leapt from it, fucking because it was my purpose, fucking because it was breathing air, fucking because it made me human. Straddling Bo's stomach, Jack wrapped his arms around my shoulders and crushed our mouths together as I hammered into the man beneath us. I couldn't focus enough to kiss him back; his hot tongue ran over my teeth, the roof of my mouth, the inside of my cheeks. He grabbed my hair hard enough to hurt a little and pulled my head back to nip down my jaw and neck. One Bo's big hands stroked my thighs. His touch was light, like he was petting a cat, but welcoming. Every inch of my skin tingled beneath his fingertips, aching for more. He reached between Jack's legs to my abdomen, curling in the hair he found to pull me forward and pressing on the bundle of nerves above my shaft. 'Oh god, I'm close,' I whispered against Jack's lips. 'Come,' he replied, licking my teeth. 'Come, Philly. Do it. Just let go.' So close. The cum was rising in my balls and my toes felt numb. My whole body tensed in anticipation. Bo's ass was so tight. Jack pressed our chests together and grabbed my buttocks, helping me fuck the man beneath us. Bo wrapped his legs around my back and pulled me hard into him, and god, oh god I was exploding, white clouding my vision. I came so hard that I abandoned control of my body; I was outside of my skin, I was made of light and electricity and fire, a rocket of pure sensations and orgiastic bliss, I was an earthquake and thunder, I was a supernova. I might have blacked out for a second. When my head cleared I realized that I had a mouthful of Jack's shoulder and my fingers were bruising his back. 'I can't fucking move,' I said, tasting salt. Jack pushed me away so that he could inspect the teeth marks. 'I think I need a tetanus shot.' 'Put some rubbing alcohol on it, pussy,' I said, too drained to dredge up any sympathy for him. Jack obeyed, leaving me to slump onto Bo's chest while I caught my breath. I listed to the heartbeat under my ear, comfortable with being hot and sticky for a moment. Bo ruffled my hair. 'Okay, you were right,' he said. He sounded exhausted. Before I could ask about what I had been right, two firm hands pulled me backward. 'Come here, Philly,' Jack said gently. 'Let him breathe, or at least put his damn legs down.' Everything from the waist down felt like gelatin, so I ended up falling back on Jack's lap; our bodies made a thwump in the couch cushions. Bo sat up gingerly. 'Well, hot damn, ladies,' I puffed, leaning my head on Jack's shoulder. 'I'm bushed. Wake me up in two days.' 'I need to shower.' Bo stood. His big thighs trembled as he stumbled off to the bathroom. Jack patted my chest. 'That was fucking hot.' 'Yeah,' was all I could muster. His chest was really smooth. I think he waxed it. 'And making out with you while you came; that was like, mind-blowing.' I was catching my breath, but I didn't wasn't ready to analyze it play by play just yet. 'Uh, yep.' He kissed my neck. 'Happy Birthday, Phillip.' 'Really, Jack?' I asked drily. 'Now?' He ran his fingers down my jaw. 'Well, what do you get the guy who has everything?' 'An iPad,' I responded. He was making me a little nervous. 'I do not have one of those.' 'Why the fuck would you need an iPad?' Jack chuckled, still moving his fingers slowly. 'You have an iPhone and a laptop.' There was something twisting in my gut. 'So,' I asked slowly, 'are you telling me that this was all an elaborate birthday surprise?' 'Yep. Aren't you glad I came over?' Jack asked contentedly. 'Bo told me during practice that you guys were hanging out.' 'I wouldn't have done this by myself,' I admitted. I was going to kill him. Ruffling my hair affectionately, Jack kissed my temple. 'I know, Philly. I also knew you'd be mad at me at first.' I untangled myself and rose on the pretext of throwing the condom away. 'Then why did you do it?' I folded my arms, watching as Jack wiped his chest with Bo's shirt and tossed it carelessly on the floor. 'Ah, right, because this is our pattern. I get mad at you, but every time you ask I'm back on my knees with your dick in my mouth, and you don't have to do a thing about it, right? It always looks like I forgive you, doesn't it?' He shrugged. My blood was hot and my lungs tingled with every inhalation. I was going to wrap my hands around his throat and wring his pretty little neck. 'This is not one of those times, Jack. This is a big fucking deal.' He looked up at me, startled at the vehemence in my tone. 'Honestly, Jack, it's like one day you woke up and thought, 'You know what'd be fun? Being an asshole all the time. I'll just do that for the rest of my goddamn life.'' Jack stood as well, looking surprisingly injured. 'What are you talking about? You're like my best friend, Philly. I mean, I tell you shit I don't tell anyone else.' I folded my arms. 'A confessional and a friend aren't the same.' Spreading his firm arms wide, Jack exclaimed. 'No, I'm serious. You're always the first person I call after, like, breakups and shit. And I was totally jealous that you were always talking about Bo when you were with me. Even when you aren't around I think about you. Like, really, I think I'm in lo - ' I held up a hand. 'Nope, no, uh-uh, stop,' I interrupted. 'As flattering as it is to think that someone who looks like you could be genuinely into me, the way you behave is in no way a reflection of real adult love. I'm too mature for you. Figure out your sexuality and then work on your terrible attitude. We'll talk then.' 'Come on, Philly,' Jack said, shuffling his feet. God, he was cute, but cute didn't make up for the last two years of shit. Shaking my head, I replied, 'You have given me no reason to believe that you ever saw me as anything but as a hands-free fuck toy.' I ticked off his transgressions on my fingers. 'You never hung out with me unless you were between girlfriends. You have never hung out with me when you didn't want a fucking blow job. You never reciprocated. Plus, instead of trying to be the kind of guy to whom I'd actually want to suck off, you coerced me into giving you head. I only said yes because I hadn't knows that you and Bo were all dude bro together, and you made me think that you just might tell him about my gigantic crush.' 'I never would have told him!' Jack protested. I threw my arms wide. 'But you made me think you would! I can't trust you! If you loved me, if you really loved me, you would want to see me happy. You wouldn't try to manipulate me all the time. And you wouldn't - ' my voice was rising steadily ' - have fucking. Seduced. My crush. On my fucking. Birthday.' 'I - ' 'Asshole. Why would you ever think I wanted that?' I demanded. 'I just thought we could,' Jack began, then took a breath and tried again. 'I just wanted to.. ' He hung his head. 'You don't even know why, do you?' Jack raised his gaze to meet mine, but dropped it back to the floor. 'No,' he said quietly. 'Just leave, buddy. You can't talk your way out of this.' 'I'm sorry, Philly,' he mumbled, sounding for once as though he meant it. I handed him his shirt once he had shimmied into his underwear and jeans. Jack cocked his head as he pulled it on. 'Why are you looking at me like that?' Shaking my head, I replied, 'Don't get your hopes up. I was just thinking that pretty on the outside is wasted on some people.' Jack flipped me off. 'Now you're just being an asshole.' 'Must be contagious. Don't call me.' 'Fine.' He didn't slam the door one his way out, per se, but there was definitely some extra force behind it. Bo walked into the living room in a towel, catching me in the act of putting my clothes back on. 'Uh, er, Bo.. ' Despite having just had my hands all over him, my mouth watered at the sight of his broad chest and those two muscles that curved over his hips into his pelvis. I wanted to rip his towel off and go to town on him again, but steeled myself to be kicked out. 'I was just - ' 'Go take a shower,' he said. 'I'll order Chinese.' 'Really?' Shifting his weight, Bo gave me a shy smile. 'We have a movie to watch, right?' My whole body relaxed instantly. 'Hah, yeah, assuming I didn't break it. Kung Pow Chicken for me, please.'


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