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Chapter 3

"It's just up this way a little further."

Glenn and Luke were now walking their way along the Cataract gorge, again hand in hand, nearing Glenn's secret spot.

"Can't you just carry me? This is exhausting"

"It's just up here, you can nearly see it."

"All I see are trees and wild flowers. How much furth... Whoa, Look at that." They just stood there, Luke's mouth ajar, just staring out at the view before him. "Glenn, this is beautiful. This is the sort of thing you only see on postcards."

"I told you it would be worth it."

"It's more than worth it." He said as he turned to Glenn, wrapped his arms over his shoulders and brought him in for a kiss. They had kissed a few times over the past few hours, but this wasn't like the other kisses. This kiss was more intense. It was passionate. It seemed to go on and on and on. Even though it was only 10 seconds it seemed longer. When their lips finally separated they stood in each other's embrace and just looked into the others eyes.

"Come up here, there is a place we can sit down where its dry." Glenn led Luke up the slope a little more and sat down next to each other, looking out at the view before them. Luke with his head on Glenn's shoulder. From where they were sitting atop the hill, they could see right down the gorge, the wide open basin, the pool, the sun glistering off the water as it flowed through the gorge and down to the river at the mouth of the gorge. All around them, there were flowers blooming in pinks and blues, reds and whites.

"I found this place a week after I moved to Launceston. I was lost up here when I wondered off the path and found this by accident. I came up here every day to just sit and take in the view, until college started. I come up here to be by myself and think. Think about a lot of things. One thing I thought about was, one day having someone in my life special enough to bring here to share and enjoy this with." Luke's head was still resting on Glenn's shoulder. Glenn rested his head on top of Luke's head and finished. "I hope I have found that special someone in you Luke"

Luke lifted his head, putting his forehead against Glenn's. "You have Glenn. Thank you for bringing me here. You have no idea how much it means to me."

They sat there and stared out at the view, just making out the people swimming in the pool and the basin itself. Luke's head was now back on Glenn's shoulder and Glenn's are was over Luke's shoulder. Every now and then Glenn would kiss the top of Luke's head.

"Luke, I think we should head back now. We're meant to meet Craig for dinner, remember."

"Can't we stay a few more minutes? It's really relaxing and peaceful." He hugged himself to Glenn's arms in an attempt to keep Glenn from getting up. And it worked.

"Ok, 5 more minutes."


"Oi, where have you too been? The booking was for fifteen minutes ago. We're lucky they didn't give out table away"

"Oh, sorry Craig, we were umm, we went shopping and lost track of time" Glenn replied.

"Buy anything good? What did you get your big brother?" He enquired to Luke.

"Well, I got what I wanted." He said as he squeezed Glenn's shoulder as they were sitting down. Gaining a questioning look from Craig, and extra friendly smile from Glenn.

"Am I missing something here?"

"Well, you know what I asked you the other day?"

"Yeah, of cause I do. How could I forget?" He suddenly went quiet when he realized what was happening. "For real? My brother and my best friend?"

"Hey Craig, Don't be pissed man. It just kinda happened. No one showed to my party except Luke, and well the drinks were flowing and one thin..."

"Glenn, settle. I'm not pissed. I'm happy for you guys. I didn't want to believe it at the start, but I can see you two are good for each other. But haven said that, if you hurt him, I hurt you." Then he looked at Luke. "Same for you bro, He's my best mate and I'll kill the shit out of anyone who hurts him, including you." They both had a look of shock on their faces. "Will you two relax, I'm joking. You should have seen your faces."

"CRAIG you dick, you near gave me a heart attack. I should leap over this table and kick your arse just for that."

"Oh relax Luke. So, Whens the wedding?"

The water Glenn had drank was now sprayed over the table. "Wedding? Wh.what wedding?"

"Well, you know your going to marry my brother."

"Whats changed your tune?" Glenn asked inquisitively "Last week you were pissed because he wanted to hang out with me, now your passing us of to get married? Whats up with that man?"

Craig thought for a moment "Yeah I was pissed to start with. Your my best mate and then all of a sudden you were just haning with my brother. I guess I was, I don't know, jealous or something. But ive seen you guys with each other the past week and realized I have nothing to worry about. Glenn, your my best friend and I want to see you happy, And same goes for you Luke, and I can see you two are happy when your around each other, I could tell that right away."

"Craig, thanks man. But anyway, we're just having a couple of dates for now, see where things go before we jump into anything."

"Ok" Luke finally spoke up "Enough of the chatter, Lets eat. Whats good here, Glenn?"

"The parmigiana" Glenn and Craig answered together

"Ok, Seems im going for that." Luke said

After finishing off their meals and a delicious banana splits, they headed for the car park, Glenn and Luke hand in hand, Luke had said he would give Glenn a ride home.

"Your going to stay and shag his brains out, aren't you little brother?" Craig whispered in Luke's ear.

"Oh shut up you juvenile delinquent." Luke said, slapping his twin around the back of the head.

"Aye, whats with the whispering? Its rude to whisper."

"Nothing, I'll tell you in the car."

"Fine, Ok." He said as he and he lent in for a kiss. "Nice night out Craig, I'll come see you tomorrow and we can have the day to ourselves. You know, So you don't slip into a deep depression because your bestie is off with someone else." Glenn said with a chuckle.

"Oh ha ha, very funny. But ok, look forward to it. You two have fun tonight."

"I thought it was funny." Luke put in. "I'll be home later Cracra."

"You know I don't like that name, Puke."

"Oh that's it, Glenn, hold my phone." Luke said and he started walking toward Craig. "What happened last time you called me that."

"OW. What the OW Luke cut it out. Glenn, save your best friend." Craig yelled as Luke was slapping him.

"I told you not to call me puke, you ass. Glenn, lets go." And with that they got in Luke's car and started driving out of the lot. "Did you see his face? He thought I was going to beat his head in." Luke laughed. "That look was priceless."

Glenn just stared at him, gobsmacked at what had just happened. "Luke, what was that about?"

"What? I was just having fun with him. Apart from the puke bit, that ticked me off. I hate that name."

"Ok, So what about the whispering? Care to explain?"

Luke thought for a second "He reckoned I was going to stay with you tonight too. Don't worry, I wont."


"Because he's an idiot and thinks im just going to sleep with you every night."

"No, that's not what I mean. I mean, why wont you stay tonight? I might like that."

"You, you mean that? You want me to stay?"

"Yeah, I mean if were going to give this a go, we should get to know each other more. Why not stay the night and well talk and stuff."

"you know Glenn, that is a pretty good idea."

When they arrived back to Glenn's, they went inside and Glenn made some hot chocolate for them both and they climed into bed to cuddle and watch some television while talking and laughing about each others past exploits. After nearly an hour they started to tire, so they lay on their sides and fell asleep in each others arms.


That's it for the week guys, I hope you enjoyed it as much s I enjoy writing it. I'll try and get the next chapter up next weekend.


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