Let me just start out this story by saying Phillip is a actual person and luke may just happen to be real under a different alias :)

So where do we start with Phillip? Oh yes the part where he is absolutely drop dead georgeous. His punk rock sandy brown hair was always in a make shift fohawk and his skinny jeans clung tight to his lean body. He was a sight to be seen.

I myself was the exact opposite. Preppy, Jet black hair always at eye brow length and I never even owned a pair of skinny jeans. I was about 6 foot 2 and muscular.

Phillip and I knew one another because of my brother. They both rode BMX and he was over at my house almost everyday during the summer of my senior year of high school. Phillip was slightly older graduating 2 years before me so he was already out in the college world banging every girl in sight (so I thought).

I woke up one sunny morning during the summer, My parents were out of town all week and my brother was out in Ohio racing BMX. I always slept naked since nobody was home so I decided it would be a good idea to take a quick dip in the in-ground pool we have in the backyard. I grabbed a apple took to large bites and walked outside.

I was just getting ready to take a dive into the pool when I looked and saw someone laying on the chairs. It was Phil.

'Holy Fuck! What are you doing!?' I screamed

'Oh fuck man I'm sorr....' Phil broke off midsentence

I just then remembered. I was completely naked and was sporting a morning woody. I wasn't small so it was a little hard to cover so I quickly threw my arms down and tried to cover as much as possible. I could feel my face turning red as I stared him down.

'Dude what are you doing here? My brothers in Ohio.' I said

'Yeah I know but the pool is so nice and I wanted to get tanned so when I ride without my shirt on I don't look like a ghost.'

'Okay. Yeah you can swim if you want. I mean I'm gonna take a quick dip now but I'm gonna go put on a swimsuit' I said

'Dude can you grab me one? I went commando today so I sorta want to put something on before I go swimming' Phil said

I kept noticing him adjusting his shorts around but I thought maybe it was just me or him going commando is making something itch.

'Yeah I'll be right back' I said

I walked in my house and pulled out my drawer filled with swim trunks. Only one was the actual board short style. Except it was from Abacrambi so it was really short and really tight on me but I figured on him it would slip right on. I went over to my underwear drawer. Pulled out my favorite 2xist Thong then pulled on a speedo style swimsuit and made sure that what I was packing was laid out for all to see.

'Here you go man' I said as I handed him his trunks

'Dude what are you wearing?' He asked turning red.

What don't you like it?' I said with a smile?

'No its cool it just your really packin aren't you' he said with a laugh

'I can't help what the lord gave me. Plus these are nice for swimming in. I can really move my legs' I said 'So those should fit just fine go ahead and slip em on

'Can I use your bathroom?' He asked

'Dude you've already seen mine. You can just change out here I don't mind and the nearest neighbor is a mile a way. Your fine'

I could tell he didn't want to but I saw him unbutton his cut off skinny jean shorts and let em drop to the ground. He had to have heard my gasp as he looked up at me.

He was packing one of the biggest dicks I had ever seen. It was literally down to mid thigh and that was soft.

'Dude put that thing away I don't want to shoot my eye out'

'Dude this thing sucks. I hate it. I can't even sit on the bike because when its in my jeans I sit on it. I can't find anything that will hold my dick up that will fit under my skinny jeans.' he said

'After we swim I might have something for you' I knew my underwear drawer was filled with underwear that he could wear. He could fit that sexy huge ass cock inside one of my thongs. I just had to get him in my bedroom.

I kept doing laps while he just sorta swam around but the whole time my head was under water all I could think of was being fucked by that monster cock that was only held but a thin layer of cloth.

I jumped out of the pool and he soon followed. I dropped my speedo and threw it over the drying rack and began walking into the house when Phil stopped me.

'Dude what are you wearing?' He said with a laugh

'A thong why?' i said

'Your such a fag. why are you wearing that? girls wear those?' he said

' well yeah I'm gay you know that and no this is a guys one. A lot of guys are wearing them now. My dick is 8 inches hard so its hard to wear boxers cause its so uncomfotable and its perfect for me'

'Huh. would it work for me though? I mean my dick is 10 inches hard so I don't think mine will fit in that' he said motioning to the pouch.

'I have others' I said and I walked into the house

He followed me to my room where I pulled out my underwear drawer and various thongs were pilled inside.

'Here try this. I handed him a cocksox thong and he slipped it on'

'It doesn't fit right....' he said with a disapointed look

'You don't have it on right here.' I said I reached down and grabbed my hands under his nuts and his monster dick and pushed it in to place. His amazing cock pressed against the lyrca confines of it.

'There you go' I said

'Dude that feels amazing. God why do these feel so good when I walk?'

'Your anus is nothing but nerve endings and it rubs against so it makes it feel really good.These are really good for tanning also'

'So can I go back to tanning' He asked

'Sure I'll join you.'

We walked outside and we layed back on the recliners. Our dicks in their lyrca combines up in the air and the straps deep in our cracks as we lay out in the sun.

I pretended I was sleeping but I kept looking over and it seemed that Phils package was getting bigger and bigger. Finally I knew it had gotten hard whenever the pouch started pulling away showing his light brown pubic hair that he kept trimmed down against his skin

'Dude that thing looks like it could use some help' I said

'Yeah to bad there aren't any girls around' He said

'Dude who are you kidding. Your sitting naked to me almost naked and you have a hardon. Maybe you should let me take care of that since I'm the one who made it' I said with a smile

'Dude I'm not gay' he said

'You don't have to be. You just have to be horny' I said

I quickly layed my hand on his dick rubbing around its cloth inclosure.

'Dude stoooooop oh god that feels good' he said

'Just let me do it' I said

I Pulled the thong pouch down and began stroking his horse cock up to its full 10 inch length.

Phil leaned his head back and closed his eyes. I used only one hand while the other explored his chest and I began to play and tease his nipples. I moved slowly so I wouldn't shock him but pretty soon I was in between his legs and I then opened my mouth as far as it will go and began sucking on his heavenly dick.

'OH Oh OH. No girl has ever given me head that great' he moaned

I kept working and working my way up and down his shaft until i reached about half way down and his dick met the back of my throat. I began to use my throat muscles to milk his cock

'no girl has ever done that. Thats...thats....that incredible.' he screamed

I continued working as my hands explored other areas. I put some spit on my finger and I pushed his legs up as and I kept sucking his hot rod. His hairy hole was now exsposed to me. This hot hunk was melting in my arms so I knew I could do whatever I wanted.

I slipped a finger in his hole and he let out a mind shattering moan.

'ah ah what are you doingg?

'just let me do my job and you reward me. thats all i want'

I continued finger fucking him and sucking his cock whenever I felt his cock begin to pulsate inside my mouth when I knew what was coming.

His cock exploded inside my mouth. It seemed after rope after rope of his sweet cum went down my throat he kept bring more and more of it up.

'No girl has ever swallowed before. That was incredible. What you were doing inside me It felt amazing. It was incredible. I never knew it could feel like that' he said

'I'm not like most girls infact I'm not like any girl. i can work a cock better then any girl out there.'

'I'd say so' He smiled

To be continued.



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