Luke's parents didn't get back from their weekend away until after the lads had gone to bed. One rule in the house was that nobody entered each other's bedroom without first knocking and waiting for an answer. His mother listened outside Luke's door to see if she could hear him and Josh talking inside but heard nothing. She assumed that they were both in bed asleep so did not knock. It was just as well, since the pair of them were curled up in Luke's bed having had passionate sex an hour before and had dropped off to sleep in each other's arms.

The following morning Luke woke to find Josh still asleep with his arms across him. He looked down at the naked body beside him and he felt his heart skip a beat. He truly loved the boy beside him and felt so happy. He now had to break the news to his parents that he was gay and loved Josh. How he would do that he hadn't a clue. He wasn't sure how they would take it but hoped his mother at least would understand. His father would probably just nod and not make any particular comment as usual. He knew at least that he must tell them soon.

As he lay there, Josh slowly woke up and saw Luke looking at him. "Morning' he said sleepily. They kissed and Josh started stroking Luke's cock.

"You'd better go back to your own bed' Luke told him, "Mum may knock on the door shortly and we can't let her find you in my bed'.

Josh crawled out of bed and into the sofa bed in the sitting room. Luke watched the naked body slowly make its way from one room to another. He sure was gorgeous, he thought to himself. The arrangement of the rooms at his end of the house was so perfect. His bedroom was off the small living room which originally had been a large hallway. A door had been put in to form a room for Luke to use as a small sitting room in which he had a TV and his computer. His double bedded room had an en-suite which was a wet room. He had large storage cupboards which held Luke's clothes and personal things. It was a perfect pad and one which most of his friends were envious of whenever they saw it.

"Let's go and have breakfast and then shower afterwards' Luke suggested. What he really had in mind was showering together and giving Josh a fuck under the shower.

They went downstairs in their dressing gowns and sat down at the table. As Mrs Weston placed a plate of egg and bacon in front of Josh she glanced down over his shoulder and noticed that his gown had fallen open. She could see down to his crotch. He certainly had plenty to keep someone happy with, she thought to herself.

Later in the day they went off to college feeling very contented with life.

Over the next few weeks they went back to the studio to do some more modelling work for Steve and on each occasion he would also take some nude photos as well. He was very pleased with the results and his client wanted more and more from them. Josh in particular was happy about that since previously he had little money to do what he wanted.

It was a Monday evening when his life at home fell apart. Life had never been particularly happy with his father but it was bearable. That night it went from bad to worse.

"You a fucking poofter?' his father shouted at him in an angry tone as he threw down a copy of Boyz that Luke had given Josh a few days previous.

Josh stood there looking at him in a shocked state.

Josh walked past his father without saying a word and went into the living room.

"Well, are you, because if you are I'm not having a fucking queer living in my house'

Still Josh did not say anything. Instead he looked at his father deciding whether or not he should deny being gay. But how could he when he was so much in love with Luke. Why should he when he was what he was and there was nothing he could do to change that.

"You are a fucking poofter aren't you' his father goaded him.

Josh had made up his mind.

"If you mean am I gay then the answer is yes I am' he replied in a calm tone.

His father was slightly taken aback at his son's response. He had expected a strong denial.

"Gay, poofter, queer, shirt lifter - it's all the same' he shouted at his son.

"Well you can get your arse out of this house right now, I never want to see you again. No son of mine is a fucking queer.'

Josh slowly walked out of the room to go up upstairs. As he did so he turned to his father and said "You really are an ignorant bastard aren't you. I am your son and you two made me, so if I'm gay then it's down to you two. I am what I am so if you can't accept that then I don't ever want to see you again either.'

Josh walked up to his room and pulled out a large holdall out of his cupboard. He started packing a few clothes into it without really thinking what he was packing. Finally he sat down and cried. What was he going to do? Where was he going to go? The first thing he had to do was ring Luke.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry Josh, do you want me to come over'

"Probably not a good idea, can I come over to you'

"Yeah course, come straight over, do you want me to come and pick you up'

They agreed that Luke would meet Josh round the corner from his house in an hour's time so that his father would not see who he was going off with.

