Michael usually did his daily run in the morning after he got up and before he left for work. Today was not a usual day. He had an early breakfast meeting with a client that was flying out early in the morning. At the end of the day his boss wanted to go out for drinks so Michael had no choice but to go. He ended up getting home about 8 pm. His wife kissed him when he entered their house from the garage. She asked if he wanted some dinner that she kept warm. She also said that their kids had already gone to bed. Michael told his wife that he needed to do his run or he would feel off his schedule.

He went upstairs and took off his business attire and decided what he was going to wear running. He had a pair of shorts that were split up the side which would be good that night because it was so hot. He put on his running shoes and grabbed a t-shirt and put it on. On the way out of the door he told his wife he would be back before she went to bed but if not she shouldn't wait up. Michael was training for triathlon so he was going to do at least 15 miles that night so depending on his speed it would be about 2 hours before he got home.

When Michael left the house he decided he would run over to the park with the trail that circled the nearby lake and just do laps. He didn't want to run too much on the streets since it was already dark out. It was only about a mile to the park so he stuck to the sidewalks since he hadn't picked the shoes with the reflectors.

When he reached the park he noticed that there weren't many people running that night. Altogether in his first lap he had only seen 3 men and 1 woman on the trail. As he passed one of the guys he couldn't help but notice that he had a pretty nice ass. Lately it seemed like he was checking out men, something he really hadn't done that much before besides the usual locker room stuff. He had even been wondering what it would be like to fuck a guy. Would it feel a lot different than fucking a woman? He also thought getting a blow job from a guy would probably be better than a woman because a man would know what feels good.

He pushed that out of his mind and focused on running. While Michael had a runners lean body he also had some good muscle definition, a couple times a week he would use the free weights he kept in the garage just to make sure he kept his muscles in the best condition since that helped on a long run. He was also 35 with brown hair and brown eyes. He was relatively hairless and he was very proud of his cock. He had a thick one that was about 8 inches so more than the average man who had 5 ½ inches. Before he got married he had been somewhat of a man whore sleeping with any woman he could get but married life changed all that.

He was about to lap the guy he had seen earlier with the nice ass. He decided to slow down and just enjoy the view of the man's ass checks tightening with each stride. The man wasn't wearing a shirt so Michael could also check out his shoulders and back. The guy looked like he was in great shape.

Michael's cock started to harden as he watched the man run. Even though his running shorts had the built in support for his cock it started swinging with each stride he made. The guy in front of him looked back over his shoulder to see who was following him. He moved his eyes from Michael's face down to his swinging cock. The man smiled and kept running.

Michael was starting to get warm so he took off his t-shirt and stuck it in the back of his shorts. The next time the guy looked back at Michael besides his swinging cock he saw Michael's pumped up chest. This made Michael's dick harden more. The netting in his shorts was getting more constricted. He reached down and moved the netting aside so that his cock could have more room.

From the other direction came a guy running toward them. He was shirtless as well wearing tight shorts that showed off the outline of his cock. As he ran past Michael could tell that both he and the guy in front of him were being checked out. The guy nodded and smiled as he went past.

When he and the guy in front of him had done another half lap the guy turned and ran into a break in the tree line along the path. The guy who was running in the other direction must have been doing a similar pace because Michael saw him approaching. Michael kept running but picked up his pace. As he passed the other runner it looked like his cock had grown in his tight shorts.

As Michael kept running he didn't see either guy again. When he reached the break in the tree line he decided to see where they had gone. Was there possibly another path or were they just taking a break? He slowed to a jog when he entered the brush. There were obviously paths back behind the tree line but they looked more like they had been made by people walking than planned paths for running. He slowed to a walk. As his breathing calmed down he started to hear noises in the brush and bushes. When he heard noise very close to where he was walking he parted the brush and looked in. There was a small clearing that looked the same as the paths, just packed down from a lot of foot traffic. Up against one of the trees was the runner he had been following giving the guy who had been running toward them a blow job. His tight shorts had been pushed down and the other runner had his cock all the way in his mouth. The guy with the tight shorts who was leaning against the tree waved him over with a nod. The guy on his knees didn't seem to be aware that someone had entered the clearing. As Michael got closer he started to rub the growing bulge in his shorts. Since he had moved the netting aside the head of his cock was sticking beyond the hem of his running shorts. When he got close enough to the man against the tree the man put his hand on the outline of Michael's cock. Michael jumped back a bit but the man held on and pulled Michael back toward him. With his other hand the man started to rub Michael's chest while he pushed Michael's shorts down freeing his cock. He stroked Michael's cock very slowly. It was so different having someone else's hand on his cock. It didn't feel anything like when his wife held his cock. She always seemed so tentative when she held Michael's cock. This man was almost rough the way that he stroked it. Then the man ran his thumb across the tip of Michael's cock a couple of times. The man took his hand off Michael's chest and put it on the head of the other runner. He pulled his cock out of his mouth and turned the runner's head toward Michael's cock. The guy on his knees took his cock into his mouth. It was definitely different than when he was sucked by a woman. The man's tongue and lips worked his cock in ways his wife or any other woman had. The guy on his knees grabbed the base of Michael's cock and then slowly, almost painfully but in a good way, moved his mouth and lips up and down his cock. Finally the guy on his knees had Michael's 8 inches all the way in his mouth. Michael could feel that the head of his cock was rubbing the back of the man's throat. No woman had ever taken him all the way.

