Curiosity and an active sex-drive travel with me wherever I go. They both need constant relief. I took them to Mexico where I discovered many entertaining things to bring relief to them both. Most memorable was the time, on my first visit to Mexico City, I decided to check out a steam-bath called "The Massage" which my International Gay Guide said was "well worth going out of one's way to visit." I assured myself my curiosity would be satisfied and, if my sex-drive wouldn't be, at least the steam would be good for me.

That rainy Saturday, a taxi brought me to a dreary looking large building in an old commercial part of the city. The empty lobby was as drab looking as the day, and I worried that maybe this wasn't such a good idea, but following the instructions in the guide, I ordered "individual Turkish special service" from an old woman who sat in a cage selling tickets. She took my money without changing expression and handed me a ticket. A list of tariffs above her head detailed the various ticket prices, and the one I purchased was shown at the bottom of the list at the modest price she had asked, about three dollars. It made me wonder if there was really anything so "special" about it. (I've converted Pesos into approximate Dollar values.)

I was told to enter through a certain door and walk down the hallway where someone would meet me. I found myself going down a wide, dimly lit, dull looking but clean, marble-lined, long hallway. At the end I turned and walked some more. I passed many closed doors that had black velvet curtains on the outside, covering what I assumed were windows in the doors. After a second turn, I saw a white-clad attendant. He heard me and turned, then smiled and came towards me. When he noticed the color of the ticket I was holding, he said, "Oh, I have very nice, private quarters for you, Sir. This is your first visit here, is it not?" His friendly manner put me at ease immediately. I smiled and admitted that it was my first visit.

"Relax, and let me help you understand how we do things here," he said guiding me down the hallway. His professional yet friendly air made him good company as he escorted me into a compartment behind one of the velvet-draped doors. We entered a small, clean room with a cot-like bed, a bedside stand, and a clothes locker. He closed the door and I saw that it wasn't a window in the door at all, it was an almost full-length mirror, which reflected the whole room. I saw in the mirror that the attendant was about 4 inches shorter than I, and seemed full bodied, like a weightlifter who had discovered the pleasures of eating. Not exactly fat, mind you, but beefy. He was dark-haired, smooth-skinned, and perhaps in his late thirties; not really good-looking, but with an expressiveness to his face that seemed to charm and invite. The total impression was one of sexiness.

He told me to undress, and I couldn't help notice the contrast between us as I saw both of us watching me in that mirror as I stripped. He put away the clothing. I took off my shirt, revealing a well-developed upper body, trim and fit from weight training, exercise and good conditioning. He was looking at my light hair and fair complexion. "You are very white, Sir," he said. "Yes, I avoid the sun. And call me Jack," I asked. He grinned and told me to call him Paco. I took off my shoes and socks, and he put them away. Then I took off my trousers. "You are very muscular, Mr. Jack," he said, "you will need a good massage. Do you like a massage?"

"Is it part of the price for the service?"

"No. Here everything is extra."

"What does a massage cost?"

"I can give you a massage for two dollars, Mr. Jack. Or, I can give you a complete, deep penetrating, body massage for ten dollars. Or, if you don't find me appealing, I can send in another boy, and he can give you the $10 massage." He looked at me without expression. Ah ha! I thought, he means he or someone else will fuck me for ten bucks. Great!

"Oh, no, please, Mr. Paco," I said quickly, "I'd like it very much if you'd give me the complete, deep penetrating, body massage. Here is ten dollars." I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I figured the worst thing I could do in a place I didn't know was start off by telling the guy I wanted someone else. Besides, I was real curious about the massage. So was my prostate. I started to throw a boner in my jockey shorts. I caught him checking it out. He smiled at me as the money disappeared into a pocket. We both understood the exchange of money. I'd get what I'd paid for, and he'd perform a paid service without tarnishing his own macho image of himself. Business is business.

"Come into the shower room," he said, guiding me through a doorway into the interior of the compartment by putting one hand on the back of my upper thigh, a very intimate gesture. We went into a large tile-lined room, with an unenclosed shower and some hoses at one end, a narrow, very sturdy looking massage table in the center, and two small doors at the other end. One of the doors was open and I could see it was a toilet. The other door was closed but had hissing sounds coming from behind it so I knew it was a steam bath. The room itself was bright, very clean, warm, humid, and comfortable. It was also very private.

"You must take steam for a few minutes. While you do, I'll get everything ready." He opened the door, and I went into a small steam room through billowing clouds of steam. "Oh, Jack," he said with a laugh, "give me your undershorts. You don't go into steam with them on." I pulled them off, pleased that he'd dropped the "Mr." formality. I was standing sideways to him. He stared at my crotch and grinned when he saw the hefty slab of meat that dangled over my full balls. I scratched my cockhair and watched him look. "Just a couple of minutes," he said, smiling, and closed the door. I sat down, very slowly, on the hot tile bench and relaxed. I like steam. It's healthy. I breathed deeply and began sweating quickly, my pores opening up. It was very hot.