Luke was already waiting for him when he turned the corner. They hugged each other before getting into the car and driving off.

"What the fuck am I going to do Luke'

"Don't worry my love, all is arranged'

Josh looked at him enquiringly.

"I told my mother that you had been thrown out of the house by your father and wanted somewhere to stay for a few days and could you stay with us. She agreed.'

"But didn't she want to know why'

"I think she already knew'


Luke's mother had indeed suspected why and had said to Luke "You two are very close aren't you'. Luke had said yes they were. "You love him don't you'. Luke was not too sure what to say at first but then said "Yes, we are gay lovers'.

"Fucking hell, you just said it like that' Josh exclaimed.

"Yeah, it was the only way'

"What did she say?'

"That she had known for some time that I was gay and that when she saw you and I together that weekend you spent at our place that we were very fond of each other'

Josh put his head into his hands and cried.

Luke stopped the car at the first available place and put his arms round Josh. "It's okay, everything is okay'

"I know' Josh sobbed, "I just wish I had parents who were like yours'.

"Yeah I know, I am fucking lucky'

When they got to Luke's and his mother had welcomed him, the two lads skipped upstairs to their pad and fell into each others arms when they got there.

"Told you everything would be okay didn't I'

"Can't believe it. One minute I'm homeless and the next I'm living with my lover with the full knowledge of his mother. You are fucking lucky Luke.'

"Yeah I know, I am fucking lucky'

Luke took hold of Josh and kissed him whilst at the same time feeling in his crotch. "There's plenty of time for that later' Josh reminded him, "come on we should unpack my bag.'

The next day Luke and Josh went round to Josh's house to get the rest of his things.

"I fancy a shower after all that work' Luke said with a grin when they got back and had unpacked everything.

They stripped off and went into the wet room. "I'm bursting for a pee first' Josh said. "So am I' Luke added and started peeing where he was standing in the shower area. Josh did the same and before long they were pissing all over each other. By the time they had finished they were both dripping in each other's piss. Luke knelt down and took Josh's cock into his mouth. "Mmm, that tastes nice with pee all over it'. They soon both had big hard cocks and were lying on a pool of piss on the floor. Using the pee to lubricate Josh's arsehole, he thrust his big tool into the inviting hole and fucked hard.

"Oh my god that feels good' exclaimed Josh.

Not wanting to come he withdrew and they changed over. This time Luke knelt on all fours and Josh fucked him doggy style. Once his cock was inside Luke he leant over Luke's back and pushed his head to the floor. "Lick that piss up' he instructed Luke and fucked even harder. Luke obeyed and licked the pool of piss that was on the floor in front of him. The more he licked the more it gave him a thrill and an even bigger hard-on.

Josh came inside Luke who then told Josh to suck him dry. He wetted his cock with piss and made Josh take it in his mouth. Josh liked the taste and sucked and sucked until Luke was pouring hot cum into his mouth. His own cock was rock hard again and when he had taken Luke's load he pushed his own cock into Luke's mouth to take another load of cum. When they had finally done and showered, Luke suddenly remembered they were due to start filming the porn video in four day's time.

"The rate we can spew cum I doubt we'll have a problem do you' Josh told Luke. But to be safe they abstained for the next four days.

The next day Josh's mother called him on his mobile. He told her he was staying at his boyfriend's house and that his parents had been really cool about Luke being gay and about Josh staying with him.

"I'm really pleased for you Josh. I've got no problem with you being gay, you know that don't you. I love you just the same.'

"Thanks mum'

Josh was crying with joy and suddenly realised how much he loved his mother. She told him that she had left his father and had moved down to Cornwall with her sister on the farm.

"You will come down to see me when you can wont you, and bring your boyfriend as well'

"Of course. You'll like Luke, he's lovely'

"I'm sure he is.'

When he had finished the call he rushed off to find Luke and tell him the news.

"Just think, I can take you down to the farm as my boyfriend with people knowing we're gay. I can't believe it.'

Luke smiled as Josh jumped up and down with joy. He knew what it was like to have someone accept him for what he was.