The man that was against the tree took Michael's hand and brought it to his cock. Michael had never touched another man's cock before. It felt different than his own. The veins were different and the texture of the skin was different. The cock also felt hot. Michael tentatively wrapped his fingers around the man's cock. He started to stroke it like he would stroke his own. Obviously the man just beat off different than Michael did because he squirmed around while Michael stroked him. The guy on his knees reached up and ran a hand over Michael's pecs and abs. For some reason that made Michael feel proud, that some guy would want to touch him like that. Michael could tell he was getting close and tried to pull his cock from the man's mouth but the man wouldn't let him, he just sucked harder. Michael unloaded his cock into the man's mouth and the man appeared to have swallowed his cum. When the man on his knees was done drinking all of Michael's seed he turned his attention back to the runner that was leaning against the tree. Michael continued to stroke the cock but the other guy put his mouth over the head. Seconds later Michael could feel the cock he was holding harden up and he could actually feel the rush of cum from the man's balls to the mouth of the guy on his knees. Again, the guy on his knees took the full load not missing a drop. When the guy on his knees finished off the man against the tree he stood up and left the clearing without a word. The guy against the tree took one of his hands against Michael's ass but Michael backed up, there was no way someone was going to fuck him. The man against the tree shrugged his shoulders and left the clearing.

Michael was intrigued now. He walked along the various paths. He came across a couple of men sucking each other but they didn't invite him over. He walked by some guys who were stroking their cocks as he walked by. Neither of them were in the kind of shape as the runners had been. When he went a little farther down the path he walked past a guy who looked like he may be in college and played sports. He had taken a t-shirt off and it was stuck in his back pocket. He had the top 2 buttons of his 501s undone. As Michael walked by the guy stared him in the eye while massaging the bulge in his jeans. Now that Michael had been blown by another guy he wondered what it would be like to blow a guy. He stopped and turned back toward the jock. He got closer and put his hand on the guy's bulge and rubbed it. The jock put a hand on Michael's shoulder and pushed him down to his knees. With his other hand he finished opening the fly on his jeans and pulled out a cock about the size of Michael's. Michael tentatively leaned in and tasted the crown of the jock's dick. He decided it didn't taste half bad. He ran his tongue around the crown. It felt velvety in a way Michael hadn't expected.

In little more than a whisper the jock said "come on faggot, suck my cock." Unexpectedly Michael was turned on by what the jock said. Michael realized that he was getting ready to suck another man's cock and isn't that one of the definitions of being a faggot. Michael took the head of the guy's dick into his mouth and just held it there for a second while he got used to having it in his mouth. "Come on cock sucker I don't have all night." Michael grabbed the jocks cock at the base and started to synchronize his hand movements with his mouth. Little by little he got more of the jock's cock into his mouth. At one point he started to gag but the jock wouldn't let him slide back, "you'll get used to it" and Michael did. Just like Michael had felt the head of his cock hit the back of the runner's throat, Michael could feel the tip of the jock's cock hitting his. "Come on cocksucker, tilt your head so you can get more of my cock." Michael did and he realized he could get more of the jock's dick in his mouth. As he got more comfortable he did long slides up and down the cock while at the same time twisting and stroking his cock. "Get ready for my load faggot." Michael tried to pull off but the jock held his head in place. Michael's mouth was filled with warm, salty liquid. Michael again tried to pull off but the jock held his head tight "swallow it." When Michael had no other course of action he swallowed the large amount of sperm that the jock had feed him. "Nice job cocksucker, I hope to see you again." As the jock walked away through the trees he buttoned up his 501s. Michael got up from his knees and brushed them off.

Michael walked a little farther along one of the paths. He came across another well-built guy fucking a smaller guy who really seemed to be enjoying what was happening. The built guy saw Michael and said "come over, see how this piece of ass is eating up my cock, he's incredible." Since Michael had never seen anyone fuck another person besides on-line he walked over and saw the built guy's dick slide in and out of the kid's ass. The kid was moaning with each thrust. Michael watched for a few minutes and then the built guy grabbed the kid's hips and rammed his cock in as far as he could. The guy let out a grunt and it was apparent that he had just filled the kid with his cum. The kid that was leaning forward on a tree made what sounded like a happy sigh. The built guy pulled his cock out of the kid, turned to Michael and said "he's all yours, he really is a nice piece of ass."