After about five minutes, I heard the shower in the next room start, and I figured it was time to go. But I had to wait a few more minutes. Then Paco opened the door and told me to come out. He had stripped and taken a shower, and he was now wearing only a damp, dish-towel like cloth around his waist, so short that it didn't fully cover his black hair covered testicles as it held his penis up in its folds. From the way he had the cloth adjusted, it was impossible to imagine just what he had hidden away, so I figured I'd be disappointed. His body, however, was attractive, with flowing curves and masculine proportions, though lacking the definition that comes with weight training. He said, "Good. You are perspiring. Come over here and let me lather you." He put his hand firmly on the back of my thigh again and guided me to the shower area. My cock responded to his touch with a twitch that he noticed.

He lathered his hands and spread soap over my entire body, starting with my back and moving to my ass, my thighs, and my calves. Then he rubbed my arms, chest, stomach, thighs, shins, and feet. He had me bend towards him and he scrubbed my hair and face. He didn't touch my crotch, with its rather puffy looking penis, so I lathered it myself. He took a hose spray attachment and rinsed the soap off with warm water, sliding his hand over my flesh.

"Lie down on your stomach on the massage table," he instructed. I did as I was told. The surface of the table was cool. He began at my neck and re-lathered my back, thighs, calves and feet. Then he began a very slow, massaging lathering of my well-developed ass muscles, sliding his hands between the cheeks, touching my balls, lingering on the area between them and my anus. And finally, he spent much time fingering, while soaping, the lips of my responsive asshole. "Hmmm, you like that," he whispered. I had been aware that he was pressing his body against mine as he went through the ritual of preparing me for the massage. He rinsed off the soap and told me to turn over.

"Ayee, you are like a horse, Jack!"

"Sorry, Paco, when you scrubbed my ass, I got an erection."

"That's good! I want you to have one. It's healthy. Our deep massages are much better when you have sexual enjoyment. But it is very big."

"Doesn't everyone have sexual enjoyment with the deep massage?"

"No, you'd be surprised. Some men can't respond. But you can."

I thought, No kidding, but asked, "You mean some men don't get an erection when you touch them there, like you touched me?"

"No, but they want the deep massage nevertheless. They say their doctors tell them they need prostate massage, so they come to us." He was soaping my abdomen while carefully avoiding contact with my cock, although his body was pressing more urgently against me and I could feel the stirrings of an erection under the flimsy towel which had become very wet by now. He moved to my legs and, as he soaped them, his hands kept returning to my balls, which he washed several times with rather random motions as though they were part of my inner thighs. The sensual contact kept my erection firm, but he did not touch it, nor did I. He rinsed off the soap.

I thought he'd begin a regular massage, but he moved to the foot of the table, bent my knees, put my feet up near my ass, grabbed my hips and pulled me down to him. He spread my knees apart. I watched him. He loosened the towel and let it drop to the floor. I felt, but could not see, the head of his erection against my foot. He took both my feet and put them on his shoulders, dropped his hands to my waist again and pulled my ass to the edge of the table. His cockhead was hot and sticky at my asshole. He looked me in the eye as he slowly put pressure on the entrance. I wondered if more lubricant should be used, if his was large or small, if he shouldn't play around or something first, but he just kept up an insistent pressure. I relaxed. He smiled. I put out a matching pressure at my asshole, welcoming him. The cockhead began its penetration. After a moment, I realized that it was large. Very large! My eyes got wider as my ass-lips were forced further and further open. My nostrils flared as I concentrated on breathing and on relaxing, letting the penetration expand my opening and feeling the giant cockhead force itself slowly inward till it had entered fully. Immediately, a good portion of the shaft slid in after the cockhead. I gasped. He stopped but did not withdraw. We were watching one another. He grinned. I pulled in my stomach, shifted my hips and sucked him in further. I rotated my pelvis and began enjoying the feel of the big cock in my ass. He reacted to the welcoming movements by pressing home again, and another several inches penetrated as I felt the weapon become stiffer. It was responding to the tightening and relaxing of my ass muscles as I pulled on the cock. He started holding his breath.