"I've never stayed on a farm, sounds cool. I'll be able to fuck you in the hayloft.'

"Luke Weston you've got a one track mind. Do you never think of anything else but sex.'

"Not often!'

Saturday came and it was time to go to the studio to do their first porn movie. They arrived at Steve's just on 2 p.m. as instructed. "Hi guys, come on in' he shouted through the intercom. They climbed the stairs and went in through the door which was ajar and found Steve already setting up the cameras. "How are my two studs today then'.

Steve explained roughly what he wanted them to do. "Just act normally and try and ignore the cameras. It's important to make it look like natural sex and not staged for the camera.'

'That might be easier said than done' Luke thought to himself as he looked at the two cameras at the end of the bed.

Steve also explained that they must make sure that he could see what they were doing to each other. "The customer wants to see a cock going in and a tongue licking an arse'. He also said that he wanted to see them cum "so no shooting the load inside. Ideally I'd like to see each of you cum into each other's mouths but see how it goes. And above all I want to see passion between you'.

Having been given all the instructions the two of them stripped off and then dressed in the clothes that Steve had left out for them. Aussie Bum briefs, blue T shirts of different shades and two pairs of jeans. When they had dressed again they lay down on the bed. Josh lay on his back with Luke on top of him. They started kissing and feeling each other's bodies. Luke pushed Josh's T shirt up his chest and kissed his nipples. Josh started unfastening Luke's trousers. They were really hot for each other and itching to get into each other's pants. Luke unbuckled Josh's belt and then his trousers. In no time he had the trousers down Josh's legs whilst they kissed each other's mouths, face, neck, and chest. Josh's trousers were soon off and he was left wearing his white Aussie Bums and his light blue T shirt.

Without thinking they changed over positions and Josh was on top with Luke underneath. Steve couldn't believe how natural they were together. They were clearly hungry for each other and it showed. He was delighted and just let things run the way they were. All the time they were rubbing each other's cocks against each other. Luke lifted Josh's T shirt over his head and threw it onto the floor leaving Josh in his briefs. Steve was already getting a hard-on in anticipation of what would happen next. Luke pulled Josh's briefs right into his groin so the thin material almost disappeared into the crack of Josh's bottom. The smooth skin of his bottom was exposed. Josh had now removed Luke's T shirt and was kissing him passionately.

Josh sat back and started to open up Luke's jeans to expose his briefs. He pulled out the already hard cock and started sucking it. Once or twice he held his hand round the big shaft but then remembered to remove it so that the camera could see the cock going in and out of his mouth. The pair of them were so engrossed that they soon forgot the cameras.

Josh pulled Luke's jeans and briefs off him leaving him stark naked on the bed. He leant over the naked body and went back to sucking the big hard cock having remembered to angle his body to give the camera a good view. His own cock was protruding out of his briefs and Luke rubbed it with his foot. Whilst still sucking Luke's cock he slipped his own briefs off his legs. The two naked bodies now gyrated on top of each other and Luke's erection rubbed against Josh's arsehole. Josh then moved forward so that Luke could suck Josh's cock. Josh almost did a somersault over Luke's head leaving his head sunk deep into the pillow and his arse high in the air. Luke sucked his cock and his balls which sent Josh into waves of ecstasy. Steve had told them to just be themselves and not to put on the sound effects but these two had plenty to say to each other as they licked or touched each other's erotic spots. He would definitely keep all their groans in the final cut. The pair of them were really enjoying themselves. They found being filmed made them even more horny.

As Luke sucked cock he stuck a finger into Josh's arsehole which had been lubed before they started. Steve zoomed in to do a close-up of Luke's finger going in and out. Josh moved down Luke's body and pulled his legs into the air to expose his smooth arse. He started licking the gaping hole and lifted Luke's legs right up so that his arse was in full view of the camera. He pushed two fingers into the hole and once again Steve zoomed in to catch the shot. These two were moving over each other's bodies like mad and it was a job at times to catch all that was happening. Josh suddenly moved up Luke's body and sat across his chest. He took hold of Luke's head and thrust his cock into Luke's mouth. Steve just loved the way these two got each other to suck cock. Josh teased Luke with his cock by slapping it across his face and then getting him to lick the end. Finally he let him suck it properly and thrust his body in and out.

