I have known Luke since we were in high school. I was gay and he was straight and we both new it. After he married we still we close friends and even was friends with his wife, Gwen, for quite a few years. We did all the stuff that friends do like go out for dinner, movies and have lots of barbecues with a lot of beer drinking. We were always in threes and Gwen used to comment on how she was going to fix me up with a nice girl so that we could do things as couples and I could be as happily married as Luke was. Luke and I just looked at each other and shared a knowing grin. He and I had messed around sexually as teenagers but never got into anything heavy. We had circle jerks with our buddies; popped boners while watching porno and jacked off together. But we each got off by ourselves. There was always this line that neither of us would cross so I never knew if he might? Luke was about 5' 8' with curly light brown hair and a nice, tight body. But I never saw him hard since we became adults and went our separate ways.

Gwen went out of town for a trip and Luke was home alone. I gave him a call one Friday after work and asked him if he had any plans for that evening. He said no, so I asked him if he wanted to come over and grill some steaks and have a few beers in the jacuzzi. He asked if he had to bring a swim

trunk for the jacuzzi and I told him it would just be him and me, so he didn't have to. It would be like old times. I was making plans for what could happen. I was going to try to seduce him.

After I hung up I took a long shower, and despite a raging hard-on, I decided not to beat off in case my little seduction plan worked out.

Luke arrived and we fired up the grill and talked while we drank a few beers. After dinner, he went to the bathroom and came out completely naked.

'Is it time to hit the jacuzzi?' he asked.

'Guess it's as good a time as any!'

We went out to the backyard and as Luke climbed into the jacuzzi. I was behind him and drooled over his nice firm butt and got a glimpse of his soft cock dangling over his hanging balls. I too stripped naked. I was praying that I didn't get a hard-on before sinking into the hot water of the jacuzzi.

I had Luke lie in the lounge bed of the jacuzzi while I sat in one of the seats. We were enjoying the hot water and bubbles and I could feel some sexual tension in the air. Luke looked at me and said, 'You know, I'm glad you called me today. I've been thinking we needed to get together soon.' He

hesitated and then said 'I hope this doesn't sound weird, but I've had a hard-on since you called today. I'm hard right now, feel it!' I reached my hand over and slipped it under the water and touched his hard cock. I gave it a few strokes and then pulled my hand away. 'So have I' I said. He

reached over and touched my cock. 'Shit' he said, 'I didn't know you had such a big dick! It matured quite well from the last time I saw it.'

He sat up and looked at me and said 'I've been wondering for a while now what it would be like to suck dick, and if you don't mind, I'd like to try it with you.'

I couldn't believe those words just came out of his mouth! He was coming on to me instead of vice versa!

'I wouldn't mind at all!' I said and sat down near him on thy rim of the jacuzzi. Luke

got between my spread legs. He took my throbbing cock in his hand and said 'I've never done this

before, I hope you like it because you always told me when we were teenagers that a guy gives the best blow job because he knows what guys like' With that he took the head of my throbbing cock into his mouth and started sucking it and trying to swallow it whole.

I eased his head off and said 'Take it slowly and just do to my cock what you like to have done to yours.' He then began to swirl his tongue around my cock head and lick under the head all the while stroking the shaft. He took my cock head deep into his mouth, he tightened his cheeks and

began to suck. I was in sheer heaven, looking down at this straight, married hunk sucking on my dick. After a few minutes of this, I pulled him off my cock and said I didn't want to cum yet. I asked him to trade places with me so I could return the favor.

Luke climbed up on the edge and I got between his legs. I took his cock in my hand and starting at the base, began to slowly drag my tongue up to the head and back down again. He started moaning and telling me how good it felt. 'You don't know how much pleasure this is giving to me,' I whispered as I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking him hard. He grabbed my head with both hands as I deep-throated him. I was relaxed enough from the beers and the hot water, so his cock slid right into my throat to his balls. I took his balls in my hand, one at a time and began squeezing and playing with them. Luke began to thrust his hips and breathe heavily. I knew it

wouldn't be long before he came and I intended to swallow of this stud's hot cum!

He was fucking my face and moaning that it felt so good. I let go of his balls and reached up to pinch his erect nipples. At that point, he opened his eyes wide and said,

'Look out, I'm gonna cum!' My head started bobbing faster and I grabbed his hips to hold him in place. He let out a loud yell and started to fill my mouth with his cum. I sucked and swallowed without missing a drop of his tasty load.

He pulled my head off his cock and smiled as he said 'You swallowed my cum! How was it?'

I smiled and stood up, which placed my stiff cock right in front of his face. 'Your turn.'

He looked at pulsing cock and back up again, and said 'I don't think I can swallow'. I

told him don't worry about that and placed my hand on the back of his head and pulled his mouth onto my throbbing meat. I held his head still while I pumped my cock in and out of his mouth, getting a little deeper into his throat with each forward thrust.

It didn't take long before I was at the boiling point so I pulled my cock out of his mouth and placed his hand on my shaft. 'Just jerk me off.' He started stoking it and I told him I wanted to shoot my load all over his chest. He aimed the head of my cock at his chest and started pumping me with his tight fist. I moaned 'Here it cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmms' and my hot, thick load shot all over his chest.

I could barely stand up since my legs were shaking so badly. Luke looked down at his chest with my cum all over it and said 'Maybe we should take a shower?'

'Good idea.'

While in the shower we continued were we left off. I sucked another load out of him and then he knelt down and emptied my balls. This time he did swallow.

After we dressed we had a couple more beers and then he headed home. As he was about to leave I asked, 'What does what happened tonight mean?'

'I don't know man, I just don't know,' and he was gone.

What do you think happened next?



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