"Man, you are tight," he hissed, "and you are HOT. Move that ass, man, let me feel it revolve on my cock. Oh, yes, that's it! That's it! Buck against my meat. Ooh, so tight, so tight." He began a withdrawal and penetration, a steady fucking motion, as his meat went in further and further. Finally, I could feel wiry cockhair press against my ass. He was in completely. He had been holding my thighs, but now leaned over forcing my legs back towards my chest and massaged, fondled and pinched my pecs and tits, kneading them in his strong hands. "Meaty, firm, nice..." he whispered to himself. Still bent over, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me onto his cock as forcefully as possible, taking my ass partway off of the table. That gave me a better opportunity for full movement and I shifted my hips, rolled my ass, and pumped into each of his thrusts. He was really enjoying it, withdrawing almost to the point of falling out, then humping back into me completely, and meeting my thrusts.

He straightened up somewhat, a surprised look in his eyes. "Do you want to pump your meat? I am about to cum. I can't hold back. This is too good!" My hands had been caressing his sides, pulling him into me. I smiled and slid both hands onto my stomach, beneath the leaking head of my straining cock, and pushed on my abdominal muscles as I relaxed them. At the same time, I shifted my hips. My prostate gland was forced against his moving cock. He felt the increased pressure. I was breathing as hard as he was. I said, "Cum!"

He watched as the head of my cock expanded to its extreme and suddenly a long string of cum shot out, flying over my head and beyond the other end of the table. "Yiee!" he shouted as I felt the expansions of his cock in my bowels and knew he was filling me with his hot sperm. Each short, spasmodic thrust he made as he came caused other spurts of cum to fly from my cockhead, bathing my face, neck and chest with the flow. He was making little grunts as he came. So was I. Then he fell onto me, crushing my thighs and knees into my body. He rested his face in the back of my knee. After a few moments, I felt his cock slowly slipping out. When our breathing neared normal, he straightened up, pushed me gently back up onto the table, set my feet down next to my ass, leaned over, picked up his towel and repositioned it around his waist. I never actually saw his cock, but I loved it.

"Oh, Jack," he said, "I never saw anyone cum without touching himself, like that. It was exciting. You fuck better than any woman I've had. I thought, like most northerners, you'd be loose and dead; just lay there while I did the work. I was wrong. Why are you so tight?" He picked up a hose and rinsed cum off both our bodies.

"I was taught to practice muscle and sphincter control as a part of my exercise routine. It keeps me tight. But, on the other hand, I don't get fucked too often. I'm usually with guys who prefer to be fucked."

"What a shame. I want to fuck you every day. But how did you cum without touching yourself?"

"Your big cock pounding against my prostate gland had brought me close to climax. When I pressed the gland against your moving cock, by shifting my hips and pressing with both hands, it gave me an orgasm and I came with more force and enjoyment than if I had simply jacked off. I'm only able to do that when I am fresh and when the cock is in deep, and is big and solid like yours. You fuck great!"

He beamed with pleasure. "Now you will need a real massage to relax. I'll send Mario in here. You'll like him. But you must pay him $10 also. Is that all right?"

"Wait," I replied and got off of the table. He handed me a small sheet which I threw over one shoulder like a toga. We went back into the first room. I gave him $10 dollars.

"This is for Mario?"

"No, my friend," I said with a smile, "this is for you. You did such a good job, you deserve a good bonus." His eyes got real big, and he gave me a broad smile. I knew that my gesture was greatly appreciated.

Paco put on his shirt and pants and opened the door. I saw a few other white-clad attendants standing in the hallway outside. I figured Paco had told them while I was in the steam-room that someone was here for "special service" and seemed to have money. Before I could do anything, a tall, dark fellow in the white uniform they all wore entered the room and closed the velvet-draped door behind him. "I'm Mario," he said quietly, "I'm told you need a complete, deep penetrating, body massage. Is that so?"

He smiled, and then he rubbed his crotch, obviously, outlining a stiffening rod down one leg. A big, stiffening rod. Paco was right. I liked Mario.

"Here's the money. I'm Jack," I said with a smile. He moved across the room to me and put the money away. Then, he surprised me by sliding one hand across my chest and pinching a nipple. He had strong, subtle fingers. He smelled of a sexy pomade he used to slick down his jet-black hair. He looked me in the eye, slid his other hand around my waist to the small of my back and pulled me against his body strongly. The hand on my chest moved up to my shoulder and pushed off the sheet. I was nude. I felt my cock respond with vigor against his leg and realized that our cocks were separated only by the flimsy material of his pants. He leaned his head towards mine. His lips were thick and full. He had a long, aquiline nose, and piercing, black eyes as shiny as his hair.

My God, I thought, he's going to kiss me. I hadn't expected this to happen. He was extremely handsome and magnetic. I couldn't have said no to him if I had wanted to. I felt my cock expanding. He smiled, feeling my reaction, and pressed his lips to mine. We kissed. The kiss became more and more impassioned. Tongues probed, his forcefully, insistently, mine tentatively, held back by his, a way of telling me who'd fuck whom. I stripped off his shirt as we embraced, then opened his pants as we held the kiss. He stepped out of them when they fell to the floor. He wore only sandals, which he left on.

