I was 19 when I had met Luke, he was 24 and dating a girl I knew. From the first moment we met he was a mystery to me. He claimed to be totally straight, 100% into girls, yet he clearly enjoyed showing off and getting attention from men too.
 I mean he knew I was gay but had on more than one occasion stripped off in front of me, including stark bollock naked. It was like he either did not care or got off on it.

I had been blunt in pointing it out one time as he stripped off his work gear down to his tighty whites right in front of me at his apartment.
He pulled down his underpants as he held a pair of navy blue shorts in his hand he was about to change into
"Hey I am not shy" he commented in response as his flaccid schlong swung impressively free
"Yeah I can see that" I replied finding it impossible not to look at his 8" soft cock
"It was not always the case" Luke began to explain
"I was at one time the scrawny shy lad hung up about my body. I got some serious ridicule and teasing from other boys my age which only made me really introverted"

Luke stood still holding his shorts in his left hand making no attempt to put them on or cover his cock as he continued his story.

"I remember the PE teacher at school had insisted I take a shower with the rest of the lads in the communal shower and instantly I become aware I was different, the other lads were quick to point it out as they giggled and called me tripod. The name stuck and I come to hate that part of my body which drew so much attention and was nothing but a joke to others."

With his right hand Luke give his cock a few healthy tugs

"I spent my youth doing my best to hide and disguise it, always wearing baggy trousers and tucking it between my thighs, holding it in place with tight underpants which had the long term effect of giving it a curve when erect."

My gaze constantly switched between his eyes and his penis as it began to grow and expand. I had glimpsed his cock a few times but never fully erect and I could not help but wonder if I was about to witness that as blood began to pump to his length.

"So anyway that all changed suddenly, I was staying with my Uncle and his male partner. I was aware of the attention I got from them anytime I wore shorts and had not tucked. Well this one time I had just had a shower and I did not bother to get dressed, I just sat on the sofa wrapped in a towel watching TV when my Uncles partner came and sat opposite me."

Luke paused giving himself another firm tug as his cock began to stick out at an angle

"He was quite a bit older than me but I remember noticing him keep looking over at me. I don't know why I done what I did next, maybe I just wanted to see his reaction, I don't know but I began to spread my thighs apart until I could feel my cock laying down between my legs. I knew from where he was sat he could see it and I began to feel aroused by the fact he kept looking down at my crutch as we chatted."

I smiled knowing exactly how his Uncles partner must have felt, my eyes constantly fixing on his still growing member as it got closer to the 10" mark and still was not fully erect as he stood hands by his side.

"So I could feel my cock growing as the dirty old bugger kept watching yet I was getting so fucking turned on. I was not turned on by him, just turned on by the fact he was looking at my cock growing. For the first time I felt good about what was between my legs, watching his eyes almost out of their sockets as my pecker began to rise slowly like a drawbridge. I wanted him to look at me get hard and the more I thought about him looking the harder I got, I could feel the blood pumping to my rod and making it throb"

My jaw began to drop open as his cock began to reach its full extent, somewhere in the region of 11 to 12" with a defining bend in the shaft as he had described earlier from being tucked. The base of his cock was thick and tapered along the shaft so that it was almost cone like.

"Anyway the cunt can't take his eyes off my prick and I start stroking myself. I don't want anything to happen between us, I just want to show off. It felt good stroking so openly, wanking my big cock in front of him. By that time he has stopped talking and is just gawping at me whacking off, my hand motion going from gentle stroke to full on fucking piston motion"

I watch as Luke begins to demonstrate by wanking himself right there in front of me, starting slow and quickly picking up the pace until his clenched fist movement is almost a blur.

"Then he starts encouraging me, the fucker is leaning forward in his chair and pretty much drawling and frothing at the mouth as he compliments the size of my penis, he actually used the word penis, I mean who says that. Stroke your huge penis for me he starts saying, and I do, and it feels fucking good, so fucking good that I can feel my orgasm quickly building up. He tells me he wants to see me spunk my load and I am stroking furiously by that point, sweat dripping from my brow and perspiration covering my upper torso"

Luke begins to groan as he holds his clenched fist stationary and moves his hips back and forward into his grip with speed, his toned buttocks clenching hard with each forceful push forward.

"Dirty old cunt watching his partners nephew naked and whacking off, encouraging me to spunk a load for him, he is gagging to watch me bust my nut butter and I guessed he had been wanting to see me do that for some time. I know he is aroused but he never attempts to get his own cock out, it is all about me putting on a show, he does not even touch himself, just keeps complimenting my penis size and how he wants to watch me explode a load"

Luke's breath becomes laboured as his breathing pattern changes and his thrusting movements become jerky and less fluid. Luke groans and gasps as he breaths through his mouth, the look in his eyes intense and focused as he tenses his lean body and shows off his smooth muscular build.

"Pervy fucker watching me toss off for him, and he is loving it, and I feel so good, so fucking good, I want him to see me shoot my load, I want him to witness that blast of jizz from my piss slit"

Luke's mouth opens wide, his eyes close tight and his head tilts back as his whole body trembles and shakes.

"I am a dirty little cunt" Luke says through gritted teeth, and with that he lets out a deep sigh as a thick eruption of white juice shoots from his cock. Another quickly follows, and another until his clamped fist stops suddenly and there are just dribbles of thick cream oozing out and dripping to the floor.

I sit amazed by what has just occurred feeling my own cock throb within the confines of my jeans.
"Shit, I better clean up the mess" Luke comments as he looks at the trail of spunk over the wooden floor. He grabs his work t shirt and mops the floor before mopping the end of his softening cock. Then as casual as anything he puts his shorts on and asks calmly
"You want a beer mate?"
"Yeah sure" I reply still in a state of disbelief over what has just occurred.

As he leaves the room I begin to wonder if there is more to the story but maybe I should wait to ask the question another time...



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