I came home after a hard day’s work. Once I got inside the house, I took off my coat and hat and hung them in the foyer closet. As I was stripping off my tie, I heard someone upstairs so I said, "Hi Honey, I’m home. How was your day?” 

Loose tie still around my neck, I headed upstairs. I found Barbara lying on the love seat in her dressing room completely nude. When she saw me she said, "Eat my pussy and I’ll tell you about my day." Chuckling she added, "I’ve been a naughty girl.”

As I knelt by the love seat she purred, “Eat me. Lick me, I need to cum again.”   

I wasted no time pulling Barbara’s ass right to the very edge of the love seat and spread her velvety alabaster thighs. I paused, gazing upon the most perfect pussy I’d ever seen. The wetness of her arousal glistened upon her clean shaven lips. They were opening, expanding and contracting just a little as her panting breath lifted and dropped her tight stomach and abdomen. 

A low, beast-like growl emanated from deep down in my throat and he felt her shudder a little in expectation as I raised her with my hands and took her softly into my mouth and started licking her puffy lipped well used pussy. She gave a strangled, triumphant sob and her legs went around my neck.
I was surprised by the acrid peppery taste that told me she was already loaded with someone else’s cum.

As I licked, Barbara started telling me about her adventure. 

She said, “There I was trying to get a table for lunch, but the steakhouse was full. So I had to sit at the bar. As I waited for the bartender, I started making small talk with the couple, Linda and Brandon sitting next to me. And the discussion eventually turned to sex. There was talk about all kinds of different kinky positions and combinations.

Barbara paused long enough to spread her legs a little wider and purr, “Ohmigod yesss. Lick right there.”  
Then she went on, “A couple of glasses of wine later, I heard one of them say that they were here in town because they rent a room in the hotel about once a month to host an orgy.” 

She went on to said, “That made my pussy start to get wet.”

“As it happened,” Barbara said, “I needed to visit the little girl’s room.”

Linda, the wife said, “I needed to powder my nose too,” so Barbara asked her husband Brandon to watch her seat and both ladies headed to the restroom together.

Once in the restroom, the wife Linda followed Barbara me into the stall. “I guess because I was a little bit tipsy,” Barbara said, “I didn’t object. I let her.” 

Reaching under my dress, Barbara pulled her panties down. Then when she sat down to pee, Linda looked down at the little wisp of blue lace around her ankles and said, “You should just take your panties off, you won’t be needing them.” 

Then she boldly reached down and pulled them on down Barbara’s ankles and off. 

Barbara said, “My pussy quivered when she raised them to her nose and inhaled their aroma.”

Then with her hand on the back of Barbara’s head, Linda started kissing her.  Linda’s warm mouth devoured hers. Her supple tongue flicked Barbara’s lightly bit on her lower lip. Her hands went straight for her breasts, kneading them through her blouse. The attention made her nipples pointy and her pussy felt so wet and tingly.   

Linda pinched her nipple through her blouse causing Barbara let out a little moan, “Uuuuuuuuuum.” 

And then very surprisingly Linda asked, “Would you be interested in going upstairs with us later?” She added, “It’ll be worth your while.” 

Barbara said, “We should have a little foreplay down here first to get into the mood.”

As Barbara finished up Linda put her panties in her purse.

When they came out of the stall together, an attractive lady that had apparently heard them was staring. Undaunted Linda stepped up to the lady and boldly looked her in the eyes. Then with her hand on the back of the ladies head, Linda pulled her head forward and her warm mouth devoured lady’s. Her other hands went straight for the lady’s breasts. As Barbara watched Linda kneaded them through her thin blouse, her pussy got even wetter. 

Breaking the kiss, Linda turned and together they made their way back to the bar. 

Now commando under her short skirt, Barbara decided to sit on the stool next to her new friend. When she sat down, the wife Linda, still standing nibbled on her husband Brandon’s ear and whispered to him, “She’ll play with us.” 

Suddenly the lady from the restroom appeared and slipped Linda a business card. The leaning close to Linda’s ear whispered, “Call me.”

Then as we watched her make her way across the bar back to her table and her friends, Brandon put his hand on Barbara thigh. She blushed but didn’t do anything to stop him. 

Barbara said, “Then the wife, Linda moved to the stand behind me and her husband.” 

Hidden by the dim light Brandon kept working his hand higher up Barbara’s leg as the discussion around the bar went on. 

From somewhere Brandon produced a deck of cards and started deal out hands.

The wife Linda sensually rubbed Barbara’s back. The touch of her nimble fingers sent chills up and down Barbara’s spine.

Barbara said that after she’d won big with a full house Brandon said, “Congratulations,” and reached over and kissed her on the lips then nuzzles her neck, and his hot breath made her pussy even wetter than before.  

Barbara said, “I couldn’t believe this was happening.” 

The husband Brandon’s fingers eventually worked their way up to her crotch and she opened her legs to accommodate his fingers better access. 

Linda had been lightly kissing the back of Barbara’s neck and rubbing her shoulders, making her intentions quite clear. 

Meanwhile, Barbara felt Brandon’s fingers toying with her shaved pussy for a short time before he worked first one then three fingers between her delicate pink lips and into your pussy. Barbara said that the thrill of having a strange fingers parting her swollen lips in a public place just about made her cum right then and there. 

Brandon pulled his fingers out, tasted them and then offered them to his wife Linda and she murmured enthusiastically, “um, I can hardly wait for more.”   

Barbara said that she couldn’t resist. So she decided to reach over and feel Brandon’s package under the cover of the bar. Discretely she reached out and felt the growing bulge in his pants. He pushed his suit jacket out of the way, as she unbuckled his belt and then sliding his zipper slowly down. Reaching through his fly and inside his boxers, she wrapped her fingers around his cock. It felt huge in her hand, thick and long, pulsing with blood. 

Pulling her hand back up, out. Barbara motioned to the bartender for another drink.

Finishing another glass of wine, the three of them continued to make small talk while there was foreplay going on under the bar. If the bartender and waitresses noticed, they had the professionalism not to comment. 

Barbara asked her new friends, “Are you ready for a break, because I certainly am.”
That’s when the three of them went arm in arm up to their hotel room for some fun and games.”

So there Barbara was sitting on my face. And with me alternating between licking and nibbling her clit and driving my tongue deep into her pussy, when the doorbell rang. 

Barbara squealed, “That must be them now. Don’t move, I’ll be right back.”    

She jumped up completely nude and ran to answer the door. I felt a tightness in my throat as I admired her nakedness. I couldn’t help noticing how her tight little ass jiggle slight and swaying provocatively as she hurried as she crossed the room. It pleased me that she was comfortable with her body without any trace of embarrassment. 

Barbara’s naval formed a tiny hollow in her flat stomach. Her body had the contoured, supple tone of an athlete. I was reminded of the sensuous way in ancient Greece the sculptures portrayed nude women.

“I hope that’s them,” my naked goddess giggled as she rushed to answer the door.  

It was them but that’s another story. All I can say is up to then my exposure to other guy’s cum had been licking it out of Barbara’s pussy. But a secession with Linda and Brandon changed that.



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