"You are very handsome," he whispered, his mouth at my ear. He was a bit taller than I. His body felt smooth, hairless, muscular, and hot. His erection was growing, poking between my legs, crossed with mine between his legs. "Oh! Look!," he said turning towards the door, "We can see ourselves in the mirror. Man, you look fantastic! What a body! I wish I looked that good."

"But you do," I insisted, looking at our reflections in the mirror. "You have a majestic body, and you are so much more handsome than I! Look at yourself." We separated and looked at ourselves. His cock was on the rise, as was mine, standing out, looking very large. Both looked the same size, but his was dark-skinned and purple-headed, while mine was lighter and crimson-headed. I slid my hand to mine and began to jack it, up and down, working it, getting it fully erected.

He smiled and slid behind me, watching us in the mirror, whispering in my ear, "Yes, man, stroke that cock. Get it hard. Play with it, like I'm playing with this firm ass of yours. Pump it, while I slide my hand between your cheeks. Ooh, feel this sticky asshole! What has Paco been doing? Fucking this hot box? Is that his gooey cum I feel with my finger as I slide it in, like this? Yes, beat that meat, and let me slide my cock up this loose cum-sucker and fuck it. Stroke that meat, as I push in all the way! Yeah!"

His hard meat slid in easily. His cock was so large that I couldn't imagine it was smaller than Paco's, which I hadn't seen, but it went in like it was smaller, perhaps because we were standing. Then he turned us both so we were sideways to the mirror and he bent me over, away from him. He grabbed my hips and began a pumping, fucking motion. We both got comfortable in our positions and really started working our bodies. I exercised my muscles and sphincters and suddenly gripped his cock tightly. The lubrication from the semen already there kept him able to move his cock, but he gasped at the tightness. He pulled his cock out all the way, and reinserted it with a forceful thrust, shoving the giant tube in all the way with unrelenting pressure. It looked great in the mirror. I kept beating my meat, slowly, matching the speed of his movements. I shoved my ass back at him, wiggled, rotated, rolled and shifted in a way that improved my jacking motions and made his ass-fucking incredible.

He straightened me up and began nibbling on my ear. His arms wrapped around my chest and he held me close as he began to pinch and massage my tits and pecs. His right hand slowly slid down my abdomen, rubbed into my cockhair and then grabbed the base of my cock, then it slid upwards, bumping into mine and then pushing all the way to the tip until my hand was forced off. He began to jack me off as he fucked me with forceful humps, jarring my body. We never took our eyes off of the action in the mirror. I hadn't expected such a loving experience, such open sex play between us, and such great manipulation of my cock. The tempo stayed constant for a long time. He breathed in my ear, biting the lobe from time to time. We never broke the tight contact. I soared into ecstasy, watching my body stretch and preen for the mirror, watching his body pump and flex as he fucked my ass, while my hands reached behind him to massage his buttocks and pull his body to me.

"Ahh," he whispered, turning me to face the mirror. "I need to cum in your ass, man. I feel that tight ass sucking on my cock and I need to cum. How about you? Will you cum?"

"Oh, yes!" I moaned, "just pick up the beat and I'll cum with you. That's it! Yes! Like that. Oh, look at you beat my meat. Oh, fuck my ass, man, you are the best! Oh! I'm going to shoot... Now!"

A huge jet of cum burst from my cockhead and flew directly across the space to the mirror where he had aimed it. It hit at mid-level with a splat and began to ooze downward. "Fuck! Look!" Mario groaned, and made three grunting humps into me as I felt his load explode in my bowels. We both kept spurting cum. Mine flew up then landed on his pumping arm and fist, and on my cock and thighs. He kept up the firm strangle hold on my cock until I grabbed his wrist and begged him to stop. He turned me again, so we could watch his slippery, shiny cock slowly withdraw from between my ass-cheeks in the mirror. It was still hard. A real beauty. "That was terrific," he whispered in my ear, "Thank you."

"Oh, thank you. That was perfect! You are fantastic! Here's ten dollars. Thank you again."

"Oh, you paid me already." He had cleaned off the mirror and was dressing, and looked up in surprise.

"I want you to have this, too. It was great!" I handed it to him.

"Jack, I hate to ask, but you could do me a big favor. You like these massages. You can take on big cocks without trouble. The boss has seen you and would really like to give you the next massage. His name's Mr. Pedro."

"Will I like him?" I was intrigued to hear that he wanted me.

"Yes. He's an expert at massages. But he may be older than you want. Many clients don't want older men. He will not be offended if you say no."

"You said I can take on big cocks. What do you mean? Is he as big as you are?" That also sounded intriguing.



"He's much bigger!"