Michael's cock had gotten hard again watching the kid being fucked but he didn't know if he was ready to try to fuck another guy. The guy who was leaning forward on the tree pushed his ass back. "Come on man, fuck me. I want to feel another cock up my pussy. Please." Michael looked around and stepped behind the kid. He really didn't know how he was supposed to do it so he fumbled a bit sticking his cock and not hitting anything. The kid reached back and lined Michael's cock with his ass and Michael then instinctively knew what to do. He started pushing his cock past the kid's sphincter while the kid moaned. He started pushing slowly and the kid asked him to go faster and harder. Michael picked up speed and drove his cock all the way into the kid's ass. He got into a rhythm similar to how the speed he would use when he fucked his wife but the kid kept asking for him to go harder and faster. Michael picked up speed and force. He had always wanted to fuck his wife this way, to make her really feel his cock slamming into her and now he was having the chance to do that but with a man. The man's ass was even felt tighter than his wife's pussy.

"Yeah take it, take my cock, take it mother fucker."

"That's it Daddy, show me I've been a bad boy. Take it out on my ass. You're cock is so fucking big."

Those words just worked up Michael more and he kept slamming the kid with his cock. Since he had cum just a little while ago, Michael was able to keep the fucking up for a while and the kid was loving it. He kept swearing and calling Michael Daddy. When Michael felt he was ready to cum, he did the same thing that the well-built guy did, he grabbed the kids hips and pushed every centimeter of his cock up the kid's ass and then let loose. He had the strongest orgasm he ever had when he was fucking a woman. His head felt like it was going to blow up. When he caught his breath, he pulled his dick out of the kid's ass. "Thanks Daddy, you're one of the best fucks I've ever had. I hope to see you again." Then he was off down the trail.

Michael contemplated running home but he just couldn't stop walking the trails. In a few minutes he came upon a mountain of a man. He must have had 4 inches and 50 pounds on Michael. He stormed toward Michael. "I knew I could find myself a cocksucker back in here, I've heard some of my friends talk about this is where faggots hang out." The guy was rubbing the front of his pants. "I ain't looking for no cocksucker though, I want me a piece of man pussy, I hear it's tighter than real pussy." He grabbed Michael around the neck and held him tight. Even though what was happening was scary it was turning Michael on.

The guy pulled Michael close. Michael could feel the bulge in the guy's jeans rubbing against his ass. He could also feel the guy opening up the front of his jeans and lowering his zipper. When he had finished that he pushed Michael's shorts down until they were at his ankles. Michael knew he'd have to step out of them if he was going to get his legs far enough to give the guy access to his ass. The guy must have thought that Michael was struggling because he tightened his grip and whispered into Michael's ear, "It's not worth you fighting me faggot you're going to take my cock one way or another." Even though guy was getting a bit rougher it really was making him hot. His cock was sticking straight up and hard as a rock. The big guy must have seen it "yeah, I knew you'd like the thought of my python up your pussy."

The guy started pointing his cock at Michael's ass but kept missing just like Michael had done. At least when Michael had fucked the kid there was sperm in has ass to act like lube. Michael spit into his hand and reached back to try and lube up the big guy's dick. As he moved his arm, the big guy must have thought he was struggling again and pulled Michael even tighter to his muscled chest. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"Just want to give your cock a little lube to make it easier for you to give me your cock."

"Ok but no funny business cocksucker." He let go of Michael's arm. Michael reached around and grabbed on to the big guy's cock. It was fucking huge, much thicker than Michael's and maybe a little longer. He rubbed his spit on the cock and then, just like the kid had done for him, he guided the big guy's cock to his waiting hole. Michael couldn't believe that he wanted to be fucked, to experience what it felt like, and to be used by this mountain of a man.

The heat from the head of the big guy's cock burned Michael's ass. "You're going to feel it now faggot." With one push the head of the guy's cock enter Michael's ass. Michael started to scream but the big guy put in large hand over Michael's mouth. "Shut the fuck up." He pushed a little bit farther in. Tears were coming out of Michael's eyes.

"Oh man, my friends were right, a faggot's ass is so god damn tight. Feels unfucking believable. Why haven't I found me a faggot before?" He pushed more in. Michael thought he was going to pass out but in a few more seconds it started to feel good....really good. The big guy lowered his arm from around Michael's chest and wrapped it around Michael's waist so he could pull Michael farther on to his cock. For a second the guy's cock hit something inside Michael's ass that felt incredible but then it was gone. It happened again but when the guy pulled back it stopped. Michael started to push his ass back toward the big guy. "Yeah, you really want it don't you?" He took his hand off Michael's mouth. "Tell me how much you like my cock up you pussy."

"I love your cock up my ass, it feels like nothing I've ever felt before."

"So I'm better than any other guy who's fucked your ass?"

No need to lie "Yes, you're the best fuck I've ever had."

"Fucking A". He pulled Michael to him one last time and Michael could feel his insides being coated with hot liquid. At that moment Michael's cock shot off a third load of cum for the night. The big guy pulled his cock from Michael's ass.

"Now get the fuck out of here faggot."

As Michael walked out of the bushes and brush he knew he would be back but for tonight he wasn't going to be running home.

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