It was now Luke's turn to take charge. Josh lay back on the bed and Luke took hold of his cock and sucked it long and hard. Josh played with Luke's cock with his feet gripping the hard cock between them and wanking it. Luke meanwhile was seriously sucking Josh's cock and Josh was clearly reaching a climax. Suddenly hot cum shot out of Josh's cock into Luke's mouth and it spilled over his lips. Still Josh came and the cum poured out and down onto his clipped pubes. Luke licked it up and then went back to sucking cock. Every so often they would kiss and the cum round Luke's mouth spread onto Josh's face.

Luke moved forward so that Josh could take his cock into his mouth. In no time Luke was shooting cum over and into Josh's mouth. He licked every drop of it and he then licked up the spillage that had fallen onto Josh's chest. Steve just loved watching guys lick up their cum so zoomed in to get a better shot. The two lads sat up and kissed each other with cum still spread over their faces. Josh found more on their bodies and spread it over Luke's face before licking it off. These two really liked eating cum.

Josh finally collapsed on top of Luke and they kissed passionately again.

"Okay guys, have a break' Steve told them.

The two guys looked up to see if Steve was pleased with their work.

"You two are really something, that was fucking marvellous and the cum shots were just brilliant.'

The two lads grinned.

After a short break they set to again. This time Josh knelt on his knees with his arse in the air. He angled his legs so Steve could see Luke fingering his arse. Luke stuck his thumb in and then a finger. Between each he licked the arse. He pulled the bottom cheeks apart and licked deeper. Then he offered his already hard cock up to the gaping hole. This was the moment Steve had been waiting for. He zoomed in and filmed Luke slowly pushing his bare cock onto bare arse. The sight of it was beautiful and Steve had a job to keep the camera steady as he felt his own cock getting harder by the second. He was wearing a pair of track bottoms with nothing else on underneath. His cock was straining at the material and forming a wet patch where pre-cum leaked out. Luke was now thumping his cock in and out of Josh. Every so often he pulled it out to show that it was still naked flesh going into naked flesh. Steve zoomed in again to catch each shot.

The lads then twisted their bodies so that Josh was lying on his side facing the camera and Luke was behind him still with his cock inside Josh. Luke lifted Josh's leg and fucked him from the side whilst Josh wanked himself. The sight of Luke's cock moving in and out of Josh's arse was awesome. He was so hard that he was able to pull it out and straight back in again as if something was guiding each stroke. Their bodies writhed about and changed positions quite naturally whilst at the same time giving the camera what it wanted to see. Steve could not believe his luck at finding these two guys. And willing to do his first bareback movie.

The fucking of Josh went on minute after minute without any pause or sign of the two guys getting tired of each other. Eventually it was time for them to change over and Luke lay on his back with his legs up over his chest whilst Josh fucked him with much the same energy that Luke had fucked him. Again Steve managed to film Josh's naked cock going in and out of Luke's beautiful arse. His arsehole was even more beautiful than Josh's although there was nothing wrong with his. But there was something about Luke's naked body which made it perfect for filming. Steve just loved it. Finally Josh came again and spewed hot cum all over Luke's gaping hole. Steve zoomed in again to watch Josh push globules of cum on the end of his cock into Luke's arse. There was no doubt that this was a bareback movie and he was certain his clients would be very pleased with the result.

The movie ended with Luke on top of Josh again and the pair of them kissing.

"Okay guys that's a wrap'

Luke and Josh sat up and looked at Steve.

"Brilliant guys, absolutely fucking brilliant'

"Looks as if you enjoyed it' Luke said looking at Steve's hard-on which was still straining to get out of his trousers having formed a large wet patch.

"Yeah certainly did. Was hoping you guys might be able to do something about it for me.'

They all laughed and the lads invited Steve to join them on the bed. He quickly pulled off his damp trousers and lay back on the bed for the pair of them to give him a good servicing. What they didn't know was that he'd left one of the cameras still running!

Watch out for Chapter 3



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