OH! Does he do it for free?"

"No, no, that would be an insult to you both. Please, Jack, you must offer him some little money. Make a gesture. He will take anything you say. Besides, now I will tell you that, like most northerners, you never argue about the prices. Most people argue. You can pay much less, if you bargain." He was very sincere.

"Great! Tell you what. When you leave, tell Mr. Pedro that I've been here for a long time and still haven't really had a massage. Deep penetration I've certainly had. But I'd actually like a massage. Do not speak about a complete, deep penetrating, body massage. I'll surprise him. What do you think?"

Mario smiled, buttoning his shirt, backing to the door, and then he opened it. The velvet drape had been pulled aside. I could see the wall of the room through the glass. It was a two-way mirror. He had fucked me for an audience of his fellow attendants, of whom I could see five or six, grinning in at me as I stood there naked, my cock leaking some dangling, gooey cum. I grinned back. What's the use of protesting. A couple of fellows gave me a thumbs up sign and smiled. A couple more grabbed their crotches lewdly and poked them out obscenely but good-naturedly, pantomiming the offer of a massage. I smiled. Mario pulled the door closed behind him. I could faintly hear a buzz of hurried talk.

After a few moments, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and noticed the velvet drape was back in place and no other attendants were there, only the man who had knocked. He was even shorter than Paco.

"You wished to see me, Mr. Jack?" he asked very politely. He smiled.

"Yes, Mr. Pedro, please come in." I was very courteous. "I've been here for a while, as you may know, and I haven't yet had a real massage. May I ask you to give me one."

"Oh, yes. This is $2.00, Mr. Jack." He continued smiling.

"Well, yes," I said slowly, watching his expression, "But I always need more than just a simple massage. You understand, don't you? I've got so many sore muscles, such deep aches and pains, I really need the service to evolve into a complete, deep penetrating, body massage, at which I hear you are very expert. Is that correct?" His smile turned into rays of sunlight as his expression beamed. Mario had not told him what I would ask.

"Yes, I am expert. But, of course, the complete, deep penetrating, body massage is more expensive. What did you have in mind to pay?" His smiled turned into a frown as he prepared himself for the insult of a few dollars. I could see that was what he was thinking, I swear.

"Hmmm, an expert..." I said thoughtfully, looking him in the eye. "Would, say, twenty-five dollars be enough?"

A jolt seemed to go through his body as he drew himself up with pride. "But of course that is enough! Oh, even too much, Mr. Jack. You are too generous. I would expect only, say, twenty dollars?"

"I'll tell you what. If I am not fully satisfied, you can return five dollars. Here is twenty-five. I would not think of offering less for expert service. Don't you agree, Mr. Pedro?" I smiled politely. He put the money away quickly.

"Agreed." He guided me to the shower room, not by touching my thigh, but by putting one hand under the sheet and firmly grasping a cheek of my ass, fingers kneading the flesh as we moved. It was getting interesting right from the outset. "Call me Pedro, all my good clients do."

"And call me Jack, please." He pulled off the sheet and studied my body up close. "Okay, Jack. Now let's see..." He turned me as he looked at me, slowly spinning me around three times, using both hands which lingered on my skin as I turned. It was an interesting inspection. I could tell he liked what he saw from the bulge growing in his pants. "You're tight, I'm told. Think you can handle a big one?" He slid a hand between the cleft of my ass and poked a finger rudely into me. It slipped in easily.

"Mario left us some lubrication," I said, stretching up onto my toes in front of him as he inserted a second finger and rotated them roughly. I sucked in my breath, pushing my right tit out towards his forehead. He straightened somewhat and, as I lowered myself onto his hand, he lapped at the tit with a hot tongue. This was going to be very interesting, I thought.

"Rinse and go into the steam-room. I'll come get you when I'm ready."

I followed his instructions. Within ten minutes, I was lying face down on the table for the second time. He soaped and rinsed me even faster than Paco had. But then he took off his narrow towel and dried me off quickly. I felt his cockhair and stomach pressing against my thigh. He dribbled a warm oil onto my back. "Relax. Relax. Relax," he repeated softly, as he began massaging the oil into my back, buttocks, thighs, and calves. The oil felt terrific. Then he moved up to my back, repositioned my arms so that they were dangling from the sides of the table, and he gave me a wonderful, genuine full massage. Head, neck, arms, back muscles, then thighs and calves. I turned over and he did the same to my front. My cock was only slightly inflated. The massage was making me relax completely. He finished the frontal massage by spending a great deal of time working my lower abdominals, ignoring my cock as it flopped around, pushing it aside with his hands as he made strong kneading motions from my navel down into my cockhair.

Finally, he turned me over on my stomach again. He massaged my thighs until, slowly, he moved upwards onto my ass. He had been standing on one side of the table, but now he moved to the foot, bent my knees, pulled me down the table as he spread my legs, and caught my calves behind his arms. He leaned in towards me and massaged every millimeter of my ass, missing nothing, lingering at my balls often, toying with them with slippery hands, massaging from the base of my cock to my asshole. More and more of his movements became focused at the asshole. Suddenly, a finger penetrated the hot portal and stayed in, circling, rubbing, and probing. He leaned stretching forward, fingertips of one hand just barely able to grasp my shoulder, and he pulled me down the table into himself, my thighs stretching wider as my ass got closer to his crotch. Our bodies had been in contact for most of the massage, but I had not yet felt, nor seen, his cock. He pulled me down more.

"Put your feet on the floor, Jack," he said, quietly. He helped me reposition them, spread wide apart. He pulled me back until only my chest and arms were on the table. I had a roaring hard-on by this time. His fist slipped around it, well-oiled and warm. He gave a few massaging strokes, until he felt me responding to the control he was exerting, keeping his finger in my butt. He told me to shift my hips. His finger sucked out, my hips went lower until stopped by a solid mass. At first I thought it was his fist. "Bend your knees," he instructed. I did and I felt the initial penetration of a gigantic cockhead. It was well lubricated, either by warm oil or voluminous precum. Relax," he said quietly, as I tried to fight my rising excitement caused by the intrusion. I concentrated on relaxing muscles and sphincters for the onslaught. "Lower," he instructed, "open up for me. That's it. That's it! You're taking it. Com'on, more. Take it in. That's it! Ungh!" He began to grunt as his hips thrust upwards, poking an enormous organ into my guts. I felt the cockhead reach, massage and pass my prostate gland, and felt inches of cock slide in after it. He used my cock as an extra handle to drive my hips and ass down onto the massive intruder. At last, he was in to the hilt. We were panting.

He began a slow withdrawal and insertion, an easy fucking motion, guiding the motion with the hand wrapped around my cock. "Good," he said, "now, Jack, I want you to turn over. Yes, I want you to pivot on my cock, like that, yes, you're doing it right. Here, I'll pull this leg. Good, now up higher. Over. That's it. That's it. Now hold your feet on my shoulders. There! Now let's really give you some penetration!" I had made a gymnastic maneuver, rotating on his cock like that. It had felt great. He and I began a fucking routine that had infinite variation and subtlety, changing speeds, rhythms, and motions. He jabbed, humped, jarred, pumped, pounded and banged away, meeting each effort with a complementary one from my rotating, shifting, grinding, pulsating ass. We both kept it up for an exceptionally long time.

He had me do another 180 degree rotation on that big cock and got my feet back on the floor. Then, he told me he'd like to fuck me on the bed and he used my cock, again, as a handle to guide our conjoined bodies from the shower room to the bed, pounding the cock into me with each step we took. I compensated for his short stature by walking with bent knees, as if sitting on his cock as we moved. We didn't lie down, and I realized that he wanted us to watch ourselves fucking in that window/mirror. "Do we give a show?" I asked him between grunts, wondering if we were being watched, leaning over the bed, my outstretched arms holding me bent over as his one hand pumped my cock and his other pulled on a hip, my legs again splayed wide.

"I can send them away, if it troubles you," he whispered.

"No, it's alright. I wanted to know. It increases my pleasure."

"I thought it might. I gets me hotter too. Can you feel how stiff my cock has become?"

"Yes, yes. I can. Man, you are great."

"So are you. The boys seldom see such a young, athletic, handsome, well-built client like you, Jack. If we opened the door, I'll bet we'd see some of them playing with themselves. But they must save themselves for the clients. They won't cum with us." We watched his hand moving on my erection. The two orgasms I'd already had allowed me to have great staying power now. They had taken off much of the pressure in my prostate, and we could both enjoy a leisurely, well-paced, energetic fuck. My curiosity still needed taking care of.

"How many "boys" do you have, Pedro?"

"It varies. Today I have 36.

"36! My god. I thought you only had eight or ten."

"No, we are kept busy. The business is steady. I have as many as 90 boys working in the winter months, which are the busiest, with many tourists down from your country." The conversation didn't interrupt the steady rhythms of our fucking.

"Do you train all of the boys yourself?"

"Of course. It's my greatest pleasure. If they cannot penetrate me, and bring me to orgasm, and have me believe they enjoyed it as they orgasm, they don't get the job. And although I prefer being fucked by a four or five inch cock, which seems to massage the prostate gland more directly than larger cocks, I only select the best of the large ones. Most clients seem to prefer it that way."

"Wow, what a job you've got! Do you get to fuck each of them, also?"

"No, very few, really. Most of them need money and fuck for it. They do not like being fucked, like you and I do. Especially in front of their macho colleagues. After a few years, though, (and some of my boys have been with me for over fifteen years), they become more willing to try new things. As I sense it happening, I take them aside and tell them they need more training. I teach them some of the best ways to take cock up the ass."

"Wow," I said again. "Can you teach me?"

He laughed. "Jack, I could hire you as an instructor! You need no training. You are a natural. In fact, I hope you take on as many boys as possible when you come here. It will be good experience for them. Com'on now, let's show them how you rotate on my cock. Ungg, yes, that's it. Yes, watch yourself in the mirror as you go over. Oh, you are an athlete." I had turned and laid on the bed on my side, then on my back, moving my legs with Pedro's help. He had pulled his cock out about half-way, so we and the voyeurs could see the connector as I turned on it. Now we faced one another and talked, as he held my legs up by the ankles. I used my own hand on my oily cock. Pedro was animated and expressive, and handsome, too, in his way. I liked him.

"I love to suck cock, too," he told me. "But I rarely do it here. I have seen too many young men begin to like cocksucking too much. It can be done quickly, behind my back, and they get to doing it to each other because they like it. Before you know it, clients are complaining to me that the boys are taking too long. Or they don't climax during deep penetration. Or they show little enthusiasm. Most of the boys can ejaculate several times during the course of a day. Some do it five or six times daily. Especially the younger ones. How often can you climax, Jack?"

"I don't know. Lately I cum once or twice a day and stop. I want to be healthy and not overdo my pleasures. But here, paying money for the service, I feel a freedom that I've never experienced before. I'd like to keep getting fucked until you close, if I am able to and if I continue to enjoy it. I have cum twice and I am ready to cum again, now. I am sure I can cum two or three more times, the way I feel now."


"Perhaps you can recommend one or two whom you know are talented but maybe a little more "average-sized". A few more bull-cocks like yours, and I'll have to wear a bandage on my ass for a week." We both laughed and changed the tempo of the fuck. During the conversation, neither of us had stopped pumping, jabbing, and thrusting at one another, but conversing seem to keep it from becoming too intense, helping to prolong the pleasures we were giving one another.

"Would you want two of them with you at the same time?" His question was asked in his quiet voice. He was looking me in the eye through the mirror. It was a sexy idea. He saw my eyes widen with interest, eyebrows raised.

"I have a pair of boys who work very well together as a team. What you do together is what you feel like doing. And, of course, what they feel like doing. The only restriction is that they cannot do it here in front of the other boys. It must be done in the shower room, steam-room, and/or toilet. They cost more, naturally, but you can work that out with them. Would you like to try them?"

"Yes. I'd like to try them, very much."

"Excellent. When we finish here, I'll send you some light refreshments. You must keep up your strength. Then rest for a short time, and you will be visited by Paulo and Marco. They are like twins, but they are not related."

"You are very good to me."

"You will always be welcome here, Jack. Paco is one of my oldest and best boys. He was very happy. You treated him well, and gave him his best orgasm in weeks, he said. Northerners often treat our older boys very rudely. They are usually only interested in young men. Especially, it seems, if they themselves are good-looking, like you are, Jack. Paco was expecting you to ask for another boy. Mario was very well treated, too. I watched. Mario was very excited by your figure. And, to be sure, your agreement to "wrestle" with me, and the exceptional way you have honored me, has put you into a class of very special clients. We have only 15 or 20 clients a year like you, Jack, out of the hundreds that we see each month. You are not drunk, like so many are. You are not stingy with your money. It causes no embarrassment to deal with you about money, which is so often a nasty side of the business with some men. You settle business first before all else, as it should be. And you have given generous tips. But most of all, you have a great ass, my friend, and I'd like to fuck it all night.

"Yes, you fuck it so well. I feel it to the pit of my stomach. I love the way you give such long strokes. You are as steady as a machine. A big, piston machine. I am so happy Mario recommended that I ask for you."

"Yes, Mario. I'll have to give him more training," he said pensively. I imagined him sucking off Mario, and could see him slowly fucking the young man. He smiled. "Thanks for showing me that he's ready, Jack. Yes. I'll give him more training." Then, changing the subject, he said, "Some clients, especially older ones, like to watch. We have ways of obliging them."

I looked around for a camera. He chuckled. "No. No TV here. Some rooms are equipped with two mirrors. The second one is here, on the wall next to the bed. A client can pay to watch in the next room through the glass. You like to be watched, don't you, Jack." It wasn't a question.

"Yes, I admit I do. I don't think I really want to know who is watching. It is a turn-on for me to know I'm being watched. Especially when I'm with an expert, like you, who knows how to push all the right buttons. And I enjoy watching us in the mirror. Hmmm. Two mirrors might be better than one!"

"Excellent! The next time you come in, be sure to request a room with two mirrors when the attendant greets you."

"Yes, and I will ask for you, also."

"Jack, I cannot always be available. If I have had an orgasm before you arrive, I will be no good with you. This is true. Do not think it is because I do not want to be with you. Now, I am only good once per day. When I was your age, I could go nine or ten times per day, every day."

Wow! How old are you, Pedro?"

"I am 55." He grinned. He looked no older than 35 or so.

"I don't believe it! Holy cow, you're older than my dad! Damn, I wish I could get into your line of work and stay in such great shape. Fucking must be good for you." My feet were back on his shoulders. My cock was in his hand again.

"It is good for a man. Being fucked is good for him, too, maybe even better than fucking. My only advice to you is to keep doing it. Never go without. If you have no one, use a dildoe. Massage the prostate daily. It is excellent for well-being. I can feel your prostate, you know."

"Yes, I feel your cock move against it. It is the reason I take such enjoyment from being fucked. You've become very rigid again."

"Yes, I'm enjoying this so much that I'm having difficulty withholding my climax. What about you. Do you want to cum with me, or would you rather wait for the other boys?" He grinned, lewdly. I knew he wouldn't mind if I said I'd wait, but I would have minded.

"Letting you fuck me with your stud cock, and then not coming with you, would spoil our enjoyment together."

"Yes. That's true," he admitted as I wrapped my legs around his waist tightening the grip my ass had on his cock.

"But even if I want to wait," I continued, "I cannot. Don't you see how much pre-cum I'm leaking. I'm so fuckin' hot, it's like you've got a firecracker in your hand and a hot poker up my ass." My legs were rubbing and pulling his hips and ass urgently. He smiled. "Let's cum together, then. But I warn you, after I start coming, I'm going to pull out very quickly and let the boys see my cum. Then I'll ram it back in and finish off. Can you handle that?"

"Yes. Yes. Do it. Oh! I'm starting to shoot. Ungh! Here it CUMS. Oh, look at that, it hit my forehead. Ah, I feel you're shooting in my butt. Jeez, you pulled out so fast! Oh, look at you shoot, man. Wow, what a cum-shot! Look at all that jizz from both of us." Our erupting cocks were next to each other, one in each of his hands, ejecting sperm. Most of it fell on my belly and cockhair. I rubbed it around my abdomen, stomach and chest. Suddenly, he pushed the giant cock back in and finished erupting in my bowels. Pulling out and bursting back into me actually caused pain. He was that big. He collapsed on top of me, as I dropped my legs to the floor. We lay, breathing heavily, in each other's arms for a while. He got up and put on his shirt and pants, ignoring the wet cum on his body.

"Do not offer me a bonus, Jack. It would hurt my feelings. This was the best fuck I've had in a long, long time. I want us to be friends." He put out his hand. I was amazed again. This was so completely different than I had expected when I entered the dreary looking building. I did not take his hand immediately, but rather I pulled myself up, covered my nakedness with a sheet over my shoulder, stood next to him so that we were both profiled in the mirror, and then I shook his hand warmly. The handshake lead into an embrace in the macho, Mexican style, patting each other's backs briskly. We had both enjoyed ourselves. I felt as though I had been granted membership in a wonderful, fraternal society. A society of ass-fuckers! I had been made to realize that very few visitors to this massage sauna had such a completely satisfying visit. He turned to leave.

"Umm. About that five dollars," I said to his back. He turned around, a look of shock on his face. "You were not fully satisfied, then?" I had surprised him completely. His face turned pale.

"Fully satisfied? No." I paused, looking him in the eye. He waited expectantly. "I was much more than fully satisfied," I said with a grin. He broke into a bright smile. "Surely I must owe you more money for such expert service. You know, and I know, you have given me more than deep penetration. You have given me your friendship, and, I agree, to offer you a bonus would be an insult. But more importantly, wouldn't the boys think the boss had failed if he didn't get a tip from a northerner? Shouldn't we uphold your reputation in front of your boys."

His expression changed to amazement. "Yes, you are right, Jack. For appearance. For my boys. I had forgotten."

"I would be honored if you will accept this money only as evidence of my sincere friendship." He looked at the money in my hand. I watched in the mirror as his hand stretched out and took it.

"It was a great fuck," I said.

"Yes! It was a great fuck!" He moved to me and gave me a great bear hug. I returned the hug and grinned into the mirror. I was having the best time of my life! And this was only my first visit! Had he said ninety boys during the winter months? Yes, ninety he had personally selected for their ability and their size! I began planning a January vacation, but then I thought about Paulo and Marco, and thought, "Wow, this has turned out to be a great day!"


Jack Sofelot


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